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Date Posted:03/14/2005 03:52:42Copy HTML

I've just made a few 'phone calls to the some swimming pools. All 3 accepted that so long as you could buy the swimwear in the shops, and it was designed as swimwear they didn't see any objection to it.
To be absoloutely clear I asked specifically if they had a problem with thong or string back swimwear, all reiterated that so long as it was buyable in shops as swimwear they wouldn't have a problem.

I suggest that more members of this board make similar phone calls and post the results. The three pools in question are:
The Marina Centre Great Yarmouth, (Sunny) Norfolk England
The Phoenix Pool, Bradwell (near Gt. Yarmouth, (Sunny) Norfolk England
The Riverside Swimming Centre Norwich, (Sunny) Norfolk England.

Needless to say, when I'm brave enough I'll give them a go. I have just bought today a brand new Hom swim thong in black, looks great, fits well. can't wait!!

Ryan Booth #1

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/20/2005 05:06:10Copy HTML

Well that's refreshing to see such a positive response. Most people think you are a prank caller if you ring up asking thong related questions. I'm not entirely sure I would have the courage to thong at a local UK swimming pool. Even if the management seemed to be ok with thong wearing I'm not sure other users of the pool maybe so accepting.
ratsnake #2

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/21/2005 02:58:35Copy HTML

Haven't plucked up the courage just yet, but it's going to happen I can feel it 'in me bones' as the expression goes.

If you ask the question properly they run themselves into a bit of a dead end...

Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me please if you have a dress code for your pool...

this is usually met with comments about no shorts t-shirts etc. you can then confirm with them that 'so long as it's avaiable in shops as swimwear they don't have a problem'  to which they will almost invariably say yes. 

The next step is to say, 'So, for example you wouldn't have a problem with thong or g-string back swimwear so long as you can buy it and it's sold as swimwear'

they almost have to say no, no problem.  they do follow up with the caveat that if other user had an issue they may have to re-assess the situation but so far as they are concerned they don't have a problem with it so long as it's sold as swimwear.  I intend on taking the packaging when I do eventually go just to prove it.

give it a go, see if you can add to the list of places that have a management approval for thonging...


bob4429 #3

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/21/2005 05:37:31Copy HTML

I suppose a lot depends on who you speak to! It could be just a receptionist who only works there part time and only expresses her opinion. Still its a great idea to post the results. I have worn my thong at an early morning swim session but I didn`t feel at ease with it.



ratsnake #4

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/21/2005 06:21:40Copy HTML

Bob, I know in one case I was speaking with the duty manager and suspect in another that it was not just a receptionist (mainly because it's a pool I often go to and it's manned entirely by lifeguards)

secondly, you say you did it once - well done - a) were you challenged by the management at the centre b) if not, which centre, the information needs to be added to the boards' "database"





gsj #5

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/21/2005 11:16:24Copy HTML

I now only wear a rio backed string sided  pouch fronted suit at the local pool. I have not asked for "permission" but neither do I prance around the place. I get  changed & enter the pool, do my intended number of lenghts & then shower & change back. I am not aware of any overt attention though I suspect a few of the swimmers have taken note. Nobody has said anything. I shall continue my policy of gradually reducing the size of of my pool swimwear. The ultimate would clearly be a backless g-string!
ratsnake #6

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/22/2005 03:15:23Copy HTML

gsj, good policy, the most I'll wear too, and these have been tried at all of the pools I originally mentioned, is a kiniki "Cannes" swim tanga.


but... where do you wear your rioback?  which town/pool, this is important information for this board.



gsj #7

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/22/2005 10:05:27Copy HTML

Not to dodge the question - it would make no difference to me where I was swimming, public pool, hotel pool or wherever. I wear a brief string design because that is my decision. I am not in the business of seeking permission or approval etc. To do so, in my humble opion is to pass the initiative to others & give them an opprtunity to say no!

I practice what I preach - I will staying at several UK hotels over the coming months.  All have pools & my minimal garb is what I shall wear - I simply don't own a more conservaitve suit.

My philiosophy is get on with it & just don't bother what others may think - that's their problem!

This is not intended to be controversial. I am simply stating my own view.

johnbar5251 #8

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/23/2005 07:18:26Copy HTML

My suspicion is that the people you asked at the pools did not really know what you were asking. Use of thong swimwear in public pools seems almost unheard of in UK. Even outdoor pools in the summer will not allow thongs. When you go and thong and get no hassle then maybe we can call it accepted. Mind you I am sure you will be the only thonger there!


bob4429 #9

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/26/2005 12:10:07Copy HTML

I wore my HOM thong to an early morning swim session at Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, but as I said in my earlier posting I felt uncomfortable doing it. I also wore it at a holiday site swiming pool in Weymouth, Dorset with no problems. I did take a towel with me so that I could cover up if required but it wasn`t necessary. I often wear only my thong in sauna and steam room sessions. I have just ordered a white swim thong, to show off my tan in the summer. Not sure if it`s the right colour choice as I normally wear black or blue. Does anyone else wear white!



ratsnake #10

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/26/2005 07:25:27Copy HTML

Johnbar, I doubt that people don't know what a Thong is, we have sisqo to thank for that, it's much more likely that they don't think that thong swimwear can be bought in a local shop.  I did a trek around all the local stores after I'd bought my new Hom swim thong and found that nowhere else was selling swim thongs.  infact far too many places weren't even selling thongs, but that's a topic for another part of the forum!  So, that I'd be the only person (let alone bloke) in a thong is almost certain, not least because no-one else could have bought one! 

GJS/Bob 4429

I think bob has a point, you may not feel comfortable because you are bound to be the odd one out in a thong and therefore people may well point and laugh (metaphorically although in some cases, possibly, literally) the thing about asking the management first is that at least if you get a positive response if someone does complain you can say that you checked in advance.  that way the management should actaully put the complainer straight rather then just tell you to go and put something "decent" on... as if they'd know what that was!

Bob, white is a fantastic colour - the best!  Go for it! 


From reading other threads around this board it would seem that the South West, i.e. Devon and Cornwall would be the most tolerant to thonging.  anyone else have any experience of that area.


Has anyone else made any calls?  does anyone have  a centre they would like called?


Bobbill #11

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:03/30/2005 11:19:36Copy HTML

I had experience near Lyme Regis last July wearing Kiniki Lloyd and received abusive comments which made me rather wary on the beach towards Weymouth and was even more discreet.

Wearing white is great but it does tend to be transparent even when lined


johnbar5251 #12

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/08/2005 06:04:13Copy HTML

I am guessing but I assume no-one has phoned, let alone visited any pools!


gsj #13

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/22/2005 01:33:15Copy HTML

Here is an idea for wearing an absolute minimum at the local pool, where perhaps one might run into problems with the management. Having had my swim in whatever skimpy bikini is appropriate I then strip off to a briefest G string to have my shower and towel down before dressing. A great feeling of freedom & well worth trying.

bob4429 #14

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/23/2005 05:02:55Copy HTML

I like the idea of showering in a thong, its a pity we have to be so careful as to where we go. It has become apparent from these message boards that the only safe and acceptable areas for us males are at the beaches. Unfortunatlely here in the UK we don't have the weather for too many beach trips especially when we have full time jobs. As I live in the midlands its a long journey as well.



johnbar5251 #15

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/23/2005 05:26:58Copy HTML

Thonging at Hotel pools is usually fine. In practical public pools seem to be off limits.
johnbar5251 #16

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/10/2005 04:48:12Copy HTML

As ever no-one is actually wearing thongs to pools!
Thong Kong #17

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/10/2005 04:55:23Copy HTML

I sent an email last week to the LCSD, the department in HK that runs the public swimming pools, inquiring about thong wearing, and got this reply:

Thank you for your email dated 4/5/2005. Please note that our email server
has encountered some technical problems. Please accept our apology for this
late acknowledgement. We will revert you soon.

Still waiting.
ratsnake #18

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/11/2005 05:59:15Copy HTML

Ok, so here's the rub.  having made the phone calls and been told it's ok to thong, great.  But I am a bit timid and don't like to be the one to be 'pointed and laughed' at.  Worse still I don't want to cause any offence, which is, even though I'd rather not admit it, quite likely to happen if we go down the local pool at mother and toddler time.  I just haven't gone to a pool at that time of day recently... 

I did go to the local pool this week in a 4" back strappy side v.narrow cut.  Move a little bit it and it beomes a thong.  That's a bit irrelevant because it's somewhat see through anyway. (didn't realise that bit oops!)   I'm more than confident that thoning'll be fine when I do go to an adult session.


latoc2000 #19

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/30/2005 04:30:51Copy HTML

I have visited a few hotel pools up and down the country, the general picture would appear to favour thong wearing. I used to go to the Shetland hotel when it had a small pool, the young lady on duty did not mind me wearing a thong and on one occasion Ican out of the sauna to find her in the pool in a g-string.
johnbar5251 #20

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/30/2005 05:30:57Copy HTML

Exactly - hotel pools are pretty well 100% fine. I have used them as a guest many times and always thonged. For a while I was a member of a leisure club attached to a hotel and wore a thong every time I swam there.

Public pools are a different matter and the only ones where I have been comfortable wearing a thiong have bee Highbury Pool and Brockwell Lido (summer only) in London. The fact of the matter is that no one else is thonging at public pools so it will always be a source of interest if you do.


Ryan Booth #21

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:06/02/2005 01:01:51Copy HTML

I've never ever seen a women in a thong at a UK public pool so your going to have to be very brave to try it.
Sarah_Thomas #22

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:06/02/2005 05:46:18Copy HTML

Reply to Ryan Booth:

Hey Ryan I have to say that I do wear a thong in a swimming pool in the UK but I have to admit this was the college swimming pool and it isn't frequented by many people throughout college hours.

My answer to the original post though is that I have phoned a number of pools, leisure centres around my area and have had a mixed reaction. In all I phoned 4 swimming pools.

2 told me outright that thongs would not be prohibited in the swimming pool but out of those 2 one of them said that although their not allowed in the pool I could wear one in the jaquzzi/sauna/solarium area, (I don't know why as whats the difference)

Another pool told me that wearing a thong would be no problems at all as they don't have any regulations as to attire in their leisure centre.

And I think the other centre thought I was taking the p**s out of them as the guy on the phone laughed at me, said only fit women are allowed to wear them and hung up.


johnbar5251 #23

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:06/06/2005 03:37:51Copy HTML

Good to hear that you have tried it in a "public" pool or at least a college leisure facility. Do report back if you get round to using a standard public pool!


cabecao28 #24

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/18/2006 02:44:22Copy HTML

Hi folks.....I 've been asked to don't use thong for swimming at richmond pools this afternoon!!!

It was devasted for me, because I used a more conservative thong last year without any problem, but today the supervisor came after me and told me that!!! I sad.....and for suntanning on the grass it will be fine? He said ok, but not for swimming even for women. He said to wear speedos or thunks only, because is more an appropriated...My question is: I told him I didn't know anything about it. Was funny because I walked around for almost 2 hours and them he came with this bullshit!!!

My question is : what is more F_______ING approprieted to wear??? Isn't to much subjective???

I was wearing a hom thong with a narrow side strap but for me was ok....

One guy said if I used to wear daring swimmwear in pools...and I said yes!!! and he added - I can see your buttlocks.  I was very confident and I won't give up, folks!!!

The word to be learnd today is DARING!!!  All this stuff remindes me a maybe 10 years ago when straight men started wearing ear rings!!! remenber??? For the majority of people they were considered at that time GAY, right??  but now is acceptable for kids also!!!!!

Wearing skimpy swimwear is a dare thing today but I ( we ) hope it will be usual in 10 or 20 years time!!!! who agrees with me???

I will try different places here in London when I came back from Brazil for vacation....I'm thinking wear thong over there but the people there are more narrow minded and probably I won't try....if I try I'll tell everybody...

If anyone had the same experience please share it with us or any comment as well, because we still have our rights

Sorry for my english...and thanks for those who are keeping our flag raised!!!! Thonging forever . By the way, it makes me feel free!!!!


matchingthongs #25

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/21/2006 05:07:17Copy HTML

I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience from some narrow-minded jobsworth. I don't understand what his problem is; maybe somebody complained?

I wouldn't try getting into a confrontation about this and although I wouldn't wear a thong at a public swimming pool in the UK I do understand how you must feel. I'm also very surprised that they don't let women wear them either! Are we going backwards in our tolerance and accceptance of the semi-nude body?

I would go back and wear rio back brief that you can tuck into your bum when not in full view or sunbathing, then, if anybody complains you can show them that you are wearing normal trunks that cover your bum. If they have a problem with that then there is something seriously wrong with them and the press might be interested!
thonguk #26

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/21/2006 11:24:09Copy HTML

Hi, Well i have just found out that one of my co-workers started wearing thong bikinis this summer when she was on holiday, so we decided that we will go swimming together at a public pool with both of us wearing our thongs. I am quite nervous as i have never worn a thong in a public pool before.  Has anyone else had experience of doing this?
matchingthongs #27

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/22/2006 12:37:54Copy HTML

To thongUK,

No, but I have thonged a few times in hotel pools and at Center Parcs' aqua sana. I couldn't ever thong at our local swimming pool, and even out of this area I doubt I would ever do it - even if my wife was wearing one too for moral support.

There's a sliding scale of who can wear thongs and be accepted - or not ridiculed - which I think goes like this, starting with the most accepted.

1. Foreign looking, attractive young woman/girl.
2. Attractive young woman/girl.
3. Foreign looking woman/girl (ordinary looking)
4. Ordinary looking woman/girl.
5. Foreign looking, man in good shape
6. Young man in good shape.
7. Ordinary looking man (bit out of shape)
8. Unattractive or older woman.
9. Unattractive or older man.

VERY sad I know, but there are a lot of hung-up people out there who have been conditioned to be "offended" by bodies that depart from the current ideal!

As you see it helps a lot to be female and in good shape and/or thick-skinned .... or ultra-confident.

Go for it and let us all know how you get on.
matchingthongs #28

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/22/2006 12:41:33Copy HTML


If I didn't live so far away I would come and support you. Infact, you guys and girls around London should make a point of going to that pool wearing your thongs. Wonder what they would say to you then.

Could you imagine 20 or more people wearing thongs! It might make people think and realise that it isn't so shocking after all.
publicgirluk #29

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/22/2006 02:45:22Copy HTML

Try a different pool. I don't wear my more extreme thongs but haven't had too many difficulties. Hotel pools are normally fine.
publicgirluk #30

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/22/2006 02:47:45Copy HTML

Thonguk - I have. Nothing too extreme, generally without problems. Just be sensible
johnbar5251 #31

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/23/2006 07:08:52Copy HTML

Public girl: where have you got away with thongs at public pools - as opposed to hotel pools which I agree are absolutely no problem.



matchingthongs #32

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/23/2006 09:02:44Copy HTML


When you say nothing extreme, what sort of thong are you wearing and is this a regular swimwear for you?

publicgirluk #33

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/24/2006 04:12:07Copy HTML

Have spent time at the tinside and Mount wise outdoor pools at Plymouth. In a pool would normally wear hipster style or "modest" (from WT), also sometimes onepiece. On the beach tend to go for micro and G.
johnbar5251 #34

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/18/2006 04:53:49Copy HTML

It is time this thread was closed. No-one wears thongs at UK pools so why bother talking about it



nicthong #35

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/19/2006 10:27:11Copy HTML

Why bother? (1) Because, given the number of posts, people WANT to talk about it; (2) It's not true that "No-one wears thongs at UK pools" - read the posts and you'll see that some people do/have done; (3) Other people want to and need the encouragement and this is one place to find it; (4) This is a good place to share information resulting from phone calls or thongs you've seen others wearing etc even if you're not personally interested in doing the same; and (5) This is a place to discuss topics openly and freely - it's a community of people that share an interest and have a common place to meet and discuss that interest. Please don't shoot people down - leave them be and try to keep a positive attitude. Thanks.
DavyJ #36

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/20/2006 09:15:31Copy HTML

Matchingthongs says:

There's a sliding scale of who can wear thongs and be accepted - or not ridiculed - which I think goes like this, starting with the most accepted.

1. Foreign looking, attractive young woman/girl.
2. Attractive young woman/girl.
3. Foreign looking woman/girl (ordinary looking)
4. Ordinary looking woman/girl.
5. Foreign looking, man in good shape
6. Young man in good shape.
7. Ordinary looking man (bit out of shape)
8. Unattractive or older woman.
9. Unattractive or older man.

I think you are being overly pessimistic.  I am either a "7" or a "9", depending on how you define "older".  I am 54 and in fairly good shape with no beer belly, etc.  When thonging on public beaches and hotel pools (in the US, no less!) I would say that over half the comments are favorable.  Many are in the ridiculing category, with very few negative.

Maybe I have just been lucky.

johnbar5251 #37

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/24/2006 07:59:08Copy HTML

Nicthong: Why bother? Well actually no-one has ever given any details here on actually wearing a thong at a public pool. The references have been vague and never backed up with any detail! Hence I assume they are ficticous or wishful thinking. Tell us where and when and maybe it would be worth persuing.

Hotel pools are one thing but regular public pools - no-one does it!!



nicthong #38

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/24/2006 06:32:34Copy HTML

JB, I don't want this to become some sort of argument but, even if exact details aren't given, that doesn't mean a claim isn't true. I'm sure we can find posts that talking vaguely about thonging on a beach in Spain without the specifics and we'd believe that. I know the context is different with public pools in the UK because we've probably never seen anyone thonging in them ourselves but that doesn't mean it doesn happen. There are some here who claim to have tried it. There are others who would like to try it. And I'm sure there are others still who just want to talk about it. The fact remains, this is a discussion board with the right to exercise free speech; yes you have the right to suggest there's no point in bothering but equally those who want to discuss it have the right to without being censored.

To everyone else: if anyone does have more detail about their experiences at UK pools, please include it in your posts for the benefit of others who are interested in this topic. Thanks.

Pete01 #39

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/24/2006 08:36:29Copy HTML

I think that wearing of thongs at INDOOR public pools in the UK is unheard of, and probably not appropriate - I certainly would not try it. OUTDOOR public pools could be a different matter.  Many years ago,  I spent a few days at the Jesus Green outdoor public pool in Cambridge. The first couple of days, I wore fairly brief, string-sided bikinis -  about 'rio' coverage at the rear, with no problems. Then I noticed a girl wearing a one peice thong swimsuit, and a few girls going topless in quieter corners of the sunbathing areas, so I plucked up the courage to wear a 'kra' thong from Intersparta for sunbathing on the last couple of days - I had no problems. I only wore it to sunbathe in -  I slipped on something a bit more modest for walking around/swimming. 


matchingthongs #40

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/24/2006 10:41:11Copy HTML

I can't see me wearing one at an indoor public pool unless there is a big change in public tastes and fashions - unlikely, but not impossible.

We should remember there is another world out there beyond the forum ... Just because we have not thonged or seen thongs in indoor public pools, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. As women are more likely to have done so and not made an issue of it and most postings to this site are men, how would we know or be able to make a definitive statement?

I wouldn't mind betting that a few pools in certain parts of the country have had a handful over the years, particularly those in big cities or in tourist areas.

Keep discussing and hoping
gsj #41

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/25/2006 01:16:16Copy HTML


Which is the Intersparta Kra - I cannot see it in their brochure?

I routinely wear an Intersparta Mykonos at my local pool. Never had any issue or problem.

Pete01 #42

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/25/2006 02:23:42Copy HTML


I am going back a few years- i think the kra was discontinued a while back.  I would say that the front coverage is similar to the mykonos, but the back consisted just of a strip of material only an inch or so wide, so it basically became a thong and gave a minimal tan line at the back. 


johnbar5251 #43

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/25/2006 08:44:40Copy HTML

nicthong: Fair enough - I am only too keen to see free speech. All I was syaing is that lots of people talk about thonging at public pools but never actually do it because it is never done and never will be! Hotel pools are totally different, especially at London hotels where the city is so cosmopotitain that standard boundaries are not there. Also health clubs can be different; experiences have been reported at both hotel and health club pools, mostly positive.

We all know that thonging goes on on beaches and at lidos etc so specifics are not too relevant. People talking about indoor pools is different. They are in general a no go area and it seems pointless to fantasise about thonging at them! The lack of any specifics only illustrates how much this area is a fantasy!  As you say it may happen but foum memebrs have yet to report any specifics.

nicthong #44

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/26/2006 12:06:06Copy HTML

JB, I agree: "a lot of people talk about thonging at public pools but never actually do it " - absolutely true... but if people want to talk about it, this is the place. Let's not forget that this thread isn't purely about thonging at public pools; it started out from someone's enquiries to public pools (and I've made enquiries at public pools previously too, to no avail) but the topic is more general and experience at other pools is still of interest and still relevant to the discussion. I wonder if anyone has any feedback from the London get-togethers that used to be mentioned elsewhere on the board?
johnbar5251 #45

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/28/2006 09:49:02Copy HTML

I can add some feedback from the London get-togethers we held in 2003 (or was it later?). Only 3 guys ever attended and a couple of us used a thong in the pool. It was an adult lane swimming session and as far as we know no-one ever complained. Mainly we used the sauna and steam facilities. The meetings died out as no-one new ever joined and it was difficult to fix a suitable time for the few of us who came. I guess we met about 4 or 5 times. Perhaps the other two who came can jog my memory. Essentially it showed how little support there was!



thong1 #46

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/29/2006 01:16:57Copy HTML

It all seems a bit downbeat on this thread, so I'm glad to say that I've had a rather more positive experience here in Portsmouth. I've been going to the Victoria Swimming Centre for 100 or so lengths on a Sunday afternoon off and on for a couple of years now, and, assuming thongs would not be acceptable, have stuck with my swim shorts. However, last week I asked the receptionist what the position was on it, and she said she didn't think that it would be a problem, unless the lifeguards objected. Apparently quite a few girls thong there (although I haven't seen any myself, probably would have plucked up the courage to ask before now, had I done so).

So, I said I'd try it this weekend. Nothing too extreme, just my usual swim thong. I got changed as normal, and got into the pool, walking past a couple of people as I did so. Absolutely no problems. Felt great. I was in the water for a couple of hours or so, got out as normal, showered, and got changed. I had expected some comments or stares, but, no, I experienced absolutely no difficulty at all, despite the fact that there were some young families around (although most of the kids use the other pool). I just minded my own business and everyone else minded theirs, just as it should be. Nobody tried to make me feel uncomfortable in any way. Everyone was as laid back and reasonable as can be. I intend to thong exclusively there from now on, and will post if anything changes.

Hope things are as sorted where you are.
nicthong #47

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/29/2006 07:57:44Copy HTML

thong1 - thanks for such a positive post; you're right, we need more like this to encourage the rest of us! Just one question that occurred to me while reading your post: do you think it made any difference that you are a regular? Thanks again and great to hear that some people at least have the confidence to wear thongs and some pools at least will accept them.
johnbar5251 #48

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/31/2006 04:06:49Copy HTML

Thong1 - great to hear you had no problems with pool authorities and that you felt comfortable there in a thong. It would be more comfortable if you were not the only one!. Are you planning to thong regularly there. Do let us know! It is a shame no other positive recent experiences have yet come to light.



matchingthongs #49

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:11/01/2006 12:07:29Copy HTML

Great to hear a positive story.

Perhaps we are more hung up on the "what will others say" or think - than the reality that some people either can't see clearly when they go swimming or just think you are some tourist or something.

I would be interested to know a couple of things: like is this pool your local pool i.e. you could bump into a friend, neighbour or work colleague? That is much of the problem for most of us (me), along with the embarrassing possibility that we may be asked to leave, or cover up!!!

Secondly, how did you find out about girls thonging there (it confirms my theory that a few girls do thong in swimming pools but don't expect to have a problem with it)? Was it from the lifeguards or the receptionist? I wouldn't mind betting that the younger thong wearers go with at least another friend wearing one, whereas older women may thong alone? Is this pool in a tourist area and likely to get visitors from countries where public thong wearing is more common?

Anyway, it's nice to see that someone had the courage to ask and do it after reading about our "shilly-shallying" and fears on this site.

Please keep us informed.
matchingthongs #50

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:11/01/2006 05:29:15Copy HTML

I also think that Thong1's account also proves how as long as you don't wear anything extreme or designed to make a point and do what you would normally do then you shouldn't have too much trouble. It also means they are more likely to accept others in thongs. Here is a guy who goes to his pool to get fit with serious lengths who happens to wear a thong sometimes.

Anyone wearing extreme thongs, walking around more than usual and generally trying to get attention is going to get stares, comments, asked to leave and cause a ban being put on wearing of thongs, thus spoiling it for everyone who would like to wear one or likes admiring them. We want to be able to swim in a thong primarily because it is more practical and more comfortable. The thrill and exhibitionist side is a factor true, but we need to tame that and watch it whilst society 'catches up' or grows up.
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