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stanpuppy #101

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:01/31/2011 04:06:54Copy HTML

Last time in Margate I wore a tulio bikini.  I wore a muscleskins bikini in longport.  I have almost given up on thongs anywhere down the shore.  Gunnison is the only safe haven as far as i am concerned.  I have never been to seaside or belmar...but i am guessing it is pretty much the same as the AC area
njthonger #102

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:01/31/2011 05:11:47Copy HTML

I am thinking that Asbury park may now be thong tolerant?  Before I knew about Gunnison, i wore very skimpy speedos at asbury, but we are going back quite a few years!
JM_Runs #103

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/01/2011 12:37:52Copy HTML

thong_jock - you say    "I've seen other dudes stripping to bikinis once I have..."

This means other men came wanting to wear something smaller, prepared to wear something smaller and already dressed in something smaller under their shorts.  You were the one who gave them the courage.   This is why we must thong openly, publicly, in full sight with confidence.

So many people here make comments like "xxxx is the only safe haven".   How come so many people take risks in other parts of their lives, like speeding, (for which you will get a ticket) and not for wearing thongs and speedos openly, (which in most places is not against the law) ?

Have the courrage to go where no man has gone before. Actually there have probably been thousands of thongers before you, and one may have left half an hour before you arrived, but if you see no one thonging when you arrive be the first one that day, and be confident and visible.
Thongsc #104

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/03/2011 03:53:15Copy HTML

----------Original Message------------

"which in most places is not against the law".

I was not talking about the red-neck states like you live in, but in blue states where wearing a thong IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW. 

The thread is about the beach in New Jersey, where I believe thongs are legal, not so much a  red-neck state like yours.

JM - You are correct, I don't konw if thongs are illegal on NJ beaches, as I have not been on a NJ beach in about 20 years since I took my dumb Princeton Redneck butt from NJ to SC for college...  But what I do know is that up until 3 years ago Speedos were illegal to wear on Cape May Beaches and, to the best of my Redneck ability, not illegal on other NJ beaches...  So I'd think, again using my dumb Redneck abilities, that each town may have different laws about thonging along the NJ coast.  So as I said in the deleted post, before openly thonging on a beach that is not known as a "safe haven" for thonging, be aware that unlike getting a fine for speeding you may possibly wind up on the Sex Offender Registry for the rest of your life...  I realize that this does not agree with your 'thong freely wherever you want and to heck with others' attitude, and for that I do appologize.  I was under the impression that this board was for everyones opinions, even my Redneck opinions, on the subject of thonging, not just those that are in line with your thoughts/views on thonging....
JM_Runs #105

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/03/2011 03:58:34Copy HTML

"Speedos were illegal to wear on Cape May Beaches"  I don't think such a law would withstand a serious challenge.  I mean, a speedo on men is the exact same amount of coverage or more than on 50% of the women's bottoms. 
Thongsc #106

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/03/2011 04:13:53Copy HTML

Whether it would withstand a serious challenge or not that was a law up until 3 or so years ago in Cape May NJ.  So basically at the time if you wore a speedo in Cape May at the time you were breaking the law and could be charged/fined for it, as you would have been breaking the law and have to pay whatever consequences that came along with it.  Its since been changed of course.
Maxtlatl #107

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/03/2011 01:42:44Copy HTML

Thongsc seems to just make stuff up. As far as I know speedos have never been illegal in Cape May, and I generally keep an eye on such things

And he also keeps making the claim that one could end up on the Sexual Registry for life. The relevant section of the New Jersey statutes is section "2C:7-2  Registration of sex offenders; definition; requirements; penalties." The crimes for which one has to register are "Aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual contact, kidnapping pursuant to paragraph (2) of subsection c." That's it. Not public nudity.

Yes, you are entitled to your own opinion. But not your own facts.
lindros #108

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/03/2011 01:50:50Copy HTML

Actually, ThongSC was correct about the speedos being banned in Cape May for a period of time. Here's the link from USA Today:
Maxtlatl #109

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/03/2011 02:04:47Copy HTML

Yeah, I googled too late.
BeachBum413 #110

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/03/2011 03:00:37Copy HTML

I read the article and found that it really biased. Only the folks that are in super shape should wear Speedos - let along thongs. They should all go to a nude beach for a week and then see what the average guy or gal looks like. The whole idea that it's OK for guys to go topless and gals can't or that only the super fit young folks should wear Speedos or thongs etc really is discriminatory. According to this idea once you are over 30 then you had better wear board shorts below the knee - oh and a shirt too - don't want to get cancer. Maybe you should just stay home so that the beautiful folks can enjoy each other on the beach. This whole thing gets me upset and it a common thing in our screwed up US society. Oh and make sure that the kiddies don't see your buns in a thong (remember we must be family friendly). They should all go to a nude beach for a week and then see what the average guy or gal looks like. The whole idea that it's OK for guys to go topless and gals can't or that only the super fit young folks should wear Speedos or thongs etc really is discriminatory. According to this idea once you are over 30 then you had better wear board shorts below the knee - oh and a shirt too - don't want to get cancer. Maybe you should just stay home so that the beautiful folks can enjoy each other on the beach. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy looking at beautiful folks too, but that’s not the point. In reality there old rule of letting guys have the beach on some days and gals on others is better, if they let them where what they want. This whole thing gets me upset and it a common thing in our screwed up US society (not so much in other countries). It kind of goes along with the dumb TV show rules. I watched a torture/killing on Criminal Minds and a rape on Law and Order last night -that's good TV -- but don't show a nipple (remember Janet Jackson) - that's bad. Maybe we’ll grow up someday. Sorry I just had to rant on this one
Thongsc #111

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/03/2011 05:37:35Copy HTML

Yes MaxT, you found me out, I make stuff up to support my random thoughts...  My bad, too bad you didn't google what you thought was my BS first.

And its also BS that one can possibly wind up on the Sex Offender Registry for life.  I believe what you are paraphrasing is what will get an offence placed on the list that will automatically get you placed on the offenses list that are made available to the general public on Internet Registry.  Not all offenses are placed on the Internet Registry due to the severity of the offense.  Indecent Exposure/ Public Indecency can get you placed on the National Registry, which won't be made available to the general public, but will probably show up if someone does a background search as well as made available to your local authorities.  So thanks again for calling me out for my made up theory on the subject. 

I'm just saying before you decide to break barriers and thong freely wherever you want, if you are not 100% sure of what is considered by local law to be Indecent Expsure, use discretion to avoid possibly being placed on the Sex Offender Registry.  Is it right to be placed on the list for thoning?  In my opinion no, but since I don't control local laws I'll continue to use discretion when I thong in areas that I'm not sure of what the law may be.  The SOR is one list that I personally don't want to ever be part of.  And thonging freely isn't worth the risk, again in my opinion.
Maxtlatl #112

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/03/2011 06:51:10Copy HTML

Not a paraphrase. That's what those little quote signs were for. I was quoting the statute. Here's the New Jersey statutes: http://tinyurl.com/4z34d4q . If you claim that public nudity will get one put on their registry, please point out the statute. Regarding the national sex registry, that is just a compilation of each state's registry, so if NJ won't put you on it for thonging, you won't appear on the national one, either.

I've also searched for any sort of prosecution in Cape May for that speedo rule, and not found it. Maybe you can do better.

I've been thonging for a very, very long time (including 8 years on the Jersey Shore), and your fears are quite paranoic. There are a few places where thongs are illegal (e.g., Florida State Parks, Indiana), and there are a few states in which public nudity might get you placed on the registry (I don't remember off the top of my head which ones those are), but it ain't New Jersey.
JM_Runs #113

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/05/2011 05:59:33Copy HTML

When we whent to SeaSide Park, NJ the first year, first thing I asked the desk clerk at the hotel we were staying at, was if thongs were allowed on the beach. He smiled and kinda chuckled while saying, " yeah, sure, no problems here". It is always smart to ask before tearing down to the thong, as the only thing worse than beeing harrased for wearing the thong, is beeing arrested, and harrased for wearing the thong.
nicksthong #114

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/06/2011 03:35:24Copy HTML

 Wow, I came in on this one late, but all I have ever worn on Cape May beaches for the past four years are speedos and thongs: Bikinis of various sizes and styles on the main beaches of Cape May, and thongs of equal variety on the secluded south eastern stretches of the cape (Higbee and Sunset).I have really never received any flack about any of my suits, but I was usually with my wife. 
peterjde #115

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/12/2011 05:47:33Copy HTML

I regularly went to Cape May during the 1990s.  Everytime I went I saw men wearing speedos.  It may have been illegal to do so, but the law was definitely not being enforced.  I never saw more tha a few thongs during that time, and they were always worn by women, and usually away from the main "family" area of the beach.
upthecrack #116

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/13/2011 08:18:50Copy HTML

Back to the whole swim brief wearing thing.  It really is monkey see monkey do.  I find that so many guys want to wear a brief but fear they will be made fun of or look foolish.  I have been there myself, still am depending on where I am.  I always find that when I take off the board shorts, there are many other guys that follow suit.  It just happened this weekend when I was on Vacation.  My wife said do it...I went first and others followed.

Kind of stupid, we should all just be able to just wear what we want and feel comfortable.  That is why I love Guinnison Beach.  There is no such thing as offensive at the hook other than sex acts of course and even many of them go overlooked.  It is not uncommon for guys to sunbathe with erections.  They dont want to get Zebra Di*k.  lol
miaswim #117

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/18/2011 10:19:41Copy HTML

upthecrack - "It really is monkey see monkey do.  I find that so many guys want to wear a brief but fear they will be made fun of or look foolish."
You are so right!  I haven't been to NJ beaches, but when I've sunned at many beaches throughout the US, on a cruise, or some resort pools in Las Vegas I've noticed the same.  I may be the first to be in a bikini (or less), but typically later in the day or perhaps the next others see someone else in the same and feel more comfortable about being in theirs.  It amazes me to see the guys at the beach/poolside in board shorts, then when they lay out the hike them up so they get smaller tans.  It would simply be so much easier to wear something smaller from the start.
njthonger #118

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/18/2011 12:53:10Copy HTML

Agree with miaswim too. Years ago I wore my bikini (Finals brand if anyone remembers!) to a College beach day at jones beach. I started out as the only one in a bikini, by end of day it turns out 3 other guys had similar under their trunks (was the 80's so those long board shorts were not in yet) and they ended up shedding the trunks.
notherbigr #119

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/18/2011 03:14:17Copy HTML

I'm not one to read too much into what I see on the beach as you just never know if it reflects general.  I will say that last summer I saw a noticable difference in the shorts guys were wearing on the beach.  Much fewer guys wearing the boxer underwear under droopy gym shorts or board shorts.  A percentage of those moved over to the Under Armour compression shorts underneath which, I suppose, is an improvement somewhat as at least that will dry a bit better than boxers.  But there was also clearly a move to just board shorts, and noticably shorter ones at that.  I will be curious to see how the trend develops this summer.

I summer in New York on Long Island at my family's beach house.  As it's a family, community beach I exercise extreme discretion when spending time on the beach.  I will, from time to time, during the weekday or other low volume days drop the shorts down to an N2N suit for some sunbathing and dip in the ocean. 
Sipper #120

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/18/2011 05:03:45Copy HTML

 Interesting post.  I received an email from Kmart--I buy Joe Boxer thongs from them.  Curious, I checked their swim wear.  They actually had a men's bikini.  It had about 2 1/2- 3" sides and came in either black or dim grey colors only.  Amazingly the caption to it was:  "When he wants to show off for the ladies he will love this soft and stretchy swim bikini."  In addition, the men's swim shorts were much shorter.  Maybe a 3" inseam, or so.  I'm hoping that Kmart does thorough market research and sees the proverbial handwriting on the wall.  I say follow JM-Runs advice, put on your g-strings and thongs and get out there and advertise what we think is the real world!  
SlidingG #121

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/18/2011 07:30:59Copy HTML

The New Jersey shore can't be any different -- after insuring that thongs would be fine at all the hotels and beaches we'll be visiting on our upcoming Florida trip, my wife said she hoped I'd dress appropriately, like the other men, and not wear thongs all the time.  Sigh. 

In response, rather than taking my stylish board shorts as a coverup, I plan to 'inflict' on her my long navy 'old man' trunks, then hope she begs for mercy.  Underneath, of course, depending on the venue, I'll be wearing anything from a squarecut down to a g-string.  Following the tenor of the comments above, dropping the trunks should work out fine, and may encourage other men to ditch their 'appropriate' swimsuits, as well.  

Since I hate tan lines, and can achieve an overall tan only when nude or in my tan-thru sliding g-strings, I'm okay settling for a speedo or squarecut, then apply lots of sun screen or sit in the shade.  Even keeping the trunks on until it's time for some serious swimming will be okay, too, whether in a pool or the ocean -- anything to keep the peace.  But the coverup will come off, that's for sure!  And down to a thong on occasion, too; that's also for sure.  
DavyJ #122

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:05/09/2011 06:46:02Copy HTML

Anybody here know anything about the scene at the NJ State Park lake beaches?  I will be near Spruce Run park for a week on business later this summer, and while I plan to grab a day (hopefully 2) and thong at the shore somewhere, Spruce Run has a nice lake which will be so much closer.  Of course I would expect to be the only thonger, but that is ok as long as I don't have any trouble.
DavyJ #123

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:05/26/2011 04:16:21Copy HTML

Update:  I emailed the State Park Department and asked if thongs were ok at the State Park beaches.  I got a very nice reply that said yes, but noted that they were not that common.  So, hopefully, all should be ok.  I will be sure to bring a copy of the email with me in case anyone questions my choice of swimwear.  Of course, I am going to assume I will be the only one and plan accordingly, but that doesn't bother me, although it would be nice to have some company.  We'll see how it goes.
underwater #124

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:05/27/2011 11:57:42Copy HTML

I was at Gunnison beach on Wednesday and had an opportunity to find out about acceptable swimwear on the street and in the parking lot for the nude beach.

I wear a micro g string from my car to and from the beach. Wednesday, on my way back to the car, a ranger was driving through the parking lot and apparently thought I was nude. He quickly turned his car around and drove around my car and stopped behind me to get a better look. Once he was satisfied that I wasn't nude he drove off. No worries!!
BaltoBob #125

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:05/27/2011 02:57:01Copy HTML

I often bring a thong to wear to the shower area.
stanpuppy #126

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:05/28/2011 01:50:15Copy HTML

My wife and I almost always walk from the beach to our car in the parking lots wearing just our thongs.   Mine is typically pretty standard (usually a muscleskins poser), but my wifes can get quite small (either a ww 457 microminimus or a malibu strings "kimmy bottom" teardrop G).  We have never had any issues whatsoever.  Often times she takes the top off for the ride home too
yogabutt #127

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:05/30/2011 09:37:05Copy HTML

I usually wear a moderate thong from the parking lot too.  When I'm done for the day, it's great to have a thong for the shower so you can get the sand off.   If it's not too hot a day, I like to be barefoot too.
stanpuppy #128

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:06/02/2011 02:00:29Copy HTML

Wife and I just returned from memorial day weekend at Ventnor beach just south of atlantic city....or...as it will come to be known...."The Bore at the Shore"  Truthfully, i had no expectations.  We were staying with her parents (age 75 and 71) and our 3 kids were with us.  Michelle was in her mommie bikinis for both days.  I broke out my new H&M top of the thigh shorts.  This was the biggest news of the trip unfortunately.  I showed Michelle the Wall Street Journal article on how mens swim trunks were getting shorter this year, and how board shorts were out.  Her response...."YaY.  Apparently, I am the only one in NJ who reads the Wall Street Journal as the shore was packed to the gills with thousands of guys in down to the knees board shorts.   My trunks were well recieved, and nobody seemed to have a problem with them.  I got no "look at him" looks or no comments at all.  It was basically a non-event.

Speaking of non-events, I took two long walks each day.  From Ventnor up to Margate and then turned around and walked to the Hilton Hotel at the southern tip of Atlantic City.   Total thong count ....0.  On the second day, some friends from back home joined us at the beach.  The wives talked, the kids played, and the other dad and I did a repeat of the walk (we had his 2 year old in the jog stroller, so we had plenty of excuses to stop, look around and do whatever we needed to in order to get some eye candy.  He was just as frustrated as me.  Right at the southern tip of margate, we saw one girl with a bona-fide cheeky suit on.  It probably cut halfway across her buttocks, but was still no thong.  I commented "That is definately the suit of the day".  He responded "I am afraid it may to the suit of the summer too".  Thats how bad it was.

WHen we returned, we saw the only micro swimsuit of the trip.  Unfortunately, It was on a afro haired, chain wearing, lost in the 80's guy.  It looked absolutely absurd.  He was walking down the beach in a tiny little nut hugger bikini.  His unit was very predominately displayed.  He was arm in arm with a middle aged women who was wearing a very conservative one piece suit.  As hard as it is for me to admit, the suit was inappropriate.  I guess that is why whenever I thong it on the jersey shore, I always wear a cover up whenever I get up to walk around.

Anyway...the trip was a total bust.   Michelle didnt thong (except for her undies obviously).  I didnt thong.   And  apparently nobody else thonged either.  Aside from micro bikini man, no small suits were seen the entire weekend.  I guess I should just probably give up on any shore town in the AC area (except for AC beach...which...why normally overcrowed with some of the lesser elements of AC society will provide an occasional thonger.

Michelle has promised me that we are taking off on my birthday (early june) and heading to sandy hook.  She said she will wear her malibu strings crystal back teardrop g-sting and no top.  I will wear one of my mesh muscleskins torpedos.  It will feel great to finally be free to wear our micro suits in NJ without looking over our shoulder all day long!!!!
jrb84 #129

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:06/02/2011 02:17:23Copy HTML

I kind of laughed at the comment about "bikini man".  Maybe I had to be there to actually see it to undersatnd, but as long his unit was covered by the bikini and not exposed, I think a prominently displayed unit is always a good thing, kind of cute & sexy at the same time, I think.
stanpuppy #130

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:06/02/2011 06:20:31Copy HTML

yeah....like i said....you kinda had to see it cuz cute and sexy are about the last two words I would use to describe it. 
stanpuppy #131

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:06/09/2011 01:40:25Copy HTML

Ok....had the best thonging experience in the last two years yesterday in (of all places)....new Jersey.  Yesterday was my birthday, so wife and I took off and took the 1hr and 40 minute drive to Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook State park.  We had avoided it for the last two years because of all of the construction which made getting to , and leaving the park and absolute nightmare.  Well...the construction is over and we had no issues whatsoever in getting in, or leaving.   After our miserable experience over memorial day at Ventnor (see posts above), we both decided to give Gunnison another chance.

First of all...the day itself was georgeous.  Upper 70's, not a cloud in the sky, no humidity...just perfect.   We got to the beach around 11:00 AM.  Not super crowded when we arrived so we got a primo spot close to the water and about midway between the two ends of the nude section.   As the day wore on, more and more people showed up and a little after noon it had a very nice crowd of people

First I will address the demographics.   Pretty even split between men and women overall.  Obviously the gay section on the south end had lots of guys, but it was balanced by the couples at the north end and (to my delight) the groups of only girls that were farily prevalent.  The "vibe" was very relaxed.  Often times gunnison can have a voyeur or "slimy" feel to it as there can be lots of cruisers or overtly sexual overtones to the beach.  This was not the case today.  The crowd was primed to mostly relax and enjoy the awesome tuesday in june.

Regarding the apparel....first the men.   I would estimate about 98% of the men were totally nude.  Of the 2% that were not nude, they wore bikini style or tight square cut suits.  There were absolutely no board shorts or trunks.  The odd thing was ....of the probably 300 men that were there....there was only one thong................ME.  I wore a black mesh muscleskins MPX torpedo.  It felt awesome to walk freely with my skimpy little thong and not have to worry about what anybody would think or say as I freely strolled the entire length of the beach.!!!!!!!!!!!!!   AWESOME!!!!

Now the ladies.   100% of the women were topless....I did not see a top on a women the entire day.   About 90% of the ladies wore no bottom (totally nude) as well.  (Side note...all except for maybe 1 or two were totally bald downstairs too).  Of the remaining 10% who did wear a bottom, the vast vast majority were thongs or G's.  There were a very small number of women who had full bottom suits on.  Yay!   (another side story...it was hysterical watching the group of 3 high school newbies come down and set up for what appeared to be their first experience on a Clothing optional beach.  All three wore full bikinis and the giggled and shyly covered as the slowly took off their tops to expose their alabaster skin which had obviously not seen the sun for quite some time.  Kudos as they spent the bulk of the day topless and had lots of laughs pointing out the guys with the extreme units (both big and small).   My wife was the belle of the ball as she stole the show in her Malibu Strings Teardrop "kimmy bottom" crystal back g-string.  She was topless the entire day.

The day ended perfectly as I walked from the beach to the shower in my thong.  Wife put on a pair of super skimpy shorts and a baby tee to walk to the shower.  We both showered in our thongs.  She looked at me and aaid, "lets drip dry", so we both walked from the beach all the way to the parking lot in just our thongs.  We walked past several park rangers, numerous workers and a bunch of beach patrons.  All seemed very appreciative.  We stayed in our thongs for the entire ride home and only covered up to walk into our house from the driveway. 

Best thonging day in years!!! Cant wait to do it again.  Wifes birthday is in July...maybe we will have a repeat!!!
yogabutt #132

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:06/09/2011 09:24:08Copy HTML

Thanks for the report.  What a great day!   I missed you by 24 hours, but it looked pretty similar on the 8th. I saw a couple guys in thongs. and one guy with a metal cage that looked like something from Koala.  There were a few biting flies but the wind shifted and they went away.  Too bad the southern end is marked with a stop sign now - I usually enjoy jogging or long walks toward the fishing beach.

stanpuppy #133

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:06/09/2011 12:07:29Copy HTML

I know.  Wife and I typically walk in our thongs (wife topless as well) all the way down to the fishing beach and then turn around and walk back.  Occasionally, she will put her top on and we will walk north. 
njbob1949 #134

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:06/10/2011 10:55:17Copy HTML

 Back in the 1990's, I vacationed in Ventnor NJ. At that time, there was usually a small thong crowd around "Lucy the Elephant" in Margate, South of Ventnor. My beachwear was a speedo style; I just started getting into thongs and going to nude beaches around that time. I have not been there in more than ten years, but from Stanpuppy, that area seems somewhat more conservation as far as beachwear goes. I try to get to Gunnison a few times each summer. I bring my bike and ride along the bike trails for about an hour (bike shorts and t-shirt) and then go to the nude beach. Since I wear a thong under my bike shorts, I take off my shorts, leave then in the car, and walk to the beach in a thong and t-shirt. Once I pass the clothing optional sign, the thong and t-shirt come off and I find a comfortable spot to sit, read, or sleep. A nice way to spend a relaxing day. I hope to get there in two weeks.
stanpuppy #135

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:06/10/2011 12:55:02Copy HTML

NJBob.  I probabaly ran into you back in the 90's at Margate.  You are correct, back then the section of beach right in front of Lucy was actually known as "Thong beach".  the Phila enquirer  officially referred to it as such in numerous articles.  You were virtually guranteed to see (at least several) thongs when you went there.  Most were on women, but man thongs were not unusual either.  I wore then every time I went, and was typically not the only one.

Well...that was then, this is now.  No more my friend.  Margate is almost all families and Ventnor is basically the same. On very rare occasions, I will spot a (female only) thong around Lucy at margate.   Basically, that part of the Jersey shore is not good for thonging.  You can do it in atlantic city and occasionally you will find company from the latin and/or russian girls who frequent the beach there.  If we do it at all anymore, we go way up to the remote sections of Longport and stay away from the shore line.  Not very croweded and we can lay out in thongs (both wife and I) without much hassle.  Not the best, but the best you can do at the jersey shore
stanpuppy #136

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:06/20/2011 01:39:01Copy HTML

I will write a report on "The bore at the Shore" part II as we just got back from Ventnor beach this weekend.  What I would really like to know, however is if anyone has any experience with the Spring Lake area.  My wife got the idea from a friend of hers to do a weekend getaway there.  I have never been to the area, but I have heard reports of some thong action in very nearby Asbury Park.  Does anyone have any feedback whatsoever on Spring Lake?  Anything you have will be helpful...thanks
dmCUbare #137

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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Stan, wife and I went to Spring Lake two years ago - spent an August weekend at a friend's shore house.  We snuck out to the beach on that Saturday afternoon, just the two of us, and left our friends back at the house.  Love them to death, but they are not the most adventurous sun bathers.  Any way, for about 3-4 hours we enjoyed the beach and surf.  I wore a Skinz thong (nothing too crazy), and she wore a cheeky bikini.  There was approx 5 or so other chicks in thongs that afternoon, largely around us, and I was the only guy wearing one.  I remember a couple guys wearing speedos though, but that was it.  No issues  - no one cared what anyone else was wearing.  Everyone just was enjoying themselves.  We dropped our towels up at the northern end of the beach (roughly only a couple blocks south of the Shrewsbury town line), walked in and out of the water a few times - really nice afternoon.  We both wore cover up shorts to and from the beach for the 4-5 block walk we had.  I don't know if I'd refer to it as "thong action" though???
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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Dude...any time you can get 5 chicks in thongs at the jersey shore...that is thong action!!!!  I was back an ventnor this week and saw absolutely nothing.   My wife is talking about going to The Breakers or The Chateau.  I think they are both hoidy toidy places that cater to the upscale crowd, so I am guessing that thongs (even skimpy bikinis) are a no no.  I am thinking I am going to send them an e-mail (which i frequently do if I am considering a new place) and ask them their policy on thongs.  I will let you know if they respond....but thanks for the feedback.  It is encouraging
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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 for the comments on this topic, it seems that some Jersey beaches definitely suck.....anyway I understand sometimes family obligations are first and we can't escape from spending the day on beaches like that.It's sad to see beaches packed with young people, with young bodies and at the best shapes of their lives, covered up in fabric to sunbake on the beach.Probably following the trend set by their idols like Snookie and the Jersey Shore crew....Maybe when they grow old they would realise what they missed.

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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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As per my earlier post.  Below is the letter I wrote to one of the premier lodges in the Spring Lake area.

My wife and i are considering a short holiday in the new jersey area and a friend of ours mentioned your establishment in high regard.   We have been on your website and we like what we see.  Both my wife and I do have a question however regarding attire around your beach area.  My wife is European and prefers to wear a thong style swimsuit if that is possible.   Is such attire allowable at your facility?   If so, is it highly uncommon and would she "stand out" if she were to wear one?   Also, as we are not familiar with the beach in that area, would thong swimwear be appropriate as well?  Any information you can provide would be helpful.

Below is the next day reply:

Thank you for your interest in The Chateau Inn.  We do not have a pool at our property.  The Spring Lake beach is a family beach area.  I do think she would be in the minority if she were to wear a thong type bathing suit.  For more information or to make a reservation, please call us toll free at 877-974-5253.

Nice response.  Doesn't really say "No", but makes it pretty clear that this is not exactly Ft. Lauderdale circa 1987 when it comes to thonging.

Oh, well!!!
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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 At least you got a reply, and a quick one at that. I've asked several times at various hotels and resorts and have never gotten a response.
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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Wife and I have given up on Spring Lake.  How about Belmar?  I know that some women thong there.  How do you think a man thong would go over there?   I am guessing it would be met with Jersey Shore Punk Ass Hostility....but ...I have no first hand knowledge.   Can anybody recommend a good thonging beach in NJ other than Gunnison????????????????????
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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 I've never looked for a thong friendly beach on the shore since I spend most of my time around my pool. I do go to Gunnison as much as possible. As far as other beaches being thong friendly, I seriously doubt if Belmar would be one. Way too many summer rentals with young board short wearing guys.
If I hear of any, I'll let you know.
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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In keeping with the 2011 trend, Margate/Ventor was a complete disaster from a small suit perspective over the 4th of July.   No speedos, no micros, no thongs, no G's basically just lots of families with the men all wearing board shorts and the girls all wearing conservative cut two piece suits (I cant even call them bikinis as they are not that brief).  Gunnison aside, the Jersey shore blows for thonging!!!
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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I finally did it!!! Wife and I had a weekend free from the kids and we snuck away to Atlantic City for the weekend.  We stayed at the Hilton.  We got in late friday afternoon, but still had some time to hit the beach.  I was fed up with the summer thus far and said "Screw it".  I put on my teal muscleskins poser thong and wife and I hit the beach right in front of the Hilton.  It was latter in the day, the beach was sparsely populated, but there were still people on it.  I layed stomach down, with my butt sticking straight up in the air!!!!!!!   It felt great.   We are really not that concerned about being spotted in AC, as most of our friends are further downbeach in Ventnor, Margate and Longport.  Even so, my wife was not confident enough to hit the beach in a weasel or Malibu strings.  She donned a full back GUESS bikini.   Anyway, it was pretty much a non event.  Nobody seemed to care, and I was largely ignored....which was awesome!    All I really want is a place to lay out and tan and not be hassled for wearing a thong.  Is that so much to ask?   Apparently in NJ it is, but today....because of the timing and the circumstances I was lucky.  I am sure if I tried it the next day (sat afternoon) I would have throngs of Jersay Guidos squaking at me all day long.  I dont need that.   The rest of the week we moved up to Longport.  It is very family centric up there so I was not prepared to thong it.  I did, however, lay out in a muscleskins poser bikini which I had specially made for me.  It has an extra narrow pouch, super thin strings and a full back (full by muscleskins standards...which is not full by most other companies standards..FYI).  It is very very brief.  So brief, my wife said to me at one point "You might as well wear your thong".   But again, proving my point about prudence....I went the entire weekend with not one single look, comment, etc.  The key was only to wear the suit laying out. Whenever I got up to move around, I put a Tulio squarecut over my bikini as a coverup.   Very risque by Longport standards, but I (and wife) was fine with it.  

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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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you tested the waters at Longport and you passed....your wife might be right,  next time wear a MS Poser there and it wouldn't make much difference.  Leave the tulios for the other Jersey Shore style beaches, the guidos over there wouldn't like it either but that's their problem.  (those guys would only approve other guys who look like them, pack mentality)

The place and especially the time can be relevant when hitting the beach.The same beach can look completely different at 11 AM on a Tuesday, to a 4 PM on a Saturday.Personally I use this criteria to plan my visits to the beach.

Most of the questions that JM talked about in the topic about the Survey about Thongs, would certainly show up on a busy day:  lots of loud kids, people drinking alchohol, people preparing food, loud radios and people littering.
Ironically the last thing you would find on a day like that is people wearing thongs minding their own business.
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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Good work, your courage paid off.  Showing others, and your wife, that the sky did not fall will help you and her on your future beach adventures.

Having no comments at all is nice, but don't spend too much energy avoiding them.  Even if their are some you just have to learn to shrug them off and laugh at the Victorians.  I think modern people are generally more tolerant than the TV and Gerry Springer shows suggest.  The squeaky wheel gets interviewed, not the quiet masses.

I don't expect complaints, but if they come I am not surprised: Some people just got to bitch about everything, from the speed of the waitress to the temperature of the coffee. 

Since I am not there to serve them ,or be an extra in their fictional movie life, I don't really care what they think.  Some people are going to be stupid and ignorant and it ain't my job to worry about their stupidity. 

Respect is something to be earned.  I have little time for criticism from people who have not earned my respect and who just I don't know.  A complete stranger calling me names does not earn respect, therefore I don't care what they think.

There again, just having the courage to do something diffrent, like wear a thong, paint a picture, do something for someone else, or come up with a sensible and rational political argument, are a good way to start earning my respect. 
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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THanks for the encouragement guys.  Actually, both wife and I have each worn thongs in AC before.   Like John Howard said, it really is a function of timing.  We used to go early in the season (june) and during the week.  Forget that the beach is less crowded then, the real issue is our uptight, upper middle class "friends" are not at the shore then, so we (mostly wife) dont have to worry about running into them.  She is completely paranoid that the talk of the mommie play group would be "OMG...can you believe that we were at the shore this week and we saw Michelle Stanpuppy in a thong!!!!".   As much as I tell her not to worry about it, she still does.  I am not from the area we live in (she is ...she grew up here and went throught school here.  We often run into people she went to grade school with down the shore) so I care far less than her.

I heard there might be a good thong spot in the Belmar/Spring Lake area.  We are talking about taking a run out there and checking it out.
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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Stan & John Howard,As I have only been to Gunnison once before, and on that one day there I did not see any guys wearing either rocket or missle thongs, would you say that they are accepted / admired beach wear at Gunnison?  Have either of you worn one there?  My wife does not like me to wear them at any of the beaches/resorts we go to (normal thongs and G's only) with the exception of Haulover/Miami Beach, where she is okay with me in one b/c she is practically naked there herself!  I advised her that I'd bet Gunnison may be okay as well, but before I wear one there with her lying there next me on the same blanket, she told me "EMAIL THE BOARD AND LET ME KNOW WHAT THEY SAY." 

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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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Belmar you may have a chance but don't waste your time with spring lake.  The best analogy i can think if is it is the longport of the northern jersey beaches.  Big money, ultra preppy and ultra conservative family beach.  think Lilly pulitzer dresses and tankinis.  Asbury may be the better bet but only a hunch.

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