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Date Posted:11/13/2004 03:27:35Copy HTML

Did anyone else see the first episode of "the $25 Million Hoax"?The show premise is somewhat interesting, letting family members get envious of a young girl who "won" $5million and will (in the set up) go on to win $25 million in a contest. She is in on the hoax and has to spend money only on herself, she can't buy anything for her family out to the money the producers give her.The subject is a 20's girl who's pretty cute. She's always wearing low slung jeans and flip flops with tank tops. They took her shopping and showed her trying on different outfits. One was a skirt that was low slung, but the back of it seemed to have a cutout in the middle that showed the T of her thong underwear, a dark blue standard thong.Has anyone else seen a skirt or pants like that?
ThonginMN #1

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:01/02/2005 07:44:47Copy HTML

yes I have seen similar dresses for club outfits and BDSM vinyl outfits for swingers parties, in addition to the celebrities on TV.
Ryan Booth #2

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:01/04/2005 12:29:20Copy HTML

Yes I've seen one. It was back in 2000 at the Liverpool night club called Cream. The skirt had quite a large cut out so that the " T " was on show. I didn't get a close up view as the club was filling up but it did look to be pretty revealing. As ThonginMN says a clubwear or fetish supplier would more than likely stock these kind of items.
muzz #3

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:09/10/2006 11:10:17Copy HTML

Sorry for the double post, on Sunday's season premiere of the show "The War at Home", the hot young daughter is having some issues with the parents and there is a daydream scene where she is a stripper mom in the future.  The scene showed her with low rise jeans and a high rise thong, looked good.

sailor250 #4

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:08/03/2009 01:16:58Copy HTML

She's shown her ass in an impthong before on the beach.

Also several episodes ago Hulk was on the terrace with Glenn and Ashley and they were sunbathing.  Glen was talking to Ashley about how they usually sunbath nude.  She said "yeah I hate tanlines too"  Hulk said "no don't do it" but Glen got up and slipped off his shorts- Hulk got up and left...they didn't show if Ashley doffed her bikini.  Brooke had said "yeah we're a bunch of nudists out here" to someone before.
fordrs #5

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:08/05/2009 11:57:35Copy HTML

missed that one where can i see repeat???
orangeb #6

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:08/06/2009 02:20:14Copy HTML

 Did anyone see the new show Miami Social.  I think it was the first episode where they showed one of the ladies in a thong type bikini.  Does anyone know where you can find something like that.
sailor250 #7

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:08/06/2009 02:26:14Copy HTML

That black with white spots pattern wide waist thong short suit is popular.  Somewhere I heard Victoria's Secret was selling them- that would explain seeing them in Miami, Vegas, West Coast.....

In my opinion more girls will go for that sort of thong at first before the smaller thong bikini.
nicksthong #8

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:08/07/2009 04:36:58Copy HTML

 Those women are REALLY annoying
tommiethong #9

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:08/08/2009 03:15:24Copy HTML

On Brooke Knows Best on VH1, the episode where her roommate Ashley wants to go green.
While pushing a small electric car with Papa Hulk at the wheel, you can see the waistline of Brooke's light orange & white thong.

** this is a repost of previous entry that was posed in wrong area of msgboard.
modelnude4u #10

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:08/27/2009 12:20:52Copy HTML

Is it just me, or is TV getting even more restrictive?  I remember NYPD Blue showing bare butts (males & female at different times).   8 simple rules showed Kaley Couco's thong on it's opening episode, etc.  My wife called me in last night as she was watching America's Top Model, and they were doing a photo shoot in Brazil.  They were modeling swimsuits, so of course, some of them were quite small.  They had the girls whole ass blurred out, so I don't really know how small they were though.  I've seen this quite a bit lately.  Any little peek of a thong, or butt crack, and they get out the blur master.  For me, it just draws more attention to it, and looks so stupid.  Did the networks all get the jitters after Janet Jackson?    
ondefense #11

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:08/28/2009 11:50:50Copy HTML

Yet, I have seen a commercial running in South Florida for Presidente beer which features several women in the background and one of them is clearly seen wearing a thong.  I think the blurring is more a function of the shows producers not wanting to face the issue, so they opt out entirely.
JM_Runs #12

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:08/28/2009 02:48:54Copy HTML

Hollyoaks star Ricky Whittle has vowed to strip down to his thong on Strictly Come Dancing.

The actor, who plays Calvin Valentine on the Chester-based soap, admitted that his body could prove to be his secret weapon in the competition when it kicks off next month.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, he revealed: "I love all the sexy Latin stuff but I get flustered in suits. If it gets me to the final I'll dance in my thong!"

Whittle is to be partnered with Natalie Lowe on the new series but will have just four hours per day to rehearse due to his Hollyoaks commitments.

JM_Runs #13

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:02/15/2010 05:43:36Copy HTML

I was watching the news this morning and noticed the excercise lady was wearing a thong on the outside of her spandex like the late 80's early 90's jazzercize women.  Here is the link http://www.azfamily.com/news/health/Chair-exercises-84389832.html
Dr S #14

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:02/16/2010 02:12:41Copy HTML

 So sexy; I do hope that styles coming back.
ardvarken #15

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:02/16/2010 04:58:24Copy HTML

Nice news clip.   Yes, I'd love to see that style make a comeback.    I remember that well from doing aerobics classes...
barefootthong #16

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:05/09/2010 12:26:19Copy HTML

 The Travel Channel recently had a lot of their "Best of" beach shows on.  I was pleased to see that they showed quite a few thongs at their "best beaches".  
maxpower1980 #17

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:06/06/2010 02:52:16Copy HTML

The Travel Channel had a body painting show on, the prudes blurred the painted nipples, but showed painted behinds with out the blur. Progress we may yet get to see bare bums become acceptable in the main stream nedia world.
thongman8 #18

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:06/15/2010 08:03:50Copy HTML

The Travel Channel is always showing thonged behinds during the beach shows.  its almost like they intentionally show you the thong wearers in the beaches. 

When ever they do a top 10list of beaches, they always show one or two thongs per beach.  Sometimes more.  I've even seen a few g-strings on that show too.

They will sometimes point out that some beaches are topless and they show a lady removing her top from behind. 

If they are at a European beach where topless is the norm, they always blur the nipples.  One thing I have noticed is that the blur seems to be getting smaller and smaller to the point that all they are blurring are the nipples leaving most of the breast exposed.  Progress!
tommiethong #19

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:07/14/2010 12:08:15Copy HTML

Was watching "Destroyed In Seconds" off of Science HD. One story was about a foreign  soap opera having a scene where a helicopter comes in to tow in a stranded speed boat with 4 passengers. As the scene progressed, the rope that they were using to tow with snapped & the helicopter went into water. With that happening, the 4 passengers in the "stranded" boat freak out which one of them was a female wearing a thong bikini.

They blurred out her backside but forgot to when they replayed the scene again.
tanner #20

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:07/18/2010 12:08:42Copy HTML

Ah, for the days of Baywatch! No  blurring of anything on that show.
 Speaking of Baywatch, anyone besides me think it very strange that such an immensely popular show(11 seasons) is not out on DVD? They did have a few seasons out couple years ago, badly done packages(seasons mislabelled,missing eps), but no more.
sailor250 #21

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:07/25/2010 08:51:49Copy HTML

Saw a piece on the NBC Today show on Sat. morning covering the Swimwear Week in Miami Beach.  They had a correspondent there interviewing designers.  To summarize some points :  Men's swimwear is where they are putting the most effort- sales were up 20% last year.  Several said "guys now care what they look like"  They also emphasized that the board shorts are out of style now.  The men's models were wearing square cuts, trunks and bikini designs and no one was laughing!  They interviewed a female designer from Sauvage about mens suits and she held up one and said "last year this suit would have been this long pointing about 4 inches lower with her palm" 

Toward the end they said "remember more Bond and less Borat" showing pictures of James Bond and Borat.

Then at the end they said "remember swimwear designers have your backside covered- or not" when they showed a female model in a one piece thong suit (yes-- with pixels- over her ass)

Say what you want but this is progress!
BeachBum413 #22

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:10/12/2010 03:45:20Copy HTML

 Last night at the beginning of Hawaii 5O there was a picture of a girl getting on a surf board and she looked like she had a Brizillian type suit on. It wasn't quite a thong but it was close. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the rest of the show so I don't know if there were other shots. At least they showed something at least resembling a thong on national TV, although it was just fleeting. Hopefully that is progress.
big daddy thong #23

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:10/25/2010 03:01:37Copy HTML

New Miller Lite Beer commerical,  A female bartender and a guy wearing a speedo.  She give him grief about his swimwear calling it a euro man thong. Typical adervitising mentality about meen wearing tight swimwear.

sailor250 #24

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:01/17/2011 02:51:58Copy HTML

No images but it's on the website in text and said on the air.  Weather people on CNN commenting on the recent cold weather in Miami said "It's so cold in Miami they're dressing in layers- they're wearing two thongs !"
big daddy thong #25

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:01/28/2011 02:58:53Copy HTML

      Did anyone catch 30 Rock on NBC last night?  I have to first say I 'm a fan of the show. One of the shows male characters drop some papers and bent over to pick them up.  Liz Lemon (Tina Fey's character) walks into the scene and she sees the guy flashing a red thong whales tail.  Her charater makes the usual anti-thong joke.  Now I have a pretty good sence of humor and I can take a joke.  My wife was also watching and laughing at the scene.  She said I have flashed my thong many times in the same way to pick something up while bending over.  It reminded me of  a old SNL skit with Dan Akroid bending over showing his plumbers butt crack.  That was in the late 70's and it was very funny skit.  During that time it pushed the envelope on late night TV like most of the SNL shows.  Now a guy flashing a thong whales tail is the new butt crack joke on TV.  Just my personal observation. 
nicksthong #26

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:01/29/2011 12:30:55Copy HTML

 Its a bad joke, the plumbers crack wasn't even funny.
I guess I am kinda sore about the plumbers crack thing.
I am always being told that mine is showing, but there isn't anything I can do about it.I have no hips, I just go straight down, and there is no place for my pants to hang than my on my backside.Therefore, as soon as they start shifting, there you go... Even after fifteen years of this, it still gets to me when I am reprimanded (because thats what it is) about my crack.
Oh wow, that was a confession...
big daddy thong #27

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:01/30/2011 06:38:36Copy HTML

Dude, Why so serious?  It may be a tried and played out joke, but if we can't laugh about wearing thongs or showing plumbers crack on TV or anywhere else what's the point.  I think just think its Ok to laugh at yourself from time to time.  I'm just saying.....
sailor250 #28

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:05/31/2012 12:59:34Copy HTML

Ass luck would have it I was able to catch the premiere of "Catalina" that new reality show on CW about the Catalina Hotel on South Beach.  Well the character development and the characters are week, the B reel stuff is the best.   One of the characters wears a thong on the beach in some pictures I've posted under south beach in pictures section. Ass I thought for broadcast TV they blurred thongs on the beach and at the pool, next week the front desk staff will talk topless on the beach.  The hotel  "owner"- ah it's owned by a syndicate- had a thong gag.  He showed everyone his idea of a pocket panty.  He takes out a ladies red lace thong and folds it and stuffs it in his jacket breast pocket like a pocket square.  (If this was cable he'd have run it across his nose before doing this)  Otherwise it's a lot of drinking....see for yourself.
jtanguy #29

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:02/27/2013 08:38:51Copy HTML

On a recent TV episode of "We the People" with Judge Gloria Allred, they had a couple on the TV show who was being sued for "indecent exposure" for wearing their thongs on their property in front of their own house.
In short - One of the neighbors was suing this "Thonging Couple" (A Male & Female thong couple) for indecent exposure and bringing down the price values of their homes in the neighborhood. (The amount I don't remember)
The woman suing who had young children in her home and in a family neighborhood, said she had called the police numerous times and she was told the police could not do anything, because they (the thonging couple) were not doing anything illegal. This woman got a petition going around the neighborhood to try and have them removed. (This was part of her evidence presented to the judge). 
The thonging couple both wore their thongs while doing gardening work and occasionally would get each other wet with the garden hose. This of course made the "Pasties" for her nipples to come off to expose her full chest. (She admitted this happening to the judge). NOTE: this couple was I'd say in their late 60's and said they were retired and she was formerly a stripper in Las Vegas years ago.
After review of each testimony, the Judge ruled in favor of the defendants (the Thonging Couple). Judge Allred said there was nothing illegal they were doing and their was nothing she could do.
So.... what's everyone's thoughts about pushing the limits with situations like this?
JM_Runs #30

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:02/27/2013 10:23:21Copy HTML

Good, we need more judges telling people to get over it. Tell people they can't expect other people to be dressed as walk on extras for their imaginary perfect lives.

If they don't like the neighbors then move out, or find something more interesting to waist their time on.  They could have made the same argument that black people letting their kids play out in the front yard decreases the value of the neighborhood, but this would be obviously discriminatory and racist.

Next they will be complaining that some teens were seen kissing on the front porch, and public displays of affection lower the standards of the neighborhood and make their kids ask too many questions.

After that they will be compalinging about the guy with the rusty van that lowers the tone of the neighborhood, for he could be a child kidnapper. 

If you want to live in a highly controlled community there are PLENTY of private gated communities where extra rules govern everything from house color, to grass length, and what day you may hold a yard sale.  These sad people need to go find one and live there instead.

briankay #31

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:02/28/2013 09:52:54Copy HTML

Legal or not, I see no reason for people to do things that are considered excessive for the neighborhood. 
JM_Runs #32

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:02/28/2013 03:25:00Copy HTML

Some people object to groups of cyclists riding through the neighborhood at night, some object to kids riding on the sidewalk, some object to kids having lemonade stands.  Just because some people think something is excessive does not mean it should be banned, especially if we are not talking about what happens on public property but in their own yard.

We have legal boundaries on neighborhoods, be it a village, or town, or city.  The local government at that level gets to say what people can't do, beyond that you can do just about anything you like, so long as you don't intimidate or prevent others from doing what they want too, or cause too much noise.

The other day I saw a nice definition of 'power'.  "Power is the possibility of being able to impose ones own will despite the opposition of others." 
The complainers wish to impose their own will on the way their neighbors dress, when outside in their own yard, on their own private property1. 

It is interesting that the sort of people who object to thongs and who start these sorts of petitions to stop others from wearing thongs generally call themselves conservatives.  Yet they are the first to shout about Freedom and Liberty when anything they value might be restricted. While the conservatives in the neighborhood may not like the way the thongers dress, if they were really interested in freedom and liberty they would rejoice in their neighbors exercise of free expression, with out the fear of intimidation.  Why are they not out there saying  "I would not care to dress that way but I respect your right to do so!"

I can see a few good reasons to allow people to wear what they want. (a) Freedom of expression (b) Diversity (c) It makes the world a more colorful place (d) Invention (e) To show kids they can grow up to be anything they want to be (f) Teaches tolerance (g) Makes people less afraid of people who act or dress differently.

The current censorship trend on US TV creates an artificial bubble of conformity that is not in touch with reality or modern trends. For example telling all the female Oscar stars to hide their nipples. This hides from the general population the fact that in more liberal parts of the nation nipples are fine, and worn with pride at expensive gala events.

This is the same sort of TV censorship, or self-censorship, that once had blacks only playing 'Aunt Jemima' rolls on TV or women only depicted as housewives even when they were the star, like in "I dream of Jeannie".  We now look back and say how stereotyped and pigeonholed. Don't you think the actors knew that at the time? 

When TV shows us a more conservative stereotype of life in America, and fails to show the diversity of people and the lives they chose to live, it makes us poorer as a nation.  It also leads to the people having myths of "this is how we should all live" because "this matches the myth sold on TV". 

If the oscars and emmies allowed women to dress the way 'they want to dress' and TV showed the strong educated powerful beautiful actresses showing a nipple or two, when they wanted too, maybe this nation would grow up and become a little less nipple phobic.

JM_Runs #33

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:02/28/2013 07:45:12Copy HTML

 To Jtanguy's comment...
While I think I've got a nice enough physique to wear a thong, just because I can, does not mean I should. The circumstances/environment should dictate some common sense. I will wear one at the beach or poolside, depending upon the beach and also where poolside is. Lol! I do consider others sensibilities, then again that is quite subjective. I got some odd stares today at my aquatic center where I swim laps daily, I think because I had on a sky blue speedo type suit. Anyway, so much is subjective, then there is the law.
I could do my landscaping in my thong or speedo but would I? No! Regardless of how badly I wanted to, that is more information than my neighbors need to know about me. Now that said, I do have the right to and that judge made the right call because unless there is something specific in the laws of that city or town, it's not illegal.  But perhaps they should use some sense and do it in their backyard like I sometimes do.
Yeah, they may be a bit on the exhibitionist side, I think most thonger are, but illegal? Nah!
Gstringing #34

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:03/03/2013 05:43:59Copy HTML

Has Anyone Seen The TV Commercial For The Atlantis Resort In The Bahamas, At The End There Is A Gorgeous Woman Laying On The Pool Deck In A Brown Suit. Looks Like A Gstring. Anyone Maybe Know The Brand Of Suit It Is?
briankay #35

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:03/05/2013 03:11:21Copy HTML

Very nice post, JM.

My point is there's what's legal and what will fly, and pushing what's legal where it won't fly will often result in it being made illegal.

We'd probably still have thongs at Clearwater Beach had someone not decided thong clad hotdog vendors in downtown Clearwater was legal (at the time) and so they should do it.
pkthong #36

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:03/19/2013 04:23:20Copy HTML

 Was watching a rerun of "family feud" on GSN last  nite(don't judge).Question was "name something some men wear and some men dont"Contestant said "thong underwear!" Of course there was a lot of hooting and hollering and chuckling, turned out to  e the number one answer!
briankay #37

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:03/20/2013 12:28:18Copy HTML

JM, you make good points and I agree in principle.  Reasonable conservatives have gone missing and those who are left are exactly as you say they are, controlling and hypocritical.

However, we have what we have, and I support attempts at incremental progress rather than trying to hit home runs.  Having the law on our side doens't mean its advisable to exercise our rights everywhere allowed by law.  Expansion of thong wearing in areas where there is some support or at least ambivelance is preferable to pushing it everywhere its legal.

It was perferctly legal to wear thongs on the city streets in Clearwater.  But when people decided to have thong clad hot dog vendors on the streets, that resulted in an over reaction that resulted in thongs not only being banned from the streets but on the beach itself.

Although there was clearly inappropriate acitvity at Fort DeSoto - non-descreet nudity and sex acts - that, because they occurred in areas used by thongers resulted in all thongers being targeted, its also clear that Beachfolks pushing the envelope on where he wore thongs was at least part of the motivation for an attempt to outlaw thongs in Pinellas County parks.  Clearly there was not enough minority support, or even ambivalence, to make touring the historical fort site in a thong acceptable.

In some neighborhoods it would be acceptable for a person to sun in their backyard wearing a thong.  Its possible that in the same neighborhood, wearing a thong while cutting the grass wouldn't be acceptable.  I would not do either in my neighborhood.  In my neighborhood, its unusual for men to not wear shirts, even in mid summer.

Bottom line is, acceptability ususally trumps the law.  No law requires that men wear shirts in my neighborhood, but they do.  At the same time, its a zoning violation to park your car in your yard, yet people do it, with no penalty.  (Officially, they're supposed to construct a parking pad if they need additional off street parking.)

This isn't intended to be critical of what anyone here does in situations where I don't know the local standards of acceptability.  I'm only pointing out that pushing the envelope is something to do where there's a good chance of acceptance.  Go for the singles, not the home runs.
JM_Runs #38

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:03/25/2013 02:04:42Copy HTML

 Just finished season four of Breaking Bad.  There was one scene at a pool party with women in thongs/strings and another at a house party.
JM_Runs #39

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:04/01/2013 10:59:45Copy HTML

 Season three of Walking Dead: Adrea's fantastic, thonged, posterior as she gets dressed after sex!
JM_Runs #40

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:04/02/2013 07:47:49Copy HTML

 Here's the video:
JM_Runs #41

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:04/19/2013 02:22:42Copy HTML

Niki Manaj- stood up tonight on American Idol to greet Paula Abul and her shirt showed her stomach and the straps to her thong- g-string
mtrider #42

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:04/19/2013 02:44:00Copy HTML

Here is the clip of Nicki Minaj's g-string showing on American Idol:

mtrider #43

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:04/20/2013 04:29:18Copy HTML

Better clip of Nicki Minaj's g-string showing on American Idol::

kohler1977 #44

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:04/29/2013 10:42:19Copy HTML

I was watching southbeach tow on true tv, and when they showed a picture on southbeach, they covered up a young ladies booty, obviously wearing a G-string. There slogan is reality and true coverage. What is wrong with this?
Thongmad #45

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:05/01/2013 11:14:34Copy HTML

And for Aus TV...Bondi Rescue - they are always showing the thong/g wearers on the beach!
sailor250 #46

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:06/15/2013 01:22:13Copy HTML

This Kraft salad dressing ad campaign with the guy ripping off his shirt is going forward with him lying nude on a picnic blanket, rapped over his privates.  We're seeing that male cheesecake in ads is attractive to females- despite this mom's group....which is probably sponsored by the ad agency anyway!

sailor250 #47

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:06/15/2013 01:25:12Copy HTML

Oh here's a clip of Conan's show with Coco discussing her ass and her thong

sailor250 #48

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:06/18/2013 01:35:38Copy HTML

Wow Miss Bum Bum TV show in Brazil puts the pop in popular! 

Thong_Flasher #49

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:06/24/2013 01:01:33Copy HTML

 Eric Young (wrestler) was wearing a thong during Impact Wrestling last week. He had jeans and a shirt on and was rolling around with a female wrestler, flashing his black thong in the process.
sailor250 #50

Re:Thongs on TV

Date Posted:10/07/2013 09:40:39Copy HTML

A GNP streaker at the President's Cup Golf tourney this weekend, in a red G string and tape pasties waving old glory!

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