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Date Posted:12/31/2018 04:00:36Copy HTML

I ask mysel this question :

To be a serious swimmer is offering privileges for thonging at the pool ?

I'm a relative serious swimmer. I 'm training for triathlon, 3 times a week, 2 miles each training session. I'm about 21' for 1500 meters during triathlon (short distance).

My level is far of the competitive swimmers but i'm a relative good swimmer for a triathlete.

I noticed that to be a serious swimmer allow me to wear minimal swimwear brief at the pool, very cheeky, almost a thong (my wife say my swimwear is a thong, but it is not...).

Indeed, when i go to my local swimming pool where i know almost all the lifeguards and a lot of others swimmers, i know that the others know I come for swimming, not to parade around the pool. It increases a lot my self confidence.

Moreover, i know that there are very few swimmers who can swim faster than me. It is not very politically correct but this give me a sort of felling of "superiority". It is like "i'm the faster, so i'm the boss, and i can wear what i want". I know it is stupid... but I'm convinced that the others swimmers won't have the nerves to say something about my swimwear choice whereas i swim faster than them.

It is the same thing for the lifeguards. They don't say something about my swimwear choice because they know me as a serious swimmer, no matter my swimwear choice.

Since several years, i have pushed the limits further and further. My swimwear are more and more cheeky. Now, my swimwear is almost a thong.

As i know a lot of people, i discuss with the lifeguard before to start to swim. And i discuss a lot with the others swimmers i know during the session.

The fact that lifeguards and swimmers discuss with me, whereas i wear a cheeky swimsuit, increase my self-confidence because it show to others people that there is no problem with my cheeky swimwear.

When i go to an other swimming pools (not my local) where no one know me, my aim is to start to swim before the others notice my swimwear. I carry my bag on my back, to the edge of the pool, in order to hide my buttock until i enter in the water. After that, as soon as i start to swim, i'm confident in myself. I want that the others notice my swim speed, before my swimwear.

It is funny to see that the male swimmer are still competiting each others, in order to determine who is the stronger, who is the swimmer "alpha". When i enter the water, i can see that the others swimmers believe i'm a gay (or others negative things) and don't believe i 'm going to do a real swim session whereas i wear a "thong". It is priceless to see their face when i pass them easily, whereas they try desperately to speed up in order to stay ahead.

For all these reasons, i 'm very confident to do my swimming sessions with a very cheeky swimwear (a thong as my wife say). And the more i do it, the more confident i am.

Do you think it is more easy for a serious swimmer to wear a thong than for a poor swimmer ?

tbck1000 #1

Re:To be a serious swimmer is offering privileges for thonging at the pool ?

Date Posted:12/31/2018 05:14:19Copy HTML

I think this is true and noticed the same thing when I was a serious runner. I wore very minimal shorts to train in (often shirtless) and even more minimal in the actual race. Everyone’s reaction was that it was just standard running attire.
mack_back #2

Re:To be a serious swimmer is offering privileges for thonging at the pool ?

Date Posted:12/31/2018 08:07:31Copy HTML

Think it's true to some degree. Not the fastest or best swimmer but do visit the gym pool daily after my resistance training. Staff management have camera on the pool facilities and notice whatever we wear or do. Some have mistakenly believed i'm wearing thong underwear but it was only my Desmiit thong. While i persisted to use the pool in my thong many just figure i'm here to swim not model my body or linger around the sauna or whirlpool to be showing off. Yet if that is the side effect or advantage  using the pool then all the better enjoying the attention.  People do observe others at the pool and recognize some doing nothing and those who have a purpose and work ethic to achieve a goal. One late night session i was  doing laps alone in the pool just from others tiring leaving in lanes beside me. As i made my way out of the pool at midnight noticed a stranger i never seen give me congratulatory nod. He recognized my hard work after my earlier gym efforts and dedication to looking fit using the pool. Believe people are attracted and respect others who achieve great abilities like swimming  for example that they could not do themselves. Recent gym pool visits often see the same crowd of aqua enthusiast. One man doing laps shows his great swimming skills above everyone else. While older asian woman visits doing laps herself is average to poor swimmer. Never did she ask for advice or chat me up for tips, guess she feels we have same abilities in our lack of swimming skills.  While the male which is in great form she chats up asking questions about her technique, versus his teaching her demonstrating even correcting some errors she is making. Yet i know i'm closely observed from everyone in the gym pool for what i'm wearing and physique. Doubt the asian lady which smells like garlic feels any respect for my dedication for fitness less my swimming efforts. Do know we swim in the next lane beside one another almost always. Her glances towards me are evident stoic yet uninterested to say a word to me. While i'm peeved at her common practice to spit upon the deck of the pool after few laps of swimming, giving her that confused sneer wanting to tell her no spitting is allowed. Yet feel what i'm usually wearing a thong swimsuit she could complain to management about my lack of swimwear coverage. Yes males are competitive when swimming it's a way to challenge ourselves seeing it's lonely athletic sport. Same is true in the gym weight room guys always pushing others to lift heavier weight. Only find when swimming alongside woman they pace themselves even pausing so they can swim in calmer waters not next to someone like me making waves or maybe wearing such tiny thong. Can't help myself when swimming next to someone in same direction to kick little harder to the edge of the pool like in the olympics being first to touch the tile of the pool. As for people believing initially i'm gay  because what i'm wearing i try not to try to let it bother me. Figure these people are waste of time to get to know prejudice, narrow minded and not good person generally treating others with laughter as though there ones that are special.  Thought i had female friend in the gym recognizing my unique attire but aware i'm hetro. Trying to convince her narrow minded married friends yet goes on deaf ears. Then my so called helpful female gym colleague begins to backtrack subtly introducing suggestions i should surround myself with gay community and might enjoy it. Insinuating that i'm gay, yet female friend masquerading as  allie she has same beliefs as her prejudice friends thus like minded individuals. Funny how attempting to make advances to my sexy so called female gym colleague it's forgotten and her beliefs change only observing my feminine gym attire or swimming thong takes center stage. 

While your efforts is to swim passed everyone like a dolphine. I try to live my life the way i want to and if i can appear fitter more attractive i find that is my payback to the discrimatory haters nay sayers because what i'm wearing. Yet better i feel i look many feel i'm to vain striving for perfection thus believing he loves himself to much to be straight. Thus digging a hole for oneself deeper. To my amusement harder i try to look better the more people believe i'm gay..

Vega1210 #3

Re:To be a serious swimmer is offering privileges for thonging at the pool ?

Date Posted:12/31/2018 11:43:51Copy HTML

Do you have a link to this swimsuit so we can see what you are talking about? I personally wear a seobean swimsuit that has less then 1 inch sides. shows a little cheek but is far from a thong. Then again you cant wear a thong in SC so thats about as skimpy as you can get away with. I use to swim competitively in high school and the quit. I started to get back into swimming in my late 30s for about a year or 2 and then stopped again. Hopefully starting 2019 I can get back to it and in shape as well. Want to be able to walk around in a speedo or less at the beach or pool and have a good looking body!
stringueur #4

Re:To be a serious swimmer is offering privileges for thonging at the pool ?

Date Posted:01/01/2019 10:47:36Copy HTML

@vega1210, I took a photo after my training session a few days ago, in the changing room.


Vega1210 #5

Re:To be a serious swimmer is offering privileges for thonging at the pool ?

Date Posted:01/02/2019 01:30:43Copy HTML

o wow i like those. they are a little more revealing then what i wear. If i could get away with something like that then for sure i would. I usually pull mine up just a bit to have about the same coverage. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Seobean-New-Swim-suit-Mens-Bikini-Swimming-Trunks-Swimwear/322148033241?hash=item4b0184e2d9:m:mwuKcvCs-mra7eBd3ftlQnA&var=511061144328 or these are my go to https://www.ebay.com/itm/Seobean-New-Swim-suit-Mens-Bikini-Swimming-Trunks-Swimwear/322061381153?hash=item4afc5aae21:m:mfN4v4VwgLonYfCoruRMfDw&var=510993202262
swix #6

Re:To be a serious swimmer is offering privileges for thonging at the pool ?

Date Posted:01/04/2019 08:10:33Copy HTML

@stringueur nice suit. What is the make of the swimsuit and where can i buy them?
Alfresco10 #7

Re:To be a serious swimmer is offering privileges for thonging at the pool ?

Date Posted:01/05/2019 01:42:47Copy HTML

I agree that the serious swimmer will be cut some slack regarding what they wear in the pool. I swim laps at my local Y (in a small conservative town) and don't expect that I would ever wear a thong there. I am not a great swimmer (I'm slow), but I'm there for exercise and it's obvious that I'm committed to it. I wear unlined swim briefs, and I'm the only one in a brief at all. The lifeguards always smile and wave, they seem glad to see someone who is actually swimming rather than just bobbing around in the pool. There is one other guy who wears a square cut; he's pretty athletic and he also gets a pass. So I think there is a case for acting confidently and like you're there for exercise, not hanging around. I feel sorry for the guys trying to swim in enough material for a pup tent. Stringeur--your suit is wonderful, it would raise a lot of eyebrows in my small town. But the widened eyes would enjoy the fine swimming, and no doubt the bod. Vega--those are great suits, too. Pretty brief, but colorful enough to divert attention from the fact that there ain't all that much getting covered. Nice.
Thongmad #8

Re:To be a serious swimmer is offering privileges for thonging at the pool ?

Date Posted:01/08/2019 09:29:10Copy HTML

I absolutely agree that as a serious swimmer you will be cut some slack about what you wear. However in Australia, a 'serious' swimmer is pretty serious indeed ;) While I am nowhere near my peak right now, due to injury and work preventing me training like I used to, I was a pretty decent swimmer (35 second 50m laps for 1km or 20 laps straight). There where only a handful of squad swimmers that were much faster than me. I swam nearly every day. I also swam in by far the smallest male suits at any of the pools I frequently used. I certainly got quite a few looks in doing so, and I can't really say if they were positive or negative every time. I think the majority of negative attitude came from males around my age or a bit younger who didn't quite match me in physique or ability. It's what we Australians call the 'Tall Poppy' syndrome. If the Poppy grows taller than the rest of the bunch, it needs to be cut down... Anyway, I got away with some pretty brief stuff. My 'go to' was a 1" Waveline bikini, which I consider acceptable absolutely anywhere. I'm sure most of you are familiar with them. They are far briefer than what the male squad swimmers wear. They have 3" side Speedo's to around a 4-5' trunk (in whatever brand) in some 'out there' colours and prints. They are the 'acceptable outrageous' briefs for guys. I get quite a few stares from them at my very narrow sided briefs, let alone my thong tan in the showers ;) . The girls wear some really high cut stuff, in the same colours/prints, because that is what works for serious swimming. On most of them you can see the tan lines from the much lower bottoms that they obviously wear on the weekend to the beach. There is an inch or two gap between the top of their fashion swimmer bikini bottom and the seam of their high cut swimming suits. The least I've ever worn swimming laps was a DeeJay thong. Quite small rear/side straps for a thong, but not the smallest front coverage, but they are unlined. That was in the middle of a hot sunny day at my regular winter swimming pool, but in summer. I decided I didn't want to ruin my tan, so swam my 20 laps in front of a 60+ couple in the lane beside me. I'm absolutely sure he was quite suspicious/offended by me, but she was quite enjoying it. I have also worn suits like the Kiniki tan-thru micro brief (which I recommend doing. You feel like you're swimming naked). The heavy print covers everything, but those who have a closer look realise what's going on. I love swimming in my Aussie Togs Slim Surf thong. A true thong with a drawstring, which I have worn at many pools and never had a problem. They are just about the ideal lap swimming suit. I also wear some Aussiebum suits. 2" side and very low cut, in mid blue and grey, which are see-thru when wet. They look conservative but aren't... I am certain I get away with this because I am a very good swimmer who is/appears serious about what I do. People assume you know what you are doing, so you're not just some pervert who's just there to show off your goods. I suppose that's a debate in itself - am I..? I like to swim in minimal swimwear because it feels sooo good, but I am not above saying I like to be noticed and appreciated. There are not too many Australian males who regularly swim laps in more than a Speedo, or something like square cut trunks, or skin tight lycra mid-thigh trunks (triathalon style). We understand board shorts are a stupid lap swimming option. That said, it is very rare to see anyone swimming laps in less than a 2' side Speedo style. However, being a good swimmer definitely cuts some slack (in my experience) in wearing minimal suits.
stringueur #9

Re:To be a serious swimmer is offering privileges for thonging at the pool ?

Date Posted:01/09/2019 09:57:15Copy HTML

@thongmad I'm happy to read you agree that a good swimmer cuts some slack in wearing minimal suits. What is a good swimmer can be a good debate. It is very relative. But, during public hours, a good swimmers starts when his speed is above 6 minutes for 400 m. Of course, there is very good swimmers and competitive swimmers who are faster... Most of the people, during public hours, are very slow swimmers, including triathlete. They are 7 or 8 minutes for 400m (when they achieve a 400m !). For competitive swimmer, it is above 5 minutes... Congratulations for your swimming perfomance. It would be a pleasure to do a swim session with you. @Alfresco10 I live in a small town too. If being a relative good swimmer cut some slack regarding what I wear, it attracts a few looks. But the looks are not insistent. @swix I buy them on aliexpress. I add myself a drawstring (it is very easy to add it) because a drawstring is essential for swimming laps. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Fashion-Male-Underwear-Men-s-Briefs-Low-Waist-Leakage-Hip-U-Convex-Design-Sexy-2018-Hot/32870122962.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.785e4c4dK1tpEp
Beached_Santa_Cruz #10

Re:To be a serious swimmer is offering privileges for thonging at the pool ?

Date Posted:01/09/2019 03:05:26Copy HTML

@Stringueur I'm one of the faster swimmers at my gym. Your style of suit got me in trouble and I was told they weren't appropriate for the gym pool. Although last week there was a woman swimming in a full on thong.
Blackthong23 #11

Re:To be a serious swimmer is offering privileges for thonging at the pool ?

Date Posted:01/09/2019 10:29:32Copy HTML

I tend to think the more serious swimmers get a pass to wear smaller swimsuits at the pool I go to. I live in a very conservative place and outside of the gym I have never seen anything close to a squarecut on a guy. It’s literaly all boardshorts. When I joined the gym it seems only the swim teams wear speedos and the girls wear very narrow back one pieces and nobody in the other lanes or around the pool even bat an eye. Only a handful of regulars where some kind of brief.

I don’t consider myself a serious swimmer and no where near the level of most of the swimmers around me but I do wear pretty small bikinis compared to them and even thongs depending on how many there are. Surprisingly it hasn’t even been an issue for me. I think having the swim team there and guys walking around in speedos I get a pass somewhat. Now if I was wearing that and just some regular non serious swimmers were around I’d get laughed at for sure. Lately I’ve even gotten enough courage to get out of the pool while wearing a thong and dry off in front of people swimming and walk to my stuff on the bench. Fully showing that I’m in a thong. I haven’t had any reaction really. The good thing is the same people are there every time I go so hopefully they are just use to me wearing a thong or small bikini and don’t care.

nospam_TN1 #12

Re:To be a serious swimmer is offering privileges for thonging at the pool ?

Date Posted:02/03/2019 05:02:51Copy HTML

If you're a strong swimmer, the "pass" you get in an otherwise overly conservative environment would be the ability to wear something resembling a basic speedo brief when all other guys are wearing baggy board shorts or "jammers". Every time I've ever been in an environment primarily of competitive and/or serious recreational swimmers, I've never had any trouble for wearing a speedo, even if I sunbathe for an hour or so after finishing. Though I've never attempted it, I don't believe such a thing would work while wearing anything that doesn't at least resemble competitive swimwear. I've worn 1" side speedos at Y pools and such with no trouble, but I wouldn't attempt to push things further in this overly conservative part of the world.
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