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Date Posted:04/17/2018 12:03:39Copy HTML

Going be in Toledo end of May. Where are proven, safe areas to thong at?
Mary0826 #1

Re:Toledo, OH

Date Posted:04/19/2018 06:05:45Copy HTML

 No place is totally "safe" since you can always run into people who want to hassle you.  Keeping this in mind, some places like South Beach (Miami, FL) are about 99.9 percent safe, while a private lake run my a conservative church might be less than 10% safe.  Keeping this in mind, I will make the following observations:

In Ohio State Parks, thongs are technically not  illegal.   This means that you should be able to legally thong at any state park.  Over the last 10 years or so, I have seen a trend where thongs are accepted, or at least tolerated more and more of the time at these parks.  This applied to both women and men.  Lake Erie beaches in the Toledo area seem to be pretty thong friendly/tolerant.  There are also some beaches on the lake run by the various cities/counties where thonging seems to be just as well accepted.  My boyfriends and I have thonged (sometime 3- guys and 1-girl) at these place without any incidents, even when there are families present.  I have also spent the day topfree without any negative comments.  We sometimes get "is that legal" type questions, and simply explain that it is.  Both me and my men often have gawkers who come around, sometime repeatedly to check us out, but we really don't care.  My only suggestion is to check out those places that are not state parks to insure thongs are okay.  You can do this in advance most places with an email to the appropriate management.  Some places might say "we don't get many thongs" or "you might be more comfortable in more traditional swimwear" or whatever.  I assume that thonging is okay at these places, but they really don't want it, so with other places in the area where thongs are okay, we usually skip them.

Michigan parks are a little more iffy.  I think that like in Ohio, thongs are not technically illegal, but we have had various management type, rangers, or police type people come around and strongly suggest that our swimwear choices were inappropriate.  Again, it  depends on where you are.  Great Lake beaches (Erie or Huron near Toledo) seem more tolerant and we have not had issues at these places, even when run by a city or county.  

Lodging places usually will tell you "no thongs" if you ask, but some will open the pool for after hours thonging.  If you just go to the pool in your thong, don't make a big deal about it, and act like any other customer, you usually can thong (both men and women).  Hotel staff is aware you are doing this in most cases, but simply don't enforce the rules -- if they have any.  Topfree pool use, however is seldom permitted, and you will probably be ask to not only cover up, but will be told that you also can not thong, if that is the type of swimwear you have on.  While I try to go topfree whenever I can, I only do it at a motel pool if I stay there for a long time (several days) and learn bow tolerant they seem to be.  I don't want to mess up the opportunity to wear thongs by going  topfree.  Like most places, the larger -- more expensive motel and hotel chains seem more tolerant of thongs than many of the smaller ones.  This is not always the case, but generally, a four or five star hotel will be virtually indifferent about thongs while a one or two star motel may come down on you the instant you slip off your swimwear cover up.  There are exceptions of course,  We once got stuck for a few days at a Knight's Inn or Bedbug City as it sometimes is known.  They were building a pipeline nearby and all the rooms in the area were basically booked for weeks at a time by the various contractors.  The motel actually was clean and bedbug free, and it had a tiny pool and an even a communal hot tub inside in what appeared to have been a standard motel room.  We all wore our thongs and the workers seemed to actually enjoy seeing us in them -- even Brad was accepted.  A couple of the workers had some type of female companions and they started wearing their thong panties or bikini swimsuits pulled up into thong bottoms.  It actually turned out to be a fun crowd.  Some of the workers had gas grills and there was a BBQ every night and the beer flowed freely.  There were even a few female workers who got some ribbing about maybe they should get thongs too, but they would point to Brad and say the men should wear them also.  One male worker wore nothing but thong swimsuits after Brad set the example.  Again, he had a little good-natured teasing like "cute buns" but in ten minutes, everyone forgot he was exposing his butt and the party carried on.  These guys where what I would have expected to be roughnecks, but actually were some of the kindest and happiest workers I have ever seen.

So getting back to  your question -- I certainly would say any Ohio State Park in the Toledo area would be a prime thonging place,  You will not be the first thonger there and might even have some other park goers change into thongs if you lead the pack.  Next would be any other beach park -- but check with management first.  Big expensive hotels and motels are good, while smaller places will be hit or miss.  Michigan might be just as thong friendly in this part of the state, but I can not endorse it based on our previous experiences.  But attitudes about thongs -- especially on women, but also on men seem to be changing in the favor of thongs.

Toledo is a rust belt city which used to have a healthy economy.  It has fallen on almost all accounts over the years, and as the emphasis on manufacturing continues to fall, other industries, such as tourism are starting to make a dent in the economy.  The last thing the city needs is a lot more bad publicity, and I think this has tempered the anti-thong feelings in the area to a major extent.

Kinderlou #2

Re:Toledo, OH

Date Posted:04/26/2018 01:01:42Copy HTML

 I have worn a thong at Maumee Bay and at East Harbor with no problems. East Harbor beach north side is really good location. You'll get a lot of boats anchoring offshore there and a few walkers but no problems. Have fun. 
nautirogue #3

Re:Toledo, OH

Date Posted:05/08/2018 02:32:43Copy HTML

Thanks for that awesome report, Mary0826!
I would just add that we have a boat on Lake Michigan, and she thongs on all the Northwest Indiana and Michigan beaches all summer long (and I thong there once in a while) without issue.  She has gone topless many times on the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore beaches.
Cingularity #4

Re:Toledo, OH

Date Posted:05/10/2018 06:37:37Copy HTML

My wife will lay topless and in pretty skimpy bikinis on Central beach which is part of the Indiana Dunes Lakeshore
NE_OH_thonger #5

Re:Toledo, OH

Date Posted:07/18/2018 07:40:51Copy HTML

 I'm thinking about going to Toledo Pride next month (August 18). If anyone here has attended in previous years, have you seen guys in speedos or thongs? If so, how was the reception? If I can't thong at the event itself, I'll probably go to the nearest state park to get my thong fix
curiousfun #6

Re:Toledo, OH

Date Posted:07/19/2018 12:54:44Copy HTML

I've thonged at Maumee bay state park a few times in the last month with zero issues. I've been the only guy each time but have seen a few girls in cheekies and one so far in full thong. The park is 20 minutes east of downtown Toledo.
NE_OH_thonger #7

Re:Toledo, OH

Date Posted:08/17/2018 02:18:43Copy HTML

Cool. I'm going tomorrow, so if Pride is "family-friendly", I can head to Maumee Bay afterwards
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