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Date Posted:08/19/2009 08:18:46Copy HTML

Am off to Sardinia in a few weeks and the Mrs and I thought we would only bring our thongs.  Will we feel out of place or is it just like spain and other parts of europe. Might not be able to go nude but if we both get good thong tan lines we`ll be happy. Plan on tanning at the hotel pool and nearby beaches.

If any other couples are going, we`d love to get on contract. We`ll be there second week of September, staying in Isola Rossa region.

Ex_Member #1

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:08/19/2009 10:28:55Copy HTML

We went to Sardinia in June last year. We stayed in Alghero and went to Maria Pia beach just north of the city. I was quite amazed that we saw NO topless women although the beach was mega busy. A few women wore brief bikini bottoms, some pulled up to look like a thong but no real thongs. Men were 50/50 in shorts or swimming trunks.
I prefer to sunbathe and swim nude so I had a problem so I wore a thong and, at the end of the evening when most people had gone I would strip off.
I had an issue one morning when, after a heavy night on the local vino my wife decided to stay in bed so I went to the beach on my own. I arrived just before 08:00 and the beach was empty so I donned a g-string and lay down for a nap. Due the ENORMOUS amount of alchohol consumed the previous night I slept until around 10:30 and awoke to find the beach packed and I was surrounded by people. Given that I had been lying face down people did not seem to have a problem sitting next to me although I must have appeared naked from a short distance away.
Since no one batted an eyelid when I woke up I went for a swim and promptly got stung by a jelly fish. I caught the little bugger and was burying it in the sand when a couple of old ladies asked (I think since I do speak Italian) what I was doing. I pointed to the jelly fish and they looked very happy. A small crowd gathered and applauded when I buried the creature. Some kids ran off into the sea to find some more. There seemed to be no problem that I was only wearing a g-string so every time we visited the beach in future I wore nothing more.
kiwi_thonger27 #2

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:08/20/2009 08:50:06Copy HTML

Wife will probably be topless at the hotel pool and beach. Yeah didnt think we would be able to get and all over tan. Will save that for Croatia next year.

Have ordered a pair of speedo`s and if it looks like not suitable for guys to thong then i just wear those and roll them up to make a thong, then roll back when swimming. Seems more acceptable doing that than a pure thong in some places. Crazy really as its almost the same.

We are staying north east of Alghero in a nice spa resort so hopefully will be away from the crowds and therefore easier to thong.
kiwi_thonger27 #3

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:08/31/2009 02:34:24Copy HTML

was surfing the net and saw there is a nudist beach in the Isola Rossa Region which is where we are staying. Cant wait to get get the sun on my buns or all over.
lauren1 #4

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:06/15/2012 02:30:46Copy HTML

Had a quick week in the north in early May which was BRILLIANT! Had to drive from Cagliari as Olbia airport wasnt yet open for the season but that meant beaches were empty. Went to a different beach every day and enjoyed endless stretches of white sand. Felt so liberated that I even walked the beaches and did some hiking on the cliff paths just in my new microminimus WW. Took a top but only wore it from the car park to the beach once!
kiwi_thonger27 #5

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:06/17/2012 06:55:05Copy HTML

Sounds like an ideal time to go Lauren. Must have been so liberating to be able to hike in just a WW MM. Wife has a few WW suits but no MM (yet)

Wife and I were not that impressed when we went to Sardinia. Seemed we were the only thongers.  Trying to plan our summer holiday at the moment but thinking greek islands again. So easy to be nude or thonging there.
Makyccs #6

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:06/26/2012 04:19:59Copy HTML

Hi Could you tell me if is suitable to thong in Sardinia for guys im going at the end of July
tiggerix #7

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:06/29/2012 11:42:02Copy HTML

When we were there last year many guys wore speedo type styles plus the usual board shorts.  I thonged some of the time and varied between speedo type, JS Capri and a modest thong/string - albeit white and a bit see through when wet.  On one beach a mature italian lady 50-60s took a good interest in me in the white string and struck up some conversation and I think she liked to look at the unusual choice of swimwear.  On another beach an entire italian family including the mother in law set up near us and didn't blink, whereas an american girl 20s-30s sitting the other side of us looked a bit horrified.  I think the locals/italians are fairly relaxed, so do as you please - it will be fairly apparent from beahc to beach - just don't expect any other guys to be wearing thongs.  Most of all enjoy the stunning beaches, rocky coves and greta food.
bbyrne78 #8

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:04/20/2014 11:52:09Copy HTML

I would love some information on Sardinia, especially Palau and Costa Esmeralda. I am weighing up whether to go to Sardinia or Corsica or Sicily in late September this year.
Thanks in advance.
Love Bren
ped69 #9

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:04/20/2014 10:57:25Copy HTML

 Been to just north of Alghero and wore thongs with no problem although it was not common Italy is quite conservative compared to France so I guess Corsica is more liberal although I have never been there
rled1982 #10

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:04/21/2014 10:42:37Copy HTML

Judging by the amount of nude beaches in Corsica (http://www.korsika.it/corsica_en.php?D=Naturism) I'd imagine it would be more tolerant in general.

However, as you're a lady, Bren, I'd advise that you'd have no trouble whatsoever in Sardinia.  I'm often in Italy and in the summer it's a constant theme on Italian news (!) to have a segment about people going to the beach as their 'and finally' type story and generally when they show shots from the Costa Smeralda there are a few shots of women in thongs.  I'm sure you'd be very popular in fact!  

It's a different story as a man in Italy as you can imagine in their macho culture (although small swimsuits are still not out of the ordinary).
tiggerix #11

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:04/22/2014 10:45:37Copy HTML

September is a great time to go to Sardinia - August is very busy being the main holiday time - still plenty of people around and it's nice and warm.  There are some nude beaches, which tend to be almost exclusively male.  Although boardshorts are common on men, there are still plenty of speedos around.  Girls can get away with thong bikinis easily although you probably won't see a guy in one unless he is from this board!  It's a beautiful island with so many bays and clear turquoise waters.  Am hoping to visit again this September too, and planning to thong on some of the busier beaches - the italians tend not to worry about how close they are to the next person which leads to a real vibrant feel to a place.  Last time we went we visited 8/9 beaches in six days and almost all of them were great.
bbyrne78 #12

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:06/01/2014 06:30:49Copy HTML


Thank you for the advice. Do you have any suggestions for beaches around Costa Smeralda and Palau?

Thank you in advance.

Love Bren
tiggerix #13

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:06/02/2014 10:33:31Copy HTML

@bbyrne78 - Hi Bren

Sorry all I know about Costa Smeralda is that it can be expensive and is home to the 'jet-set' (what an old term that is..).  This almost certainly means more girls in thongs and topless than other parts of the island.  For guys, mini speedos are no problem anywhere.

What I do before going anywhere, is Google maps, with satellite and have a trawl around.  Then Google the towns/villages you find - pretty soon you get an idea if that is a place you want to go to.  We often buy a Rough Guide or DK guide to the island or area we are visiting, but I still supplement that with a bit of Google research.  My better half is always surprised at how we end up being so close to nude beaches - which in Portugal and Greece are often very pretty little bays that are a a bot harder to get to.

In Sardinia, I wouldn't bother finding nude beaches, since they seem to be predominantly men only and I would much prefer being on a regular beach.  Next visit I plan on thonging more.

The real problem with Sardinia is that there are so many great beaches and bays to visit - personally I would avoid town beaches - hire a car and drive like an Italian - you won't be dissappointed. 

swoontogo #14

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:06/02/2014 04:40:50Copy HTML

 Sardinia is lovely. And the water at costa smerelda is amazing. Women have no issue wearing whatever they choose. Enjoy your trip and post a review when you return. 
bbyrne78 #15

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:06/02/2014 10:13:39Copy HTML


I'll be doing just that! I don't know how both of us will go in a sub compact city car, but I will try to drive like a local.

I'll definitely post a review when I get back. Hopefully, there will be reviews of Sardinia, Valencia, Amalfi Coast and the Cote d'Azur.

Thanks again.

Love Bren
JM_Runs #16

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:06/03/2014 09:13:45Copy HTML

 As to one poster's comment 'drive like an Italian', I would like to point out that in my limited experience on highways and byways in Perujia, the Italians with almost no exception, are excellent law abiding drivers - particularly as pertains to speed limits. In fact, driving in Italy last June I got a speeding ticket for driving less then 10km over the limit (after they reduced my speed by 5km). This means if you speed by 5-10 mph you can get a ticket. Mine occurred on one of the higher speed roads, and I got nailed by photo radar. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries to drive through and as a driver you are more likely to be get into trouble as a result of visual distractions. Hopefully you can have several drivers take turns behind the wheel... OK Sardinia is 'an autonomous region of Italy', so it likely has significant cultural differences to the mainland - and the driving might be a little different. As to thonging in mainland Italy, I don't think its as favorably received as elsewhere - as previous research has revealed. One public 50m pool near Todi, on a rather quiet weekday afternoon, didn't seem to want me to wear a thong suit, but I'm not sure its official policy - not speaking Italian myself.
tiggerix #17

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:06/04/2014 09:35:09Copy HTML

@widenet - I mention to drive like an Italian and you naturally assume I am referring to speeding.....  surely I was only thinking that when Italians drive it has a certain vibrancy and they enjoy the drive rather than simply getting from A to B.  It may also be that they know where the speed cameras are!  
I would agree that the scenery is often magnificent.

@bbyrne78 - Hi Bren - I think we would all appreciate reviews of places visited - it makes this board so much more interesting.

Now I have a dilemma - thinking of visiting Sardinia again this September and can't make our minds up where to go!  Going to have to take my own advice and do some research.
a_lex #18

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:06/13/2014 07:07:27Copy HTML

 Decided to write something, if only because I read people writing about my country. Maybe I can give you a few useful tips or pieces of advice. Let's start with thonging. As most Mediterranean and European countries, Italy has not problems with things like people wearing thongs at the beach or going topless. Topless women used to be extremely common; nowadays maybe a little less so, but it's literally hard to find a beach without at least a couple of topless women. It's always permitted, just like thonging.

This was about the "legislative" side of things. As far as people's reactions are concerned, you have to keep in mind that Italian people are a bit... how can I say... macho? I always thought it's the influence of the Vatican, personally. Italians tend to equate thongs with femininity, so a man wearing them could get a few looks, especially in the South where people are a bit more "social" and "vocal" than in the North. Still, I guess you'd never get the kind of reactions you get in the U.S. from what I read here. Italians also tend to be concerned with fashion. Maybe too much, if you ask me! My gf and I wanted to buy swimming thongs and we couldn't find any this year; they're out of fashion. You'll find lots of fluo-coloured brazilian bikinis on women this summer in Italy though. For women, brazilian/cheeky bikinis seem to be the most common type of swimwear bottom this year.

Other things: men wearing speedos is a normal thing. Like, completely normal, even expected. We're mostly talking about 30+ year olds though, younger people sadly tend to follow the U.S. trend of wearing board shorts. For example, I'm 26 and I'm the only one in my company of same-age friends who wears swimming briefs. I can say more or less the same thing about women going topless. Normal, yet less common for teenagers and young adults, but very widespread. Again, to make an example, my gf (who is a couple of years younger than me) is almost always the only one in our group of friends to go topless, or the first. So, don't even think about worrying about wearing speedos or going topless: just do it and enjoy it since you can!
About Sardinia... it's a beautiful island, and one full of affluent citizens and tourists as well. Some beaches there are thought to be the most exclusive and V.I.P.-filled ones in Italy. 
Feel free to contact me for other info, I'd be happy to answer.
tiggerix #19

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:06/19/2014 10:44:00Copy HTML

Booked flights to Cagliari this September - now wondering where to stay - anyone have ideas for good places in the area?  Thinking best to stay within an hour of airport (early morning flights on return) and then travel out places from there.  So perhaps Villasimius to the east or Chia / Pula to the west.  Thoughts?
tiggerix #20

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:09/22/2014 10:54:10Copy HTML

Now back from Sardinia - stayed east of Cagliari - lots of great beaches.  Downside is OH didn't like my thongs (again) so didn't get to wear them as much as I would have liked.  Upside is that she saw lots of cheeky bikinis and now wants one - I think I can help :-)

One guy did a double take when he saw me walking around in a Joe Snyder rio, but most people do nothing more than look up for a moment. 

I would say that over half of females wore cheeky or thong bikinis, a few topless.  Most men were in Italian style speedos - usually with a 2-3" side - well made, stylish and in bold colours.  Fewer men in board shorts, usually younger guys and some with underwear beneath.  

It feels a much more relaxed place than mainland Italy.   September temps up to 30c and warm seas.

Postscript: Italians do seem to drive like Italians - rental car was bashed around and seemed to have had a hard time getting to 60,000kms.
tiggerix #21

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:07/01/2015 11:33:26Copy HTML

Had another break in Sardinia - stayed on the northern coast.  Reasonable amount of topless girls, some in gstring bottoms and plenty in cheeky bottoms.  Saw two older guys in thongs at Rena Majore - one on his own and the other in and out of the water with his topless and thong wearing wife - taking photos of each other in the water.  Wouldn't win any prizes, but good for them to enjoy themselves on a fairly busy beach.  Didn't take a thong that day but wore a white very small asian bikini/tanga - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bikini-Mens-Sexy-Low-Rise-Brief-Shorts-G-string-Thong-Trunks-Underwear-Swimwear-/391139005068?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&var=&hash=item5b11b3928c - very soft thin material and see through when wet.  The OH took it upon herself to walk in front of me as we exited the sea.  Thankfully she thought it was funny.  

Next day went to San Pietro a Mare and decided to wear a Kleim swim string.  This is a busy beach with a good vibe and great location.  My OH asked me to wear something else and when I refused, she asked that I put something else on to go into the sea.  Well she was sunbathing in a thong (hurrah) and didn't notice me take off for a dip in the sea.  As I approached the water there were two girls closer to the water, one topless in a thong, the other in a bikini.  They looked at me and by the time I was in the water, they were both topless and went into the water.  I looked and smiled enough to be friendly and carried on with a swim.  Don't know if I encouraged the removal of the bikini top, but it all felt relaxed.

The OH discovered that I had been in the sea and hadn't covered up and wasn't impressed.  So we lay reading and sunbathing and I noticed one couple come past and sniggered a bit - possibly the sight of two white bums going pink - but more likely the sight of mine.  I was reliably informed that lots of people had gone past and giggled/snickered which of course bothered my OH.  This all sounds a bit negative, but was actually a really good day - despite burning my back and bum from staying in one place reading my book. 

I had read that another beach was unofficially nude - le feruli here:

Turns out I was the only nudist that day - and I guess that it is occasionally nudist as it is a fairly quiet spot.  My OH wore her thong bikini again which always cheers me up and went for a walk along the beach in it and for which I put on a tan thru micro.  All in all really good that she is comfortable wearing the thong/string.  Rest of the time I was nude and a girl out collecting stones etc from the beach smiled as she went around us.  Others looked and passed by, so nude seems to be fairly well tolerated.

Overall I found this trip to be very relaxing, thongs are no big deal on guys (apart from in my OH's mind) - but you will get looked at and a few smirks or giggles.
The hire car was brand new and we got an upgrade - told the hire company that they should give me an old car (many beaches are accessed down sandy tracks with lots of thorny shrubs) - so spent the week examining the car for any scratches and watching out for Italians, driving like Italians - generally over the white line on tight bends that they take with a bit too much speed...
Grabeach #22

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:07/01/2015 09:31:47Copy HTML

Ever notice that the gigglers are usually part of a group? People tend to react how they think their peers expect them to. All a part of being 'cool'. On their own they'd probably have a different opinion.
tiggerix #23

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:07/02/2015 09:59:39Copy HTML

@Grabeach - normally I would say that groups may be the gigglers - and that you are likely to be laughed at by younger guys - same as anywhere - but in Sardinia and Italy I think it is likely that many do find it amusing.  Although, as I mentioned, the two girls on the beach seemed to appreciate the sight of my buns; enough to encourage the second one to go topless.  So my own experience is that girls/women tend to be fine and it may be some non Italians are not so comfortable.  American females probably have the biggest problem.  Italian family groups don't seem phased - they will have three generations plus friends all setting up together; much more sociable than other nationalities - and not be bothered by what others are doing/wearing.  Sorry to ramble, but I think Italian beaches have a culture all of their own and it is a good and happy one.
tiggerix #24

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:09/19/2016 12:23:15Copy HTML

Just returned from a break in Sardinia, staying south of Olbia and away from the glitz and expense of Costa Smeralda.  Some great beaches with soft white sand and turquoise seas, plus a lot of greenery from the pine trees.

Spent a while in a Desmiit thong - looks like regular swimwear from the front, so fits in with what the locals wear, but a thong back.  Set up within 10 feet of an Italian couple with no issues and walked back to the apartment in just that and flip flops - again no problem apart from a double take here and there.

OH spent all week in a tie side thong (probably the smallest coverage on any beach) and sunned her buns nicely - again no one seems at all phased.

Saw on older guy in a black string/thong on one beach and another body builder type in a skimpy string sided suit.  Mostly couples or groups, very few solo.

More than half of the girls were in cheeky suits with very few topless.  Around half of guys in speedo types, including young guys.  Some shorter shorts, but very few long bored shorts, although some younger guys seem to wear underwear under their shorts.  Must be very soggy in the sea.

Overall very relaxing even on the busy beaches - some were fairly crowded in September, so must be heaving in July and August.  Have to pay parking at many popular beaches 1.50 - 2.00 euro per hour - we could walk to six beaches, so only paid once. 

No problems to wear a thong on any beach we came across - but best to avoid anything extreme.

Maxin #25

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:09/21/2016 02:55:42Copy HTML

 Very helpful. Was thinking on a visit next year.
HermesOrange #26

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:09/21/2016 08:29:07Copy HTML

 I was on vacation a few years ago in Sardinia in Costa Smeralda, staying at hotel Cala di Volpe, and wore my thongs to the resort's own beach quite comfortably, and also sunbathed on the large floating dock about 20 yards from the shore. That being said, most of the guests there were not native Italians, so we didn't get a sense of the local resident beach culture. During our stay, we befriended a male couple from Switzerland, and later on they wore thongs, too. I didn't see others guests wearing thongs at the beach, but certainly many bikinis on men and women. One day, though, we did go to a gorgeous public beach, and it reminded me a lot of Salines Beach in St. Barth with a mix of people nude, in thongs, Speedos and other swimwear. 
bbyrne78 #27

Re:Thongs in Sardinia

Date Posted:06/07/2018 11:55:45Copy HTML

I am currently in Capo d'Orso in Sardinia supporting friends who are working at the Superyacht regatta in Porto Cervo. My husband and I have been here for week and have been able to get out and about. The last few days have been a little chilly in the water but otherwise no real problems for water babies. The weekend is supposed to be perfect so fingers crossed.

I posted a report in 2014 about the Costa Smerald and it's time for a little update.

The Capo d'Orso Hotel is amazing. Three small salt water pools and plenty of areas to catch some sun with these awesome little platforms over sea. The hotel feels full, but there is no problem finding a spot by the pool (easy enough although it does seem like we're all jammed together) but a touch harder to get one of platforms. I found that if I walked a bit over to the edges of the hotel grounds the platforms were less occupied. Maybe it is my terrible italian (my hubby's not any better) but every platform I have gone to, the people made room for us. :)

Everyone has been super nice.

I also spent a day hanging out with friends at Cala Macchia Mala. A really calm beach that was fairly full of families and people. This beach's accessibility means that you will definitely be sharing space although it is reasonably long so if you move away from the car park you will eventually find enough space to do your own thing.

Capo Testa hasn't changed and that is a great thing. After a morning of bouldering with our GoPro action cam, hubby wanted some nice photos for his office and gym. So yoga inversion poses on the rocks with dozens of people watching and no biggie. I don't doubt that their pics will turn up on IG, but I am feeling pretty good at the moment. We did find a cool spot on the western side a bit further down from the 'public bath' beach which although required a tiny bit of climbing, you're rewarded with a gorgeous stretch of beach and turquoise water. Much better than the slightly carved out rock platform on the other side (close to the entrance road) which is always jammed packed with younger people willing to climb down there.

At each of these places I have worn WW and Divissima bikinis. At the hotel I wore a lace kimono from an american label I've never really heard of (a gift from a friend who got heaps of free swag in exchange for wearing stuff on IG). It's super see-thru and if anything draws more attention than anything else. Hubby wore a square cut aussiebum at all of these spots and didn't feel uncomfortable.

Hope this helps for those going there soon.

Love Bren
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