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Date Posted:01/22/2018 01:42:27Copy HTML

Every January I get spring fever and order a large number of new suits. This year, I want to return to an old favorite style that I don’t find in stores or online much anymore: the tie-side thong, g string or rio. Can anyone recommend a good source?
The Swan #1

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/23/2018 03:40:00Copy HTML

 I've been wanting to try these guys: http://www.skinbikini.com
tbck1000 #2

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/23/2018 11:12:40Copy HTML

Thanks I’ll check it out
rickl454 #3

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/23/2018 03:15:06Copy HTML

 tbck 1000 - try Amazon store CHICTRY take a look at "CHICTRY Men's High Cut Side Strappy G-string Thongs T Back Bikini Underwear".  I got the red one and will be ordering one in black.  It's swimwear quality.  It's from China but the order came quickly.  
tbck1000 #4

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/23/2018 03:35:45Copy HTML

Awesome. Thanks
tbck1000 #5

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/25/2018 02:33:19Copy HTML

Have any men tried women’s tie side bottoms? How did it work for you?
bmillerw #6

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/25/2018 04:48:42Copy HTML

 Might want to check this out: https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/txmmens/item/557651/?s-id=borderless_browsehist_en  I have some and I am pleased with the style, fit and quality.
tbck1000 #7

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/25/2018 05:24:52Copy HTML

I like that a lot. Thanks! Any problems ordering from that site? Do you recommend a certain color? Is it lined?
bmillerw #8

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/25/2018 10:32:21Copy HTML

I haven't had any problems with that site. I have all the colors except pink. I prefer the lighter colors like yellow, white, green, and orange. The lime green might be my favorite. Looks good with a tan. I don't care as much for the black and blue. There is no lining. They are not see through or otherwise very revealing. The wet look material is a little thicker than most spandex material. The quality of the TM collection suits is outstanding. They are well worth the price.
tbck1000 #9

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/25/2018 10:55:09Copy HTML

Thanks for the follow up. I'm definitely going to buy a couple. Maybe even pink.  I like the length of the ties. So not even the white one is a little sheer when wet?
bmillerw #10

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/25/2018 11:01:37Copy HTML

 Absolutely not sheer at all. 
Tyr1957 #11

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:04/07/2018 03:47:50Copy HTML

I like tie-side bikinis, if they tie on one side, like these: https://www.starwear.us/centaur-tie-side-slider-bottom-bikini-bottom-swimsuit/. I haven't tried them though. 
Tie-side on both sides is too feminime to me. But that is just me. :-)
NCThonger #12

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:04/10/2018 03:54:03Copy HTML

I have ordered the tie side thong listed above from Amazon. The first one that came in I ordered to size based on their size chart and it was quite a bit larger than I needed due to the tie sides being very stretchy and long. I re-ordered and got 2 sizes smaller and they fit wonderfully. They are a small unlined pouch that is not sheer and they have a small triangle rear. They are from China but shipped Prime so I had them in 2 days. For the money they are good. I'd love to find some of the TM brand tie side g-strings but I have only ordered TM items from Aliexpress and haven't seen any of their tie side items on there. Anyone know of a better place to order TM tie side g-strings or thongs?
With my recent experiments with wearing Wicked Weasel thongs and g-strings with much success, I might experiment with ladies tie side g-strings or thongs on Aliexpress as well. If I find some that work for me, I will let the group know.
Beachlover492000 #13

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:04/25/2018 02:33:19Copy HTML

"Have any men tried women's tie side bottoms? How did it work out for you?"
It's funny that you mentioned that. Back when I was single I bought a really skimpy bikini with tie sides for my girl friend, hoping that she would wear it. She wouldn't, but she did toss the bottom back to me and said, "YOU bought it; You wear it! Let's see how YOU feel about wearing THAT in public!" The bottoms were the classic "two triangle" design and the triangles were very small. 
This was in interesting challenge because I had been wearing a men's string bikini for a couple of summers, so I was used to being in "the line of fire" for some comments. The sides of my hips were nicely tanned so that it would not look like it was my first day out in a new suit. 
I was able able to tie the strings over my hips, but there was not much material for me in the front and the back barely covered my butt. I was able to cover enough to make me legal, but that day at the beach was a little nerve wracking. The suit felt insecure unlike my usual string bikini which did not move or threaten to move very much. My girl friend got some good laughs out of my efforts to keep myself covered. It was a fun day, but something I'd never want to do regularly. 
tbck1000 #14

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:12/30/2018 05:29:54Copy HTML

It’s that time again. Has anyone seen any good tie side swimsuits lately? I recently purchased this one. It’s very good except a little too large in front. This site has a sale going.


NudeNArizona #15

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:12/31/2018 03:25:57Copy HTML

tbck1000, I agree I like the idea but the front panel is about 4x too large for my taste and coverage preferences
bmillerw #16

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:12/31/2018 05:38:33Copy HTML

These won't be too large in front!   SOLD SOLD SOLD......


tnline #17

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/01/2019 12:45:12Copy HTML

bmillerw - nice find on the tie sides 

tbck1000 #18

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/01/2019 02:57:16Copy HTML

This is nice but a little expensive, especially for eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264106236290?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Have you bought one? How’s the sizing and quality?
webie #19

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/01/2019 07:22:30Copy HTML

 I have in the past have gotten a few off of dubio's site ... just look at the side options they have a number of  ones available.

JM_Runs #20

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/02/2019 01:29:23Copy HTML

Tbck1000, for that money you can buy 6 of the exact same suit from AliExpress
bmillerw #21

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/02/2019 06:06:52Copy HTML

JM_Runs: "for that money you can buy 6 of the exact same suit from AliExpress" OK. What is the link to that exact suit?
JM_Runs #22

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/02/2019 12:24:11Copy HTML

Right now most sellers on AliExpress are putting their listings on hold so delivery is not disrupted by the upcoming Chinese new year holiday season. 

A search for "thong" in the mens section last December would show hundreds of thousands of hits, but this week only a handful. 

In a normal month TM brand thongs are very common on AliExpress, with hundreds of sellers listing them. Normal price range with shipping is $5 to $10

This is the wrong month for searching active links. Wait a month and then search again. If I remember I will come back and post a link after the Chinese New year.
or just brows the standing sellection of some of the vendors who regularly list TM or TXM brand thongs for example: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/all-wholesale-products/1241069.html

bmillerw #23

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/02/2019 02:41:18Copy HTML

JM_Runs    I used your link to open Aliexpress.  

Here is the link to the first item I saw with an illustration of a TM product: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Men-Underwear-Thongs-Male-Fashion-Super-Sexy-Jockstraps-Nylon-Mens-Thongs-And-G-Strings-Gay-Mens/1241069_32663323187.html?spm=2114.12010615.8148356.7.59cc1d71RNGRa2

Go down to Item Specifics and here's what you'll see: Brand Name: PYONGRANS

They are using pictures of TM items to sell cheap facsimilies or knockoffs. I know this from first hand experience. To say that a TM product can be bought on Aliexpress for a small fraction of retail price is incorrect. There are some brand name items sold at discount on Aliexpress, but when you see a brand name item listed for a VERY low price it's a fake. You can count on it. I suppose you believe in $20 Rolex watches too.

tbck1000 #24

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/03/2019 12:00:24Copy HTML

I just ordered several nice suits from custom makers and one distributor on eBay. Shipping from USA. Not as cheap as China Express, but I Got free shipping on most items and still a good value. I know the custom made items will fit and last through the summer, at least. The other items were just too fun looking to pass up.
tbck1000 #25

Re:Tie side

Date Posted:01/10/2019 11:33:58Copy HTML

Some of my eBay items arrived today from a store called “swirlfashion.”

The quality is good and prices are great. I ordered in my size (not a size larger) and the fit is good. The fabric is thin but good quality, and the sewing is flawless. Items ship from the USA. They have a number of interesting styles. The merchandise is not if the Skinzwear or Muscleskins caliber, but a good value for the prices.

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