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nicinathong #51

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:02/27/2007 05:26:16Copy HTML

hi there, i nic, 25 year old male from england. ive been wearing thongs for a few years as underwear or beachwear when being nude is not appropriate. i found this website by chance more than anything as i was searching for places where people chat about thongs, and this is the perfect place.

ive been wearing thongs and g-strings since i was around 14-15 when i became a bit un-comefortable being a nudist, probably due to the early teenage years lol. a few members of my family are/were nudists when i was growing up, and i was encouraged also to feel free to be naked as and when i wanted on holiday or at home, just to be comfortable how i wanted. when i was around 12-13 i became real uncomfortable nude or naked on holiday or in the garden at home. on holiday in germany, my aunty had found mens g-strings and thongs for sale in a beach shop and wondered instead of wearing shorts would i try one, so i did and enjoyed the support and coverage it gave at the front, as thats what i was most un-comfortable about. at age 17-ish i started waxing and shaving body hair and became even more comfortable in a thong and gradually got back into being a nudist again.

i wear thongs almost every day now as underwear, under lycra shorts at the gym and often around the house when visitors may not be comfortable with nudity. as much as i have a love for wearing a thong, i am more a nudist outdoors on holidays etc and around the garden. since discovering thongs at such an early age, its made me more comfortable with my appearance and personality as im more out going.

so in short, im nic, im a nudist and i wear thongs. pleased to meet you all
barenow #52

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:03/02/2007 08:41:45Copy HTML

Hi Nick. I consider myself a nudist too who likes to wear thong underwear. I don't wear them every day but often. Unlike yours, my family was not a nudist family. As far as I know I am the only on. That goes for thongs too. Most of the men in my family wear boxers. Boxers can be fine but I like a little variety. Sometimes you just need a little support. Unfortunately, I don't have any friends to hang out in thongs; at least none that I am aware of. I like this board because it allows me to have cyber-friends who can feel free to discuss thongs, etc. Welcome to the board.
nicinathong #53

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:03/16/2007 07:47:37Copy HTML

thankyou for the welcome
girl101 #54

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:03/22/2011 02:24:00Copy HTML

 If I am allowed to be nude then nude it is.  If it is not acceptable, then thong and topfree it is.  If topfree and thong is not acceptable, ok but I might just stay home and sun in my backyard.
mmann #55

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:03/23/2011 11:52:44Copy HTML

I would rather be nude on a nude beach.  But sometimes you want to stand out and on those occasions I like to wear a Koala swimsuit to the beach.  Being nude with other nude people you just blend in, but wear a micro string to the beach and you will get some attention. 
mack_back #56

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/08/2014 02:01:12Copy HTML

Bought the Muscleskins poser thong with 3/8 strap thought at first it was not appropiate for public eyes. Took the step of who the hell cares and decided to wear it with the shiney fabric. Suddenly noticed three people complimenting my poser thong. 
Some saying, Nice! I like it. Others "that's how you suppose wear it, you look good". Your body looks incredible in that G-string you can wear it in bodybuilding contests. Is that the thongman everyone talks about? 

These comments or big smiles saying hello never happened before when i was nude on the beach. Wore AC thongs before and classic muscleskins thong but the attention wasn't the same as with the poser. 
Difficult decision to just wear the poser thong exclusively or go nude. Or try to wear the poser at a family prudish textile beach for unspeakable attention that will follow.
Own a dore pushup thong but after a long time wearing it find i bust out of it and pinches my balls uncomfortably. 
Maybe i'm jaded can't see that a poser thong in tiny straps is exhibitionist attire that people find shocking and revealing. On a clothing optional beach many can understand and take in stride. Question that wearing poser thong near prudes will bring overblown reaction then wearing a modest thong? 

Or is the poser that many feel i'm teasing them revealing almost everything but still covered up? I reveal my bulge through the fabric people see that but the color attracts peoples attention and smiles. This time the smiles are positive as i want to get to know you. Not negative as you look silly as i differenciated many experiences before. 
With this unexpected positive attention i'm getting wearing the poser i ordered a new one in a more attention getting color. Hope this continued positive attention keeps going. Or it just might be a cyclical random lucky time for me. Knowing negativity will be coming around the corner just about time and circumstance.

Can anyone explain why this phenomena is happening? Meaning the new found attention of me wearing a poser thong rather then being nude or other clothing i wore. Just people seem to be happier with me or at least more engaging then before wearing a poser thong. What is it that wearing a poser thong in string straps that people love to see?
itanng #57

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/09/2014 11:49:53Copy HTML


Except for having a slightly more noticeable bulge, the MuscleSkin poser is not too far from being a "normal" bikini.  When you wear it with confidence and act like it's the "typical uniform of the beach", the reaction from other people shouldn't be much more than, "Oh, he's wearing a bikini" and then back to their normal routine.  I think you've changed your manner -- just a bit -- and it's resulted in getting a favorable vibe from other people at the beach!

Seems like you want "attention" and that you are aware that certain types of suits draw negative attention.  The more "traditional" suits draw neutral or positive attention.  You ordered a "more attention getting color".  If it's the same suit in a bright color, then what you will get is a few more people thinking "Oh, he's wearing a bikini" before they go back to their normal routine.  Once again, favorable vibes!

What thong-wearers need to AVOID are things like see-through fabrics and straight protruding pouches.  Those create a negative environment for ALL thong wearers.  Negative vibes!

As to nude beaches . . . it's weird.  You should be able to wear whatever you want to wear, or nothing.  Some people view wearing anything as "overdressed" and that might be what you are encountering.  On the other hand, some people go to a nude beach expecting everyone to be clothed.  Duh.  I think it's just who's there on a given day.  If nude is truly legal, then be nude and don't worry about the prudes.
mack_back #58

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/09/2014 03:46:55Copy HTML

 Thanks for the input. Have to tell you i see no difference in my vibe then before. Only answer i can think of is wearing anything makes woman comfortable. While being nude makes them hesitant to say a word. 

While i did have unauthorized photos taken of me wearing a classic string thong before on textile beach.  Had woman shout out sexy when i got dressed to leave the beach in my classic thong. 
Feel something is different about the poser 3/8 string thong i wear that people seem to like. Just like the movie The Mask, people react to me differently seeing me in the poser thong. 

Yes, i'm an exhibitionist loving the positive attention. Anticipating getting my new neon colored poser will be proof i like to flaunt myself around others. Can only imagine standing in my neon colored poser for everyone to see from far as eyes across the sea of bodies and sand. Whenever i look and notice a woman in a hot pink neon bikini no matter how far she is my eyes pick her up. 

Sure being nude i get attention. For example when i walk towards the water at the beach. Regular older nudist woman reading a book ass cheeks up stops and stares upon me with a big smile on her face. She then gets back involved with her reading once i pass on by.

You can see my predicament going nude or wearing a poser. Usually i go entirely nude showing everyone everything that i'm not shy. Later i want to walk along the clothing optional beach nude. Once i get to the border where textile beach is approaching i put on my poser walking along and back to the nude beach. 

People who i overhear notice guys strutting along flaunting wanting to be seen. Guess you can label them as 'posers'. Looks as i can be mixed into that group of exhibitionist needing attention while wearing my poser. 
Maybe something is wrong with me and many who are correct on this forum agree.
Or maybe i sub-consciously want to look different then anyone else. Sort of like the male peacock having bright colorful feathers attracting the female peacock to mate. So i'm hoping just the way i look woman will begin to chat out of intrigue for what i'm wearing.
stanpuppy #59

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/11/2014 01:10:38Copy HTML

 Wife and I go to Gunnison beach at least 3x a summer.  I can tell you with no doubt whatsoever, you get much more attention in a thong on a nude beach than you ever do being nude.  Wife and I always match our suits.  She wears a Malibu strings teardrop G-string and always goes topless.  I match the fabric of whatever suit she is wearing with a skinzwear teardrop G.  Whenever we walk, the whole beach takes notice.  Now....granted, my wife is bangin hot, but there are lots of hot girls at Gunnison.   The fact that we have matching sexy suits on gets us far more attention that we would ever get if we were both totally nude and....I know this because we have gone nude before.  We are just one of the crowd when we do that......
John Howard #60

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/11/2014 07:37:50Copy HTML

 I understand the idea of wearing thongs on nude beaches because I'm more a thonger than a nudist;  however in my opinion, most nudists might not agree.

Personally I wear a thong on the nude beach over the first 40 or 50 minutes of arriving there, but only because I don't want to ruin the tan line.  I keep to myself and lying down on my towel.   

After that I strip off the thong and enjoy the pleasure of being naked under the sun.   And apply a lot of sun screen lotion over the tan lines so they can be protected.

Last time I hit the nudist beach I could hear an outloud lady in tattoos , who probably had a bit too much white wine with her group of mates, saying the word "wank** er"  probably referring to me, cause I was sunbaking wearing a thong.   I just ignored her.  A few minutes later after I stripped off my thong I decided to go for a walk, and bumped into her and her girlfriend coming in opposite way.  She again was outloud, and she said to me "so you ended up being the big nick of the beach mate"... hahahaha    I just laughed with her.

Before I turned around to come back to my towel I realised that a guy was following me at a relative short distance,  and he was pleasuring himself.   I said to myself "That IS a wank**er"!!

Anyway, I think people at the end should do what they want to do, and if stan and his wife enjoy their g's at the nudist beach, and they attract attention,   good on them!!!

mack_back #61

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/11/2014 01:53:20Copy HTML

 Have the same problem to wear a thong or go nude. Sometimes do both at the last hour when i get plenty of sun the thong goes on. 
So true that wearing a thong for a female is attention getting. If a male wears a thong that suits him more eyes are on him as well.
Their are people who just find it silly and rather you were nude. Others find it intriguing. 
One example had a couple bikini young females setup nearby. They kept taking pictures of one another standing up using me in the background. As i laid on my towel nude these two girls liked what they seen.
thong_jock #62

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/11/2014 03:08:32Copy HTML

I always wear thongs on nude beaches. Never mess with the tanline!

njbob1949 #63

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/11/2014 04:29:27Copy HTML

 I go to Gunnison Beach a few times each summer. I wear a thong and t-shirt between the parking lot and the beach. Once I pass the "nudist" sign, the thong comes off. Of course, being nude destroys the tan line. The decision is a compromise between two positive. People with thongs, bikinis and even tops do not offend anyone on a nude beach. So, whatever decision is made is fine.
Sharon73 #64

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/11/2014 05:42:48Copy HTML

 Always nude at nude beaches.  I like it that way even if it does mess with the tan lines
swoontogo #65

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/11/2014 07:17:25Copy HTML

 I always wear a thong to the nude beach but never end up wearing it while at the beach. I actually like to try to get rid of any lines I have and it just feels so nice and natural to sunbathe and swim without anything on. I save the thongs for when I cannot go nude. But I have recently seen a couple of guys at the local clothing optional beach with small thongs or gstrings on - looked perfectly fine to me.
sailor250 #66

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/12/2014 12:01:17Copy HTML

 I'm almost always wearing a G string C ring suit on a nude beach.  You have the G string tanline on your waist and no tanlines on your C and B. Sometimes if I wear one with a root ring attached or wear a glans ring I'll have a tan line there too.  Guys take this chance to wear the suits you can't wear on regular beaches including ballz out, ball baring, horizon suits cockout suits.  Girls you can wear your single strings or your dangley things freely.
tanlines2thin #67

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/12/2014 12:09:38Copy HTML

 my compliments and kudos, sailor...........nice direct language; right to the point; premier attitude........in other words, ya took da words right outta my mouth........
Matt37 #68

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/12/2014 12:36:39Copy HTML

Like many of the others, I still wear my thong on nude beaches. I like my tan line too much to have it done away with.
lovemythong #69

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/12/2014 10:34:10Copy HTML

 Sailor, you are so right with your comment on this subject, when I go to my beloved Formentera this year I plan to visit my favourite nudist beach and wear a Dubio 2 Tone Elite G-String with a metal @@@@@@ ring underneath.  I've worn it in my backyard and enjoy the feeling that this suit gives me, but it is crying out to be worn in a beach setting and embrace the whole environment that nudity provides.  Can't wait for September to roll around.
JC2162 #70

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/15/2014 01:59:27Copy HTML

I went to Haulover Beach with my wife last Saturday July 12th.  I wore a Skinzwear adjustable front g-string for a couple of hours and went nude for much of the remaining time. There were many women wearing just thong bottoms. i was the only male wearing a thong or g-string. A few guys were wearing bikini suits. Most were totally naked, as you'd expect. People at Haulover are very accepting. My wife and I had several conversations with others at the beach. Nobody cared about what I was or was not wearing. The weather was great (90 deg F and mostly sunny) until a rain shower came in at about 4:00 pm. 
I would guess that most nudists are the same as those at Haulover and are accepting of everyone no matter what they wear.  A missile suit is probably over the top and would likely get negative attention since the package would be displayed in an overt fashion.  Just my take. Peace to all!!!
mack_back #71

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:08/11/2014 02:14:33Copy HTML

During my recent weekend visit to the c/o beach i had a overall good experience. The beach was packed, laying down towel after towel of bodies no room to walk. Just arriving and finding a good spot i stripped slowly to my neon colored poser thong. The woman beside me began to silently stare when the thong was shown. One made a comment to the other that it was too bright. 

While being nude all afternoon i needed to use the restroom in the park area away from the beach. While returning to the beach, i encountered a tourist quad bicycle on the pathway with a bunch of young woman in it. They stopped letting me cross then heard a mumble from one saying, "that's sick", giggles afterwards as they pedaled away. Overall had a couple people as i walked along the shoreline on the c/o beach tell me nice thong and look great in it and conversation where i got it. 
Did notice really hot tall long leg woman in a black g-string topless with a nice thin body. She complained on how pale her bum was but i noticed her g-string didn't fit well in the back when in the water twisting. While being nude doubt she noticed me or cared. While looking at how pretty she looked laying out in the g-string i didn't want her get the entire attention at the beach. So when i put on my poser thong showing off how well it fits i may have one up her. Didn't see a response from her if she noticed or cared. From some responses from people i believe i was successful in my hot colored poser thong.

The next day were just as many people enjoying the c/o beach. Noticed few more thongs worn by woman no men. Did notice a nice tan pretty female in a small string thong triangle back thong bikini laying out with her boyfriend. Kept watching her all afternoon walking passed me to and from the water. To bad she left before i put on my poser thong. While laying on my towel a group of woman, bikini clad, decided to setup their towels just below my feet very close. Seen a few take selfi pictures of themselves and a few together while secretly getting me in the shot. They kept going into the water and back looking at the photos they taken. Nothing was said of me but some kept giggling while laying ass cheeks up facing me. Later as i changed into my poser thong i stood by my towel air drying. Heard one of the woman who secretly photographed me earlier saying to her friends, "should ask him for a photograph". Others mumbled something while she answered wouldn't know what to say. While practicing saying their one liners but gave up the process for whatever reason. 
As they packed up leaving the beach seen a woman calling me over to her towel. She complimented me about my body and asked for a picture she could take. While agreeing it became a big production and got other people involved. She kept having to much fun feeling rubbing  my oiled tanned thong body, while being in disbelief and joy it was bringing her. Other woman were watching yelling out she was having a lot of fun today. She got other guys involved in a group photo with her after taking dozens of photos together. It was like she wanted to have sex with me grabbing, squeezing, pressing her body and  my buns, tightly hugging me. She told me it made her day and summer and wants to do a television web show about great bodies. 

Why is it that woman suddenly want pictures when i'm wearing a thong but while nude they never seem ho ask? Even when i'm wearing a thong woman are afraid to ask. For whatever reason they don't want their desires to be known to their friends or me. So they walk away or sneak a picture secretly. Is it most woman have pride never to compliment or show their lustful desires for a male body? So they are afraid to ask and feel they maybe rejected or looked upon as a creepy slut only having one thing on their minds.  Some guys like myself on the c/o beach know exactly why bikini clad woman arrive setting up at the beach. It's not because the textile beach are crowded. So why the pretense not being interested in taking or asking for a photo, even after seeing a scene like one i described and many witnessed smiling. 
Eyowell1968 #72

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:08/11/2014 08:32:34Copy HTML

As I stated in another post, I wore my extra narrow back bikini (behaving like a thong) in a c-o beach and never went nude just because I wanted my tan lines. Actually there was no problem at all, no giggles, no stares, no comments. Maybe if I was nude the results would have been the same. I felt very tempted to go nude, but there was a greater goid at stake!! 
itanng #73

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:08/12/2014 11:27:50Copy HTML

Mack -- Our newest "thong ambassador".  It's all about converting people's attitudes from negative to neutral and from neutral to positive.

See what happens when you are friendly and engage in positive conversation!  (reference 71#)

The only thing I suggest different is when you heard the women talk about asking for a photograph, volunteer!  That would have turned a "positive" impression into a "super-positive" impression
JM_Runs #74

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:08/12/2014 12:49:40Copy HTML

 Unfortunately, the only place where thonging is legal near me is a c/o beach. So that's the only place I've worn a thong in public. That said, I usually start out in a g-string and then, eventually, just go nude. There's nothing like swimming naked in the ocean!
mack_back #75

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:08/12/2014 04:39:54Copy HTML

Itang- You maybe right, i could of volunteered for her to get a snap of me alone. Think if the group of woman really wanted it like the friendly one beside them they would know how to ask. Last thing i want is someone taking a shot then posting it to their like minded friends to make me out as a joke or humilate someway. If the group of woman were nude or at least wearing a thong it maybe different outcome. 
Everytime i walked out of the water nude towards my towel directly behind one of the woman in the group. She kept reading a book and as i passed by she kept raising her head up glaring upon me. Yes, i could smile saying hello to her but she was fully clothed made me a bit disappointed seeing them visit the beach. Overheard the same group of woman chat with another fellow nudist. Subtly i was referenced in a discussion while the woman found me very unusual. Sneaking pictures and giggles all afternoon wasn't the type i would enjoy in associating with, their mindset was to immature for older ladies behaviour. 
Peoples intentions have to be pure wanting a picture with me or alone. If they desire me enough most won't post pictures to others of me to humilate rather then just desiring it for their private use.If woman are topless or nude and want a photo most won't post them for entire world to see, if taken together with me. I would be more then happy to do it or volunteer making their day. Plus other people  notice and may find the guts to ask as well at a later time. Will see if other woman who see me often at the beach decide before the summer ends to get a photo taen with me. 
Notice that some woman are afraid because i may want the photo sent and contact information may change hands. Not knowing me well woman may think i will cyber stalk them feeling unnerved. 
So ya, i need to be more smiles and say hello even though i'm not interested in chatting or them in particular. Believe me i want some pictures of woman that are attractive as well. Sometimes getting very excited in my recent poser thong pictures which many people noticed. Need something like anti viagra pills to keep me down. All the rubbing and holding and bumping can get a rise out of me.
tnline #76

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:08/20/2014 02:40:30Copy HTML

I used to  go to a nude beach in RI and wore a thong when laying out but swam nude.  Like a few of the other people that have posted in this thread I wanted to have a sharp thong tanline.  It was never a big deal with other people at that beach.
trapking #77

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:08/20/2014 07:32:51Copy HTML

 It is hard to believe this thread has been going for 10 years. It is harder to believe I have been on this board for 10 years.  I answered back in 2004 but I have a lot more knowledge and experience at thonging and going nude in public.

If you wear a thong to a nude beach, in my opinion no one will care in the least as long as your not strutting it around with a @@@@@@ or a shape that makes it look like you have a @@@@@@. Nudists are very excepting of all people, all ages and all body shapes. 

The nude beaches I have gone to have had a mix of clothed and naked people. Now if you go to a nude resort that is NOT clothing optional you need to go nude, its the rules.
LoveMyThongs #78

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:12/24/2015 08:14:59Copy HTML

Nude beaches are great for thonging. I prefer to be in a thong than naked.
NudeNArizona #79

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:12/28/2015 03:53:12Copy HTML

 I have seem many thongs and G-strings on nude beaches, I know some women don't feel comfortable going bottomless during their period and will wear a thong bottom. I have also seem people wearing regular swimwear walking and laying out on nude beaches. The same goes along with nude resorts, but most nude resorts do not allow swimwear in their pools that I have visited
leo40 #80

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:12/30/2015 05:13:28Copy HTML

My clothing-optional location mini-textile "suit" is a narrow cloth band worn at mid-shaft and made by Ebaybee. 
navythong #81

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:01/02/2016 04:40:28Copy HTML

I sometimes wear a thong on a c/o beach. It feels more confident to wear a thong on a c/o beach then on a regular beach. I think people who go to a c/o beach are more open minded. On a c/o beach nobody is commenting when thongers are around. On a regular beach I always feel a bit 'looked-at' when wearing a thong. On a c/o beach I don't have that feeling. Being on a c/o beach is more relaxed.
Going to a c/o beach has also another advantage: mostly they are less crowded then regular beaches. When on holiday I always go to a less crowde beach. Most of the time you meet people sunbathing in the nude, even if it's not an official c/o beach. Never heared any complaint about wearing a thong.

JM_Runs #82

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:01/05/2016 07:15:48Copy HTML

 As my profile name states, I am always the first one in my group to strip down.  Still, at certain times of year, such as when just starting to work on the tan after winter, you gotta ease back into it.  Though the desire is to strip down completely at the nude beach, I may spend part of the day in a thing keeping the goods from getting sunburned.  Nobody on a nude beach has ever said anything to me or seems to care in the least that I was wearing a thong for even a few minutes.
stanpuppy #83

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:02/08/2016 10:56:04Copy HTML

 My wife and I both do this all the time.  We go to Gunnison beach in NJ.  She is G-string/topless (usually a Malibu Strings teardrop...sometimes a WW) and I wear a muscleskins thong.  We prefer tanlines on each other, so we almost never go totally nude.  Has nothing to do with being shy....just like the lines!
thong_jock #84

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:02/09/2016 01:09:49Copy HTML

 I always wear a thong on clothing optional beaches. I love my skimpy narrow tanlines! 
John Howard #85

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:02/09/2016 11:14:31Copy HTML

 I understand the need to wear a thong at a c/o beach... Im proud of my tanline and would hate to ruin it.
Maybe there is somewhere in between.   To wear a thong at the time of the day when the sun tans the most.   Then strip to naked after 3:30 Pm when the sun still shines but wouldn't necessarily tan the tanline. 
Stan, this would puzzle a lot of people on the beach.  There you are with a beautiful woman next to you both in thongs.   The nudists-nazis will disapprove,  (some are hypocrites criticizing people wearing suits, or displaying genital jewellery or rings, because it is "not au natural".... however most of these guys are very well shaved or waxed down there, go figure)....
Once the time comes, you both strip to naked, and that would be a shocker!!!   And, you would be still showing a sharp tanline!!
I understand some ladies don't like to go all nude, but if at last you did it, you will shut the mouths of a lot of people who like to criticise and don't mind their own businesses.
Yeah, this is my dilemma whenever I go to the c/o beach.  I enjoy being naked, but hate to ruin the tanline.  I've done the above a few times, and enjoyed it heaps.   Sunbaked wearing a thong for 2 hours,  ignoring the gossip and criticism that I might be shy or snob.  Then strip naked and walk around like that with a thong tanline. Life is good.
mack_back #86

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:02/09/2016 03:25:53Copy HTML

John Howard hear what your saying, i'm the opposite. I show up taking off everything except the thong depending on the type i wore under my shorts. As i get acclimatized to the water or surrounding while anyone who has eyes sees what i'm wearing reacts with laughter, criticism or just moves away giving me more space, i then settle down taking it all off for no tan lines.  As late afternoon expires  i then put on my thong to the reactions of late arrivaling lurkers, while not getting any tan lines. 
Do understand the conservative nudist giving you grief. Do like to push their buttons with my appearance. Wearing pouchless g-string from dubio, wearing g-c-rings in combination with poser thongs with very vibrant neon colors. Often it intrigues the nudist some discuss to invite me in the inercircle while others bad mouth me, saying he probably would wear his orange thong with us, or he doesn't need anyone with snide tone... 
Yet i do enjoy getting a rise out of long time or newbie veteran nudist pointed me out by others in their group as i strut along the shoreline. The woman stares of disbelief and shock many who never seen my accessorized "jewellery" and dubio adult g-string... All fun and smiles.. Can't wait for summer or late spring to arrive.. Already thinking ways to top myself with different color thongs this season. Thinking bright red or fushia colors?

tiggerix #87

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:02/09/2016 09:03:21Copy HTML

I like to be nude wherever possible and will seek out places where nudism is tolerated  i.e. unofficial nude beaches.  These are often more relaxed, with better scenery etc. With many European beaches, once you get a distance from the main area you tend to find people stripping off anyway.  So almost every beach could be c/o.  For me, thongs are for regular beaches with regular people enjoying themselves.  There are probably beaches where torpedo suits and all that goes with them can be worn - I just don't think I want to be on such a beach. 
thonglife #88

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:02/10/2016 12:49:32Copy HTML

I've been to a public nude beach three times. Haulover twice and Gunnison once. I like wearing a thong or g-string for my arrival but stripping it off and going nude. My thong lines take a while to develop so I've never worried about losing them in one day. At my local unofficial nude beach in the Outer Banks of NC, I usually go back and forth between a g-string and nude depending on how much foot traffic is nearby my wife and I. At Haulover, while I am usually nude, I did wear a metal c-ring most of the time because I enjoyed the look and felt hot and naughty, haha. I also wear my g-string as cover-up to go to the car at nude beaches. To each their own. 
norcalskimpy #89

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:02/10/2016 06:02:07Copy HTML

 I've been to a couple beaches with clothing optional sections in Northern California (Baker & Muir) and I think those types of beaches are the perfect balance.  People are aware that there will be naked people walking around, so someone being in a thong is not much of a shock.  I started off in the nude section in a thong one late-morning and after about an hour and a half, I realized there were WAY too many naked old dudes in one location.  I originally went there to avoid surprising the moms and their children, but got a bit uncomfortable and went back to the regular section (but close to the nude section).  Not too many naked people, and not too many prudes.  Best of both worlds.
thong21 #90

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:02/22/2016 04:59:25Copy HTML

 I honestly like the idea of a thong at a nude beach, especially if you are new to it all. The best way to gain confidence is to be fully comfortable with what you are wearing and having the feeling of it being a nomal bathing suit choice. I gained my speedo confidence by swimming laps at an indoor pool in my speedo, it became normal for me and now where it everytime I go swimming. I'm definitely going to wear my thing at a nude beach then take it off and swim and tan nude. Just my opinion.
dk31 #91

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:04/24/2016 07:04:23Copy HTML

 I enjoy wearing thongs at nude beaches as it gives me a chance to strut some of my more extreme thongs..and c-ring to enhance my bulge. Love being naked too...best of both worlds..Actually use c-strings mainly for tanning as I prefer no tan-lines.
cmp304 #92

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:04/25/2016 06:48:25Copy HTML

I wear thongs when I need to have a swimsuit.   So when I get to go someplace clothing optional I will be nude.  But if the beach gets too crowded I will prefer to wear a thong on the non nude section.
thong_jock #93

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:04/27/2016 12:14:07Copy HTML

 I wear thongs 100% of the time, even on nude beaches. Love my skimpy tanlines plus I find thonging so much more exciting than nude.
HermesOrange #94

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:05/15/2016 02:03:02Copy HTML

 I always wear my thongs at nude beaches, as I prefer the look and feel.  When I go to nude beach close to me in New York, I often find the crowd friendly, and some of the nude bathers like to visit and comment/speak to me about my gear.  Sometimes on an active beach  day, a section forms with thongers. I think it's an understanding that people who wear thongs really prefer the minimal look vs full bare.
thong_relax #95

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:05/17/2016 09:26:39Copy HTML

Wearing a thong doesn't mean being nude. That's why for me it doesn't feel much more comfortable to thong at a nude beach than on a regular one.
In order to gain more confidence I think it would be better to stay in the section adjacent to the nude beach, a kind of transition area from clothed to naked.
HermesOrange #96

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:05/18/2016 03:03:53Copy HTML

"Thong-relax" you bring up a good point. Wearing a thong is definitely NOT nude, hence why I find wearing thongs so much more appealing and sexier.
Nevertheless, in many destinations, the only places interesting to wear thongs also happens to be a nude beach. So if I find I'm in that situation, I usually situate myself on the perimeter out of respect that I am not fully nude. And many times you'll find other thongers in that zone, too.
If I had my choice, I rather be at a beach or pool with fellow thongers (or even bikinis, speedos, etc.) versus nudists.  I have nothing against nudity, just that it does not appeal to me.  The bit of mystery and imagination thongs provide  I find much sexier.
njthonger #97

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:05/18/2016 11:12:39Copy HTML

 I agree with this perspective!
kawasaki #98

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:05/19/2016 06:20:33Copy HTML

 You don't wear thongs on a nude beaech. Simple
OS777 #99

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:05/19/2016 08:22:29Copy HTML

 Kawasaki...Obviously you have been the Supreme Ayatollah of the Nude World Order for way too long...Who gave your license and authority to render declarations as to if swimwear can be worn on nude beaches???  Did a voice from the heavens deem you the Supreme Decision Maker of this world???  You are absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong about only nudes on nude beaches or nude venues.  Only non progressive organizations such as AANR or other neo-Nazi nudist organizations wielding such powers can and do dictate to their sheepeople to follow such instructions without question of who makes such decisions.  If a public nude beach allows textile then so be it.  For you to be so bold as to declare that only nudists on nude beaches places you on a level with the gods!  So far the proposal has not been presented to the Senate to induct you into the pantheon of the gods or demigods!  Delusions of self grandure are best found within the confines of gated institutions with padded cell walls for the protection of society.
sxmthonger #100

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:05/19/2016 09:56:41Copy HTML

 I like to wear a thong until I'm settled, then remove it to tan and swim.  I'll put it back on when I get too much sun or sometimes to walk to the beach bar. I see quite a few men do the same. 
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