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Date Posted:02/01/2005 11:18:24Copy HTML

Hello All...I recently signed up for my first yoga class. I am a grad student and will be attending a yoga class through the university. Two questions:

If there is anyone on the board who has attended yoga classes before, what do men wear to yoga class?

Secondly, I would love to wear a thong underneath but am still somewhat reserved at revealing my thonging to the world. I am normally very outgoing but when it comes to thonging, I am not as open as I would like to be.

I would love both men's and women's opinions on this topic as in this case, I think there will most likely be more women than men in the class. (Yes, good for me. I know that. That is why this question is so key!) Thanks. Much appreciated.
c-ring #1

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/02/2005 07:05:15Copy HTML

At my Golds gym,  I usually wear lycra bike shorts and a small g-string, just to keep everything in place so adjustments are not needed in the middle of class.
yogabutt #2

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/02/2005 10:20:40Copy HTML

I wear a thong under either lycra shorts or lycra tights, with a tight-fitting sports-lycra t-shirt.  Regular cotton t-shirts often fall over your face in inversions.

Some of the women appear to wear either briefs, thongs, or nothing under their lycra shorts, not that I'm looking...

If you do Bikram, you'll go shirtless anyway.


imathonglover #3

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/07/2005 08:13:14Copy HTML

I used to wear gym shorts to my yoga class, but after seeing all the women and one other guy in tights, I decided to wear cotton/lycra tights with one of my Y-back thongs underneath. I have a friend that always meets me there and his only comment was that he didn't have the nerve to wear what I did. The temperature in the classroom is usually on the chilly side, therefore the warmth of wearing tights gave me a good excuse and as for the thong, it's my usual wear under gym clothes.
00716 #4

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/31/2006 05:06:52Copy HTML

I wear form fitting nylon/lycra tights (both the shorts and the full length tights) with either a white Undergear Shape Enhancer Thong, or a white Undergear Silk Extreme Thong, or a white C-ring thong from www.abcunderwear.com.  I also wear form fitting compression shorts (which are the virtually the same as tights) from Eastbay in various colors (Navy blue, maroon, forest green along with one of the thongs mentioned above.  I also will wear heather grey cotton lycra bike shorts I ordered through amazon.com along with one of the thongs mentioned above.  I always keep the shirt tucked in so my whole body is visable.

The Shape Enhancer Thong should be work with darker colors or the prominent, padded shape enhancing front pouch will be prominantly visable through the shorts.  The Silk Extreme Contour thong is great for lighter colored tights/tight shorts/compression shorts and becomes transparant (as well as the compression shorts themselves) to some degree especially after sweating in it.

I figure Yoga class is a perfect outlet to be sexy and show off the body in various positions being surrounded by mostly women allowing them to see my body and enjoy if they like what they see. 

Most women wear tight and revealing clothing.  It would be hypocritical of you as a man to not reciprocate and wear sexy revealing clothing for the women so they can see (and enjoy) your body too.  Plus, in Yoga class, wearing loose fitting clothing would be silly to begin with.

I notice the woman Yoga instructor looking at me frequently.  I see women who aren't apart of class looking at my anatomy enjoying the view.   The woman instructor said to me, "I am so happy you decided to join my class...thank you for coming to class...I ENJOYED WATCHING YOU!!!!"

CONFIDENCE BUILDER: Feel confident in dressing sexy.  I remind myself that the reason I dress sexy is for the women, not for the male gender.  I dress the way I do because I like women.  If other males liked women, they would workout there lower body and dress like me.

thonger2005 #5

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/31/2006 09:10:36Copy HTML

Me and the girls do Yoga classes at a local gym and I dont care about my thong showing. I have a couple of pair of yoga pants from either Victoria Secrets or somerwhere else here in town, or I wear one of the girl's yoga pants, or lycra exercise pants. A few times my thong was VERY prominent because it had thing seams.
yogabutt #6

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/31/2006 10:04:02Copy HTML

Hey guys (gals) - why don't you try out a Bikram class?  You'll get to wear even less, and might enjoy the scenery during those few moments when you are able to look around!

JM_Runs #7

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/31/2006 11:14:57Copy HTML

There's a Bikram's Yoga class in Vancouver where the room looks out to the street. You can clearly see everyone sweating to the yoga, and everyone, even men, wear next to nothing. Lycra shorts are pretty standard fare for guys and gals in hot yoga

This alone gives me some incentive to maybe join!

Thonglicious #8

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/01/2006 09:58:10Copy HTML

Jthonger, Idon't think you'll have anything to worry about.  If your thong should happen to show, the ladies will probably applaud you for wearing one in the first place.  I wore a g-string under lycra shorts to a step class once.  Somehow, during squats, the waistband of my g rode up while the waistband of my shorts slipped south.  And I had a fitted shirt on so that was no help.  If there were any suspicions, they were confirmed before the night was over.  I didn't even know I was showing until my wife said something.  I did get some smiles.  Not sure if it was because I was the only guy in class or because the ladies got a little show.



GregTomo #9

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/01/2006 11:12:36Copy HTML

I teach a Pilates class at my University. I always wear thong underwear so that's not an issue. As far as clothes, I wear loose fitting cotton shorts and a micro-fiber shirt. Most of the girls in my class wear thongs, so while we're doing our movements their underwear will usually poke out the sides or back. I'm the only guy in my class but also the instructor so it usually makes good conversation when they ask me what's the recommended clothes to wear.
notherbigr #10

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/14/2010 07:06:18Copy HTML

I do yoga once per week and depending on what is sitting in the underwear drawer will wear either a thong or well constructed pouch underwear (Unico, etc) under shorts and an underarmour shirt.  Well, I went to class last night and do not know what possessed me but I wore some regular briefs.  Wow, was that a mistake.  I have come to the conclusion that some yoga moves absolutely require that a guy's package be out, away from the crotch so as not to impede movement.  I nearly lost my breath on several occasions...

Great thongs of choice to wear for yoga include: 2xist Y-back thong, N2N slinky thong, N2N mesh thong, (I'll go through my drawer and post a few more)...
joshuaspain #11

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/14/2010 07:19:19Copy HTML

Totally agree with you Nothebigr...  thong is great in yoga class especially in a HOT yoga practice...
stanpuppy #12

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/03/2010 02:31:32Copy HTML

I dont do yoga, and i dont wear underwear, but my wife does both.  She wears whatever g-string she happens to have on whenever she decides to take a class.
2cheeky #13

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:04/12/2010 10:35:39Copy HTML

I always wear a thong to my yoga class,its  gives you more freedom and support. I mostly wear wintersilk or mansilk the latter are the most comfortable. During some forward bends the male teacher comes round and applies pressure to our lower back,at this stage he's bound to have realised i wear a thong but hasn't said anything , i think he's fairly open minded.
AVBW21 #14

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:04/15/2010 09:28:26Copy HTML

I agree yoga class is a good place to see women in tight pants and look for thong outlines, but I guess my classmates enjoy much more wearing ordinary boy leg undershorts or just going commando, thongs are not easily recognisable.
I do yoga and i just wear thong to yoga classes. It's a pity that there are not many proper tight yoga pants for men, execpt lululemon and they are expensive and always loose fit, but there are a huge selection from lots of brands for women, that they could wear yoga pants for daily wear.
Thus I chose nike pro tight fit pants to yoga classes, no matter what colour i wear, they will become transparent when i do forward bends or child pose, when teachers apply any pressure on my lower back, they (i just attend female instructors' classes) should have a close and clear view of the outline of my thongs, or even the colour of it. Of course they did not say anything, but some of them might enjoy doing so and come over to me repeatedly to adjust my pose.
my gf also does yoga, and she has victoria's secret yoga pants, i wonder if i could buy one for myself, as there is really no good pants for men doing yoga.
abbadavis #15

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/08/2010 11:28:14Copy HTML

I like to do yoga very much but I do not like to go to attend any classes of yoga. That is why I have learned yoga at home and I am doing yoga at my home only. Generally I wear shorts for doing yoga but you can wear thong for yoga class because some of my friends are going in yoga classes and they are wearing thong sometimes.
armand_galleon #16

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/08/2010 05:25:49Copy HTML

 Bikram in San Diego is often practiced by a number of men in speedos, some a little smaller than speedos. Women wear little boy shorts and a sports bra. I like to wear thin loose knee length shorts with very thin underwear so it wets at the same rate as the short's fabric (I see other people with the outline of a dry thong painted on their otherwise wet shorts).
notherbigr #17

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:04/28/2011 01:58:02Copy HTML

I just signed up for a month of hot yoga (Groupon discount) and I'm looking forward to seeing what people wear in class.  I'll take it easy on the first visit but if it appears that people really shed their clothes then I'll be joining the crowd for sure.  Since I'm only on a one month pass I can probably be a bit more adventurous than I normally am at my regular gym :) 
yogabutt #18

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:04/28/2011 05:55:18Copy HTML

You'll probably see a mixture of long pants and briefs.  I've heard that in the earlier days of Bikram yoga it wasn't uncommon to see thongs, but I've never seen anything like that.  Enjoy the sweaty practice!
Thongsc #19

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:04/28/2011 11:16:57Copy HTML

You'd probably be safe wearing a modest dark colored square cut, I doubt you'll see guys wearing briefs and no ones going to be wearing long pants.  I tried the loose gym shorts and a shirt the first time I did it and it was a mistake, you're going to be drenched after about 10 minutes.  Modesty in your gear is a good thing for Bikram yoga, contrary to some peoples view on this board, the others in the class don't really want to see your "stuff" on display when your doing your yoga moves.  Also more importantly make sure you take at least one big towel and a big jug of water, you're really going to sweat...
Nrstorm1980 #20

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:09/23/2011 01:51:24Copy HTML

I am a yoga teacher in England and i wear thongs and g-strings when I teach Yoga and Pilates i find them very supportive and allow the body to move and no restrictions with clothing. I personally like to see a guy in a thong or g-string when they excersice as it says I am confident with wearing something other than what people think you should wear. (also i find them sexy)

I say wear what you like have fun and remember there is probably another person wearing a thong or g-string while in a yoga class (i have seen a few)

Keep thonging and enjoy!!

jthong #21

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:10/03/2011 09:31:38Copy HTML

 One of the male teachers of the studio I am going to was taking a class and as we were doing the forward bends sitting his pants rode down and he flashed his thong underneath to the whole class as he was in front row. He didn't seem to notice as we were at least 10 minutes on the floor and doing different asanas and all the time his thong was showing. It was really a hot sighting, esp. as he has a great body. He's very straight and always flirts with the girls in class and I wonder what they thought about it.

thongman8 #22

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:10/12/2011 03:11:56Copy HTML

 About a year ago, I inquired about the hot yoga at my local yoga place.  I asked what attire was the norm and the guy said most people wear as little as possible.  When I asked if I could wear just a thong and nothing else, he said that there would be too much on display and that I'd need to wear shorts over them. 

My question to you: do you ever see or do you ever just wear a thong with or without a top on?
roninho #23

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:11/07/2011 07:59:06Copy HTML

My fiancee is a trained yoga teacher and as she wears thongs and g-strings normally she wears them beneath her yoga clothes. Occasionally her outer bottoms ride down and shows whatever she's wearing beneath, more often than not its a string thong! erotic as hell especially as I'm usually behind her in class when she's not teaching.
jthong #24

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/24/2012 08:59:26Copy HTML

Here´s a video of a guy doing yoga in just a thong.
stanpuppy #25

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/24/2012 07:26:26Copy HTML

Judging from what i see at my gym I am going to guess that if there are 100 women in the class (hypothetical only...just to make the math easy. I know most classes are smaller), my guess is

Thong underwear = 70
No Underwear = 20
Bikini/Boyshorts = 10

I am at the gym 4-5 times a week and I got to tell you the (female) thong has never been stronger.  Every woman in the gym wears lycra tights so it is wasy to tell what is underneath.  I see thongs galore (some are so clear I can even see the color).   Most women are thongers under their gym clothes.  If no thong, then they are typically not wearing underwear (my wife falls in this category).  Occasionally you will see a bikini line (I saw one this morning) but they are rare.

Once you get into the senior classes the ratio probably skews dramatically, but I am really referring to women under 60.  

As far as men goes.  I am guessing that unless it is someone on this board, there are no thongs in the room...LoL

mack_back #26

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/24/2012 11:13:36Copy HTML

Stanpuppy your lucky to see women wearing in good numbers tights and thongs. Sadly my gym isn't so.

With my statistics at my gym i take entire group of 150 - 100 people men and women in span of 2 hours i spend working out 5 days a week to 6 depending on time of year.

Out of the group of 100 mix of both male & female i see maybe 6- 8 women wearing tights. Out of those hard to tell how many wear thongs but usually out of the group half wear some sort of bikini briefs showing VPL.The rest of them either go natural or oddly one or two may wear a thong. 

Looks to me trend for women wearing yoga pants loose or bootcut pants that maybe slightly fitted along the hips but not tight. I've been working out at the gym since almost all women wore short tight shorts and thong leotards years ago. See the same women who use to wear thong leotards over spandex shorts at the gym years ago attire in loose bootcut pants exclusively. Not that these women have poor bodies and are ashamed of them quite contrary. Once in maybe a year this thong wearing leotard ex-ballet dancer puts on some black capri tights and i can see her body is just as tight and hard as the cushions on some gym equipment. Yes, i'm certain she wears a cotton v-string thong under her loose pants at the gym. Whenever she worn cotton grey leggings years ago i could see the thong outline wet under her leggings as she was using the elliptical machine drenched in sweat very nice vision etched in my brain.
Once in week at the gym i see older women wearing thong leotard under her tight shorts seeing the high back hip outline of the thong very apparent. Kind of like seeing that and weird way attracted to her for wearing it. Recently seen her wear only tight shorts but couldn't see any thong outline underneath her light grey shorts. As i was watching her from behind on some cardio equipment she finished and went to get a paper towel to wipe down the elliptical machine. As i was cycling on staionary bike beside a window i looked into the window reflection to see her reaction as she faced towards me. She looked at me surprised and began to wipe down some equipment but was wiping the wrong one, guessing i must of distracted her seeing me in my capri tights. Suppose she had longer look at me seeing that i wasn't looking her direction but unknowing to her i seen everything through the reflection in the window next to me.

Just today i seen 4 women wear tights two worn black spandex leggings and the other two had short tight shorts. Didn't get close enough to notice thong under there tight clothing but at least two had either thongs on or nothing underneath.Then it was me wearing capri tights in thong so total of tight clothing gym wearers was 5 out of 60 - 70 people if that.

svqergo1 #27

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/28/2012 02:55:32Copy HTML

I've only been doing yoga for about six months, but I've always worn a thong under compression (spandex, lycra, cotton, etc.) shorts (except for the time I took a naked yoga class).  I don't remember any other men wearing compression shorts.

At the end of one class, I did get a big smile from the female instructor during 'happy baby' pose, though I'm not entirely sure she was smiling at me.

My observation is that about 2/3rds of the women wear thongs/nothing and 1/3 wear bikini/boyshorts. 
Sybok #28

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/30/2012 04:23:04Copy HTML

 I've been taking yoga for almost 2 years. For every single class (bikram or not) I've always worn a pair of tight compression shorts & a microfiber shirt. I always wear thongs regardless of the occasion so in yoga class this is no exception. In my class so far I haven't seen a single female thonger, but I'm sure they're there.  
big daddy thong #29

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/07/2012 06:28:00Copy HTML

   I a my recent effort for melt off a few extra pounds & get back in shape,  I took a hot yoga class today at a local studio to experiment with something different.  This was my second attempt at yoga since last winter, so I wanted to give it another shot.  Most of the class when I arrived was female except for 4 other guys including myself.  1/2 of the girls wore running shorts and sports bra tops.  The other half of the girls wore yoga pants full lenght or 3/4 capris and body hugging tanks tops.  The guys in the group other than myself wore baggy knee length shorts and cut-out tanks.      
I arrived to the studio in my running tights and t shirt, but since it was super hot in the studio I asked the yoga instructor about what kind alternative wearwas acceptable for hot yoga.  She most guys wear baggy shorts and tops, but t shirts or tank tops are optional, if you wish to do so.  She also said some guys also have wore speedo type bottom swimwear.  I asked if it was OK to wear a thong, since I had my blue speedo thong under my running tights.  Her reply was just wear what make you the most comfortable, you will be sweating up a storm and if you wish, you my go shirtless with your speedo thong.  She lead me to the changing room, so I stripped off my tights and keep the tshirt to start.  About 15 minutes into the hot yoga class I felt like I was treking across the desert, so I ditched the t shirt for the duration fo the class.  It was tough exercise in the heat with focusing on breathing and holding the poses.  The rest of the class could have cared less about me sweating up a river in just my thong.  It was a liberating experience to just workout in my thong in a public class setting.  I will definetly be doing this again!
freddys #30

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/07/2012 06:40:24Copy HTML

Congrat's Big Daddy Thong, I'm one of the speedo guys, though often considered a thong. The Bikram studio in Ottawa said no, the speedo was minimal enough. There are a couple of positions where someone beside you might get more than an eyefull, I though location relative to the class would be important. Did you have any problems?
armand_galleon #31

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/07/2012 08:19:21Copy HTML

 I have worn cheeky speedo type bottoms without any questionable looks from anyone. because they tend to rise half the time they're half way up to the waist band anyway. my classmates have come to know me and know me to be totally harmless, and straight--which has made more than a couple of ladies gasp in surprise (one wanted me to meet her daughter!). but just to be on the safe side (and enjoy the view more) I choose a spot towards the back on the far right side of the studio; if anyone is offended they have the other side of the studio where my presence is obstructed by the other 50 or so people in my class. Nevertheless, and as difficult as it is, I do find on a regular basis ladies taking looks over toward my little corner in the back and lots of smiles on our way out. The 2" athletic back muscleskin is perfect for hot yoga. Make friends with the instructor, the manager and the owner, it's likely they'll let you wear whatever you wanna wear (remember, yoga was originally practiced in the nude, outside in the elements!). I however would encourage anyone pushing this frontier to be lean/fit, some positions would be too comical seeing someone too thick to fit into a speedo doing the downward facing dog!
big daddy thong #32

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/07/2012 08:22:04Copy HTML

 Sure you can oogle someone all you want or they can oogle you, if you are not focusing on the task at hand.  Most yoga positions will give another person an eyefull no matter how they are dressed, unless they are in a burka. The studio was about 1/2 full, so the there was plenty of space to the nearest person.  I was in the middle row of about 5 wide  bye 4 across.  My yoga classmates were concentrating own thier own workout, since it was about 100+ degrees F.  One of the ladies next to me struck up a conversation after class, asking me if I enjoyed my yoga workout and the  instructor asked me if I was going to come back again.  I think I will have to buy a one piece thong leotard for my next hot yoga class.  Any suggestions out there for a men's one piece thong for exercise pruposes?
JM_Runs #33

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/07/2012 08:54:23Copy HTML

A thong leotard is a good look on women who have breasts to cover, it is a bit silly on a guy who has no need to cover anything above the waist. 
I have seen a number of thong leos on women, they mostly looked great, but have never even seen a picture of a man pulling it off with panache.

I think if you wear a thong leo to yoga it would look very strange, where as a simple speedo type suit would look perfectly normal. 

If you go minimal, go masculine minimal.

If you really want something over the shoulders you may want to look at some of the mens 'wrestling singlets'.

As an alternative you may also want to look into some of the suits appearing on ebay that come from China.  I got one recently that was a low cut square cut, in light blue with white trim. It is made from very thin spandex type cloth,thin and stretchy so it looks like a second skin, especially when wet or sweaty. While definitely a man's suit, with a pouch up front, it will still turn heads in a gym or yoga studio.

Me, I would stick with a minimal swimsuit bottom and then wear a loose light weight long mesh running singlet over the top.  Not only will it be cooler but you have a window blind effect: When upright the top will cover the top half of your suit, but when leaning or bending it will tend to slide up, not that you are going to notice because you are focusing on your personal stretching, but others might.
bbyrne78 #34

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/08/2012 10:23:28Copy HTML

There are about six regular guys that attend at least two of my hot yoga classes a week. Most of them started in either baggy shorts or running shorts. After sweating up a storm and all of them either sought my advice or from the other ladies in the class.

I find it very interesting that all chose different clothing solutions, two went with the standard cotton/jersey very short tights, one went with a one piece wrestler style unitard, two chose nylon "aussie bum" swim briefs and one short compression tights.

I am a huge fan of the boogie shorts from Lululemon and normally team them up with a bikini top, it is the standard attire of the women in my classes. Some of the older girls will wear bikini tops and bottoms, the younger girls singlets and short/long tights.

Get to know the instructor, they'll know what the limits are. Although the instructor probably won't mind what you wear, some of the participants may not be as understanding, if other members of the class feel uncomfortable and leave, then you're affecting the ability of the instructor earn a living.

Love Bren   
big daddy thong #35

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/09/2012 01:23:40Copy HTML

BBYRNE thanks for the feedback about what the instructor will allow .  The guys in your class figured out what works best for their needs with a little friendy female advice.  JM,   Thanks for your input but my reason for a thongbody suit is more about comfort and coverage right now.  I used to wear them on a regular basis when I taught aerobics back in the 80's.  I  now have about 20 lbs of muffin top to lose and I feel very self conscious about my weight right now.  Yeah,  even guys can feel self conscious about their bodies.  The speedo with a mesh tank top is a good idea as well.  I guess I'm looking for thong body suit that has a wrestling or runners singlet top.  I will do a search for thong bodysuit to get some ideas on where I can buy a few.
2xist #36

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/09/2012 01:59:56Copy HTML

 I have been practicing bikram for 4 years now on and off.  As for the guys in class, I've seen everything from long board shorts to minimal speedos in south florida.  I use the Max shorts specifically designed for men who practice bikram yoga.  When practicing a youths yoga, a good minimal thing under loose yoga shorts are the best solution for me.
Most interesting to see after a bikram class are how many of my fellow male friends are totally shaved.Not sure if it's a south Florida thing from the heat or a male bikram thing .... 
fitfreak823 #37

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/09/2012 09:26:23Copy HTML

BDT,  Daviswear.de has some excellent ones, but are a little pricey.  Looks great with shorts or tights and if they are okay with it on its own might as well go for it.  Daviswear does also do sell a thong bodysuit with singlet suspender straps too.  As for wearing it by itself, it certainly helps people to complain less when you are excellent shape, but what is the difference if you are already basically wearing the same thing with a thong and shirt.
bbyrne78 #38

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/11/2012 04:38:03Copy HTML

A small tangent on this topic - is the number of guys who are getting into Yoga through Mixed Martial Arts. These guys are awesome at yoga due to their incredible body control. Compared to Rugby and Australian Rules players who do yoga for recovery, I never need to check their asanas twice.

The MMA guys always wear the short tights that end around upper thighs, they are just tremendous athletes and just the sweetest most gentle guys. Always respectful and polite, once you get past the tattoos and shaved heads, they are a joy to have in each class.

Dr S #39

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/12/2012 03:10:16Copy HTML

I've worn thong dance leotards to do yoga, although only with lycra shorts over. I've never brave enough to wear them on their own. Danskin used to do mens ones, but I'm not sure if they still do. They are very comfy, although usually cotton-lycra fabric, so might get a bit soggy doing hot yoga... They do ride up, so you can't be too shy. They will be visible doing bending poses!
fitfreak823 #40

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/12/2012 03:46:36Copy HTML


You are probably right.  That basically how I got into it, that and just wanting to be in great shape.  However of the guys I know that do yoga though most* are health nuts.
big daddy thong #41

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/13/2012 02:20:21Copy HTML

Update from my last hot yoga session.   I took the advice from bbryne78 in getting to know what is acceptable  studio wear.  The  yoga instructor / owner was very friendly and cordial ,when I inquired about the proper attire for men in hot yoga class: 

> >Hi Jeff,
> I wanted to reach out to you today and say thanks for returning to our studio, hope you had an enjoyable
> practice this morning.  I did want to speak with you about proper yoga attire. Please assure you are wearing
> shorts (ie mesh shorts, board shorts, swim trucks) at a length close to the knee. I have attached a few pictures
> demonstrating what we are looking for in regards to our dress code. Please feel free to give me a call or email
> me if you have any questions!

She also attached a pic of broad shorts to be clear on what is allowed in the dress code.  I don't have a problem with this but I do feel that my joy of wearing something liberating like a speedo or thong has been squashed.  I do however enjoy  the workout that this new training method has given me.  So, I will comply to the dress code. 

As post script, I did ask about tights and spandex compression shorts.  I'm awaiting her reply , I'm assuming that this will not cause problems to the dress code at the studio.
armand_galleon #42

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/13/2012 05:02:15Copy HTML

 I'm sorry to hear that bro, I don't know where you live but maybe it's time to shop around if possible. Yoga is about more than stretching and flexibility, its meditation/metaphysical components no longer encouraged in more Western societies. To find a good practice is to find a good yogi, even if it's only one that will teach you the right way to urdhva virabhadrasa (and let you wear whatever lets you focus on your practice.) Distractions (you in tight pants) ought not to be an issue: to fucus on your practice in spite of distractions is the goal (but since everything these days is so neatly packaged and any possibility of offending anyone and their suburban sensibilities reduced to zero, the experience of the transcendental qualities of yoga (like being able to block out distractions, sounds, etc.) go by therefore unnoticed. If your studio is like mine, at the end of the class, the meditation part, people are encouraged to linger in quiet repose as long as they like, yet, within 5 min the place is thoroughly cleared out!).
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Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

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 Armand is right, find a yogi that matches what you want to achieve out of your yoga journey. When I started, I would gladly give up some personal freedom in terms of wearing what I wanted in return for getting quality instruction. When you are in a better position to be more selective, then you can probably find a class that is more aligned with the other stuff. Freedom of clothing didn't even matter. All I wanted was quality instruction.
The last thing you want is a terrible yogi that lets you wear whatever you want but gives terrible guidance in your yoga journey.
One thing I do notice is the hardcore yoga practitioners are less likely to care, while those just getting started are trying to get everyone comfortable. The dress code in my advanced classes are more liberal than those for the walk-ins.
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Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

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OK, here is today's response from the owner of the yoga studio.  I think that it is reasonable and rules that I can live with for wearing the required gear.

Re: Proper yoga attire   Jeff,
Yes full length running tights or knee length compression shorts are ok.
Also a shirt ensures the most out of your practice as well. With the
students who choose to practice shirtless or even in a sports bra we as
teachers are limited with our hands on adjustments. Skin to skin contact
puts us at risk of slipping and potentially inflicting injury.

Thanks for understanding and we look forward to seeing you soon!
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Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

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 Question?  Which limb of yoga are we chatting about?!Ashtanga? Bikram/hot yoga? Kundalini? Yin? Restorative practice?All men's naked yoga/chanting?! I dress according to the practice I am attending.
Ashtanga=knee length shorts over a thong and a tank top or shirtless if allowed.Bikram/hot yoga= Max shorts and no top.Restorative= shorts and long men's yoga pants over a thong and a loose comfortable t shirt shirt or long sleeved.Naked Yoga=  Manduka practice mat and face towel :)
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Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

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This studio is advertised  as Hot yoga (co-ed).  I did some research about studios around the Burgh and there is a couple bikram yoga studios in the city that allow  speedo swimsuits, leotards and or running shorts with /without tops for men.  The studio in my neighborhood is in the burbs with mostly soccer moms, college students, and a few random guys that take the class.  The city studios are more liberal about what can be worn to classs.
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Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

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Bid Daddy- 
All that matters is that we get an awesome practice each time we go... :)
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Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

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 bikram seem more "eastern" (relaxed) than their uptight suburban counterparts. Mine is in suburbia San Diego, not bikram but just plain hot yoga (I guess there's an affiliation/certification process they have to go through to be called bikram and the routines are more scripted than what someone might want to do with their own studio). Fortunately for me, even with a majority of practitioners being in the "soccer mom" category, no one seems to care if the men wear speedos or even the aforementioned cheeky shorts I have worn. Find a place where you're comfortable. Being concerned about what you're wearing will take away from your practice.
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Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

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 Ok, here is what I have settled on what to wear to hot yoga for now.   I have yet to find a one piece thong unitard.  Starting  with a xxx-ring, then a swim thong, dance or running tights and a loose tank top.  
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Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

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 Today's hot yoga class, I went with the old school 80'S aerobic class look. I wore a g-string, then a black spandex dance tights and my blue speedo thong over the tights, and a sleeveless t-shirt.  I got a lot of good comments on my choice of clothing from the instructor and a few of the ladies in class.  It really made my day ;~D
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