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Date Posted:01/19/2005 02:23:52Copy HTML

Can someone please help out a new girl ! Im moving to Morpeth (look it up) and wondered what the best beaches to wear a thong on in that area . I m pretty shy but love to wear mini suits on the beach can someone please advise . Sorry Im not very good with computers and what a relief to find this site ! Please email or message either xxxxx Nicole
matchingthongs #1

Re:UK North

Date Posted:01/19/2005 03:33:10Copy HTML

Hi Nicole,

I live in the North East and there is another (possibly 2 other) regular contributor to the group from the region.

Morpeth is lovely; we go often for the Farmers Market, and considered moving there when we came up here.

I haven't thonged locally yet, but my wife did once at Tynemouth (she was the only one) where she got a couple of 2nd looks but nobody seemed that concerned. I'm reliably informed that Druridge Bay is the best. There's a nudist end (north end) and I'm told that there can be quite a few thongers up there. Somebody else may tell you more from first hand.

If you weren't so shy and unaccompanied you could thong anywhere really, but if you'd feel better in a crowd then you might be best at Druridge Bay or some of the beaches between Holy Island and Berwick - but observe the warning signs round there!! All the beaches on this coast are fantastic and I'm really glad to see another fan of minimal swimwear is thinking of gracing these beaches!

Ex_Member #2

Re:UK North

Date Posted:01/20/2005 02:30:59Copy HTML

Thanks for the information and and the message . I got a few emails as well so I feel quite set up !  I  think tynemouth looks a bit too near civilisation on the map so maybe Ill try one of the other beaches . Dont know if you have any other advice or anything Love Nicolexxx
thongything #3

Re:UK North

Date Posted:03/09/2005 05:17:29Copy HTML

Had a drive round Druridge bay this morning. What a cracking spot, but I bet it gets busy during summer weekends.

Bit too cold for thonging today, temp was 7C.

emj76 #4

Re:UK North

Date Posted:05/05/2005 07:55:47Copy HTML

just joined the site,  - visited a couple of beaches that way last year tho can't remember the name without a detailed look at the map.

At one the Lane was full of cars but on turning left on the beach and walking it was soon sparsely populated. I plan to visit there again this year . Although there was a cool breeze along the beach, just into the dunes soon provided shelter from the wind.

emj76 #5

Re:UK North

Date Posted:05/05/2005 10:23:23Copy HTML

remembering a bit more about the location:- park on the lane - walk though a farm hamlet probably 10 or so houses - through a couple of gates with cows and then  follow a path. Beach is a good mile from the car parking area and the sand has a lot of shell debris in it. Also if I remember there was a castle / fortification at either end of the small bay which was gently curved



email me for chat - thanks

emj76 #6

Re:UK North

Date Posted:05/13/2005 10:41:08Copy HTML

Had a good loook at a map and I'm sure I went to Ross Back sands ( more fine / crushed shell than sand !) between Bamburgh and Holy Island.  Rather a walk to get to the beach but the dunes behind provide shelter if there is a wind and as either end of the beach goes nowhere you do not get a constant stream of passers by 'dog walking' etc. It is used by naturists but there is plenty of space for everyone.
muppet in a thong #7

Re:UK North

Date Posted:06/24/2005 02:56:10Copy HTML

are any of those beaches clothing optional?
matchingthongs #8

Re:UK North

Date Posted:06/24/2005 11:31:43Copy HTML

I think they're clothing optional, but I'm not near enough to be a regular to confirm this. Judging from the board they do seem to be thong friendly though, but that's a relative term, depending on who you are, how extreme the thong is, how you behave and your sex. i.e a female in a modest thong sunbathing with a friend would be accepted just about everywhere in the UK in my experience. A man in a brief thong, on his own, walking around looking for admiration might just about be accepted on a tiny number of beaches; sad to some, but true.

Still a bit confused about the nudist/thong friendly section at Druridge. Do you take the turning at Druridge roundabout or the one for the centre? The northern end of the beach near the WW2 tank traps is quite narrow and not so good. More clarification would be appreciated.
matchingthongs #9

Re:UK North

Date Posted:06/26/2005 10:02:20Copy HTML

At Druridge yesterday. Tide was out and it looked beautiful, but the wind was cool and not great for sunning and playing on the beach. Wrapped in a towel at one point. However I did manage a walk in my Skopelos Rio back to the water's edge.

It's such a big beach when the tide is out you're unlikely to offend anybody as there's plenty of space. We weren't in the thong section by the way - which may pre-empt or answer some previous questions. My wife stayed covered because she was cold and it was the wrong time of the month for brief swimwear, but she did have her sheer WW top on.

By the way, I think I've worked out where the nudist/thong section is now. To be honest we will probably stay away from there and do our own thing on the "textile" sections because I don't think thongers should be "ghetto-ised". We're doing nothing wrong, or flaunting ourselves so why should we hide?
matchingthongs #10

Re:UK North

Date Posted:07/19/2005 06:35:19Copy HTML


Thanks for the report. Unfortunately - or not - we were recovering from the nude shoot on the Tyne with 2000 others and Spencer Tunick. Great fun by the way. Would love to get back to Druridge soon; maybe this Sunday?

I wonder, were you on the main beach? I think you should just be natural and confident on the main beach. You might get comments, stares or giggles, but that shouldn't stop you. However, I personally wouldn't wear a string thong where there are families around. I'd restrict that to "static" sunbathing.
A normal thong and definitely a rio I would wear anywhere. I would happily walk to the car in a rio back.

I've looked at wind-breaks before with envy! I think it's probably a good idea for many reasons.
Paulg269 #11

Re:UK North

Date Posted:08/05/2005 04:38:36Copy HTML

Hi i'm from Sheffield and would love to thong with others, anyone going to beach soon or holidaying let me know
matchingthongs #12

Re:UK North

Date Posted:09/22/2005 12:38:34Copy HTML

Had a bit of time yesterday before picking my wife up from the airport. Bought some stuff from the DIY store and drove up to Druridge Bay.

The beach was virtually deserted at a low tide with little wind. Air temperature was about 17 or 18 C and the few people around walking dogs etc had jumpers or fleeces on. I found a nice spot and stripped off to my Alphamoda thong and enjoyed the weak, milky sunshine. It felt great; not too hot and no wind chill or dampness. Wandered down to the water's edge and had a quick dip (temperature was fine - even for me). Dried off in the sun and lay out as a couple of dog walkers went by and the gulls went about their business. It was so peaceful and relaxing and I felt lucky to enjoy what may be the last beach outing for my thong this year.

Wandered along the beach a bit and examined some flotsam and then decided to head back to the car park. I then thought, hey, why get dressed? I could get a bit more sun and enjoy the freedom/dare a bit more. Didn't see anyone until I came over the dunes and saw a middle-aged couple preparing to leave by their car. He could only see the front of me as I approched, but as I dipped down a dune I decided I was done for the day and wouldn't make it unnoticed to my car like this and dressed -except for shoes. It was great while it lasted.

What a fantastic late September day. I won't forget that in a while.
niceandtight #13

Re:UK North

Date Posted:04/28/2006 11:04:55Copy HTML

Just wondering how many will be looking in on Druridge this year . To give it a plug the beaches are golden sand and endless . The family section is well away from the naturist/thong section  and the dunes are for those who like even more privacy . Ive never met with any problems on the open beach , even at High tide ! Hope to get some days there from  May onwards . Happy thonging! Paul
matchingthongs #14

Re:UK North

Date Posted:05/02/2006 01:07:17Copy HTML

We'll be there if and when we can. Lovely beach, but not "down the road" so it has to be a bit planned.
niceandtight #15

Re:UK North

Date Posted:05/09/2006 03:30:51Copy HTML

I was wondering about the suitability of Derwent resevoir . It is fairly remote and has numerous picnic sites > Does anyone have experience or views about Derwent ? Hoping to get upto Drurige tomorrow. So will report back !
matchingthongs #16

Re:UK North

Date Posted:05/09/2006 03:53:38Copy HTML

Derwent reservoir.... never thought of there. Not too far for us either.

I like the sea though. Nothing like swimming in the sea - if it aint too cold!
Druridge should be great tomorrow - looking at the weather forecast. Might try and make it too, if I've got time.

The North Sea must still be freezing at the moment though!
niceandtight #17

Re:UK North

Date Posted:05/09/2006 04:41:40Copy HTML

I'll go up in pm but not in the sea ! Cant decide what to wear ! Probably open beach not dunes , but will if there is a cool breeze!
niceandtight #18

Re:UK North

Date Posted:05/10/2006 02:41:34Copy HTML

Got up to Druridge for some great thonging today . Place was pretty empty and weather great, cool northern breeze but OK behind my windbreak on the beach.Wore a red quarter back spandex swim brief which I think looks great and got some long walks in ! Great feeling. I think I prefer the part nearer civilisation rather than right up near the dunes at the north end. Will definitely be up again soon .! Hope my example can tempt the naturists into becoming thongers !
matchingthongs #19

Re:UK North

Date Posted:05/10/2006 06:53:44Copy HTML

Lucky man. It was gorgeous today and with a late afternoon low tide in the middle of the week it must've been perfect.
I also prefer the convenience of being near civilization and also I don't want to feel ghettoised onto a secluded part of the beach when we don't see anything wrong with wearing brief swimwear.

The naturist part of the beach is lovely too, but we tend to stay away from the dunes; it has a reputation and we don't want to get invloved. It's always harder being a man in these situations. I tend to go with my wife and she has no problems. She's worn a wicked weasel on the main public part without even a second glance, but she doesn't flaunt it or seek attention. I would probably need some courage and luck to wear a thong alone there, but with my wife I would be OK. No problems wearing my rio back anywhere though.

Perhaps we'll see you there one day?
niceandtight #20

Re:UK North

Date Posted:05/11/2006 04:06:49Copy HTML

Regarding the dunes , my advice is stay well away from the north end as I agree it appears to be a little unsavoury . I now tend to stick north of the burn but not up in the dunes . I feel fairly comfortable doing that because after all there are naturists aplenty and so relatively  I am well covered . The spandex quarter back is just a bit briefer than the alphamoda riobacks and I thoroughly recommend it because I do think that a definite thong might be pushing things a bit if you want to walk or swim .Maybe for sunbathing yes and adopt shorts for a walk .And of course being with a woman lets you do anything but my wife is not into public thonging . I reckon the only way to make it more popular is to do it let others see it for the fun it is and spread the word !  I have som further helpfu ladvice re safe thonging at druridge available by private message if anyone needs it . Worth knowing ! Anyway try to pluck up the courage Match . Best wishes.
niceandtight #21

Re:UK North

Date Posted:07/13/2006 07:09:02Copy HTML

A great day thonging on the beach in just My Joe Snyder red capri. Very brief back and nice front . Mainly down on the beach and was able to get some good long walks in .Plenty of naturists there .I do hope to convert them ! Some admiring glances definitely and no adverse experiences at all . Water rather cool but its warming ! Hope to get there Sat pm if anyone else can , its going to be a hot one!
niceandtight #22

Re:UK North

Date Posted:07/16/2006 09:23:20Copy HTML

Intend to get up to Druridge on Wed PM if anyones coming along . Its gonna be hot . Probably a black T-back , havent decided !
niceandtight #23

Re:UK North

Date Posted:08/09/2006 02:42:21Copy HTML

Just an up to date report . Sea temperatures very warm today and was able to get some good long walks in just a red Loyd by Kiniki. Its an unlined suit and looks good when wet , which I was able to do by having a few swims . Some nice friendly reactions today . Noticed a bus stop at widdrington today so any Newcastle based thongers could get theere I would think without a car.
matchingthongs #24

Re:UK North

Date Posted:08/15/2006 07:00:20Copy HTML

Still waiting for the chance to thong at Druridge this year, but we were away for much of the hot spell and it's been like winter since we came back.

Managed to briefly thong at Blyth beach, but wouldn't recommend it. Had to choose the right moment to go to the water's edge in a quieter section... Even getting away from the crowds of obese families it was full of dogs and dog **** and gangs of feral teens with their devil dogs and plastic bags of Fosters (at least they looked as though they were taking their rubbish home!). The wife was curious to see this beach, but I wouldn't go back out of choice: not worth the 10 mins or so shorter journey time for us.

We plan to got to Druridge next week though, so we're hoping for warmer weather. Don't mind the odd shower as long as I can get warm and dry when I get out of the water! Will report back
matchingthongs #25

Re:UK North

Date Posted:08/27/2006 05:49:50Copy HTML

Spent a lovely day at Druridge last Friday. Sunny and breezy, and we both managed to thong. I wore my navy blue alphamoda and the missus her grey tonga bottom and then her blue one-piece thong costume, which she wore for the first time in public. Hope to say more about that later.

It was moderately busy - Druridge is big enough to always look quiet. The sound of distant waves and sea birds was beautiful. I even caught some sun and went for my first ever swim in the North Sea and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't that cold after the initial bravery needed to get those shoulders under the water!!

Hope to be back soon, before the weather changes.

I'm still not sure about the dunes area and the behaviour of some of the men there. We prefer to be out in the open on the beach; people seem to treat you with less caution if you don't try to hide or cover up or flaunt it!
JM_Runs #26

Re:UK North

Date Posted:03/29/2007 05:53:07Copy HTML

So anybody going to out and about in the North this year ? I hope to get up there to wear a Fredy Hom as swimwear and a swimstrings Leros which is very minimal and more conservatively a swimstrings Mykonos .Lets try to get some beach walking in !!!!
JM_Runs #27

Re:UK North

Date Posted:07/16/2007 02:23:33Copy HTML

First day out this year with my red leros . Anyone coming up this year . Bit windy but on the beach ok as the wind from the west , so shletered by dunes.
JM_Runs #28

Re:UK North

Date Posted:09/26/2007 12:31:03Copy HTML

Wondering about the feasibility of thonging or near thonging at Seaton Sluice . Anybody been there . Is that the same as blyth beach ? Maybe its a bit near big population centre to feel comfortable . Any ideas ?
matchingthongs #29

Re:UK North

Date Posted:09/26/2007 01:30:55Copy HTML

Slimthong - I wouldn't

My wife and I once went to Seaton Sluice, but I won't return in a hurry. Nice beach, but lots of wandering gangs with plastic bags full of six-packs and accompanied by killer dogs! I turned over straight away and still my wife heard calls of 'speedo man'. Only in jest, but not conducive to relaxing,
Stick to Druridge or Embleton.
JM_Runs #30

Re:UK North

Date Posted:09/26/2007 04:46:35Copy HTML

Matching -Thanks I wont ! Not even a quick dip in a rio back ? Dont want an incident , Certainly never a scrap of bother at D. Will look up Embleton havent been there . Any other indoor ideas for winter ?
JM_Runs #31

Re:UK North

Date Posted:09/28/2007 02:34:34Copy HTML

What about the possibility of Tynemouth . I dont know the layout there . Obviously its going to be busier and probably unsuitable for sunbathing but what bout a quick burst of  jogging , peel off , then straight into the sea wearing a JSnyder Capri. I think that would be possible at the right time .
matchingthongs #32

Re:UK North

Date Posted:09/28/2007 05:58:44Copy HTML

Yes Tynemouth should be fine. A different kind of beach and big enough that you shouldn't have any problems. Might even get away with a thong there - my wife did once and it was fine.

JM_Runs #33

Re:UK North

Date Posted:09/28/2007 01:16:26Copy HTML

Of course it is much easier for women an I think they could go anywhere and it is not an issue . With Tynemouth it is quite near the town and I would have thought not too relaxing to stretch out but probably ok for a dip inand out  without toomuch concern.
publicgirluk #34

Re:UK North

Date Posted:10/17/2007 03:40:36Copy HTML

it is certainly easier for us girls. While not exactly the norm in the UK I think it is basically accepted based on my experiences. Very different for men I think.
JM_Runs #35

Re:UK North

Date Posted:12/09/2008 08:32:52Copy HTML

Yes it is different for men but Ok we can live with that . By the way I was looking at a naturist web site about beaches and Druridge seems to have had its naturist status removed . This wont affect me and I will be going there a lot next year . Hopefully the naturist ban will encourage some to see the light and adopt skimpy swimwear  Anybody else planning to do the north east beaches this year ? Matching Thongs mentioned Embleton . What are the conditions like there regarding parking access and reasonable remoteness .
matchingthongs #36

Re:UK North

Date Posted:12/16/2008 09:20:04Copy HTML

Regarding Embleton, it's a small beach with reasonable access, but not remote. The type of people there are what you might describe as more 'middle class' for some reason. I find they are more tolerant of nudity, perhaps because they are better travelled and have had more exposure to foreign beaches, etc.
If you plan to thong there and I imagine it would be absolutely fine for a woman, you will not be able to 'hide' or expect seclusion. One for the brave male thonger. I haven't thonged there, but I may consider it if I'm with my missus and feeling brave.
Druridge however is much easier to thong on because of its size, the opportunity for privacy and ease of access. Hope this helps. Looking forward to a summer - for once.
roninho #37

Re:UK North

Date Posted:02/27/2009 08:19:34Copy HTML

I live near Aberdeen - really UK North!!- and there are some nice beaches with huge dunes and places to hide, nearby. But wait till the summer!! 
JM_Runs #38

Re:UK North

Date Posted:03/22/2009 02:41:46Copy HTML

With Spring in the Air I recently decided to check out Seaham beach as a possible venue . However it is too bucket and spade and crowded and decidedly run down , so I shall go again to Drurdge Bay this year . Having set myself the target this year for leaving the car without shorts and only bikini and possibly short teeshirt before setting up on the beach. I think this is a more positive stance than copping out with shorts . Maybe now that the beach is not officially naturist then perhaps a few more naturists will get into their thongs . " other possible reasonable venues may be Jesmondd pool and Halwhistl pool . Any ideas folks and who else is thonging in the area this year?
QCCHris #39

Re:UK North

Date Posted:12/22/2009 10:09:47Copy HTML

A little further north (just short of Holy island) is the glorious beach called 'Ross back sands'. The northern part of the beach has been 'clothing optional' for many years, and one sees people wearing anything from speedos to nothing at all. The dunes are best left to naturists but the open beach is vast and I have never had any problem wearing a thong or even a gstring.  One has to walk rather more than a mile from the car park to the beach - but its worth it!
doverbeach79 #40

Re:UK North

Date Posted:01/20/2010 07:05:27Copy HTML

Northern Thonger with recently added pics would like to meet fellow thongers and especially anyone who can take my thong pictures :)
ukessexbob #41

Re:UK North

Date Posted:03/06/2010 01:22:32Copy HTML

Managed a visit on Thurs evening, very quiet, because, as is becoming normal, the Jacuzzi was (for 10 days so far ) out of action, heater kaput. And as is typical of the Heights, it takes for ever and a day to obtain the required spare. Anyone would think it's a nuclear power station that's broke, rather than a Jacuzzi. Anyway, I'm going to try and make Tues and Wed eveings a regular spa session, and maybe a swim on Thurs, as I think there is a lane open between  5:30 to 6:30.
JM_Runs #42

Re:UK North

Date Posted:06/22/2010 02:56:39Copy HTML

Gonna get up to Druridge Bay Wed 23 june .\probably wearing just an electric blue joe snyder capri from the car park and maybe change into a briefer string desing later probably a red leros by Intersparta . weather looks good so should be a great day ! Paul
JM_Runs #43

Re:UK North

Date Posted:06/24/2010 08:48:18Copy HTML

Great Day yesterday , warmest ever and beach quiet but not deserted . As soon as I got to the beach I was able to remove shorts and  camped out in my JS capri  after a while I changed to my Leros string . Tide was i so walkers were quite near but absolutely no problems ,just a few smiles from he young couples . A couple of naturists there also . I like to keep fit and was able to jog for a mile or so in just the string , that was a great feeling .Had a couple of swims in both Capri and Leros water nice and warm . Back soon I hope , maybe in my yellow js rio thong  ! Paul Anybody else going up ?
JM_Runs #44

Re:UK North

Date Posted:06/27/2010 07:38:20Copy HTML

Probably going up this Monday maybe a J Snyder mango Rio thong this time ! Probably the briefest thing I've got . Hope others can make it !
Mikethong #45

Re:UK North

Date Posted:05/19/2011 03:00:58Copy HTML

Anyone out there from the Sheffield area.

Would be great if one or two of us could get together for swims, even outdoor thonging now the weather is better.

Hope to hear from you.


Re:UK North

Date Posted:09/18/2011 09:52:38Copy HTML

Hi to all thongers, it makes me green with envy when I read that especially our North American cousins are saying that they may have 2 weeks thonging left. Here in the North East of Scotland I have managed to thong 4 times this year, starting in the last week of April! (Yes April) through to the first Sunday in July. Since then nothing but rain rain and more rain.

Yes I have a wonderful  sandy beach right on my doorstep, The dunes from North of the Don river to the mouth of the river Ythan stretch for almost 12 miles giving great oppertunities for thonging.  The beach is popular with dog walkers and generally they do not bother you, there are however some perverts who pretend to be bird watchers with there binoculars but you can quickly suss them out.

Other than that it is a perfect place to thong, I don't do nude here, that seems to be a gay thing, so venture away from the populated areas ie Bridge of Don, Balmedie and Newburgh and you will be well rewarded with some sun on your body on the rare occasions that we have a decent temperature 15c plus out of the wind.

Yes I have been seen in my thong many times and no one has said a word directly to my face, least of all anything offensive this is why I believe that I live in one of the best countries in the world.

Just wish it was more sunny when I wany it to be.

Never mind just have to save my pennies for a trip to Europe. 
JM_Runs #47

Re:UK North

Date Posted:01/03/2012 07:06:39Copy HTML

 Anyone up for Druridge this year and if so wearing what . It would be good to see some others up there , its the best coastal area Ive been to .
Negasman #48

Re:UK North

Date Posted:06/27/2012 03:00:38Copy HTML

 I was at Druridge last week.  Wore beach shorts from the car park to the beach, but it was pretty quiet so I stripped down to a g-string for the walk up to the burn.  In that area I got a lot of looks from the men sunbathing there - everyone else was nude.    A few gawkers, but apart from that no problem at all.
Mikethong #49

Re:UK North

Date Posted:05/08/2014 07:31:49Copy HTML

Anyone here from Yorkshire? If so please get in touch.
Macker2 #50

Re:UK North

Date Posted:09/04/2014 12:23:29Copy HTML

 I'm from Mancheser if that's close enough ^
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