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Date Posted:05/06/2006 10:22:57Copy HTML

Seems a certain American Idol contestant wore a tight fitting high slit yellow dress the other night and when walking around singing the slit exposed the front of her panties. Somewhere an analysis of the frames and view of the back revealed it to be a thong. I'm not a CIA Photo Analyst but it almost looked like you could see her left areola peeking out too!They're calling it a "wardrobe malfunction" but I think that dress functions just fine! performed it's function on a lot of men watching!
Gstringing #1

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:05/06/2006 01:56:38Copy HTML

Any pictures posted somewhere of these wardrobe malfunctions? would love to see since I dont watch American Idol.
NoVAThonger #2

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:05/06/2006 07:52:08Copy HTML

jordonl_1999 #3

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:05/08/2006 07:53:56Copy HTML

Oh, yeah, she's tasty. And I don't think that was a malfunction at all, either.
sailor250 #4

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:05/31/2006 07:46:08Copy HTML

Saw this show on Discovery Channel about Land Divers in Bunlap and the native men wear these sheaths that are very much like Dore missile swimsuits.  They are a waist band with a penis sheath and no "ball room"- but the sheath is held out horizontal by the waist band.   They were working to build jumping towers.  This is their only everyday clothing- just cover the penis.  They didn't say much about the clothing but some kids were naked, women wearing only grass skirts.  The tribes want to stay that way- don't want Western influence.
TDStorm #5

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:05/31/2006 10:46:19Copy HTML

As they should have the full right in doing. I don't think people should be forced to wear clothes, unless it's an establishment which says yea you have to, or you have to cover the seat. Clothes are not natural.
barefootthong #6

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:05/31/2006 08:32:15Copy HTML

There is a whole series of shows about this tribe. My wife and I watched a couple of the shows just last week.  I think its great that they are showing the men wearing the penis sheath and the women topfree on national TV without any smudging out of certain body areas.  Maybe some day when the travel channel shows nude and topfree beaches they will not smudge out certain areas as well!  At least most networks now feely show thongs.
showoffmark #7

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:06/09/2006 07:40:11Copy HTML

Has anyone else seen the "What Not to Wear?" episode on on women's underwear? It was available "On Demand" and I just finished watching it. While they were very positive about women wearing thongs, when the fellow who is a host admitted to just owning a thong ( a gift from a designer) the women lauughed and squeeled their displeasure. At the end of the show, again positive remarks about a women wearing a thong and not having a panty line, but when the host showed he was wearing his thong in their honor, the other host (female) and the guests acted as if he was doing something terrible. Quite the double standard. 

  I'm sending a note to the show and think others may also want to let them know they make no sense. If it is comfortable and appropriate for women, why not for men?



Kimmy3 #8

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:06/11/2006 02:32:05Copy HTML

I can understand if it was a scripted show how you might get some sort of response.   (They might try later to have a script that is more sensitive to the thong wearing male community LOL)  But this show is an unscripted reality show that has people's reactions that are spontaneous. 





sailor250 #9

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:06/18/2006 05:14:13Copy HTML

On VH1 there's a new season of "My Fair Brady"  I haven't seen any of the episodes but the promos show among other things Andrea in an aqua G string suit with Chris kissing under a waterfall- I take it on their honeymoon.


Also has anyone seen the billboard that was up in Las Vegas for I've forgotten which "caberet" men's club--it's across the street from the HardRock Hotel.  Anyway it shows a female hand with a 3 D g string dangling from the fingers and says "Have you seen my thong?"

sailor250 #10

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:06/27/2006 07:00:13Copy HTML

Well, this stands as a non mention of a thong.  You'll see what I mean:


Anyway I caught on TV an interview with I think it was  Kate Beckensdale, who plays in the new Superman movie.

They asked her about a dress she recently wore.

She said "I was getting into the car outside the hotel and I didn't know there was a big slit in the dress and a big gust of wind came along and I'm bareassed in front of the Four Seasons"

sailor250 #11

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:07/02/2006 07:42:39Copy HTML

Check out some of the latest episodes of My Fair Brady on VH1.com  Adrianne has some great photos in the lingerie photo shoot gallery...including a tiny g string over her jeans and some other great shots.


Thongs on American TV!

Ex_Member #12

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:08/20/2006 10:57:05Copy HTML

There's an (older) episode of Mythbusters on Discovery/TLC where they are re-creating the myth of someone getting vaccum-adhered to an airline toilet seat. To produce a model of a butt for the experiment, they have build-team member Kari Byron wear a skin-tight white bodysuit so they can laser-scan her rear. She's quite a babe and has a rather fine posterior. When she's bending over to be scanned you can plainly see her thong underneath. Very sexy!
Rhodesthong #13

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:08/21/2006 04:47:19Copy HTML

There's a pic here!

Ex_Member #14

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:08/21/2006 07:21:09Copy HTML

Drool, drool.
Ex_Member #15

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:09/15/2006 08:29:40Copy HTML

I was watching a show today on TLC called "What not to Underwear." Basically the premis of this show is they get a bunch of normal people on, identify their fashion problem, burn the old stuff and have them buy new stuff. I was amazed when they recommended thongs for the first girl! She was really anti thong because she thought it would be too restrictive and uncomfortable. However, after she tried one on in the store, she exclaimed "I'm not buying one thong! I'm not buying two thongs! I'm buying millions of thongs" and held up a whole armful. The hosts were very supportive as well. No discussion of guys in thongs - but it seems that lately all the "fashion guru's" have been trying to push anything but thongs onto women. I'm very happy to finally see a fashion show pushing thongs again.

Update: The show is hosted by two people, a guy and a girl. At the end of the show, the guy revealed he was wearing a thong! The three guests (all women) laughed a little, but didn't freak. The other host though didn't seem to approve - which is a little dissapointing.
scthngbttm #16

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:09/15/2006 12:37:10Copy HTML

Ill have to watch the "what not to underwear"..... its coming on again at 2am on saturday sep 16.   Of course being TLC it will probably be on five times this weekend. gotta love cable for missed shows!

I had a video somewhere of one of the olsen twins on the ABC family channel show they did.... (when they were older, not from Full House)... one of the girls is talking to an adult woman, and when she turns to get out of the seat, the camera is from the side, and you can very clearly see the thong (sort of a triangle-backed V-string) sticking ou of her jeans. Whoever captured it even slow-moed her getting up, so its really obvious.

pretty funny they didnt catch it before it aired....im sure disney wouldnt have allowed it.

sailor250 #17

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:11/04/2006 08:16:49Copy HTML

On the NBC sitcom "30 Rock" this week their foxy young assistant was causing some distractions for the show writers.  They opened the show with the writers meeting and the assistant working on a chart on the wall while wearing low rider jeans and a string thong quite visible.  They asked her to get them lunch and she's looking around on the floor for her shoes, and they showed her ass and she had rips in her jeans in the backs of the thighs.  She couldn't find them so they just told her to go barefoot so she said "OK' and pranced off.  Part of the story line was her distracting clothing.
sailor250 #18

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:11/29/2006 08:23:24Copy HTML

Well I saw it on TV but it's about a movie. "Turistas Go Home" is a new horror movie coming out about some college kids going to Brazil for the beaches and getting in trouble.  The movie trailer shows several girls running around in barer than rios/ wider thong bottoms.   It's probably on the net too.


 In the TV ad the one girl says to the others "oh no I must have left my top in Rio, mind if I go topless and everyone says NO" 

I think they're looking for the frozen American winter audience to go to a Brazil beach flick and see bare chicks and dudes.

sailor250 #19

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:12/18/2006 11:18:58Copy HTML

Lisa Loeb on E! TV walking around in a thong


sailor250 #20

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:12/18/2006 11:21:38Copy HTML

Brooke Hogan, thong pulled by her brother!


koordje #21

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:12/20/2006 02:33:15Copy HTML

In belgium, big brother VIPS (with famous belgian poeple) gave some nice little movies with full exposure of thongs. I've been able to watch them on television and enjoyed them a lot, but for those who missed the show or for those that can not watch belgian television, you find the internet-links below.



greeting from a belgian thong fan


ajm22 #22

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:01/07/2007 12:08:54Copy HTML

Friday's "Las Vegas" showed a scene where the girls in the show has to find another way to keed these old ladies that were guests of the Hotel entertained besides the toplessness that the ladies were showing in the pool area, so they put these ladies in a room and that male stripper doing there thing. The Strippers had on thongs and the show shied a good portion of the dancing and male rears. Approx 1 and a half minutes in total. I was impressed.
tommiethong #23

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:02/12/2007 03:03:25Copy HTML

In VH1's Surreal Life Fame Games - "V" for Variety episode, during the "B-List" teams on-stage performace, Traci Bingham  

wears a glittery one piece show girl outfit with thong back to it.

sailor250 #24

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:03/01/2007 08:53:51Copy HTML

Here's a little piece from MSNBC on men's underwear...talking about Wall Street type guys in thongs and  underwear acting like "wonderbras" for guys stuff!


sailor250 #25

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:03/01/2007 09:22:50Copy HTML

On VH1 best week ever they have a clip about  "I Love New York" show and "Mr. Boston" couldn't get a thong to fit right.  "best Week Ever act 3"  They showed him trying to get his "junk" straight in the thong. 
sailor250 #26

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:03/01/2007 09:32:18Copy HTML

For comedy this is the best.  From the British version of TV "Office" the girls try to "out thong" one another


sailor250 #27

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:05/11/2007 08:16:54Copy HTML

Here's an audition for the new North America Naked News.  Looks like not everyone is bald....look at the thong tanlines in some pictures.



sailor250 #28

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:10/18/2007 11:14:57Copy HTML

Anyone catch that new show on MTV "Shot at Love"?  Well in the first episode they had guys as well as several girls in thongs. A couple girls wore g strings to the pool party.  At first guys made fun of one guy in a speedo but before long another is wearing a bikini pulling it between his cheeks.  The highlight is when she has the girls do pushups and they have an overhead view!  The show looks stupid otherwise.


sailor250 #29

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:01/01/2008 07:36:30Copy HTML

music video with lots of thongshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8pvHTbXxgs&feature=related here they just use body paint- ah the Frenchhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t92B-K3PcIQ&feature=related
sailor250 #30

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:03/09/2008 01:54:56Copy HTML

Comedy video of candid thong beach artist

GymThongGuy #31

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:04/19/2008 03:17:27Copy HTML

Anyone ever see the show "Suddenly Susan" ? It starred Brooke Shields and in one episode you see two of the main male characters from their office walking up the stairs in nothing but thongs. Not that the series was worth having on DVD, but I've done a few searches for a screen cap with no luck. If by some extraordinarily long shot someone does, lemme know. The guys looked good I thought.
sailor250 #32

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:04/20/2008 03:39:40Copy HTML

i've heard that "shot at love" is back for a second season- some of the ads have shown some outrageous stuff and lots of thongs  MTV
sailor250 #33

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:08/11/2008 01:16:33Copy HTML

The recent Target ads with this music reminded me there are a lot of thongs in the music video- Enur  many views in the 2 min and on...

sailor250 #34

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:08/11/2008 01:27:29Copy HTML

Here's a music video set in an aerobics class- instructor wearing one piece thong-no tights--very good thong exposure


they'd wake me from the dead with that thong

sailor250 #35

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:08/17/2008 08:40:02Copy HTML

New episodes of Brooke Knows Best on VH1 have some thong sightings.  In episode 2 with Brooke living in a Collins Ave. condo on southbeach her mother Linda comes to visit and they go to the beach- Linda of course wears a thong (blue) (no TNT yet)
bonitasprings1959 #36

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:08/18/2008 11:44:07Copy HTML

I seen that episode of brook nos best, and it looks like brooke suits are getting closer to a thong all the time, but looks like the booty is getting wider by the minute.
s.turner #37

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:08/19/2008 07:57:53Copy HTML

 Hummm... for those music videos it says "This video is not available in your country." I didnt think Canada had any laws like that.

What pain...oh well. i'm sure they're good!
sailor250 #38

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:08/21/2008 10:42:29Copy HTML

probably copyright laws-some music sampling issues
sailor250 #39

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:09/21/2008 11:17:40Copy HTML

Here's a highjumper on a tv show demonstrating her skill and her G string!
sailor250 #40

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:09/29/2008 12:11:32Copy HTML

thongs on exercise vids some are old,  theyre not wearing tights!
one they're wearing thong bikinis! most one piece1

in water excerise system in a thong
bajaflyer #41

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:11/12/2008 12:42:37Copy HTML

I was just watching an episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation, called "Justice". There aren't any thongs, but the "clothes" that the "alien"s were are quite revealing. Thin, unlined fabric. Swim-suit like, men and women. The backs are like wide tangas, split at the sides to the waist. Very erotic, but would be fashionable today.
sailor250 #42

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:11/13/2008 01:06:18Copy HTML

Here's a work out video in a thong
sailor250 #43

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:11/13/2008 02:24:52Copy HTML

Big Brother Brasil- of course they've got lots of thongs, here showering in thongs- around 5:50 she really starts cleaning up
sailor250 #44

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:11/14/2008 11:54:43Copy HTML

South American talk show with Lingere segment- all thongs.  Can you imagine seeing this on Good Morning America???

South American Lingere show- como se dice- todos thongs

South American ad for Reef Girls- lots of pool and water

sailor250 #45

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:11/16/2008 02:15:39Copy HTML

Homemade bikini contest coverage on SouthFlorida Channel 6 around Fantasy Fest (ssh they're all thongs not bikinis!)
sailor250 #46

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:12/01/2008 02:25:00Copy HTML

Have you seen this infomercial for this step bike -girl riding in thong around Sobe?
sailor250 #47

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:12/02/2008 01:04:56Copy HTML

South American model shoot- nice little black G in the middle
sailor250 #48

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:12/27/2008 12:25:48Copy HTML

2 girls in thongs give dancing lessons on the beach
sailor250 #49

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:01/20/2009 01:14:34Copy HTML

Here's a Two Yupa music video she's in different thongs -the guys are too "beach dancing" is the name but she's by the pool?
sailor250 #50

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:03/23/2009 01:04:45Copy HTML

Here's a music video- basically she rides her bike to the beach in booty shorts- strips to a thong and lays out- not a bad theme

making of:
the video itself
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