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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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turkishboy #51


Date Posted:07/26/2016 07:55:36Copy HTML

 Turkey for a holiday is as safe as anywhere. There have been no terrorism attacks in beach resorts. People are still going on holiday to London, Paris, Brussels, so why not Turkey? I am from the UK and have lived here for 6 years. It is a Muslim country, so you should be sensitive as to where you wear thongs or g's. When I wear thongs or g's I don't walk up and down a busy beach with Turks around, but it's ok for sunbathing. There are not lots of thongs and g's around, but there are smaller bikini bottoms on males and females. I think a lot of guys now don't like a huge area of white flesh where their shorts cover.
Grabeach #52


Date Posted:07/28/2016 06:03:01Copy HTML

Fair enough turkishboy, but from an outsiders view the attempted coup and the reaction to it is possibly more worrying than the earlier terrorist actions.
JM_Runs #53


Date Posted:07/28/2016 05:02:59Copy HTML

We are scheduled for a Mediterranean cruise on Princess next month, and one of the highlights of the trip for me was going to be Istanbul.  What an interesting and beautiful city ... from the pictures, which is about as close as we're going to get now, because Princess has now cancelled its call at Istanbul due to recent events.  Princess had previously cancelled its call in Tunisia after the tourist attacks there.  This is very disappointing because everything I've read says Turkey is a great and interesting country.  I'm sure these attacks are costing ordinary Turkish citizens dearly, both in lives and in income.  It's a shame that a few bad apples spoil things for everyone else.  Turkishboy, we wish you and your country well.
turkishboy #54


Date Posted:07/28/2016 06:48:11Copy HTML

 Thanks for your kind message, facelessdrone. The world is a troubled place nowadays, unfortunately. Istanbul is a fascinating city, I've been there quite a lot of times. It's a shame you've missed out on your trip. I hope you enjoy your trip wherever you end up.
tradof #55


Date Posted:03/12/2017 08:23:44Copy HTML

I and my wife have been in Turkey for 9 days in September, 2016. That was the first time when I was in Turkey. We stayed in Lykia World & Links Golf Antalya Resort. It has very long sand beach about 2km.This was very nice vacation because I had worn N2N thong swimwear all the time on the beach. Only few times I swam in pool.We were lying on the left side of the beach. There were only few other sunbathers near us. No one complained about my swimwear. Also I had Daniel Alexander DA807 g-string but I was shy to put them on. Anyway, I had nice tan and lines from thongs. I would be more happy if I could walk everywhere on Resort territory in thongs. I was too shy to do that. :)

Also I have seen one male and about 5 females in thongs.
tradof #56


Date Posted:08/06/2017 02:25:54Copy HTML

Have anyone been in Turkey this year? Alanya, Side, Antalya?
NcknameInUse #57


Date Posted:09/25/2017 11:41:20Copy HTML

We haven't been to Turkey for 3 years now.Our circumstances have changed dramatically and it seems Turkey is changing too. Seems unlikely we'll get back any time soon.
nanothong #58


Date Posted:01/29/2018 08:43:47Copy HTML

I am going to Lara, Turkey during Easter Holidays and mid-summer. Does anybody has been to Turkey the last year in the touristic zones?
Any experience with thonging (male and female)? Topfree?

I assume that in the non-touristic zones, thongs and/or topfree are not common or allowed.

What about the hotel pools or private beaches ?

Any suggestions - news - remarks?


turkishboy #59


Date Posted:01/30/2018 10:34:31Copy HTML

 Hi, Nanothong. If you're going to Lara beach soon you will probably be ok in thongs if you stay near the big hotels. The Russian tourists have started returning to Turkey in numbers after Putin banned tourism to Turkey a year or so ago. Lots of Russian women wear thongs, not seen any men, but shouldn't be a problem. If you get away from the beaches by the hotels  it will be busy, particularly at weekends, with local people, who will stare. Topless is not very often seen these days in Turkey.
nanothong #60


Date Posted:02/01/2018 05:39:56Copy HTML

Hi TurkishBoy,

Thanks for the reply.

Do you have info on popular style as thong or g-string?


121121 #61


Date Posted:04/15/2018 03:31:22Copy HTML

 Going to Antalya in June.
Will my wife be able to wear thongs and possibly go topless? 
Will I be about to wear a thong?
turkishboy #62


Date Posted:04/16/2018 05:04:46Copy HTML

 Konyalti beach, the main town beach, is several km long, but predominantly used by Turkish people - locals and Turks on holiday. There are some Russians there as the holiday season picks up. I've seen only a few thongs in several visits, none on men. When I've been I've worn brief trunks with 15mm straps. Topless is not really an option. It's not good to walk along the beach wearing only a thong, maybe for sunbathing or going in and out of the sea. It does get busy on hot days, even though very a long beach. In the hot weather a lot of Turks sleep on Konyalti beach, rather than their apartments.
Lara beach, some km out of the town is a more touristy beach, with a lot of big hotels. Russians make up the bulk of foreign tourists here, back in numbers this year, and you will be ok to thong in front of the hotels, topless if discreet. Further along the beach from the hotels the beach is frequented predominantly by Turks. Remember that Turkey is a Muslim country and be respectful when Turkish families are around and to use discretion and not cause any offence. Lara beach is sandy, by the way. Konyalti is stony and also the sea is a bit colder due to cold springs coming out near the Kaleici end, but still nice when it's 40 degrees air temp.
JM_Runs #63


Date Posted:04/16/2018 12:18:13Copy HTML

 Very good advice from Trukishboy above ^^^^ 
121121 #64


Date Posted:04/16/2018 12:23:23Copy HTML

 Hi, thanks Turkish boy, very much appreciated. 
We are staying in side, turquoise hotel to be precise. How is that area? 
turkishboy #65


Date Posted:04/16/2018 06:57:28Copy HTML

 Side is more cosmopolitan, with more Europeans and Scandinavians. Thonging probably ok, but not topless. Topless isn't that common nowadays in Turkey, compared to even a couple of years ago. If there's lots of Russians there will be more thongs and a few topless, but Antalya and Alanya are the main Russian areas. Lots of beach beds in the summer season in Side, close together as other places.
gstringkz #66


Date Posted:07/09/2018 10:17:04Copy HTML

 I arrived from Turkey a week ago. I was there for 2 weeks with my family in Belek region, Tui Magic life masmavi hotel. There were a lot of russian women in thongs or cheeky bikini but no men. Men mostly wear shorts or conservative speedo like swimwear. Despite this  at the beginning I wore Muscleskins classic bikini with lean back. It was unusual. After a week of staying at the hotel, I dared and wore  muscleskins classic bikini with half back or sometimes desmit thongs on the beach or lagoon pool. It was great time.

tradof #67


Date Posted:07/10/2018 03:44:45Copy HTML

 Planning to go to Side with wife at September.Hope my hotel will accept thongs on me because I've got n o reply from them ))Most hotels I've asked about thongs answered that they are fine with thong swimwear on women and men. I can make a list with hotels who answered on my question.
tradof #68


Date Posted:10/13/2018 10:10:33Copy HTML

Hi all, My vacation moved from September to October. Still nice warm weather. Water is about +23 °C. We are here three days here already and I'm only one guy in thongs at the beach. And only few woman in thongs. I think this is because it is end of season here in Turkey. And not much young people but lot people in age.
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