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sailor250 #51

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:03/23/2009 11:38:12Copy HTML

Who's your Daddy Video= lots of thongs, TNT


Destination Unknown- thongs along
making of the video- thongs
sailor250 #52

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:09/10/2009 02:38:18Copy HTML

Lots of thongs -nice swimming pool in music video- cruel summer!
Sailboat party- thongers show up at 2:20

sailor250 #53

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:09/10/2009 07:26:59Copy HTML

A couple of thongwearing girls in this poolside video
some cool thong lingere dancing scenes in this music video
a few thongs make their way into this music vid
in typical Miami style there are thongs under their skirts! Pitbull music video
this girl in new music video doesn't even wear a thong on a Paris street- no one cares-look at those hip bones! the second girl is curvier- wonder if they were wearing pastese on one or three places?
sailor250 #54

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:09/28/2009 01:12:51Copy HTML

Romanian group's music video with thongs on the girls- playing soccer
sailor250 #55

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:01/12/2010 02:07:18Copy HTML

CBS TV has a guy with whale tail underwear on TV
sailor250 #56

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:01/31/2010 02:26:25Copy HTML

here's a funny commercial from denmark with a guy in a thong!
sailor250 #57

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:02/08/2010 04:06:01Copy HTML

It's called Primetime thongs
first from the Amazing Race an amazing ass in a thong swimming with pants on!...then an American Idol contestant  cleaning a toilet? with a visible thong, then a Desparate housewife with a peeping thong
reficul2 #58

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:07/20/2010 09:47:09Copy HTML

I watched one local music tv-program and they played "Tom Petty - Into the Great Wide Open", theres one nice classy looking woman in one-piece thong! Gorgeus!


Thong shown approx.  @ 1:40 -> 2:06
fitfreak823 #59

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:07/22/2010 08:10:43Copy HTML

 The girl from the Tom Petty music video is actress Gabrielle Anwar, who currently plays on a show called Burn Notice

sailor250 #60

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:02/18/2011 11:49:52Copy HTML

here's a Mexican TV show Bikini Poker

sailor250 #61

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:03/18/2011 02:37:16Copy HTML

TNT chicks filmed on southbeach end up in rap video and are suing!
sailor250 #62

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:05/30/2011 07:17:47Copy HTML

Just saw this Pepsi commercial the other day.  Sofia has a one piece thong on- on US TV we're seeing her thong ass through her transparent coverup  check out 0:20
it's not like she doesn't regularly wear them on TV in Columbia!  it's just we don't get to see them
sailor250 #63

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:07/16/2011 08:47:16Copy HTML

some videos of a nice teardrop on her
another tiny teardrop
lime microkini
suspender g string


here's a 'overklit' design on the beach
an italian micro g string maker
sailor250 #64

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:10/04/2011 01:39:25Copy HTML

beautiful water fall more beautiful G wearer
they should call it a polka "dot" there's only room for one white dot   that is a dot right?
JM_Runs #65

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:10/08/2011 09:14:44Copy HTML

 Argentina Dancing w/Stars is amazing.
Thongs on both of the dancers:

JM_Runs #66

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:10/10/2011 07:13:25Copy HTML

Wow, that link with the dancing was equally as awesome as shocking.  The host looked extremely uneasy. 
hotbunz1969 #67

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:10/10/2011 08:40:32Copy HTML

What a great video..... I can't see it ever being aired in north America or England or in many other counties come to that, but the south Americans however have a totally different attitude to this sort of thing...... And that's the attitude every body should have......a very sexy video. 
sailor250 #68

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:10/10/2011 11:57:50Copy HTML

She's got a history of wearing G's on TV
dancing competition with a one piece G
interview at the pool in G
sailor250 #69

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:11/25/2011 09:08:01Copy HTML

Here's a link to the new video from LMFAO for their new song "Sexy and I know it".   While there's a line in the song "..in my speedo on the beach tanning my cheeks" there aren't thongs in the video-- but this video as tongue in cheek as it is does break several US taboos.

The guys are in bikinis.  The guys are proud of their bodies.  The guys are dancing and walking shaking their packages- not hiding them. 

Check out the "wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle" at the end

XChip #70

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:11/27/2011 10:46:43Copy HTML

 Mebbe this'll help bring speedos back into mainline beach wear.  One dares to hope.
sailor250 #71

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:11/28/2011 12:00:30Copy HTML

While not a thongs promoting video it is moving speedo bikinis forward, and might be the first of a movement out of board shorts.  May show guys its not "gay" to wear a bikini.  First some tongue in cheek things like this, some celebrities then movies etc then mainstream.  Let's face it the fashion industry would just love all the guys in the world throwing out their shorts and replacing them with bikinis- think hundreds of millions of dollars!!
ithongit #72

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:11/29/2011 04:47:40Copy HTML

 Have seem four encouraging US television ads in the last week or so.  Three featured men in bikinis/Speedo type swimwear.  These were ads where the men were supposed to be "sexy" but not humorous but just eye candy (and nice eye candy at that).  In one a man and his woman friend are swimming off shore from a cliff.  As they get out of the water, the man's bikini is featured in close-ups, it has maybe 2 inch sides.  they show this quite a lot, as well as his girl-freind's string bikini, which he starts to untie when the commercial stops with a director's clap-board and the director saying "cut".  In another ad a young man and his woman are goofing around, perhaps dancing or doing some sort of exercise on a beach.  The man is in a bikini with 3 or 4 inch sides -- not all that skimpy, but still a nice change from board shorts.  In another ad, the sponsor was a resort for either Mexico or someplace else in central America.  There are three or four couples featured, enjoying their vacations.  In one scene, the man is walking his woman towards the surf, and she is wearing a very obvious thong bikini.  Haven't had much time to watch TV recently, and didn't really notice who these ads were made for (a failure of the ad company) but it is encouraging to see men in bikini swimwear being promoted as sexy, and a woman in at thong in a travel ad.  Perhaps this is the start of skimpier swimwear in general?  All I know is that it has been years since I saw four ads with people in skimpier swimwear.
sailor250 #73

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:12/08/2011 03:11:41Copy HTML

Reality show's using a Kardashian in a G string and a naked guy yoga instructor to the max claiming it broke up a marriage

"In the episode, Kim is seen doing yoga in her undies with sister Kourtney and a friend, in the couple's New York apartment. And while the 31-year-old is wearing a crop top and g-string, her yoga teacher is naked as a baby"


X factor TV show contestant wore a dress that was a little "thong thru"

sailor250 #74

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:12/14/2011 02:52:00Copy HTML

Black Sea Coast Romania tourism video/advert with thongs  two thong vis at :28

Romanian music video, dozens of thong chicks


Tan Tan Beach Club  Mamaia    Romania- thong go go girls
JM_Runs #75

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:12/31/2011 05:04:31Copy HTML

sailor250 #76

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:09/30/2012 01:38:11Copy HTML

Here's a Spanish TV show- sort of Bachelor show with tons of thongs and lesssss

sailor250 #77

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:09/30/2012 01:40:27Copy HTML

Here's Coco's world showing you her pool TNG topless n G

b21 #78

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:11/27/2012 10:26:13Copy HTML

Argentina's version of "Dancing on Ice" and "Strictly Come Dancing" My Mrs loves this version - she likes the outfits - as do I!! The producer is a genius as is the costume dept. The rest of the world should be just like Argentina!
BarelyCovered #79

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:11/27/2012 06:10:35Copy HTML

 I would only imagine the headlines here i Sweden. I would certainly watch this show :) 
sailor250 #80

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:02/05/2013 11:15:40Copy HTML

here's a tv demo of a c string

a movie scene oops no thongs while swimming

lindros #81

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:02/05/2013 02:21:11Copy HTML

Katherine Heigl in a great thong scene from 1994's My Father the Hero. Since Disney was the distributor of this film there should be no problem wearing thongs at Disney waterparks, LOL.

iloveum #82

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:02/05/2013 02:56:43Copy HTML

 She looks great.Where can you buy hi leg one picce like that. Maybe my wife would like one..
silvertree #83

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:05/13/2013 06:21:19Copy HTML

Wickedweasel sells a suit like that.  Their products aren't cheap but you get what you pay for.
JM_Runs #84

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:05/13/2013 12:35:23Copy HTML

 Shame this did not become mainstream.  Every time you see one in real life don't get creepy and go over to introduce yourself, just smile and give the universal sign of approval, a thumbs up.
sailor250 #85

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:05/30/2013 12:37:01Copy HTML

J Lo on Britain's Got Talent performs in a one piece thong and boots causes controversy for  prime time Britain viewers.( is it a thong- on freeze I see skin/tights at half way across half way up the ass crack- my definition for a thong swimsuit)

tnline #86

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:05/30/2013 03:11:16Copy HTML

Britain's Got Talent...Jennifer Lopez doesn't.   That's not a thong - just a high cut outfit.
sailor250 #87

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:06/02/2013 01:58:42Copy HTML

This guy wearing thong underwear on the UK Apprentice TV show is causing a buzz. 

Low_Strap #88

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:06/11/2013 05:55:22Copy HTML

 When you have some time to kill, watch "21 Sexiest Beaches - Travel Channel Documentary" on youtube. Search "21 sexiest beaches, long," so as to return the full length version in search results.  Lots of good thong footage. Plus ideas for vacation spots. 
kohler1977 #89

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:06/11/2013 10:32:18Copy HTML

What is going to happen, when the Summer Olympics in Rio occur. Is NBC and there cable outlets, going to show the culture on the beaches?????????????
JM_Runs #90

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:06/28/2013 03:24:08Copy HTML

The Spanish talk show way of promoting thongs ...


sailor250 #91

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:01/14/2016 01:49:17Copy HTML

 Here's a chick TNG on Bravo in pool and this guy tries to take a bite outta her ass!  they showed her and friend trying on thongs and pasties toohttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3395175/It-doesn-t-naughtier-James-Kennedy-bites-Lala-Kent-s-bottom-girls-strip-trying-bikinis-pool-dip-Vanderpump-Rules.html
sailor250 #92

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:05/05/2016 11:29:33Copy HTML

 Bar Refaeli's swimwear advertisement is "barred" on television in Israel! Didn't like the thong ass close up or the implied nudity of changing a thong.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3574623/Bar-Refaeli-bikini-advert-deemed-extreme-viewers-native-Israel-Censors-say-naked-scene-close-supermodel-s-rear-much.html
sailor250 #93

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:05/12/2016 08:59:42Copy HTML

 Brazilian TV has a soccer contest with girls wearing bikinis on a slip and slide surface. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/514947/Brazilian-women-play-slip-and-slide-football-in-bikinis-soccer-video
sailor250 #94

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:06/22/2016 11:48:10Copy HTML

 On Fox Sports the cameraman followed not Dustin Johnson butt Paulina Gretzky up the stairs on the air.  He undoubtedly saw that fine VTL thru that dress!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3651928/Fox-Sports-cameraman-fire-lingering-shot-Paulina-Gretzky-s-fiance-s-triumph-Open.html
sailor250 #95

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:09/09/2016 01:10:18Copy HTML

 On Argentina's version of Strictly Come Dancing contestant strips off thong shorts dancing with her partner GNP Gstring N Pasties  not naked as the headline reads!http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/544225/Cinthia-Fernandez-beautiful-woman-strips-naked-Strictly-Come-Dancing-Argentina-boobs
sailor250 #96

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:11/05/2016 02:22:46Copy HTML

 Hopefully we'll see this outfit again....maybe on Southbeach in the evening?  Net dress and micro thong http://www.dailystar.co.uk/fashion-beauty/559453/sexy-blonde-nipples-camel-toe-exposed-wardrobe-malfunction-live-TV
sailor250 #97

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:12/06/2016 10:12:18Copy HTML

 Here's a girl TNG shooting a video advertising a Bluetooth speaker....wow I like it at 0:49  https://vimeo.com/188425880
Here's a guy promoting a one sided thong in video      https://vimeo.com/182058045
sailor250 #98

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:02/27/2017 12:41:24Copy HTML

 Here's a funny sequence.  This Brazilian model warned the male presenter to not touch her bum while demonstrating how to rub on lotion, but he goes for it and she's slapping him! http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/591687/brazilian-tv-host-slapped-rub-sun-scream-bikini-model-bottom-Rayssa-Teixeiro-Melo
sailor250 #99

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:03/28/2017 01:03:49Copy HTML

 GNP on TV in Argentinahttps://www.thesun.co.uk/living/3189389/argentinian-model-luciana-salazar-does-x-rated-strip-in-angels-and-demons-themed-tv-show/
OK is that a hospital issued thong??https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/3189325/jemma-lucy-second-boob-job/
sailor250 #100

Re:Thongs on Television

Date Posted:04/14/2017 01:34:57Copy HTML

 police brutality victim in Colorado was wearing a thong when bodyslammed (now we know) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4408768/Body-slammed-sorority-girl-speaks-time.html
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