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Date Posted:08/24/2016 04:29:30Copy HTML

Has anyone been to the Venetian Pool near Miami?
What is the scene?  Is it a thong friendly place?  The pictures look stunning.  This group should rent the place for their annual Thong Fest. 
2xist #1

Re:Venetian Pool Coral Gabels, FL

Date Posted:08/24/2016 04:14:44Copy HTML

 Great place. Not thong friendly!!!
sol_y_mar #2

Re:Venetian Pool Coral Gabels, FL

Date Posted:08/27/2016 03:54:08Copy HTML

Its a family place. I don't think you would be welcome in anything smaller than a speedo
lindros #3

Re:Venetian Pool Coral Gabels, FL

Date Posted:08/28/2016 02:50:14Copy HTML

I can't remember exactly where, perhaps it was the South Beach thread, but one of the members called up the Venetian Pool and asked if thongs were OK. They said yes, just can't be nude. I believe that member spent the day there in a thong and had a good time. It's south Florida, I can't imagine any place not being thong friendly down here.
BienDotado #4

Re:Venetian Pool Coral Gabels, FL

Date Posted:03/28/2019 01:57:02Copy HTML

I was at Venetian Pool in Miami on Tuesday and it was an awesome day

I am a member of this board however I do not wear thong swimsuits 

But I am a fan of skimpy swimsits and always wear very skimpy bikini type rio back swimsuits (little coverage the front and back with about an inch on the sides)

Lots of people but I guess not as many as on weekends.

Went with a female friend.She wore a normal bikini and I wore a bright neon green rio bikini

Not a problem at all (ZERO negative comments...or al least I never heard them) Received nice smiles from some girls and had  my picture taken twice.

We even went to the cafeteria to order food (without covering)

Very open minded swim facilty and awesome pool that has everything : lockers,several showers and reasonable priced food and drinks

Saw 2 guys with speedos .Almost the rest of them with dork shorts and a few with short shorts

 Lots of women in bikinis, several women in thongs and 2 with very minimal and revealing g-string bikinis (almost naked)

I definitely encourage thongers to go to Venetian Pool ...You will not be disappointed !

Better if you go with your girlfriend or female friend

If you are not brave enough to wear your thong just wear a skimpy rio bikini like I did

Many advantages of just wearing a skimpy bikini : people do not automatically assume you are gay, no need to hide,legal almost everwhere ,etc ,etc

I am lucky  enough that I am not really into wearing thongs  (I'm fully happy with my rio swimsuits and  I don't  need to have a piece of fabric in between my legs...ha ha ! )

Hope this feedback helps 

Don't forget to post your experience if you end up going

ithongit #5

Re:Venetian Pool Coral Gabels, FL

Date Posted:03/29/2019 06:23:13Copy HTML

From the various posts, it looks like thongs used to be very rare a few years back, but now are more common. I have seen this other places as well. Places where thongs used to be rare or even illegal and enforced by the law, are often at least thong tolerant. Actually a word meaning really acceptable might be more accurate. Even places where you would think thongs would not be permitted at all, are now letting people wear them. A few have even changed their "official" rules to eliminate any restrictions on thong swimwear, but many are at least informally letting thongers do their thing without harassment. And guys seem to be able to get into thonging a lot easier now also, although they are generally more reluctant to show their buns. The general attitude about thongs on men in many places has shifted from a "this is terrible and the guy must be gay" attitude to something along the lines of "I guess if a woman can wear one, a man should be able to wear one as well". But I also think that a lot of people, including many would would never wear a thong themselves, don't need a reason and simply don't care what others are wearing. As far as the gay stereotype, I think many people no longer make the connection (how often do you see obviously gay men wearing thongs in a public place?) I also think there is generally a better acceptance of Gays and Lesbians and that even people identified as living this lifestyle are often accepted as equals. I believe we will see more and more women -- especially women -- in minimal swimwear, but also see an increase in the number of men wearing the skimpier stuff. All this I think is due to the current fashion trend of cheeky swimwear so tiny that they are in reality true thongs.
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