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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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NudeNArizona #151

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:05/06/2018 04:09:32Copy HTML

 In your “opinion” some people would disagree and say the thong is lingerie and is used for sexual activities and the. C-ring is just another piece of jewelry and a way to accessorize when going nude, no different than necklaces ring , anklet, toe rings. But thank you for informing everyone that your opinion is the “correct one”
mack_back #152

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:05/07/2018 04:19:27Copy HTML

 Both are correct. C ring if using silicon or rubber materials are made for sexual activity. While metal diamond studded c or g ring can be ornamental styling yourself like Prince Albert piercing or female tattoo of a big mouth  on a vagina. Both are very sexual in nature so are thongs, whom certain people believe are tantalizing sexual attire. 
Heard couple ladies comment about my appearance saying to each other i look all too sexual when on the beach. It can be to much for many to accept while others are intrigued or find it ridiculously amusing. As long your not walking along fully hard nobody should have issues with my jewellery or erotic g-strings at c/o beach. See woman with piercing on her genetalia which I find so attractive observing them nude on the beach. So to some observe me never seeing male wear such a thing or ever could. The commentary of some is amusing to overhear about my rings. 

Some people asked me if I wear my rings under a condom for sex worried it might rip. Tell them that the metal rings are sized for flaccid appearance not engoured sexual activity.  At least my experiences I wear rings to prevent me in getting excited on the c/o beach. The complete opposite what people believe c rings are made for. 
cmonty2100 #153

Re:Thoughts on wearing thongs on the nude beaches ?

Date Posted:07/05/2018 09:21:21Copy HTML

 Greetings, New to the board and glad I found it. Straight male thong wearer. I tan in a thong at Blacks Beach, set up south of the volley courts and straight side. Never thonged at a public beach in San Diego, but working up to it. I've gotten a look or two from men and women but nothing out of the ordinary. I enjoy skinny dipping in the ocean and putting my thong back on to tan, so the tan lines are on display. I am comfortable with who I am, but still want to get to a legal public beach where a thong on a male isn't illegal. Ill get there one day!
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