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Date Posted:03/16/2005 10:09:17Copy HTML

Anybody been thonging on the beaches of Tulum Mexico? I hear it's great!!
armand_galleon #1

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:03/17/2005 08:49:08Copy HTML

I'm taking a trip this summer which will take me through Tulum. I'm visiting some Maya ruins and beaches at Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Belize's keys, Guatemala highlands and finish at Roatan Island in the Caribbean. Of course I'm always looking where I can spend some quality thong time at some tropical paradise. At Tulum I've found a clothing optional hotel, right on the beach, its called "caba?s Copal. Its website is: http://www.cabanascopal.com/
My-nice-ass #2

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:04/14/2005 12:37:51Copy HTML

I have worn a thong on two different trips, both times we stayed at the Bahia Principe.  Lots of women in thongs, however I was the only guy in a thong.  No one said anything but I got tons of stares, which I did not mind at all!
thongintx #3

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:04/15/2005 04:15:25Copy HTML

caba?s Copal, looks nice, but the website doesn't indicate that it is CO.  But "hidden beach resort" is.  Are you sure about caba?s Copal?
c-ring #4

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:04/25/2005 04:07:25Copy HTML

I'll be staying at Ceiba Del Mar in Puerto Morelos and thonging the whole time!

I play on doing a "swim with the dolphins" event in Tulum while wearing my thong as well.

Marcio_80 #5

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:05/01/2005 11:29:09Copy HTML

I have thonged at Tulum in a clothing optional hotel beach but also at the public beach besides the piramed (not the one inside the archaelogical site). That time I saw other two guys in thongs and one in a g-string. That is a better beach than the one at the hotels.

Enjoy !!!
c-ring #6

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:05/26/2005 04:15:11Copy HTML

I'm back from my trip to Puerto Morelos and Tulum in Mexico.  I wore my white Ergowear microfiber thong under my board shorts at the ruins, and wore just the thong at the beach - the beach in the Tulum ruins is amazing.  I got a few great comments from women that morning.  Lots of women in thongs too, but no other men.
Jerry_in_san_jose #7

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:05/26/2005 03:38:48Copy HTML

I didn't have any problems wearing a thong swimsuit at the beaches at Tulum. I had a few couples casually walk by me to verify I was wearing a thong but they didn't make any comments. Other than the sea weed on the beach, I had a great time.


Ex_Member #8

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:05/26/2005 10:12:06Copy HTML

Me and my wife are headed for Tulum (actually staying in Akumal). We have read about the amazing cenotes scattered around the area as well as the nature parks. Are areas like these thong friendly, or should I wear a more conservative speedo?

Also wondering how thong friendly the Akumal beaches are.

Can't wait to sun my buns!

armand_galleon #9

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:05/27/2005 01:28:07Copy HTML

One of the reason why I'm going there this summer is that there is a good attendance by europeans who will sun topless and/or wear thongs/g-strings. The maya riviera depends heavily on tourism. As such they do not want to discourage tourist by preventing them from quietly sunning as they wish, although full on nudity is very rare.
At the cenotes I expect the allowance for thongs is the same. Although you may feel somewhat marginalized by the others in the group if they're older north americans.
I had the same reservations when I went on a reef shark feeding and snorkeling trip in Bora Bora. No one said anything of my thong swimsuit. In fact, the boat operator wore something similar that it's typical of the South Pacific. It looks like a larger (more coverage) thong in the rear but with a loin cloth cover in the front.
The north americans wouldn't look me in the eye but when I wasn't looking they kept catching a glimpse. The europeans gave lots of smiles and those I was able to communite with spoke with me very naturally, including their pre-teen/early teen kids!!
Ex_Member #10

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:06/15/2005 10:55:57Copy HTML

Well, we are back from Tulum, and I must say that the place is amazing. Loved the long strip of beach. It was a great place for some secluded thong tanning. In the whole time I was there, I saw absolutely NO thongs on guys or gals. I was the only one who was wearing a thong on the beach (during the more crowded times I had on a black posing suit with 1/2 inch sides and a European back). Pretty depressing numbers.

Are we a dying breed?
jenny12345 #11

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:08/02/2005 11:51:22Copy HTML

Good day thong enthuiasts. I have a Tulum, Mexico beach report. Me and my husband (Ray) spent 12 wonderful thonging day in April / May 2005 on this lovely beach (we think this the beat beach anywhere). We stayed at the Los Lirios resort (see www.locogringo.com for info), highly recommended. Every morning (and thought out the day) we walked south from LL down the beach for more that a mile (each way) and could have gone further. The beach sand is like white sugar, the water is crystal clear to touqusise to deep blue and very warm and on a crowded day we may walk pass 15 people.  This is a thongers paradise!!!  We'll be back again agin again.

My suit of choice was the Wicked Weasel thong. they are very well made, unlined (the best way), come in many styles & colors and can be very, very reveling. I chose the # 456 in light yellow, white and light tourquoise and # 451 (smaller that # 456) in light orange and light pink. I prefer the light colors. Just after my first dip in the water as I was walking toward Ray, he suggested we completely shave my well trimmed pubic hair. I had NO problem with that!  So 45 minutes later I was smooth and bare. We liked the look and feel so much I'm bare today, but I use the Brizilian wax technique. Back to the beach. I notice right away that my suits seem more sensual, fit better and were more reveling, especially when wet. But we don't wear thongs to cove up, but to be almost nude without be nude, to be seen in and for comfort.

Rays choice (and mine too!) of thongs were made by Dore's Micro Suits.  Her low-cut thong with 1/2 inch sides, unlined was a perfect fit (the very low-cut style was just to tight and didn't look right).  He chose burgundy, light yellow and touquoise fish print. Ray keeps himself in very good shape (well tanned, flat stomach, tight buns and his blond pubic hair trimmed to 1/2 inch or less). Something to note, the solid colors do show off the out line of your penis and more so when wet, that could be a problem for some but not for us. He looks hot coming and going!! Ray sees himself as a walking ambassador for getting more men into thongs.  I had 4 women come up to me with very possitive comments on Ray's suits,(I enjoyed the view every day, where can I buy those suits and how did you ever get him to wear that).  I think we may have gotten a few more men into thongs. 

armand_galleon #12

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:08/04/2005 01:21:02Copy HTML

Just got back (aug. 3) from a four week, five country tour.
In regards to Tulum: My favorite, no challenger.
The only negative: hurricane Emily who chased us out of the Maya Riviera; oh yeah, and the reef isn't as pristine as in other places.
The beach is great, the water is clear and warm, no flying or sand insects.
It's true, you could walk for miles and hardly anyone in sight. Infact, there were so few people that I was nude most of the time.
The few people that were there, about half of the women were topless, not many in thongs. It seems that thongs are more popular in Playa del Carmen but there the people almost have to lay on top of each other as it is that crowded.
I met some very nice people, most friendly were some Polish girls that I ended up spending a few days with them traveling along the Maya Riviera. No thongs for them but topless was the norm or fully nude (I didn't complain!).
Other places I visited beyond the Maya Riviera (Mexico): Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua. Ran out of time and didn't make it to Costa Rica. Maybe next year.
So to summarize: Tulum. make your reservations now. one dollar beers, 0.50 tacos, 25 U.S. accomodations for two people (beach side or in town, which is 3 long kilometers from town if you walk).

thongbunny #13

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:08/26/2008 05:43:23Copy HTML

Just came back from Tulum about a month ago. I stayed at an all inclusive called "Blue Tulum," which apparently allowed kids and mainly Americans staying there, so no thonging. Since the resort doesn't have a beach of its own, they pay for your cab ride about 1 km down to Playa Paraiso. Went there twice and saw a several topless women but only a few thongs. No thongs on men whatsoever well, except for me.

First time I did it, I found an empty spot away from the main crowd and bar and just laid out. I heard some pre-teen girls walk by and giggled a little bit, but didn't say anything to me, as I just pretended to sleep. Later on, a pair of either American or European girls set up about 50 feet away, and once they saw what I was wearing could not stop looking over again with some giggles and smiles, which didn't make me feel very comfortable, but even still, I went into the water to cool off. Nobody said anything to me, but I could feel some stares.

Second day I went out there, for some reason I didn't have the nerve and just found a hidden spot and thonged out of plain view for about an hour. I was already kinda burnt at this stage, and didn't want to get worse. I'd try this area again, but maybe next time try PDC or another beach, where I don't have to be the only one. It was a bit nerve wracking and embarrasing as this was my first time in public, but it would've helped a whole lot if there were more thongers around. Maybe next time!
jenny12345 #14

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:11/05/2008 07:55:23Copy HTML

G'Day all, should have written much sooner, sorry.  Ray and I again enjoyed another great Thong vacation on the beaches of Tulum Mexico while staying at the Los Lirios Cabnas this last October.  We just love this place, miles of uncrowed white sand beaches, warm turquoise waters, good food, friendly people and tasty cold Mexican beer. We would spend our day tanning, reading, walking, swimming and partaking in numerous tasty beverages on the beach.  We relished our twice / thrice daily long beach walks, not only to enjoy the wonderful beach but to showoff our new THONG swimwear, flat tummies and tight bums. We work too hard through the year staying trim and athletic not to showoff, also to be a good thong advocate.  Ray added to his Dore thong collection this year, at last count he has 13 low cut pouch thongs with 1/4 or 1/2 inch sides.  Can't beat the quality and fit: snug and very reveling.  He picked up two pair of Joe Snyder cheeky boxers just for something different.  They too have a nice fit, sung and reveling.  For me it's Wicked Weasel swimwear, just love these suits. My WW collection ranges from the conservative #446 to the risque #457 with a few shorty shorts (the beach shorts & loose fit short styles).  I personally do not wear the sheer suits, but I do like the eyeletmesh and temptation lace along with most all of their colors / fabrics.  If I must chose one suit, it would be #452.  I'm a bit embarrassed as to the number of WW suits I have, but as Ray noted, I can change into a different suit 2-3 times a day just to keep things interesting. Hope to see more thong enthusiast on our beach next year.

armand_galleon #15

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:11/05/2008 08:31:52Copy HTML

 Tulum is great, I'm already organizing a trip for next Fall... See you there!!

levis #16

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:02/15/2009 10:09:33Copy HTML

Thanks Jenny, your reviews about Tulum was very helpful. Me and my wife (right now she is my gf :)) are planning to spend some time in a nice secluded beach, and we were thinking of Tulum. And I should admire, she loves to wear thongs, which I don't have the courage :(. We were mainly concern whether you can wear thongs in Tulum without any negative feedbacks. I hope there are few kids and families on the beach, even if there are families they are not offended by us. Since I was not sure about that aspect, I was planning to reserve Cabana Copal, which is a clothing optional resort, but for the price that we are paying, there are much nicer places to stay in Tulum. Basically, the price doesnt match the facilities. Btw, we are still students and price should be affordable. After reading your comment, I got the feeling that we can stay at another place, not necessarily a clothing optional resort but still wear thongs at the beach. And perhaps, be little bit careful in selecting whether to wear the thongs in the resort.

Btw, still we dont have a huge collection as yours :), but we have few from lookswimwear , (a mesh one and a white one that is see-tru when wet) and also couple of rather conservative thongs and micro g-string which my gf loves. Recently my gf said OK to order a very transparent one. I guess that might be little bit over the top unless you stay close to the clothing optional resort like Cabanas Copal. ?
jenny12345 #17

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:03/06/2009 05:14:31Copy HTML

Levis.  You both will have no problems wearing any style of swimwear on the beaches of Tulum.  Sheer or solid colors.  The smaller the better for us.  And Levis, you DO need to wear a thong for her!!!!  You will like it too.  Levis, start out with a bikini for your morning walk (carring a little pouch for your camera and maybe a thong or a little bikini to change into). Then once you're comfort level rises after your walk, go to a smaller bikini (my husband went right in to a thong at this point) to get some tanning in and then get that THONG ON.  You will never want to wear anything else. And she will love it too.  Have fun.

levis #18

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:10/13/2009 12:17:12Copy HTML

Having read Jenny's advice and with loads of encouragement from my wife, after few months I managed to show off my thongs in our local beach. Guess what, I didnt require the bikini - to -thong transition, as Jenny mentioned, I simply jumped into my smallest thong. Wore a G-string and with my wife insisting a blue mesh thong as well. It is clothing optional beach, and that helped. It was very special feeling. Should write about that later in another post. Not only that, I was brave enough to post some pics in flickr as well. But of course, with face blurred. Perhaps with time, we will post pictures with our face shown. Now, only the "family" can see and my wife sometimes make those picture public few minutes to tease me. She has the access to those pictures as well. 

Now back to Tulum,  has Jenny or anyone in this board had time to thong in Tulum? More I read more I want to go there. Now we are planning stay at Tierra del sol close to the Sian K'aan. That means you have your beach entirely for yourself. It is at the far end of the hotel chain.
ljv #19

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:11/28/2009 02:20:37Copy HTML

 My wife and I just got back from a couple days in Tulum and we absolutely loved it!  We stayed at Hotel Zulum.  It is a nice, small hotel.  But we did walk south and the more south you walk the quieter and emptier the beach got.  We were able to where our thongs with no problem at all.  However, most people wore conventional bikinis and topless was few and far between.  On the last days we had the whole beach to ourselves.  I wore a black skinz skinny side thong and my wife wore a G-string and went topless.  We saw at most that day 10 people.  They could care less what we had on.  There was two moms walking together with their two daughters (ages 8-10?) who walk along the shore and stop in front of us and stayed there for about 10 minutes but didn't even bat an eye to our attaire.  We really had a great time there wearing our thongs!  Can wait to go back!
louish #20

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:01/20/2010 01:35:55Copy HTML

I spent two days in Tulum in January, 2008.  Wore thongs on the beach both days (Skinz, orange & silver-grey) -- lying on loungers, swimming, walking for miles along the beach.  Nobody could have cared less.  I usually put on shorts when going to bars or restaurants along the beach.  Didn't see any other male thongs, but lots of guys getting pretty close, topless women, and plenty of naked people in the water.
Tulum is terrific, the beach the best available.  You want to stay at least half-way down the strip of beach bungalows (headed south), at least as far as the hotel called Tita Tulum.
This was my 3rd visit -- dream constantly about going back.

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:01/21/2010 08:54:41Copy HTML

I've been to Tullum a couple of times.  The first time my g-f and I laid out nude about 1 km south of the ruins.  On my last trip I walked for about 1/2 mile up and down the beach in a y-string.  No one batted an eye, not to mention there is plenty of open areas with very few people to start with. 

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:01/22/2010 08:47:10Copy HTML

We've enjoyed Tulum for the past three years during June; hot sun, warm water, few people. Perfect. My wife in her WW designs, I in N2N hibiscus, Gregg Perry sheer jungle, or Dore Tropical sheer thongs.
Others have noted, the whole area is laid-back. We stay at Tita Tulum; 5km down the beach. The further south you go, the more deserted.
One day, while laying on the beach near our hotel a family arrived with two early teens. The Dad initially appeared in dork shorts. We exchanged greetings. After lunch he was in a speedo. His wife now in a thong. By the next day, they were both in thongs.
Topless is a fairly common sight. Nude, usually only the Bohemian types who travel through.
If you like ot expose a lot of skin, you'll be comfortable with Tulum. All others: don't give away our best-kept secret!
g_stringmelbboy #23

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:02/14/2010 07:36:17Copy HTML

Has anyone stayed at Zahra? It is one of the eco-freindly hotels on the beach. Is it on the same property as copal?
SusanaM #24

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:03/06/2010 05:58:16Copy HTML

I'm getting addicted to this site. I'm reading and reading and really enjoying the experiences everyone shares even when they're bad experiences since I find myself nodding in agreement.
Ok, Tulum is the subject. The public beach in Tulum pueblo is very tolerable as you can see others have already said that topless is definitely in if the women are brave. Even some full nudity as long as it is done humbly.
As for Tulum ruins as with any other ruin in the area I've been told by guides that it is best to be modest and cover up around temple ruins since they are considered sacred areas. There are some tours to the cenotes that will take you to ruin areas and there I've worn my short shorts and in the cenotes you can thong no problem as long as its done "quietly". There's always been a good number of non-american tourists in the Tulum area when we've visited and that I guess makes for the higher tolerance of breasts and thongs on the beach. As someone else also pointed out the Tulum authorities are not wanting to hurt their prized tourist business so as long as thongs and breasts and the occasional bared privates are not being annoying on the beach they look the other way (after getting an eye full :))
There are some really inexpensive place in Tulum pueblo that are geared towards backpacking students and as far as going and staying in a CO hotel I would not really say that is necessary since the beaches around Tulum are very thong friendly to both sexes.

@levis:  The Sian K'aan reserve itself is superb. However as far as hotels we've recently only stayed at the house hotels in the Akumal area north of Tulum. Rent a car in Cancun and get a guide from the outfits located at the Tulum ruins entrance area to give you a personal tour of the cenotes, it will run around 50 or 60 USD pperson. If you get the all day tour you should end up with the option of swimming with the sea turtles. That is unforgettable!! Spend a few days visiting the Sian K'aan reserve but don't forget that Coba ruins is about 50 minutes away from Tulum and the great towers at Chichen Itza are just about 40 minutes further than that. ENJOY!!
Thonginpa #25

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:04/12/2010 01:57:02Copy HTML

My wife and I have a trip planned for later this month at Ceiba Del Mar Spa, after reading all the above comments, sounds like it should be very thong or g-string friendly. I am planning to wear my strings all the time, hope to get back and mention my stay when I'm home.
Thonger for Life
glutesie #26

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:11/13/2010 10:23:13Copy HTML

 My wife and I spent a week at Xpu-Ha beach not far north of Tulum.  A spectacular beach with abandoned/destroyed resorts at either end.  We stayed at the Catalonia, the largest resort in the middle of the 1.5 mi beach. 
My wife doesn't approve of me wearing thongs, so I made a point of wandering up the beach away from the main crowd.  I got more daring each day, taking off my swimsuit to reveal a tiny thong as I walked to the end of the beach, passing folks along the way.  An exhilarating feeling, I must say.  Every morning I would jog to the end of the beach and do a morning workout in my thong.  There were wood planks, concrete, rocks, I found enough to create a natural "home gym".  Occasionally, couples would pass and discover what was I was doing.  One young female actually waved at me as I was lifting a rock over my head.  I was a bit sweaty, muscles pumped and facing her directly wearing a Dore low pushup with c-ring underneath.  Yeah, it felt good.  After the workout, I went in for a morning swim.  I can't tell how great this felt, warm morning sun, calm turquoise water.
My final day, I stripped down to my thong at the Catalonia, jogged to the end of the beach, did my workout, swam and walked back to the resort.  At the resort, I put my swimsuit back on.  What a great week, I highly recommend this beach for thonging.
tarzanbuns #27

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:12/29/2010 11:52:14Copy HTML

We were at Akumal Beach last summer and I had an opportunity to wear my unlined thong while there.  On one other guy was wearing a thong, and a number of women were (also topless).  No ugly stares, but a number of very flattering admiring glances.  All of us in thongs on the beach developed a fun, sexy community while there.
ADKthong #28

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:04/25/2011 04:43:47Copy HTML

My wife & I spent a week at Tulum back in 2009; split our time between the Tulum Beach and Catalonia at Xpu-Ha Beach.

The Tulum stay was at Nueva Vida; a beautiful little resort right on the beach.  I had contacted them prior to our visit and they let me know that they are "nude friendly".  Needless to say, the only beach attire for 4 days was nothing, or a small g-string.  No other male thongers and only a couple of ladies however the beach was nearly empty due to the time of visit, October.  There are nice beach bar/restaurants up and down the beach that we went to for lunch and dinner.  For the lunches I was in only a g-string and totally accepted as long as I had some money to spend.  I like to push the envelope, so I went for a 4 mile nude run the last morning we were there up the beach and back without an issue.  The people of Tulum value the tourist dollars and are therefor very tolerant.

The beach at Xpu-Ha is fantastic although not nearly as long as Tulum.  The resort is very nice and a good value for a beach front hotel.  I wore a thong on the beach and at the pool with no problems.  There were several thonged and topless ladies on the beach but no other male thongers; but who cares, just enjoy yourself.  There is a bar/restaurant north of the resort and one to the south.  I had drinks at both of the bars in only my thong. 

Both these areas are good for thonging but you have to be comfortable as the only male thonger.  No one cares, just have a good time.  
DavyJ #29

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:06/11/2011 07:02:56Copy HTML

"Both these areas are good for thonging but you have to be comfortable as the only male thonger.  No one cares, just have a good time."  

I agree.  I have been to Riveria Maya area several times (never actually in Tulum, though) and found this to always be true.  I always walk the beach in just my thong which does stand out, but has never been a problem.  I must check out the Nueva Vida as it would be great to be able to abandon even the thong.
erik3000 #30

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:06/12/2011 08:09:09Copy HTML

 Reading all the post seems that Tulum will be a grate secluded destination I already did my homework and think that Via Laktea and Tierras del sol will work for us we have seen the photos on Tripadvisor and think that it is just perfect. Secluded beach, sandy, clear warm water and not so rustic (this is something that you need to look at Tulum if you dont want to sleep with Iguanas or Crabs in your bed). The idea that you can literally sleep on the beach counting stars and relaxing with the waves sound makes even better the adventure. My wife will wear WW and I only plan to wear a tee and a thong for the weak.

But some times half of the fun is to see and be seen and this is not the place so I will suggest to go little bit north to playa del carmen or cancun also South Beach is fantastic or my favorite place Saint Martin I think that they have grate beaches and the perfect spot to wear whatever you want

ctmonline #31

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:09/29/2012 08:06:48Copy HTML

 ...anyone have experience staying at the "Royal Catalonia Tulum" adults-only resort? 
Manu1418 #32

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:12/12/2012 06:22:47Copy HTML

 When I go to the Riviera Maya I only wear thongs and g-strings, last time I was at Tulum and Playa del Carmen I was the only one doing it but no one seems to bother, every one just keep on looking but that was not a problem, I wore only thong in the car wile driving just with a shirt on and even wore them at family resorts and private pools and no one has ever say anything. 
DavyJ #33

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:12/21/2012 04:26:42Copy HTML

Has anyone stayed there?  It is a small beach-front boutique hotel about half way between the ruins and Sian.  I certainly don't intend to wear anything more than my thong, but I am wondering if I will be able to abandon that as well.  I have heard that pretty much anything goes once you are well south of the ruins.
upthecrack #34

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:12/21/2012 07:51:52Copy HTML

Thong or G is no problem at Cabanas Tulum, Nice place, Very quiet.  I have walked up and down that strip a few times on day trips.  Try La Zebra a short walk south.  It is a really cool place. I am not sure when you are going but during off season, there is no one there.  For me, I tend to get bored unless I can see sexy people. This is why I usually stay in Playa

DavyJ #35

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:12/21/2012 10:40:01Copy HTML

Upthecrack:  Did you mean "Cabanas Tulum" or "Cabanas My Tulum"?  They are 2 different places.  From your response I am guessing you are referring to "Cabanas Tulum".  Now your answer may be the same either way; I was mostly curious if anyone had actually stayed at this place.  There are only 4 rooms and it got pretty good reviews.

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:12/21/2012 11:42:18Copy HTML

DavyJ, We've stayed in the hotels on both sides of "Cabanas My Tulum". It is indeed small, on a narrow strip of land between the beach and the road. I wouldn't characterize is as "boutique"; more like bohemian.
That said, I've worn Dore and Muscleskins torpedos for walks on the beach and enjoyed watching the sunrise while skinny dipping in the Caribbean.
You'll see occasional nudity and topless is not unusual. The vibe is low key and laid-back. Stay in that groove and you'll fit in, regardless of your chosen garb.
upthecrack #37

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:12/22/2012 02:48:51Copy HTML

I was talking about cabanas tulum but Looks like Cabanas My tulum is smack in the middle between la zebra and cabanas tulum. 

DavyJ #38

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:12/24/2012 02:09:48Copy HTML

Happenstance wrote:
"I wouldn't characterize is as "boutique"; more like bohemian."
Yeah, I misspoke; you are undoubtedly correct.

"You'll see occasional nudity and topless is not unusual. The vibe is low key and laid-back. Stay in that groove and you'll fit in, regardless of your chosen garb."
Good to know.  Thank you.  I intend to wear a g string, but will be real careful before taking it off, according to the "vibe".

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:07/05/2013 08:55:17Copy HTML

 Just returned from our stay in Tulum.
As stated previously, Thongs, Speedos and Nudity are seen, if not common here.
I enjoyed a bit of each.
Unfortunately, as this bit of paradise is discovered by highbrow Americans, it becomes less of an escape.

erik3000 #40

Re:Tulum Mexico

Date Posted:07/13/2013 11:46:23Copy HTML

Found this on Tripadvisor (im trying to book our march vacation, I dont want to take a cruise or going to Miami, I want a different place so seems that Riviera Maya or Jamaica are on my top list, I will welcome suggestions) 
There was a good deal of topless sunbathing at Nueva Vida Ramiro and one older “naked man” who appeared to be staying nearby who often swam over or walked over on the beach. He stood in the sand for hours just surveying the beach up & down. There were also 5 children of various ages who were staying at NVR on our last full day. We had thought NVR didn’t encourage children....though they weren’t a problem and they were well behaved, it did break the relaxation factor. Also on the last day there was a couple (she topless in thong, he very buff) who were quite amorous in the water...I think they were the reason the parents finally scooped up the kids and brought them all inside. It was an interesting afternoon!
argelk #41

Re:Tulum Mexico

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 Hi, I was in Tulum Mexico, at the start of this Year, It was an amazing experience. My gf and I were thonging at Tulum beach, not in the ruins area but in the near to riuns beach. I was wearing my tiny Joe Snyder thong at beach, I have to say that it is tiner than my gf's thong. The people is very kind and no one say any comment, also toppless is permited. I really recomended Riviera Maya in Mexico for thongers. This is some pic of that trip http://www.flickr.com/photos/mutation89/8633941776/
upthecrack #42

Re:Tulum Mexico

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Nice Pix Argelk.  You two are a great looking couple. Glad you enjoyed Tulum.  I have traveled to the Yucatan over 40 times in the lest 10 years.  I do have 5 weeks left at my beachfront condo in Playa del Carmen.  The dates are as follows:  This is one of the nicest locations in Playa. Nothing but thongs and briefs here. the South American beauties come here to play!   they are calling it the next Sobe

Wicky's beach & El faro residences   single bedroom for 2 adults   here is the link   http://www.elfarocondos.net/239776.htm

Saturday September 14th-21st  $600 
Saturday September 14th-21st   $600 or both for $1050
Saturday November 23rd-30th Thanksgiving Week  900
Saturday December 7th-14th  $800

Inbox me
DavyJ #43

Re:Tulum Mexico

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My week in Tulum went very well.  As I noted before I stayed at Cabanas My Tulum.  It was a bit rustic, but overall a great place.  The lady running it (Yeli) is as nice as anyone could be and will go out of her way to accomodate whatever you want.  I never wore anything more than my tiny g-string and it was never a problem.  By the third day I had pretty much abandoned that as well, as it turns out you can be nude basically anywhere on the beach.  Almost no one else was, so if you are expecting company or planning to check out all the naked women you will have to go elsewhere.  But if you simply want to be left alone and want the freedom to wear or not wear whatever you want, this is the place.  I don't think I ever overheard any negative comments, or received any unpleasant looks, or felt any bad "vibes" from anyone the entire week.  As most of you know, for a guy in a thong this is unusual, and for a naked guy, incredibly rare.
JM_Runs #44

Re:Tulum Mexico

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Which beach clubs in tulum allow nude sunbathing?
I want to wear a g string on beach then tan in the buff. Will that be an issue?

JM_Runs #45

Re:Tulum Mexico

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 Heading to Tulum May 1st for a week of May any other thongers going to be there?
JayByrd #46

Re:Tulum Mexico

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We're considering Tulum for the 1st week in May.. Well, there or Jamaica.. we're not really sure yet. I prefer nude,  but will thong when I have to,  and Pat is more than happy just to do the topless thing.  From the other notes I've seen in this thread I think we both can be happy. 
I guess it's going to take more research. 
JM_Runs #47

Re:Tulum Mexico

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Wife and I are staying two weeks at Hidden Beach Resort in March.  HBR is a nude resort so naturally I get two weeks of naturism.  However, HBR is right next door to sister resort, El Dorado Seaside Resort, which is adults-only and we are authorized to use their facilities (if wearing something).  I would like to wear my various g-strings there for beach walks and ocean swimming since the beach itself at El Dorado is better than HBR.  I don't want to be limited to HBR but don't want to have to go for board shorts to do it.  I have some really nice and very small g-strings that I'd love to try out (nothing that actually shows anything, no rocket for example, but I do have a backless thong that sounds wilder than it is -- pretty tame from the front), so I am wondering if my thongs would attract too much attention at El Dorado or if I would just basically be ignored.  I wouldn't think it would be a problem since after all they ARE next door to a nude resort, so surely this has been done before, but still ... I only have so much courage.  I have no desire to become the object of, "Hey, lookit that, Mabel," but even if there are only a couple of other thongers, that is enough for me.
thonglife #48

Re:Tulum Mexico

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facelessdrone, Interesting question. I'll be interested to learn what you find out. Based on my visit to Tulum, you should be fine in a thong but how skimpy of a g-string can you wear, I could not say. Will your wife be wearing thong, gs and/or topless with you?
DavyJ #49

Re:Tulum Mexico

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Faceless:  My experience is that you will be more or less ignored.  Of course there may be a few that make an occasional comment, but I certainly heard less comments in Tulum (while totally nude) than in most other places (wearing a thong).  When I did wear a thong or g-sting in Tulum, no one even noticed.  [Well, not quite no one, there was one obviously American family in our hotel with 2 girls in the 7-10 range, and the girls certainly noticed, but they were all very very polite and I never heard a negative comment.  We even all had lunch together 1 day.]
pikeman #50

Re:Tulum Mexico

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Hey Faceless;I am an HBR person too and run down to that big concrete gazebo past Palladium. I wear a skinz sunseeker - our HBR concierge advised that the El Dorado people don't like thongs on men. But they're OK on women.Anyhow, it was no issue. I did have a funny meet-up with two Mexican Policewomen though. They wanted a picture with me. I obliged and everyone was fine.That abandoned resort that's down a half-mile has to be one of the nicest swimming beaches I've experienced and we always do it nude. It's amazing.Pete
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