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Date Posted:07/10/2004 09:34:14Copy HTML

I've been reading this board for about a month now, inspired by a few of your stories and by your attitudes.Finally the first good sunny warm weekend here, I went to Hanlan's point on the Toronto island. I brought my new skinz banded thong ( by far the skimpiest item I have ever worn publicly) and laid in the warm sun. I went into the water to cool off (yeah, it's cool) and when I got out, I noticed a couple just coming through the bushes. The woman stopped walking and looked my way as I got out, dripping wet. She gave a long look,so I turned my ass toward her to give her a better view before laying down again. A good start to a short thonging summer up here ;-)Hanlan's point is declared a nude beach, but no nudists this day. Later that afternoon, I mustered up the courage to remove my thong. I did feel very good lying without anything on, as I had never tried it before. Even got up to go into the water, buck naked. I assure you, I would have never done that, had I not stumbled onto this board! So thanks for giving me the courage to push my envelope anyway. Now I need to find a atretch of beach with some babes in thongs, will let you know what I find ...
The Gabe #1

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:07/24/2004 02:37:31Copy HTML

You can do as I did last summer and go to Old Port Dahlousie in St. Catharines, ON. That is about 15 minutes from Niagara Falls on the QEW going towards Toronto. It's a small public beach, and I was able to wear my thong there without hearing a sungle negative comment. Not even from the young guys and girls who were nearby my spot in the sand. I have also been told of another beah which i believe is a bit south of Niagara Falls. There is a small fee for access, but I understand that thongs are quite common there, on men and women.
glutesie #2

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:07/25/2004 07:59:36Copy HTML

I have worn a thong at Ashbridge's Bay for years. I have just recently visited Hanlan's point on the Toronto Islands. There is a nude beach there, so thong is also acceptable. I'd recommend the islands first, it's quieter, get less hassle, etc. If you want attention, go to Ashbridges Bay, there's a lot more people there.

cdg-fr #3

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:08/26/2004 12:28:27Copy HTML

Yes to Ashbridge's Bay and to Hanlan's Point. I have also thonged at the foot of Cherry Street and out in the district called the Beaches, sort of east of the foot of Woodbine. Have fun.
thongpwr #4

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:09/24/2004 10:57:39Copy HTML

Plans changed, I just came back from Toronto - spent 5 days there. I stayed at the Courtyard Airport and went to the pool every night, wearing my blue Joe Snyder thong (love it!). It was a very positive experience, there were not a lot of people at the pool, hardly any after 9PM, sometimes none but be aware that the pool is visible to the hotel gym, parking lot and the neighbouring hotel entrance through the windows. I never got any comments, in fact I saw one other guy wearing a thong (he was with his girlfriend/wife who was wearing a skimpy bikini but not a thong). I didn't even bother to ask the front desk or the manager if it's OK to wear thongs but at least the pool rules posted on the wall did not include the concept of acceptable swimwear at all. I'd go there again.
Microron #5

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:05/18/2005 03:13:50Copy HTML

It has been reported that the beach at Hanlon Point on the islands is thong/ nude friendly. I haven't been there in years ( I'm now on the West Coast) but did enjoy the nude becah years ago with my wife. toronto was far less liberal then... I'm sure some Torontonian can confirm the current situation at Hanlon Point.. 
chrisdb #6

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:05/21/2005 09:49:30Copy HTML

I was at hanlan point today first time I thong there. It was great and  there was two thongwear on the beach. I made one or two friend there.  I can't wait to go again.

chrisdb #7

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:05/25/2005 09:48:22Copy HTML

If you are in Toronto you can go to Hanlan Point. Its a nude beach with a few thongers.  Cherry beach is good too.  http://www.torontobeach.ca/beaches/check.jsp#check

iam31338 #8

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:07/18/2005 11:46:42Copy HTML

Anyone aware of any legal issues around here? I'm going to assume there are none, and it's fairly liberal, since I've seen women at Wonderland's Splashworks wearing thongs, and they didn't kick her out or anything.
zafranh #9

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:05/01/2006 06:38:59Copy HTML

I thonged at a outdoor public pool in West end Toronto...from June to September 2005. Nobody said anything, the girl lifeguards spoke to me more, in fact. I am straight, 29 and married. I asked the lifeguards before I thonged and they were more than enthusiastic to let me thong.

I remember one time a lady went to the life guard and said something, the lifeguard replied "its a public pool ma'am " in a supporting way towards me. Must have been talking about me.

I am planning to do it this time again, if I can.

1Monte #10

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:10/23/2006 09:47:17Copy HTML

Is thonging OK in the Toronto area? We plan on staying at a resort outside of Toronto and wonder if we can thong at the indoor pool. First time there--any good attractions to see? Suggestions wanted!
ithongit #11

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:10/25/2006 12:00:17Copy HTML

I would just suggest going for it.  There is only one pool Randy and I have ever been to that was not thong friendly in Canada -- out of dozens if not over 100 that we have visited.  It was in BC at a private resort.   Thong swimwear is from what I understand legal in Ontario as a provence and both provincial and national parks permit thongs without question.  We have thonged in two motel/hotels in Toronto and also at a hotel in Niagra Falls, Ont.  This was about 3 years ago when I used to go to Toronto on business.  Now I go to Edmonton Alberta each year and find everyone there just as accepting of thongs as the folks in Toronto were.


Popeye1 #12

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:10/25/2006 07:22:44Copy HTML

Olive and I have worn thongs at many different beaches and pools all over Ontario and have never encountered anything beyond a few nervous giggles. our philosophy is if there's not an explicit sign prohibiting thongs then that's what we wear. we don't wear any radical stuff , but they're still skimpy. If you act like you belong there pretty soon you do belong there. Peace, Popeye
zafranh #13

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:01/07/2009 02:54:24Copy HTML

 I usually go thonging during summer in North Etobicoke but during winter times I haven't found any indoor pool to go thonging at.  Right now I wear Joe Snyder capri's (closest thing to a thong) whenever I go.

If anyone knows where you can thong indoor let me know or if they go to a indoor pool that allows for thonging let me know. Preferably in West Toronto.

DrunkGuy #14

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:08/02/2009 04:51:41Copy HTML

Good for you brave to wear red, most people won't make bad comments or even negative looks at that beach. Everyone looks so if you wear dork shorts you get looks at Hanlon's.
 Usually on Saturday you get a couples crowd they stay to themselves more tame, Sunday's crowd are younger and mostly fully clothed late arriving, you may get more laughs from them as comments toward yourself. Holiday crowds on weekdays are wild card or mix bag of weekenders almost anyone shows up and crowded. In most part you get gawkers or curious people walking to look at people in there so called normal life which they never see. Usually they laugh to one another and say "did you see that", or "o my god" covering there face from laughing.

When i was there, you see a lot of women with thongs 14 you say? You maybe right. I'm disapponted at the women wearing thongs at a nude beach rather see them totally nude, rather then topless with thong. If the women wore thongs at regular beach and pools that would be better.

Woodbine beach has changed since i visited it few years ago. Lots of young college crowd and large amount single women in packs (5-1 ratio women to men) wearing string bikini's but no thongs, nice chicks with great tanned bodies. To thong at woodbine in the mass of people would be brave would be understatement, comments you would get, let say people would not be shy to express there opinions immediately towards you and there friends they are with. Its like swimming with sharks and your the bate. So Hanlon's beach is a cake walk to other beaches.
DrunkGuy #15

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:08/15/2009 04:28:22Copy HTML

 I seen those chicks too, Russian one brunette other a blonde, they came without there husbands. Different story on the weekend. Wait until weekend you will see big tit chicks in g-strings with nice tans. Russian strippers chicks looking for good time if you got the cash. They wear white g-strings with head bandanas they talk with accent, lounging in the rental beach chairs.
 You may have missed late afternoon a nice large breasted chick in a blue tanga thong walking her friends dog was very perky.
freddys #16

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:06/24/2010 09:50:08Copy HTML

Thonged at the Beechgrove beach in Scarborough yesterday. Very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.
JM_Runs #17

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:07/10/2010 07:04:11Copy HTML

 I was at Hanlan's Point today. The beach was pretty busy. I wor my new Black thong swimsuit with side clasps. There was 1 other guy in a blue thong swimsuit and 3 women near me in thong swimsuits too. The guy in the blue thong swimsuit and a nice looking girl in a purple thong swimsuit set up near me. She kept looking at me while I was looking at her. The one other girl set up nearby too while the other girl in her thong bikini went swimming in the water.  The weather was awesome for tanning and swimming. Im going to go there again soon. 
Speedster78 #18

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:01/29/2011 06:35:16Copy HTML

 Anyone been thonging at the Sheraton Centre pool in DT Toronto? Was thinking it might be a good place to chill out, swim and tan this summer, but not sure how cool they are with it.
ithongit #19

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:01/29/2011 11:16:54Copy HTML

The Sheraton Centre has an "Indoor/Outdoor" pool, which used to be opened all year.  I got stuck in Toronto a few winters ago on a return trip from Edmonton.  The whole east coast was socked in by weather delays which also kept airplanes grounded which were supposed to connect further west.  I got lucky and was able to get into the Sheraton.  I was on a business trip, not planning on doing much swimming, but did pack a thong bikini and a one-piece white thong back suit that I sometimes use on business trips since I think it presents a little more "professional" look.  The first trip to the pool was in the one-piece and nobody said anything.  Later I went again in the bikini.  The pool wasn't all that popular, but was a little cooler than I personnally like but as far as acceptance, none of the people hanging around were the least bit bothered.  This included the hotel employees who wandered through from time to time.

The Sheraton is the type of motel that attracts a lot of international travelers.  These hotels tend to be more thong tollerant than discount establishments that cater mostly to locals on road trips.  Their customers are more likely to have seen thongs or even public nudity elsewhere and take it in stride.  Most customers also don't have kids in tow which "need to be protected".

In Canada, Randy and I don't bother to ask about thonging when we visit pools since thongs are tollerated, if not fully accepted in even in the most "conservative" communities.  In fact, there is only one pool we know about in Canada that actually has a hard and fast "NO THONG" rule, and even there, they don't seem to enforce the rule most of the time.  A pool worker admitted that the only reason they had the rule was to give management a way to evict troublemakers who insist on wearing exposure or see-thru suits.  Some places take the "it is okay as long as nobody objects" attitude if you were to ask, but most Canadians don't object.  It's the Yankees who are most likely to complain.

latinothong #20

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:02/15/2011 06:04:53Copy HTML

I recently went thonging at the Sheraton Centre pool in Toronto - early January 2011.

While I was indeed able to spend the whole day there using the pool in my g-string bathing suit without being harassed by anyone, when I left, I was told by the pool supervisor that "next time you come back, you'll have to wear a bathing suit".  When I insisted that my g-string was indeed a bathing suit, and asked what specifically was wrong with it, the pool supervisor backed down a little but said "it's a public pool and we want to make sure people aren't offended."  Actually, none of the pool patrons seemed bothered at all, I think it was just him.

Later on after I had changed, the pool manager was around and the pool supervisor asked the manager for clarification while I was around.  I think the supervisor realized that there really wasn't a policy against thongs and started to second guess whether he should have said anything to me at all.  No one else (but him) seemed to have an issue...

So when I spoke with the pool manager he explained that they do have a lot of international tourists there, especially in the summer and they always ask people (especially Europeans) to use conservative swimwear (and not thongs) so that no one feels offended...  In the end, I never did get a definitive "thongs aren't allowed" from the pool manager - it was more of a "we prefer no thongs but we won't enforce it" kind of response, so I'm going to go back and try a different thong (not a g-string next time) and see how that works out.  Wanna join me?  ;-)

Anyone know anywhere else in Toronto (indoor pools) where thonging might be a possibility?  I don't think Sheraton will end up working out...
Speedster78 #21

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:02/23/2011 02:58:28Copy HTML

 Hi Latino thong - thanks for the update on the recent attitude at the Sheraton. I thought they might be a bit averse to guys in thongs. Very brave of you to try it and its great to get an update from a recent visit. Would love to try another venue if you know of one. Might have to wait for Hanlan's and Cherry Beaches - sigh. Thanks also to ithongit/Traci for the update.
latinothong #22

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:03/18/2011 10:49:41Copy HTML

Anyone been thonging at the Y in downtown Toronto?
Speedster78 #23

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:03/23/2011 11:18:26Copy HTML

Hey guys, been out of town, but happy to see your posts. I've only ever worn a thong at the DT Y once in the membership plus hot tub. I have however worn it many times in the membership plus area of the north york Y. Would be happy to see others doing it. Would also be interested in meeting up to thong with other guys at the beaches this summer.
spark2100 #24

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:04/17/2011 12:01:47Copy HTML

We were in Toronto last week for a couple of day on business.We stayed at the Hilton Garden inn near the Eaton centre.The first morning there I went to the pool wearing a small bikini suit.No one was in the pool or fitness area.I was thinking I should have worn a thong.Then a man and his daughter came in for a swim.I did a few more laps then went to the hot tub.
 The next morning I decided to wear a thong.There were two men in the fitness area no paying attention to the pool area.(there is a large window between the two areas).As soon as I took off my track pants they started paying attention.The one man's mouth never closed and everytime I looked up he was staring at me.I started in the hottub and relaxed for about 15 min.Then I got out and showered off.The shower is on the opposite side of the pool from the hottub so I had to walk accross in front of the window to the shower.I then got in the pool and did a few laps and got out dried off and left.I'm sure I was a topic of conversation between the two in the fitness centre for the day.Over all it was a good experience and I would do it again.
Byfordgstring #25

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:06/04/2011 08:53:37Copy HTML

I'll be staying at the Fairmont Royal York in July for business, so I emailed the health club manager to see if thong swimwear was acceptable. Sadly they said thongs werent allowed. Since I do plan on trying out some new thong bikinis at Hanlans Island, I dont seem to mind so much....let just hope the weather is good. Anyone know any other downtown hotels that are okay with thong bikinis?
Speedster78 #26

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:07/02/2011 05:12:54Copy HTML

 Wow, the weather is great now! Was at Hanlan's Point thonging yesterday and gonna hit up Cherry Beach tomorrow. Saw another guy in a thong at Hanlan's. Great to see. Happy Pride too!
JM_Runs #27

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:07/27/2011 09:06:07Copy HTML

 Any good tips on conservation areas (or similar) just north of Toronto? Looking for a somewhat remote smaller spot for my first public experience before hitting the more popular spots like Hanlan's Point and the Beach. 
Speedster78, how was Cherry beach?
latinothong #28

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:07/28/2011 12:53:04Copy HTML

 I've never been to Cherry beach, but if your "goal" is to wear a thong at Hanlan's Point, I'd say just do it and forget about finding a more "remote" spot for your "first public experience".  The reality is, Hanlan's Point is such a cool beach and nobody cares.  If you're super shy, maybe try a more "remote" part of the beach, but it's only for your own comfort...  Just do it!  ;-)
JM_Runs #29

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:07/28/2011 10:55:25Copy HTML

 Thanks for the words of encouragement  :)
I may just head out to Hanlan's Point then in the near future.
ontariothonging #30

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:08/01/2011 09:38:51Copy HTML

 I am a guy and thong at Woodbine Beach all the time.  I've also done Sauble Beach, Wasaga, Barrie and Grand Bend.  I wear all different colours including hot pink.  I have been thonging in Ontario for 13 years.  This summer I  found a hot 20 year old girls to thong with me which is awesome.  I get so much attention at the beach.  Girls swarm me and ask for pics all the time.  I'll walk up and down Woodbine Beach with my phone and I always get photo shoots and a few numbers.  It's so much fun.  Love how chill the vibe is there.  You can drink and smoke weed if you want.  I recently went to Hanlan's for the first time.  That was fun and a chill scene too with excellent people watching opportunities.  Once in a while at Woodbine there will be dick comments from younger guys but that is rare.  They are just jealous anyway.
Speedster78 #31

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:08/04/2011 02:52:57Copy HTML

 Hey Tronthong (and others), I haven't been to Cherry beach yet this year, but have thonged there many times before and its pretty chill at the far east end. Also have seen other guys thonging there in the past. Hanlan's is an easy spot to go to and I will be there a couple weekends in August for sure. Hoping to take a day off work soon to have a thong day at the beach. I've also thonged at Scarborough bluffs and Longpoint in SWO. Feel free to message me if you want more info.
constablecrickencop #32

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:10/20/2011 08:56:10Copy HTML

 I have recently joined the downtown Y and have been using the pool pretty regularily. It seems like speedo's are the most popular choice on everyone including myself, however would be curious to see how a thong would be received. Probably with no attention at all!
Speedster78 #33

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:02/04/2012 06:00:49Copy HTML

I go to the DT Y and I've never worn a thong in the main pool, although I have done so in the membership plus hot tub and sauna. Its gets looks, but no really seems to care. In TO, its hard find a decent place to buy a swim thong.
Mattmailcom #34

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:03/06/2012 01:50:20Copy HTML

 Looking forward to things warming up so I can return to Beechgrove beach in Scarborough.  It's very low key and relaxed there.  I've never been to Hanlan's point - perhaps this summer.
Speedster78 #35

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:03/20/2012 11:46:35Copy HTML

 Never been to Beechgrove - where is it? Hanlan's is good if you go on the north end. The south end of the beach is an obnoxious party zone.
swoontogo #36

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:03/31/2012 05:44:32Copy HTML

 Will be in the area the weekend of April 21. Will it be warm enough yet to get some sun on my buns?!
latinothong #37

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:04/04/2012 10:43:14Copy HTML

First, @swoontogo, unfortunately, it's not likely that it will be warm enough in Toronto by April 21 but we've been having a lot of above-seasonal weather lately so you never know.

It's been a while since I posted on this forum but I have two bits of information that may be of interest to my fellow Toronto thongers...

Today I went thonging at the Main Square Community Centre pool.  I went in my Andrew Christian black thong with white trim – you can see my comments about this thong in another thread on this forum, or look at my pics.  It had been a while since I had worn a thong in public so I was a little nervous at first, but the truth is, none of the lifeguards cared one way or the other (there are about 6 of them that rotate every 15 minutes).  Really, everybody keeps to themselves and nobody cares either way.  Sometimes there are male lifeguards there but today there were only female ones and most of them couldn't keep their eyes off of me.  I just lost a lot a weight recently and its been a while since I've looked this good, so it didn't catch me off guard that they were trying to sneak as many glimpses of me as they could.  Lovely ;-)

In fact, I don't know why I was nervous about it at all – it turns out that (according to a supervisor of the Parks & Rec Aquatics Unit) there is no policy forbidding thongs at any of Toronto's pools.  Last year I sent a message to 311 online and asked about the city's thong policy before going to an outdoor pool in my area.  I was told "I just received a response from Mr. XXXXXXX XXXXX, a Supervisor in Parks and Recreation's Aquatics Unit, and he advises that there is no stipulation about bathing suit bottoms. That said, we would not refuse entry if a person is appropriately covered.  I would say that much like the topless policy, if another patron is very uncomfortable, they may ask staff to speak to the person but that it would be the individual's decision about covering up."

So there you have it - if women (or both sexes for that matter) are allowed to go topless (by law) then their policy is that their is nothing from preventing you from wearing a thong either.  If someone complains, they can have staff speak to you, but ultimately it's your choice whether you do anything about it or not.

My thonging experience last summer at the outdoor pool didn't go so well – too many kids there and tons of teenagers that don't hold back at all, loudly telling you what they think and causing a huge scene...  Uh-oh.  Hanlan's is a much better option but very far for me, so finding somewhere closer to home where I could thong was worth a shot.  Lesson learned.

So knowing that, I don't know why I was so nervous going to the pool at Main in a thong today – probably just because I haven't worn one in public in such a long time.  (And the fact that I don't know how extensively "we don't have a policy against thongs" has been communicated to their staff...)  Would I go to the pool at Main CC in a thong again?  Definitely.  The nice thing too is that in the daytime there are usually no kids since they're all in school, only adults.  Also, for what it's worth, the Andrew Christian thong I was wearing is pretty conservative (for a thong) so maybe a g-string wouldn't have received the same "pass with flying colors"? Either way, I can't wait to go back, maybe next time someone wants to join me?

As for the Sheraton – they recently went through pretty big renovations, but mostly to their weight room.  It's now $32 a day (up from $28) and there is a new interim manager overseeing the pool and exercise area who's hard not to like – a people-pleaser for sure.  Before, there used to be a desk in the pool area which was "home base" for the hotel pool staff, but now they've moved that desk to the exercise room, so thonging is more likely to go unnoticed.  I did go there two weeks ago or so in a thong and the entire time I was there, the hotel staff stayed in the weight room and never came by the pool.  (There's a big sign saying "no lifeguard on duty" which looks permanent.)  I'm not sure how it will be once they open up the bar and get busier around summer though.  Also, the best way to go to this pool and not pay the hefty $32 fee is to go get a massage at Senses Spa in the hotel (most work benefits will cover massage therapy).  With every visit to Senses Spa, they include a day pass to the pool and weight room, and there's a sauna in the changerooms too.  That's what I did when I went and it worked flawlessly – I did have to ask the spa for the day pass, (it's not automatic) but from then on it was completely hassle free.

Anyways, there you have it.  It's been a while since I've been and I only come back to write this epic post?  haha

Can't wait for it to be warm enough for Hanlan's again...
Speedster78 #38

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:04/06/2012 02:13:10Copy HTML

 Latinothong - great post! Love that you went to a public pool in a thong. Pretty ballsy if you ask me, but totally awesome. Maybe I'll see you at Hanlan's this summer! In the meantime its my condo pool and sauna.
Speedster78 #39

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:04/20/2012 05:17:56Copy HTML

 lookin for someone to thong with this weekend. Access to hotel/condo pools, hot tubs, saunas, etc? noot looking to hook up, just mutual thong enjoyment.
Mattmailcom #40

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:05/24/2012 05:22:43Copy HTML

Been to Beechgrove beach a few times this week.  Its been very quiet there; had the place all to my own some times.  So glad summer weather is finally here.
Speedster78 #41

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:06/14/2012 12:48:58Copy HTML

 Looks like Friday and Saturday will be all day thong days on Hanlan's beach for me. Can't wait to bust out the new N2N gear.
Speedster78 #42

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:07/17/2012 03:46:32Copy HTML

 Anyone thonging at Hanlans this weekend?
yyzgent #43

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:08/03/2012 03:37:00Copy HTML

Burlington Beach Just north of the Lift Bridge is a great spot.
Speedster78 #44

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:08/23/2012 12:24:54Copy HTML

 Uploaded new pics from Cherry beach here in TO!
JM_Runs #45

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:08/29/2012 01:23:47Copy HTML

 Last Friday was a very hot day. I went to Hanlan's Point to tan and swim in my new Leopard Skin Thong swimsuit. There was another guy who set up near me in a White Thong Swimsuit. I did not see any other thongers but there were a group of 3 girls who set up near me and another 2 that set up in front of me. It was a great and may go again this upcoming weekend.
Speedster78 #46

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:08/29/2012 03:05:44Copy HTML

 Was at Hanlan's last Sunday with my BF in my green N2N popsicle thong. Was a gorgeous day. Added pics to my profile.
Speedster78 #47

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

Date Posted:06/20/2013 03:06:57Copy HTML

 trying Cherry beach tomorrow in the afternoon - hoping the weather will be good!
Speedster78 #48

Re:Toronto - Beaches & Pools - Ontario - Canada

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 Anyone ever tried wearing a thong on the sun deck at the metro-central YMCA in Toronto? I've been wearing speedos that I hike up some times, but wondering about going all the way to a thong. I enquired and got the following response:
"As we are a family facility, we do ask that our members wear appropriate swim wear that covers private areas.  YMCA lifeguards are instructed to speak with members whose attire is not suitable and would ask the member to change."
As far as I read it, its ok to wear a thong that covers the front unless you get asked to cover up. 
Any thoughts?

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Hey Speedster78

How was your experience at cherry beach? I'm going to be staying at the Radisson harbourfront the first week of August. Plan on thonging at hanlans as much as I can.
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Hey @Speedster78 – thongs are a no-go at the Metro-Central YMCA.  After wearing a Speedo countless times and occasionally "hiking it up" like you, I tried wearing a relatively conservative thong last summer and was asked to change almost immediately.  The lifeguard said my swimwear was not appropriate because it "exposed my privates" – apparently the YMCA considers your ass to be a "private part"...

I'm not sure what/where the sun deck is, but I tried wearing one to the pool late at night just before closing when there was no one else there.  Go figure.

Public pools run by the city are fine though – see my epic post from April 2012 above.  I've been wearing thongs to many public pools across the city since then and no one cares either way.  I hope this helps!

I haven't been to Cherry beach or Hanlan's yet this year but I'm hoping to make it out soon!
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