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Date Posted:09/12/2004 01:41:32Copy HTML

Hello all...I want to know where I can buy some mens thongs that have designs (stripes, etc..,). A lot of the t hongs that I have are solids and I would love tove to have some with stripes. multi color, patters, etc.,Thanks in advance for your help!!
AVBW21 #1

Re:Thongs with designs??

Date Posted:09/12/2004 09:22:57Copy HTML

I will definitely suggest you to buy some HOM thongs. Great fabrics, innovative patterns and colours, superb cutting which fits the body very much. You would love them when you put on them.

take a look to these homepages:



northernlights_se #2

Re:Thongs with designs??

Date Posted:09/15/2004 05:33:48Copy HTML

You could try www.heswimwear.com . I have good experience of thongs from them.
newthonger #3

Re:Thongs with designs??

Date Posted:10/04/2004 01:42:19Copy HTML

do u like angels? bruno banani have one : heaven thong . you can see it in underu.com . they have different patterns.
sorry my english.
clean_n_smooth #4

Re:Thongs with designs??

Date Posted:10/04/2004 02:48:18Copy HTML

I think the site is www.underu.com some good stuff on it. -C
justhomdotcom #5

Re:Thongs with designs??

Date Posted:11/05/2004 11:03:58Copy HTML

MarcoUSA #6

Re:Thongs with designs??

Date Posted:02/16/2005 09:11:39Copy HTML


I just got a catolog from Prevail sport. They have lots of strips, some sheer. I have never bought anything from them, so I don't know anything except there stuff looks great.

Good Luck

mtman #7

Re:Thongs with designs??

Date Posted:08/06/2005 07:31:30Copy HTML

cehilo #8

Re:Thongs with designs??

Date Posted:09/12/2005 07:43:36Copy HTML

i do prefer solid colors or the new contrast style from calvin klein. i only have gray black white and deep blue underwear. does anyone knows if ck has a thong in their contrast line?
JM_Runs #9

Re:Thongs with designs??

Date Posted:04/15/2018 10:24:13Copy HTML


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