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Date Posted:04/25/2006 05:17:24Copy HTML

So, I'm an athletic guy who loves wearing thongs and who definitely wants to work on a killer thong tan line this summer. It looks like I'm going to have to bear in full view of people. I was hoping to find some secluded places to sunbath and just cover up when someone walks by. I know I can go to Gunnison, but that's a hike for me and I hear there's a shuttle thing there or something?

Are there any secluded places where other people are wearing thongs? I've read about possibilities here: Belmar NJ between Belmar & Spring Lake; Non nude section of Gunnison/Sandy Hook; Atlantic City, Wildwood. Is Diamond beach in Wildwood a busy beach? It's at the very end of the Crest and you would think it would be somewhat secluded.
HornedPan #1

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:07/08/2003 02:36:13Copy HTML

Does anyone know if the beaches in New Jersey allow thonging? Other than Sandy Hook?
yogabutt #2

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:07/09/2003 07:07:52Copy HTML

I believe you can thong at Island beach State park, Wildwood, Cape May, Belmar, and others.

Somewhere I read that Atlantic City was a pretty good place to thong.

You might not see many other thongs but it's still legal.

el senor #3

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:07/10/2003 02:38:45Copy HTML

I'll confirm also that you can thong in a number of places in South Jersey. I've seen thongs in Wildwood, and Cape May. I've also seen topless and thonging in Atlantic City.(albeit in more isolated areas)
Dennis at Thong Beach #4

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:07/11/2003 03:08:06Copy HTML

Slinggirl.....I love the description of your slingshot thong by the "unknown author".  That's the kind of swimsuit I dream about seeing on women at the beach....but NEVER do!  I've seen pictures of models in that kind of a swimsuit but never in the flesh (no pun intended).  Just a suggestion, but you might want to post something in the "swimsuit" section of this board, telling us about your experiences and people's reactions to your swimsuit, as well as information where other women can purchase that type of suit.  We need more of them on our beaches and in our pools!
Microron #5

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:07/13/2003 12:38:06Copy HTML

Reply to : Slinggirl

The usual coment on a guy walking down the beach in a thong is "he must be from Canada" One suggestion, for guys, I would stick to N Wildwood or Wildwoodcrest, Wildwood proper (arond the amusement piers) draws a bad element which could be harrassing.>Have fun, and if you ever see a blond wearing a slingshot, THATS ME!

Hey, 'whatsa'  matter with guys from Canada ?  Are they the only ones to wear a thong when not in Canada ?

Call me a Snowbird... yup, I'm also past sixty!

hotrod1 #6

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:07/17/2003 10:45:33Copy HTML

Gunnison,  My wife and I thonged at Gunnison July 12 &13.  Perfect weather and yes, many thongs on the beach.  Both men and women.  I would estimate 60.  Don't get me wrong, it is a clothing optional beach and thousands were clothing optional.  The 60 of us looked great in our thongs and some were very micro thongs.

yogabutt #7

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:06/21/2004 06:54:44Copy HTML

Sandy Hook has several beaches that aren't clothing optional.  It's fun to thong there, too! 

Yesterday I went to lot D and found a Brazillian family where the mother and (sister?) had their rio-back suits pulled up.  I asked if I could hang out there in my thong, then enjoyed the sun without any apparent comments from anyone else at the beach.  Very very relaxing.  That beach used to have a lot more thongs in days past.  When I went into the water, everything was fine. There was an older woman who smiled A LOT at me.  But there were a few teenage girls who positively screamed when I left the water.  *Whatever* 



lindros #8

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:04/26/2006 12:44:08Copy HTML

I've thonged at Keansburg many times no problem. There are some secluded places too. Only disadvantage is the beach isn't the greatest and it's not an ocean, but in the early summer it's good cause the ocean is too cold and the bay water is a nice temperature. I've also gone nude at the extreme ends of the beach during weekdays. Occasionally there will be others wearing thongs in the more populated areas of the beach, mostly women.

BTW, if you get to Gunnison early enough (before 9:30am) then parking isn't a problem. You can also thong at the other beaches of Sandy Hook.
Pagan-Egyptian #9

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:04/27/2006 11:18:57Copy HTML

I have had no problems thonging at other beaches in Sandy Hook. Not just Gunnison,  but I thonged at B and C beaches. I hear Atlantic City isnt a problem either but havent thonged there. -Tim
lindros #10

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:04/28/2006 02:37:19Copy HTML

To get to Keansburg, take the Garden State Parkway to Exit 117a. After toll take Route 36 and go about 5 miles. At this point there are a couple of options.

First option is to turn left onto Laurel Avenue and continue until you hit the amusement park. I usually pay $4 to park and spend the day. The main beach is at the amusement park but if you take a walk either way you can reach some secluded areas.

Second option is to stay on Route 36 till you reach Belford. Turn left on Wilson Avenue and continue until the road ends, then turn right onto Port Monmouth Road. There are several free parking spots along that road. Weekdays this stretch of beach is often empty, especially if it's hot outside.

Again, these beaches are not that great, some sections are literally a dump, but there are some OK spots too. But if you want a couple hundred yards between you and the nearest person then these might suit the bill.
Wildwood girl #11

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:04/30/2006 08:43:40Copy HTML

Diamond Beacch is the southern most beach in the Wildwoods and is the only section that is actualy privately owned. The very southern most hotel is the Pier66, and their beach is prvate, as are the beaches of the time share / condo complex next to it on the south side. Many lawsuit flying from local homeowners. The beach further south is beautiful and private and owned by the Coast Guard. The public is not allowed. You won't miss the signs.

Working north from Diamond beach, the beach is free for miles. There are opportunities for privacy or at least annonimity because the beach is soooo wide,  by time you get to the boardwak, about 3 -4 city blocks wide.  There is plenty of sand to plant your towel and wear whatever you want. , That being said, you will not see guys in thongs walking on the beach except for the errant Canadian,. who is excused because ... well, their Canadian. Please don't ask me what that means, but thats what everyone says when thaey see a guy in a thong.



JM_Runs #12

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/02/2007 10:30:49Copy HTML

A couple of unscientific observations upon visiting Gunnison Beach yesterday (a Wednesday, well populated, but not packed) for the first time in 2 years:

1) there was somewhat more textile on display than before. Previously I would have felt out of place and style to be wearing a thong here, but not so much yesterday. It's still a small minority, maybe 5%, in everything from dork shorts to thongs, but no longer close to zero.

2) many more men were shaven; I used to find myself the exception with this, but no longer. Again, maybe 5-10%
thongerinME #13

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/03/2007 02:04:45Copy HTML

Sorry I don't live in the area, sadly enough. There. was a post of young women named jennifer to the wucked weasel site. She is from NJ, and appears to enjoy the beach quite a bit.

enjoy the link



stanpuppy #14

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/03/2007 08:03:48Copy HTML

MY wife and i go to gunnison all the time.  Before i met her, i used to go totally nude. Oddly enough, my wife loves thongs on men, so now when i go i wear one of my 7 joe snyder rio thongs.  She likes the tan lines they leave.  She has 10 wicked weasels that she alternates wearing.  9 of them have a g-string back and one has a triangle (thong) back.  She always keeps her G on, but goes topless the whole time.   Last time we wear there I saw one woman in a g-string bikini who left her top on the whole time.  Another woman wore a tiny G bottom and kept her top off.  The majority of the women, and almost all of the men (except for me) where totally nude.   Over the years i have seen thongs on some of the other beaches at sandy hoook, but not that common.    I also shaved this year and really like it.  Gunnison is great cuz of the topless aspect for my wife.  I have posted on this board about our experiences down in atlantic city, which is no problem for thonging, but not so great for topless
njbeachboy1949 #15

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/03/2007 08:28:57Copy HTML

I went to Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook, NJ today to do some nude sunbathing.  If I have a choice between nude or thong/g-string/rio, I always go nude.  There were hundreds of people on the beach, about 80% totally nude.  Another 10% had on thongs or g-string bottoms (most of the thonged women were topless) and the other ten percent had full bottom coverage.  All of the sunbathers seemed very comfortable and accepting of others.  I love going there.  All age groups and a very friendly crowd. 
stanpuppy #16

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/19/2007 08:47:56Copy HTML

Wife and I went to margate this weekend.  Used to be thong haven near lucy the elephant....not so much anymore.  We walked up towards longport and saw an older woman (mid 40's) in a traditional thong suit laying out on a towel.  She had her (approx 7 year old) son with her. 
stanpuppy #17

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/02/2007 11:08:57Copy HTML

Back to margate for labor day.  thousands of people on the beach, completely crowded and every single person in conservative swimwear.  This country is ridiculus when it come to conservativism.    Was on the beach for 7 hours and saw absolutely nothing.  Was going to write the whole day off when just before i went home, the day was saved.  Daughter (4) was chasing sea gulls when she ran right in front of lucy the elephant.   As i was walking behind her i noticed a group of 4 people sitting in a circle togeather.  2 young men and 2 young ladies (early 20's estimated).  The girl sitting with her back facing me had a fairly skimpy black bikini on.  the 2 guys were wearing dork shorts.  The girl sitting with her front to me looked like she might also be wearing something skimpy.  I made my way behind her and eureka!!!!   A completely skimpy Blue G!!!  This was not even a thong...it was a skimpy single strand g-string.  She was sitting up, so it was very obvious to anyone behind her.   There was a large group of young people behind her and I heard some of the guys make a comment to her as she got up at the end of the day, pulled on her very skimpy (matching) blue booty shorts and walked off the beach with the G sticking over the waistband of the shorts.  She was a very cute little asian girl.   I dont know how long she was there or if she walked around with just the G on at all, but she was not shy about sitting with it in plain sight.  Thanks to her for making my day.  It was the only non-full backed suit i saw the entire day
JM_Runs #18

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/04/2007 07:27:55Copy HTML

Went to Gunnison Beach today, and I must say that it was the BIGGEST WASTE of time I have ever spent.

I drove 1 1/2 hours to get to the beach.... and see that the beach is fulled with 100% (not 95%..not 99%..) but 100%  men!

I walked the whole length of the beach and did not see 1 ... not ONE  Woman on there.  I basically drove all that way to just walk thebeach for 30 minutes...and get back in my car and go home.

At least my RIIS Park visit had some woman!!

davyj1 #19

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/06/2007 08:00:45Copy HTML


This does happen.  Not all the time to be sure.  It is one reason I don't go to the nude beaches that often.  Even when the mix is not 100%, it is usually always bad.  I have been to Gunnison a few times when it has been about 3:1 or 4:1 men to women; that is about as low as I have ever seen.

That is one reason why the thong beaches are better than the nude ones.

stanpuppy #20

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/09/2007 04:05:12Copy HTML

Wife and I are headed down to atlantic city this coming weekend for one more getaway before the shore season is pretty much done.  We posted a couple of time about our early summer jaunts this year, but have not been back since early june.  Does anyone have an update on AC.  We had no problem thonging last two times. Mostly wondering about the topless situation.  Any reports?
stanpuppy #21

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/16/2007 09:54:21Copy HTML

Just came back from the jersey shore today. Totally awesome.  Rather than hit the beach in atlantic city, which was pretty croweded for sept, we headed up to longport.  My wife had seen a thonger there earlier in the year and we speculated that it would be almost deserted.   Actually, we were wrong, there were a decent amount of people there, but still far less than AC.  As soon as we go there we spread out the blanket near the back of the beach on 16th st.  Wife wore a mint green wicked weasel 456 micro bottom with the string style  back and a 312 XS top.  She looked totally hot as usual.  I wore a neon yellow Joe Synder rio thong.  We both layed out all day, her mostly on her stomach with her bottom up, me both front and back.  Absolutely perfect, nobody said a word to us.  We did catch a couple of "second glances" when people saw our thongs, but mostly people just seemed surprised and kept on walking.  I did notice one older woman take an extended stare when wife was lying face down, probably due to the fact that thongs (especially g-strings) are very uncommon up that far.   All in all, we have had a very successful summer thonging at the jersey shore.  Guess you just have to be discrete and not throw it in anybodys faces, and you will be fine
yogabutt #22

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/22/2007 09:40:48Copy HTML

I spent a few hours at Sandy Hook Friday.  The weather was absolutely wonderful.  I went to parking lot D (not nude), walked until I saw a women wearing a brazilian back - almost thong, so I stayed in the same general area, stripped to my Speedo thong.  There was absolutely no attention paid to me.   I sort of enjoyed the water, which was filled with wierd floating egg casings or something.  I forgot the name or origin of those things, bu they usually appear in the late summer.  No hazard, just funky.  Later I went to Gunnison and enjoyed being nude, but that's not really a thong story.... 

stanpuppy #23

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/23/2007 09:50:29Copy HTML

Lot D is very thong tolerant.  Over the years I have seen plenty of thong wearing women on the beach there.  No so many men, but i have seen a few. I rarely go to that beach, since it is just as easy to go to gunnison and not have to worry about anything as far a thonging goes.   Even though the beach is nude, I usually wear a thong as my wife prefers that to complete nudity.
stanpuppy #24

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:11/03/2007 10:09:42Copy HTML

Was in AC for the weekend doing the casino thing with the wife.  Beach season is officially over but we did manage to get a little bit of time at the pool at the AC sheraton.  I wore a somewhat conservative speedo type bikini.  Wife wore her most conservative type wicked weasel a matt black 312 triangle top and a 449 triangle back bottom.  Since she normally wears the string style I call this her "conservaive suit".  We were the only ones in the pool later in the evening and there was no life guard, so there really isnt much to report. But it was fun and relaxing to be the only ones there.
yogabutt #25

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:06/06/2008 04:47:03Copy HTML

Hello again to warm weather in NJ!Has anyone had a chance to enjoy the warm weather at Sandy Hook or other beaches up here?  It looks like it will be warm this saturday!
yogabutt #26

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:06/08/2008 11:16:19Copy HTML

Sandy Hook avoided the heat wave Saturday.  It was in the 80s there but way up in the 90s inland.  I went to Gunnison for most of the day.  I think the parking lot filled up at around 11 or 12, and then people parked at North Beach and walked back.   The beach population was largely couples or groups, about 20 thongs out of 1000 nude.  
I went back to the first beach on my way out (the one closest to the park entrance), thonged for a little bit - there was another guy and about a dozen thonged women.  (I was beginning to think thongs had disappeared)
The bridge to Sandy Hook is under construction & the exit traffic was a mess.  Small price to pay for a beautiful day!
DavyJ #27

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:06/10/2008 05:55:26Copy HTML

I have thonged on the bay-side beach at Sandy Hook when the flies have been too bad to lay out on the ocean side (usually when there is a strong west wind).  Never had any problems.   I have not been to Atlantic City or any of the other South Jersey beaches in a thong.  I don't get to that area much, but will keep it in mind the next time I do.
stanpuppy #28

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:06/14/2008 01:52:48Copy HTML

Wife and I just came back from Atlantic City last weekend.  We were there two days.  The first day we went to the AC beach and each one of us thonged.  I wore a gray muscleskins MPX and my wife wore a pink wicked weasel 453 micro with the g-string back. We wear easily the skimpiest dressed on the whole beach.  We set up pretty far back from the water between the Tropicana hotel and the Pier shops.  We thonged for about 7 hours and not one word was said to us.  We were left completely alone the entire day.  Sometimes small groups would walk by and take an extended look, but no one said a single word.  At the end of the day, my wife turned over after laying on her stomach and didnt bother to put her top back on.  She laid out for about 5 minutes when a lifeguard who was standing on the boardwalk spotted her and blew his whistle.  She turned on back on her stomach and nothing was subsequently left alone.
The second day we migrated up the beach to Longport.  This is the high end, wealthy section of the beach.  The beauty of Longport is that there are virtually no lifeguard stands and the beach is far less crowded.  Again, we set up about the middle of the beach, away from the water and pretty far away from any other beachers.  Again, no words said the entire day, although we both got alot of looks from the number of walkers who walk the beachline up to the "point". Most were just surprised because thongs/g-strings (especially on men) are never seen up this far.  I wore the same suit as the day before, because the order i placed for 4 more muscleskins MPX suits did not come in yet.  I didnt want to switch to my Joe Snyder rio thongs beacause the lines do no match up.  Wife wore the white Wicked Weasel 453 micro g-string wave bikini that just came out from ww. The only thing that classified as an "incident" was at the end of the day when a group of 4 kids (probably aged 7-12) walked by and stared excessively, probably cuz my wife was laying on her stomach and her g-stringed butt was exposed.  The kids giggled a little then left. 
When in Longport, it was super hot that day and we did go in the ocean.  Neither one of us felt it was the environment to walk around in a thong, so we both "covered up" when we went in the water.  I wore a Tulio pouch bikini (still extremely skimpy by Longport standards) and wife wore a white Juicy Couture Brazilian back bikini.
Summery: about the same as i reported last year.  AC/Jersey shore is very thong tolerant.  Just dont throw it in anybodys face any you should be fine.  AC, at least, still has issues with topless women/  Although I have read reports to the contrary, we have not experienced it yet
yogabutt #29

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:07/02/2008 09:53:46Copy HTML

Has anyone had any recent thong experience at Island Beach State Park?  It has been over 10 years since I've been there, but plan to go on Friday.  Any comments would be appreciated. -The last time I was there I saw a hot african american woman in a thong, right next to the beach entrance.Regards.Yogabutt
stanpuppy #30

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:07/13/2008 12:51:27Copy HTML

wife and i just returned from 2 days in atlantic city.  Pretty consistant with our previous trips, except we saw a couple of things we hadnt seen before.  We were staying at the tropicana, so we went on the beach right in front of the casino entrance.  This was a great section to be in as the crowd was mostly guests of the hotel.  Wife wore her hot pink wicked weasel 462 g-string micro.  I wore a deep purple muscleskins mp thong.  Although we were definately "noticed", as thongs are still very very rare in AC, we layed out all day and had an awesome day.  Familys set up next to us, as well as couples and singles (men and women).  Most would look over for a second or two, then go about their business.  At one point for a hour or two we had a group of younger kids (probably very late teens or early twenties) who were a little miffed by our skimpy attire.  There were 3 guys and one girl.  Two of the guys started to play close to us with a frisbee.  One of them said to us as they started to play "dont worry, i promise i wont hit you".  I responded, "thanks...then i promise I wont hit you".  Being as I am a professional kickboxer and had one of my boxing bags to carry our beach, stuff..i think i shut down any intentions they had of hassling us.

The interesting part of the day came in the afternoon.  First a single guy came along and noticed us.  He set up fairly close and then stripped off his shorts down to a very skimpy pair of bikini underwear.  He layed out on his back for a while then turned over on his stomach, pulled his bikini into a makeshift thong and layed that way for hours.  I guess he was more comfortable with us being in thongs, so he presumed he had company.

The oddest part of the day was near the end.  About 5:00PM a very attractive latin girl showed up and set up about 20 yard away from us.  When she took her cover off, she was wearing a thong suit.  It was not nearly as skimpy as my wifes weasel, but a thong nonetheless.  As soon as she sat down, she popped her top off and layed topless on her back.  She thought nothing of it.  I witnessed this and told my wife.  I said, "watch this..she is going to get whistled" (by the lifeguards).  My wife has tried to go topless numerous times in AC, and everytime the lifeguards, or beach patrol, either blew their whistle or came up and asked her to put it on.  The latin girl layed there for quite some time, and was right in front of the lifeguard stand and nothing happened.  I finally figured when an AC police officer rode by on his ATV, that she as done. But no......he rode right in front of her (about 4 feet away) and kept right on moving.  Lifeguards, police, and beach patrol all went right past her and nothing!!!  If we thought our thongs got a little attention, it was nothing compared to what topless girl got.  Every single guy who walked by tried to talk to her.  As people were walking off the beach, they all took an extra look.  Topless gets a lot more attention than thongs in AC.

I wish somebody could give me a definative lowdown on what the scoop is with topless in AC.  It is clear that thongs are fine.  We have worn them tons of time over the the last couple years, in front of beach patrol, lifeguards and AC police and none of them have ever ever said a word.  Topless is a different story.  Every time wife has tried it, she got hasseled.  We have seen others do it, however with no problem. Even in front of authorities. 

Our second day was fun, but uneventful.  I put on another muscleskins thong (this time a black MP-X), and wife wore a red wicked weasel 457 (the smallest they make) g-string with a matching x-small top.  Great day..and great tan lines
JM_Runs #31

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:07/13/2008 07:55:03Copy HTML

The above remark made with regard to the topless girl, " Every single guy who walked by tried to talk to her." Shows why so few women in the US dare to go topless. Not only do the lifeguards in many locations give them a hard time but they are continually bothered by men who believe every topless women is topless just to start a conversation, with them, personally.

The funny thing is that more than 50% of the opening lines are "You know I don't mind your going topless, I think you look good, but it's against the law and you are going to get a ticket." Which probably would not happen if there was not a consetnt parade of men beating a path to the women’s towel.

I do admit to taking that while out running on the beach today, I did take two looks at the slim young topless girl, who sported bright shinny nipple bars on a dark, continuous tan. But a couple of quick passing glances is not the same as the long leering stares that men often give women who thong or are topless.

As to lifeguards attitude to topless on that beach, I don't know, I don't go there, BUT have observed that there is an unwritten lifeguard man code that says you don't hassle the younger single ladies, because the beach and your view for the rest of the day is better when they stick around.

There is also the unofficial blind eye policy that you see on most beaches, - If no one complains then the lifeguard does not see it. - For most single women there is normally no complaint , so the lifeguard did not see it.
On the other hand your thong may attract a complaint or question from someone, and therefore the two of you, as a couple uncloak and become visible. The lifeguard says to the complainer that you thong is fine but the toplessness is not. Therefore, his attention having been attracted to the situation by the person complaining about your thong, he now feels obliged to do something about your wife’s lack of a top.

yogabutt #32

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:07/22/2008 06:30:32Copy HTML

This is not a thong story.  I was with son & niece at Island Beach State Park in NJ, and I was wearing a square-cut Speedo.  I was being conservative.  The really funny thing was, at one point I saw a teen girl grab her friend (girl), sort of point in my direction, sort of snickering.  I could not believe someone actually had a reaction to my suit!  I'm in good shape, and didn't look weird or anything, but I an pretty sure, based on what I've heard from some younger women, that the idea of anything less than board shorts is strongly repulsive to some.  It doesn't affect what I do; I just feel sorry for someone with that kind of provincial, warped impression of human bodies.  
Imagine what the reaction would have been had I been in my 1" Speedo or even one of my thongs?  Perhaps I could have caused a seizure or more!
stanpuppy #33

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:07/22/2008 10:54:10Copy HTML

Wife and I just got back from Gunnision this sunday.  Pretty much what you would expect from gunnision.  Lots of people, 85% totally nude, 10% topless, and 5% gawkers. 

I actually made an interesting observation however.  My wife was wearing a baby pink wicked weasel 456 micro with a g-string back.  Her top came off the second we hit the beach.  I wore a black muscleskins MPX thong. What i noticed was that, even at a nude beach, i stood out in my thong.  Of all the men that were there, I would say 95% were totally nude.  The remaining wore speedo style suits, but I was the only guy in a thong I saw the entire day.  The women, if they wore bottoms, almost all wore thongs or G's.  Actually, thong/G bottoms and topless was a pretty common sight that day.  It wasnt until after i left that i realized that I saw no other men in thongs all day.  Nude ruled the day, and I was also surprised at how many men were hairless downstairs.  It is alot more common that in years past.  At least i had company when i did decide to take off my suit!
stanpuppy #34

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/02/2008 11:47:24Copy HTML

Back from our labor day trip to atlantic city. Another awesome trip to report. We found a  new section of beach which is the absolute best for thonging.  We stayed at the Hilton this trip. Just to the south of the hilton is the section where atlantic city essentially ends and ventnor beach basically begins.  Since we were at the very end of the AC casinos, and not quite yet in the family section of ventnor, the beach was very very sparsely populated, and this was  a holiday weekend!!

Both my wife and i were a little more conservative than normal, probably due to the anticpated crowds for the holiday.  She normally wears g-string backs on AC, this trip she wore thongs.  (for those of you familiar with wicked weasels thong back suits, you know they are really not much more than a g-string anyway, but she feels a little more covered in them) She wore a blue and white striped 446 on day one, a solid baby pink 446 on day two. Day three saw the "white wave" 456 thong and the final day was a their "satin sheer" solid yellow suit.
This was the first time all season i didnt wear a thong to AC.  I just got some new Muscleskins suits and wanted to try them out.  They are the "MP" style and show pretty much everything up front.  Since they are bikini style, my butt was covered.  I wore a different one each day black, navy blue, yellow and white.  They yellow and white ones where practically sheer when they got wet.  (note, we both covered up when we went in the water.  Wife put wicked weasel shorts over her thongs and I wore  a Tulio bikini suit over my muscleskins.)

The reaction to us laying out was funny.  There was none.  Nobody could have bothered.  People walked by us without even a second look, for the most part.  At one point, a group of three younger (early 20's) girls stopped and noted to each other that my wife had a thong on, but they didnt make a big deal of it and kept right on walking.  They actually set up pretty close to us.   The only other "note" i saw was actually when i had my cover up tulio bikini on.  A spanish family was down near the water and I could see two of the men looking and talking to each other. It was obviously they were commenting on my suit. Spanish men are very macho and I am sure they were questioning my sexuality.  Which is actually pretty funny, since i was with a tiny little hottie in a skimpy suit, and they were with their overstuffed wifes.

We only saw one other thong on the beach the entire weekend. Oddly enough, it was in Ventnor, which is a very family oriented beach.  A woman was wearing a traditional thong right in the midst of everything on ventor.  She was not off by herself, but with another girl (in a regular bikini).  Again, nothing exceptional was going on around her and nobody seemed to care.

Bottom line on atlantic city, feel free to thong your heart out.  You wont have much thong company, but you will not be given any type of hassles whatsoever.
stanpuppy #35

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:12/02/2008 07:34:25Copy HTML

Just back from a short vacation over thanksgiving day weekend. Stayed at the Tropicana for 3 nights.  Funny thing...earlier this season I had written to the Trop as my wife and i were staying there for a short holiday.  My inquiry as to wether or not thong bathing suits were allow was responed to with a very polite, but very definative ...."No".  (I have the complete response posted on this board somewhere).  This time i didn't bother to ask.  On sunday evening, after the gym, wife and I went into the pool area and stripped off our gym clothes to head into the pool.  At the time, there were 2 other couples and a lifeguard in the pool area.  I think one couple was european as the wife wore a (albiet convervative) two piece suit and the very large husband wore swim shorts that were on the shorter side.  The other couple was american and the husband wore dork shorts and the wife a one piece conservative suit.  When we took off our gym clothes my wife was wearing a wicked weasel blue/white summer stripe 456 thong bottom with a 312 triangle top.  I was wearing a navy blue muscleskins MP bikini.  The reaction to our swimwear was.....none.  Nobody cared at all. Even the lifeguard barely looked up from her magazine.  We stayed in the pool and hot tub area for about 1/2 hour and then toweled off, got dressed and went back to the room.  Funny thing is, if we would have asked permission, they probably would have said "no" again.  As it was.....nobody cared
BaltoBob #36

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:01/14/2009 02:48:04Copy HTML

I comp rooms in AC but, drive up to Gunnison for the beach. Guys in thongs are pretty rare. FYI- I have worn a Skinz bikini in the pool in Las Vegas (Harrahs). They have a deck above the pool for sunning. I once laid out there for a while in a sunup/sundown dentalfloss. 
stanpuppy #37

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:06/08/2009 07:13:53Copy HTML

Does anyone have any experience with the thong scene in Brigintine? Wife and I are headed down to AC this weekend, and we are looking for a more secluded beach to thong.  I have written tons about thong tolerance and AC, but we are really looking for a nice quiet experience this time.  Longport is certainly must less active than AC, but i have heard some things about Brigintine to lead me to believe it would be a good thong beach.  Does anyone have any direct experience with Brigintine?
stanpuppy #38

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/05/2009 07:51:54Copy HTML

Does anybody have the lowdown on Seaside Heights or Point Pleasant.  I was talking with a young russian girl today who told me she wears a thong on the beach at Seaside Heights.  WHen i asked her if she was the only one, she said "no....other girls wear them too".  I have never heard this before...can anyone comment on the thong scene at these NJ beaches?
yogabutt #39

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/05/2009 08:19:08Copy HTML

I barely go to the beach these days, but I have noticed on the nj.com webcam an occasional photo of a thong at point pleasant and at belmar.  Those webcams are updated sporadically at best, so I guess the thong population is better than what the webcam album indicates.  I have also heard Margate gets thongs.  Unfortunately, I can't report anything "firsthand".
stanpuppy #40

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/11/2009 03:16:39Copy HTML

HOw about island beach state park?  I heard that is thong tolerant.  Any experiences?
yogabutt #41

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/11/2009 06:33:14Copy HTML

Maybe no point in me chiming in, but just in case nobody else replies:  about 6-8 years ago it was thong tolerant for sure.  Most of the areas there are so isolated and the parking is so limited, you shouldn't have too many problems, but I would advise just phoning them up, which is what I did way back then, and when they said "it's a family beach but we have no specific restriction against thongs".  Good luck!
mikeanike #42

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/16/2009 10:11:50Copy HTML

 went to Gunnison beach on August 15th.   I was in the area and wanted to go out to a beach. 

I could not believe how many men were there, at least 8 to 1.  I had read about this but hadn't believe it but it is true. 

It was nice wearing a thong and having no one really notice you or say anything, and that is the truth.

Two women came and set up really close to me and then 3 more came and joined them. It was like we were together! We talked, off and on, all day.  About  3:30 some of them wanted to take a walk, so three of us went for a long walk, the others who just wanted to rest stayed behind.

We were gone for quite awhile when we got back the women who stayed said four naked guys were hitting on them.  They started talking and the one said this is why she doesn't like coming to the beach.  I will remember this comment one made "They think it I am in thong and take my top off and that means I am easy and I want to meet you."  Maybe this is why there are so few women on the beach.

They thanked me for being with them because they felt I helped keep the men away. They said I looked good in my thong so that made my day. It sure was nice to go to the beach and not be hassled for what you are wearing. 
stanpuppy #43

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/16/2009 11:05:03Copy HTML

Mikeanike....you echo my sentiments exactly.  The best thing about gunnison is (like you said), you can wear whatever and not get hassled.  The down side is the crowd.  The hetrosexuals are bad enough, but last time i was there...the gays were crusing beyond belief.  One guy walked all the way up to the concession stand with his "thing" hanging out a a cut he put in his jeans.  Unbelieveable.  Like i have said on other posts...my wife and i now just go to atlantic city or longport.  She has to keep her top on...but the both of us can thong in peace
stanpuppy #44

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/28/2009 01:50:13Copy HTML

Wife and I just got back from Longport (right next to atlantic city) where we each spent 5 days in muscleskins mp thongs (me) and wicked weasel g-string bikinis (her).  We had what had to be our most interesting experiences ever.  Absolutely nobody wears thongs in Longport...it is a rich, upscale snooty place where people sit outside their million dollar beach homes.  We go there because, for the most part, the beach is very quiet and far removed from the rednecks in atlantic city.  We have been thonging there for years (only when we lay out...never when we go in the water or walk around...that would not fly).  Typically, people see us, but since we are just laying there (usually pretty far away from any other people) they just go about there business and leave us alone.

One day during the trip, my wife put on a regular bikini because we were stopping to visit her parents at their place in margate.  I had my MP thong under a pair of tulio swimtrunks.  When we left, we headed up to longport.  Wife normally will put her weasel on in the car, but this time she did not...and we walked onto the beach with her bikini bottom on.  We set up our towels and stuff, I pulled off my shorts and layed (stomach down) on my towel in a neon orange muscleskins mp thong.  Wife layed out (on her back) in her bikini.  It was very early on the beach and almost nobody was around.  When she decieded it was time to tan her backside, she very discreetly slipped off her bikini bottom and slid on her weasel G.  It was then we heard "YOU MUST KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON!!!!"

It was a Longpost police officer.

He came over to us and said "You have to keep your clothes on on the beach".  I said "sorry sir, we didnt think anyone was around and she was just changing quickly.  We will cover up our suits".   He responded "The way you are dressed is fine....you just need to keep certain parts covered"  (Bear in mind...the only thing i had on was a 1/4 inch, narrow pouch, neon orange muscleskins thong when he is telling me this).  He continued...We got a call that there were people naked on the beach.  I have been watching you for 15 minutes.  I called in the report and said they are not naked, they are perfectly legal and there is nothing I can do.  When she took her bottom off, that all changed"

Long story short, he let us go, and did not report anything.   So I guess that give the rap on NJ.  Thongs are perfectly legal and even the police know there is nothing they can do if you have the courage to wear one.  As i said before, dont expect any thong wearing company (especially in longport), but if you've got the guts for it....go for it!!!!
JM_Runs #45

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/16/2009 01:09:37Copy HTML

Stan, Point Pleasent and SeaSide Hights are thong tolarent. So is SeaSide Park. I f you ar looking for less people, seaside park is the place to be. I just got back from seaside park weekend of labor day, and there were few people on the beach at all. Most college kids are back to school, and some regular schools started as well. I was down for the week with my wife, 2 kids, and wifes parents. I sported my tiny hammock style g strings in black and white all days except the first. I had to feel out the crowd first. Nobody ever said one word to me. Now i didn't go in the water like that, or walking the beach. I did lay out both front and back. I had a few second...third... forth looks, but no snickers or anything. The lifegaurds road by on thier atv's a few times to do other things, not a word from them either. If you are looking for a place for thong wearing, that has less people than the larger attraction places, seaside park is the way to go for Jersey.
P.S. You guys that have wives that will thong it with you are very lucky guys. I have been trying to get my wife in a wicked weasel for years. She fully supports me thonging it, sometimes calls me crazy cause most of the ones i wear are mesh/see through, she just won't do it. 
stanpuppy #46

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/16/2009 01:15:40Copy HTML

Thanks for the great report thongs_on_me.  I have heard that maybe seaside heights, point pleasant and maybe ever Belmar are thong tolerant although I have never been to any of them.  Where is SeaSide Park?
JM_Runs #47

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/17/2009 03:01:29Copy HTML

Seaside Park is the very next beach town south of Seaside Heights. It's connected. Actually, if you are in ssh, drive south not even a few miles, and it turns into SSP. It is more of a local kind of town, and not so much a tourist town. After like 9:00 P.M. , It goes very quiet, and there isn't much there to do after dark. You half to go up to seaside Heights or point pleasant for party life. And then at the sothern end of seaside park, there is the seaside state park, where there is no hotels or houses. It is a natural area, you pay $8.00 for a car no matter how many people, for the entire day, they have restrooms and shower facilities, and i hear the beaches are even less full.Mostly fishing people. We never whent into the state park, but i enjoy going to seaside park for vacations, cause i can bear my tiniest g string, and not get harrased by too cool for life guys. I will continue to vacation there as long as wife and kids like it. I don't know how going to other beaches would fare for my love for thong'n it.
JM_Runs #48

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/17/2009 03:40:35Copy HTML

stan:  your story is a good reason, while in thong-legal areas, to wear a thong that is clearly visible and does not make you look nude from a distance.  In other words, 1" or more of fabric somewhere in the back that contrasts in color with your skin.  I prefer black or dark blue speedo thongs myself.  With my fair skin, you can see those from 1/2 a mile away.
stanpuppy #49

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/17/2009 12:11:38Copy HTML

Yes...my story was very useful and informative (until JM edited it completely out)
tangamarco #50

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:01/30/2010 02:03:23Copy HTML

I've thonged for years in AC. I usually go to the left of Schiffs pier, near Tennesee ave, There's also an out door shower.
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