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stanpuppy #51

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/14/2013 08:50:28Copy HTML

From what I can see there are two options when it comes to this area, women either wear a thong or go commando.  I have not seen a panty line under spandex for about 2 years now at my gym.  Wife confirms...locker room is either thong girls or commando.  Some women (apparently) actually change out of boy shorts/bikinis (under their street clothes) and into thongs for working out.   My wifes friends are pretty open about the fact that they dont wear underwear when they train...pretty cool!!
upthecrack #52

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/14/2013 10:24:06Copy HTML

Very Cool!!!  Very Freakin Cool!!! 

Slighty off topic but that never stopped me before. I have seen some ladies walking around town wih bikini briefs under yoga pants. I just want to stop the car and tell them they should be wearing a thong!!! If my wife is in the car, I always point it out to her and she laughs. I can tell they do not care as much about looking sexy.  That translates into "husband beware" cuz u aint getting satisfied. The only exception I have is Brazilian women.  They wear brazilian cut panties under spandex and make it look good. :) I think Latinas in general look sexy and can pull off clothes that are a few sizes too small. Again generally speaking. LOL

I spent a lot of time looking at ASS
yogabutt #53

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/15/2013 05:57:27Copy HTML

I think most of the women who are Bikram Yoga regulars where I've been, go commando. And I do, too.  My hot yoga shorts are dark and thick enough to probably obscure things, as far as I can tell.

big daddy thong #54

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/20/2013 05:14:17Copy HTML

my usual outfit for yoga has been a c-ring, then tights or compression shorts, a thong or g-string over top of the tights and  Sleeveless t-shirt.  I still cant find a male one piece thong unitard to wear over my tights.  Can anyone out there make any suggestions on a thong body suit for workout porposes?
armand_galleon #55

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/20/2013 08:49:01Copy HTML

  although I am pro thong unitards even when they were popular I failed to see their purpose. I can see why the jane fonda's of the 90's wanted a leotard that stayed in place and if it was gonna crawl up their butt they might as well make it as little fabric as possible from bunching up/becoming uncomfortable. then there is always the sexy/naughty "look at me" part of wearing a thong unitard, which I can understand, women want to be looked at. but the thong leotard as workout gear to me failed to provide the same service that later on the bike short came to give. and because they serve no purpose other drawing attention and not becoming uncomfortable while in the crack (which wasn't really it lays over the bike short underneath) it went into the fashion do-not-wear list. yet there might be a revival. Still, a man can wear whatever he wants, and a man can want to be looked at as much as any woman does but I guess I still have a blinking question mark over my head as to why anyone want to wear a thong unitard, particularly a man and one over compression shorts. I hope I am not coming across negatively, I just don't understand the reason. why a unitard and why on the outside. I wear at thong, for support, under the gym shorts I wear to my yoga class. I don't particularly want to draw any kind of attention to myself, and if anyone notices what type of underwear I am wearing I would hope it is not because it's so out there and given the context of a yoga class, acceptable. I do this because I don't want the person doing the looking distracted from their practice. at the beach they can look all they want!
Hotbeachthonger #56

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/20/2013 09:01:35Copy HTML

 I love thong leotards, though I have never found a male one. The closest I came was wearing a thong over a unitard or bike shorts in the 90s. It was considered weird for a guy to dress that way then, but now that women no longer wear them, it is even less accepted, so I just wear the thong underneath now. I loved the look of it - to me it looked sexy and I felt sexy when wearing it. Why shouldn't guys be allowed to look and feel sexy, without needing some practical reason/excuse for what they wear?
big daddy thong #57

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/20/2013 10:03:49Copy HTML

I used to wear thong leotards over my bike shorts back in the 80's during the aerobics fitnees craze.  I would wear a dance belt which is a thong jock strap for support.  I was involved in teaching aerobics and competing in co-ed team competitions.  The uniform our group chose was a unisex thong bodysuit over spandex bike shorts.  I like the style, comfort, ease of movement and look.  I can see your concern about bringing attention to your self in yoga with wearing some flashy and colorfull spandex, but for me it is just a way to express myself in what I enjoy wearing when I'm working out.  But since this style has gone extinct I feel sentimental and get a longing to bring back the look of the 80's.
armand_galleon #58

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/21/2013 05:38:31Copy HTML

  ...Right on, and more power to you bro. Like I said, to each his own and being a free country let each do as he wills as long as he/she isn't harming anyone or anyone's property. I respect those who attract attention to themselves in whatever format they do so, I myself just simply don't understand the need/drive to do so. I prefer to blend and ironically I hardly ever do as I am an individual that stands out in a crowd without meaning to or wanting to. Even at the beach, I wish I could wear whatever thong I wanted to, or nothing at all, and go un-noticed.
The yoga setting is a special one, but the initial reaction to your outfit should quickly be put out of people's minds and your choice to wear what you do in my opinion will not affect the overall "acceptance" of thongs in general (I don't think) and more particularly will not affect people's acceptance of me (or others) wearing thongs for underwear or swimwear as I have come to believe that at this point and time in the world today this acceptance or lackthereof is on a per individual's basis. That is, either people will accept my and your choice to wear thongs as underwear or outerwear or they won't; and in either case they will do so because they believe that I, or you, or anyone, is "normal" and even "cool" or not--which has nothing to do with looks or image but some sort of inner light, a spirit that they see as unique, transcendental, and as such we function in a higher/different plane that most others and as such of course we're gonna do things a little different, one of them being our choice in under/outerwear. Or at least that's what I've been told, that I am unique and of course the choices I make are equally unique from the norm but somehow I am able to pull it off and it becomes "acceptable" and "normal" for me to do so. I mean, don't we regard women who wear thongs as more liberated, modern, etc? ....and yet, don't some women come across as "trashy"? 

So what is it that makes someone "modern" and makes the other one "trashy" in people's minds? It's not the underwear!!! Somehow I come across to all in my social circles as "modern" and even counter-cultural and because of this they accept all sorts of behaviors and attitudes and beliefs that they don't necessarily accept in someone else. That being said I don't thinks that men who wear thongs need to be "special" but that it is easier for some of us to be accepted (even if don't care to be accepted or not, and perhaps that's the reason why it's more acceptable!) it's only underwear, or beach wear, or in your case, workout wear.
big daddy thong #59

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:03/06/2013 07:26:41Copy HTML

 today's hot yoga class, I wore a navy blue sleeveless t shirt and my old stand by favorite nike running tights.  I had these tights for more than 25 years and they are still in great condition.  What makes these special is that they are red, white and blue thin wave striped swirl pattern.  After class an older lady in her 60's mention how much she loved my tights and a few of the other younger gals said they enjoyed me wearing them, including the instructor.  She said they really stand out and where did I get them, since all of her yoga tights are gray or black.  It really made my day to get so much attention.  :~D 
big daddy thong #60

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:03/13/2013 04:19:21Copy HTML

 I just add new pics of my nike red white and blue tights to my image album, they are the ones that drew all of the positive comments, check the out and please add your comments. thanks
mack_back #61

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:03/30/2013 12:37:22Copy HTML

Bought myself new pair of yoga pants but from the reviews people said it is partially sheer in the back in harsh light and thong underneath can be visible.Usually  i wear a black thong under my workout gear hides everything being most are shade of black in colors. Need to prepare before i receive my burgundy sheer yoga pants. Anyone have place i can get seamless maroon colored burgundy athletic thong. Pink or variation of red color seen before but might show through my pants. Usually i wear short tops and most or all my ass is exposed. Any help and yes nude colored thongs i own as well.... 
sailor250 #62

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/22/2015 02:31:21Copy HTML

 Heres a G string as Yoga clothes- from Berry Dog bikinis.  5 min workout?  I didn't even last 5 min! she's hot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16-WzgqytUc
RapidBlue #63

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/24/2015 10:29:35Copy HTML

 I have been wearing FILA yoga pants to the gym for some time now. I always wear a thong underneath. While the pants are just about skin tight and show every muscle, curve and bulge I have been receiving either neutral or positive attention while wearing the yoga pants. I have been approached by a few women asking for "help" and wanting to talk. I follow their eyes and know where their focus is, especially if they are seated on a machine and I am standing. No one has ever made mention of what I wear underneith. Even changing in the locker room and stripping out of one thong and pulling on a fresh thong (and yes even with the brightest of colors). My philosophy is just be confident and smile and all goes well.
steampowered #64

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/02/2015 11:22:10Copy HTML

 I currently wear normal gym shorts, but they're definitely quite restrictive in some poses. Am planning to get some lycra type yoga pants. At least for the temperature. 
BJR #65

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/04/2015 10:46:25Copy HTML

I have gone to yoga classes over  the past year and have worn a thong or G-string. Its good support for the boys. I usually wear running shorts or capris over them with a running short sleeve top or singlet. I'm sure the instructor and a few others in class have noticed. If you have a nice ass show it off! 
AVBW21 #66

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/10/2015 03:13:58Copy HTML

I have posted something about what I wear to yoga class before, now I changed to wear Skinzwear crop tights, Rufskin or N2N running tights, they are low rise, well fitted and sexy. I always wear thong underneath, as it has some cloth at the back to make the thong line be seen. As i usually wear light colour tights with darker colour thongs, people at my back should recognise my thong. My female yoga teachers have no problem and they still talk with me and adjust my pose like no others. I won't choose g-strings because they won't provide this kind of fun. In changing room I won'nt mind too much showing others my underwear choice now, I may just strip off to my thong only and put on my tights to class. Nothing weird happened nor said to me. 
southpaw66 #67

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:05/15/2015 05:54:24Copy HTML

Hi all.This is a great thread. While reading I saw mention of wearing leotards for your yoga classes. I've never done yoga but I have a capezio leotard and a couple of bodysuits I like to wear. Usually I save them for Friday night cardio sessions. That's the least crowded night. Where do you men get your bodysuits and leotards?  I'm especially interested in thong back. Thanks 
sailor250 #68

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:05/17/2015 06:21:56Copy HTML

 here's instagram of top model with nude beach yoga! on in G string on beach too http://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/440583/Naked-yoga-Topless-fitness-model-in-99-nude-pose
pikeman #69

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/09/2015 12:00:32Copy HTML

 I suppose I'd wear a thong if the comfortable shorts I have weren't lined. But if I need to wear clothes, I'd rather just wear lycra over bare skin. I don't think thongs are an issue. There was more hysteria over shirts. This mixed group session I attended a couple of times wouldn't tolerate any men without shirts. I was jokingly informed it was because the women would want to strip-off too. I said I thought that was OK too and got an odd look. That was when I stopped going.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #70

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:08/17/2015 03:57:54Copy HTML

 Just noticed this thread.   I started wearing these to Bikram at the beginning of the summer.  The light colored ones bccome a bit see thru but the contrasting panel in front hides anything in front from being shown.

The downside to these is that you have to handwash them in cold water.  The grey pair faded like crazy when I put them in the wash with my bikram mat.


big daddy thong #71

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:08/17/2015 12:19:17Copy HTML

 I found a thong body suit for yoga But I have only worn them with compression tights or shorts, I have not yet worn them alone in yoga class, due to someone being offended by a bare ass in the close space of a yoga studio. Call it common courtsey to the mostly female class. https://bodyaware.com/product/view/sportswear/leotards/showstopper-bodysuit-q280

Beached_Santa_Cruz #72

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:08/17/2015 02:31:18Copy HTML

 I have two of the BodyAware bodysuits and have worn them to Barre class and yoga but only under tights.
20897 #73

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:08/18/2015 12:45:11Copy HTML

 I also have been wearing the Brave-Person brand shorts to yoga class all summer with a G-string under them. Any thong or G-string worn under these shorts can clearly be seen.
big daddy thong #74

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:09/11/2015 05:22:16Copy HTML

 today I wore my N-2-N spandex bike shorts with a enhanced pouch with a sleeveless t shirt..  I usually wear them under my gym shorts to workout.  On this ocassion I decided to wear the alone to hot yoga.   I was a little nervous, since the pouch pushes all of your business out front in a very noticable fashion and was starting to sport wood.  I'm not really a showoff, but I was feeling very bold and sexy.  The class was all women except for me. I could sense their eyes looking me up and down, maybe just being a little paraniod At the end of class the instructor comment that she really likes my choices in yoga gear.  Nothing but positve vibes fromr the yoga chick.  
big daddy thong #75

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:09/25/2015 04:25:25Copy HTML

Today was the day I got the courage to wear my red Body aware thong bodysuit  and nothing else.  Thats right, buns out and exposed!
No tights or bike shorts over top. The class was spares due to the fact that the studio was doing a yoga retreat this weekend.  I was very tense and nervous at the start of class but I soon calmed down and went thru my yoga practice.  the over all experience was very liberating and sensual in the heat with a small group of 7 females.  No one batted any eye while I went thru the motions,  Know I have the confidence to wear my thong unitard with no regrets.  I don't why I waited so long to do this, I felt very bold, sexy and free.  
bbjuk #76

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:09/26/2015 09:47:34Copy HTML

 I have done yoga in variously black full length running tights with zips, thinner base layer tights without zips and also 3/4 length tights. I always wear a thong underneath. Girls usually wear leggings or tights so its always fun playing spot the panty line when we're all leaning over!I would love to find a hot yoga class where I could just wear a thong - or even just some skimpy speedos but no sign of any near me.
big daddy thong #77

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:10/20/2015 01:52:43Copy HTML

I guess my days of just wearing my thong bodysuit are over.  Bummer!  Pun intended! but quite acceptable by this email from the studio owner.  Money rules over freedom of expression  ;~/
   Understood,  My apologies for taking the dress code out of accpetable bounds.  It was not my intent to distract or offend any one, especially Suzanne.  Peace out,
Hi Jeffery it’s Dominique I hope your well.I wanted to address your choice of clothing for class. I honor and respect you as a fellow yogi and Suzanne adores you, we personally don’t mind your choice of clothing but it distracts the other students.  We have an general dress code for women and men, It’s pretty simple private parts need to stay covered. I have had to tell many women that their shorts were too short and other men to please not wear speedo’s . Out of respect for everybody is please wear shorts or yoga pants. Please let me know your ok with this. Like I said, Suzanne and I do not judge or  have a problem but it is a business and I can’t turn other students off.thank you  

5 Locations: Murrysville, Aspinwall, 
South Hills, Irwin,  Shadyside,

Dr S #78

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:10/20/2015 02:37:12Copy HTML

That's a shame, but doesn't surprise me. At least your class applies it's dress code to both sexes and pointed this out in a nice way. If they've had complaints or comments they won't want to lose custom. I wonder if anyone would have complained if any of the women had worn a thong leotard?
bbjuk #79

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:10/22/2015 08:30:10Copy HTML

 Now do yoga wearng black female UA tights (and a lululemon mula bandhar thong underneath) and some sort of technical top.  I've checked but the thong doesn't quite peek out when I bend over.  Feels great though!!
big daddy thong #80

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:11/11/2015 02:23:03Copy HTML

This past Sunday I went to hot yoga wearing my old standard nike running tights that have red, white and blue swirls stripes with a red thong leotard under neath.  When I entered to sign in the yoga teacher said she loved my tights and asked where I got them from.  I replied that I have had this pair to tights for about 20 years that Nike has discontinued them.  She compliemented me on my choice of yoga wear and said they really accent the muscle tone and the shape of my long legs.  Love the yoga chicks
Sybok #81

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:11/11/2015 02:35:25Copy HTML

 When doing yoga I wear a pair of UA capris with a thong underneath. I've noticed that for yoga cotton thongs are best, but if you're doing hot yoga I'm not sure it'll help with the sweat factor.
thonglife #82

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/01/2016 05:33:06Copy HTML

At the suggestion of my wife, I recently started practicing yoga, starting with hot yoga and hot vinyasa at a studio near home. It is female owned and operated with about an 85/15 ratio of females to males in class. Most ladies wear yoga tights or capris while most men wear baggy basketball style shorts. I started from the beginning wearing short compression shorts, the same I run in. They are 5 inch inseam. Underneath, I wear a Good Devil or Cover Male bulge thong. I know it produces a nice natural bulge without being lewd. I really enjoy being surrounded by fit, shapely, sweaty ladies with tight butts in their spandex tights. I would estimate an equal ratio of them wear either thongs, briefs or no underwear. Thongs are usually obvious, I assume mine is too which is fun. Even more recently, I have started Bikram at another studio. The ratio there is about 60/40 ladies to men and the dress is skimpier. Despite the room in yoga being just as hot as bikram, people wear less in bikram. Most guys wear baggier shorts but some wear tight shorts. About half the ladies wear yoga bikinis while the rest wear one piece suits or loose shorts. In bikram, I have been wearing running shorts with a 3 or 4 inch inseam and a thong. I definitely feel more comfortable in bikram wearing less because it seemed more accepted. My goal is to be confident enough to wear a bikini brief like a Speedo cut with a nice bulge front, like Aussisbum. I really like yoga for stretching, strengthening and sweating but wearing tiny bottoms and thongs in front of so many friendly ladies is an added bonus. 
thonglife #83

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:04/17/2016 05:00:04Copy HTML

After practicing hot yoga and Bikram hot yoga now for several months regularly, I decided to take the plunge and get skimpier shorts for class. I've been wearing very brief men's boy short cut bottoms in various patterns. Basically the tiniest I can go without it being a bikini brief. I no longer wear a thong underneath, just the lined hot yoga shorts. It's really the best for my practice and for showing off. I'm hoping as I progress further at the studios I attend that I can start wearing just a pattern bikini brief. The ladies don't seem to mind :)
Beached_Santa_Cruz #84

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:04/19/2016 03:44:17Copy HTML

 Where are you getting your shorts?  I've been looking for something short for bikram class.

yogabutt #85

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:04/19/2016 09:03:05Copy HTML

Hi - for what it's worth, I usually wear these in Bikram. Shakti Activewear
yogabutt #86

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:04/19/2016 09:04:18Copy HTML

Oops.  The link:
thonglife #87

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:04/21/2016 10:31:16Copy HTML

I have purchased and wear these: 
| Max Activewear Classic - http://www.shopmaxnyc.com/classics/ | Onzie - style discontinued, still available here - http://fitnessfashions.com/110-mens-workout-wear.html | Eros Sport - https://erossport.com/product/core-active-compression-yoga-shorts/ | Gary Majdell - http://www.amazon.com/Printed-Swimsuit-Gary-Majdell-Sport/dp/B00LMHAWM6 | and Shakti that yogabutt linked above. The Max Classic is probably my favorite. It's very thin material, even totally limp, my bulge looks great in them, slightly on display. The Onzie are the most fun because of the patterns. I haven't taken class yet with the Gary Majdell but they fit well too and have a nice pouch. 
pikeman #88

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:04/23/2016 08:04:14Copy HTML

 I'd tend to wear either 2 inch spandex shorts over just skin, or split shorts and thong. The biggest issue at yoga places near  me is no bare chests, not the bottom. Go figure. 
yogabutt #89

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:04/23/2016 11:11:08Copy HTML

 No bare chests? That sounds crazy. However I have noticed a decrease in bare chested men in hot yoga classes around here. Also fewer jogbra women. 
Columbus4phun #90

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:05/02/2016 01:45:52Copy HTML

 As a wearer of thongs my entire life I have just now started to let myself be more free and wear to the gym during workouts. Instead of the 'I don't want anyone to know that I am wearing', I want others working out to be able to see that I am wearing a thong. My typical wear is UA compression tights. I am looking for something slightly transparent where the right light or right motion shows off the thong. Any suggestion on long tights or shorts? My wife has said that I need to be more adventurous. I do know that once I start doing this I will definitely be rewarded for my new found adventure once I get home! Thanks for your replies...Keith in Missisippi
thongmom #91

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:05/08/2016 06:17:27Copy HTML

 Women's yoga bottoms are typically designed to be worn without underwear, so wearing a thong would be uncomfortable. Personally, I always go commando when doing yoga as do most of the women at my studio.

I usually wear shorts and a sports bra, but women everything up to full length pants. Men mostly wear swim shorts. A few wear compression shorts and occasionally speedos (including one instructor).

On a yoga retreat we were staying on the beach and I did wear a thong bathing suit to a few practices.
thonglife #92

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/15/2017 08:56:40Copy HTML

I have continued to practice hot yoga and Bikram hot yoga over the past year. I have gotten away from wearing thong underwear under my shorts in class. I opt to wear just a pair of tiny yoga shorts now, mostly one of the ones I posted about above last year. I mostly wear Onzie men's shorts (that are no longer made) in various fun patterns. They are lined and cover my package but ride up a little in the back so I get to show a little butt. When I am feeling naughty and lean, I wear the Gary Majdell swim shorts. They are thin, barely lined and the pouch pretty much allows the profile of my penis and balls to be seen, They are lot of fun to wear and I get plenty of attention from the ladies when I wear them. I just act like its normal and enjoy the heat. 
Beached_Santa_Cruz #93

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/17/2017 06:18:05Copy HTML

 I bought these a couple of months ago and wore them to Bikram a couple of weeks ago.  They worked out great.  Show just the right amount of cheek.


NWGirl #94

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/17/2017 09:42:31Copy HTML

I've been wearing progressively smaller outfits to my yoga class. First I switched from pants and a tank top to shorts and a sports bra. When this felt normal, I started wearing a bikini top. Then I switched to bikini bottoms. When no one batted an eye, I started wearing cheeky bottoms. I figured this might be pushing the limit, but no one said anything.

This past week I decided to try wearing a thong. I wore a Body Glove Smoothies Thong. I felt completely naked as I walked into class, but it felt strangely liberating at the same time. At one point, the teacher (a woman) came over while I was in downward dog and adjusted my hips, giving her an up front view of what I was wearing. I could feel my heart pounding. Of course, she said nothing.

As I was changing in the locker room, I started to feel silly for being so nervous. I'd worn a thong and no one cared. I hopped in the shower and rinsed off. Feeling free, I dried off and proceeded to wrap the towel around my hair not caring who saw me naked.

Of course, this is the moment the teacher decides to come into the locker room and I start feeling silly again. A few other women are getting dressed. I'm praying no one says anything to me. Of course, this is when one of the other women says, "I love that outfit you wore today. Wish I was that comfortable with my body." I laughed nervously and thanked her, frantically searching for my clothes. I find my bag and start getting dressed. I ran out of there like I was on fire. After I calmed down thought, I realized I'd worn a thong to yoga! Definitely doing that again.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #95

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/17/2017 03:05:54Copy HTML

There needs to be more women like you in our gyms and yoga classes!
PaulFromMA #96

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/17/2017 04:45:03Copy HTML

I am considering starting yoga.     

Back in my mid-50s I took a introductory course ("gentle yoga").  As a result of very few people signing up for the course, the instructor changed to time of the class to incorporate the newbies into a regular daily yoga class.  She told me and the other new student to just take it easy and not expect to keep up with the others in the class and had us off to the side so she could pay us more attention and provide more instruction as needed.       

Never having taken yoga before, I didn't have a yoga outfit, more knew the idea was to make sure your clothing did not interfere with your comfort of movement.   I was well aware that there were nude yoga classes in the area, at least for males, but the timing wasn't good for me.  I ended up wearing a T-shirt and the thinnest, highest side vented running shorts I had, with a jock strap underneath.   There was never any doubt that the leg straps of the jock showed virtually all the time.  After a few sessions, I stayed a bit late to let the instructor know I would be at the next session due to a conflict.     

When we were alone, she complemented me on my choice of clothing, telling me new students, especially men, tended to overdress making some of the poses/movements more uncomfortable.  She also advised me that the jock strap wasn't necessary in her classes - I could eliminate that and not worry if anything showed - and for the matter, a thong or just the jock strap would be fine, but if I went to the jock strap option, she would prefer I brought my own yoga mat and stayed at the back of the class, so  some other students wouldn't complain.      

I told her I was completely comfortable with my body, went to nude beaches whenever possible and would take her up on her suggestion of just the shorts or a thong.  She told me she felt yoga should be done in the nude, that she did that herself when alone or with friends and in fact led one session a week of nude yoga for women.   She told me if I decided I was interested in keeping up the yoga, she's ask the other women in the nude class if they would mind a man joining.  

Well, as the classes I had signed up for and the summer ended, my work load increased as usual and I never went back. Now that I'm retired, I may do so here in FL. I doubt any nude classes are around but I'll see what I can find that a thong would work for.  
gw32 #97

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

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NWGirl - thats awesome. Having that confidence and freedom is fantastic. Keep it up, keep spreading that confidence. As is demonstrated over and over in many different ways, people tend to follow what others are doing. When you start doing something different it is the beginning of normalizing.:-)
thonglife #98

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

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"I've been wearing progressively smaller outfits to my yoga class. -NWGirl"
Same here! Not yet a thong like you but smaller. Several of my newest yoga bottoms from Bikram hot yoga class are short shorts that ride up and end up fitting like a bikini by the end of class. They have nice pouches to accentuate my package. 
Two of the female instructors I take classes with and I were talking after class the other day and they both complimented me on my shorts pattern and how good they looked. I casually responded I enjoy wearing short shorts for yoga, am not modest and am used to wearing short running shorts. One of them said I had the body for them and have worked hard for it. The other then said I should just get a bikini and wear that like Bikram himself. I laughed and said I'll save my bikinis for the beach for now. Hah, little to they know.
It's nice to have ladies be mature about guys wearing skimpy clothing too. 
NWGirl #99

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

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I was kinda scared to go back, but finally worked up the courage. The teacher greeted me warmly as I came inside. I went back to the changing room. There were women in all state of undress. They were all putting on shorts and cropped pants. I almost did the same, then decided the second time had to be easier than the first. I put on my barely there thong and bikini top and walked into the studio.

The teacher worked us really hard. I was exhausted by the end of class. Shavasana at the end felt like sweet relief. The teacher was playing this meditative music and somehow I managed to completely fall asleep.

When the teacher gently woke me up, the rest of the class was gone. I apologized, but she said it wasn't a problem. After she cleans up she does her own Yin practice to end her day then goes home, so she'd been planning to stay late anyway.

I offered to help clean up. As we organized the studio we got to talking. Eventually she asked what had inspired my minimal outfit. I was a little unsure how to answer, but said that I've been getting more comfortable with my body and that it helps. She seemed to understand. When we were done, she invited me to join her for a brief Yin practice. I said sure and followed her back into the empty studio.

As I went back to my mat, she asked if I practice nude at home. I said that I'd never tried it. She told me this story about how she'd gone on this inner goddess retreat and that on the last day they hiked to a waterfall. When they got there, all of these women stripped and ran into the water. Then they did a yoga practice in the nude. She said it was one of the most inspiring events of her life.

At this point I wasn't too surprised when she asked if I'd like to join her in a similar practice. I nodded agreement. We both were laughing nervously as we stripped off the little we were wearing. The funny thing was I felt less naked when I was naked than when I'd been wearing the thong. She led us both in a very relaxing Yin practice.

When we were done, we rolled up our mats and went to the changing room to shower off. I thanked her for the extra practice. She invited me to stay late any time.
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Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

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 What a fantastic experience. Thats awesome.
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