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thongsalltheway #51

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:12/26/2004 06:54:51Copy HTML

I`m going to Geelong soon and am thinking about breaking my beach thonging cherry, which beach in Geelong would you suggest doing this on? Not interested in traveling anywhere but Geelong.
joecooper #52

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:01/22/2005 03:33:40Copy HTML

Long time coming, sorry...


In Melbourne i've found the best places are the quiet-er ones. Sunnyside is great for nude, of course, but i don't mind going down to the beach that is right next door, towards the city. Its full of people who want to look, or want to show, but haven't the guts to go the whole hog!

I've been to Canadian Bay a few times, which is fairly isolated, and the further you walk the more it is that it'll be less families and more solo tanners. The same goes for most beaches, i guess.

Seaford is good in both directions, as long as you're more than 100m from the pier. I have bumped into a few other thongers, m and f, there on a few occasions. There is also a gay section nearby which is more of a cruise area, but is ok if you're comfortable with people staring or if you're homo or bi sexual.

Black Rock (HMB)is good too, and obviously has the reputation for it. If you travel cityward around the rocks you'll find more clothes-less people. I have been there on a day when a guy in boardies looked uncomfortable being the only one not in speedos or a g-string! Then again, the best advice is to wear something over the top so you can undress if the place and time are right. And if not, you can still enjoy the beach. There is a little cove where you'll find plenty of people tanning near nude and its more of an exhibitionist thing, from what i can gather. I'm comfortable with that, because i think thats a driving influence in most people who thong in public. Not necessarily the only influence, of course.

I've been to a beach in Western Port bay where i saw mostly solo or couple tanners and mostly speedo/g-string clad. I always enjoy seeing a straight couple in g-strings. Something funny about the matching outfits! But it came to a point where it was obvious that because of the minimal average coverage, most people were comfortable with any form of nudity, such as the guys, who almost always seem to be older, wearing things that can best be described as shoelaces- in the front and back. So, that inspired some (mostly guys) to get down to nothing. But, again, from the behaviour, it was an exhibitionism thing, especially considering it was at the far right of the beach, near an outcrop of rocks where it mostly happened. Relative to sunnyside, i considered it the gay section. Fistly because it was mostly men, and secondly because the naked men were more interested in other nude or near nude men than they were women.

The point i'm getting at is that there is always a place to go - at pretty much any beach - where you can thong and find others doing the same. All you have to do is head further out from the main areas near piers, life saving places or stalls/shops.

JM_Runs #53

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:02/04/2005 06:37:29Copy HTML

Hey All!

I'm continuing a thread from the Links section that wandered a bit far off topic...

Melbourne here I come, late February, for 4 days. Apart from the info John Howard has kindly given me so far, where do you shop for thongs in this city?

I'll be getting to the beach at least 1 day while I'm there, so I hope things are a little more settled weather wise. I hope you all made it through unscathed!


I've had a few good comments before, but now I feel GOOD! Being a solo thonger (apart from my wife on some occasions) I get very little feedback, something that is important to me as I care about the way I look, so the comments are appriciated. I feel like wearing my thong everytime I hit the beach now, no matter where!



Spr String #54

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:02/06/2005 09:18:51Copy HTML

David Jones typically stocks HOM brand thongs. not all stores, but most city centre stores do.
apart from that i havnt seen anywhere else that sells them thats not online.

good luck.
thongwrstlr #55

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:02/13/2005 10:54:45Copy HTML

Hey Brissie welcome to the messge board  we are a syd thong cpl too
JM_Runs #56

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:02/14/2005 08:31:37Copy HTML

Nude running events for people south of the Equator:

Mackenzie Bares Cross-Country Fun Run
Mackenzie Muster Naturist Festival
January 8, 2005
2006 TBA
Aoraki Naturally
Lake Tekapo,
New Zealand

Maslin Beach Nude Olympics
January 23, 2005
2006 TBA
Southern United Naturists
Maslin Beach, SA

Alexandria Beach Carnival 2K
March 13, 2005
Adam & Eve Social Group
Alexandria Bay
Noosa Heads, Queensland

TAN Nude Fun Run
March 27, 2005
Pilwarren C-O Resort
Angaston, SA

1000 Nude Feet Fun Run
NudeFest Australia
March 27, 2005
River Island Nature Retreat
Mittagong, NSW

JM_Runs #57

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:03/20/2005 08:09:06Copy HTML

Well, my trip to Melbourne was pretty ordinary, Thong-wise anyway.

After a bit of a search through the shops, I uncovered about 5 thongs in total to choose from. Myers had 1 only, in their old stock racks, and DJ's weren't much better. At least they had a selection of HOM to browse. I ended up with a black Freddy string, and a blue HOM swim thong.

All 4 days were cloudy and cool with passing showers, so a trip to Black Rock was ruled out.

Thank god the food and coffee were good!

John Howard #58

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:03/21/2005 07:01:22Copy HTML


And Thank God you don't have to live here the whole of the summer,  this has been a pretty ordinary summer here,  I'm sure you must enjoy a much better weather up there in Northern NSW.

Victoria is a very "southern" and therefore "not so warm" state. If you look at our state's map, Port Phillip Bay must be one of the northernst spots in Victoria, and if you move from Port Melbourne beach to Port Sea on a hot day, you could find a difference of up to 3 or 4 degrees less down to the south;  let alone those magnificent beach spots like Apollo Bay, Pt Adis, Bells Beach and the like:  they are always cooler than at South or Port Melbourne beaches.

I agree with you about the lack of thongs at the shops, eight or ten years ago there was much more variety than now.  I'm afraid we have to admit that the board shorts and boxers "fashion army" is achieving its aim;  perhaps they have even overtaken speedos in Australia;  the image of the macho and/or "goody goody" guy like for example Pat Rafter in Bonds board shorts "comfy" commercials,  have made a good favour to their cause.

It amazes me how most of the people follow "fashion trends" without any questions, without really assessing if these fashions enhance their looks or not.  They discard the "old fashion" only because it's "passe".  It's very sad how lots of male and female good hard trained bodies out there, are sunbaking in huge ugly shorts just because they are "in".    Let alone the "square" tan lines they must have achieved....

(But this is a theme for another thread...)

John Howard

JM_Runs #59

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:03/21/2005 07:53:47Copy HTML

What you say is true, but...

On returning home, I went to Target to check if they had anything new. Lately they haven't been renewing their thong stocks like they used to (not even in the womens range), so I wasn't hopeful. But behold, they had a new men's g-string on the shelves! Not a thong, but a genuine g-string style! Pretty skimpy too! It's got a lined triangle front pouch, with a front seam, waist straps of about 5mm elastic, and the strap is the same, with no triangle piece at the back - it joins like a 'T'. I was surprised to see them in Target, even though they have always had thongs, because these are far skimpier than any men's underwear that any chain store has ever had! Needless to say, I had to have some! I also noticed the 3 I bought (one in each colour, of course) were on a fairly empty rack (only 8 left in total) so somebody is buying them! I went back in 2 days to get more, and the rest were gone! Yes, they are good to wear.

I've also ordered a skinny side thong and fitted rio from Skinz, so I'll let you know how they are when I get them!

To rub it in, we had a 33 plus day last Sunday, so I spent the day at the beach with the family in my new OZON thong. What a life!

g-star #60

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:04/05/2005 07:13:03Copy HTML

Hello Oz thongers. I am new to the board and thought I'd say hello. I am from Sydney and love thonging at the beach - there is no better feeling. I have worn a thong to Balmoral and Chinamans, but also like the nude beaches round Middle Harbour. Yeah, there are heaps more guys than girls, but this community seems to be much more accepting of males wearing thongs. I have gotten the courage to wear thongs on public northern beaches, but to be honest I prefer the water and scene around Mosman. I also like to have the option of wearing skimpy suits or going nude if I want to. The warm weather is going, but I think we might get a few more beach days in Sydney. Any other thong-wearing Sydney siders around?
Spr String #61

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:04/17/2005 01:15:32Copy HTML

Brrrrr, starting to get cold.
time to start wearing long pants and not going to the beach.

i was very disappointed when i went to David Jones in brisbane city and they said they were all out of thong togs and wouldnt get any in till next summer. and the Target's around where i live have been running a very barebones shelf stock of thongs. must be the cold.

heres an idea. thermal thong underwear!
teeback269 #62

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:04/26/2005 05:53:41Copy HTML

To Thongmad

I too was very (and pleasantly) surprised to find these g-strings at the local Target. Needless to say I bought the whole rack (8 of them) and I have been wearing everyday since. So comfortable! I threw away all my others underwear.  Last weekend I went to Cairns, of course I had to have a look at all the terget storews up there, only 3 left, none in my size. So I'll just hope the local target will restock them.


See you on the beach


Oz_Thong_Boi #63

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/01/2005 04:01:13Copy HTML

Hi there


Went into Target today and noticed the HUUUUGE expansion of target's MAXX brand of clothing.


For those who don't know, MAXX is a brand targeted towards young men, with funky clothes and that sort of stuff.

Anywho, went for a browse amongst the undies and saw that MAXX now do a mens Y-Back thong, just like 2-XIST. They come in black, blue and a kahki green colour.

Target also had a 30% off sale on all MAXX underwear, so i bought one of each colour.


Then i popped off to MYER and bought one of Calvin Klien's new XT Jockstraps

JM_Runs #64

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/06/2005 03:05:41Copy HTML

Target have yet to restock the g-strings around here. All of their thong and g styles are nearly non-existant at the moment. I think they're a fairly seasonal item for them.

Lately there have been very little thongs and g's on the racks at any store. I hope it is just a seasonal thing. Even the womens ranges are consisting of largely boy-leg style designs, but I did notice this hasn't lasted all that long at BNT stores. Maybe people are reluctant to give up their thongs and g's!

Here's hoping...

616 #65

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/07/2005 01:12:11Copy HTML

Thongmad, as requested

Im from WA (G'day) I Thong on 3 beaches Swanbourne(nude) Wanrbro(nude) and Woodman point (close to home not nude) I find that Swanbourn is OK if you are not in the dunes, Warnbro is less popular and less stalkers Woodman point is ok been there a few times only 1 other on beach, Hoping to get a bit more brave and fitter before I try north Cottesloe(like bondi popularity), going to try a few new beaches near Rockingham, before now I use to live in the Goldfields (kalgoorlie) and went out bush there a few times nothing public there. I wear thong underwaer most days at home etc and swim in a thong under boardies, when i can and sunbaking ofcourse in a thong and swim

I wear HOM & WW , i like the WW better beacuse its minimal and geat for tanning, also it hold everthing in and has curves rather than just a capital T on my butt. I think curves of a  are important (not like the 80's though) as our bofy shape are generally straight.

I enjoy going out with freinds for pub meals and doing Motocross, a bit of danger is good fun and get u fit, and i mean Superfit!,

Got a GF 7 years and Don't know anyone else who thongs, been thonging for 12 years but i seem to loose what tan i have due to my work, speaking of which im trying to sneek out and catch some rays today.................. not yet not likely as real busy, still writing reply 6 hours later, bloody work but thats me and question or local let themselves be known



Thong Kong #66

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/07/2005 01:27:26Copy HTML

Huh? WW doesn't make thongs for men, and none of their ladies' styles would hold *anything* in. Or did you mean something else?
616 #67

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/07/2005 02:29:44Copy HTML

No I did mean WW I wear a 449 is sheer fabric which is strecty and being a ladies cut the elastic straps down the sides  on the front are tight and fabric stretches and holds everthing together, Other cuts that I have is a 414 matt and 446 , the sheer nickers fit, but remember on a guy these are MINIMAL!  and my package is not the biggest
Thong Kong #68

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/07/2005 11:50:01Copy HTML

I suppose you'd have to buy size L. I guess I've only ever seen an XS. The L's might be big enough, I guess. They certainly are stretchy.
616 #69

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/08/2005 08:31:55Copy HTML

bentonton are you living in Australia? or an expat because you seem to communicate with alot of Aussies

Large is the only size

Thong Kong #70

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/08/2005 07:32:17Copy HTML

I'm an American expat in Hong Kong but I have some Australian friends and I've only been to Sydney once, on business.

I'm somewhat of an Australian swimwear fan, I guess. I've been a Wicked Weasel fan for a while now. But it looks like my Aussiebum suit isn't going to last nearly as long as my Hom suits. The fabric is much flimsier and there's no elastic at all.
JM_Runs #71

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/08/2005 08:43:08Copy HTML

My latest faves are from ozon.com.au

I've been getting their minimal cover thongs in Large (for 30-32"). Narrow at the front, and the best part is the sides and back, including the T, is stil pretty narrow for a thong. They are unlined too, which I think is the most comfortable.

616 #72

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/11/2005 06:04:32Copy HTML

Today I managed a tan session after/during lunch break at work, It's probably my best oppoturnity to tan during the winter, so Im planning on session each day, for next  4 days, I found to be really nervous about being caught as being a minesite rumours spread like wild fire, and being in management its a bit of a risk, I know what I wear doesn't matter and what I do on my lunch break is no-ones business but could affect my carreer- not sure if worth the risk

Your comments?

John Howard #73

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/11/2005 07:27:41Copy HTML

I reckon it depends on the circumstances, for instance I use to sneak at lunch time in summer from work, ride my pushbike and I'm at the beach in 14 minutes.  Have a shower at the showers on the beach and come back to work in aprox 1 hour and 15 minutes.    The chances to be caught by other workmates sunbaking wearing a thong are low, only if they are on holidays and at the same beach were I go. 

If anyone watches me coming back a bit tanned and they ask "where did you go", I say "just to have a ride in my bike".

If you give more details of where in the minesite do you sunbake, how big it is,  how many people do hang around,  etc, it  would be easier to give an opinion.

However I think it sounds a bit risky to me...

John Howard


616 #74

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/12/2005 08:05:39Copy HTML


the minesite is quite big, stretches over 20km x 7 km but have access roads off lease as well, unlimited space really, there are 300 people working, the only thing that concerns me is when people see a car out in the bush, they are so helpful that they will come over to see  if you need assistance, I think if i drive 10-20 kms out it'll be ok, it is just impossible to ge a tan in perth at the moment so this is the only oppoturnity I have, felt uncomfortable yesterday, too risk on the lease i think, I think I'LL plan expidetions to do work releated stuff like learing laws and regulations etc seems the best way also keeps me away from the phone and office disractions.

JM_Runs #75

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/13/2005 08:34:00Copy HTML

Where your career is at risk, yeah, I think the risk is too great. None of my work collegues know that I thong, and I don't think I'm about to make the fact common knowledge. I work with a group of tradesmen, with a beer-swilling ex-league player as a supervisor (great boss and good bloke, actually!), so I couldn't imagine the response being so warm!

Sounds like you have a well paying job, and if anything really bad happens, you know how word spreads far and wide...


616 #76

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/14/2005 11:43:29Copy HTML

I think I will take a strategic trip about 20 km out for site once a week and really head bush for a good tan session and minimize all chances of running into others, or when I do trips to the nearest town 200km away its easy to loose an hour

Cheers guys

Also did you guys read about diane smith and debbiewalker onthis site from NZ meeting up at the hot springs, wish we could do stuff like that

JM_Runs #77

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/16/2005 06:13:52Copy HTML

A good mix of males and females for a day at a place like Wet'n'Wild would make for a great thong trip, I reckon! If you were confident enough, a couple both thonging would be great, too. I spent the day there (at the Gold Coast park) a few years back with my girlfriend (now wife) and we were both in rio style suits. There were plenty of girls in smaller bikinis, but I think I was the only guy getting around in anything that small. The vast majority wore boardies of course, but a few wore regular speedos. My wife loved it and thought I looked good, so I had no problem and was totally comfortable. If I had that same back-up and maybe some-one to join me, I reckon I'd love to do it again, in a thong. What a buzz!

Even a day at a local beach with a group of thongers would be sensational!

Spr String #78

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/28/2005 01:16:04Copy HTML

Thongmad. so is that Brisbane Wet n Wild or Perth?
and when? if its brisbane my girlfriend and i would be happy to join in a thong excursion.
straplesspouch #79

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/28/2005 09:44:57Copy HTML

I checked out the WetnWild web site and it seems to me what is stated is it is up to you what swimwear you wear, especially since the swimwear choice  is stated twice in the same FAQ section.

But does this mean topless?


JM_Runs #80

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:06/29/2005 10:38:39Copy HTML

Brisbane sounds good to me, but no time soon, as I live near Newcastle. We have a friend to visit in Brisbane, so if that happens in summer...
JM_Runs #81

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:07/02/2005 05:16:25Copy HTML

Hi thongers,

Thanks for the positive comments here, they have helped me wear thong swim-wear with pride.
Spr String #82

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:07/11/2005 02:47:17Copy HTML

Can I wear a t-shirt on the slides?

You are welcome to wear whatever swimwear you're comfortable in while using the slides and pools and Wet'n'Wild.

While riding the Twister some people find that not wearing a t-shirt allows you to slide at a greater speed. T-shirts do not affect speeds on other attractions.

Wet'n'Wild Water World supports safe fun in the sun, so no matter what swimwear you choose wear remember to wear a hat while out of the water and to reapply your sunscreen every two hours.

hmm, sounds pretty promising and open policy. i wholeheartedly approve.

so shall we set a date... when its warmer of course.
JM_Runs #83

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:07/16/2005 08:32:15Copy HTML

Hi Thongers,

I wore my thong lap swimming at the pool 
gstring_swimmer #84

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:07/17/2005 07:20:04Copy HTML

hey everyone i love g-strings/thongs have worn them since i was 15 im now 21 and im a male, i was luck because my mum was quiet understanding she always brought them for me and we always wore thongs around the house it was no big deal. ive never had anying bad responses when wearing them in public even at my local health club i where them in the suana and steam rooms.

anyway i think wear them wear ever u like P.S thongs and g-strings are the best invention eva...

Oz_Thong_Boi #85

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:07/25/2005 08:25:28Copy HTML

Gstring_swimmer, where abouts in Australia do u live?
616 #86

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:07/26/2005 08:31:08Copy HTML

Guys do you think its time to start a new thread? also i feel summer coming yipee!!!!
JM_Runs #87

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:07/28/2005 05:42:02Copy HTML

OK - Good Idea!

I'll start a new one called "Summer In Australia", so you don't have to wait for the twenty minute download for this thread!

gstring_swimmer #88

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:09/28/2005 08:54:53Copy HTML

oz_thong_boi i live in melbourne... where do you live?
liveww #89

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:12/09/2005 09:22:57Copy HTML

The beaches that we went to were:

Tallow Beach, Byron Bay (Ocean Blue, Red Hawaii and Blue Forest mesh suit)
Tallow was gorgeous and almost deserted compared to the main Byron Beach around the corner. It is definitely worth going in low season, like we did although I believe Oz can be pretty bad weatherwise around october/november. We must have caught the best of it. The sea was so clear and beautiful. It was my favourite of the beaches for beauty and peace and quiet. It is NOT like this at high season as 10s of thousands of people appear.

Edwards Beach, Mossman, along from Balmoral Beach (Yellow/Orange mesh suit)
Edwards Beach was just as comfortable but the town goes right down to it, so it backs on to housing and the like. We were bathing right underneath a block of flats. The water was clear and relatively calm as it is part of a bay. Balmoral Beach has a tea house (great high tea there, we tried it) and generally seems to be a bit family oriented, so we moved down. Chinaman's beach we didn't make which is a bit further up and I have read from Aimoo that it is worth visiting. I think it might be secluded, like Cobblers Beach which goes the other way and is reputedly nudist.

Shelly Beach, Manly, along from Manly Beach (Yellow centre strap suit)
Shelly Beach was great, it was quiet when we got there, but got busier throughout. You can tell by my Yahoo pics. Again, family crowd, which is why we stuck to the far side and a whole bunch of school kids turned up for their swimming lessons. The water there has a lot of seaweed and grot in it, but it was okay. Watch out for the rocks underwater as they were pretty awkward.
Don't bother with Little Manly Cove, which we walked around to as it is a small space, no amenities and no good view.

Brighton Beach, Brighton (OceanBlue Thong)
This was a bit of a rush and the weather was changing (only got an hour there before cloud cover took over the sky). The beach is not great as the sand is covered in broken shells, but you can sort out a space. There seemed to be a few more flies than other beaches we were on and I wondered if the bushes on the edge of the promenade kept them there. I didn't go into the water. It seemed pretty strong and there were windsurfers there. I think it would have been better to have gone to ... I think it is called Portsea, don't have the book to hand. It is the bottom part of the Bay that is situated underneath Melbourne and is meant to be a bit of a lah-di-dah area where the well off live. But we would have missed the good weather had we travelled further down the coast.

In a nutshell, I would probably say Byron Bay, Manly and Mossman were great and not to bother with bathing when you hit Melbourne. The wind is quite strong this time of year so expect to get a bit of a dotty tan from the sand sticking to your suntan lotion!
Thongmad #90

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:07/05/2017 11:18:57Copy HTML

 Sydney was fine, sunny, and hit 21degC today. I laid out on the concrete steps at the South end of Bondi next to the Icebergs Club for about an hour this afternoon. The tourists passing by above on the walkway could see straight down on where I was, and more than one took my picture. That was just while I was on my back!
Grabeach #91

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:07/05/2017 08:50:11Copy HTML

I love warm winter days in Sydney. Can go to places that would be too crowded in summer and also don't need to worry about sunburn. Yesterday I finished some business in the northern end of the CBD about 11, then walked over the bridge to North Sydney Olympic Pool. Swam a few laps in a Waveline then laid out on the elevated sundeck in a Skinz g-string for a couple of hours. Had the deck to myself for a while, but by mid afternoon there were another half dozen or so others in everything from bikinis or Speedos through to fully clothed. Quite peaceful if one ignored the trains clattering across the bridge and the occasional screams from the kids (school holidays) at adjacent Luna Park.
rickvt1 #92

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:09/16/2017 03:06:56Copy HTML

Article on nude beaches in Aussie Land.
gstringman01 #93

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:09/29/2017 10:27:11Copy HTML

Camp Cove was amazing today! Sunned in my new fluro yellow thong all afternoon. A couple of women in thongs (I was the only guy), and two women sunbathing topless. LOTS of 'cheekies' as usual. A few comments by passers-by, the quote of the day was from one women in her mid 20s walking with a guy - "Oh, wow! A thong! Now that's what I'm talking about! Yeah!" I had to chuckle. She did seem genuinely pleased.
Ddwoods #94

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:10/13/2017 09:03:14Copy HTML

 Burleigh beach gold coast I got a little burnt but it left great tan lines. Sometimes my apartment building pool is good too.
Thongmad #95

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:10/19/2017 03:09:00Copy HTML

 At South Bondi now. What a day, and bums out everywhere.
aussiesf86 #96

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:10/19/2017 04:47:28Copy HTML

 Nice to hear thongmad.  
Any other guys to be seen in thongs or just the sheilas?
How small are the thongs you wear at Bondi?  Conservative thongs or minimal coverage?
Any other male or female beach goers say hi or join you?
Thongmad #97

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:10/20/2017 05:29:45Copy HTML

At South Bondi now. What a day, and bums out everywhere. 
No other guys in thongs at all that I saw, and I covered pretty much the whole beach on a walk. There is a good percentage of speedos and the like however. The females wear all types from cheeky to the occasional tiny g-string, with plenty of thongs in the mix.

I wore a Boobah slim side thong, which would be considered on the conservative side. I walked about four lengths of the beach end-to-end, right on the waterline, no problem whatsoever. This was in front of literally thousands of people as the beach was packed. I also did a couple of laps along the beachside walkway and stopped at the kiosk for a drink.

I had to cross the car park when I was leaving for the day, and a police car drove straight past. Must have fit in with the girls walking around in their thongs, because nobody said anything to me.Fantastic afternoon at Bondi, and I can say it's completely thong friendly!
sexyboy23 #98

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:11/28/2017 01:43:38Copy HTML

 I’ll be down on Port Melbourne beach tomorrow if anyone is free!?Wearing a cover male bulge thong in turquoise.Come say hi fi you’re near by.
maxpower1980 #99

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:11/29/2017 09:50:58Copy HTML

I was there wednesday, plenty of thongs on women including a few one piece. Large number of cheeky bikinis more than i had ever seen. I was the only male in a thong, a few looks and smiles.
Thongmad #100

Re:Thongs in Australia

Date Posted:11/30/2017 10:11:29Copy HTML

 The female one piece thong/cheeky is definitely a thing right now. Especially on bigger girls. Seems they don’t want to expose their belly, but quite happy to get the butt out. I think it’s great ;)
Please cutback on starting new threads and try to post messages as a reply to existing threads.
If you want to cut and paste from your word processor do not do it directly.
First paste it into notepad or other basic ascii editor so that the formatting codes are removed, then cut again. This will give you clean posts.
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