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Date Posted:11/12/2018 03:25:31Copy HTML

Many years ago, I realized that utility workers were in the position to check out their customers in minimal swimwear or even in the buff.  Our house is older, and the meters are all inside (gas, electric, water).  This means there is a monthly parade of meter readers coming to the house, and wanting in.  We have learned that these people, like those in many professions, stumble across people in thongs or sometimes even nude.  In the summer, it is not unusual for someone to be out at the pool when a meter reader comes along.  After talking to a female electric meter reader, we decided that there really was no need to cover up, even when we were nude.  She said she sees both men and women who either are soaking up the sun, taking a dip in a pool or hot tub, or simply hanging around inside in the buff.   This occurs a couple of times a week for her.  She also said that minimal swimwear and people answering the door in minimal underwear are even more common.  She said she simply tells people if they start to cover up that they are alright and that she does not mind whatever they are or are not wearing.

Our bills show the day of the next reading, and Randy especially likes the cute young lady who comes to read the water meter.  She wears the traditional utility person uniform -- sort of a safari type look with either long pants or shorts, a button shirt, optional wide-brim hat, and heavy boots and socks.  The shirt has the company logo and she also wears the mandatory picture ID.  This is how he knows her name is Becky.  She probably is pushing the uniform limits by wearing her shorts extremely short and a somewhat too-tight shirt that she wears unbuttoned enough to show off some cleveage.  If she wears a bra, it does not cover much or provide much support.  

Whenever possible, Randy hangs around the house on water meter reading days, either in a thong, G-string, or sometimes nude.  She takes it all in stride, but always gives him a few compliments on his attire.  She also makes it a habit to chat with him for a minute or two, usually partly about improvements at the house, but she also includes some time to discuss his swiming and sunning preferences and to tell him she also enjoys the thonging life style.  Twice in the last few years, she had unbuttoned her shirt a little more to show Randy her tan lines (and breasts) better.  At the begining of last summer, she admitted to going topfree often after seeing Nikki in just a bottom, but said she had not progressed to total nudity yet.  In August, she told Randy excitedly that she was now taking her bottom off whenever she could, and we were her inspiration.  During our warm fall, we met her at Ceaser's Creek and she thonged with the rest of us like an old pro.  

Randy brought his Hobbie Cat (a dual hulled sail boat) along and she went out with him several times.  One time she came back without her bottom, telling us it had washed off the boat by a wave.  I never pushed her or Randy on why she had taken it off.  She had to spend the rest of the day in her shorts, but assured us that next time she would bring along another swimsuit, "just in case".

The electric and gas meter readers are usually men, and very tollerant of our lifestyle.  Like the water lady, they say they see it all.  Apparantly, there is a female neighbor who like Randy makes it a habit to let them see her in various stages of undress or in extreme swimwear.  We have also noticed that the guys who trim the trees away from the wires seem to visit our area a lot, and they do a very good and careful job to not just hack the wires back like some of the other crews do.  From their perch on the cherry picker, they can see into anyone's back yard.  They do make an effort to warn people that trimming will be happening, but most people apparently don't have issues with them getting a free show.  One reported that they get a lot of couples who give each other sensuous massages with sun tan stuff, and some go a lot further and are quite explicit.

I think the reason people are at ease with the meter readers is that they are supposedly safe, are always curtious, ask nicely if a person wants to cover up, and basically are very polite.  If everyone on the beach was just as polite to members of both sexes, and just as tollerant, there might be less fear of showing off our bodies and more acceptance of each person's preferences -- no matter how much or how little the beach goers might choose to wear.


NudeNArizona #1

Re:Utility Workers have Seen It All

Date Posted:11/13/2018 05:00:29Copy HTML

Traci, I couldn't agree more with your observations of utility workers, and yes everyone I have met has said the same thing, they have seen it all while working on the job. I know personally on multiple occasions we have been observerd or "caught" by utility workers, but when we are in our own fenced in back yard, they "should" have made the call telling us they were on their way. Shortly after we bought our house we were waiting to have DirecTV installed, and they gave us an install time of between 2-8 pm and said somebody needed to be at the house during this time, and that the driver would give us a call when he was leaving his last customer and was on his way. So Michelle had the day off to wait on the install and was laying out nude by our pool waiting for the call from DirecTV when I arrived home from work around 3:30 PM. When I arrive at my house I see the DirecTV van in my driveway and 2 installers on my roof, and I noticed both were looking at something very intently and didn't notice me pull in the driveway, so I walk inside the house and call out for Michelle, until I see her through the sliding glass doors laying on a lounger out by the pool completely nude and applying suntan oil all over her front, giving the DirecTV installers quite a show. So I walked out to the pool and ask her if she was aware the DirecTV installers were on our roof installing the antenna and she said "yes" but they were supposed to call before they arrived and she had a cover-up waiting for when they called, but about 15 minutes ago she noticed them on our roof and still had not received a call. So she figured they had already seen her naked she might as well put on a little show. As I was talking to her she received a phone call from one of the installers asking if someone could let them in the house to complete the install because they were finished on the roof. She said we are home and come to the front door, so a few minutes later there was a knock at the door and she met them at the door still nude and both guys mouthes dropped as she said come on in! Then one of the guys said "we can come back later, if you like" she said NO this is fine for us as she closed the door behind them, then proceeded to walk toward the great room to show them where we wanted the box set-up. Then the older guy said "if you need a few minutes to get dressed we can start installing the box for you" when Michelle said "since you have already seen me naked, I would prefer to stay this way, as long as it doesn't bother you, because I'm going back out to the pool and don't want to get oil all over my robe." Then they both started to apologize for not calling ahead. At this time I walked out from the bedroom nude and ask her "who are you talking too?" when they both turned and looked at me. I proceeded to greet them and tell them where I wanted the equipment, and said to them "I'm sure you don't mind us being nude, since I saw you both on the roof when I pulled in the driveway" both guys looked a little surprised by my statement but didn't disagree and continued on with the install without mentioning a word about our state of undress.
stringueur #2

Re:Utility Workers have Seen It All

Date Posted:11/14/2018 10:49:45Copy HTML

In my country, utility workers don't need to enter in your house because all the meters are outisde (in the street). Moreover, the meters are more and more connected so utility workers will disapper in a few years. Anyway, they were passing only 1 time a year. However, as we are more and more buying on internet, we receive more an more parcels. And the delivery worker are in a hury. They have little time to give you the parcel and to take your signature. So, when they ring to the door, you don't have the time to get dressed. You have to run to the door before they leave. And the delivery workers prefer you come to the door with your underwear or your swimwear than wasting time, even 2 minutes. So it is very usual that the delivery workers see me with my thong underwear or thong swimwear (in summer). They don't care because they want to go fast. However, i don't do it intentionnaly. if i don't have the time to get dressed, i don't have the time to get undressed intentionnaly. And you don't know when you receive a parcel.
JM_Runs #3

Re:Utility Workers have Seen It All

Date Posted:11/14/2018 02:49:24Copy HTML

We don't have utility workers, except the water meter readers who check the meters in the ground at the edge of the street. Our electric meters are remote read.

However I wear thongs very openly. At home, in the front yard, or talking to neighbours in the street. So everyone sees.  

The workers in garbage trucks, palm front pickup trucks, bulk trash trucks, and endless stream of yard workers who keep my neighbors yards trimmed. Everyone gets to look if they wish. We have construction workers building new houses where old ones got knocked down. In addition there are delivery men, UPS and the daily the mailman/women. And of course my neighbors, their kids and their friends. Oh and real estate agents holding open houses, and tourists who just drive by to come look at homes. 

That's on the front side. Behind my house is a canal. Across the canal there are two story apartments / rentals. So if I am out on the dock or boat passing boaters and people across the canal see I wear thongs or g-strings. 

Once you get to the point where you don't worry that people will be shocked or disapprove, you don't have to think about who you should be covering up for and who can get a peek. At that point thong life becomes much easier.  

It helps that thongs or very short shorts are what a normally wear, everywhere, to the point that people are surprised when I wear long pants.  It helps that I live in South Florida, where the weather is almost always hot, or at least warm enough for thongs. Mostly it is the courrage to not mind if some people disaprove. I am OK with that. That is their problem, in their own head. Not my problem at all.

The Swan #4

Re:Utility Workers have Seen It All

Date Posted:12/23/2018 03:23:09Copy HTML

I know in the various places I have lived, utility workers have seen me in everything from suit and tie, to nude.
rock_pile #5

Re:Utility Workers have Seen It All

Date Posted:12/23/2018 02:45:48Copy HTML

I've mentioned it here before, but mail carriers have seen it all. A long time ago I was a mail carrier. Normally mail or a parcel is dropped off in the customer's mail box or receptacle and its on to the next stop. Occasionally something would have to signed for. Some people don't wear much (or anything) especially during hot weather. And they really don't care. Stringuer is right. Delivery people are in a hurry.
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