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jaystring #51

Re:UK North

Date Posted:09/05/2014 04:04:11Copy HTML

     There is a Lido at Ilkley with an open air pool and an indoor one, plus a large grass area for sunbathing. It is a public facility run by Bradford council.Today I have been for a swim and sunbathed in a thong. I changed into my thong in the locker room and walked outside to the pool without any cover up. There were two female lifeguards that I walked past and went up to while swimming. The yellow thong I had on has a speedo type front with drawstring. The back is unlined and is transparent when wet. I did not have any comments from anyone and have had an enjoyable afternoon.I may try wearing this suit at an indoor pool it is possible that it is accepted attire for this authority.
NcknameInUse #52

Re:UK North

Date Posted:09/05/2014 05:00:21Copy HTML

 Good result jaystring.
I don't have a facillity like that and don't like swimming pools much anyway. My swimming isn't up to doing laps.
But going back quite a few years one of my very first public thonging outings was to the newly opened "Sand Castle" complex in Blackpool.An indoor lido with water slides etc.
I was young and athletic and it was before everyone got hung up on male nudity.
The good old days!
Dr S #53

Re:UK North

Date Posted:09/12/2014 05:37:14Copy HTML

 I've worn a thong at the Ilkley Lido too. It was a few years ago now, but apart from a few second looks there was little attention. I used the changing rooms and indoor pool there too.
Napoleon44 #54

Re:UK North

Date Posted:03/26/2018 06:41:49Copy HTML

 As well as Druridge bay which I have visited many times and worn very reduced swimwear , snyder rio , for example . I was wondering whether Stanhope Lido in weardale might be a good possibility . Has anyone been there ? But I am definitely going to Druridge .
Napoleon44 #55

Re:UK North

Date Posted:04/19/2018 07:31:34Copy HTML

 Wednesday the temperature peaked at 23 and I had a beautiful day at Druridge Bay . The tide had left the sand damp so I made my camp on the first ledge of  dunes , giving me a nice view of the sea and beach and also better be nicely overlooked but the high dune footpath .  I wanted to try my europa by kiniki and it felt really nice , a very brief half seat and tiny tanga sides . 
Then I really wanted to wear my lilac Snyder thong . It fits very nicely and is a little more modest than the Rio . It was a quiet beach day but there were dog walkers who gave a friendly smile and the lurkers who I don’t mind . In fact one of the pleasures of thonging is being observed so instead of making things difficult I was quite happy not to look their way , adjusting my umbrella and shaking the sand from my towels . I definitely feel very confident now and quite happily walked several hundred yards on the beach in just my thong . The naturists kept poking their heads up to see . They tend to be fairly timid and rarely venture from the dunes . But I think they must admit that wearing a thong is just more fun if it allows you to stroll around with a bottle of water in hand back and forth to the waters  edge . Finally after about three hours I decided to wear my blue posing bikini . This was ideal for some jogging and I passed a couple of nice young couples who gave me a friendly smile . One of the naturists did finally walk on the beach emboldened by my thong and he had chosen a virtually transparent white brief very narrow sided . At a guess it might have been a “ brave person” design . All in all another great day . It would have been good to see more thongers but I do hope the naturists  will see the sense in changing over !  Pm me if you need any druridge information  bottle of water 
Napoleon44 #56

Re:UK North

Date Posted:07/17/2018 09:55:46Copy HTML

 Druridge has been magnificent this year . Quite a few naturists . I’ve been several times using a variety of styles mainly my favourite joe snyders.My purple thong I enjoyed very much but also yellow Capri and my breevo styles . Hoping to get back up there soon using Snyder bulge bikinis in red. or black . It would be great to see more swimwear users there . 
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