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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:10/27/2018 10:48:16Copy HTML

I sometimes watch "adult" movies, usually with either mixed groups of my adult friends or with only female company.  In the older, sometime called "vintage" movies from the golden years of thong (1985 to 1995), both the male and female actors often wear thongs and/or have quite noticable thong tan lines.  If anything, thongs are more common on the men, and since they often are the last ones to undress, we get to enjoy their swimwear longer than the ladies.  In newer movies, very frew men where thongs, either as swimear or underware.  It seems that now women are practically required to show off themselves in thongs of some type before their final disrobing.  

The vintage films were more likely to have the women nude under their jeans or cut-offs, or nude under skirts.  At batchelorette parties, when there are only female in the audience, the women seem to enjoy seeing the men in thongs (in vintage movies) and commnet positively about men wearing thongs or male thong tan lines.  The females almost never comment on what the ladies are wearing, but occationally a man will make a comment, usually like "look at what that guy is wearing".  My male friends say men say similar things even when they watch these movies only with male companions.  Sometimes this results in conversation based on questions guys say to each other like "have you ever worn a thong swimsuit" or "I had to wear one before my girl friend would wear hers at the beach."  In any event, thongs are usually depicted as normal swimwear/underwear.  Some of the older films have a "I just bought this" or "I got this to make my boyfriend happy" which is usually in the oldest movies and I assume at a time when thongs were more unusual.  The women talk about their swimwear, but guys in these pictures never mention why they are wearing thongs -- they just are.

Perhaps the reason thongs are often show is the desire of the film makers to keep their movies current, or even a bit on the leading edge of popular fashions.  Current technologies seem to be popular in many of these movies.  The older ones had boom boxes.  Then characters often used cell phones, and now tablets are popular props.  This shows a desire to keep the films current.

I guess I am making thisse comments to see if anyone else has noticed this type of behavior.  I don't know if such films might make people more inclined to wear thongs or if these movie contribute heavily to the "thongs are slutty" attitudes some people have.  (Watch it, we don't want to have posts edited or this thead totally eliminated by inappropriate comments, or sidetracks into specifics about other things these films show, especially if they don't have anything to do with thongs.)

DavidFreeman #1

Re:Thongs in "adult" movies

Date Posted:10/28/2018 03:54:46Copy HTML

You're right and I assume we're talking heterosexual adult movies?  For all of the niches today you might think it would be not prevalent but at least out there but good luck finding it.  I can find you a tri-racial midget grandmother adult movie before a straight dude in a thong with a girl.

My guess is twofold, one being the unfortunate canard of thongs = gay on a man.  Producers may feel that's something their viewership is going to shy away from, lest it give them any strange feelings.  Second is more or less all of the attention in straight adult movies is directed toward the female.  As you mention, thongs on women are de rigueur, which is wonderful, but how often do you even see a guy's underwear?  Usually there is none or it's off with the pants.  

Would like to see some teasing thong play from both sides, how hot would that be....

ThingThong #2

Re:Thongs in "adult" movies

Date Posted:10/29/2018 08:02:59Copy HTML

I agree. It is impossible to find movies where both are using thongs and usually the thong is pulled off and tossed to the side in a few minutes. If you have any movies where both are using thongs please send me a PM with the name of the movie (if we cannot write the names here?). I guess new movies are out of the question as Mary writes so older movies is the way to go, I am guessing. I think if more people are using thongs it will be more normal so more thongs in movies is something positive.
gnoht #3

Re:Thongs in "adult" movies

Date Posted:10/29/2018 12:46:07Copy HTML

Because most people think thong = gay.
LoveMyThongs #4

Re:Thongs in "adult" movies

Date Posted:10/30/2018 02:18:31Copy HTML

Yeah it’s a rare find. There’s are tons of 90’s adult movies when the guys both have thong tan lines but it’s hard to find them in actual thongs. Though the tan lines are so sharp and clean. We all know how hard it is to keep the straps in line especially with thinner straps. It’s rare in general to find couples both in thongs straight or gay
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