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Date Posted:08/30/2018 06:05:52Copy HTML

I have been wearing thongs for years.  I have met a lot of others who wear them, have been to places where they are popular, only tollerated, or not liked at all.  But I just had a first in my thonging experiences.

Normally, I am quite aware I have a thong on.  At other times I have been hit by the "I'm wearing a thong" logic from time to time.  The other day started like so many others I have had.  I had my thong on as underwear, wore them to the beach sand, took my shorts (where I keep  my phone, keys, money for the consession stand, etc.) off, and soaked up both sun and water.  But while things started the same, I don't remember thinking "I will take my shorts off so I am wearing just my thong".  I simply took the shorts off and hung around the beach.  A few people talked to me, not about thonging or my thong, but simply about things that were happening at the park.  I went to the camp store and got a snack without thinking about my swimwear.  Later, a Ranger came along while I was talking with a partly disabled senior.  My conversations with the senior were more about the "old days" at the beach.  The Ranger came along and added more to our conversation.  So far, not a word about thongs from anyone.  After a couple of hours, I had to leave, so I took a final dip and headed to the car, where I eventually pulled on my shorts and a T-shirt for the drive to my next commitment.

What was unusual was the whole time I was exposing my buns, I never gave it even the slightest thought. It actually wasn't until later that evening, perhaps 6 hours or more before I realized that I had spent my entire time at the beach, wearing a thong, and was so comfortable and so confident that no thoughts about my swimwear choice even entered my mind.  Even when the Ranger came along I didn't think about being in a thong, and I later realized that I turned around in front of her several times.  

I guess while I have written a lot about being accepted in a thong, and feel I usually am, I never fully accepted myself in one until the other day.  I hope I will continue to feel this way, since I am sure it only addes to the positive perception others have of me.  Totally forgetting what I was wearing the whole day was probably the top thong-wearing thing I have done so far this summer.  It was so amazing and still is -- I simply forgot I was thonging, but in every other way being as comfortable if not more comfortable in my swimwear than anyone else on the beach!

Has anyone else had this eye opening experience?

Ohharley #1

Re:Totally accepting wearing a thong

Date Posted:08/30/2018 01:06:56Copy HTML

I had an experience that later struck me with surprise. While changing in a locker room, a good friend who was there with me, noticed my tan....or lack of any tan lines. He teased me about where the nude beach was I went to. Told him not a nude beach but one were I tan in a g-string. He thought that was the coolest thing and asked to come along next time. Didn’t really believe he was serious until he mentioned it one day. Took him with me, he borrowed g from me and tanned the whole day in it! My thought is, I’m so comfortable in a string at the beach that I never noticed my own all over tan.
NudeNArizona #2

Re:Totally accepting wearing a thong

Date Posted:08/31/2018 12:34:01Copy HTML

I had a roommate for about a year after my divorce to my first wife and he moved in 6 months after she left. So I was used to being alone so after work I would get undressed and unless I was going out I would be naked until I had to leave saving on laundry. One day after work I came home and did my normal routine but this evening my roommate was home because he had the night off. As I went to the kitchen I saw him and a girl in the living room and just said hello as I went to make dinner. After I ate I went and watched the news and we just talked about nothing then about an hour later they headed out for the weekend. No one mentioned my nudity or my tan just conversation.
ithongit #3

Re:Totally accepting wearing a thong

Date Posted:09/02/2018 04:16:28Copy HTML

I now feel like OHIOTHONGS but it took a long time. Nikki (my sister) and I started wearing thongs when she was 14 and I was 15. Our dad was (and still is) a thong wearer, but even with this type subtle encouragement, we were not 100% at ease wearing our thongs except at home. It really was not until I met Randy at the beach and he was in a flag inspired thong and was so cool and comfortable, and while I didn't realize it at the time, his encouragement and later him just being accepted was all it took to push me over the line. Now, unless someone mentions it, I don't even think about the fact I am wearing a thong. Being free of any stigma you might have about wearing a thong will make your time thonging even better, but you might not realize how cool it is until later when you think "Gee, I was wearing a thong all afternoon, and everyone got to see my butt but nobody cared and everyone treated me the exact same as if I had worn a one piece swimsuit." Traci
briankay #4

Re:Totally accepting wearing a thong

Date Posted:09/04/2018 04:37:44Copy HTML

"perhaps 6 hours or more before I realized that I had spent my entire time at the beach, wearing a thong, and was so comfortable and so confident that no thoughts about my swimwear choice even entered my mind." Great feeling isn't it? Remember when I got to that point.
RapidBlue #5

Re:Totally accepting wearing a thong

Date Posted:09/18/2018 11:55:09Copy HTML

I was out at a local park today. I know it is the end of the season but it was 90 F with bright blue skies in the Great Lakes region. The beach was mostly quiet with a few random people around. I set up and was instantly greeted by two women I rather traditional bikinis. I had already stripped down to an orange thong and was setting my chair and towel as the two women approached me and started talking about how great the day was for the middle of September. We chatted for a while and they went in the water. A while later I took a dip and one of the women joined me. We stood and talked for about 30 minutes. She mentioned my choice of swimwear and how I would never be one to wear long shorts and she would never be one to wear a one piece. It was the most natural thing for both of us, total acceptance of what we wore and who were are. I love days like this.
sailor250 #6

Re:Totally accepting wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/23/2019 02:57:41Copy HTML

here's an article from last summer about women accepting that thongs are the fashion! https://www.elle.com/fashion/a22880061/now-is-the-time-to-commit-to-butt-baring-swimwear/
Thongs4All #7

Re:Totally accepting wearing a thong

Date Posted:04/08/2019 07:34:23Copy HTML

For me I rarely think about it as a thong at the beach or underwear is just what I wear. My wife and I traveled a ton before we met and I learned around the world thongs are totally acceptable. The body should be celebrated and shown off. My old roommate was Brazilian and we talked about it all the time. We passed that onto our kids not to be weird but to have them feel comfortable with themselves. It wasn’t forced but once you get comfortable in one, there are no more worries.
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