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Date Posted:01/17/2005 05:49:02Copy HTML

Hey guys, a number of you have asked me to post about my thonging expereiences inthe UK. As I've mentioned, I live in Cornwall and go to Cornwall college in Newquay. When I first started the college around 2 years agoI fell in with a group of friends quite automatically, as we all shared a love of surfing and watersport in general. After a couple of weeks there we all started going out together to parties, surfing, to the gym. Most of us were in the same classes on our course.The first time I went surfing with them I wore my wetsuit there so I wouldn't have to get changed at the beach. After our surf I started getting changed away from the gang, underneath a towelthat I had wrapped around my self . When I looked over the gang were all getting changed infront ofeach other, with no hesitation. Stripping down and chatting while doing it. This made me feel more awkward than I probably would have if I'd got changed with them.The next time we went, which happened to be the following day, I started by wearing my one piece thong under my clothes at collage. I put my wetsuit etc. in a bag and left it in the car for later. When we turned up at the beach I got my wetsuit,stripped off to my one piece thong swimsuit, thenput my wetsuit on over it. The otherswere getting changed and I noticed some of the girls and guys had no underwear/swimwear on but some had thongs and some had normal bikinis, shorts. Nothing was said though and we just carried on chatting as we got changed, just as if we were all sitting fully dressed at lunch.After our surf, I made a point of taking everything off, down to naked, to get dry. Then started to talk and again and no-one said nothing, so I said that everyone was so open minded. They told me that we were all friends, nothing sexual was happening and it's not as if any of us hadn't seen the opposite sex naked before. We've been doing it ever since.In summer when we go to the beach and I wear my WW bikini bottoms to sun myself and they wear thongs, normal bikini briefs, shorts etc. and no-one says a thing. We do notice that some other people on the beach do have a good stare, and some have even made comments to us, bothgood andbad. But our attitude is that you can't please everyone all of the time, so what the hell.
lauren1 #1

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/18/2005 12:39:47Copy HTML

Hey Sarah

I usually head to the beaches further west at Perran and Hayle for my sunbathing. Its always great at the beach and I'm always in a thong (of varying sizes of small!) - but I'm sure you're right when you hint that Cornwall especially is the thonging capital of the UK!  It seems to be getting more acceptable for us all the time and its good to hear that your boy friends are cool with both you in a thong and giving it a go themselves. 

;-)     K



Sarah_Thomas #2

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/18/2005 12:54:49Copy HTML

Hey, a fellow brit girl on this board, they are few and far between ;-).

Glad to hear that you do a bit yourself on the south coast, maybe we could meet up some day. Do you do any water sports?

What size thongs do you wear to the beach when you're in the UK, I have varying sizes of thongs but some I don't think would suit the UK don't ask why, I just think its a conditioning thing that maybe I could break through if I knew other people were going smaller and smaller.

May I add that they are not boyfriends as in relationship they are just friends that happen to be blokes, and I do think it is also cool that we are (as a group) mature and open enough to be free with our bodies and more people should be the same.


Sarah xxx

Ryan Booth #3

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/18/2005 12:56:17Copy HTML

That's a great story. It's lucky that you are close to Cornwall's beaches so if you get a spot of good weather your only a short distance from the beach. I know a lot of UK based thongers are based in places were they are a long way from the beach. So with the British weather it is usually a bit of a lottery!
lauren1 #4

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/18/2005 07:35:58Copy HTML

Yes, so long as that sun is out! It seems like forever since I last hit the beach at home, but I do appreciate how lucky I am and especially having teh kind of job that allows me to bunk off when it is sunny...hee...hee!

I've probably posted waaaayyyy too much about how I love the smallest thongs Sarah, but I know just what you mean about saving the teeney stuff for abroad - you've only got to see the number of Brit girls who are quite happy going topless on a Spanish beach compared to those back home to see you're not alone. All I can say is go for it and set the trend so long as you are comfy with it. Once that sun comes out (I've been known to get out there in March before, so not too long to wait now) it would be really nice to meet up with you and your friends so long as they dont mind an old bird like me being in the 'half-nuddie' !

;-)    K


Sarah_Thomas #5

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/18/2005 07:42:32Copy HTML

That would be great, I do tend to go topless here in this country too when the weather permits but as you've already said the good weather is few and far between that you pack a heavy coat when its sunny just in case ;-)

You'd be more than welcome to come and sun with us as long as you have a go on the surf boards ;-), joking aside you would be welcome and I'm sure no one would say a word about your choice of attire.

What do you normally tend to wear on the beaches in the UK? make and model? I've got a number of WW g-strings ranging from the microminus and all the sheer stuff right through to the larger ones. I tend to keep the sheer and small stuff for abroad though and I wear the clip side suits and ones of similar size over here.

Hope to see you soon,



lauren1 #6

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/18/2005 09:28:24Copy HTML

Just like you Sarah I used to be a little wary of wearing the extreme stuff at home 9and my opinion of what's extreme has changed too!), but I've become more daring the last few summers and have even taken the odd short stroll (on the beach I mean, not down the high street!) in the smallest wicked weasels. For sunbathing I've got a couple of micro minimus styles that I've replaced the straps on for narrower elastic, and my naughtiest g-string is a double take mini-micro that's had all the straps changed too. That last one is really mad and I dont tend to wear it in polite company!

A lot of people say 'safety in numbers' so getting out with a whole thong clad group would be a right laugh. I've tried boogie boarding (bit scary) but not proper surfing - sports wise I love my bike and just lately I've been doing some swimming at a health club pool to keep the years at bay.

;-) K     

Sarah_Thomas #7

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/18/2005 10:52:03Copy HTML

Hey boogie boarding is just as much fun hun, its a right laugh.

I think youre right by saying saftey in numbers as I would be very wary of sunning myself on the beach on my own. I haven't dared wear my microminus on the beach in this country yet, I say yet as you never know what may happen ;-) perhaps if I was with someone else in minimal gear then I would wear mine too.

SPR #8

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/19/2005 07:48:21Copy HTML

Reply to : Sarah_Thomas

Hey boogie boarding is just as much fun hun, its a right laugh.I think youre right by saying saftey in numbers as I would be very wary of sunning myself on the beach on my own. I haven't dared wear my microminus on the beach in this country yet, I say yet as you never know what may happen ;-) perhaps if I was with someone else in minimal gear then I would wear mine too.

Hello Sarah

I was wondering since you're from Cornwall whether you had any experience of the large outdoor pool at Penzance.

It seems from what I've seen that it could be well worth a vistit next summer. And if I could wear a thong there it would be even better.



SPR #9

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/19/2005 07:49:20Copy HTML

Whoops I didn't mean to include that quote.
Sarah_Thomas #10

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/19/2005 05:46:38Copy HTML

Reply to SPR:

Hey man, how are you? I've heard of the outdoor pool at Panzance but haven't used it at all, not yet anyway, every summer we say that we will go there but just end up going to the beach instead, I don't know why, just one of those things. I'll have to try in some time this year and let y'all know if its any good adn if its thong friendly etc. (which I seriously doubt)


Luv Sarah,


cmdwxoutku #11

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:02/05/2005 08:02:24Copy HTML

I have just found this site and it is very cool to find a couple of girls (yourself and Laurant) on this site that are really into thonging and discussing it especially as they are from the South West like me.

Sarah can you just clear a couple of things up. You said you don? wear your ww? to the college but wear a one piece. Is this the one with the thong back? If so that? very cool as one piece thong? are very dramatic at the back. What sort of reaction do you get? You must be very confident.

You said you go down the beach with friends of both sexes in thongs, swimwear etc. Do some of the guy? wear thongs as well?

As for the question of how brief your thong should be in England I tend to feel that I might as well go as brief as possible anyway, because however much coverage I have at the front and back, to most of the people on the beach the thong is still an alien thing. I wear a sun up sun down very brief tie side G or a very brief clip side thong. I normally go where the beaches are quieter anyway as being a guy wearing a thong would attract alot of attention on a packed beach.

I thong around Dawlish and South Devon but also go down to Cornwall as well. I realise summer is far away in England but perhaps we could meet up down the beach?  For me it would be really cool to hang out with like minded people. 

lauren1 #12

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:04/09/2006 03:37:12Copy HTML

Yeeheww! Its actually sunny in Cornwall, so today could be the first time out on local beaches for ages. Cant wait to get stripped off - its still a bit nippy so we'll probably be hiding out in the dunes at Hayle!

Anyone else been out thonging in Cornwall or anywhere in the UK? Am I going to be the first? 


sheer1delight #13

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:04/09/2006 06:50:37Copy HTML

Yes the sun is shining and its lovely (if you are behind glass in a conservatory!). You are brave if you want to hit the beach or even the sand dunes when there was hard frost on car windscreens this morning in my part of the UK.

Well spring has nearly sprung and I hope the better weather encourages you to make more visits to the beach areas. Look forward to hearing of your exploits in the sand and sea. Hope you have splashed out on some new styles for the new season. Its always nice to read about UK subscribers to this site especially those brave enough to wear their outfits in the UK.

mark_issac #14

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:04/23/2006 10:34:56Copy HTML

i'm planning to go to newquay with some mates this summer. hope the surf is good, im still learning!!

had a great time there last year, love the beaches!

publicgirluk #15

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/20/2006 06:44:32Copy HTML

My bf and I normally spend some of our holiday in the Newquay area (smaller beaches mainly) and I haven't had any problems in various WW outfits, a few comments but never any trouble. Just keep yourself to yourself, most people are on holiday and don't really care what others are doing.

mark_issac #16

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/20/2006 11:18:09Copy HTML

ive never seen anyone in thongs there (then again ive only been like twice!). i just stuck to having the old wet suit, although it gets full of sand and gives me a rash lol. i learnt to surf there, the instructor remembered me the next time i went back cause he thought i was tim wheeler!!

just realised a massive problem, i graduate from uni on 13th july - the exact dates i planned to go newquay this summer! grr so angry gonna have to go at a different date .

anyone else going newquay this summer? P

publicgirluk #17

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/21/2006 02:10:06Copy HTML

We should be in the area at some point but we don't book anything until last minute to ensure we have the sun / accomadation. Normally second half of July through to end of August for 1 or 2 weeks
mark_issac #18

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/21/2006 05:24:23Copy HTML

ah to avoid dissapointments you have to stay at the best place in the world; SunnySide!!!!!

its the only tourist campsite in newquay, ive been there twice it was amazing! they've got loads of space and its a real party atmosphere. i remember being stuck in the middle of a storm after a night out, was hilarious!


sheer1delight #19

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/21/2006 06:40:17Copy HTML

I think summer has forgot to come this year.

It definitely hasn't been the weather for being on the beach in an overcoat, never mind a thong or microkini.

Always hoping

publicgirluk #20

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/22/2006 04:18:26Copy HTML

i think you are right, three days of sun so far. Hopefully July and August will be scorchers.

lauren1 #21

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:07/15/2006 06:51:52Copy HTML

Scorchio!! - and set to continue for a bit more yet. B/f and I will be on the beach at Hayle estuary and maybe Porthmeor in St Ives for the next week solid. Say 'hi' if you are passing! 
mark_issac #22

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:07/16/2006 12:54:03Copy HTML

only just read the last post, ive just returned from newquay!

the weather was good for one day we were out there but was lame for the rest. saw dolphins though!!

was surfing on fistral bay every day, didnt see anyone in thongs but i dont think its that kind of place. there were a few fit girls though. we made friends in the campsite we were staying in and met up when we all got back to london.

anyone else off to newquay soon? i hope to go back at some point this summer

publicgirluk #23

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:07/17/2006 12:46:42Copy HTML

Shoul be in the Newquay / Padstow area next week but probably won't get as far as St Ives. Been enjoying the weather for the last week in the garden and park. Looking at the weather looks like it might change to rain next week - just my luck!
lauren1 #24

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:07/18/2006 02:54:52Copy HTML

Went to Perranporth today - got told off by the life guard as we were walking towards the busy part of the beach. 'You can go to the far end of the beach to go nude' he said. But we just smiled and told him were wern't nude so he rode off on his quad bike in a huff. Later on a police 4x4 came by and gave a guy about 20 yards away a caution for being nude. Then he drove by us realy slowly, looked like he was going to stop but when he saw the micros he drove off. Hilarious!!

We rounded the day off by walking all the way up the footpath back to the car park with me in my WW microminimus and nothing else. Just loved it.

mark_issac #25

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:07/18/2006 08:04:08Copy HTML

now how come i didnt see any girls walking around in thongs?!
hehe oh well.
lauren1 #26

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:07/18/2006 04:43:07Copy HTML

You'll have to go to the north end of Holywell today to see thong action Mark!! See if we can upset the life guards there too
mark_issac #27

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:07/20/2006 03:21:14Copy HTML

to be honest i dont really know cornwall well so that doesnt mean anything but i will definately have a look at the map next time i head down there!
plus dont want to go to beaches just to look for girls in thongs thats kinda pervy haha.
was thinking of goin to cornwall with the gf in the future, maybe if we foud a quiet beach i'd wear a thong hehe x
lauren1 #28

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:07/23/2006 04:09:30Copy HTML

if you head to the estuary beach at Hayle, you'll find that very thong friendly. Its our regular pitch and we seem to be building a strong thong / topless contingent! We did a head count this afternoon and here's the vitals stats (more or less). I've counted those who had 'tucked and rolled' as thongers (maybe they just didnt have a thong with them)- but hey, we've all got to start somewhere. I've also included actual sunbathers (i.e. not including fishermen, walkers etcs)

Topless women   60%   (yes, a miracle in Uk!)

Thonging women   40%

Thonging men   30%

I think this is a record! Could also be because we (or at least one or the other of us) are there so often and so early in the day.


Is it  a bit odd collating such stats? Fun anyway!

cmdwxoutku #29

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/04/2006 06:06:12Copy HTML

Have thonged a couple of times at Perranporth beach and found it to be really thong friendly. I was wearing a G-string and no one was bothered.

The only thing I don't like about thebeach is the tide goes out so far. Is Hayle beach better for this Lauren? How crowded does it get? If a beach is too crowded and too many families, as a man, I don't feel comfortable wearing a thong.

Do  most of the thongers congregate at the estuary end or are they spread out further up the beach towards Gwithian? 

lauren1 #30

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/06/2006 07:50:25Copy HTML

I think the tide situation is the same - its miles when its out isnt it. At the estuary swimming is not too good as you might get washed out to sea, but at least you can walk just a short distance to dip your feet. The estuary end is definately thong friendly and I'm sure the quieter parts along the beach are OK too - especially out of the main season 
cmdwxoutku #31

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/07/2006 02:26:58Copy HTML

Thanks for the advice Lauren


lauren1 #32

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:09/09/2006 04:40:43Copy HTML

I think today may be the last sunny day of the year here, so I'm off to Porthmeor Beach in St Ives, probably be hiding away from the wind at either end of the beach in my electric blue micro-minimus.

Any other Cornish thongers out & about?  

publicgirluk #33

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:09/09/2006 05:06:21Copy HTML

Unfortuntely not, but had a good time this year around Padstow way for our cornish break. Season is definetly drawing to a close. Managed to get some more rays yersterday and lets help we get one or two more good weekends in September.
redraider55 #34

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:09/11/2006 10:41:12Copy HTML

Don't forget the detailed trip reports, we all enjoy reading everyone's reports.
JM_Runs #35

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/03/2007 01:36:45Copy HTML

Lauren1, Publicgirluk, Cmdwxoutku, et al:  Wife and I will be in Cornwall end of May, staying in B & B's.  Want to hike the coastal path and sun/swim.  Figure the south coast would be best for warmth that early in the season.  Any good beaches for thonging/stringing you guys know of?  We've stayed on the Roseland Peninsula and nearby in the past in National Trust cottages, but that won't work this time for our short stay, just four nights.  We're game for anywhere from the Tamar River out to Land's End.  We've enjoyed farmhouse B & B's in the southwest in the past, and they tend not to be too expensive.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated -- thanks!    



cmdwxoutku #36

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/03/2007 02:31:28Copy HTML

Hello Sliding G,

Unfortunately I think May might be a bit early in the season to thong. There won't be much warmth in the sun and the sea will be freezing. I would suggest Perranport beach though and hayle by the estuary. Best of luck


publicgirluk #37

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/03/2007 06:03:34Copy HTML

I would agree sea is only go to be 10  or so degrees - to cold without a suit. Could get some warm weather but with a sea breeze chances are it is going to be a little chilly in thong / bikini. You could try Praa Sands - it's a long way down but might catch the best of the weather or Whitsand Bay - a good beach but poor facialities. I would get a cottage with an a pool and spend the time there - either way have a good time and let us know how you get on

JM_Runs #38

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/03/2007 09:06:57Copy HTML

Thanks for the feedback, folks.  We were on Roseland in early June a few year's back, staying at the Trust's Penhaligon cottage, just a 2-3 minute walk from the coastal path and a nice beach, and just a 20-30 minute hike, or 10 minute run, from a fabulous beach near Bohortha.  Both are undeveloped and very suitable for thonging, and though I was less brave then and stuck to my speedos, I'm thinking now we'll head there, even if just for a few hours, some day if the weather is nice.  Fantastic scenery, and there's a great pub nearby that's worth a trip for lunch regardless of where we're staying along the south coast.  We had fine beach days in early June that year, so I'm hoping end of May will be cooperative.  Can't be any colder than Rhode Island on Memorial Day (this year on 28 May), the traditional start of beach season around here. 
lauren1 #39

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/04/2007 03:13:02Copy HTML

Yes, the beach near Bohortha is called Porth Beor and is often used by nudists, thongers and me! So long as you dont mind the climb down the cliff its wonderful. There is also Towan Beach at Froe - a bit more exposed but never busy at that time of year.

Anywhere in Cornwall will be OK for thongs at that time of year its going to be quiet and if the sun is out it could be ace. Probably an idea would be to get a map and go to the coast that is most likely to be sheltered from the wind on any given day. 

I have a few friends in the holiday cottage biz so if you need any contacts just let me know


JM_Runs #40

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/04/2007 11:18:10Copy HTML

Jolly good, Lauren1!  Glad to put a name to that delightful strand, Porth Beor.  And glad to hear you have enjoyed it, too.  In surfing the web yesterday I came across a great site -- www.cornwallbeachguide.co.uk -- and did not find that particular beach mentioned.  Just as well, don't want hoardes of families showing up.  I hadn't taken thongs with me on that trip a few years ago, so I tried to fashion one out of a handkerchief and shoelaces when we were at Woolacombe Beach near Barnstable, resulting in a rather pathetic g-string which I made sure no one could see me in.   At Porth Beor I recall noting one chap sunbathing nude, and shyly tried it myself in the southern section beyond a rock outcropping, only to discover, to my horror, that folks coming north along the coastal path looked right down on me!  In contrast, I also noted with pleasure a young father with his little child playing at water's edge, a typical family man, and clad in a speedo, so unlike what I'd expect to see in America.  It was refreshing, somehow, this comfort level with brief swimwear among regular folks. 

The above site describes Whitsand Bay and Praa Sands, among many others.  They both sound very good to try.  Praa Sands is right along the coastal path, and has what sounds like a great cafe near the beach, offering fish and chips, etc.  Should be able to convince my wife to make a day of it there, combining hiking, dining, and beaching.  We're going to stick with our plan of staying at a farmhouse B & B, though thanks for your offer of helping us locate a holiday cottage, Lauren1.  Maybe we'll bump into each other thonging sometime!  Would be a pleasure to meet.


lauren1 #41

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/05/2007 06:16:47Copy HTML

Yes, be careful at the south end of Porth Beor - not because you'll get seen from the cliffs (that's a good thing as other's will think 'great, we can strip off down there too'), but because of subsidence! You could end up buried under a pile of rocks.


Whitsands is fine but can be dirty and there is a firing range that can close off long sections. Praa sands is gritty and exposed (to elements and walkers on the low cliffs).


lauren1 #42

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/05/2007 06:22:37Copy HTML

Here's my fave spot- by the estuary in Hayle. Doesnt look too warm in the photo but the dunes offer protection from winds in most directions:


Across the estuary is Porth Kidney (AKA Lelant Beach) - its very quiet because very few people know how to find it. So here's the secret - look for signs to West Cornwall Golf Club. About 100 m downhill is St Michaels church - walk down the path at the side, across the golf links and under the rail bridge. Bingo!    


JM_Runs #43

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/07/2007 11:20:35Copy HTML

Lauren1, thanks for the additional input.  Our holiday plans have really gelled.  We're scaling our Cornwall stay back to three nights, allowing a full day of sight-seeing in East Sussex at the end before flying out of Gatwick for Marseilles.  We're booking a B & B on the Roseland Peninsula.  With two full days there, we'll probably spend one locally hiking the coastal path, including some time at Porth Beor beach, and lunching at Roseland Inn in Philleigh; and the other visiting St Ives and the Tate West.  Depending on the weather and the wind, rather than trying to get over to Hayle of Lelant, I hope to spend some of that weekday afternoon time either at Porthmeor or Porthminster beach.  Are both thong tolerant, even if not necessarily thong friendly?  I'd be relatively conservative, probably sporting my new HE swimwear two-tone 1" thong in royal blue and orange, the one I hope in France will allow me never to have to resort to a speedo, even among my fellow college alumni in our tour group.  In East Sussex, we'll be staying at an organic sheep farm, touring the Bloomsbury group sites, and sampling the cider and perry (over 100 varieties!) at MiddleFarm.  Sure looking forward to a great trip.       
lauren1 #44

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/08/2007 04:44:54Copy HTML

Porthminster is right in front of the Tate so you can just prentend you are a work of modern art if you like! The beach still wont be packed in May (which dates?) so if you head to either end you'll be fine. I tend to use the eastern end just under the bit of cliff, but dont have a problem in sunbathing in a microminimusthere. For beach walking and swimming I'd go for a small thong rather than a g-string, but havent really had a problem. My b/f wears his thong there for sunning only and puts on speedos for walking & swimming. Yes, I'd say thong tolerant rather than friendly and in May its more likely to be populated by locals who are far more laid back than the tourists.

Porthmeor is really a family beach and nowhere to tuck away, but St Ives is just 10 mins drive from Lelant beach and 20 from Hayle.  



JM_Runs #45

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/10/2007 12:24:07Copy HTML


Lauren1, do you perhaps have Porthminster and Porthmeor reversed?  The above link shows a map of the Tate sitting right on Porthmeor Beach.  When you say you sun at the eastern end, just under the cliff, that must be right below the museum, right?  Sounds very convenient to me!  Tour the galleries in the a.m., have lunch at their rooftop cafe, spend the afternoon on the beach, then return to the cafe for tea before the trip back to Roseland.  Thanks very much for your take on thong appropriateness.  Yes, I plan to thong, not to string, and hope I don't feel the need to cover up the way your b/f prefers to when heading down to the water for a swim.   

lauren1 #46

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/10/2007 08:14:06Copy HTML

Ooops silly me, you are right I did put them back to front. Yes the eastern end under the cliff is to your right as you look out to sea - it tends to be tucked away out of the wind there too 
cmdwxoutku #47

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/12/2007 08:36:53Copy HTML

Hello Lauren,

I have never been to the beach the other side of the estuary from Hayle. Hayle gets a bit to busy for me being a man and feeling comfortable wearing a thong with so many people and families around. The other thing is I like to swim, which you can't do there. Can you swim on the beach the other side of the estuary, you reach through the golf course? How busy does it get and can you get away from the crowds and find some space?

Thanks for your help




lauren1 #48

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/14/2007 03:04:09Copy HTML

Yes the beach to the west of the estuary (Lelant / Porth Kidney) is never that busy so thonging for sunbathing, walking, swimming are all fine a widely practiced - especially the further down the beach you go. Swimming in the estuary itself can be iffy becuase of the current / tide but the sea is fine - especially if you like surf. I've never seen a thonger on a surfboard so it could be fun.


Hayle is rarely that busy - especially with 3 miles of beach, but the estuary is my favourite as it tends to be used by local people whereas the rest of the beach sees holiday making familes. So (out of scholl hols) at the estuary you are very unlikley to offend anyone, certainly I've worn some of my extreme stuff there and been a bit naughty without any negative effect. 

cmdwxoutku #49

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:01/22/2007 02:27:13Copy HTML

Thanks for the advice Lauren. It's so cold at the moment, summer seems miles away


lauren1 #50

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:04/22/2007 10:25:27Copy HTML

The last two weeks in Cornwall have been fantastic - red hot!! I've been trying to get to my fave beach at Hayle estuary almost daily and because its been virtually deserted I've been spending all day in my new coral pink microminimus. I've cut a small dart in the centre of the front to bring it slightly narrower at the edges to get the very edges of me nicely tanned. Its also had the effect of making it even lower cut (if that couild have been possible!) and showing a nice 'camel-toe' look. 

The only downside has been that I'm told I look completely nude from any distance over 30 meters away due to the the colour, but its been great to have the freedom of walking the beach as far as the life guard hut at The Bluff (about 1/2 mile in total) and back without having to take anything else to wear or use as a cover up.

Cant wait for the sunshine to come back again   

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