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Date Posted:08/21/2008 02:15:00Copy HTML

Does anyone have any first hand information regarding actual thonging practice in and around Venice Florida? The Venice published city restrictions seem rather victorian.  Most Women's contemporary swimsuits would not strictly meet the anal cleft restriction or breast restriction as follows:

(1)   Naked  means insufficiently clothed so that the person has not covered, with fully opaque covering:  a.   The male or female genitals; b.   The male or female pubic area; c.   The male or female anal cleft; or d.   The areola of the female breast, and any portion of the female breasts below the top of the areola.

Please inform.
sarasotajt #1

Re:Venice Florida

Date Posted:07/10/2008 01:13:37Copy HTML

Regarding:  "Venice, FL and Nokomis, areas?  Such as Casey Key and Nokomis Beach?"

I've worn them there several times and seen others too.
Thongs are legal on Sarasota County beaches. Technically, they're illegal in the city limits of Sarasota which includes Lido beach. I've not seen this ban enforced in recent years, though I've seen one claim to the contrary.
barebunz #2

Re:Venice Florida

Date Posted:08/22/2008 09:14:00Copy HTML

 Don't know about the rest of Venice, but check the thread on Casperson Beach.  It became my favorite this summer.

In practice, thongs are common (relatively), topfree not unusual and nude happens.
beachfolks #3

Re:Venice Florida

Date Posted:08/22/2008 02:47:50Copy HTML

Looks like a Great beach-Is this beach outside Venice City limits?

Does Venice city patrol it?
okeemm #4

Re:Venice Florida

Date Posted:08/23/2008 12:28:22Copy HTML

Hi Beachfolks. You must go to Caperson Beach not Venice. Caperson is county beach and you will not have any problems. Wish I could be with you there. OKEEMM
beachfolks #5

Re:Venice Florida

Date Posted:08/23/2008 04:21:46Copy HTML

 Thanks-We'll be able to try it in October
barebunz #6

Re:Venice Florida

Date Posted:09/02/2008 11:00:32Copy HTML

Went to Casperson today and noticed a sign at the entrance saying the beach is patrolled by officers from Sarasota County AND the City of Venice.  I've seen no evidence this is a problem, just something to be aware of.
swflaguy #7

Re:Venice Florida

Date Posted:09/03/2008 07:05:05Copy HTML

 I was at Casperson in mid August wearing a thong. I didn't notice any signs but there were deputies of some kind driving the beach on 4 wheelers. I waived at them but didn't show them my bum. There were a few other thongin men out that day. One fellow from Polland told me it's not unusual for the patrol to cruise the beach. They move pretty slow so it's easy to see them.
tribijay #8

Re:Venice Florida

Date Posted:09/29/2008 07:02:04Copy HTML

can anyone suggest a good place to stay while visiting Venice and Casperson beach?
bigbuzz #9

Re:Venice Florida

Date Posted:10/01/2008 01:46:34Copy HTML

Tribijay- There is a Holiday Inn not far from the beach on US41 that is nice and clean. It is about a 15 minute drive to Casperon Beach.  There are restaurants within walking distance. I spent almost 4 monts there back in 2005 working storm damage in Port Charlotte.  Rooms were clean and staff was friendly. We went down there about 3 weeks ago and stopped in after a day at the beach and used the pool. I would not put this on a 4 star list as maintenance is lacking in certain areas. But for the money and convenience it aint bad.
Vega1210 #10

Re:Venice Florida

Date Posted:03/18/2019 11:00:50Copy HTML

Will be in venice beach towards the end of this year and wanted to get ideas of what beaches and areas i can wear a thong at?  My wife will be with me as well and hope to get her in a thong as well as long as its legal.  Any recommendations of where you can wear a thong at and its 100% legal?

sunup #11

Re:Venice Florida

Date Posted:03/19/2019 12:01:56Copy HTML

Vega, I prefer Caspersen's which is just south of Venice.  Parking is free and there are showers between the lot and the beach. Walk south about 1/2 mile and you will find lots of fellow thongers.  You may encounter some textile walkers who are shell looking, but they mind their own business; plus they are used to seeing thongers. My second choice is Turtle Beach on Siesta Key which is north of Venice. Here there is less of  a walk.  Over the dunes and you're there. Turtle is thong friendly but not as isolated as Caspersen"s. Thongs are legal at all county parks in Sarasota County. Enjoy!  Late fall is a fabulous time for this area.

lindros #12

Re:Venice Florida

Date Posted:03/19/2019 02:48:55Copy HTML

Be aware that thongs are illegal at Venice beach (since it's owned by the city not Sarasota county).

Caspersen is my favored beach in the area and it's right next to Venice beach. You can wear a thong or g-string anywhere on Caspersen. If you want to be with others wearing a thong or go nude then take a walk about 0.5-1.0 mile south.

J_R_365 #13

Re:Venice Florida

Date Posted:03/19/2019 03:13:12Copy HTML

From a 2010 article in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune:

    The beach is advertised on a “thongboard” for people who like to wear thongs and g-strings to the beach and on the Internet as a place to go for nude swimming.

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