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thong1 #51

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:11/03/2006 08:59:04Copy HTML


In answer to JB2521's query, I am indeed planning to wear a thong there regularly, exclusively in fact. I've just ordered another one.

As far as being a regular is concerned, I don't suppose that I'm recognised there - I generally tend to eschew the pool during the summer months, preferring to swim in the sea (I of course thong there exclusively). It's local, so I might indeed bump into someone I know, but I haven't done so yet. If I were to, however, I like to think I wouldn't be too worried - I like thongs and that's that.

I found out about girls thonging there from the receptionist - haven't seen any myself.

It is in somewhat of a tourist area, although Portsmouth is more of a place for day trips, it seems. All the people I bump into there seem to be locals, however.

Hopefully, it'll go as well next time. There's a precedent been set now at any rate.

Have a good weekend.
johnbar5251 #52

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:11/04/2006 04:24:04Copy HTML

Well done Thong1. Keep up the good work and do report back here.



johnbar5251 #53

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:11/24/2006 02:05:44Copy HTML

Any more visits to the pool in Porstmouth Thong1



thong1 #54

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/03/2006 02:44:00Copy HTML

Hello JB,

The pool's been booked up throughout November for various groups' swimming galas, but it was open as normal today, so I went along as usual. Of course I wore a thong and had a good couple of hours in there without incident. I did overhear some kids chattering about it, who had earlier been warned by the management to keep it down, but that sort of thing's to be expected, as was the rechlorination, from which my eyes are still suffering (I forgot my goggles). I plan to make a regular thing of it there - I prefer to swim in a thong, so will wear it as and when I go to the pool. Just bought a new one in fact, as my current swim thong is a little elderly.

Have a good week and hopefully we'll hear more of people being sensible and reasonable.

johnbar5251 #55

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/03/2006 04:55:02Copy HTML

Well done!!!!  Glad the kids were put in their place.

Have you actually had any communication with pool attendants about wearing your thong?


johnbar5251 #56

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/29/2007 02:26:10Copy HTML

Summer seems to be arriving  in the UK.

Any lido recommendations?



JM_Runs #57

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/29/2007 05:49:21Copy HTML

I've been regularly wearing a swim thong (Olaf Benz) to my local main city pool for about 4 months now, with no problem from either staff or other users. A few interested looks, but no reaction, either negative or positive. Its early morning and often there aee only 5-10 people there but I think pools are becoming thong tolerant, certainly mine is. I didn't ask, just got on with it!
johnbar5251 #58

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/30/2007 01:06:11Copy HTML

Lucky you tigerjac. Which pool?  This is not the positive experience I have had this recently.


JM_Runs #59

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/30/2007 02:57:28Copy HTML

Sorry, I can't / am not prepared to do that. I have been swimming reasonably regularly in local public, hotel and health club pools, including twice in the past 5 yrs at a Centre Parcs Water World and have NEVER seen anyone, neither woman or bloke, wear thong thong swimwear. European beaches is a different story! I am acutely conscious that swimming in a thong is right at the boundary of social acceptance, most of the population would say it is currently outside that boundary, and that the tolerance that is slowly being established where I swim is very fragile. Somehow, by swimming at quiet times, in appropriate thong swimwear (Olaf Benz is not extreme), and I assume by my personal behaviour I am reducing people's sensitivity, but I do not want to do anything which could threaten that position. I am hoping ... that over the next year a few others may see my experience and decide on their own that they are prepared to swim in a thong in the pool. By the end of the year there may be 3-5 people who I never see but have set a precedent, and gently opened the door. But I am realistic, thong swimwear, particularly on blokes, is socially in the UK where bikinis were in the 1950s and thong underwear on women was in the 1980s; radical and risque. It'll take 5 - 10 yrs to change that, but - a journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step - (Gandhi). Its a start, and I'm currently enjoying the journey.
thongboy052000 #60

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:06/17/2007 10:22:39Copy HTML

Whenever I visit London, I always go thonging at the Lido in Hyde Park. Most days, I haven't been the only one.

JM_Runs #61

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:06/23/2007 05:36:38Copy HTML

 Just to keep this thread alive, and to give light at the end of the tunnel for those who are more pessimistic, I continue to wear a thong at my local public pool for an early morning swim, and have had no problem. It has been 6 months regularly now, so I am assuming that the tolerance is well established. The changing cubicles and showers are mixed / co-ed and so far I have had no comments, negative or positive, whilst swimming or showing with others. One point may be that I have only got / wear Olaf Benz beachees / liquid '07 thong (mini-string) swimwear which is not extreme, but is excellent to swim in. I no longer think anything of swimming in a thong at this pool, which is a big step forward. Try it, pick the time and place and you might be pleasantly surprised.

johnbar5251 #62

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:06/23/2007 07:08:37Copy HTML

Good to hear of your good experience. The softly softly apporach has obviously worked. I guess the morning sessions tend to be adult lane swimmers. The next step is when someone else joins you in wearing a thong.


I did try the same at my local morning early bird sessions but hid with "there have been complaints from other swimmers" message from the manager.


Good luck!

sheer1delight #63

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:06/26/2007 10:41:36Copy HTML

Wore my wine coloured muscleskins pro (unlined0with rio back to local pool today. No comment passed by anyone though I was quick to enter the pool to do lengths. Later I was standing under the shower just having come out of the pool. I heard some youngsters muttering something about f***ng g strings before they headed into the pool area. They haven't seenthe difference!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I wore my sapphire blue metallic with rio back. No comments then. ( I don't think the material and its sheen will hold up long to the chlorinated water.)

Perhaps the rio is too much for some and a full back might be better accepted

JM_Runs #64

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:06/26/2007 11:14:08Copy HTML

Sheer1delight, try Muscleskins' V-seat and you'll be fine.  Covers about 75%, more mainstream than the rio, yet shows enough cheek to feel edgy, which wearing a Muscleskins suit in the first place is going to make you feel.  Not pictured on their site yet, but just ask J for it in an email.  I just got a black medium PRO with V-seat -- definitely the smallest bikini I've ever owned.  Not sure yet where I'll wear it, definitely not at my health club, where my 1" Arena is by far the briefest, yet it covers well and I'm very comfortable in it.  Just don't think I need to push the envelope there any further, but your pool and your interests sound edgier.  When I can wear a tiny g-string at the beach to get an overall tan, I feel no need to push things at my indoor pool among my work colleagues.  Besides, my Arena 1" is so comfortable, and good looking, I think.  But again, I suggest trying the V-seat, you're bound to like it.  Good luck. 

sheer1delight #65

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:06/27/2007 12:18:42Copy HTML

Thanks SlidingG for your assistance. I have already had various correspondence with J concerning  general availability of styles. I have also asked him to supply various items that had been on ebay that I had failed to secure. He has always been obliging re supplying what I have requested. I generally like muscleskins garments though like a few others I have a problem with the sizing. The full bikini is frequently just too big particularly in the lower region around top of  the legs at the back!. Lay a rio on top of a full bikini and see the difference! I have a couple of full bikini and I doubt if I will wear them whereas others are fine. I bought a sapphire pro in rio large and it is OK whereas a sapphire medium pro bikini is just right too.

Unlike you I could never wear a g string at the pool or anywhere else for that matter-just too uncomfortable and I don't have the nerve. However I do prefer small bikini style swimwear and underwear and have done for years. In the UK I have used Kiniki (by catalogue) for 20 years but now I much prefer to try other places and have tried Prevail Sport, Alphamoda and of course Muscleskins. It can be expensive but I don't smoke and I don't drink( much). Its my indulgence!!!!!!!

Anyway before I order anything bigger than a rio back I will take up your suggestion and enquire about obtaining   V backs instead.

However even a V back is likely to raise a few eyebrows where I swim as most blokes in the pool wear full length shorts while  a few have larger "trunks". I would wait a long time before  I would see anyone with a bikini.


JM_Runs #66

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:07/15/2007 09:23:17Copy HTML

Im 23 yrs old and have been a thong wearer for a few years now but have never worn one as swimwear. i recently bought a HOM Ussac black thong but am so scared as to what people might say. Im going on my honeymoon to Greece soon and will certainly make my debut on a beach there but as to wearing one at a pool i just dont have the confidence. How should i go about making the steps to do so? Is an Ussac to revealing? Should i ask first? Should i go when its less busy? Also does anyone know any pools in and around Exeter which may be acceptable? Thanks

JM_Runs #67

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:07/16/2007 01:29:35Copy HTML

Being only just 6 months ahead of you here is some of my experience / advice. 6 months ago I also had never worn a thong swim suit in public and never swum in one. However it is the closest you can get to 'skinny dipping' and still be legal, and once you've done it you'll never want to go back.
- An Hom ressac string swimsuit is not at all extreme, and very suitable for 1st time.
- You're clearly nervous about this next step so yes avoid times / circumstances when you KNOW you will get adverse comments i.e. kids around, busy pool, packed beach. Be sensitive to others!
- My early attempts were in nearly empty pools or at the beach, early or late in the day.
- Most of the time you will get inquisitive / interested looks or glances, remember thongs on blokes is still very rare, but my experience is that 98% of people won't say a thing to you. You may have a few that will be rude.
Go for it, the more thongs get exposure ('scuse the pun) the more tolerant people will be come.
JM_Runs #68

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:07/16/2007 02:09:10Copy HTML

First time thonging on a beach in Greece is a great place to start appearing in public wearing a thong swimsuit -- far away from home, so you're anonymous, and probably others will be doing it, too, as it's so normal there.  Hope your new bride will be supportive, and better yet, joining you in thonging there.  Your current trepidations about swimming in a pool close to home should dissipate somewhat after your honeymoon adventures doing so abroad, but it is a different environment, for sure.  I recently thonged at the Heathrow Hilton, albeit with some trepidation, even though I've been thonging for years, mostly at the beach.  It went without incident, nobody seemed to care, most importantly the staff.  I think Tigerjac's suggestions are good ones and should prove helpful.  Good luck, and welcome to the club! 

johnbar5251 #69

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/04/2007 03:39:41Copy HTML

Second visit today to the Brockwell Lido, in glorous hot sun. No thongs just the odd rio style again. Looks like Brockwell has surcomed to the fashion police. It can be taken off the suitable venues list.
matchingthongs #70

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/05/2007 11:21:23Copy HTML

But two visits in a very dismal summer surely doesn't write it off.
Keep thonging and perhaps it will catch on if we ever get a proper summer
JM_Runs #71

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/24/2007 02:22:13Copy HTML

Having been absent from the board for a while but not absent from beach thonging , my mind has been taken back to pools . I think there is a difference between a true thong back and a half back or Rio . I have , and probably never would use a true thong in a public pool , but as my tastes are for fairly skimpy half backs anyway , I was wondering if anyone has had any specific reactions when wearing these styles . I'm thinking of the Joe Snyder Capri maybe or the alphamoda Rio . Has anyone had any bad experiences or good ? I wore my yellow alphamoda rio to a private hotel club and it felt pretty daring even tho no one was around , but I think this introduces another point . Colours like bright yellow will be seen to be more conspicuos  so do we stand a better chance with minimal styles but more conventional colours like black or red ? I agee with one poster re it depends who is wearing it whether its ok . It is trickier for guys and I wouldnt like to bump into anybody I know , so I would go to a pool slightly outside my area . So thoughts on rios/halfs and colour differences in public uk pools please ?
matchingthongs #72

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/24/2007 09:55:33Copy HTML

Like you I can never imagine wearing a thong at public swimmng pool, but I have worn an Alphamoda Rio back at lots of public places: pools, spas, waterparks and beaches of course. I've never had a reaction that I've been overtly aware of, but I can be a bit oblivious to lots of things! The odd occasion I have caught females glancing and smiling, but no laughter or disgust, etc.

I also tend to have equipment at 10 to 2 o'clock simply because I find that more comfortable and less conspicuous - strangely.

Mine is a dark blue, so it doesn't draw too much attention.

I have bumped into a friend wearing it (see my recent waterpark thonging entry) and he is the very type you would imagine would give me a hard time i.e. very quick witted and loves to have a laugh and fun. He checked me out but said nothing, so perhaps he wanted to do the same?

Who wears it probably makes a difference; I'm slim and fit looking, without being too buff. A 'muscle man' or a guy who is over-weight would certainly attract attention. Basically, it's probably easier for me. Also, the fit may be different depending on your glutes, hip size, package size, etc. It's really difficult to generalise, but I just think you should go for it; I really can't see a problem wearing an Alphamoda rio bottom anywhere. They are amazing, feel very sexy indeed and extremely flattering.
JM_Runs #73

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/24/2007 11:27:22Copy HTML

I cant remember why but I got rid of my alphamodas and I wondered if the Joe Snyder capri was just a bit smaller rear , maybe a bit too small for public pools . It does tend to ride up a bit on movement so one would have to adjust it from time to time . Ive just been wearing my lemon Joe Snyder on the beach today , and even went in the water . It was blustery but the water was warm ! Dog walkes around as usual but no problems , real nice . ! I was wondering what public pool to try in North East . Does Jesmond still have one . I thought that might be a good place as it is the more cerebral end of town !
sheer1delight #74

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/24/2007 11:57:04Copy HTML

slimthong & matchingthong

I am literally just back from a late lunch time dip in my local public pool.I was only one in - then was suddenly joined by 25 local primary school kids. Mercifully they were confined to either end of pool while I had the roped off middle section to myself. 

I too like to wear skimpier backs and have done so for years. Not fussed on thongs though!

Today I wore my denim muscleskins PRO bikini. This is very brief at front but has a full bikini rear. I was toying what to wear before going in, I have various prevail sports, alphamoda and muscleskins in my bag. I was nearly going to wear my muscleskins sapphire metallic with rio back. I don't often wear rios in the pool - I still feel a bit self conscious. Last week I wore my muscleskins rio snake and it was small and brief coming out of the water! However I have worn metallic rubber prevail and full back sapphire many times though this does not do the material any good as think they they are more for show. The shine quickly comes off the material.

I haven't worn any alphamodas to the pool yet. However I see no reason why I won't slip a pair on yet. I prefer the hotter styles rather than classic so they will be that bit more revealing than classic style. I have rios and brazils but some fronts are too revealing for the pool. I have started to shave a bit as there can be too much hair showing.

I don't possess any of the bright colours such as yellow, pinks favouring generally black or navy. I quite lie shiney baia blue with alplhamoda but the rios and brazils of that colour I own only have string sides being the Alonissos type. I'm not brave enough to wear that  style at the pool yet! Even the bigger styles  in baia will present a challenge to wear at the pool

I also have a black pair with tie sides but I think they are too feminine to wear at present. Some might think I have raided a female swimwear shop.

Yes I think bright colours will bring more attention than darker shades.

I haven't had any adverse reaction but I don't hang about the pool sides either preferring just to get in and out of the water.

Nice to hear all your views

mark_issac #75

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/25/2007 06:28:32Copy HTML

yeah jesmond still has a pool, i used to live in that area. one day i went there early (0730-0830) and wore my normal speedo trunks which is a bit less than i would normally wear! well i had a Hom thong underneath but would have been too daring for me at the time. i did want to try a thong there but didnt have the confidence. but on my last lap i thought who cares, so i gave myself a wedgie to make it look like i was wearing a thong and did one final lap like that. no one said anything and it felt great! dont think anyone would say anything if i did wear a thong
nicthong #76

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/25/2007 06:42:21Copy HTML

I too prefer the briefer suits. Ideally I'd love the freedom to thong - not for any exhibitionist reason but simply because that's my preferred style - but alas that's not going to happen in a public pool for a variety of reasons. I haven't yet ventured to half-backs in the UK; I have used the Joe Snyder Capri at hotels abroad and enjoyed swimming in a briefer style but I also had to make adjustments due to the back slipping due to natural movements of swimming. In the UK, the briefest I've worn is a 6" back with 1/2" sides moderate front Dore bikini. It's unlined, navy and quite brief by comparison to normal suits. It raised an eyebrow or two but nothing was said. I guess I'm more on the conservative side of things anyway and don't want to cause (a) any offense, but also (b) any reason for someone to complain, making it harder for skimpier suits to be worn, so if I wear a briefer suit, it's always of a darker, less conspicuous colour - i.e. black or navy. I have other suits but they're reserved for holidays and the like. I'm hoping to get some Alphamoda suits (Brazilian and Rio) so maybe I'll try those. I often wish others would also go skimpier - it would make it so much easier... but as it is I think I wear the smallest suits of anyone at the gym.

matchingthongs #77

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/25/2007 06:14:12Copy HTML

I would've thought the City Baths in Newcastle would be the best place in the North East to be more adventurous in swimwear. Whenever I've been it has lots of City workers and foreign students/visitors and no kids. Any small, provincial pool is likely to be more conservative and cautious. I would wear a rio back there without hesitation, but I'd be a little bit nervous at my local pool - unless I was lane swimming where nobody cares. Unfortunately, at my pool they have those stupid showers by the pool side which discourages people from having proper showers before entering and you can't shower naked because you're in full view. Much prefer separate male/female changing and shower rooms.
JM_Runs #78

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/26/2007 12:28:13Copy HTML

I think the reason I got rid of my alphamodas was I didnt like the poros pouch front , I just think it wasnt good for me , althought I do quite like pouch swimwear . And the Skopleos was in yellow so was a bit showy and see thru for the pool and just not exciting enough for the beach where I prefer briefer than a Rio . I think the Joe Snyder Capri is maybe a little too brief for UK pool withou testing the water with something less racy first .So i think I might go for an alphamoda again with Rio back and a darker colour . I want a style which isnt OBVIOUSLY WEIRDLY brief but which gives me a kick in wearing it . I was thinking about Skopelos again , maybe a  Chios or a Skyros (probably whichever looks briefer ) advice on this guys.I quite like the syros as well but Im not sure about those rings ( abit girly , I dont know. Jesmond Pool Website looks good and modern .The only comment about swimwear is re the steam room in that costumes must be worn because its mixed .
sheer1delight #79

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/26/2007 12:39:36Copy HTML

Nicthong & matchingthong

At the pool this lunchtime. Virtually deserted except for a couple of late middle age females. I wore my black Serifos - this is cut narrow at the front - with a brazil back - it has metal rings on the front too. Gives great room to swim in compared to huge shorts.

No one has complained - I am usually into the pool quickly and out again. Viewing faciities are limited at the narrow end of the pool and in an adjacent room behind glass.

I will have to try my rio back Serifos next if brave enough.- though it is no more skimpier than my muscleskins rios that are low at the back that I have worn.

A few ardent swimmers wear briefs from time to time. A young chap (15?)yesterday was wearing very low speedo come shorts.- But he was into the pool like a dolphin and up and down the pool like the proverbial clappers with of course his bottle of isotonic drink at the pool edge. He  had the air and speed of a champion swimmer!

sheer1delight #80

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/26/2007 01:02:01Copy HTML

Slimthong -forgot to include you in my last message

I don't think you can get much briefer than a rio without opting for a thong.- except perhaps for Dore who seems to make rears of all sizes. However anything smaller than a rio tends to disappear to form a thong anyway. I have never dealt with Dore or ordered goods though I am tempted.

Have you tried kiniki? They do tangas that are very brief on the rear!

I have opted for a  variety of  Alphamoda including several with rings and I think they are OK to wear. I don't think too girly. My rings are on the hot designs such as Serifos. I don't know if the rings on the classic designs are slightly bigger as certainly the fronts look a good bit wider than the hot designs. They do have a tendancy to slip in the material and lie horizontal rather than vertical.

I haven't tried any of the classic designs but  may do so.  Generally I am prepared to wear the hot designs but I can see occasions where more modest bottoms may be necessary.

If you want a bit of a kick  Slimthong then do go for something briefer and let us know what you picked and how you get on wearing your choice.

matchingthongs #81

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/26/2007 01:42:59Copy HTML

Wow, seems like the North East is the thong capital of the UK!!

For slimthong I would advise that the Skopelos is smaller at the front than the skyros. I have a Skyros, but I find it a bit boring looking at the front, although the thong back is flattering on it. My rio back and thong/rings is a Skopelos and I love them both; acceptable enough for anywhere fom the front but daring at the back.

Sheer1 - I'm impressed with you getting away with a Serifos. I have one with a thong back in pale blue and it was my most daring thong until I bought a Joe Snyder Rio thong. It's looking a bit tired now as it was my main private sunbathing thong, but I find it too extreme for anywhere, except a foreign beach. My neighbour once caught me thonging in my back garden and that was the one I was wearing... wish it hadn't been. My wife loves that one, but definitely not for the pool!

I used to have doubts about the rings, but they do help to hold a good shape to a thong. I'm happy with them now, but as for tie-sides - no way!
JM_Runs #82

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/26/2007 04:42:10Copy HTML

Sheer1- thanks for the advice . Yes I loved my Milan or cannes ? Tanga from Kiniki  in white, very firm and quite minimal rear well made , worn on the beach fairly confidently ! But I wouldnt wear a string side to a local pool ! Ill keep you posted on mychoice !


Matchingthongs-Thanks , so who else is North East ? So not the Skyros . I certainly dont want boring , I want JUST ACCEPTABLE (The holy Grail lol)So Skopelos looks favourite ,

JM_Runs #83

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/26/2007 03:48:35Copy HTML

Nicthong -thanks for your input . 2 Questions , you say briefest youve worn at a pool was a 6 inch suit , does that mean 6 inches across the back , measured at what point ? Also you wear stuff at the gym ? So do you mean while actually working out on bikes , rowing and weights . If so do you wear a tee shirt to conceal or just do it . Do any others wear minimal stuff at the gym . There is also the possiblilty of course of swimming in conventionals and then just getting changed or showering in a thong as I think someone mentioned . Also does anyone have any thoughts on uk suppliers in particular whose underwear (Im thinking of half backs not full thongs ) can be used as swimwear. The kiniki Anton is possible but its rear offers too much coverage at 3/4 altho the front looks good . Thoughts?

Going back to Matching Thongs , Embleton is too far for me , and there seems to be 2 Blythe beaches have you tried them both ?

sheer1delight #84

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/26/2007 05:27:06Copy HTML


I think the tangas from Kiniki are very brief. Probably OK for the beach but they would be daring for the local pool as they are very brief all round.  They certainly hold everything in as they seem to have plenty of lycra. The sides are quite narrow too and are long from front to back and give a quite different appearance from bikini styles that taper towards the sides. i can't remember all the names of the tangas I have had but some were reef and  serpent.

I am not aware of any other UK suppliers of swimwear (Apart from Intresparta) who sell minimal swimwear or even reasonable underwear that would double up.


Yes I did wear my Serifos to the pool but it wasn't a thong just a brazil back. It was no skimpier than some of the muscleskins rios I have worn at the pool. Yes the tieside would be pushing it a bit far but you never know! 

Nice to hear your views and tales

JM_Runs #85

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/26/2007 08:32:53Copy HTML

Sheerdelight-thanks for that . Yes the kiniki tangas have a great rear and I just wish they would produce some non tangas with just the same rear or a little bit more so we could pool in them . I did have an andre which I used to the pool but it was only a bit briefer than a speedo and I soon got bored with it . Intersparta are good and probably a it briefer in the rear in general than the kiniki styles . Getting back to alphamoda , can anyone remember what their delivery time seems to be from order to delivery UK ? I would love to order some muscleskins pro but I think my better (and more attractive half !) would think I was going over the top getting stuff from USA . She likes my skimpy stuff for at home but it is my interest primarily .
sheer1delight #86

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/26/2007 09:06:48Copy HTML

I have ordered three times from Alphamod aand stuff is usually here within a week .

If you fancy muscleskins why worry that it comes from USA if it is what you want. The internet has opened a wide range of sellers.I just received my order in from them yesterday. I was disappointed with my string rio and bikini referee briefs , a new style launched- not good fiting but I  will get it sorted out OK I believe.

The pro muscleskins suits are small in the front but medium does me just about. I am not well endowed and things just about fit in. The supersatins are a nice tight fit but you will need to do a bit of shaving. The rear of the suits is more of a problem. I have found the rear to be very full but some people might feel happy with this size. A trimmed V is available. I still find these styles quite large but If you are anxious about showing too much rear they might do your job.especially round a pool. These backs are much higher fit on the rear than kiniki backs. or alphamoda. 

However choose the rios and they are skimpy - your better half will like these, I bet. They are quite low on he back too.

I frequently wear them as underwear.

I have one thong but I find it just too tight in the rear. Looks good on the front though.

If you are more daring the MP is small but it depends how you fit your equipment in. Wear it at 12 or 6 it all squeezes in. Wear it straight ahead and you are starting to make a small tent.

If you are really daring then go for the MPXtreme. I don't have one but looks more like a glove. I don't think you would wear it in public! Again maybe your better half could judge it.

If in doubt start off with the pro style.

Try a couple of pairs and see!

sheer1delight #87

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/27/2007 12:11:17Copy HTML

slimthong, nicthong, matchingthong

Made it my local pool at lunchtime. Decided to wear my serifos with rio back- this has metal rings at each end of side waistband.

Pool  was deserted except for myself and three others. plusthree or four male and female liifeguards chatting.

Had a great swim. No comments passed about my brief swimwear though I did notice a few second looks from the staff.

Might try the Alonissos sometime soon!

JM_Runs #88

Re:UK swimming pools

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Sheerd.  I very much like the look of the Muscleskin Pro series . A great brief front  and I think the Rio back rather than the V . You think the Rio Ok for public pools as long as youve got the guts ? As for the Serifos that looks nice , is that with a Rio . But the Alonissos looks to have a massive front pouch . Getting back to the pools themselves has anyone recently phoned or emailed local authority pools . Im not saying its a good idea but wondered if anyone had . I find the UK input very useful as we are familiar with the constraints it puts upon  wheras Aus or US  may have different agendas , even tho it is interesting to compare.
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Re:UK swimming pools

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slimthong - the 6" suit is measured across the top of the back so it's slightly wider than the JS Capri and wide enough not to slip into a thong. I like this for 'acceptable public wearing' although I'd ideally like the back to be a little lower as I prefer to wear my suits low. And sorry for the confusion about the gym - when I referred to wearing the suits at the gym I meant the gym pool. I stick to regular gym gear in the main gym itself - no-one goes skimpy there (sadly).

sheer1delight - thanks for the reports of your experiences; is your pool a large one such that 4 or 5 people is fairly empty? The one at my gym is maxxed out at 5 or 6 people so it's a bit easier to feel self-conscious there. I've ordered some Alphamoda Brazilian suits so I'll try those out and report back.

sheer1delight #90

Re:UK swimming pools

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The PRO muscleskins has a very brief front. The full rear is quite large as is the v back. They are cut to fit high up on the rear I beleive more so like conservative "trunks". However the rio sits low like a skimpy bikini and it doesn't cover much on the rear being like a half back. Just depends what you are comfortable with.

I have the seifos with brazil and rio backs. Ther is not a big difference though the rio is just that smaller like a half back.

The Alonissos is bigger on the front but the sides are skimpy thin. With a rio this twaist band is just that bit longer as it has to go gurther round the  hips to meet the back. You can get this side band in a different colour to rest of the suit - you might like that. If you want the suit to be that bit tighter I think you could ask for a shorter waist band. which I think some people might ask for. The waist band has small metal rings at either end giving each suit a total of four.

I just go to the pool and see what happens!

JM_Runs #91

Re:UK swimming pools

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Thanks Nicthong . My capri seems to measure 7 inches at the back but I think I would be pushing it to wear in a public pool . As for the muscleskins pro series which as Sheerd. says it is ironic that the front is very minimal  but although I think it might attract attention (the right kind) I feel you are mor likely to get an objector to a brief rear .
sheer1delight #92

Re:UK swimming pools

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Nicthong & slimthong

For interest I have measured some of my muscleskins rios. Measuring near the top where they flare out to the waistband gives me a measurement of nearly 8" for a pair in  medium and the muscleskins are quite tight and figure hugging. (While the V back measures 12"). If you are wearing capris or rios with 6" - 7" backs they must be very skimpy. I have just checked a pair of very narrow alpohamodas I am wearing at the moment at the front. They are only 6" across at the front and they look very narrow! the rio back is some 7-8" wide.

Wearing 6-7" at a UK public pool would be quite  daring. Mind you nothing ventured nothing gained!

Heading off for the weekend soon but alas nowhere near a pool or beach!

Keep them small.

JM_Runs #93

Re:UK swimming pools

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Sheer - Having remeasured my capris this evening I reckon they are nearer 9 inches rear coverage with a fast tapering . I tend to order small as I prefer a snug fit and dread receiving what I think is going to be skimpy and finding they are offering too much coverage . If you have an alphamoda rio to compare with a j snyder I would be grateful to have your opinion on  relative stlye cut and coverage .I think maybe the js capri is too small for the pool  no ,atter how much I try to convince myself otherwise ! I did wear my lemon capri to the beach the other day where I have few inhibitions and it is almost dayglo ! It can be seen for miles !
ratsnake #94

Re:UK swimming pools

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I can safetly report that a Kiniki Cannes tanga in white is not a problem in any pool.  I usually wear HE rio backs (4") with 1" sides and 'slim' front - they feel fine and I've never had a problem wearing these in any pool.  I finally got around to wearing the Hom Issac string (see the start of this thread)  at a hotel pool earlier in the year didn't have a problem with that either, although I was very nervous and kept my back against the wall so to speak for nearly the whole time!  A couple of days after that we went on holiday with the wife, daughter (1 year old!), sister and brother in-law, Mother and Father in Law and I thonged everywhere, (except the water park and in the town of course!) but all the beaches, at the complex pool, everywhere - SHEER BLISS!!

Just one thing about the HE Stuff, the quality is a bit poor.

sheer1delight #95

Re:UK swimming pools

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Slim thong I don't possess a JS Capri. I have had a look on various websites. The alphamoda rios seem to measure slightly smaller while the brazils are the same or slightly bigger than the capri. Why not splash out on one of each!

The front of the capri looks more like a skopelos but this is only from looking at the pictures. I haven't tried any of the classic designs. I don't think I would go for the chios or skyros . I might have opted for skopelos. Overall I prefer the hot types - syros,serifos',poros and alonissos

If you think a capri is too small for a pool then you have to make your mind up as whether to stick to something equal or bigger than  a capri unless you want to push the boat out.

Why not pick a hot design and try it on the beach. Poros is small at the front.

If you find something is not suitable for the pool then just use it as underwear.

sheer1delight #96

Re:UK swimming pools

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You a  brave man to wear your microwear in front of your relations especially the outlaws!

4" is a very narrow back. (I couldn't find this rio back style on HE website). Even the Kiniki cannes (described as half back by Kiniki) is pretty minimal.

I have a number of such tangas reef, comic, serpent and I would be careful where to wear them. That said they are all very comfortable with everything held in place by that tight lycra.


ratsnake #97

Re:UK swimming pools

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The rio back is one of the custom styles - select bikini's from the homepage, customise this item and select a 1/2" or 1" side and a front shape then select the rio, trust me, it comes in at 4" across the back.  I have it in Blue.

The inlaws are really relaxed about my thonging - father in law has a couple of underwear thongs, my own parents know I thong, but not much more.  wierd huh?


JM_Runs #98

Re:UK swimming pools

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So does anyone possess both a JS Capri and an alphamoda Rio to compare the back size . I have the capri at the moment but want to know whether to get an Alphamoda Rio  or Brazil for pooling UK . I used to have an alphamoda Rio and I have a feeling it was larger than the capri but maybe my memory is playing tricks . I like the small front skopelos best I think as the hot styles are a bit much for local pools .
gsj #99

Re:UK swimming pools

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Anybody else swim at local pool in Intersparta suits? I have done so exclusively for years. I am currently wearing Mykonos which has a 6" back. Not a problem or comment . Just get changed, get in the pool, do my set number of lengths then get out.  Thinking about wearing Zorba - a bit smaller & unlined. Back the same at the waistline but tapers more. Any thoughts?
JM_Runs #100

Re:UK swimming pools

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Thats brief for the local pool . brief but sexy . I wear my Mykonos to the beach  . Do you have the white with black trim ? I cant find the Zorba any more . I think any tanga side is pretty noticeable for a guy . I had a nice Zacros for the beach too in blue . Any other british sources ? I was wondering the other day where bodybuilders get their posing briefs ? any ideas anyone ?
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