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Date Posted:02/01/2011 08:52:33Copy HTML

Does anyone know if thongs are legal to wear in Tennessee.  Looking to wear them on area lakes around Nashville
flthongbutt #1

Re:Thongs in Tennessee

Date Posted:02/11/2011 02:52:48Copy HTML

 i would be really careful about that.... i've thonged at apartment pools, hotels, and condo pools.... not done it at lakes, though.... it's actually fairly well accepted.... nashville is pretty open and laid back....
Ex_Member #2

Re:Thongs in Tennessee

Date Posted:02/11/2011 08:01:13Copy HTML

I live near Knoxville and I don't honestly know the answer to that question.  I do not wear mine in public areas here.  Only if I had a boat would I consider that.  The reports from others are mixed with some reporting no trouble from TVA police while wearing one but one person reporting being charged by Knoxville police.  I have seen an occasional woman wearing one on a boat.  20 years ago, I saw several women wearing them in a public pool with no problems.  But, that was 20 years ago.  The last time I've seen anyone wear one in public, I was driving back from taking the GRE exam about 5 years ago and noticed a woman laying beside the water on TVA property on a weekday.
Thonglover377 #3

Re:Thongs in Tennessee

Date Posted:01/01/2019 10:29:22Copy HTML

Anyone find any good places? We should make thongs more popular here!
Thonglover377 #4

Re:Thongs in Tennessee

Date Posted:03/19/2019 09:09:38Copy HTML

No thongers in Tennessee anymore?
Mary0826 #5

Re:Thongs in Tennessee

Date Posted:03/20/2019 03:24:40Copy HTML

People reading this might want to refer to the thread "Nashville Tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)", starting with post #10. It explains some of the varied interpretations and way rules might be enforced in a state that has no clear laws or court judgments about thongs, and is the source of some of the points made in this thread.
Thonglover377 #6

Re:Thongs in Tennessee

Date Posted:03/22/2019 03:00:32Copy HTML

That’s good advice! I’ll look there. Do you ever wear thongs here?
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