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Date Posted:02/24/2019 12:32:01Copy HTML

Have a second hand store in town i go every so often see if they got new pants or shirts that might fit me.

They have a lady who works there quite a bit older, but still has a very nice figure didnt go for a while my ex hated her bevause she caught me oogling her ass .

Went today before storm hit lookin for work jeans if they get ruined no big loss?           Looking at pants wasn't busy another lady asked i found what i was looking for told found one pair but either waist was off or length was too short.

Asked certian size i was searching for she would see if linda (name changed) if they had some in stock in back,we waited sure enough it was the gal i busted on she told other lady she would help me she brought out jeans pair of dress pants and she said had couple pair of lounge pants.

First pair kinda a strechy blue jean flexible i think it said nice and snug my ass looked great but you could make out the line for my thong she mentioned how smooth they fit like i didnt have them big bulky boxers on??.

I smiled and said no boxers but way sexier and more comfy,more i tried on bolder she got to the point she opened the curtian to hand me the lounge pants i was bent over pulling off the dress pants i turned her shit eating grin went to a open mouth huge smile i was wearing my flesh colored mesh thong thst is basicaly sheer,semi hard standing straight up took the lounge pants handed her the other pants told her wanted the ones she liked my ass in lol. I feigned not being able to get one pair tied comfotably let her pull them out to oops grab the other string had taken the thong off lol said i think that it was a comfy pair she just held em out i told her maybe we could set up a sat or sun so she could ahem help me fit into something else, she took my number and told deffinatly like to do that gave me a peck on the cheek went to pay the other gal asked if she could help too said let your friend know be better with a second opinion!

ithongit #1

Re:Thrift store voyuer

Date Posted:02/25/2019 02:39:39Copy HTML

I remember going to a thrift store in Buxton, Outer Banks, North Carolina. This was about 10 years ago. We went in to see what was available. Towards the end of the season, they get a lot of beach related items, Swimwear, folding chairs, sporting goods which included everything from beach balls to surf boards. Plus, many people clean out their beach houses, so even appliances and furniture is usually available in larger than normal quantities. So we went in, and there was a guy and his wife, or significant other looking at the beach wear and resort wear and both were wearing thongs! The lady later expained that when they wore just their thongs, they could try stuff on -- right there in the aisle without having to go to the checkout and arrange to use a change room. We did find some stuff to get, including some dinner wear that was the same pattern we had at home, but they didn't have any thongs. Nikki did find some really cute woman's board shorts that she still has, but I only found a couple of T-shirts.
ohiothonger #2

Re:Thrift store voyuer

Date Posted:02/25/2019 06:56:42Copy HTML

Not a voyuer story, but I have twice found brand new thong swimwear (one a real speedo) with tags at thrift stores. One was at a store in Galveston, the other at a store in Ohio. All I can assume is that the suits were either surplus from a local store, or someone bought them as gifts and the person who they were given too didn't like the idea of wearing a thong. Their loss was my gain. The Speedo suit was $3.50, the other was only $1.99.
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