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Date Posted:06/09/2003 03:37:00Copy HTML

This is just to introduce myself to the group. We live in Brisbane and Heath and I wear thong underwear always - unless we choose to wear no underwear! We both (over 50 s) have thong swimsuits but if we are not nude, we generally refrain from going on beaches that are overtly "family beaches" - which usually means beaches where few adults go to sunbathe and only small children bathe.  However, we have never had any problems on the Gold Coast beaches and have  often been on the beaches at Byron Bay in northern NSW.  I have been teased in a friendly way by friends who commented that they thought that the Byron Council had put a new cycle rack on the beach  and then realised that it was my bum!  I love to see Heath in her thong - often topless, and I love the feeling of freedom that omes with thongs - although I prefer to be totally nude.
Ex_Member #1

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/16/2003 05:00:14Copy HTML

Hello from another Aussie thonger!

I live in the Hunter Valley area and frequent the Nelson Bay and Newcastle beaches. I'm in my early thirties and have worn thongs since I was about 16-17yo. I tend to wear them at less family orientated beaches, but that said, Ihave 2 young kids who have never seen dad in any other type of underwear! Even my wife wears them most of the time and we have never thought of it as an issue. (as lots of people point out, we Australians tend to be more relaxed in that area).

You are right, nude is great too!

I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours at Kings beach recently. I wore a white Spellbound thong from the car to the beach and back again. I love how relaxed the area is! I think one of the very first thongs I bought was in Surfers Paradise (poorly named place!) in the Cavil Ave mall beside the beach. My girlfriend (now Wife) and I spent a lot of time on the beach on that holiday thonging, and in the pool at the motel!

Good to see other Ausralians on the board and out there thonging! The friends of ours that know love the idea (especially a few of the girls), and generally I get no hassles. Good life over here, isn't it?

teeback269 #2

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:09/08/2003 06:44:09Copy HTML

Here in Townsville (North Queensland) where it is summer all year round and we have 320 days of sunshine a year, is a great place to live in your swimsuit. I spend all my week-ends at the beach, where I mainly wear g-strings, and wear a small bikini away from the beach, and not much else. I may put a shirt on if I have to go to the shop in town, but that's all.

I do everything in my bikini, washing the car (well you get wet, dont you?), mowing the lawn (you get sweaty), going to the beach on my bicycle (why wear shorts and shirts you have to take off to go in the water?), going to the laundrette or) to the local shops.

All my bikinis are made by a shop in Cairns (the name of the shop is hot summer beachwear) to my own design, based on Kiniki amazon, but smaller.

So if you ever come up here for a holidays I'll see you on the beach

Ex_Member #3

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:10/19/2003 08:43:45Copy HTML

Got to be a few more Australians around now the weather is warming up

Are you all at the beach and not on the net???

mil4nibs #4

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:11/14/2003 07:17:06Copy HTML


Is that the little shop at Trinity Beach?  Do you know if they do mail orders?

By the way, Ellis Beach about 10 minutes north of Trinity Beach is a great place to thong

JM_Runs #5

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:11/17/2003 06:38:22Copy HTML

I'm jealous of you guys in FNQ!

Gotta say though, the weather down in NSW is certainly hotting up for summer. You lot get it all year though, don't you!


John Howard #6

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:11/18/2003 04:54:42Copy HTML

Hey Thongmad,

don't compare your area's weather with sunny QLD, take it philosophically and see that the important thing is the quality not the quantity...

Also, remember that old song Desiderata??   "don't compare yourself with others,.... 'cause there will always be people better and worse off than you"...  (or something like that)

I live in bloddy Victoria, where sometimes you need a poncho if you want to go to the beach in the middle of summer, or where sometimes you have a 44 degree day at the beach and you start to think to better go to the closest shopping centre with air cond to be able to  breathe and not barbecue....

By the way, any Aussie thonger from Tassie in this forum???  (just want to make me feel better)

Ex_Member #7

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:11/18/2003 03:37:55Copy HTML

Good point. Tassie gets it really hot for 3 months and really cold the rest...

I had a great afternoon today (wed18) around 30-odd degrees, beautiful sunshine and good surf, all enjoyed for three hours in a thong.

Who needs work?

teeback269 #8

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:11/18/2003 05:53:46Copy HTML

Reply to : mil4nibs

teeback269Is that the little shop at Trinity Beach? Do you know if they do mail orders?By the way, Ellis Beach about 10 minutes north of Trinity Beach is a great place to thong


Hi mil4nibs, yes indeed it is the very shop. I don't know if they do mail order though, you will have to ring them up.

Agrre, Ellis beach is a great place, been there many times.

Have you tried the Strand in Townsville? Very very popular now, but not many thongers, although nobody has ever objected to my g-strings.

Last night temp 23 deg, today 31 deg, sunny, blue skies, has been the same for some weeks, will be he same for an indefinite period. Wish I did not have to go to work every day!

nattaschya #9

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:12/15/2003 12:21:08Copy HTML


     First, good news for the girls. You can thong anywhere with impunity. Just be prepared for the wolf whistles from the dorks! But bad news for the guys. Many beaches have "fuck off faggots" graffitied on the trash bins and young men Always have something rude to call out to my boyfriend when he wears one to the beach. Only safe spot for men is good old Swanbourne nude beach where anything goes. But single girls have just about quit this beach because of the pervs. Not a very positive report unfortunately. Something is really going wrong with society  when a beautiful beach (Perth is really one long beach for 30 miles) is fucked up with hateful homophobes and perverts!

Luv ya Bums, Nat

beachfolks #10

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:12/15/2003 01:06:03Copy HTML

Sorry to hear about Swanbourne going downhill. My wife and I really like Swanbourne bare beach. We're from the middle of the USA, so haven't visited Perth for a while, but we want to come back sometime.

We now holiday in Europe-Cap D'Agde each year in the spring, better access for our traveling. Several years ago when Northwest Airines flew in to Australia we visited Perth frequently and loved it.
Ex_Member #11

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:12/15/2003 08:41:03Copy HTML

Hi Nattaschya

Sounds a bit the same over here around the more populated city-type beaches around Newcastle, but there are a few that are a bit secluded and what you might call more tolerant because they're harder to get to, or well out of town. I've copped the odd adverse comment on our nude beach at Nelson Bay in the past, but some days it is full of surfers from out of the area. (the Swanny crew over your way have a rep for being fierce!)

On a good note, last Saturday (13th) it was around 35 degrees C (bloody HOT) and I had my first trip to Maitland Bay down at the Central Coast(as mentioned by pete_smith elsewere on the board). What a beautiful place! You access it by a bush track from the National Parks office (around 2kms) through beautiful bushland to a small white sandy beach with sandstone cliffs at either end. I walked down there in just my thong, stayed about 2 hours, swam and walked the beach, then walked back up to the car in just my thong. No problems even when I encountered people on the way back, 3 times. All in all, a bloody good day!

Love ya bum too!

JM_Runs #12

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:01/13/2004 06:57:23Copy HTML

G'day all

The weather recently has been great for the beach just about everywhere, so how many of you have been out and about thonging over the holidays? Where have you been? What beaches? Anyone else doing it?

On a recent trip to my one of my favourite beaches I spied a young lady in a WW G-string bottom. It looked great! It was the fabric with the multi-coloured horizontal stripes and the rest was just black string. Her and her male partner seemed interested in the fact that I was wearing a thong, as I noticed them motioning to me a few times in their conversation when I was down at the water (he had a pretty regular blue speedo style on), so hopefully I've inspired another guy to take up thonging!

Enjoy the beach this season, in a thong of course, and let us know what you've been doing and your experiences. I'm sure even a small beach report after a good day to keep this strand going would be welcome from all the Aussies on this board!


John Howard #13

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:01/20/2004 07:09:32Copy HTML

Hi Thongmad,

not much hapenning at this part of the country, here in Melbourne the weather hasn't been very beach friendly over the last two weeks.

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a young woman sunbaking with her husband at Port Melbourne (the closest beach to go to have a quick swim at lunch time from work), she was wearing a "wedgie" that looked like a thong from the distance, however she put it back down when she went for a swim.

I took off my shorts, and after a few minutes decided to go for a swim as well.  (obviously wearing my thong).  I noticed that both her and her partner were staring at me, and when I came back from the water to lay down and have a last 10 minute sunbaking session (basically to get dry and go back to work) I noticed that she was back in the water but this time with the "wedgie" on and very high like a thong.

Perhaps somehow I gave her confidence to do it.

Made me feel good.


JM_Runs #14

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:01/20/2004 07:29:58Copy HTML

It's a great feeling when you know you inspire some one else to thong! I was sunning and swimming at a beach in Newcastle (Susan Gilmore) one day, and while I was down at the water I noticed a girl about my age looking at me for a while. Pretty soon, the top of her black bikini was gone, and she was swimming with the bottoms pulled right up like a wedgie!

Sorry to say, we've had great weather up here (a little too hot at times), and I had another great few hours at Kingsley beach today working on the thong tan lines. I'm getting my second trip to Maitland Bay next Tuesday, which I am really looking forward to. I should get a few hours in after lunch when work has been taken care of!

Happy thonging to you, and I hope the weather is kinder to you foe the rest of Summer!

JM_Runs #15

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:02/07/2004 12:25:28Copy HTML

I missed my afternoon at Maitland Bay unfortunately, but this hot weather has given us all plenty of opportunity to get to the beach! I did get a couple of great days at Kingsley recently, and one with a few positive comments from a couple of ladies enjoying the beach together! They were probably in their 40's and walking along the beach topless, and both gave me compliments on my choice of swimwear in a short conversation I had with them, also making a point that they thought more men should wear them!

Next week I have Wednesday booked in for a full day of surfing and sunning in just a thong all to myself! Only hard choice is which thong and what beach!

Hope you are all getting out in the Aussie sun and enjoying this great weather! (in a thong)

JM_Runs #16

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:02/12/2004 07:53:10Copy HTML

Hi John Howard and all from Melbourne!

I'll be in sunny Melbourne in early/mid March, so where is the best place to go to get a little thong time? Probably Sat 13th I'd say. My wife has a business seminar to attend, so if the weather permits, I'm hitting the beach!  I'd prefer something a little less crowded, or if there is a clothes optional choice, that might be good. I know the Grand Prix is on that weekend, so I guess public transport will be stretched to it's max...

The weather up here is a balmy 35-40 degrees C at present, with dry Westerly winds. The best place to be is on the beach, in the water, then home to the a/c and cold beer! I've had plenty of good days sunning in thongs, so the tan is coming along fine. I spent Wednesday on Samurai/One Mile beaches, an absolutely gorgeous sunny day! I parked my 4WD on the very far end of Samurai (the nude beach) and walked the length naked, then when I crossed the rocks to One Mile (clothes not optional) I continued to the far end of the beach in just a thong. The far end of One Mile is a patrolled beach with all types of people. This is the first time I've been this game, and it felt great! The atmosphere was just fantastic! I only had my sunglasses and my thong with me so I couldn't chicken out, and I don't think that will be the last time I do that. When I turned to walk back down the beach, I stopped for a quick swim and heard some giggles and comments (I couldn't hear what was said, but I don't think it was negative) . Walking back down the beach I was followed by two women about my age quite close behind. They lasted about half way back to the nude beach before turning around again. Yep, I was feeling real good! When I got back to the nude side, I stopped to take off my thong again, and I noticed a couple(nude) having a very close look at my thong. Future converts I hope! Anyway, after I finished my walk I was buzzing, so later in the day I did it again. Just as good, too!

Going home the same day I called into a small corner store to buy myself a drink. It is near Kingsley Beach that I also go to frequently. I wasn't quite so game as to go inside in just my thong, so I pulled on my rio-back suit over the top. The back is quite low at the top, so you could clearly see my thong poking out. I walked in and went to the fridge while the regular shop assistant watched me from behind over the counter (it's a small shop so she was no more than 4metres away). I paid for my drink and said my usual friendly 'hello' to her (I go in there a bit) and I noticed she was a little shocked after realising what I was wearing, but her little grin gave away what she thought! I continued as nothing was different or out of the ordinary. That's as far as I'll push that for now, but I will do the same again, and test for a reaction or comment. And let you know what goes on!

dazthong #17

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:02/14/2004 12:23:33Copy HTML

I am new to this group and it is good to see other Aussies out there thonging. I live in Adelaide with my girlfriend who loves wearing  the smallest WW's to the beach. I work out at the gym 4 days a week and am pretty fit so I have started wearing my own g-strings to the beach, I love the feel of wearing them. I have several Dore and Koala swimsuits which leave little to the imagination. Here in Adelaide you would be pushing the limits in a  thong or g-string on the main beaches like Glenelg, Henley and Brighton. Just to much for poor little conservative Adelaide. However there are many excellent beaches to the south which are more isolated and less populated which you can wear a g-string on without any hassles what so ever. Our fav at the moment is Port Willunga Beach (Aldinga) just a couple kms south of the famous Maslins Beach. You usually see other thongers on a regular basis although nothing as small as the suits we wear. We get a few looks but hey we are still young and have the bodies for it. Only probelm here at the moment is that the weather is +40 degrees C which is even to hot for the beach.



JM_Runs #18

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:02/15/2004 05:36:36Copy HTML

Welcome dazthong!

Yes, it is good to see other thongers from Aus !

As you can see, I try to keep a few regular posts going from Australia, so if you are that way inclined, visit and submit a post to say Hi regularly!

Hope to hear from you soon. Also, try to get your girlfriend to put up a post or two, because the female opinion is a little light-on around this board aside from lauren1 and occasionally sling girl.


John Howard #19

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:02/27/2004 10:08:21Copy HTML

Hi Thongmad,

great to have you here in Australia's greatest city, let's hope you can catch a good sunny day, warm enough to thong at the beach.  I reckon that a 23 degree and above day will do, as long as it's sunny and not very windy.  You know this is the city of the four seasons in one day, and March could be very warm but unfortunately as we will be already in Autumn, it  could be just cool.  As it happens in most  beaches in Australia, you can thong everywhere, however it's better to do it in those beaches which are the most  thong friendly.   I can tell from my personal experience that Port Melbourne beach could be the closest one to the city within this category.  Between the end of  Bay Street and Pickles Street  (Melways 2J) you will find the Port Melbourne Life Saving Club, from there walking down south there are some sand dunes, the beach area along these dunes is where I have spotted  thongers apart from myself,  men and women.  This is during the week, I'm not sure what is the situation during the weekend, I assume it must not be different.  You can arrive there by bus (there's a bus line that runs through Bay Street from the city (Flinders Street), I think is # 250, but I can find out).  You could also hire a pushbike at Southbank, and ride along the Marine Parade all the way down to St Kilda and Elwood beach.  Then you could spot which piece of sand is the most appropriate to lay down and sunbake.   If you have a car, there is a beach called Half Moon Bay, (Melways Map 76 J-12) you can park at Edward Street, and walk down the beach, and then to the left (south), it's a beach with cliffs where is very common to spot people thonging, or even sunbaking nude (although it's not officially a nudist beach).   If you have a car and more time available, head south to Sunnyside Beach, (Melway Map 105 turn left at Sunnyside Road from the Nepean Hway), this is a beautiful nudist beach where you can have the thrill of swimming nude and sunbaking showing off a striking thong tan line.  I like to go there with my wife and two young children on the weekends, what a great atmosphere.

And finally if you have a car and more spare time, there is another not official nudist beach called Pt Adis, (Melway Map 511between Torquay and Anglesea), heading through the Princess Hway to Geelong and then through the Surf Coast Hway.  Take into account that both Pt Adis and Sunnyside beach are a bit south from Melbourne City, therefore if you have a 25 degree day in the city, both beaches would have a couple of degrees less, let's say 22 -23 degrees.

Hope you have a great time in Melbourne!


JM_Runs #20

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:03/16/2004 06:46:03Copy HTML

Melbourne was great! Everything it's known for - food, shopping, coffee - was fabulous!

I didn't get to go the beach at all, but my thong collection has grown a bit!

JM_Runs #21

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:04/16/2004 01:40:21Copy HTML

How was Easter for everyone? The weather has been as good as it gets, so who went thonging and where?

I spent the weekend at Nelson Bay with my family, and had two days at the main beach in my rio, one at the surf beach thonging and one nude. Each morning I went for a surf at dawn for 2-3 hours and wore a thong the whole time. Good weekend!

This week's weather has been a continuation of the weekend, so I've hit the beach every day around 1pm, and spent 2-3 hours there tanning, swimming, surfing, and walking the beach in just a thong. I went to the extent of taking only a thong to the beach so that was all I could wear. I walked over every day in my thong (no cover-up or shorts etc) and id not have one hassle at all. I'm really enjoying the experience, and will probably be taking things a bit further in othe rplaces soon.

So what did you all get up too?

Spr String #22

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:04/27/2004 03:27:49Copy HTML

G'day fellas.
another one here from Brissie.

in the last month or so ive decided to overhaul my underwear draw to include mostly thongs and are on the lookout for some thong 'togs'. my GF has recently spied one of the clip bikinis at WickedWeasel and im thinking very seriously about ordering it.
for us, next summer is gonna be a scantily clad thonging good time.

im just posting my quick intro before i go to the shops so this may seem a bit rushed.

im quite happy to have stumbled across this forum and i have to know. what experiences have people had with thonging with friends. im sure my housemates will be supprised to see us in thongs and g's once we start to use the pool again.

anywhoo. know any good beaches up QLD way (stupid question) that are male thong friendly?

JM_Runs #23

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:04/29/2004 07:44:18Copy HTML

Welcome to the board, PumkinThongs!

Always good to hear from other Australians. You would have a fair choice of beaches up that way to wear thongs on, I would expect. Keep us posted on which are the best, as I get up that way from time to time. Ithink you would have a ready supply of G's & thongs from the local shops, especially around Sufferer's Paradise. I get them at the beach end of the Cavill Ave Mall when I'm up there, from a place called The Beach Hut or something like that.

Tanning weather has all but finished down here (Newcastle Area), so enjoy what you have left up North! 

JM_Runs #24

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:05/09/2004 08:05:18Copy HTML

I know it's getting cold, and tanning has finished down south, but has everyone gone quiet?

If we are all inside for winter, we should all have heaps of time to post!

Spr String #25

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/05/2004 09:41:03Copy HTML

yup, im at home, rugged up warm, in my thong, cargo pants, and jumper with the heater on.
bloody heck, Queensland isnt supposed to get this cold!

been searching the net for a thong bikini for the girlfriend (during the non swimming season) and she has taken a liking to the clip bikini by WW. $75 for some spandex and plastic? oh well, i bet she'll love it and look awesome in it.

JM_Runs #26

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/06/2004 08:39:40Copy HTML

Yep, the smaller the garment for women, the higher the price!

When it's WW, it's worth it!

joecooper #27

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/07/2004 09:08:09Copy HTML

Hi! I'm a guy from Melbourne and i've been wearing thongs as underwear and to the beach since i was about 16. Its not a wierd thing anymore for people to wear a thong to the beach, as long as they have the body for it! Its wierd that people are willing to go nude on some beaches, but embarrassed to wear a thong, or that women are happy to go topless, but won't expose their cheeks!

I sometimes go to Canadian Bay, Half Moon bay and Seaford, but i drop in anywhere between these beaches when the weather's right.

I'm curious which beaches other Melbournians visit, male or female, because i don't see others that often. I'm also looking for a good shop to buy from. Myer has many underwear items, but few swimwear. Daimaru carried them for a while, and David Jones once had them, but apart from the swimwear store in St Kilda and Fitzroy, i can't find them. The internet abounds with them, for which i'm thankful, especially the likes of Koala Swim. Are there any similar stores for guys ?


JM_Runs #28

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/08/2004 05:01:33Copy HTML

I  was in David Jones in the city, and they only had HOM swimwear thongs, but about 25 pairs in stock. There and Myer had a fair selection of thong underwear. Didn't see them anywere else though.
John Howard #29

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/11/2004 10:27:38Copy HTML


I live in Melbourne too, it's nostalgic to talk about the beach and summer especially on such cold freezing days that we had over the last week.

I've also thonged at Half Moon Bay, and just wore nothing at all at Sunnyside, (is it the same as Canadian Bay?)...

Due to the closeness to the CBD, I use to go to Port Melbourne whenever I can sneake from work at lunch time, I have spotted plenty of guys and girls wearing thongs there, although there are plenty of 'cruisers' too who walk down the beach fully clothed and perhaps are trying to hit on someone;  being always the best antidote against them to just ignore them, not doing any eye contact or looking away.

I bought a few "Hom" g-strings at Daimaru a few years ago, great quality but I didn't like the style very much, the front pouch had too much material.

I've also seen the current "Hom" thong bathers only at David Jones, they look ok, although a bit conservative for my taste.

Also a few years ago, I spotted a shop at Acland Street in St Kilda, where they sold a lot of thongs and g-strings, I think were made in Germany.  But I didn't buy any.

The best thongs I wore made in Down Under were the ones my wife bought for me in Surfers Paradise, R&R, but I doubt this company still exists.

And after I tried Dore Low Cut thongs, I wouldn't wear anything smaller or bigger.  They are the perfect style for my taste, great quality and very good price.  I faxed my order and in aprox 7 days I got my parcel in the mail.  I would never try Koala, I think they are too outrageous and more like to be worn only in the bedroom. 

ausgonzo #30

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:07/07/2004 02:15:46Copy HTML

can ne one give me a heads up on where the best spots 2 thong r in the melbourne metropolitan area??
joecooper #31

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:07/21/2004 05:03:46Copy HTML

Sorry its taken so long in replying.

I look and look but can't find anywhere that sells or even advertises Dore Swimwear. As for the Koala Swim range, most of it is very risque, but thats the appeal, i think. And its always good to know that they make swimwear with cockrings or butt plugs built in! The tamer stuff isn't so bad, especially the simple g's, with mostly string sides and back.

I'll keep looking, but i don't know if a time will come when there's as good a range for men as there is for women.

As for where to thong in melbourne, there are plenty of places. As i said before, its a very liberal city, even state, even country. In theory you could lay out in a thong wherever there's a beach. But i understand why you'd ask, as its a little awkward to wear next to nothing in family environments, or where its considered a little taboo.

St. Kilda is always popular, and Pt Melbourne is not too bad. Both have a higher than average gay population, but i guess thats part and parcel of the thong wearing thing. Most people who are prepared to show off, or even enjoy it, have liberated sexualities and so its a fairly common combination.

Half Moon Bay in black rock is great for thonging, with both girls and guys wearing, especially the further towards the city you head. As with most beaches, the further you have to travel and the more difficult the terrain, the higher likelihood that it'll be an adult style beach (nude or similar). Sunnyside is just like that, with a bit of a walk from the main beach over rocks and small cliffs. Its nude, but thonging there isn't uncommon. Nor on Canadian Bay or any of the beach as you close in on Mornington.

Seaford and Chelsea are also pretty good, and pretty secluded, especially the further along the beach you go. Thongs can be common right down the bayside area, but its up to you if you're comfortable going to places like edithvale, which are populated by 'beautiful' people, who tend to be overly critical.

I hope thats helpful. There are many more places, but this is just from my experience. 

ausgonzo #32

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:07/22/2004 01:44:17Copy HTML

also are there any stores where you can by them from in melbourne?
JM_Runs #33

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:07/22/2004 11:21:59Copy HTML

Reply to : ausgonzo

"r there ne stores"

Ay, gif ye screenge, thare are shops bi sheddins for kilt, ye nae weir thong nor breekums aneath.

JM_Runs #34

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:08/05/2004 06:02:23Copy HTML

Even though it's only predicted to be around 20c tommorrow, I'll be trying to get to Maitland Bay for an hour or two after lunch if it warms up enough. It's supposed to be sunny and clear, with these winds dropping off. I'm figuring the WNW winds will be blocked fairly well down there.

Here's hoping...

joecooper #35

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:11/01/2004 12:45:44Copy HTML

Its been a while since anyone posted!

I'd love to organise a day, since its becoming warm once again, to have a get together at a beach. Perhaps a day at a certain location where we all wear our thongs and can be voyeurs, exhibitionists or even more! Open to male, female, hetero, gay, bisexual and anything else!  If anyone can think of any other suggestions, please, add...!

JM_Runs #36

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:11/04/2004 07:40:37Copy HTML

What area are you thinking?

I reckon it would be a great idea to mass-populate a beach for a day with thongers. A regular day per week/month would be even better!

joecooper #37

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:11/04/2004 10:11:40Copy HTML

I think a beach near black rock, maybe ? or, if thats a bit too confronting for some, maybe the quiet part of seaford ? or as far away as canadian bay, maybe. I'm comfortable with all, but its up to others. I think there should also be a sign up sheet, so we know who'll be present on the day.

Not my idea personally, but maybe somewhere discreet so newcomers can be relaxed... Maybe somewhere that even allows nudity, in case it gets too hot!

JM_Runs #38

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:11/04/2004 03:13:03Copy HTML

Is Black Rock in the vicinity of Sydney / Central Coast, or more towards Wollongong?

Sorry, I'm not real familliar with the beaches you mentioned, so I gather they're a bit out of my area.

I live in the Newcastle area.

joecooper #39

Re:Thongs in Australia

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Hehe, i'm sorry, Black Rock is in Melbourne.
JM_Runs #40

Re:Thongs in Australia

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There's a Black Rock around the south NSW coast, so I thought you may have meant that.

There is a slight chance I'll be in Melbourne in February, so if you have managed to find a regular spot for thongers to populate by then, I would love to visit for a day or two!

Keep us posted! 

matt476 #41

Re:Thongs in Australia

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Hello fellow cheek tanners out there...

This is my first time on this site. When I found it I just had to sign up. I have been wearing thongs and G-strings to the Beach in Sydney for almost 20 years.

 I remember the first time I saw a fellow in a G-string - It was at North Palm Beach where my parents used to go nude back in the seventies. I asked them what it was and if I could get one - at the age of nine!

My first thong was actually a Brian Rochford black sling which I got when I was 15. I wore it with the back slid together to get a nice brown bum. Later on, with the aid of mum's sewing kit,  I converted it into a G-string.

Over the years I have owned a couple of dozen thongs and g-strings of various designs, from companies like Speedo (yes, they actually made a thong back in the 80's), HOM, Sunblocks, Brian Rochford, OZ ON and several others. My favourites were the Brian Rochford thongs.

My current choice is a Black adjustable G-string from Giyz Swimwear. It is very small requiring the wearer to be shaved. I've had it for a couple of years but only this summer I have been sunbaking with it adjusted so that the balls are exposed ... the feeling is unreal as is the tan. Usually get a pretty good reaction from the chicks too, with babes parking themselves nearby and showing heaps of interest. Just lying there hearing peoples comments is a blast. When I'm feeling a little more conservative I have a little navy blue Giyz sling that I wear - slid across as small as possible of course!

See ya arse on the beach ...

- Matt

Spr String #42

Re:Thongs in Australia

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a beach in melb is a bit of a way to go for brisbanites.

interesting to hear that matt, ill chase up some of those names you've mentioned.
dazthong #43

Re:Thongs in Australia

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Hi Guys and Girls,

Good to see a few more Aussies getting out on the beach showing off their bods. Here in Adelaide we are waiting for summer to arrive (if it ever does). I have just bought my wife another pair of WW's (456 Orange sheer), and cannot wait to see them on her. Forget anything else for the chicks as it does not get any better then WW. They seem to be very popular on the web site but  have not noticed many Aussie girls in the bikini competition, most from overseas. Hope to see some WW's on some more Aussie girls this summer.

I have several very small Dore, Skinz, Bikini Beach and Koala g-string suits and am waiting on another Dore suit. Full shaving and or waxing is essential for these suits.The Dore suits are the best as they are great quality for the price,  look great on and show off the goods without being tacky. Koala I tend to leave for the bedroom except for one sheer suit which my wife loves me to wear to the beach. I have been working hard at the gym through winter and am looking forward to hitting the beach in a g-string. We have to go a fair way south from the city beaches as g-stringing on the main beaches in Adelaide would probably be a stoning offence. Adelaide is a very conservative town I am afriad.  





lifesaveroz #44

Re:Thongs in Australia

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Hey Guys

Just found this board, and thought I would join as I am a keen thonger from wayback, when not totally nuding up.  Love to get to Chinamans (weekday mornings) and other spots around Mosman, Manly and the Northern beaches of Sydney.  Chinamans usually has three or four guys thonging it, and the more that do seems to encourage others.  I am always amazed how many guys seem to carry a thong around with them as well as their speedos, 'just in case', or like to wedgie, like the surfboat guys.   If you see a forty-something guy in a red thong, come and say hello - I don't bite - much.  Looking for a new red thong - any suggestions for shops and/or mail order ?  Like them thin at the back (G-string) and prefer nylon to lycra.  I would welcome any help.

Thong on guys, it is good to find you.


Spr String #45

Re:Thongs in Australia

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well guys and girls, chalk up Southbank parklands in Brisbane as another thong friendly location.

this was my first time thonging in public... mainly because my GF bought me a set of black HOM togs this arfternoon. after purchasing it at david jones under suggestion from the members of this board, we immediately went over to southbank for a swim, i was determined to wear only the HOM's.

it was fantastic!

quite a few glances, but noone really batted an eyelid.
for those who dont know southbank it is a large parkland on the south side of the brisbane river, still classed as brisbane city, it has a large pool and fake beach in the middle. it was the middle of the working day and grade 12's had finished today.

there was a reasonable flock of people, the only problem i had what when some immature girls wagging school for a swim started making cat calls and pointing me out to their friends. one other girl asked me where i got it.

i felt really empowered and my gf was amused by the highschoolers. we had a great time.

im gonna swim from now on in my thong.
JM_Runs #46

Re:Thongs in Australia

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Where are a few places to go to thong around Melbourne?

Black Rock is the first one obviously, but where is it?

I'll be in Melbourne next Feb from 24 to 27, and will have the Friday and Saturday free to get some sun.

I'd like to check out a few good places to buy thongs as well, so fill me in!

cottong #47

Re:Thongs in Australia

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Hey PumpkinThongs,

for some reason I thought you were in Sydney! And even the last time I was here I read about your trip to South Bank, I didn't put the same South Bank in my mind, probably because I have never been swimming there. The first time I went there it was World Expo 88, and only been there a few times since, eg on school excursions or when I went to sexpo earlier this year. :-)

I think that the school holidays are starting this week, so it might be a little bit more difficult to stay away from the familiies on the public beaches. Some parents get really upitty around their kids for all kinds of insane reasons.

I too have a pair of HOM thongs, the only one I have which is lined, and the only one with a drawstring. (I wouldn't trust swimwear without a drawstring, especially in the surf, though southbank is pretty calm.) Mine proclaims to be "USSAC STR 07601" I got from ebay for about $40.

Too bad my girlfriend doesn't look well in minimal swimwear (she has this funny skin condition), otherwise we could go to the beach together. (She went to highschool in the Gold Coast and has friends there so we're going there for a few nights)
Spr String #48

Re:Thongs in Australia

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but heres the clincher cottong, dont care.

you are there to enjoy yourself and be dammed what others think. even with their kids around.
they can either accept it, ignore it, or move elsewhere.

i went up to Kings beach on the sunny coast at caloundra yesterday and that had dozens upon dozens of kids there, from what i could see, noone hushed their kids away or tried to keep away from me.

the 4 tweens in the surf made more of a ruckus than anyone else, with cries of "why are you wearing a g-string? where did you get it, youre wierd" but they eventually got over it, "i didnt mean to offend you, its just a bit funny".

i think younger kids can be more accepting than teenagers, and such you shouldnt worry. and if you act normally, oblivious to what you're wearing is different from the norm, than the parents wont think you are some depraved perv wanting to touch their kids or whatever.

got myself a great tan tho. and steve, one of my mates we went up with, was in hysterics at peoples reactions. he even asked me where i got it so he could go get one, for the attention factor.

Kings Beach, Caloundra. thumbs up, thong friendly.
matt476 #49

Re:Thongs in Australia

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when in Sydney you can wear a thong or G to any beach ... it seems the more crowded, the more bums!

I've worn mine to Palm Beach, Dee Why, Narrabeen, Freshwater, Manly, Reef, Balmoral, Whiting, Camp Cove, Bondi, Bronte, Tamarama, Coogee, Maroubra and Cronulla and even the Domain swimming pool. Eventually Ill go to them all!

Dont get enough chicks at the nude beaches for my liking, so the only option for a good look is to wear as little as possible to a normal beach, lie back, put the hands behind the head and enjoy the show!

May take a while to ignore or brush off any wisecracks, but its mostly teenagers who give any hassle. I reckon they just wish they had the balls to wear one themselves! If people think it looks funny or gay I guess thats their problem - remember we are all naked underneath.

Despite what the skin cancer doc said, I just can't help getting out there. It still takes a couple of years to fully tan over the old Speedo tan mark, so get started ASAP!

Look forward to seeing you in the sun,

Cheers, Matt.
John Howard #50

Re:Thongs in Australia

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G'day  Joecooper,

Could you please give more details about your experience on Black Rock and Seaford beaches....

I used to thong at Black Rock, with my then fiance, but we used to go to the south end of the beach (I wonder if I'm referrring to the same beach as you), we used to park our car at Edwards Street and go down the beach through the footpath at the end of that street.  The south end of the beach used to (i'm talking about the late nineties) be very open minded, usually men and women sunbaking in the nude especially close to sunset time.  Also heaps of thongs as well.  Only remember to go for a jog towards the north end of the beach, a few small piers on the way, it tends to be less crowded the further north you go, didn't see anyone thonging there, but I did spot plenty of women in topless.   Is this the north end that you are referring to?

And regarding Seaford beach, I looked in the Melways and looks like it's quite a long beach;  which spot of Seaford is the one where you have spotted more thongers?  Do things change much between weekdays and weekends?

I'm asking because I'm basically a Port Melbourne-South Melbourne-St Kilda beach thonger, and ocasionally a Sunnyside beach nudist with the whole family during the weekends, I would like to catch up with Black Rock, and why not have a swim at Seaford beach, obviously wearing my thong.

John Howard

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