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mo_thong #101

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:03/04/2017 02:38:09Copy HTML

 Way to go NWGirl!  Have you inspired any of your classmates to go minimal as well?
Chrish217 #102

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:03/04/2017 02:53:24Copy HTML

 I have been doing the same...wearing less and less to hot yoga until I am also down to a thong.  I am trying to talk my favorite instructor into teaching a co-ed nude class but until that happens I have her full support in wearing only a thong. It is very liberating to wear almost nothing.  Since I am pretty well-hung I have been wearing tiny Chinese male g-strings under female workout thongs.A few smiles and a few encouraging comments...so far, nothing negative said to me or the instructor.Since this is a new thing for the studio, I have been texting her regularly to make sure she has also not been receiving any negative feedback.So far so good.
NWGirl #103

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:03/27/2017 09:10:55Copy HTML

Sadly none of my classmates wear anything quite as minimal. There are a couple of guys that wear speedos, but that's as close as it gets.

I did finally convince the teacher I mentioned before to give a cheeky bikini a try. Not quite a thong, but pretty close.
NWGirl #104

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:05/03/2017 09:43:26Copy HTML

I take a class from the owner of the studio once week. Last week, we were chatting after class and I brought up the idea of topfree equality. The guys are allowed to go topless, so why not women? She told me she'd think about it and get back to me.

I was getting changed for class when she came into the dressing room. She said she'd been thinking about our conversation and couldn't think of a good reason why not. If I wanted to go topless, I had her go ahead.

Of course, that's when I started to get nervous. It had seemed like idle conversation, and I wasn't quite ready for the follow through. But, I figured if I didn't go for it, the opportunity might disappear.

So, as two other women changed into yoga pant and tank tops, I undressed and pulled on my thong bikini. It felt like a mile from the changing room to the yoga studio. I prepared myself for a reaction, but there was none. Everyone was totally cool about it.

In honor of the occasion, I posted a new pic to my profile. Enjoy.
thonglife #105

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:05/03/2017 02:59:51Copy HTML

It's exciting to read about NWGirl's progression to wearing less in hot yoga class and the acceptance by others. Your experiences are encouraging me and my wife to wear less in hot class as well. I'm now wearing the shortest, most enhancing men's swimwear I can find in a square cut to hot yoga class. Most women wear bikini bottoms and cropped or strapless tops while men wear compression or running shorts. I'm the only guy at my studio in nearly a bikini bottom. As we transition through the 26 postures, I let my shorts ride up so that by the time we transition to the floor, I'm wearing a bikini as far as coverage. With time, I hope to start wearing a men's bikini into class.
PaulFromMA #106

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:05/03/2017 06:31:18Copy HTML

NWGirl:   Congratulations.   I never saw the reason for top-free segregation.  With regard to full nudity, I do have some sympathy for parents raising children.  But it is so obvious if you see a man topless to be able to anticipate the sight of a topless female.  I suspect that men's (especially in the USA) infatuation with female breasts stems from this dichotomy.   Not to suggest I don't enjoy the viewing (and more) of a female's breast, but then I enjoy the viewing of the human anatomy, regardless of sex.  Yes, even those out of shape.      Enjoy your freedom of expression, even the US Supreme Court is behind you.  Unfortunately, very far behind you, requiring in too many cases the hiring of lawyers to enforce your rights.   
bbjuk #107

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:05/04/2017 07:10:58Copy HTML

 #104 that's quite a tale! Sounds very liberated and great that you got such a positive response. Not done hot yoga in ages but might have an other go at it soon. What I think I might wear is my black swim thong underneath some base layer compression shorts - maybe in a seethrough colour like white or light gray. That's probably as close as I can get to thonging in hot yoga without pushing it too much! On that note I did notice that there was one hot yoga class I saw the dress code for that said you need to be appropriately dressed blah blah and on their banned list was "thongs under tights". I guess they must of got lots of girls flashing their bums in seethrough leggings in downward dog!
Dr S #108

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:05/06/2017 10:52:58Copy HTML

 I'm not sure how they can enforce a ban on thongs under tights. I know they show through, but i've never known anyone to comment, let alone complain. Most of the classes I've been to between 30 and 70% of the women have worn thongs under lycra. They'd end up banning everybody! Far less common for men: I've only ever seen one other man wearing a thong under lycra shorts, but that's my usual choice and although I know mine are often visible (even when they don't slip above the waist of the shorts), but no mention has ever been made. The closest was when one of my old instructors was using me to demonstrate downward dog, placing her hand on the small of my back to press down. When she finished demonstrating she pulled the waistband of my tights up to cover my thong and patted me where it had been showing. I hadn't realised it was peeking out, and there were a few giggles...
Martylouie #109

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:05/06/2017 02:32:33Copy HTML

 The obvious response to the no thongs under tights rule is no thongs under tights.  Aka commando 
Beached_Santa_Cruz #110

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:05/06/2017 02:36:53Copy HTML

 My yoga instructor is also my massage therapist.  She knows I wear thongs because she's commented on my thong tan line.  One day in class she was altering my position and was checking my lower back while I was face down.  She accidentally lifted up the top of my yoga tights and saw that I had a g-string on.  She just laughed and said "you're so sexy" then moved on to the next person

In Bikram I always wear a thong.  My shorts get a little see through when really wet so I don't want my junk showing. 
big daddy thong #111

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:06/23/2017 06:47:47Copy HTML

 Recently, I purchased a pair of mesh yoga shorts that are dark blue. They are not board shorts but are styled like compression shorts.  They have a whites side panel with a white liner on the inside.  Bought them on amazon, called " Brave Person" because the leave little to the imagination.  I did not care for the front inside white liner, so I cut it out leaving it all mesh in the groin area.  I got the nerve to wear them to Hot Yoga with a matching dark multi color Boodies Swim thong underneath. You can see the thong thru the mesh.  I got quite a few looks and smiles from the ladies in class. I plan on buying a few more of them for yoga and doing the same alterations.  
big daddy thong #112

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:08/30/2017 04:36:45Copy HTML

 Today, I had a liberating hot yoga practice in just my blue thong bodysuit.  Class had only myself and one other lady plus the instructor.  I asked at the start of class if I could strip of my gray running tights.  She said sure, That's not a problem. Well I drop them a bad habit.  I felt so free and sensual going thru the flow poses.  At first I got so over excited that I got semi-hard and had a pretty obvious bulge but I managed to calm down and continue to enjoy my practice.  I hope I can do this in a more populated class in the future.
pikeman #113

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:10/16/2017 01:44:00Copy HTML

I've done yoga at a studio that has nude sessions for men, so a thong would be out of place with them. There is another studio that solicits LGBTQ+ folks, but when I asked about attire they were very pointedly pro full attire. Shirts are required for everyone and no bare buns! What the heck!!!I won't do mixed (M+F) group yoga anymore. The women are too paranoid, and  there are too many guys "on the make". The nude mens group is much more comfortable, even with partner movements. I think just thongs would be fine, but don't see it happening in a mixed group.
sailor250 #114

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:11/27/2017 01:57:26Copy HTML

 Here's a video showing her hosiery and thong leotard in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qee-JzA_c8k&list=PLFLnGGr5LNY0EP2DwdlCU7mwtCIbH4sc2
big daddy thong #115

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/15/2018 05:21:21Copy HTML

 I recently started going to 6 AM  Hot yoga practice at The Hot Spot Yoga studio in Bridgeville, PA.  Since I have been going at that early morning time there are at most 4 to 5 people there including the instructor and on a few occasions 1 or 2 students plus the instructor.  I found this is the best time to just wear my thong bodysuit and nothing else, no tights or shorts just my thong unitard. No complaints so far.  If I have to go at that time to wear what I want I'll do it.
JM_Runs #116

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:01/16/2018 04:49:47Copy HTML

Tried out a new yoga studio on a New Year's fitness promotion.  Since I don't know anybody here I thought I would go with the skimpy outfit to start.  A loose- fitting shirt and a pair of cheeky briefs.  When I arrived, I was wearing basketball shorts and I quickly went to one side of the room.  The near side, at the entry.  Once I got set up, I stripped off the basketball shorts and was wearing just the cheeky briefs.  The class filled up with mostly women and just about 20% men. To my surprise, many of the women wore somewhat cheeky shorts and mine were not the smallest.  Of course, the men all wore either running shorts or something longer.  It was a great class and things got real fun when the female instructor changed her perspective and went to different corners of the room to continue instructing.  1/2 way thru the class I had taken off my shirt so it put me in front of the whole class for 1/4 of the time just in my cheeky shorts.  Felt like the longest 15 minutes of my life.  Hahaha.  Turns out, nobody cared about the cheeky shorts and I feel like I found a new studio to be more comfortable.  No comments, no concerns.  As it should be. Wonder how long it will be till I try a thong in class?
JM_Runs #117

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/20/2018 07:13:04Copy HTML

Haven't yet stripped down to a thong after going back twice to this studio.  I do, however wear the cheeky briefs and immediately take off my shirt.  The main reason I haven't gone down to a thong is that it would be less coverage than anyone else in the class.  In the cheeky briefs, there are ladies who show just as much cheek as I am, but no men.  Thoughts from others?
thonglife #118

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/20/2018 02:16:09Copy HTML

I practice hot yoga at two different studios and choose my attire based on whats pushing the limits for each. Both are attended by 80-90% females so I'm always in the minority as a guy. At one studio, most women wear tights and tank tops or bras. Maybe 10% wear tight yoga shorts. There I wear tight 4" length yoga shorts that display modest bulge and no shirt. Even in those, I'm one of the skimpiest dressed and always the skimpiest dressed guy. At my other studio, its a hotter practice so 50-60% of women wear bikini bottoms and bras or tube tops. They show cheek and some overt camel toe. Few wear tights. Some men wear tight shorts but 4-8" inseam length. Here I wear mens yoga bikini bottoms with 1" inseam that show a lot of cheek and bulge, no shirt. I would like to go just thong but since none of the ladies do, I feel it would be overt.
Sharon73 #119

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/20/2018 04:47:01Copy HTML

 For the Hot Yoga I go to once a week there are males and females.  I wear a sports bra and a thong or a bikini bottom.  Many of the guys are wearing very short and revealing short yoga shorts.  I don't wear tights as it's just too hot for them
big daddy thong #120

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/21/2018 12:59:30Copy HTML

 First_one_naked  See my post : Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes(Date Posted:01/15/2018 12:21) I recently started going to 6 AM  Hot yoga practice at The Hot Spot Yoga studio in Bridgeville, PA.  Since I have been going at that early morning time there are at most 4 to 5 people there including the instructor and on a few occasions 1 or 2 students plus the instructor.  I found this is the best time to just wear my thong bodysuit and nothing else, no tights or shorts just my thong unitard. No complaints so far.  If I have to go at that time to wear what I want I'll do it.
bbyrne78 #121

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/24/2018 02:26:34Copy HTML

I hate to sound like a prude on this topic but could those who are thinking of rocking thongs to class (especially the fellas), check with the instructor first? One of the things that isn't well known is that in some places, the instructor pays for the privilege of teaching a class. That fee covers the cost of the "renting" the space, covering part of the service costs and public liability insurance for the class. Usually the break even cost works out to be about 8 students. I have experienced first hand what happens when some poor etiquette from a student does to the rest of the regulars. I've had to disband a class because of some dude deciding it would be cool to wear transparent tight shorts with c0ckring, or hyper competitive 'mean' girls hassling beginners, and the best one was a guy deciding mid class to strip off his shorts and only rock a poor fitting speedo. Not only did it cost me money, it really damaged my reputation as the instructor and my studio.
When I held classes at the beach, I would always have a disclaimer that swimwear was allowed and I used a fairly liberal definition of swimwear, but the guy with the transparent tights or the dude who wore a speedo that didn't hold all his junk in place, wouldn't pass that definition.
Love Bren  
bbyrne78 #122

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/24/2018 02:30:45Copy HTML

@big daddy thong - my previous post was not directed at you because I know you've always extended the courtesy of asking the instructor beforehand. It's tough enough these days trying to make a living in the fitness field. Ironically with the overall level of fitness dropping in Australia, you'd think that there was more opportunities. Even owning the gym and yoga studio, isn't working these days. I'm doing my surgical residency to pay the bills!
Love Bren
bbyrne78 #123

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/24/2018 10:51:46Copy HTML

(it looks like the question to my response below has been deleted. @JM_Runs feel free to delete this if no longer relevant but I think it is a good response. ;-) )
I had to disband the class and offer refunds for those classes because the women, men, teens and even myself were very uncomfortable with the behavior of those people. In the case of the guy with the transparent tights, one of attendees quietly spoke to him and told him what he was doing wasn't cool and tried to get him to cover up and failing that, told him he should leave. When he didn't comply and the whole class complained, I shut it down and gave everyone a refund. I should have called the police. Same situation with the guy in the speedo. 

Due to its location, I am lucky of have regulars that are MMA fighters, AFL players, Movie Stuntpeople, WW/MM models, the occasional hollywood A-Lister, and lots of models, pole girls and fitspo ladies from the GC. All are amazing and just want to get their work out done and move on. 

I have been in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years, I have owned a gym for 12 years, and I have maybe 50,000 hours worth of gym time (training myself, training others, teaching classes). I have never, ever seen and much less heard of a situation when ladies were falling over themselves because of a guy's appearance at the gym or yoga class. The closest I have seen was when someone dropped by to do a yoga class unannounced (in the past he would have a strict schedule and everything was coordinated so that he would get as little hassles as possible), everyone was star struck and the sweet guy stayed after class and took photos with everyone. The only talk after was how sweet and nice he was.

I hope you get that I am speaking with experience and I am telling you that I highly doubt the ladies at your gym are checking you out.    
mack_back #124

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/25/2018 12:46:36Copy HTML

 Thank you for your response bbyrne 78 regardless of the query i had of the topic being deleted.
Sorry to hear that the complaints made the class end. Although i'm all for freedom to wear whatever clothes people want without judgement rules or policy for attire need to be followed.  While the male in question was disobedient to the requests and pleads it also ways of saving face refusing to comply later being mocked about as having no sense of judgement. Either way he thought saving his ego, while at the same time ruining a class and business not cool. 
Do respect your experience and training time and impressed with what you accomplished.  Difficult to understand or accept you never seen or heard females ogle any male at the gym beach, pool before etc..  Without sounding obnoxious or arrogant, to late i know. Lol.. woman told me so and have overheard numerous times curiosity, intrigue i bring seen in my yoga tights. Doesn't matter if the females are married  have boyfriend, single, divorced they all have certain instinct and curiosity that i bring.  
My older fitness female trainer tells me her many clients often talk about you how jealous they are, you don't even know half of what they are saying about you, with her big smiling grin...

Even married female friend turned ugly recently, commenting after great friendship and rapport in the gym, that she wants my body so badly. At first i thought she wanted to inspire to physically appear like me, very fond of my physique, yet she has slender runners body.  Now i know differently she wants more. The genesis and time we shared our friendship grew fondly even her husband had no problems seeing us spending time chatting working out. Seeing her experienced married studio instructor best friend noticing our involvement told her what are you doing with him meaning me, your married? She encouraged her best friend the studio instructor to join us in various workouts. The instructor began to sigh and contemplate my gym friend invitation she could have fun as a group or certain squat exercises spotting each of them. Little did i know she meant sex while her friend the studio instructor didn't say no, differing her older son will be training her soon, yet was intrigued with the offer and kept friends with me commenting, complimenting on my body ever since. 
You may not be sold on the thought of females curiosity of me or relate to my affliction for any better term. Woman do hate me at first how i appear then later grow accustomed and want some rapport with me.  The fuss and comments on my plight  view woman's peacock stares upon me and comments they take. 

Studio instructors get frustrated when the pupils they are talking to lose concentration watching me instead. Then the female studio instructor comments to her pupil next time take a picture. Meaning they can't keep their eyes off me be it at a pool or just my yoga attire.  There is some competitiveness in wearing yoga wear by many and find me incorrigible seeing new trendy tights i wear.  
steveeagle #125

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/25/2018 01:47:12Copy HTML

Hey mack_back you sound hot!  How about posting some fully faced pics of you in your hot attire?
JM_Runs #126

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/25/2018 08:23:54Copy HTML

 @bbyrne, I appreciate your comments and perspective as an experienced instructor.  When I say "thoughts from others?" That's exactly what I'm looking for.  Thanks much. 
bbyrne78 #127

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/26/2018 03:02:40Copy HTML

@first one naked. Any time, glad you asked the question. if there is anything else you need to know for your yoga journey, don't hesitate to ask.
Love Bren
Comfythong1 #128

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/27/2018 07:06:30Copy HTML

While I’ve heard of nude yoga studios, I definitely think they’re not extremely common.  At least not in US, which is pretty prudish.  Even in hot yoga, most people don’t expose too much skin. I could see how people could possibly wear a thong to yoga on the beach?  I take yoga classes at a health club. And wearing leggings or shorts and T-shirt/tank top is pretty standard. As a guy, wearing leggings and a tank top is pretty acceptable. I just think that if you’re going to expose a lot of skin, the setting should be appropriate. While I wouldn’t be offended by someone in a thong, someone else might be. After all, people are usually right next to each other in those classes. I’m sure people in class are aware that I have a thong on because of occasional outline. And my strings do show above my pants inadvertently sometimes, no once really cares as people are there for the class. 
bbyrne78 #129

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/27/2018 11:02:19Copy HTML

@comfy - I am sure there are some nude yoga classes out there but I haven't really seen or heard of them. Most of the nude classes are generally one on one where the instructor is comfortable with the student and everyone passes their medical tests.
There are a few reasons why studios would not hold nude classes
1 - health reasons: skin on skin contact when adjusting or demonstrating poses there is the possibility of ringworm or other fungal skin problems
2 - cost: just to meet the health and safety standards I would need to steam clean and sanitize the room after every class (normally this is done once a day)
3 - instructors have just as many body hang ups as students and they may not be comfortable doing it nude

4 - crazy people see my previous posts.
For all those who might ask - there isn't a price high enough to get me to teach a nude yoga class. 
Love Bren
PaulFromMA #130

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/28/2018 01:12:14Copy HTML

 Well, as long ago as 15 years ago, possibly 20 years, there was and may sill we'll be a nude yoga class in Boston (MA, USA).  I learned a few years ago that there is or was then, one in Orlando FL.       When I was in my 50s I took several series of yoga classes in the summer, my slow period at work.     I simply wore a jock strap under unlined loose light weight running shorts and a T shirt.     I would have preferred doing without the shirt, but no one else was shirtless, so I kept it on.     My shorts had a high slit, so there is no doubt that at least most of the mixed class knew I was only wearing a jock under them.      Personally, I thought it was perfectly comfortable and reasonable for yoga.      
Matt37 #131

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/28/2018 03:20:20Copy HTML

 > While I’ve heard of nude yoga studios, I definitely think they’re not extremely common.

Just about every major city has nude yoga classes these days.

big daddy thong #132

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/02/2019 06:41:56Copy HTML

https://bodyaware.com/collections/mens-sports-leggings/products/mens-fishnet-lace-leggings?variant=12286435000387 https://bodyaware.com/collections/mens-sports-leggings/products/mens-fishnet-lace-leggings?variant=12286435000387 I just wore my new body aware tights and got quite a few positive comments. The mesh pouch did not expose all of my manhood but to be safe, I did wear a teal tear drop under my leggings just to make sure my genitals would completely covered to the view of the class. A lady in class asked me where did it buy these at and asked if the made them for females. Another lady also said she really like how they looked on me and said the see thru mesh panels had a very interesting design.
ondaspot #133

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/04/2019 02:38:55Copy HTML

Big Daddy good for you! Are you the only male in your class. I take hot yoga and wear black booty fit leggings that separate the butt cheeks but aren't see through at all. The rest of the guys wear shorts over their tights. But I'm thinking of wearing some leggings that will push the limits.
ondaspot #134

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/04/2019 05:17:05Copy HTML

Does anyone know any yoga classes wear I could just wear a thong in the Philadelphia area. Thanks in advance.
curiousfun #135

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/04/2019 02:00:42Copy HTML

Ondaspot, what brand booty fit leggings do you have? I'm having trouble finding leggings or yoga shorts that fit my shape well without at the same time smashing the front flat. Most make it look like I have one big cheek back there instead of two.
ondaspot #136

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/04/2019 03:31:28Copy HTML

The leggings that I have are called Running Girl Butt lift Leggings. You can purchase them on Amazon. The reviews are soso but they're great leegings. Enjoy Curious fun,
curiousfun #137

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/04/2019 05:51:56Copy HTML

Thank you Ondaspot!
tbck1000 #138

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/04/2019 06:58:32Copy HTML

Do these have the “scrunch butt” rear seam? Have you tried Dragonfit leggings?
ondaspot #139

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/04/2019 10:54:20Copy HTML

You're welcome curiousfun. Tbck 1000 these aren't scrunch butt leggings. They have a seam that separates the butt cheeks.
ondaspot #140

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/04/2019 10:57:19Copy HTML

Tbck, I haven't tried the Dragon fit leggings but I will look into them. Thanks,
tbck1000 #141

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/04/2019 11:49:01Copy HTML

I have found some nice items here https://www.onlyleggings.com/mens-sizing-guidelines/
tbck1000 #142

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/04/2019 11:52:20Copy HTML

Also https://blackmilkclothing.com/shop/bottom/leggings
Felsen #143

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/08/2019 03:08:49Copy HTML

A number of years ago I practiced Bikram Yoga, I asked what I should wear and was told "as little as possible". So, I wore a speedo. I specifically asked about wearing thongs at one place and was told that thongs weren't accepted I was the only guy who wore a speedo, all the other guys wore typical board shorts.
shaved_thong_lover #144

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:02/08/2019 11:37:24Copy HTML

I have a few workout capri leggings from onlyleggings.com and they have been great for the gym
LoveMyThongs #145

Re:Thongs and Yoga Clothes

Date Posted:03/08/2019 05:10:59Copy HTML

I like wearing a fuller thong so the outline is visible. You can see every woman’s thong in a class and occasionally it pops out which I love when it does. I’ve had a teacher on a few occasions adjust my position and rub my thong. I feel in yoga anything is ok
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