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Date Posted:07/23/2003 02:05:03Copy HTML

UAE, of all places, specifically Dubai. Once again finding that under the surface, Dubai is a sexy scene...you can wear thongs there, certainly at the Jumeriah beach resorts. Bikinis are the norm for all guys, you look weird anyhow in boxers.

In the UAE you can't make a display of your bare buns at the pool, but if you sit far away enuf...it's all good, take a casual stroll to get a drink, fine...and the private beach at the hotels is all open game. Women wear thongs everywhere, at the beach, pool...i saw very small tops with their beauty spilling out, crochet tops that bare most all...it's open game at the nice resorts.

The water is the warmest i have ever experienced in the world!

Dubai is trying to become a tourist mecca, so they are very tolerant at the resorts and beaches set aside for foriegners, as long as you don't flaunt too much.   Uptight arabs just stay away, so it's an all-western thing with most of the staff being Asian.

G stringson men might be a bit much at the pools, but on the beach, ok.

I saw at least one young lady tanning topless...and what a gorgeous tan too. Esp. for the target market of Europeans, and at least half the German and French ladies wear thongs, as far as i can tell. Two girls sitting near me at the beach one day had T-back strings on.

Though I didn't see them myself, I have reliable reports (from ladies) that there are several private nude beaches in Dubai too...away from the maddening crowds.

The beaches are pristine, too, miles and ,miles of them without a soul there, not a ton of tourists, and the arabs don't generally lounge at the beach anyway.

When i was at the Meridien beach , this sweet bod girl English chic sat next to me wearing a sheer top and thong bottom...needless to say about 3 guys became her instant friends. What a charming accent, what a sweet bod. But just goes to show...there's plenty around!  I wore an extreme bikini, because that's all I brought, but there were several guys in thongs, and all others in bikinis of one type or another. Lots of Euro-kinis.

The scene was perfectly harmonious and accepting. Especilay  since the Arab world got a uniformly (and undeserved, since there are such utter regional variations) bad rap in the West.  The tourist resorts are uncrowded and  are all 5 star to the max, done to the luxurious hilt in this money-drenched country.

The cost of being in the UAE, the local cost of living is incredibly low. You money goes a long way.

The nightlife in Dubai can be hot too, in the hotels and spaces reserved for tourists, away from prying eyes.  Great nightclubs, Euro-disco types, and the locals look the other way as long as it's not in public, as long as no arabs are involved. It's all-western type thing.

I saw several couples in the lounge sections really getting it on.  The ladies wear skimpy or tight tops and skirts to the clubs, so don't believe the regional stereotype, tho you have to dress more modestly during the daytime, on the street, at the mall...but the malls are full of sexy clothes stores.

When dressing, just always think about where you are going to be and who you'll see, and dress accordingly.

Don't flaunt in front of Arabs, and be polite, always. Tons of beautiful blonde Russian and East European girls who work at the resorts, and half of whom probably have "other" occupations at night too, i suspect. Half of whom also have masters degrees in physics, too - go figure the world economy.

Also lots of English, Germans and French with lovely tans and bods, tho they're a bit harder to chat up. But most all the girls there let it hang out at the beach, and anyway, they're nice and generally approachable with a smile as long as you aren't an idiot, sex-moron type. Since everyone is a stranger in the foreign land (and always held beneath the Arabs) the girls are pretty receptive to chat, and to making apres-beach nighttime plans.

Women are not as uptight as they are in the States. It was a great time! BTW, i heard there was an active gay scene in Dubai, and homosexuality has always been a thread in the Middle east, but kept behind closed doors. Yyou have to be a lot more discreet, ..and if that is your inclination i'm sure you can find your way to that scene too.

A couple of guys at one the beaches seemed very, very friendly and hung out with each other to the exclusion of any ladies. Nuf said.

Abu Dhabi is another matter, ultra conservative,  off the beaten path type of place. Abu Dhabit to Dubai is Sparta to Athens...the rivalries and differences between the emirates is clear. 

BTW, basically no one is gonna mess with you in the UAE - they have too much money and tight security and fund half the arab causes, so none of the cause freaks are gonna screw the sweetheart deal, and the UAE is the one place you're probably safest.

Just be generally cool and discrete on the street...don't wander alone down dark lanes at the souk in your shorts and sneakers (if you must indeed wear those all-america togs, you might as well wear a sign looped around your neck), don't be a loud-mouthed arrogant idiot, and you'll be fine. But i'm guessing poster on this thong board are a bit more on the cosmopolitan side anyway.
tbacktom #1

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:07/23/2003 02:13:47Copy HTML

Those places sound like heaven... Thanks for all the great detailed info.  One thing I didn't see - what did the guys wear at night?  Us guys never seem to get a chance to dress provocatively at night clubs.
TJ-22 #2

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:07/24/2003 01:41:21Copy HTML

Reply to : tbacktom

I have also been to one of the beach hotels in Dubai, as well as other business hotels in Abu Dhabi, plus Egypt and Qatar.

It surprises a lot of people that I talk to when they hear that the clothing standard at the hotel pools and adjacent (private) beaches throughout these Middle Eastern countries is essentially European.  The hotels that are not on the beaches usually have a "walled compound" around them (for security reasons), and these compounds invariably have a pool.  Around the pool there are always men in rather small brief suits, and always women in string bikinis that can be extremely small. 

Even in Abu Dhabi, where the hotel was in the middle of town, it managed to have a pool on the roof, with a trellis-style barrier extending upward on all sides to keep out any prying eyes from the taller nearby buildings (while still letting the occasional breeze blow through).  Admittedly the pool was small, but the string bikinis were still on display.  But I never did see a thong during my travels, so you have news for me there; and I'm glad to hear it.    


mindanseur #3

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:07/25/2003 01:36:58Copy HTML

Yes, Jumeriah Beach in Dubai is thong friendly.  I guess one bit of good advice is always to stay at a Le Meridien, anywhere...it's French, and it's generally going to me one step more liberal than the next hotel.
TARIQ123 #4

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:03/29/2009 01:53:51Copy HTML

Whats up thongers, just came back from Dubai, March 27 and I saw a few female thongers at the hotels pool and beach. I stayed at the new Atlantis Hotel. Also saw a few thongers at wild wadi water park.

Dubai has changed over the past few years, but I will strongly suggest to wear thong only at private beaches and hotels. Do not wear them on public beaches. Do not forget, you are in a muslim country and you have a huge majoirity of Indians and Pakastanies on the beach who are not used to seeing thongs and would be very upset. Imagine this, you wearing a thong and next to you a Pakastani women swimming in her jeans.
JM_Runs #5

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:04/04/2009 08:23:14Copy HTML

I live in Dubai, and I agree with Tariq. You should not wear your thongs on public beaches as there are many muslims there. Best places to wear your thongs would be on private beaches. BTW you could wear thongs at the Atlantis Hotel. The hotel rules state that thongs are permitted. But I did not know that you are allowed to wear thongs at wild wadi. I have not seen people in thongs at wild wadi.
Another thing I want to mention. It is very rare to find thong swimwear in Dubai. I have not seen thong bikinis in Dubai. Therefore, it is advisable to bring your own thongs, if you are coming from abroad.
tanga #6

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:04/04/2009 09:03:08Copy HTML

Only ever saw 1 woman thonging in Dubai the last time we were there in October 2008.  We didn't consider thonging over there to be honest, I wore speedos or shorts and my wife wore normal bikinis.

Lovely place though, some spectacular hotels and places to eat.  We visited Atlantis, it had opened about 3 days before we got there so the queue of cars and taxis on the Palm Jumeriah to get to the hotel was incredible.  Luckily taxis were given express priority and it is impressive as you drive up to it.  Going under the tunnel to get to the end of the Palm island.
tremendimouse #7

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:04/06/2009 10:05:20Copy HTML

 I am a regular visitor to the UAE - mostly on business trips - but I do thong there at certain hotels which have private beaches or which are thong friendly.  I can concur with one person above that the Le Meridien resorts are more european swimwear friendly than others but even there you need to be considerate.  As a male thonger you will be in a very small minority.  When I have worn my thong I have not had any problems but I have been very discreet about where I tan and do not flaunt it. 
One of my regular non-beachfront hotels has a small rooftop pool at which I thong at all the time with no problems.  I always go on the assumption that if I am not allowed to do it the staff will tell me to cover up- which they invariably do NOT do. 
If I cant wear a thong then I wear a really small rio style suit.
TARIQ123 #8

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:12/27/2009 04:39:34Copy HTML

Hey guys, sad to say that the recisioin has really hit Dubai, things have changed in a short period, today, hotels will do what ever it takes to make you stay longer. They need your business, I have noticed that they basically ignore you when you do wrong.

Last week, I saw a few Russians in thongs around the pool, one of the guest complained and asked the manager to ask the girls to cover up, his reply was, very funny, he informed the guest that the hotel has another pool and he is more than happy to escort him to the pool
veejuj #9

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:05/09/2010 07:32:56Copy HTML

hi guys nand gals
was in dubai recently and followed the older articles and stayed at jumeriah beach resort*hotel.they have a private beach and it was filled with russians germans and some english.all the women only wore bikinis some tiniwini some typical with sting to tie on the side.the men none of them eere in the dorks but most htem in speedos or tight fitting boxers or semi boxers.
the first day i went out in the evening trying to thong but was shy and only showed my front while lying on the chair.the next day morning saw a few women with thongs or pulling in a bikini to give it a htong look. to make a long story short wore my dknyt black thong a9rather conservative.nobody said anything while i was lying on my stomach>got a little bolder and went to pik up a beer again no reaction from anybody.later started walking the complete beach with nobody saying anything especially from the hote staff.some did smile and some of the russian men and women had approving loks to c somebody so minimally clad.
please do not go to the public beachesas the laws r consevative
the private beaches have mainly indian srilankan and indoinesiAN STAFF WHO R VERY BROAD MINDED.WAS SURPRISED TO C ALOT OF RUSSIAN WOMEN STROLLING THE HOTEL LOBBY IN BIKINIS and almost thongs more later 
veejuj #10

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:05/09/2010 07:36:52Copy HTML

sorry was at the atlantis and before entering the pool area there is a clear notice that no thongs allowed but at the jumeriah only a notice that says appropraite clothing whatever that means gonna try the meridien next time.tariq which is the hotel that u stayed in which was so accomadating would like to stay there next time.
TARIQ123 #11

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:05/11/2010 04:02:51Copy HTML

Hey sorry it tooo long to reply, but it was Atlantis, when they first opened the hotel, their were no signs, we thonges all day, it was great. Most hotels in Jumeriah area are ok with it. I have seen several thonger at the following hotels:

1: Le Royal Meridaain
2: Jumeriah Beach Hotel
3: Park Hyatt
4: J.W Marriot
5: Adress

The hotels not to thong in

1: Emirates Hotel,
2:Sofitel, City Center

To all u thongers out their, keep on thonging and please show what u got.
AFSL #12

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:11/13/2010 08:56:54Copy HTML

Well i live here in Dubai at least the past two years and i can truely say that thongs are now allowed for women with no No at all even at public beaches and speedos for men even tiny one, mainly i go to public beaches like Jumeirah and others but i have never saw any men in thongs at all, One time i saw an old man turning his bikini into a thong and asked by a police man to drop it, i didnt give it attention at all that time as i wasnt intrested to wear thong to the beach, now after i tried in my home country i feel like its a shame we cant at least on public beaches,

I hope oneday i see a thonger and engourage me to do it,

thanks guys please share with us your exp and stories

arockytman #13

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:02/25/2011 03:42:52Copy HTML

Thongs on the beaches in Dubai... I'd steer clear just to be safe. I'd hate to be fined or jailed because of a thong. I love wearing thongs, don't get me wrong. I've been to Jumeirah Beach Park, probably one of the most liberal public beaches in Dubai, and the closest I've seen to a thong on a guy ever was actually today. He was in good shape, a hot guy in his mid 40's probably. The back of his suit was cut like a thong, but wider in the back. It exposed the majority of his hot ass, but didn't rest in between his perfect bubbled cheeks. It was hot.

There are LOADS of guys in Speedos or square-cut trunks though. Lots of bulges everywhere. It was quite a nice scene today. There were loads of hot chicks out today, too. I did notice a couple sunning on their stomachs with their bikini tops untied. I don't think a beach attendant would ever have an issue with this though. I think guys would be picked out 10 times quicker than a girl.

I think there were a lot of tourists out today with it being Friday... which is our Saturday in the rest of the world. The beach was packed. It was definitely a good day for sunning. I just wish thongs were accepted here.

I don't have any experience at any of the hotel beaches... yet. After a certain period of time, I'll be given access to a good number of the hotel beaches through my employer. I'll try to post more if I find out differently.  
SlidingG #14

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:02/26/2011 04:25:46Copy HTML

Hey Arockytman, you're a brave guy if you ever manage to pull it off!  Good luck.
AFSL #15

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:03/10/2011 10:02:49Copy HTML

Hey Guys, this morning i decided to go for a swim after work, and took a YAMAMAY micro bikini and wore  HOM BLACK addict high cut tanga.

I arrived to jumeirah beach near jumeriah beach hotel and while i was walking i saw a topless woman thonging. that gave me a push so i decided to lay nearby, i removed my cloth and stayed in tanga, basically its a thong but with more coverage.
i can tell u that girls were surprised and kept looking, btw i have a nice ass lol. its a little bit scary because of laws here.

if u ask me would i repeat it there, i certainly tell yesss.

x1x #16

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:01/25/2012 01:21:24Copy HTML

thong and topless is illegal on public beaches in Dubai. if some one did not get arrested doesn't mean it is legal.
solargod #17

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:01/25/2012 03:50:17Copy HTML

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, I didn't wear anything less than a regular speedo style swimsuit.  Not worth the potential risk!
AndreaDK #18

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:01/26/2012 03:41:25Copy HTML

But I  think it may be too dangerous for a man to do :(
Dylz #19

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:04/03/2012 02:51:38Copy HTML

I am pretty keen to hit up Dubai for my honeymoon next year, as long as my fiance can wear her Wicked Weasels at the private beaches and some resort pools. can any one recommend a nice resort to stay at where we hopefully wouldn't be the only ones gettin our thong on? its always easier if what we are doing is out of the ordinary.
sampoo #20

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:09/24/2013 12:42:33Copy HTML

I may soon go and work in dubai.
i heard mini skirts and shorts are not allowed, i really wanna make sure about this point.
i was glad to hear that thongs are allowed on few beaches.
AndreaDK #21

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:09/25/2013 07:02:02Copy HTML

Sampoo, I was in Dubai on a stop-over and visited some friends.
For men, I would say no, do not wear a thong even on that beach, it is too risky - but in the private beach at Jumeraih a girl can happily wear a thong, (but not see-through or topless please - it could get you in big trouble). Enjoy wearing your thong bikini :)
sampoo #22

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:09/26/2013 05:48:57Copy HTML

Thanks for your reply, and trust me i dont need more than a thong no need to be topeless ;) :D
x1x #23

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:09/29/2013 05:18:58Copy HTML

I wore a brazilian back bikini swimsuit at the public beach without any problems.
I don't recomend men to wear thongs, for women it is better to avoid wearing thongs during weekends and holidays when the beaches are crowded specially with local and Arab families. Also it is better to go before 4 PM when the weather is hot. At that time you will not find conservative families.
tiggerix #24

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:09/30/2013 10:25:18Copy HTML

 On Jumeirah beach men would likely wear speedos easily enough and women may wear fairly brief bikinis.  It is not worth pushing the envelope here though.  From what I understand, if you offend an Emirati female and she or her husband calls police, then you will get arrested and treated harshly.  OK there are mostly foreign nationals (lots of Russians) who wear what they want and not too many Emiratis so things may be more relaxed - but I'd rather have a European or US official ticket me or tell me to cover up, than risk the Dubai justice system.  Same if you have a car accident - if it's you and an Emirati, you know who comes out on top.
IronManWannaBe #25

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:10/18/2014 03:56:49Copy HTML

So based on all the threads I've read here, as long as the beach or the pool is private, e.g. owned by a hotel, everything will be subject to the hotel? And since most people at the hotels are foreign tourists who come from cultures where thong swimwear are the norm, the hotel will be indifferent?

I booked a stay at the Doubletree Hotel in Jumeirah Beach, and the web site stated that the beach is private.
Alex82 #26

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:11/25/2014 10:10:50Copy HTML

 Yes, you should have no problem in hotel just do not go near locals, they are conservative, I thong on the public but I take care when its crowded. Not all are open minded.
josht #27

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:02/18/2015 11:09:59Copy HTML

I will be in Dubai in November 2015. I will be staying at the Fairmont The Palm, Palm Jumeirah. The web site shows an adult pool. Will it be OK to thong there? I sure hope so. I wear Skinz M1R (g-string). I have not seen this hotel specifcally mentioned, but it is a huge one and very touristy.

I have no interst in thonging on the beach itself, whether public or private. Even in Brazil, I don't do that, just at hotel pools. (public beaches in Europe are another story).
AndreaDK #28

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:02/19/2015 11:31:10Copy HTML

 josht - be very careful - in the pool area probably. As a man on a public beach, I say no - they may use indecency, anti gay laws against you.Forget what the Russians do (with one exception), when I was working there, girls can get away with thongs on public beaches to an extent, on international  hotel beaches of course they need the money.7Russians can get away with anything because the tour companies have money and muscle to back them. The exception is if you see Russians on the beach, and they'll wear whatever, then if there are men in skimpy or thongs, you'l be OK.
I wore a thong when I was there, no real problems, but I was careful where I went- hated the place and the hypocrisy.
They have "real moral values", exhibited by, an example with nothing to do with body exposure, their attitude to women and girls and to alcohol.
Most place have a "Ladies Night" several times  a week or every night - it means girl's get in free while men pay (OK, nice and pretty normal), and girls get a free bottle of champagne on entering - umm - that kind of contrasts with the the anti-alcohol and ant nice girls having sex before marriage idea - I can think of one reason you'd give each girl a free bottle of champagne, and remember,in the real world, girls can drink less than men, no matte how hard we pretend to be the same!
Alex82 #29

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:06/07/2015 09:28:13Copy HTML

 its a bit risky but im still wearing a thong on beach, u want the truth, I don't go and flaunt it in front of everybody, Girls love it and im sure about it, they just feel comfortable when they see a man thonging, sometimes they show more skin directly after they see me.
josht #30

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:01/12/2016 11:13:30Copy HTML

I made it to Dubai. I Had a nice time. At the Fairmont Palm Jumeirah private beach there were two very attractive Brazilian girls in thongs (not "filo dental", but still thongs). The day that I had free to thong myself it was cloudy and actually rained.

Thonging is probably OK for men on the private beaches of Jumeirah; I would recommend the more remote hotels on the ring around the Palm (e.g., Sofitel), rather than the "stem" where I was.
CKWonderer #31

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:11/03/2016 07:50:25Copy HTML

 I am going to do by this weekend and have read through the reviews on the board. I've been there before and know it's fairly conservative from a "physical" Point of you. I'm not planning on wearing a thong even at a major international hotel pool. However I will gauge the situation when I get there but I most likely just be safe and wear my Muscleskins suit with 1-1/2" sides and more coverage on the backside.
thongman21 #32

Re:UAE, believe it or not! ( Dubai )

Date Posted:11/04/2016 07:06:19Copy HTML

 When I was in Dubai I did see several women wearing thongs out at the rooftop pool with no problem. Unfortunately I didn't have any with me. 
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