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bob4429 #51

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:04/23/2007 04:52:26Copy HTML

Is anyone male or female interested in a days thonging at Dawlish Warren (Devon) probably  on a  day in late May (Friday  25th seems likely). It would be good to walk the entire beach (busy one end, quiet at the other) in our favorite thong. There`s the challenge, leave your gear on the beach or for the more daring maybe even in your car at the car park nearby.  Of course it would depend upon the weather on the day.

Anyone interested....let me know. 



lauren1 #52

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/02/2007 12:54:59Copy HTML

Dawlish is in Devon silly! having said that I have to work in Exeter on 24th in the morning so I'm going to check it out that afternoon if sunny. Are there usually other girls there or is it a 'guy' beach? What about walking in my weasel - OK or too many people / families about?

Hayle estuary and Lelant were simply bliss today - roasting and deserted. I sunbathed, strolled, took my lunch..everything just in my smallest micro. Too cold to swim yet, but I had to have a splash off to cool down. Where is everyone? If its this quiet tomorrow I'm going to walk all the way from the car park in my thong, I love that buzz of not knowing if there is going to be anyone round the next corner...   


Pete01 #53

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/02/2007 01:32:26Copy HTML

Hi Krissy

Sounds like summer really has come early in your part of the UK - it is sunny here in the East of England, but with a slightly chilly breeze coming in off the North Sea. I have managed a bit of sunning in the late afternoons after work on our patio, which is fairly sheltered - trying to build up a bit of base tan before we go off to the Eastern Algarve again at the end of May.  BTW, what make/manufacturer is the 'smallest mciro' you refer to in your post  ?? - my GF has got comfortable being on the beach in a WW457, but I was thinking of getting her something a bit smaller, without going to the 'single string'  - perhaps a Sublime indecent, DT micromini or there was an Alphamoda string I think you mentioned in a previous post that was a bit smaller than the WW457 - any recommendations ??  

Thanks - Pete  

lauren1 #54

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/02/2007 02:26:58Copy HTML


OK so I have three very small suits, so here goes:

Alphamoda Sikinos - it doesnt look smaller than a microminimus 457, but it is! Its very narrow and I'd have to say not as comfy to wear as a weasel

One of my 457s was getting a bit old so I 'doctored it' by cutting a small dart at the front which had the effect of making it lower, narrower and a cheeky camel toe look.

And finally my smallest is my Double Take Micro mini. I've also had a go at this one! Firstly the straps came off (including the bum strap) and were replaced by extra fine 'spaggetti' elastic straps. I also cut a small triangle out of the bit where the bum strap meets the front piece - this gives less coverage over my 'botty' but I guess no one can really see there anyway - unless I was bend over right in front of them!   

I regularly take and wear all three to my usual beach at Hayle, with the WW being the favourite, and in coral pink I think it turns the most heads  


Pete01 #55

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/02/2007 05:01:30Copy HTML

Thanks Krissy

I may get the Alpha moda Sikinos for her - it looks pretty small on their web site, but should still just about cover. I am not so sure about the DT micromini - the pictures on their site suggest this is not far off a single string - what material there is looks as though it will quickly 'disappear' into the anatomy, leaving virtually nothing covered - this might be a bit too much !  I may try the mini-micro from 'the-bikini' - it is pretty minimal, but looks as though it may actually cover slightly more than the DT design.

I hope the sun shines for you in Cornwall today - it is a grey morning here in Cambridgeshire.



lauren1 #56

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/02/2007 05:39:17Copy HTML

Yes its scorching again here so I'm going to get away from work at about 1.30 and head straight to the beach - I always have a bag packed in the car ready.

I've not tried the micro-mini from the-bikini - I thought it looked a bit shoddily made. The double take web site has some dreadful pictures with the g-string hotched up way too high - looks not at all flattering. I find mine is fine if its worn correctly with everything tucked in and no cheesewire effect. In fact I'll make sure I've got mine with me as I'm in the mood for going to extremes today...I'd really love to change into it at the car park and then walk all the way down to my usual spot on the beach just wearing that. I'll see how it goes!        

Pete01 #57

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/03/2007 04:56:45Copy HTML

Thanks Krissy - We may do some web shopping for our new season's beachwear over this weekend, so will take a look at Alpha moda and DT sites . I hope you had a good day at the beach yesterday  - it was grey and cold here, and looks like the same today, with rain on the way - not much chance of tanning over the weekend.  


lauren1 #58

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/03/2007 05:00:20Copy HTML

Yeeeess! Did it! (Well almost). When I got to the car park it was virtually empty so my determination to be in my gstring the whole time got the better of me and I slipped it on right there next to the car. Its only about 200 meters walk past the canoe club and onto the top of the estuary beach but my heart was jumping! I'd packed all my things into my little rucksack so I'd have no chance of whipping on some shorts if anyone came round the next corner. I've really no idea why I do these things except that it gives me such a kick ;-)

The first stretch of beach looked empty apart from a young mum with her toddler who didnt seem to notice me stroll nonchalantly by. Then towards the dunes and a few couples were there but I didnt have to pass too closely by them. By now my confidence was growing feeling like the worst bit was behind me. I climbed up to the dunes to find my usual spot - I call it "the castle" as its near the top and has a commanding  view of the beach and sea, I've also tried to 'attack' it from all sides to see how sheltered it is!. Anyway to my horror another girl was stripped, sunbathing off in my secret place! The cheek!!! (ha!). So I just carried on by looking out for an alternative and I was so preoccupied that I didnt see three teenager lads coming down the path towards me. By the time I'd spotted the smirks on their faces they were just a few yards away and being on the same path we had to virtually brush past eachother. I've always thought that the best approach when thonging is to act natural, as though everything is normal, so I kept cool and walked on by. You should have seen their jaws drop! They were speechless. Once around the corner I found an ideal spot, heaved a sigh of relief, and just about burst out laughing.

I said 'almost' at the top because I'd thought I was going to wear my extreme DT micromini, but sort of chickened out with a 'standard' WW 457. Still very tiny though, and I only wore the DT for static sunbathing. I had a few more walks in the afternoon, down to the water and along the edge, each time I left everything else behind in the dunes so I'd have no chance to cover up or chicken out! I find it adds to the excitement not to have a 'safety route' Also when the time to go came round the canoe club were getting ready to go out on the water so it would have meant walking past about 10 guys in wetsuits, so I put a more modest bikini on (an Alphamoda Antoparos with thong back) - although I think I still got a few nice looks.


I've got the weekend off so I'm heading south to PorthBeor for a few days exposure!                

Pete01 #59

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/03/2007 08:54:31Copy HTML


You are a lot braver than I think I would be on a UK beach, but then I think it is easier for a gal than a guy to strut their stuff without being thought too weird or even perverted - I can relate to the buzz and feeling of liberation from walking the beach with nothing more than a tiny piece of cloth to prevent complete nudity, but I have only ever explored this sensation in more laid back locations in Europe - on some of the greek islands (Naxos, Paros) or on the long beaches of the Eastern Algarve. Nudity is not uncommon in those locations, so a guy in a tiny g-string does not really cause much of a stir.

I hope the weather holds for you in Cornwall this weekend. 


JM_Runs #60

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/03/2007 08:57:11Copy HTML

Lauren1, thanks so much for the updates on the early season beach weather in Cornwall.  It's so encouraging to hear, what with our few days on the Roseland peninsula coming up at the end of the month.  I'm really looking forward to hiking the coastal path with my wife, and catching some sun and surf at PorthBeor.  Although I'll be stringing there, I wouldn't mind finding a few nudists enjoying the place, for it might just give my wife a glimpse of how normal and pleasant a clothing optional beach can be, where people do their own thing and respect others' right to do the same, all the way from bundled up to bare.  And the thought of catching some sun and at least sticking my toe in the water at St Ives is starting to sound feasible, too, and should make for a good day's outing in conjunction with a visit to the Tate.  So here's hoping the good weather holds!  
cmdwxoutku #61

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/18/2007 06:37:47Copy HTML

Has anyone managed to get down the Cornwall beaches yet and thong. I haven't as yet but am looking forward to the summer.


publicgirluk #62

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/29/2007 04:01:02Copy HTML

I haven't yet been down there for the season. Lauren1 I think was the first to catch the early April sun.
Dave and Mireia #63

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/31/2007 04:37:21Copy HTML

Nice to meet everyone.

It's fantastic to finally find out we are not the only thongers on the planet!!!

After various g-string wearing expeditions in the uk and Catalunya, we are now at a point where we really would like to share.

we love to wear thongs and g-strings as much around the house as on the beach.

WW is my passion as small and only just covering is his!

krissy's Cornish micro missions sound very familiar, though not at that beach-as yet!

The sunshine is not too far away for us-spain for a week- so a good story should be in order.

Thong your ass,

love M and D 

Dave and Mireia #64

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:06/01/2007 02:34:07Copy HTML

April really was a special month.

We caught some wonderful sunshine down in Treen (perfect thonging beach-cove) around the middle of the month.

It was really special and very sexy to finally wear my neon pink micro minimusss size super ultra small (it felt anyway) while my b/f was in a red 'The-Bikini' thong. It is a beautiful beach and a perfect place for even the shyest thong wearer, or for the more daring.

Looking forward to the weekend,

have a good one

bye for now.

sheer1delight #65

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:06/01/2007 10:40:26Copy HTML

Dave and Mereia.

Great to see more of more UK thongers. Hope you are making a contribution to wicked weasel.com.

I am sure we would like to hear yof our adventures and photos of micominimus wearing.

Dave and Mireia #66

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:06/02/2007 01:58:28Copy HTML

Hi sheer1delight,

I can't wait to contribute photos to ww. I have at the moment only 2 bikinis by them -microminimus and camel toe style. I will wait until I am more tanned- our holiday is not until September (Costa Brava, Catalunya). Then I will have them taken in the Begur area which is really beautiful and very thong-friendly.

We usually go to a great campsite outside Palamos village, where some wonderful forest walks lead you down to gorgeous coves- Cala Estreta being one of the nicest.

In the meantime, we'll try our best in Cornwall and Wales.

Love M & D

cmdwxoutku #67

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:06/10/2007 08:18:27Copy HTML

Got my first week-end thonging in the week-end of the 9th June in this country. Headed down to Perranporth, one of the best places I think to thong as the families tend to congregate at the top end. As you head down the beach gets quieter and this suits me.

I had every intention of wearing my muscle skin and having a bit more coverage. Still a bit white this early in the season and although hitting the gym, started a bit late for the seaon I am not where I want to be physique wise. However when I got down there all I wore was my black very small tie side G-string. Life's too short to worry about it and the season is so short in this country you have to make the most of it.

2 lovely days in my G, the weather was gorgeaus and the beach not too packed. On the saturday I had 3 sets of surfer couples set up close to me and were unpertubed by me and on the Sunday two teenage girl surfers set up near me and that was fine. The only thing that bothered me was i manged to attract the attention of 2 men in their 50' and one 'nudist' who wanted to be my 'friend'. I really don't need it and although it didn't spoil the 2 days, there does seem to be one too many of them down on that beach. They give genuine nudists and us thongers a bad name.

It won't stop me though and weather being well I plan to go to Perranporth again, possibly this week-end. Will also be trying Hayle estuary from what Krissy has said; but fear they may be too many families for my comfort.

Hope the other Cornwall thongers get some nice days in wearing next to nothing



cmdwxoutku #68

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:06/10/2007 08:30:41Copy HTML

Lauren, in response to an earleier post Dawlish is great for thomging. Families tend to congregate up the car park end and the further you get down the quiter it gets. There are wooden sand stoppers all the way down so you can get privacy to cange into shorts if you feel uncomfortable. I have been the only one on the beach when ever I've been there in a thong but it's not a problem. Never felt uncomfortable. There are nudists that go up in the dunes, so people are used to that.

Too Sliding G, I hpe you have a great time in this country, enjoy Cornwall and get some good thonging in.

Dave and Mireia #69

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:06/11/2007 01:52:38Copy HTML


Great to hear you had a nice weekend at Perran sands.

must agree- its a really good beach for a G-string. The top end is always a very chilled place to sunbath, or even stroll a bit.

The ?dune monkeys? that you experienced is something that pops its head up  quite often i think. 

We were in wales on a similar beach just south of Harlech. Hot and in G-strings all day. My g/f was really confident in her sheer pink minimus,

i was however a bit less confident and tried to talk her out of her need for quite so long walks!

all the best


lauren1 #70

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:06/12/2007 05:19:02Copy HTML

Hey Scott, we managed to get a day at Perran last week too. Nowadays we tend to head towards the middle of the beach - down from the campsite, as the far end does attract the pervy types. We call them 'meercats' due to the way you can see their heads popping up over the dunes. The middle of the beach seems quieter and I've had much less hassle there. I think in fact you guys might get more hassle than a gal...

The day at Perran was quite funny as it was a bit impromptu and I'd not packed and strings. I did have a pair of thong knickers and some scissors so I put the thong on back to front, pulled down low at the front, cut away all the cloth at what would have been the front only leaving the elastic edges and presto after tying a few small knots I had an 'emergency g-string' to soak up the sun in. I wonder if anyone else has has to improvise in such a way?    

JM_Runs #71

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:06/12/2007 09:30:33Copy HTML

Just back from our 18 days in UK and French/Italian rivieras.  May 28/29 in Cornwall was sunny, but windy and not too warm.  While hiking the Coastal Path on the Roseland Peninsula, got a swim in at Porth Beor beach.  Given the weather and not expecting to hit the water, I was wearing a HOM Fredy string.  Worked okay, though later in the day at Pendower Beach, with more folks around, my wife though I was too exposed, what with a little pubic hair showing and the wet fabric clinging as we chatted with some strollers going by.  (Does this count as improvising, Lauren1?)  The next day, in St Ives, we had a nice lunch at the rooftop cafe at the Tate overlooking Porthmeor Beach, with music by the Beachboys playing as we watched the surfers out riding the waves (a Brian Wilson art retrospective was showing at the Tate).  After lunch I got a good swim in, wearing my red Speedo thong, assuring my wife I'd brought my Speedo and wasn't repeating the underwear thing.  Also got some quality pool time in at the Heathrow Hilton just prior to our return, again in the red Speedo.  No hassles at all, and their pool is very public.  (The only hassle was when running barefoot on their treadmill, which they asked me to get off of for safety reasons!)  Packed only thong swimwear for this trip, and all worked out fine.  Europe seems to have so much more a healthy body acceptance ethic -- so refreshing.

cmdwxoutku #72

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:06/13/2007 02:38:59Copy HTML

I've found the middle of the beach on Perran Sands to be the best place as well Krissy, down from the camp site and head right a bit. I agree, I think us lads to get more trouble from the pervs than you girls do.

Glad you had a good time Sliding G.

sheer1delight #73

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:06/24/2007 08:14:36Copy HTML

Will the microwear ever appear this year again? Here we are with the sun a distant memory and the southern UK about to experience the wettest day in 50 years.
cmdwxoutku #74

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/23/2007 07:50:51Copy HTML

I hope to be down either Hayle or Perran sands this bank holiday August. Probably the last decent weather we will get this season. It will be busy but hopefully both beaces are comfortable to accomadate everyone and allow me enough space to thong. Anyone else out this week-end?


publicgirluk #75

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/29/2007 03:37:50Copy HTML

was down nr padstow for week mid august -mixed weather but got a few days in.

The bank holiday seem to have the best weather all year - hope u had a good time

cmdwxoutku #76

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:07/09/2008 04:11:14Copy HTML

Hello all,

It is a while since I have been on this board. I thought it had gone. Has anyone managed to thong in Cornwall in 2008? I haven't yet. Went to Lanzerote earlier this year. Plenty of local girls in thongs, in fact the girls I would say were almost split half and half with thongs, with 90% topless. I was the only man. Got a few wide eyed stares. But would still like to thong in Cornwall.
cmdwxoutku #77

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/13/2009 03:34:16Copy HTML

Anyone been down yet this year? The odd nice day at the moment, but I am more hopefull for good weather in June and a couple of days on the beach
publicgirluk #78

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:06/23/2009 06:02:00Copy HTML

We are down there in August but so far the summer looks to be a good one - hoping it holds out.
cmdwxoutku #79

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/19/2009 10:37:47Copy HTML

Finally, finally got down to Perranporth two week-ends ago. The beach was lovely and quiet. I wore my new skinz V-back blue G on the saturday and my tie side balck G on the Sunday. Saturday the weather was gorgeaus. The beach was relatively quiet and not so many beach walkers out. Anyone who goes to this beach knows how far the sea goes out and you can feel very exposed walking all that way in just a G or thong. The lack of beach walkers meant I could time my dips and wear just my G and not have to compromise with dork shorts. The two days of camping and thonging were really relaxing. No other thongers out male or female but there were a few genuine naturists out and only one pervy guy.

Hope weather allowing to be down Perranporth this week-end coming up. See what happens
publicgirluk #80

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/19/2009 06:04:06Copy HTML

we have just come back from Padstow. Pretty dissappointing thong wise - to the point of I wonder if they are going out of fashion. I was the only woman I saw this year. Most were in shorts and bikini top, only around 20% in a bikini. All the guys where in long shorts, saw I think 6 speedo type trunks in the whole week.
cmdwxoutku #81

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/27/2009 04:07:03Copy HTML

Hello Publicgirluk

I rarely see thongs on grils on British beaches. I consider myself lucky if i see one thong a year on a Brtish beach. I saw one and only one last year on Bournemouth beach. I occasionaly see them on Devon beaches and have never seen them at Perranporth. Hope you had a good time. Weather has been very poor and i have only gotten down once. Have found the weather better and more consistant around Bournemouth.
publicgirluk #82

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/27/2009 07:13:40Copy HTML

We didn't do to bad about 5 days worth of sun out of the 7 but 3 of those you had to wait the morning to let the sun burn off the cloud. Thongs are rare in the UK full stop but what surprised me this year was how few full coverage bikini's were being worn, all shorts and bikini tops
chopper212 #83

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:09/12/2009 05:21:23Copy HTML

 Just joined this site, very impressed, thoght I was the only man in the uk who thongs.Didn't relise that cornwall had thong friendly beaches, have a static caravan in Padstow area will have to try the Perran and Hayle beaches next summer. no time now off to spain two weeks private pool and thonged or G stringed up for two weeks. Heaven! Hope you are all enjoying the nice late summer weather down there.
lauren1 #84

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:09/16/2009 07:49:06Copy HTML

Yey, the sun's come back. Bit chilly in the wind but got surprisingly burnt in my dune hideout. Being just about bare I got some funny looks from walkers who were wrapped up for winter. I'm down at Hayle estuary again tomorrow for sure. The beach is so quiet and if the wind drops I'll dare myself for a little string-walking I think
cmdwxoutku #85

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/15/2010 11:04:57Copy HTML

I enjoy this small community of Cornwall thongers.
Have you managed to get down to the beach yet Krissy?
I will wait a bit longer to make the effort, hopefully June
JM_Runs #86

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:05/19/2010 03:38:14Copy HTML

I'm in Cornwall in a few weeks hopefully I can pull out my thong for the beach then. Only prob is I dunno where there is to go really, going to be near Newquay?
cmdwxoutku #87

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:06/02/2010 04:48:25Copy HTML

I would recomend Perranport, nice and quiet. Look atLauren's posts as well, she uses alot more beaches than I do
cmdwxoutku #88

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:06/28/2010 04:11:53Copy HTML

Hoping to get down this Sunday, maybe Monday weather permitting to Perranport
lauren1 #89

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/08/2012 08:51:11Copy HTML

Weather looking good for teh next few days, and I think it'll be the north end of Holywell or middle of Perran for me, whoop!
hotbunz1969 #90

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/08/2012 09:17:14Copy HTML

Would be so cool to come and join you Crissy but London to Cornwall for a days sun is a bit far...... hehe. Enjoy! 
lauren1 #91

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/11/2012 09:08:50Copy HTML

Fabulous couple of sunny days in Cornwall at last, only shame is its sooo busy. The car park at Holywell was busy so there is a lane at the back of the downs where I could park and take the mile hike to the north end of the beach. Its quiet enough out there to make the most of the sun and get stripped off at the car straight into my new metallic purple micro from Malibu Strings - a bit pricey but nicely made and very low cut. I kept my top on as there were a few dog walkers about and the path is in clear view of the golf course, but I guess a skimpy g-string turned a few heads anyway. If its sunny again tomorrow I'm heading out first thing and will probably take a smaller micro WW and try to loose the top once Im past the golf course - dont wanna get arrested before a day in the sun. 
lauren1 #92

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:07/16/2013 08:19:46Copy HTML

Gotta another week of sun, so its go-go-go for the beach down here in Cornwall!
cmdwxoutku #93

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:07/28/2013 08:12:59Copy HTML

Hello Krissy,

Hope you caught some sun Cornwall. Weather allowing I hope to be down Perranporth the first Sunday of August. I can't wait, I haven't been there in yonks.

lauren1 #94

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/08/2013 08:40:22Copy HTML

wow, yes its been amazing, Im on my way to Perran now!
lauren1 #95

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/08/2013 05:40:51Copy HTML

Ive not been to Perran for a while and sadly it hasn’t improved.Its three miles of beach and everyone seems to be wearing all their clotheseven on a roasting day like today. That is with the exception of a few gay guysdown at the far end. Now don’t get me wrong, Ive nothing against anyone'ssexuality, just love who you want right? But this beach seems to attract theguys who cant sit still, have to be posturing and I guess cruising. Its reallyuncomfortable for me and must be nauseating for men whether gay or straight.I only stayed about and hour and toddled off down to the middleof the beach, which was fairly busy but less hassle even if I did feel a littleodd being virtually naked amongst all the well covered holiday makers.  
maozer2003 #96

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/09/2013 09:17:20Copy HTML

 I'll be down on the South coast between Looe & Plymouth for bank holiday weekend - hope the weather holds up...
lauren1 #97

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/11/2013 06:59:45Copy HTML

Whitsands Bay? Lovely there and so long as the firing range isn't being used you can get some quiet even on Bank Holiday. Enjoy!
cmdwxoutku #98

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:08/24/2013 08:15:21Copy HTML

Hello Krissy,

I know what you mean about the cruisers. It's a bit uncomfortable as a straight man down there at times. May try and go this Sunday, but weather a bit hit and miss. Tend to use Sandbanks more now. No one pays me any attention. They are either immune to the nudists or a nudist going to that area them selves
lauren1 #99

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:06/15/2014 04:42:40Copy HTML

 Amazing afternoon at both Perran and Holywell today - even though it was Sunday, it was very quiet I think because it was cloudy everywhere except a blue patch right over the beach.I was in the mood for some exercise (so was my friend's dog that Im looking after) and because it was so quiet, once Id left the car park at the back of Perran Sands holiday park it was off with the shorts and on with a small thong. The dunes go for miles behind the beach and even though its popular with dog walkers there were only a few about, so I got nicely oiled up and set off brazenly. When I saw another walker I deliberately didn't avoid them and once I got braver tested the water by talking to them - even walked along with one middle aged lady and her three spaniels for about half a mile. She only briefly commented and complimented my tan and then as we got back to the car park she said, "I hope no one complains as its so nice to make the most of the sun", whilst I walked right up to my car topless and just a string on past three other open mouthed dog walkers! Hehe, I love it!!It clouded over a bit but there looked like sun further up the coast at Holywell, where it was in fact glorious and I did much the same, walking from the back of the golf club, over the dunes to the north end of the beach. Again said hello to any walkers and had a few brief chats, acting like it was the most natural thing in the world. Down on the beach, I found a super spot with a breeze and chilled out, whilst a young guy (I guess 17 or so) peeked at me over the dunes, which didn't bother me at all - silly boy should have said hello!Tuesday's forecast is awesome so hoping for more of the same ;-)    
Maxin #100

Re:UK - Cornwall

Date Posted:06/15/2014 07:05:04Copy HTML

 Good for you ,that you have the confidence  to wear a thong in public. It sounds like you had a great day out enjoying the suns rays and interacting with other people. Must check out this location soon. Do you see many men wearing thongs and are parts of this area clothes optional?
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