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Date Posted:07/16/2004 11:12:26Copy HTML

Just returned from a week-long stay in the Turks and Caicos (my first time off the North American continent). We stayed on the island of Providenciales. After a day of familiarizing myself with the island I wore either a Dore low-cut thong or a nice net string she made for me on the beaches or snorkeling.

This is the "low season" so not much activity on the beaches before 10 AM. Met some couples from Canada and the UK while snorkeling out on the reefs. Did note that wives and girlfriends checked me out--some raised eyebrows or smiles. I did cover up when off the beaches, typically shorts, etc.

At the lower end of the Beaches Resort after about half-hour of laying out I was asked to cover up by a security guard (very polite, asked if I knew it was a family-oriented resort and suggested a beach at the North part of the island where I could have privacy). At one other lonely beach I was joined by a Canadian family on holiday ( I was about 100 feet from my bag) and the young kids didn't seem to notice, and the husband and wife were quite pleasant.

My one panic moment was a swim in a shallow bay where I encountered some nurse sharks -- I swam away from them as not to intimidate and scraped my butt along some coral. Ouch. After that I wore a Joe Snyder bikini to cover up the welts.

My hosts had a pool that I was in and out of most days, so it was a nice water vacation for me.

Only saw a few women in thongs, one young lady was visiting from the Netherlands and snorkeled with me once. No men observed in thongs and the only one speedo-clad diver went out from the marina while I was there on Wednesday.

Even though the temperature was in the 90's the constant breeze kept it comfortable. Since it is off-season, the rates for lodging were very reasonable, and the beaches uncrowded. Got some nice reef photos and film while out and saw many beautiful corals and reefs.

Already planning how to save the money for my next trip.
T-Back #1

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:03/22/2009 01:47:17Copy HTML

You will find T & C to be a little on the conservative side.  We went last year and I sported a thong on one day.  No one said anything, but I felt more comfortable wearing speedos in the world of "dork" shorts.  
You will have a great time, it's a beautiful island!
scncbeacher #2

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:11/19/2009 01:04:08Copy HTML

i have been looking everywhere and cant find a thing maybe im looking in the wrong spot..   i want to try a nude vacation wife is up for it but she wants to go to turks and caicos also....
greengstring #3

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:01/06/2010 05:00:23Copy HTML

 I've been to Provodenciales (the big island of Turks&Caicos) numerous times. This is a rather conservative island, so you don't see many thongs on women and almost none on men.  There is one "public" nude-beach that is rather small and kind of off-the-beaten-trail. 
pkthong #4

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:12/10/2010 03:58:03Copy HTML

 Headed to T&C Jan 3-10. We will bw at Beaches resort w/ daughters. Any experiences recently? I will probably be wearing rio's of some sort and not thongs.
pkthong #5

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:01/25/2011 06:06:08Copy HTML

 Sorry for the late post. We returned from our vacation 2 weeks ago. 
The resort is great (perhaps a little overpriced) and very family oriented.
Our girls had a great time as did we. I saw perhaps 2 women wearing conservative type thongs. 99% of guys in LONG board shorts. 
I was "that guy" again(see post from Hawaii2009).
I wore several styles of rio's and got a lot of looks good and bad.
I did not feel comfortable wearing them in the water park area so I wore above the knee trunks.
It is very strange wearing so much in the water after all these years. I felt like I might as well have worn blue jeans into the water.
I don't think that we will go there again, more because of cost rather than lack of similarly clad vacationers, but I did not feel marginalized.
thong_jock #6

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:01/26/2011 02:52:23Copy HTML

 I know what feeling. I went to a work event last year and wore above the knee surf shorts into the pool. It felt ridiculous. I usually swim laps in speedo solars or waveline bikinis and usually wear muscleskins thongs to the beach and for beach swimming, sometimes wearing posing suit bikinis for more conservative beaches. We are taking a family vacation in april and I plan to wear my skimpy posing bikinis as I don't want to freak out my girls by wearing thongs. I will likely have some time to sneak off by myself to thong a couple times though. You look great in your blue skimpy bikinis. Hope u post some more pics from your vacation.
BeachLover007 #7

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:01/11/2013 04:46:22Copy HTML

 I just got to the Turks yesterday.  Staying at the Seven Stars resort on Provienciales.  I saw a woman in a thong at the pool yesterday.  This morning I went down to the beach and stripped down to my Skinzwear Indio Camo thong.  I saw a woman walking up and down the beach in her thong.  I walked around the beach a little bit.  A lot of looks but no bad comments at all.  Had 3 couples set up near me.  When I walked past the pool I saw the woman from yesterday strip down to a different thong.

I def. feel comfortable in my thong at this resort.
JM_Runs #8

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:01/11/2013 09:02:57Copy HTML

 BeachLover007, I vacationed on T&C years ago. Loved it. You can find so,e pretty remote beaches which I like.  Stayed at Grace Bay Club and had a private beach access and got so spoiled wearing my gear when it was time to put clothes on and come home I got depressed.
Enjoy your stay and post some pics. You've got quite the body for thongs, strings, speedos or less. If anyone there stares its probably out of jealousy, admiration but it certainly can't be because they're offended.
BeachLover007 #9

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:01/13/2013 12:30:16Copy HTML

 Thanks SixFive!  I saw 5 women in thongs yesterday.  I'm about to go eat breakfast and then take a walk in my thong down the beach.
stanpuppy #10

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:01/18/2013 10:27:06Copy HTML

Has anybody heard anything about BEACHES- Turks & Caicos?  We are going on a family vacation there in a couple weeks.  Taking 3 kids and no thongs....I am just wondering if I will see anyone else topless or thonging?   I wrote them a letter to ask if thong swimwear was acceptable, there response was a pretty firm no  ("we advise that you and your wife wear less revealing swimwear both in the pool area and on our beach"),
pkthong #11

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:01/19/2013 04:09:30Copy HTML

 @Stan: We stayed there 2 years ago. The clientele is mainly American and Canadian so you will be in the company of many a dork shorted, pasty white people. I(with trepidation) wore rios and in doing so I got a lot of stares, and perhaps one or two smiles of approval.you may see a minimal suit on a female but will be few and far between. 
The few looks of approval that i got were from the mainly Jamaican female wait staff near the pizza joint, this was enough to make it worth the effort!
stanpuppy #12

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:01/20/2013 01:33:12Copy HTML

pk......thats what I was sort of expecting.   I think I am going to bring one bikini and (just for the hell of it) one muscleskins thong.   Wife and I have committed that we will take one beach day without the kids.  I will scope out the vibe the first couple days, and depending on the lay of the land, figure out what suit to wear on our solo beach day.
MattSprat #13

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:01/28/2013 09:28:26Copy HTML

Stanpuppy.  Just returned from Beaches T&C.  At the resort only saw a few thongs on women, nothing even close on guys.  Other than myself, the smallest suits on guys were one square cut and one brief.  I wore briefs and short shorts the whole week and didn't seem to attract any extra attention so I don't really think anybody cares.  You can walk 5 minutes down the beach on either side of the resort and pretty much have the beach to yourself anyways, so I'd say take and wear whatever you want.  Have a great time!
JM_Runs #14

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:01/30/2013 08:24:09Copy HTML

 Mentioned in earlier post... Vacationed there before. Fab beaches, warm clear water. Perfect swimming and snorkeling. So few people around no one cared what you wear. I mostly sported a speedo type suit there. Stayed at Grace Bay Club.  Amazing place, pricey but worth it. Our first floor villa had private beach access.
nick2 #15

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:02/17/2013 09:38:29Copy HTML

 When I get back from my April journey I will do my best to spell check. It took nine years to save up enough to go again.
stanpuppy #16

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:02/19/2013 10:55:01Copy HTML

So we just returned from BEACHES Turks & Caicos.   Since I had no expectations at it relates to thongs, I was not disappointed.  But, if you are looking for a thong-fest, you will be disappointed.  Actually, It was not as dire as I expected as several (all latina) ladies did deliver some eye candy, but for the most part ....zilch.
First of all, Beaches is completely family oriented.  Kids are everywhere.  We had our three so the most rique suit was when i rolled up the butt on my wifes bikini while the kids were snorkeling.  As soon as they got out the oldest one said "Mommy...your whole butt is showing" and that was the end of that.  For the most part it was expected all dork shorts on guys and conservative two piece suits on the women.   Some of the latin women wore very skimpy backed rios ( i called them a "thong on steriods", as they were not traditional thongs, but they were very skimpy in back and showed alot of booty).  A couple of latin women wore traditional thongs, but that was mostly on the beach.  I only saw one legitimate thong at the pools and that was on a (surprise) latin mom who was there with her three kids.   The highlight of the trip was the Columbian nanny of one of the Canadian guys we met there.  The first day she showed up in a suit that was a wicked weasel clone (it was not a ww, but I'm sure it was the south american equivalent).  It was two very skimpy triangles on top, a micro triangle in front, and a teeny tiny triangle in back.  She wore shorts as a cover up around the pool, but walked rather freely around the beach.  She was 22 years old and EVERY guy at the resort was watching.  
The next day I saw her in a conservative bikini.  I said to they guy from Canada "I liked your Nannys suit yesterday much better than the one she wore today".  He told me "Beaches asked her not to wear it".   I was not surprised (this thing was really borderline inappropriate, especially considering the venue). 

As I have long suspected, cultural bias plays a big part in thonging.  The latin women who wore traditional thongs were not bothered at all.  One women even wore hers in the kiddy park with no coverup when she was walking through to get her kids.  All in all, I would say I saw thongs on 4 or 5 different women (the ones who wore them, wore them everyday...but it was only about 5 different ladies altogeather).  For men...forget it.  2 or 3 euro guys in some squarecuts and one or two older Euros in big speedos.   BEACHES is a great place to go with the kids, but if you are looking for thong action, go just about anywhere else.....
BorisVI #17

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:12/29/2014 07:19:49Copy HTML

I'm headed to Providenciales, the Grace Bay area, for 8 days beginning January 23rd. Judging from the posts here I may need my 1920s era "swimming costume" to satisfy the conservative bias created by the hoards of vacationing children on the island. (I figure when they see me driving on the right side of the road they will realize I'm a non conformist.) I'll report back on what I find.
sockwaguy #18

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:05/29/2018 09:10:25Copy HTML

Can anyone speak to the resort's tolerance for men's micro-swimwear (and female toplessness) at CLUB MED TURKS AND CAICOS/TURKOISE?  
I wear g-strings (or thongs) in the Caribbean (I'm male). 
Beached_Santa_Cruz #19

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:05/30/2018 02:27:57Copy HTML

 I went about 5 years ago to Club Med there.   My GF wore a thong most of the time on the beach but did cover up going into the bar area and also wore a regular bikini on the snorkel boat.   There were several other women in thongs both on the beach and the snorkel boat.   I wore a thong or JS Cheekini when on the beach and regular JS Kini on the snorkel boat.   Always had shorts over everything when not on the beach.  The only other guy who had a thong on was one of the Club Med employees.   The beach is not isolated so there are families, etc up and down the beach.   We did rent a scooter and went to the other side of the island to Long Bay Beach.   There was only one other person there.  If you look at my pics the ones where we have on orange suits is on Long Bay.   In that picture she had on a Malibu Strings see thru tankini and I had a matching g-string from Tangaland.I don't think any one minded either of us in our thongs at Club Med.   If you go with a GF and she's got one on she won't be the only one.  However , you as the guy will probably be the only one.   On the Club Med beach we didn't seen any topless women.
stringthong #20

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:10/12/2018 01:23:40Copy HTML

We just got back from a week in Turks and Caicos and stayed at both Como Parrot Cay and Amanyara resorts.  Both resorts were beautiful with impeccable sevice and food.  I highly recommend both

Since this is the slow travel season both resorts were about 50% occupied so there was plenty of space on the beach, pool and dining rooms.  We wore g-strings or thongs 90% of the time while tanning at the beach and the pool, @ the swim-up and beach bars and in between (No need to cover up) without a comment from any staff.  

I started the week in a California Muscle Teaser suit in red (at the request of my wife) for tanning and swimming.  This is a long time favorite of mine that I wear at our local beaches in Ft.Lauderdale, Hollywood and Miami.  I also wore a Skinz Stiffit G in Sky Blue on a snorkel trip and a 3/8" Muscleskins Thong on a paddleboard snorkel adventure.  My wife packed all three suits which were the smallest on any man at the resort (a couple other briefs) and kept my tanlines consistent.   

My wife wore a Wicked Weasel Neon Splash and Microkitten g-strings thoughout the week.  

I was the only male in a thong but there were 5 other women in thongs and two topless (both from Colombia).  We didn't feel out of place and encourage anyone to wear minimal coverage suits @ Turks.         

Gboy69 #21

Re:Turks and Caicos

Date Posted:03/31/2019 08:05:32Copy HTML

Headed to the Turks and Caicos in May for well deserved week of sun and R & R. Staying in a villa resort on the NW tip out of town. Any recommendations for beaches around the Island to visit and explore in my thong or gstring? Not worried about what others wear just looking to save time and just hit the beaches that others may have experienced and enjoyed.
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