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briankay #51

Re:Treasure Island Pinellas County Florida

Date Posted:07/31/2017 08:22:36Copy HTML

Treasure Island has no thong ghetto. Anyplace there are people there may be thongs. Places with more people have more thongs.
Mostly females who usually wear thongs with a lot of material high in the back, a few men, and the transgendered person.
Go anywhere you want. If no one is wearing a thong near you, eventually someone will walk by wearing one.
briankay #52

Re:Treasure Island Pinellas County Florida

Date Posted:02/16/2018 01:35:16Copy HTML

 Have been four times this year. Thongs every day, just like last year.
Water still too cold for my taste. Don't bother with the new commercial parking lot where Blind Pass veers east off Gulf Blvd and Gulf Blvd continues to Sunset Beach. They want $3.50 an hour!!! Looks to me like they're only going to have business on Memorial Day, July 4th, etc.
CKWonderer #53

Re:Treasure Island Pinellas County Florida

Date Posted:08/26/2018 10:21:44Copy HTML

I’m traveling in the gulf coast area of Florida some of this week and was able to stop by Treasure Island and spend the day in the afternoon getting some sun. I parked at the main public parking area and for about $11 was able to park there for five hours. The weather worked out well and the red tide was nowhere to be seen there and the beach was nice and clean. I wore my Jovana Design multicolored bulge thong and of course the Florida sun was nice and intense. I did have my chair with and umbrella which helped a lot. I would say the beach crowd was about to 2/3 to 3/4 (per Google tracker) the normal on this type of day since the schools are going back this week and the red tide has been playing havoc with the area. I had originally wanted to go to Siesta Key today but I think the beaches were mostly closed for red tide and unsafe swimming. I was able to relax catch my rays, get in the water, and take a couple of walks both up and down the beach. I got a couple whistles as there were lots of people around and I just took it in stride. On one of my last walks it was interesting to hear a small family sitting at the waterline talk back-and-forth to each other as if they were wanting to tell me something. I heard them say a couple times... “should we tell him?” I wonder if they were going to tell me that it wasn’t legal to wear a thong on the beach there. It was not more than 10 minutes later that I had turned around and walked back past them again and as soon as I did I saw the local police SUV driving down the beach very close to the water’s edge. I had an in an initial reaction but didn’t even break my stride as I was walking towards the oncoming cop car. This was the first time I’ve seen anybody patrolling the beach all day and it was towards the end of my time there. It was interesting how close they were to the edge of the water so I’m assuming someone had called them in for “some” reason. As I waved he passed by within 15 feet of me in plain sight and I didn’t even look back or see him again. It was kind a gratifying to have the police go right by you in a very small thong in front of everybody there on the main breach and validating that thongs are SWIMWEAR! I did it with a smile my face and not a show of care in my stride or reaction. I didn’t see any other 100% thongs but I saw another girl laying out under an umbrella close to me that had a very small wheel back swimsuit bottom. For me it was just another time at the beach wearing what I do and enjoy myself.
941forfun #54

Re:Treasure Island Pinellas County Florida

Date Posted:08/29/2018 01:43:38Copy HTML

Me and my girl are going to ft desoto beach friday and we both are going to thong for the first time. Are there other people in a thong there she dont want us be the only ones
shaved_thong_lover #55

Re:Treasure Island Pinellas County Florida

Date Posted:08/29/2018 10:44:09Copy HTML

You will find thongs at both beaches. The most thongs will be the northern end of Ft Desoto. But the beach at Treasure Island is much bigger. The south end of Treasure Island is Sunset beach and is the gay part (bjt mixed crowd) and will have more men in thongs, where as the other parts of treasure island are mainly women in thongs ad very cheeky bikinis,l. Have fun
briankay #56

Re:Treasure Island Pinellas County Florida

Date Posted:09/06/2018 04:05:30Copy HTML

With the beach renourishment an area that is shallow way out has developed just north of Caddys.
Thongzo #57

Re:Treasure Island Pinellas County Florida

Date Posted:09/19/2018 03:19:58Copy HTML

Might be heading to the area near the end of October. Have a private place I was going to stay at with my girl but now I'm not sure if she can make it, so I might be hitting the beach alone. Would love to thong, possible go nude, but no nude beach on the gulf side, are there?
briankay #58

Re:Treasure Island Pinellas County Florida

Date Posted:09/19/2018 07:23:53Copy HTML

No nude beach on the Gulf
waldoboro #59

Re:Treasure Island Pinellas County Florida

Date Posted:09/21/2018 10:44:14Copy HTML

People take their chances at the thong area at Ft. Desoto to be nude.....just be aware of walkers and rangers taking a ride down occasionally.....

JM_Runs #60

Re:Treasure Island Pinellas County Florida

Date Posted:09/21/2018 09:23:00Copy HTML

Prior incidents of people going nude at Ft. Desoto lead to increased hassles from park staff. Best to wear a thong boldly and publicly, not be part of the furtive duck and hide crowed. See the Fort Desoto thread for that.
briankay #61

Re:Treasure Island Pinellas County Florida

Date Posted:09/22/2018 02:33:40Copy HTML

A few years ago the shenanigans in the thong ghetto at DeSoto resulted in the county considering a ban of thongs in all county parks and beaches. I think we dodged the bullet due to a Tampa Bay Times opinion piece where the writer thought it was just a small swimsuit issue not exhibitionism and sexual activity.
thong4me #62

Re:Treasure Island Pinellas County Florida

Date Posted:09/23/2018 03:29:11Copy HTML

This past week I spent a few days in St. Petersburg / Tampa for work.  Actually chose the Residence Inn in TI to stay.  I visited Fort DeSoto two days and I'll post those days in the right place, but I will say that I thonged on Treasure Island outside of the Residence inn.   The Red tide on a scale of 1 - 10 was a 1.5, so fortunately for my visit it was a non issue.

On the beach outside the Residence Inn there is a large sand dune (one large single beach mountain really) and after determining the trails and beach, I just set up on the ocean side of that sand dune.  There were maybe 15 people that passed by me in the 2 hours that I was there, including a white county vehicle that stopped about 80 yards away from me.  I had on a green and white striped thong that was clearly visible from afar.  While the vehicle was there, I took phone calls standing up and walking around as I usually need to do, all while the vehicle was there.   After about 15-20 minutes the vehicle passed by headed north and I never saw it again.

I'm sure that the threat of red tide kept people off the beaches, along with the fact that it was a wednesday & thursday ~3pm each day, but there were absolutely no issues with thonging in that area of the beach.  In fact, from the Residence it was close by and very easy to do.

On a side note, if you book the residence Inn I would recommend one of the suites which are in the building closest to the water, and in doing so, request a suite on the NORTH side of the building. That side gets LOTS of afternoon sun and even after coming back from the beach I was able to work on my laptop laying out on my balcony catching some extra rays for the day.     Check my posts for Ft. Desoto which will summarize my visits to that beach on this trip.   

car57 #63

Re:Treasure Island Pinellas County Florida

Date Posted:10/17/2018 11:24:04Copy HTML

Spent an hour at Treasure Island on Monday afternoon, I was the only guy in a thong but near me on the beach were 4 young ladies in thongs, and 3 more in really cheeky bottoms! Red Tide still present here though....
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