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Mikethong #51

Re:Thongs in public steam rooms & sauna

Date Posted:05/17/2013 02:33:42Copy HTML

I was at the Kenwood Hotel in Sheffield a few months ago and went into the steam room with a Kiniki string thong under the towel. I didnt realise there was anyone in there. There was one lady in there, a regular member so I kept the towel round me as I didnt want to embarrass her. She reminded me that the towel would get saturated and I might as well leave it on the hook outside. I said that I had a brief thong underneath and didnt want to cause offence. She just said dont be silly I dont mind. So I now always wear a thong and everyone is fine. I even swim in it if the pool is quiet.
Napoleon44 #52

Re:Thongs in public steam rooms & sauna

Date Posted:04/07/2018 12:08:43Copy HTML

 finally some good news within the uk . I emailed a couple of Turkish steam rooms . I asked if they had clothes optional sessions firstly and secondly whether thong swimwear was allowed . Carlisle said no clothing optional sessions and it was either shorts or normal speedo type trunks . That’s fair enough , it’s up to them.Harrogate however have clothing optional male sessions and thongs are definitely allowed . Pm me and I can send you a transcript , probably better or to pester the centre . I will definitely be doing that in the future . 
Mikethong #53

Re:Thongs in public steam rooms & sauna

Date Posted:05/14/2018 12:54:15Copy HTML

 I'm always comfortable in something minimal.So at the club at the Kenwood Hotel in Sheffield I use a JS Rio thong.  But prefer it when there are not many people around. If someone comes into the sauna or the steam room and I am there then I I feel comfortable with what I am wearing and I hope they respect that. Never had any suggestion otherwise. But don't like to swim in the pool in a thong if there are already people there. 
ukessexbob #54

Re:Thongs in public steam rooms & sauna

Date Posted:05/14/2018 02:31:23Copy HTML

I've found thongs or g-string seem to be more readily accepted in Sauna.  On the odd occasion it's been become a conversation topic, the explanation that nude is best, but a thong if others aren't comfortable with that, seems to be accepted ok, and that it's more comfortable in the heat as well.
Napoleon44 #55

Re:Thongs in public steam rooms & sauna

Date Posted:01/23/2019 06:28:16Copy HTML

Just reviewing a few old threads here . You are preaching to the converted here with me bob . I was wondering what sort of conversations you have had .
ithongit #56

Re:Thongs in public steam rooms & sauna

Date Posted:01/24/2019 05:01:23Copy HTML

Randy and I wear our thongs to steam rooms and saunas.  These are not the huge living-room size places, but instead the bathroom sized places usually installed ajacent to swimming pools.  If we are thonging in the pool and hot tub, why not in the sauna is our feeling.  Randy especially likes to use any wall mounted shower between the pool and sauna as he goes from one to the other.  We have also worn our thongs at these places even when thongs in the pool are not permitted or we suspect they would not normally be permitted.  Again, Randy does not hesitate showering off in a minimal thong or G-string in front of everyone else, and while he has gotten a few whistles from the ladies, he has never gotten into any trouble, nor have I. Total nudity is also something we have done in these rooms at odd times or late at night.  Almost every hot sauna has some type of lable of rules, and many say "remove clothing" without any other comments.  Isn't that what nudity is? we always thought. Years ago, we went for a week in the middle of winter to a condo complex in the mountains above Gatlinburg.  The place had a heated swimming pool, two hot tubs, and both a small steam sauna and a dry sauna room.  We were thonging (we didn't ask if it was okay, and nobody told us otherwise) and going back and forth between the heated pool and hot tubs.  Eventually we went over to the dry sauna and Randy opens the door.   There was a young couple inside.  They were nude and not the least bit shy.  The lady was giving the guy a BJ and when she sees me, hold's her man's equipment out for my inspection.  She then asks if I want some.  I didn't accept the invitation although Randy would not have minded at all.  Randy and I kept our swimwear on however, he did suggest that I slip my top off.  The guy who was being serviced seemed to like what I was now showing.  The lady complimented me on my tits.  We stayed a while and the couple continued to go at it as we watched. A few minutes later, a member of management opened the sauna door, and told the couple to put their swimsuits back on and stop making out, although she used more colorful language.  She ask them to please stop what they were doing and put their swimwear back on as well.  I guess se couldn't tell them to get a motel room!  They still were engaged in their activities when the manager came in, and were just as casual about what they were doing and what she was seeing as they had been with us. Tme manager pointed to us and told them that the sauna was for pool users and that because of this, they should be wearing their swimsuits like we were.  We left as the manager continued to chew the people out, but there is no way the manager did not see our thongs or my being topfree.  Randy was back at the shower when she finally emerged, sweating profusely, and told us something like "Thank goodness there are still some good people like you staying here." We didn't bring up any questions about our thongs or me being topfree, and she never mentioned them besides saying that lighter swimwear like ours seemed appropriate if we were going to use the saunas. Traci

mack_back #57

Re:Thongs in public steam rooms & sauna

Date Posted:01/25/2019 06:54:11Copy HTML

Ithongit: Nice experience you shared

I wonder how managment found out what was going on in the sauna.  A friend of mine was being serviced in dry sauna by lovely lady at the gym pool, none was the wiser. Curious on how management got wind of the going on unless someone snitched. 

ithongit #58

Re:Thongs in public steam rooms & sauna

Date Posted:01/27/2019 07:29:13Copy HTML

I think the management person was simply doing a routine check of things. I was tempted to taste what the other man had but decided not to just in case someone got wise to what was happening. Maybe they got away with kicking the couple out since there was "no eating" in the pool and spa area?
sailor250 #59

Re:Thongs in public steam rooms & sauna

Date Posted:01/29/2019 04:18:40Copy HTML

Playing pass the mic in the hotel sauna- that's a memory I've been tempted to play a prank on a hotel worker once or twice by coming from the pool to the pool bar or even a place farther away like the front desk and hand them a spare little thong or G string and say that I found it by the pool or hot tub, then see what they do- if they go out there to try to find the person who's now without their thong! There are some old suits of mine to spoof a male or I'll buy some little female G strings on ebay for just such a prank.
JM_Runs #60

Re:Thongs in public steam rooms & sauna

Date Posted:01/29/2019 04:48:42Copy HTML

"Crying Woolf" with the intention to start an investigation into others is just wrong. You are likely to get a staff member questioning other guests about if they have been nude or engaged in inappropriate behavior. You don't want this to happen to you, so don't set up situations where it may well happen to others. The best way to promote a healthy attitude towards thongers is learning to be comfortable in your own skin, even when other people are watching. Wear your thongs in public, with confidence, when the public are there in numbers.
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