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seaswimmer2007 #201

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:10/13/2009 06:57:42Copy HTML

I will be thonging this Sunday or next Wednesday morning at Parliment Hill Lido, this will the forth or fifth time, never had a problem yet, but remember its  unjudgemental Hampstead NW3.
mark_issac #202

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/19/2009 06:41:37Copy HTML

Found a great new place to thong. It's the Holiday Inn Garden Court in Aylesbury (about an hour from london). The health club is actually seperate from the hotel, and the pool is quite secluded and there is no lifegaurd. It's a very quiet club, and i wore a thong there for over an hour and only saw two other people. Also speaking to the girl who worked there, she said thongs were no problem. 

So yeah, add it to the list of thong friendly places!

ratsnake #203

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/02/2010 10:29:59Copy HTML

Ok, so many many moons ago I started this thread after having bought from the high street a hom Ussac swim thong.  at the time I was calling pools to see what reaction then would have to the question of thonging in the pool - but finally, after all this time, I have bit the bullet and been thonging in a local swimming pool.  As I'm working away in Peterborough at the moment, I've been experimenting over the last few weeks, starting with an HE swim custom 'bikini' that I swim with just about everywhere (unless my parents have come along to swim with the children - oh yeah, have some of those now too!- one heck of a lot has changed since I started this thread!)  anyway, after that I wore the ussac over top of these which was a little uncomfortable, but a great experiment - no comments made, so the next step was to wear the ussac over a white custom bikini - the ussac's black so it was quite prominent that I was wearing a thong - did that for a couple of weeks, the last time the white bikini rode up so much it became almost invisible (I wonder how! haha)   so effectively when I got out I was just wearing a thong.  anyway, this week, tonight, just now, having had my waxing done only last week I decided it was time to try just the thong.  I put it on before i left my digs, stipped showered and went straight into the very busy pool - adults only session but there must have been 50+ people in there.  no comments or complaints (sadly no compliments either -but hey I was just happy to be there thonging!)
I swam 66 lenghts, or just over a mile so was in the pool for about an hour in all, then got out, picked up my towel showered dressed and left.

I T    W A S    A W E S O M E ! ! !

a fantastic feeling and I'll certainly be repeating it next week!

If anyone else fancies joining in, the adults session is 20:00 to 22:00 on a Tuesday night, best to aim to get there for about 20:30 otherwise the changing room's still full of kids.
mark_issac #204

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/02/2010 11:34:32Copy HTML

i'd be up for coming, where abouts near peterborough?
gsj #205

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/03/2010 01:16:30Copy HTML

I have come to the conclusion other people really don't care what you wear. I swim regularly at our local public pool in Surrey. Over the years my swim attire has got briefer & briefer. I am currently wearing an Intersparta Zacros string bikini that has a racer back & small but adequate pouch front. I used to take another more mainstream slip with me "just in case". Now I don't bother. Somebody once said that when others saw what you wore it was just accepted. I think that really is true. Nobody has ever passed any comment whatsoever & I am never aware of any sly looks. As I have said before I think it is important not to flaunt yourself, which I would never do anyway.

At hotel pools my expereience is there is even less bother.

I would never ask at reception what is acceptable. Youths in dork shorts don't so why should I?
lovemythong #206

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/03/2010 04:00:25Copy HTML

I swim once a week at my local pool, where I swim 40 lengths in lap format.  I have several speedo type swimsuits and rotate them so I therefore extend the life of my suits, so consequently do not wear the same suit every week.  I once asked the receptionist if I could swim in a thong swimsuit, she called the manager over and I put the same question to him, his reply was courteous, but unfortunatly he said "no" because he thought it would offend some of the other swimmers.  Fair point I thought, and to this day I still stick with my speedos for my local pool swimming.  I do think that this was the right approach on my part, to ask first, because just to blatently wear one without permission, will eventually cause trouble in the near future, and may risk you being banned from your local pool in due course.
ratsnake #207

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/09/2010 11:04:08Copy HTML

mark_issac, it's the regional pools actually in peterborough itself. see you there next week.

it was really busy tonight, there must have been about 60+ people there - I was quite nervous but just got on with it, again no adverse comments, so good news.

gsj, think you're right, just test the water by getting more daring each time you visit.  I did have that experience of d'management complaining about one of my suits once, I never went back, by choice.

lovemythong - the original post on this, by me, was to suggest people asked, if you look right back you'll see that you have to ask the question in a certain way if you want to ask so as to leave them with no where to go.  Face to face is almost easier for them to say no to, as well, but having asked and been told no, I figure you are taking the right course of action.  As for being banned, it's not my local pool, not by any means, i'm just working this way for a few months, so being banned would only be a bit inconvenient to cap that, if they want to ban me, it's their revenue loss, not my problem.

I have another plan too - how about we make complaints about people wearing dork shorts, they're not suitable swimming attire.  I went to a pool once in France, not far outside Paris, it was a family orientated place with a special warm pool for children and everything - they banned dork shorts!  I didn't thong there, it didn't seem appropriate, but it was a fantastic sight to see a sign with "NO DORK SHORTS!" on (in French of course!)

gsj #208

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/10/2010 03:52:58Copy HTML

How very right you are re revenue loss. WE are the customers and without our business THEY are out of a job I also agree with the point above about not being blatant. We should simply go to the pool for the same resaon as everybody else eg excercise and behave quite normally. What we choose to wear then becomes a matter of minor detail. I get annoyed with speed merchants belting up & down & knocking in to me but I don't then make a complaint - I simply move to another lane. That's my view anyway!  
gsj #209

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/22/2010 03:19:14Copy HTML

I wore my recently acquired J Snyder Kini at a  public pool  on the Isle of Wight when away last week. This must be the briefest suit I have worn at a public pool. No one took the slightest notice as far as I could tell.
seaswimmer2007 #210

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/27/2010 06:48:41Copy HTML

  Which pool, the Hights or Medina? or was it in a Hotel ? 
gsj #211

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/27/2010 02:13:48Copy HTML

At the Heights, also a hotel
ukessexbob #212

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/27/2010 02:33:21Copy HTML

See my postings re-IOW thonging at the Heights Spa. I intend to thong at the heights pool the next time I visit, but I find the evening swim times a bit inconvenient. It seems as only Wed is there a general swim session. Thong wear as you will see in my other post is no problem in the spa, no one seems to be bothered, I have received a few supportive comments
gsj #213

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/28/2010 03:01:47Copy HTML

Bob - let us know how you get on. I found car parking (ie lack of) the main problem
ukessexbob #214

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:02/28/2010 05:03:12Copy HTML

Parking no problem in the evenings. I usually get there about 5:15 to 6:30 depending on work.
johnbar5251 #215

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/21/2010 05:04:14Copy HTML

 Summer has arrived!

Anyone thonging at outdoor pools this weekend?

doverbeach79 #216

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/21/2010 09:32:33Copy HTML

Managed a good hour in my thong in the garden today it was so hot. I just relaxed and watered the grass in my red low cut dore suit then tanned for a bit.
ukessexbob #217

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/22/2010 05:23:52Copy HTML

 In your own garden !! Why not go nude instead ?
gsj #218

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:05/22/2010 06:28:06Copy HTML

Managed to strip off to brief Intersparta string sailing in the Solent today. Last time out it was full oilskins & sweaters.
JM_Runs #219

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:07/08/2010 08:50:53Copy HTML

There are two lidos I,m figuring of trying in the North . Stanhope and Haltwhistle . Any experiences of these or any other northern outdoor settings folks?
matchingthongs #220

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:07/09/2010 11:46:49Copy HTML

 I've never been in the lidos at either, but I know people who have. I believe they are pretty basic and primitive, but very enjoyable for the committed outdoor swimmer.Hope you're not considering thonging there?
johnbar5251 #221

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:07/09/2010 05:41:48Copy HTML

 Brockwell Lido appears to be returning to a thong-friendly (or at least tolerant) .

Two lady thongers and myself today enjoyed 30 degrees plus on hottest dayof year  In the past attendants have stopped thong wearing but they did not attempt to today.
JM_Runs #222

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:07/13/2010 10:57:36Copy HTML

Regarding the two Northern Lidos . I was considering using either a Joe Snyder Clip Bikini which is really not a thong more like a rio . Or alternatively a Kiniki Amazon which actually has a fuller seat but the more daring tanga sides . What do you think.
matchingthongs #223

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:07/13/2010 12:53:52Copy HTML

 Probably OK. Might get a few stares, but if you look fit and comfortable you will be doing people a favour and may even get people to think about caring for their bodies more!
johnbar5251 #224

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:07/23/2010 08:44:28Copy HTML

 More thongs seen at a recent visit to Brockwell. Loads of very brief Rios as well - brief enough to get a good wedge for sunbathing. Topless as well. Thongs mainly on latino girls - maybe visiting students??

Browser58 #225

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:11/13/2014 11:15:31Copy HTML

Well I regularly swim lengths in micro bikinis at my local pool.
I have JS clip half back, JS capri, Just covered micro, Kiniki varios and tangas and they are very comfortable.
I prefer the micros as they stay in place - I don't want to offend but thicker material is not as comfortable and I will always be a speedo fan - just hate any kind of shorts in water.
Anyone got thong pools to recommend?I used to thong at Sparkhill (Birmingham) along with a few others.    
bbjuk #226

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/23/2014 01:16:42Copy HTML

 Any experiences with chains of health clubs in the UK that have pools?  In particular, Virgin Active?  Im with VA and would love to try thonging it in the swimmimg pool / sauna etc if I thought I could get away with it.  Their club rules state:43. You must be dressed in suitable attire at all times when on Club premises, and appropriate exercise clothing is required whilst exercising in a Club. Guidance as to suitable attire may be obtained from the Club General Manager who may, at his/her discretion, require you to leave a Club premises or part of a Club premises, if your attire is not considered suitable. 56. You must: (a) wear long hair tied up, or in a swimming cap whilst in the swimming pool; (b) not run around, jump or dive into the swimming pool; (c) comply with any swimming direction posted in the swimming pool area; (d) wear conventional swimming costumes only. I guess it depends how you define "conventional" - there's not a huge number of thong swimsuits in the UK shops but plenty online.Anyone asked the question?
johnbar5251 #227

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/23/2014 07:42:37Copy HTML

 Spirit Health Club at Crowne Plazza in Heathrow was fine with thongs a while back. My have changed but eh manager then was totally happy about us wearing thongs. We asked before and all was fine.
gsj #228

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/23/2014 07:48:26Copy HTML

 The club rules at Virgin Active sound particularly bureaucratic - almost like they don't want to attract any customers, sort of public sector mentality
ukessexbob #229

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/23/2014 07:50:33Copy HTML

 It all depends on the word conventional. If you're UK born, then for fitness swimming, speedos are perfectly conventional. But if you've come from another country, more coverage would be their norm. I would say go for the briefest speedo style you can find, they couldn't be objected to for the pool. If you're in the spa, then on the grounds that the sauna and steamroom is so hot, I think a thong is fine. Of course, the only way you'll really know is to just do it. The worst that can happen is you have to go with the very brief speedos
Grabeach #230

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/23/2014 08:15:48Copy HTML

It seems pool rules worldwide have the equivalent of "wear conventional swimming costumes only". In Australia it's "appropriate'" swimwear. I've found these signs are there for health, safety and pool filter reasons. How much skin can be shown is separate issue. There may or may not be a policy on this, which even if there is may or may not be enforced.

It's basically up to the pool management. If they don't want you there in a thong, then that's it. I've posted previously (but unfortunately can't remember which topic) at least a dozen variables on whether you will be accepted on any given day. Probably the major one is whether anyone complains, though even this can have a number of outcomes. Don't expect consistency, it can literally depend on which side of the bed the supervisor got out of that morning.

There has also been discussion on the board about whether you should ask. Some do, some don't. If your signing up for membership ($$$), then it's a good idea, but even then they can change their mind. If you're just going on a casual basis, I wouldn't. It may just prompt them to quote a 'rule' that would otherwise be ignored.
bbjuk #231

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/23/2014 08:30:55Copy HTML

 Thanks all.  I like the idea about how a thong might be acceptable in the sauna/steam room but not in the pool, but t my gym the two are next to each other.  So if I wanted to thong it in the steam room, I'd need to parade my bare ass past all the swimmers!
The idea of thonging it at my gym's pool is v exciting and a thrill...but I would surely be the only one to do it.  I've never seen a girl in a thong bikini, so as a man I'd be completely on my own!  Maybe it's one to try on a business trip in a hotel where there's less comeback.
Maybe my best bet back at the gym is something brief but not a full thong like a Kiniki Cuba Swim Tanga.  I can get a bit of my ass out - and head's will surely turn - but I don't think anyone could object.  What do others think?
ukessexbob #232

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/23/2014 08:32:57Copy HTML

 Just wing it. Be much better if you could get a lady friend to join in though !!!
mark_issac #233

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/25/2014 09:58:53Copy HTML

For me, hotel pools / steam / sauna etc are by far the best place for thonging. Public council pools are the worst. 
I've thonged at dozens of hotels in the UK, often on trips through work or when I'm in an area I'm not local to. If you can find a quiet pool that's not overlooked by a gym and doesn't have life guards then you'll be fine. The public wont complain, or probably even notice, as long as you keep to yourself and don't behave in any unusual way. Marriotts, Hiltons, Holiday Inns are normally great. Also small boutique hotels that have a pool are normally dead quiet so good opportunity to get used to it. In those sorts of places it's a bit easier to strike up conversation as well :)
Grabeach #234

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/25/2014 06:59:35Copy HTML

I agree that hotel pools can be a better choice. Usually other guests don't know what's 'normal' for that particular hotel, so are unlikely to complain. Tend to find the larger hotels best as the staff you see are just small cogs in a big wheel and simply don't care, while the manager is office bound and has more important things to worry about.

Of course the downside is that I can stay all day at a council pool for around five bucks, which is a hell of a lot less than the cost of a hotel room.
Mikethong #235

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/11/2015 11:04:54Copy HTML

I agree that hotel pools and also clubs which are part of hotels are the best.Usually there are no pool attendants and the pools are much quieter. I also find that the staff are much more customer orientated. You can either ask or take a chance. I usually ask the female staff if there are any on the desk. Invariably they say yes and are very positive. Perhaps because they wear thong underwear if not thong swimwear themselves and so feel it is usual.If the pool is quiet I go straight in but Mark is right in saying that if you wear a thong in the steam room or sauna first then it is easy to strike up a conversation. In fact, I once went to a Marriott and was a bit unsure so I went into the steam room still wearing a towel. There was one older lady there who suggested I leave the towel outside so it did not get wet. When I said I was wearing a very brief thong (Kiniki G String) underneath she said that was fine and why was I worrying.I am off to swim in a hotel pool today in a JS thong.
ukessexbob #236

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/11/2015 11:15:29Copy HTML

 I've found it's never a problem, and never bother asking at all.
Mikethong #237

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/13/2015 10:05:47Copy HTML

 Yes Bob.I regularly swim lengths in my local hotel pool wearing a rainbow JS Rio thong and save for a few glances from people, it doesn't attract any adverse comments.The pool is only supervised by cameras and visits from the staff and there are no comments from them and no nasty "rules". But it is pretty much adults only. So go ahead and be confident!
blondie55 #238

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/14/2015 12:19:16Copy HTML

My local pool in Rotherham has the following on its website:

"All customers are asked to wear appropriate swimwear designed for water based activities when using the pools. Every effort will be made to accommodate customers with specific religions, cultural, medical or other requirements."

It does not say what "appropriate swimwear designed for water based activities" means. I presume it stops people swimming in underwear. It does not, however, stop people swimming in thongs. My swim thong is opaque in the water, front lined and has a drawcord - exactly like a speedo except for the thong back. However I haven't been brave enough to wear it there, though I do frequently wear a half-back ( Rio ).

Outside swimming holes are OK for thongs. I often go to Slippery Stones in the Derwent Valley near Sheffield. People often swim in underwear and a thong is no problem.
ukessexbob #239

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:08/14/2015 01:10:31Copy HTML

"All customers are asked to wear appropriate swimwear designed for water based activities when using the pools. Every effort will be made to accommodate customers with specific religions, cultural, medical or other requirements."

Other requirements seems as if almost any reason will be acceptable. How about freedom and more comfort. Don't forget all here are  trying to promote the wearing of thongs, so it's incumbant upon us to trail blaze so to speak. Be brave next time  you go, and thong freely.
thong1 #240

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/06/2015 07:48:24Copy HTML

 The pool I used to go to in Portsmouth has been demolished, but a brand new leisure centre was opened a few years ago at the other end of the island. I'd not swum there before, but I needed to go to the nearby sports shop, so I thought I'd make a day of it - they have extensive opening hours. Having worn a thong exclusively in the old pool, I took one along here. The changing rooms are unisex - the first time I've ever encountered such, and there's quite a walk between the cubicles, lockers, showers, and pool. But I sported my thong as I felt I had a right to, and didn't receive any remarks or funny looks (that I could see). Certainly nobody seemed to object. Which is just as it should be. I'll stick to the more conservative thong-back swim briefs, though, rather than the g-strings I prefer on the beach.
ukessexbob #241

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:09/07/2015 07:46:40Copy HTML

As I've said many times before, if you just wear a thong as if it's prefectly normal/acceptable, very rarely does it become an issue
bbjuk #242

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/08/2015 11:16:15Copy HTML

For those who have successfully thonged at UK pools, any recommendations on colour of thong to wear?  I'm thinking 'Nude' could draw attention as you'd look, well, nude... but if you go for a bold color its more obviously a thong.  Any suggestions? 
ukessexbob #243

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/09/2015 07:20:31Copy HTML

I pick something colorful. Just looks better I think.
thong1 #244

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/10/2015 10:55:11Copy HTML

 I've always worn a plain black thong - most of my swimthongs/strings are black.
ukessexbob #245

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/10/2015 11:13:11Copy HTML

That's a bit boring. I love having the variety of colors and styles. I probably have about 30 to choose from, A few are a single color. The rest a big splash.
hotbunz1969 #246

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/11/2015 03:29:30Copy HTML

In my opinion colour and/or style choice depend on where you are. 

I have swum in many a busy public/hotel pool swimming my lengths in a dark coloured thong and no one has batted an eye, and let me tell you, the thongs I'm talking about have been truely TINY! I'm not sure the same could have been recorded in these situations if I'd chosen to wear a brightly coloured suit.

My darker coloured suits are reserved for these situations, my bright coloured ones of the park and tanning in . 

ukessexbob #247

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/11/2015 09:02:09Copy HTML

 I've actually had positive comments on my multi coloured thongs.  Been told they look colorful and summery! 
OS777 #248

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:12/11/2015 09:18:51Copy HTML

 Now come on hotbunz...Wearing any thongs other than tiny would be a sin... A capital offense worth of getting locked up in the Tower of London... Without internet!  Cheers you cheeky sunseeker!
gsj #249

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/15/2016 01:44:49Copy HTML

 My usual swim this morning at local pool. Wore an old but still serviceable Intersparta string suit, lined pouch &  half back. Saw an old acquaintance who greeted me with "... see you wearing a Speedo". No further comment, usual chat then got on with my lengths. Just back from a hotel in Jersey (UK Channel Islands). Swam each day in hotel pool wearing Snyder Kini. Absolutely no issue even though back morphs to a thong. Some hardy types sea swimming but too cold for me!
thong1 #250

Re:UK swimming pools

Date Posted:04/15/2016 09:30:44Copy HTML

 I haven't been to my local pool for a while - the old one was demolished and a new sports centre built - with a very good pool - considerably further away. I've only swum their once, but, you guessed it, I thonged. I reasoned that if it was acceptable in the Victoria Swimming Baths it would be acceptable in the Alexandra Sports Centre. The unisex changing rooms were a bit of a surprise, and the distance from entrance to shower to lockers was quite long, but I traversed it in my thong, openly, but not obtrusively. The old one I use for pools has pretty much failed, so I replaced it with a Clothes2Pose item. Which I look forward to christening the next time I've got the time to get up there for my 100 lengths.
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