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Date Posted:05/23/2005 11:55:58Copy HTML

There was an article in The Arizona Republic newspaper that the use of sunscreens reduces your body's ability to produce vitamin D. Recent studies show vitamin D helps fight off most cancers.Sorry I don't know how to put a link to the article here but maybe one of you can. To find it go towww.azcentral.comand put vitamin d in the search wondow and it will take you to the article.
sarpedion #1

Re:Using sunscreen may increase your chances of cancer

Date Posted:05/23/2005 07:01:33Copy HTML

I've heard that same thing from CNN and WBZ radio news.I don't think that the experts are all that sure just what they are talking about,since they flip flop on so many issues.
JM_Runs #2

Re:Using sunscreen may increase your chances of cancer

Date Posted:05/23/2005 09:46:24Copy HTML

It's good for a body to get a little sun so that you make vitimin D.  Too much sun and you get skin cancer.  Too much sun too quick and you get burnt.  Sun block helps to prevent burning.  What they are saying is people who spend all their time indoors should get a little sun.  That while ghost look is only popular in dracular movies.  The ghosts should come out and play in the sun.  On the other hand people should take in sun slowly.  Getting any sort of burn is not good for you.  Suntan lotion regulates the rate of exposure. 

If you allmost never get in the sun, and then wear SPF 45 when you do, you my not get enough sun for regular vitiman D production.  The problem is that if liliy white person were to go out in the mid day sun with no block they would burn.  What they need is more time in the sun with an approprate block that allows gradual absorbtion of the sun.  It's like excersise.    You have to do some every week, over a year.  If you do it all at once it will kill you.  Same with the sun,  people need more time with less intencity.  If you try to get a years worth of exposure packed into a weeks vacation the results will just be a burn.

So do use a sun screen.  Don't get burned.   Just get a 'little' color as often as you can. 

If you are in Maine and the sun comes out for an hour at 6pm, you probaby dont need sun screen.  If you are from Maine and you hit the beach in Florida at 9am you NEED sun screen.



hunnger #3

Re:Using sunscreen may increase your chances of cancer

Date Posted:01/12/2019 02:56:20Copy HTML

OK, here's un update on the topic for us sun-loving beach "bums" that discusses the relationship between sun exposure and overall mortality rates:

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