<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:05/13/2015 03:29:54Copy HTML

I had a flickr account and copied some photos of me over from other sites that just happened to be water marked.  Flickr deleted.my account without warning saying I had broken their copyright rules.  They welcomed me to start another flickr account. I wasn't too happy with the way they dealt with that so I started a Tumblr. It's a way better platform but there aren't as many photos of regular guys rocking thongs at the beach and pool, which is what i really love to see. Most of the photos are of muscle guys and porn stars. :-)
If any board members here have a tumblr devoted to thonging feel free to connect with me. My tumblr is http:// thong-jock.tumblr.com
thong_jock #1


Date Posted:05/21/2015 01:36:14Copy HTML

 If any guys want to have their public thong fotos featured on my tumblr hit me up. My blog is all about regular dudes who rock the it thong swimwear in public. I'm almost at 300 followers in just 2 weeks and a few guys have contributed.  It's so hot seeing guys next door in thongs at the beach and pool, don't u agree? 
miamifred50 #2


Date Posted:05/21/2015 05:40:10Copy HTML

 TJ -- I have a few pix posted in my profile. Feel free to savage them. /fred
BarelyCovered #3


Date Posted:05/22/2015 06:59:52Copy HTML

 I saw that you found my video and posted it on your tumblr. I decided to make it public last week for everybody to see. Great pictures you got.
Scubaraven #4


Date Posted:04/04/2018 09:49:35Copy HTML

check my tumblr page out too


second one is only pictures of me and no reblogs
tobias5711 #5


Date Posted:12/05/2018 02:28:18Copy HTML

Anyone know of another website or app like Tumblr. Hate that they are removing all adult web content. I assume they will kill off all thong related post. I understand and agree with not showing kiddie porn, but I think they are going too far.
luvnmythong #6


Date Posted:12/05/2018 05:50:05Copy HTML

tobias5711, it appears to most thong wearers on tumblr, are now switching to flickr. There are many thong wearers who post photos on flickr.
Matt37 #7


Date Posted:12/05/2018 09:59:47Copy HTML

BDSMLR.COM is a Tumblr clone and most people I'm following on Tumblr seem to be moving there. They existed before Tumblr announced their idiocy and pretty much look identical to Tumblr.
tobias5711 #8


Date Posted:12/06/2018 11:57:39Copy HTML

BDSMLR.Com is mostly bondage and other extreme things and not to everyone's taste. But, if they allow lesser extreme post it would be a nice alternative.
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