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stanpuppy #151

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:07/29/2011 02:12:29Copy HTML

dmCUbare....seriously, your wife has nothing to worry about..LoL.   I wear a muscleskins torpedo every time I go to Gunnison.  It is the only place I do so, as I find them a little too extreme for my taste on South Beach.  Are they accepted....absolutely.  Are they "admired"....I would say probably not, as 99% of the people on Gunnison are nude.  THe only time anyone has ever commented to me about my missile thong is attempting to get me to take it off (i.e.  Why dont you just take that thing off, you can see everything anyway...LoL).   I save my most extreme suits for Gunnison as it is one of the few places where truly anything goes.   I also typically wear my thong off the beach, up to the shower and out to the parking lot.  My wife, who is topless all day and sports a malibu strings crystal back teardrop G-Sting when we go to Gunnison only puts on her top, and does the same thing as me.  Sometimes, when we take the convertable, she will remove her top again when we get in the car and ride out of the park topless.

Just so you are prepared, be advised that men wearing (anykind) of bottom are rare at Gunnison, as about 97% of men go nude.  Occasionally, you will find some of the gay guys in skimpy bikinis or squarecuts.  Thongs on men are rare, as the gays dont like them, and the hetero men are typically totally nude.  That being said...wearing one is no problem whatsoever.  For women, almost every woman on the beach is topless. Tops are very very rare.  The amount of totally nude women is less than men, as a small percentage of women chose to wear bottoms (i.e my wife).   I would say about 80% of women are totally nude.   Of the 20% that wear bottoms, almost all of them are thong/G (my wife always wears a G).   Here is my standard breakdown of attire for Gunnison


Totally Nude              96%
Bikini/Square Cut        2%
Boardshorts                1%
Thong                          1%


Totally Nude                80%
Fully Covered                2%
Topless/Thong             15%
Topless/Bikini Bottom    3%
snagyroc #152

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/24/2011 12:03:19Copy HTML

 I wanted to let everyone know that I have been to Higbee beach in Cape May a few times this year with no problem. Its never very crowded and there are people of various ages in various stages of clothed-ness. The only problem has been that the men greatly outnumber the women and depending on where you are you can be caught in a cruising area for gay men (just ignore them and they seem to leave you alone).
DavyJ #153

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/18/2011 06:38:30Copy HTML

I returned from my NJ trip and want to report that thongs seem to be fine on the inland lake State Park beaches.  (See my posts from May.)  I spent a wonderful day at Spruce Run (near Clinton) at the beginning of the month in my thong and had no problems at all.  As I suspected, I was the only one, and, being unseasonably hot, the beach was very crowded.  Even more so because the lifeguards had roped off part of the beach so everybody was crowded into one small area.  But all day I received many compliments and met several nice people, and never heard a single negative comment.
stanpuppy #154

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/20/2011 09:50:02Copy HTML

I have been to Clinton about 1000x.  I had no idea there was a beach there.......
big daddy thong #155

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/05/2012 05:26:21Copy HTML

  I'm going to Ocean City New Jersey  for a end of summer vacation the week-end following Labor Day.  Has anyone been there lately to report on the vibe for wearing thongs at this beach?  Just wondering if this is a thong friendly area.
Slinggirl #156

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/07/2012 10:34:36Copy HTML

big daddy thong #157

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/13/2012 03:22:49Copy HTML

 Does anyone have any experiences in Ocean City New Jersey?  I'm going there Labor Day weekend.Thanks
minimalist75 #158

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/15/2012 12:09:16Copy HTML

OC is fairly conservative so I wouldn't recommend it.  Got some unfavorable comments about a speedo solar. 
big daddy thong #159

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/16/2012 12:34:57Copy HTML

 OCNJ promotes itself as a family oriented fun beach on their website,   I will be going on Labor Day week end and I sure that this will be the last time many families will hit the beach before school starts.  Anyone know if thongs are legal in Jersey or OCNJ?  I'm not worried about negative comments at the beach from some random yahoo.  I want to be in compliance with the local laws should I decide to wear my thong.
stanpuppy #160

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/16/2012 01:36:59Copy HTML

I have posted on this topic numerous times.  While thongs are technically "legal" anywhere in NJ, the only really safe place for a guy to wear one is Gunnison.  Years ago (maybe 5) there were a couple of places where you could discretely wear them.  I have posted of experiences at Atlantic City, Longport, and Margate.   These days, I would not recommend any of them.  The jersey shore is sooooo conservative, I dont even try anymore.  If it is just the wife and I, I wear a Aussiebum square cut or maybe a large Tulio brief, but leave the thongs at home unless we are off to Gunnison.  Even wife does not wear her thongs to the Jersey shore.  We have been down there every weekend this summer and I have seen a grand total of  1 thong (on a latin girl...and it was a very big thong).  Occasionally in AC, some foreign guys wear wear full cut speedos...but that it about it.  Jersey shore blows for thongs
upthecrack #161

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/16/2012 03:00:56Copy HTML

Stan, A double Jersey Blow for thongs on the beach. Sucks
stanpuppy #162

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/16/2012 06:11:45Copy HTML

If fact, Jersey is so bad...i remember one time last summer.  Wife and I were looking to try somewhere new so we went to spring lake.  I had my thong on.  As soon as we pulled up to the beach I changed into a muscleskins bikini (knowing there was no way in hell my thong was going to fly).   Even as I layed down on my towel and pulled off my shorts, one (single) lady got up and moved away from us.  For most of the day I heard giggles and "low voices" about my suit.  Word to the wise....if you are wearing anything but calf length board shorts...........STAY OUT OF NEW JERSEY (except for Gunnison...obviously)
big daddy thong #163

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/16/2012 06:30:24Copy HTML

 Stanpuppy,It seems that the vibe on the Jersey beach is very toxic and anti-thong atmosphere.  I know that they shoot the Jersey shore down that way, so I'm sure instead of rednecks there is the guido crowd.  Is the attitude like lynch mob? or nasty comments?  evil eye looks in your direction?  I'm just wondering...
upthecrack #164

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/16/2012 08:03:29Copy HTML


Jersey is such a melting pot that you will see every type of person u could imagine from red neck to ruff neck to guido to whatever.

The 20 - 35 crowd is the worst but everyone is in on it. Most likely they will try and make you feel so uncomfortable that u leave.  Taking pictures, laughing, insults, etc.  Some women may even think it  is illegal and try to get a cop after you. 

Its bad, real bad, so judgmental and shallow.  So I suggest like Stanpuppy says.  Do not even try to thong on a NJ beach other than Gunny.

Just my advise...
mack_back #165

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/16/2012 08:39:37Copy HTML

Couldn't resist making a comment. Never been at Jersey shore but can relate. Have to revisit advice some here given me. 
Who cares what others think of you at the beach. 

Just own it with a positive attitude wearing your speedo or thong, having confidence is all you need.

 Stop caring what others are doing or watching them like your up to no good, looking paranoid with shifty eyes.See how easy it is......

My whole life of exactly what people here are complaining about at the jersey shore. That is why i choose for the most part to go to the clothing optional beach instead of a beach or pool which all have described as uncomfortable. At least ginos and ginas who ridicule our swimwear are afraid to showup at nudie beach  or are homophobic to what they believe isn't there scene.  Many people describe which i overhear at my beach seeing lurkers passing through as white trash, laughing, giggling at us.
In many respects jersey shore is common place to many public beaches around the world. The smug attitudes and thinking our way of attire has no business in general society and should be discouraged not respected only mocked.Welcome to my world....

Oh ya almost forgot another piece of advice some have given me...... Try talking to others you maybe surprised at there attitudes once you chatted....Lol... Don't assume everyone is mocking and laughing at you.. There attitudes will change once you smile and wave to there insults and incesent laughter, picture taking of you.......
big daddy thong #166

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/16/2012 08:43:14Copy HTML

I didnot know it was so bad on the jersey shore to wear a thong, sounds like a very hostile environment.  This is the only time this summer that I was able to getting in some thong time at the beach.  The only reason I'm  going to OCNJ is my daughter is performing in Hairspray at the theatre on the boardwalk.  I guess can still enjoy the musical but sounds like no go for thonging at the beach. ;~C
big daddy thong #167

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/16/2012 10:08:21Copy HTML

I contacted the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce and asked:

Regarding thong swimwear for both men and women, are they legal on OC beaches?
My wife and I are planning a visit around or just after Labor Day and We wanted to check before hand if wearing thongs are acceptable?

Here is the official response from the  Ocean City Chamber of Commerce! 

"There is no ordinance prohibiting thongs on the beach , however you must wear some type of cover up on the boardwalk and street." 

That is directly from the Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce, 16 East 9th Street, Ocean City, NJ 08226P-(609) 399-1412F-(609) 398-3932 website- www.oceancityvacation.comemail- info@oceancitychamber.com

I will be out in full force wearing a thong to the beach!  I'm not swayed the the negative beach mob vibe, I want to be legally within my rights to wear what I want.

minimalist75 #168

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/17/2012 01:32:07Copy HTML

Be prepared for unkind looks and remarks.Don' t know where you are staying, but toward the south end might be less of a problem than downtown.
DavyJ #169

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/19/2012 09:07:53Copy HTML

Big Daddy:  Your response is almost identical to what the State Park department told me last year (see my post 5/9/11).  It sounds like the NJ beaches can vary greatly from day to day and week to week, which if often the norm elsewhere, too.  I went to an inland State Park in August, 2011 (9/18/11 post) and had a great time, and Stanpuppy reported a great time at the ocean (7/19/11 post). 

So I would hope we would all not give up on NJ, as their ocean beaches are some of the best anywhere.  A crowded "family oriented" beach is not necessarily unfriendly towards thongers.  But, as most of us know, a bit of common sense and prudence is always a good idea. 

My rules: 

1.  Get there early so as not to intrude on anyone else's "space" (also helps with parking).  For a holiday weekend with great weather, that might mean 7:30 or 8:00.  For a cool, cloudy weekday, later is obviously ok. 

2.  Don't set up "too close" to anyone else, but, of course, expect others to set up right on top of you as the day goes on.  

3.  Use discretion when walking long distances on the beach, or going to the restroom, or getting lunch, etc.  I usually limit my walks to early morning or very late afternoon. 
If you want to walk in "prime time" for the purpose of "being seen" or checking out the girls, be a "Good Samaritan"; pick up trash and walk to a can, or chase after somebody's blown over umbrella, or rescue somebody's stuff from the incoming tide.  All stuff that promotes a positive image of thongers.  Have you ever seen anyone complain about a guy picking up trash, or a family object when you just saved all their kids toys?

4.  Expect to get hassled once in a while and don't let that spoil a good time.  As this thread demonstrates, a beach that is perfectly thong friendly one day can be absolutely intolerant the next for no apparent reason.  No matter what you do or don't do, you will be hassled occasionally if you are male.  So you simply need to decide that this is ok, and their problem, not yours.
upthecrack #170

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/20/2012 03:27:36Copy HTML


Make sure you write a follow up and good luck to you.
stanpuppy #171

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/20/2012 06:02:13Copy HTML

big daddy.....having 15 years of thonging experience at the jersey shore...I can pretty much assure you what you will be in for.  First of all....I dont know what you physically look like.  If you are a well conditioned "muscle dude", you will still get the snickers and behind the back talk, but most people will probably not overtly bother you, since 99% of male inhabitants of the jersy shore are punks who travel in packs (like hyenias) and taunt in groups.    If you are anything less than that, you will probably get all of the above, plus numerous "non direct" statements, not directed at you, but to the speakers posse in such a manner that there is no way you could not overhear it.  This is typical jersey protocol.  In the event that you are inclined to confront the speaker, you will meet with the passive agressive "oh..sorry...i was talking to my friends, I didnt mean for you to overhear"  Worst case, a group of guido guys will be more direct about it and chastise you overty.  

I admire you spirit.  I wish I coud be more supportive, but over a decade of experience has educated my all about thongs and the jersey shore.  Unfortunately, that part of NJ is the capital of intolerance, ignorance, and non-acceptance.   Rather than fight the trend and probably have (at best) a mediocer experience, I would rather see you head up north to Gunnison and have one of the best days you could possibly have.

I hope it works out for you...let me know
big daddy thong #172

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/21/2012 12:28:33Copy HTML

Thanks to everyone for their recommendations and input. I tend to be very stubborn when someone tells me I can't do something, like wear a thong on the beach.  I now it is legal in OCNJ. I realize the risk of ridicule from New Jersey's pack of untamed Guido population and the other ignorant punks.  I will test the waters, so to speak (no pun intended).   This is the only time this summer that I was able to get away for some thong time at the beach.  The only reason I'm  going to Ocean City New Jersey is my daughter is performing in Hairspray at the theatre on the boardwalk. Stanpuppy, fyi. I'm 6ft 5 in. & 260 pounds, I used to be in great shape and need to drop about 30 pounds but I working getting back to being lean and fit.  I would think if they are wise they won't mess with me, but you never know until you see for yourself.  I will write a post after I visit to give it thumbs up, thumbs down or just the middle finger! 
stanpuppy #173

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/22/2012 11:46:25Copy HTML

at 6' 5, 260, you will probably have alot less grief than me.  Even though I am in flawless shape and a former professional kickboxer, I am only 6 ft and 175.  Big difference
big daddy thong #174

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/23/2012 06:41:48Copy HTML

 Stanpuppy,  I really a big teddy bear, I very easy goig and laid back.  People tend to got give me grief because of my stature.  Not much of a difference if you sure of yourself and have an air of confidence.
JM_Runs #175

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/24/2012 12:33:45Copy HTML

 I spent the day on Atlantic City in my Skinz Bravura thong.  At first I just laid out, but then I got my confident.  I walked from the tropicana under Caesars and out to the racetrack by Bally's in just my thong!  Got some hoots and hollers, probably a snicker or two but otherwise nothing negative. I stayed to the back of the beach, which is usually more adults sunning whereas by the water is all kids/families in the surf.  I even, briefly, walked on the biardwalk in my thong to use the water fountain.  I passed several crowds and received hardly any notice.  When i left, i showered in my thong right next to the boardwalk before putting my shorts on.  Saw 1 girl in a thong and several rio's.  Overall a positive experience.
big daddy thong #176

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/04/2012 01:44:21Copy HTML

         My recent trip to Ocean City New Jersey over the Labor Day weekend went GR8!  We arrived late Saturday afternoon around 5PM.  My daughter was in the musical Hairspray on the Boardwalk Pier.  After we took her to dinner and she had to go back  to rehersal so my wife and I scouted to the area to get a lay of the land .  OCNJ is mostly made up of families from all over the east coast.  The range was from grandparents, parents with kids in strollers to teenagers and assorted relatives.    The main beach boardwalk area on Atlantic Ave & 8th street was very over crowded, the northern tip of the boardwalk was made up of rental houses along the beach and was more secluded wear the surfers hung out.  Then there was the bayside on the opposite side of the island, which we checked out but didnot get a chance to go there later on. The next day we pick up our daughter and hit the beach.  We went to the boardwalk area next to the condos.  I wore my old favorite blue speedo thong under my knee length basketball shorts, since I don't own a pair of board shorts.  We got there and set up in an area the was not to crowded.  I assessed the situation and decided to go for it so I took off my Basketball shorts and went down to my thong.  We sat down for a while and chatted with our daughter, I got the nerve to go in the water.  We spent a lot of time slashing in the waves having a good old time together.  After a couple of hours we took our girl back so she could catch a nap and get ready for her show.   We then went to the north tip of the beach where the rental properties are located and where most of the surfers hangout.  We set up near the jetty away from most of the crowd, this time I just went with out my shorts,  We hit the water, walked the beach and layed out buns up to get some sun.  Bottom line is no one cared or made any negative comments, both beaches had kids running around with their familes.  Most of the  people there had their nose in a book and when they looked up to catch a glance of me in my thong they went back to their reading without comment.
upthecrack #177

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/04/2012 08:02:18Copy HTML

Glad to hear everything worked out for you!
stanpuppy #178

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/05/2012 09:10:15Copy HTML

Good for you !!!!   Honestly, I have never really spent any time in Ocean City, other than on the boardwalk.   The scenario you described sounds alot like how my experiences in Atlantic City were.  Both wife and I wore thongs all the time in AC, with no problems whatsoever (just like you said..."Most of the people there had their nose in a book and when they looked up to catch a glance of me in my thong they went back to their reading without comment. "), then for some reason the dynamic changed and hostility seemed to set in.   I think one of the big differences was that you brought your daughter with you....the family dynamic makes a big difference (especially on a family beach).   Very cool report....maybe next year at the shore I should suggest Ocean City!!!usertype:3 tt= 0
PabloThongs #179

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/08/2013 04:59:57Copy HTML

 I just did a search here on the Forum and found not one post about thonging at Island Beach State Park. I have been there several times, and pretty sure that I thonged there at some point... but it would have been quite some time ago. Anybody with info or stories about thonging here - especially recently? For my money it is the best beach in all NJ... undeveloped pristine oceanfront barrier island about 10 miles long! My girlfriend and I are itching to thong at the Jersey shore this summer, and Island Beach is closer than Gunnison for us. Plus it seems unclear when Sandy Hook will reopen after Sandy...
yogabutt #180

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/08/2013 07:10:13Copy HTML

 About 10 or 15 years ago, at Island Beach State Park, I saw one woman thonging at the beach served by the large parking area.  I had also phoned once and asked about thongs.  The response was that it is a family beach, and recommended being discreet.  
I have been there very seldom so I'm not an expert, but I bet if you went to one of the smaller areas, where only a handful of cars can park, you can get away with a thong.  
Anyone else?
PabloThongs #181

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:02/08/2013 07:43:54Copy HTML

 Thanks, Yogabutt. Many years ago (back in the '90s, I think), I went there on 4th of July weekend, and could literally count on fingers and toes how many people were within eyesight in either direction. I am sure that mid-week and before Memorial Day or after Labor Day is quietest, but my gf and I would definitely thong there no matter what the crowd... with some discretion, of course. With over 10 miles of beach, there's plenty of space to choose from!
PabloThongs #182

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:03/05/2013 02:36:07Copy HTML

 Any couples within reasonable drive of NJ that would like to go thonging this season with my girlfriend and me? Thought I would start asking now before the season is upon us!
stanpuppy #183

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:03/06/2013 02:22:18Copy HTML

Wife and I always thong at gunnison as it is the only beach in NJ where we can be sure we will not get hassled.   Never heard of Island Beach State Park.  If it is good, we might have to give it a try as Gunnison is close to 2 hours each way for us
yogabutt #184

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:04/05/2013 01:30:51Copy HTML

The weather in NJ is starting to hit the 60s a little bit, and I'm wondering if there are any beach days ahead this month.  
Is Keansburg beach an option?  I'm coming from slightly northern NJ so Keansburg would be 40 minutes, Riis about a hour.  Island Beach ~75 min. And Gunnison won't open until about Memorial day, right?
Lindros, you're the Keansburg expert, and Stanpuppy is coming from the Phila area I think...  
Anyway, hi to all you folks waiting for the warm to return!
lindros #185

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:04/05/2013 03:12:19Copy HTML

When I lived in NJ I used to go to Keansburg beach a lot and wore g-strings with no problems, even did some skinny dipping. The beaches aren't crowded, especially on weekdays, and there's usually a couple of latina women wearing thongs. And if you don't want to mix with other people you can usually walk to find a more secluded spot. Also in the spring the Bay tends to be a couple degrees warmer than the ocean.

Keep in mind, however, that Keansburg is sort of a dump. So don't expect to find a beach as nice as Sandy Hook. However, it's a decent place to thong if Sandy Hook isn't an option, and on weekdays you may be able to walk to a quiet spot and get in a little nude bathing as well.

To get to the main beach take the Parkway to exit 117 and then take 36-east. Go about 4 miles and look to turn left on Laurel Ave. However you can't turn left off of Rt. 36, so in order to do that you need to turn right before Laurel onto Holly Ave and then turn left onto Laurel Avg. Once you cross over Rt 36 just continue on Holly ave until you see the amusement park on the left. You'll have a choice of either parking at the meters or there's all day parking for $4.

The main beach is right there and you can walk to the right or left to reach your comfort level.
njthonger #186

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:04/05/2013 05:53:45Copy HTML

 Not sure if keansburg will be in ny better shape than gunnison. Sandy hook will open May 1, what that means for beach access, i do not know, but they have said gunnisonnto be oen on memorial day.
mrhb2008 #187

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:09/16/2014 01:51:14Copy HTML

 Was in NJ last week to visit family & was wondering if I would get a chance to get some thonging in.  We went down to Atlantic City for the weekend and on Sunday it seem like my son and his GF wanted to just hang alone, so I went for a walk on the boardwalk to site see.   I walked to the end of the boardwalk by the amusment pier then I walked back along the shoreline.  Once I got to the mall pier in front of Cesars I decided to strip down to my Skinz Stuffit and walk the rest of the way.  I felt great to be able to relax without Levis on & take in the sun.  I believe I was foto'd by some mid westerners, but not sure.  Once I got near the condos where we were staying, I laid down for about a half hour.  Just glad I got to check off one more beach in my travels!!!
JM_Runs #188

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:12/08/2014 10:21:32Copy HTML

 Been to Gunnison and Keansburg......if you have the choice go to Gunnison. As said earlier, Keansburg is a bit of a dump.....with lots of waste on the beach. Clearly not the place to lie down and enjoy what you may be laying on. Sandy Hook is great in general......you can wear your thong on any of the beaches there. 
runner7 #189

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:12/30/2014 10:20:16Copy HTML

 Regarding thongs on the non-nude beaches of Sandy Hook, I have worn one (muscleskins micro 3/8 thong) on D, E, and the bay with no problem.  Last August I was on the south edge of D on a Monday.  Nice sunny, warm day.  I set up early with almost no one around, and it became crowded as the day went on - so those who set up near me either did not mind/care, or they valued the location more than any distaste for thongs.  I think I only went in the water once or twice.  Did not walk around other than that, though.  There were no comments made whatsoever, at least not anything detectable.  Sorry to hear about experiences of others and dim outlook about wearing a thong at Sandy Hook, but I wouldn't give up.  As some have said, it may just depend on the crowd that day (and probably just a handful in the crowd at that).
stanpuppy #190

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:12/31/2014 02:52:42Copy HTML

 Over the years I would estimate I have worn a thong on all the non-nude beaches at Sandy Hook.  Most are no problem at all.  Depending on when you go, there is usually not many people on the non-nude beaches, and thonging is not a problem at all.  Of all the beaches, the one with the big concession stand (I think it is C) is probably the least thong friendly (to men), as it gets the highest amount of teen/young males during the summer.  As is typically the case, women will have no problem thonging at any of the Gunnison beaches. 
stanpuppy #191

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:05/28/2015 01:44:55Copy HTML

 Does anybody have a status report on Spring Lake?   I know for the most part it is a super conservative and family oriented beach.  Wife and I have been there only once.  Wife wore a regular bikini and I wore a muscleskins poser bikini.  Even with that, I could feel the vibe as being non -supportive of smaller swimwear.  Then, as we were walking around, I could swear we came across a small section (down by the area reserved for surfing and back further away from the shoreline) where a woman was laying out topless, and it looked like 2 others had thongs on.  Spring Lake is a lot closer to us than Gunnison.  It would be awesome if Michelle could go topless/thong and I could wear a thong there.  Does anybody have any experience with SL?
stanpuppy #192

Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

Date Posted:08/06/2015 12:08:44Copy HTML

 Happy to bring back a good report on Spring Lake.  Since I got no response to my post asking for information, Michelle and I just decided to go for it.  She agreed to wear a her Malibu Strings Kimmy Bottom (with a matching top) and I put on a Tangaland Manbag (for those not familiar, it is basically a bag that barely covers your C&B and nothing else.  It attaches with 2 strings and is by far the tiniest thing I own.)  Our plan was to start small, and see how everything went and we brought bigger suits if we needed them.  The whole key was location.  At 90% of the beach, a thong would not have been well received (especially on me!!).  We went way up on the northern tip, past the north pavilion and picked out a spot in the area designated for surfers only (no swimming allowed). This area was about as remote as you could hope for on a public NJ beach.  But it really was not the remoteness, but the occupants who made it work.  The only people in this area were surfers.  No families, no kids.  It was easily the least populated section of the beach, and the people around us did not seem to care at all what we had on. I layed freely and frequently on my stomach, with just my G-string clad butt up in the air all day, and not a word.  Not even the requisite darting glances, under the breath snickers, or anything.  It was surprisingly nice.  When we got up to walk around, we covered ourselves with bigger suits (Michelle with a standard bikini bottom from Ralph Lauren, me with an International Male squarecut). We will definitely go back!
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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 Just to reiterate, wife and I have gone to Spring Lake 5 consecutive weekends now and the report still stands.  She has worn a Malibu strings thong, and I have worn a Tangaland manbag.  We have seen maybe one or two other women in a full thong, a number of cheekies/Brazilians, and no other guys in anything other than trunks/boardshorts.   While we do not have much company, we are completely left alone, and I have received no negative comments from anybody, even the young surfer dudes who frequent the north end of the beach.   If you are looking to thong in NJ, and don't want to drive all the way up to Gunnison, Spring Lake will work.  Just make sure you go to the remote part of the beach (Up north, just below Belmar beach).
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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 Good info. How is Asbury?
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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 Never been NJthonger.  Even Spring Lake is weird.   The main section where all the families go is very conservative.  A thong would not be well received on a guy.  I have worn a muscleskins bikini in that section once and got some looks.   The only part of SL that you can pull it off is the part I mentioned.  As long as you are near the retaining wall between northern SL and southern Belmar beach you will be fine.  Swimming is not allowed there, only fishing and surfing.  The people who set up there are not typically about relaxing with the family.  We have found the attitude to be very lax. Once time (during the week, not on a weekend) when the beach was very uncrowded we saw one girl with her top off.
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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 Been staying here at the Comfort Inn in Middletown NJ. Sunned and swam in a g-string this afternoon at the motel pool with no problems. Planning on going over to Sandy Hook beaches tomorrow. Then back poolside at the motel late afternoon.
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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Sandy Hook trip report (midweek, early September) 

It was awesome. I got there around 9am and left around 6pm. A solid 9 hours at the beach. I went to pretty much every beach and walked around in a thong. Freely. Without a care. Without a disapproving glance or unkind word. At Gunnison, I walked from the parking lot to my eventual spot on the beach. At other lots, I walked out with a thong. Nobody said anything. A few people kind of looked but it was nothing really. No one stopped to stare. No one looked flabbergasted. I was greeted with smiles or indifference. A superb environment. 

It ended up raining around 4:30pm. Then came thunder and lightning strikes. An exodus of people began. The sky was impressive: this huge, dark mass moving over the peninsula. I won't lie: at one point, I ran. Didn’t want to get zapped into human beach glass! I waited out the storm until 6. In the meantime, I had one of the beaches to myself. A great feeling, standing there alone, in the rain, in a thong, amidst all this beauty. And Sandy Hook is nothing if not beautiful. The plants that grow there are gorgeous. Like Pine Barrens at the beach! Next time I'll bring my bike. The multi-use path is one of the prettiest I have ever seen. Overall a great late-season visit. And it was free.

**Stray observations**
—Demographics: None of the parking lots were full. Gunnison might have been half-full, maybe. At any rate, it was by far the most popular beach. As far male/female ratios, at the other beaches, it was about 50/50. At Gunnison, it was maybe 60/40. That’s pretty good for that beach. A lot of girls in groups. No single girls. Different races, different ages.

—Swimsuits: At the other beaches, guys wore trunks. At Gunnison: several guys wore swimbriefs. Thick. I might've seen other suits but really nothing stood out. Women were pretty much all nude. Some of the younger girls only went topless; they didn't remove their bottoms. However, I was not complaining. I was likely one of the only people in a thong. 

—Stalking: I had left Gunnison and was on the way to another beach. At some point on route, I had the sense that I was being followed. You know that vague, creepy feeling? Well, I had noticed a black Audi SUV was matching my speed. ....and then matching my movements. I would make a turn; he would make the same turn. I would do a random U-turn; he would follow behind. I would quickly turn into a parking lot; he would follow me into the same parking lot. ...and follow me when I quickly exited. It was really disconcerting. Nobody likes being stalked. 

—Isolated creepiness: Around mid-morning, an older, gray-haired gentleman set up near me, after I had arrived. What was odd was that he positioned his chair perpendicular to the ocean: side-view of the ocean/ head-on view of me. I found that uncomfortable. You don’t really see that on clothed beaches: people generally sit facing the ocean. I guess he had other scenery in mind. I picked up and moved to a new spot. I should mention another isolated instance about another man: around 9am, a man seemed to be "hanging out" around the bathrooms. Not doing anything, just leaning against the wall inside. He was wearing what appeared to be some kind of S&M getup. I don't know. Kinda weird vibe, you know?

—Smoking on the beach: A strong cross-breeze carries smoke everywhere. Sometimes it's hard to escape/ difficult to predict where a smoke-free spot will be. That smoking is still permitted is disappointing.

—Accessibility: Once again the walk to the beach at Gunnison was difficult. They should extend the carpet/ mat out much farther. If only for the sake of accessibility. It's not the distance; it's the walking on deep sand. That's difficult. The carpet extends roughly 600ft—1/3rd of the distance to the ocean.
—Hurricane recovery: Doing well. The beach near lesser-used, roped-off areas is still strewn with trash. Smaller items.
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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 Thanks for the comprehensive review! Hope to get to Gunnison next week, weather looks promising!
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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Was in Belmar on Thursday and saw 2 young women in thongs, one of them in a shop near the beach.
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Re:Thongs on Jersey beaches ( New Jersey )

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Will be staying in the Renaissance Woodbridge next week. No car, but the hotel will drop me to the train station. Anywhere I can get to that is thong-friendly? Thanks all.
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