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Date Posted:05/28/2003 09:42:44Copy HTML

ANYWHERE between Rose ave. in the north down south to Voyage st. just north of the marina del rey channel entrance. it has been my experience that weekdays are better than weekends. All the men (wearing thongs or not) have always been very well behaved. There is always a good mix of individuals or families of every age, gender, race and obviously choice in swim/sunwear (10-15% women and 2-3% men in thongs) at these beaches; no one has ever said anything negative, not even the police or lifeguards (they have other more important things to do than to mind someone with their *ss hangin' out.) although I am told that they have to respond if there is a citizens complaint but unless your butt-naked or obviously obscene or discusting most people just figure that you're just part of the Venice mystique and colorfulness.This last summer, sometime in Aug. I was taken a walk down the beach and a family group made up of mostly mid to late teens and a few older aunts and unckles types started to whoot and whistle as I went by. I ignored them as I wasn't sure what their intent was (although I believe it was all in fun). That's all. Lots of smiles and embarrased looks but nothing negative, ever.
barebottom01 #1

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:05/28/2003 03:47:31Copy HTML

I too have noticed that there seem to be fewer thongers out during the weekends, which when I usually go. Only negative comments were from some junior high kids who I overheard saying, "Hey, look at that guy...that's sick!" Oh well, who cares what a bunch of 13 year olds think...I shall continue to enjoy my hobby.
Anonymous #2

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:05/31/2003 12:47:42Copy HTML


Any time I have visited Los Angeles, I have always gone to Venice Beach, and I have always found fellow thong wearers. The section immediately in front of the beach parking lot tends to be more family-oriented, but if you go to the right, past trhe rocks, you will find a lot of brief swimwear. I met one guy three weeks ago in one of the sexist thongs I'd ever encountered - narrow in front and pushing his equipment up and out, and he said he'd bought it in one of the swimwear shops right on Ocean Front Walk.

I've also had a good time at Will Rogers Beach which is generally regarded as a gay beach - but this is one where both gays and straights wear thongs. (I've found lately that gays are getting surprisingly conservative in their swimwear). Anyway, last summer, my girlfriend and I saw five guys at Will Rogers, all of whom were wearing extreme thong designs which I suspect came from Koala. One of the guys was wearing a thong which fitted closely around his shaft, another wore one which was almost transparent. But they told us they'd never been hassled once.

barebottom01 #3

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/03/2003 03:18:40Copy HTML

Went out to Venice today, my first thong outing of the season. I camped out a little south of Galleon. As with most of my visits, I appeared to be the only thonger around (actually, there weren't many people around at all). I used crappy sunscreen so now I have a sunburn on my back and little on my butt. But, once I recover, I'll be back out again with stronger sunscreen!
armand_galleon #4

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/15/2003 01:21:45Copy HTML

I just got back from my Roatan vacation (see further under caribbean destinations). I went to Venice beach and I found it unusually empty (although it never is crowded at least along the A-Z avenues). I was near my usual spot, more toward Ketch actually and I'm sorry to report there were in the hour that I was there no women in thongs. An older man in a ill fitting g-string and a better fit man in a thong. Today I am going for a walk and see what is down the beach...

jgsm #5

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/16/2003 04:43:27Copy HTML

It is certainly more fun at Venice during the week, with more thongs and adults in general.  I actually also try to avoid July and August when the teenager quotient is highest, but you can really wear a thong almost anytime at Venice.
JM_Runs #6

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/28/2004 04:21:25Copy HTML

Armand Galleon,

Can you suggest a good place to park near Venice Beach on the weekend and weekday? Thanks.

armand_galleon #7

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/30/2004 03:54:13Copy HTML

It all depends at what time you arrive. Safest bet to close parking regardless of time is the paid lots right next to the beach; there are many of them, one at Rose Ave. Another a block south of Venice blvd. yet another at the end of Washington blvd.

If you get there early enough (before 10am) on a summer sat or sun you can find free street parking a block or two from the boardwalk. I would get there early, get a cup of coffee, rent a bike and ride for an hour or so, stop for lunch and then find a nice spot to lay out.

Weekdays the crowds are reduce by 60 to 80 percent so finding a good parking space within a block from the beach is a safe bet almost any time of the day. After 12PM on a sunny sat/sun be ready to pay or walk a good six to 12 blocks from your car to the beach. Although some neighborhoods of Venice look a little iffy I've never heard of any vandalism done to cars while park in the residential streets of Venice. This of course is only valid during day light hours 'cause after dark I wouldn't recommend anyone not familiar with Venice to walk down "some" of its streets so if you plan to stay and view the sunset be safe, be smart and pay for a space at a lot right at the beach.

...and remember, unless you're behaving weird no one cares what you're wearing on the beach (or even the boardwalk!) so relax and enjoy!

...and post regarding your experience!!!

JM_Runs #8

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/01/2004 03:56:45Copy HTML

Thanks, Armand. I am planning to wear a very low Dore string thong. I'll actually take a couple of styles probably and decide when I get there. I get into LA around 11 am on Sat., so hope to hit the beach around 1 pm after finding my hotel and lunch. I know it will be hard to find parking at this point, but I'll try. Plan to come on Sun early, 9 am likely and spend the whole day. I'll probably just walk around and find a good place to lay. Do people walk the beach and boardwalk in thongs? Is the water warm?
armand_galleon #9

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/02/2004 10:04:29Copy HTML

Reply to : Sun4Bare

The majority of people who walk in thongs are those who go to and from the water. Very very few walk the length of the beach, even fewer walk down the boardwalk although every now and then you'll see a brave soul rollerblading along the bike path in a thong. The nice part is that almost everyone will stop for a second to see this brave person, but no one complains, makes rude remarks; generally they'll just go back to whatever they were doing... or so has been my experience.
The water is NOT warm. It's not cold but it all depends on your preference. So far the local water temperature has been hovering between 63 and 67 degrees F. I go surfing almost everyday but without a wetsuit the water is too cold if you stay in for more than 10 to 15 minutes.
I have added some maps to my yahoo photo account:


of places in Venice beach to thong comfortably and recommended places to park your car.
A few remarks:
The length of the beach I have colored in green and its all good, no problems.
A couple of sections I have colored yellow which means a little more crowded, especially along the water.
Red means VERY crowded, especially in the summer and more so on the weekends.
The yellow highlights are recommended places to park for free. The earlier the closer but it is all within walking distance.

Have fun!
JM_Runs #10

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/02/2004 01:23:53Copy HTML

I was there a few years ago and the end of Washington and south seemed thong friendly. 

JM_Runs #11

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/06/2004 01:21:52Copy HTML

Thanks, Armand.

Venice beach seems more tame than I had expected from its legendary status. I'll probably stick to hanging out south of Washington Blvd. as I don't want to be in the middle of crowds. The maps will be very helpful. Hope it'll be sunny! Thanks again.

JM_Runs #12

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/31/2004 10:52:40Copy HTML

Went to Venice beach August 8th, a Sunday. Unfortunately it was a gray, cloudy day and not very warm. I spent 2 hour waiting for the clouds to go away before I finally left. A ten minute drive inland later and there was plenty of sunshine. So I went back to the beach later in the afternoon, and it's cloudy and gray still over the entire beach. How odd. Too bad, I didn't get to experience a thong day at Venice.
armand_galleon #13

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/01/2004 12:56:09Copy HTML

Reply to : Sun4Bare

'sorry to hear that. This summer has been unusually cool. Even now it's overcast until about noon. It's called a costal eddy and the beaches remain under a blanket of low clouds/fog until the afternoon. A few blocks inland it's bright sunshine, go figure!
Unfortunately thongs this summer were for the most part AWOL a trend that started last year with the advent of the boyshorts. A fat america doesn't help, women are generally so self-conscious as is. But fashions return and there is only so many types of swimwear fashions that thongs should return very shortly.
For future reference the sun will (nearly) always come out in the afternoon; july, august and september are the best months.
shs92645 #14

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:12/21/2004 11:11:26Copy HTML

Good Morning All,

I am coming out to LA for a conference at the end of January....is there any possibility that at that time of year the weather would be warm enough to sun on the beach???  I have been to Venice Beach before - about 10 years ago and that was in November.  Also, rather than rent a car for a beach outing (the conference is at an airport hotel), what might I expect to pay for a cab from the airport to the end of Washington if indeed the weather does cooperate??  Appreciate any info. from you folks in sunny southern California!!

armand_galleon #15

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:12/23/2004 07:48:34Copy HTML

If you've seen the RoseBowl Parade you know we have great weather in January 1st! However, by the end of january it may be very cold indeed. But you never know. Either way Venice is nearly empty with a cold breeze blowing off the ocean by noon time, sand too may be blowing...but then again we've had freak heat waves and everyone goes to the beach. The moral, come prepare. Taxi should be about 20 bucks one way. Check with the bus system as buses go right down Washington and Pacific ave.
Another alternative may be to head inland as the weather, if it's not raining, will definately be warmer. Think Palm Springs. There are several clothing optional and nudist resort in the greater Palm Spring area. You'll need to rent a car to get out there, it's about a two hour drive from the airport.
swoontogo #16

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/29/2005 02:37:03Copy HTML

i was fortunate enough to get to venice three days last week - thursday, friday, and sunday. all three days i was between galleon and ketch, and all three days i saw a few fellow thongers - more men than women. one day there was a very attractive woman in a tiny pink g-string, and sunday there was a very built and tan man in a tiny lime green g-string. i was the only that i noticed who would walk down to the water to take a dip - most others just stay in their spot and tan. i, myself, have a slightly better than average physic, but feel very comfortable in a thong or g-sting on venice beach. it is great to be able to get to the beach and wear as little as possible, and is always nice to not be the only one doing so. i look forward to making it out there as much as possible while the weather is still nice, and look forward to seeing more of you readers out there as well.
ThonginMN #17

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/03/2005 09:00:56Copy HTML

Nice beaches out there. I was at Santa Monica Beach up the coast from Venice and the first spot on the beach I walked up to I saw a woman topless and in a thong! Alas, that is the one of the few people wearing a thong. Most other people seemed to be Spanish speakers wearing full body suits??
armand_galleon #18

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:11/17/2005 12:39:50Copy HTML

Today will be a great day for sunshine and little wind. No crowds.
Did I say no crowds? I mean, NO crowds! Maybe a person here and a person there. Joggers, walkers, yes but hardly anyone laying out.
Along Pacific ave. you'll find plenty of free parking. I go north of Washington Blvd.
Officially thongs have never been allowed but the law also is never enforced. Not enforced when the beach is crowded in the middle of summer, never in mid fall.
sluha #19

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:11/17/2005 08:03:36Copy HTML

Hey Armand,

Thanks for your suggetion!  I actually was at Hurricane St.  It was great!  I browned my buns!  Beautiful day!  You are right, there were no problems!  Thanks again,  Bruce

armand_galleon #20

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:11/17/2005 12:13:30Copy HTML

I've moved and I live now in Hermosa Beach; that's were I was today for about an hour and a half (I took the day off!). I still work in the Venice area and that's where I will still go on good days after work. With the cooling down and the early sunsets I'm not planning any more beach days till next spring. Armand.
swoontogo #21

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:01/06/2006 07:29:41Copy HTML

i made it out to venice yesterday - it was beautiful - it was about 80 degrees and very warm. i love the idea of sunning on the beach in early january! i think that i was the only person out tanning, unfortunately, because it was perfect. but there were a lot of people out walking and running. would have liked to have made it out again today - but too busy. see you out there next sunny, warm day.
xlnt12pix #22

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/03/2006 02:40:31Copy HTML

I always wear my thong on the board walk and enjoy visiting the shops. People have usually been very accepting and I have never felt  a threat .  I look forward to seeing my fellow thongers on the  "  walk ".
Thonger #23

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/06/2006 02:14:25Copy HTML

Great to see the above comment.  My Venice routine, besides laying out in the sand, is also to walk the boardwalk.  I've had a couple of wolf whistles from the vendors and even then nothing negative.  Maybe once I got a "hey man - put some clothes on" from a drugged out crazy looking homeless person, but even this garnered only a laugh from those who heard him.  The overwhelming majority of times its just tourists wanting my picture or their picture with me.   I'm in the shops, checking out the vendors, hanging aout at the drum circle; just acting naturally like any other beach goer.  I've spoken with the police a time or two - no problem with them either.  I suppose I add to the local color and contribute to the Venice allure which attracts the tourists.   I prefer a weekday but also go on weekends.  Sunday afternoon seems to be gang day.

See you there.

swoontogo #24

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/06/2006 07:21:58Copy HTML

was out at venice beach again today, right around the ketch lifeguard tower. what an amazing day - around 80 degrees - in february! very few people on the beach - saw one other thonger closer towards the marina. hopefully will get another chance to head out this week if the weather sticks around!
pedalpower50 #25

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/09/2006 06:33:50Copy HTML

It was another beautiful day at Venice Beach, with temps in the 80s and sunny skies. After laying out two days earlier this week close to the Marina Del Rey channel, I decided to try the area near the Ketch lifeguard station mentioned by swoontogo. There was a guy there in a g-string. I'm hoping to go back tomorrow around noon.
swoontogo #26

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/09/2006 08:19:09Copy HTML

yes, i was out there again today - fortunately - what an amazing day. i spotted 3 other thongers on the beach today, 2 other guys (i am guessing that pedalpower50 is one one that showed up on the bicycle), and a very attractive woman not to far from me. we are so blessed to have access to such an amazing and peaceful beach - i wish i could get out there every day. enjoy your day tomorrow and this weekend - looks like the warm weather is going to stick around another week. 
JM_Runs #27

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/10/2006 03:36:18Copy HTML

I found a parking spot on Topsail, yesterday. Layed out pretty close to the Topsail lifeguard stand in a white Skinz thong. What a beautiful day it was! Sunny, warm, and no breeze at all.
swoontogo #28

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/15/2006 12:14:59Copy HTML

was lucky enough to make it out again on monday 2/13. another amazing day in february - between 80-85 degrees, and very sunny. a good number of people made it out to the beach because of the weather - a couple of other thongers. glad i got to enjoy it while i could, looks like the regular february weather is back.
Dipster733 #29

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/28/2006 09:17:58Copy HTML

I just returend from my spring break vacation in socal and had to make a stop at Venice beach. Sadly the weekend was overcast and kinda cold, so i didn't get to wear my Low cut dore thong out there  However the beach looked very pristine and beautiful. I parked at the parking lot at the end of washington and walked south toward the Galleon and Ketch towers (which I've read about on this board).  

I was wondering how busy the beach is during the summer? Also what about the houses behind the beach??? any lookie-loos or comments from them?

Hopefully once the semester ends i can play another trip to socal when its warm

armand_galleon #30

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/29/2006 10:07:29Copy HTML

May is a beautiful month. June is gloom. July is hit and miss but generally a safe bet, especially after the 4th. August is perfect and September even better as the summer crowds are gone for good. October isn't bad and last year I had my last beach day in November.

In terms of crowds: weekends are busy as are holiday weekends. Near the water and near the piers it's always busy but if you want some privacy just lay your towel down away from the water and the piers and lifeguard towers and you'll be left all alone. I'm not shy so you will often find me very near the high tide water line, just to one side or the other of the Ketch tower.

In all the years I've been going to Venice no local resident has ever said anything, one way or the other, I guess they're used to it!

I've been in one of those homes overlooking the beach and unless you have a powerful telescope, there isn't much to see, really! The sun sets in the west and by 1 or 2 PM the sun is in such a position that from the houses all you see is just a lot of silluettes.

Make sure you report back regarding your next visit!


swoontogo #31

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:04/19/2006 12:15:06Copy HTML

Yesterday was apparently g-string day at Venice. From where I was sitting, I could see at least 3 other guys in g-strings, and one very attractive woman. It was a lovely day, the sun was warm and the breeze was cool. I wish that I could make it out again today, it is supposed to be even warmer - maybe tomorrow.
swoontogo #32

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:05/16/2006 07:25:34Copy HTML

There certainly is not an issue with them in Venice.   The only other LA area beach that I have thonged/g-stringed on is in Malibu.   To be honest, Ii am not clear on the legality of the situation, but I have never had a single issue in the last several years.  Hope that you have fun and enjoy our local beaches.
pedalpower50 #33

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:05/19/2006 03:43:57Copy HTML

tbmike: g-strings should be fine, especially on Venice Beach. However, you should be aware of an L.A. phenomenon known as May Gray/June Gloom. It's the time of year when the marine layer flows inland just about every night, causing low clouds and fog. Sometimes it burns off by noon, other days it doesn't really burn off at all. It's more likely to be sunny inland than at the beaches. Your best bet for good weather on the beaches will be in the afternoon. Temps will most likely be cool, in the 60s to low 70s, even with the sun. However, the sun is pretty potent here, so that's warm enough to lay out unless it's real windy.

I'm new to L.A., so perhaps someone else has more precise info. Good luck!

gback #34

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:05/20/2006 05:09:37Copy HTML

I have been wearing g-strings on Los Angeles and Santa Monica beaches for years without a problem. I wear the smallest Koala Swimwear styles that still just barely cover, such as Perfection, Fake-Out Thong, Dark Side, and Shaved Fury. The police and lifeguards are friendly and will nod, smile, or wave as they go by in their trucks and SUVs. The best place (less crowds, more sand) is on Venice Beach around the Ketch and Galleon Streets lifeguard towers. I have also been to Will Rogers beach at the foot of Santa Monica Canyon, but it's more crowded and the water quality is not as good. If you arrive early, the very few people who have a problem with you will set up camp elsewhere when they arrive. But most of the locals just don't care what you wear. Very rarely, I've heard a giggle coming from a gaggle of teens that might walk by.
JM_Runs #35

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:05/20/2006 05:21:01Copy HTML

I have to agree with all of you - swoontogo, pedalpower50, and gback.

Especially the part about the police and the lifeguards. As they drive by, if you make eye contact with them, they will wave in a friendly manner to you.

I think their main concern is to keep the beach safe and especially alcohol-free. I've seen people get citations for bringing alcohol on the beach.

Seriously, though, if you are on Venice Beach just do it!

And let's hope we have an early end this year just like last year to the May Gray and June Gloom.

I've also thonged way down by the lifeguard stand Topsail. For me it all depends on where I find the free parking on Pacific or on those little streets that actually meet the sand.

greg barkus #36

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/06/2006 06:18:21Copy HTML

I went to Venice Beach June 4 and 5 2006, Sunday and Monday.  Sunday was very crowded, was wearing g-string in tan color.  Walked a ways on boardwalk and got several compliments and request for pics.  Two young women sitting down introduced to me, one saying she and her girlfriend have been shy to wear their thongs on boardwalk so far but want to start this summer.  Monday was foggy until 2 or so, weather not too good and few people.  Lots of construction going on also, more on Monday - between Washington and main Venice beach area near basketball courts.

Anybody know if Knit Wit Kelly Swimwear Store still is in business?  They were on Washington / Ocean Blvd until a year or 2 ago.   Also - how is Will Rogers compared to Venice near Washington, main Venice, and Santa Monica between Pico and Ocean Park?  If I remember right temps at Will Rogers may be higher and with less fog?   Thanks.

armand_galleon #37

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/07/2006 09:16:06Copy HTML

May is usually nice but this year it was very gloomy. June is supposed to be gloomy but it started with a heat wave. Now on the 7th it's back to its usual gloom which will remain, up and down the entire coast of california, for the rest of the month. It might clear up but don't bet on it. The sure bet to a great sunny southern california beach day is more or less after the 4th of July.
Congrats greg, as walking along the boardwalk in just a thong is a brave thing to do. Although no one will say anything, it does attract a lot of attention and so much attention makes most people feel a little self-conscious.
Knit Wit lost their lease to their building and when I last spoke with the owner of the shop she was thinking of maybe renting a little space inside one of the local body building gyms in the area since they (professional body builders and the magazines that photograph them) are such regular customers of hers. I don't know if she has re-open anywhere.
The weather doesn't vary too much in the santa monica bay. The southbay near palos verdes may on any day have a cooler/foggier weather pattern than the northbay near santa monica/malibu, or it could just as easy be the other way around. In other words: drive down to the beach, is the beach fogged in? drive to the other side of the bay. Even then the weather may be the same everywhere but give it a few hours and it should clear up by mid morning. If it hasn't clear up by noon, chances are it won't clear until well pass 3:00 PM
Where the temperatures are usually warmer than anywhere else is in the south long beach area. I've never thong there but there are some locals who post here who say it's alright.
I hope this helps.

max77056 #38

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/10/2006 06:38:39Copy HTML

thanks armand_galleon for the update on KnitWit. I wondered what happened as I always used to check out that place when in SoCal. When i was there last summer It had become something else...another bikini shop but nothing like KnitWit. Dee Dee was cool and I liked that they had the walls covered with photos from their customers. People would send in their shots from various places and she would hang them on the walls. Let us know if you hear of her opening anything else. She carried a large range of micros and you could try anything on. I always got several suits from them. Was sad to see it go.......I know she did great business.     
greg barkus #39

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/11/2006 03:31:45Copy HTML

Thanks Armand for all the excellent feedback.

Knit Wit was a great store - and I think I noticed it missing last summer too like Max.

I have explored Long Beach a bit - Los Alamitos Bay was my favorite but still Venice / Santa Monica is to me the best.

I remember the early 90's - thongs were pretty popular for women and men too at Venice - it seems to me that has changed some but Venice and Santa Monica still rock.

Looks like Venice is getting some major renovation!

pedalpower50 #40

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/19/2006 01:49:27Copy HTML

I finally made it back out to Venice Beach on Sunday ... sadly for the first time in two months. I set up near the Ketch lifeguard station. It was a beautiful day, with lots of sun and temps in the 70s. There was a refreshing breeze off the ocean that complemented the warm rays of the sun.

While there was a decent crowd, I saw no others in thongs or g-strings. They seem much more common on weekdays. The beach is very wide in that area and most people set up near the ocean. That leaves plenty of room to set up farther back from the ocean and away from the crowd, if that's your pleasure.

Parking is a problem at Venice Beach, so I ended up parking a half-mile away and walking to the beach. Next time I'll try to get there earlier. I don't know if the beach parking lot at Washington Ave. was full, although there was a long line leading to it at 1 p.m. I believe it's $7 during the summer.

The June gloom hasn't been too bad, although I can't really compare it to past years. Even on days that begin cloudy, the sun usually breaks through by 10 or 11 a.m. However, sometimes the low clouds and fog roll in again by 6 p.m.

Has anybody else been out lately?
swoontogo #41

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/20/2006 01:00:58Copy HTML

i made it out last friday afternoon. the weather was perfect, just a tad on the hot side. i usually see at least one other thonger out there, but not from my vantage point on friday (near the ketch life guard tower). as far as hooking up as a group, i have not seen that, but most of the people i see in thongs end up congregating in roughly the same area anyway, so it feels like a loosely knit group. i love to go by myself to read and tan and relax, but it is nice when you can see like minded people around you. i cannot say how great venice is for thonging/stringing. i never feel uncomfortable or out of place there. when it is warm, it is just a great place to sun, swim, and relax. i hope that this proves to be a great, sun-filled summer.
armand_galleon #42

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/20/2006 10:18:35Copy HTML

Today I only had time during my lunch time to go out and "check things out". I took my beach chair but did not undress 'cause if I did I know I wouldn't have made it back to work! I sat there and for about a half hour I just enjoyed the sun and the breeze, drifted in and out of a nap as a big swell crashed with monster waves not far from me. A really cute 20 something girl in a small rio type of suit sat near by. Every summer a good number of Brazilians show up to this beach (I assume they're Brazilians from the combination tan/mulatto skin tone and the Portuguese they speak). She was alone but I call her Brazilian 'cause the women have a unique way of tying their tops across their backs. Anyway, just about the time that I was drifting back to conscienciouness she got up and went for a dip. God, some Brazilians sure are well put together!
I'll try to make it back there tomorrow if the weather cooperates (it was a little hazy today with a somewhat cool breeze blowing at about 7 to 10 knots straight on shore).
I too like the idea of a loosely connected tribe of thongers within the general area, male and female. It's always a little creepy (to me anyway) to rendezvous with "strangers". As a beach goer I like to surf (early in the morning before the winds) or layout and read/nap; not socialize, unless of course I go with someone I know well but even with them I read and nap or surf and casually make a comment, ask a question, give and answer but not blabber off as I find loud talkers around me distracting from my primary interest while on the beach: to relax and enjoy the day. I'm not even a big freeze-bee/paddle board or even beach volleyball player as these activities first need other players (I'm thinking players who know how to play) or just seem for me personally to cut into my relaxed state of mind enjoyment of the day. (Although I have to admit there is something "sexy" about playing freeze-bee in a thong!)

pedalpower50 #43

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

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I agree with armand_galleon and swoontogo. I like to go to the beach to relax and catch some rays. Just seeing other like-minded individuals in the vicinity is good enough for me. Not that I'm against saying hello to others, mind you, but I think we do more good if we're spread out over the beach.

BTW, I saw a couple of guys on Sunday who were playing freeze-be, as you call it, in speedos and square cut suits. At least they weren't wearing board shorts.
armand_galleon #44

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

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Those should be the Brazilians! (walk by and listen and you'll hear Portuguese--it sounds like Spanish but with ice cubes in their mouths!)

armand_galleon #45

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/28/2006 08:33:24Copy HTML

Ahh! midweek at Venice!
I got there about 11 AM and right away a nice looking girl (Ironsides Ave.) gets up to get cooled off and guess what she's wearing? Ah! you guys guessed, a thong!! Later another one in a rio back suit felt comfortable enough to let it ride up AND take her top off!
But life got in the way and I had to leave just when it was starting to get good!
Come visit, you won't be disappointed--the weather this June has been unbelievable!

swoontogo #46

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

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i made it out yesterday - the weather was perfect - hot and sunny. there was an attractive woman in a thong near me at the ketch lifegaurd tower. i also saw another woman with a black g-string a few towers south when i went for a walk. water was very nice as well. did not notice any other fellow thong men - surprisingly. would love to make it out again today - we'll see.

ps. armand, you have mentioned several times of topless sightings. i have not seen a single one in my years of going to venice - unfortunately.
armand_galleon #47

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/29/2006 03:18:47Copy HTML

In regards to toplessness,
They're not as common as thongs which are themselves not common (10-30 percent on women, 1 to 5 percent on men)
I've noticed them once in a while, usually early around 10 AM and after 4 PM and always while laid out (not walking around but once)
to avoid the busy part of the day while more people are enjoying a stroll along the beach I usually will take a walk around 10 AM and after 3PM and that's when I've noticed them.
To worthy mentions: One, a bodybuilder(?) a couple of years ago would lay out right next to the galleon tower around 9 to 11 AM If the beach was not crowded she would take a little walk to the water's edge for a quick cool down dip before going home. Two: A cute asian woman about 20ish in a g-string a topless was there with a bodybuilder(?) boyfriend also in a g-string just about everytime I was there for two summers.
Anywho, wear dark sunglasses and don't rubberneck too much (it ain't cool) and leave the binoculars at home!

clubthongs #48

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

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We're headed up to Marina Del Rey today for a sailboat race back to San Diego that starts tomorrow.  We plan to hit Venice early this afternoon to enjoy this great June weather we've been having in So Cal!
armand_galleon #49

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

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Here is an interesting observation:
Today was another fine day at Venice beach. When I got there there was a dad/adult with two girls about 12 and a boy about 8. They were playing in the surf. To my surprise when they saw (what I thought was me) one of the girls said loudly, "look at that person!" and stared in my direction. I pretended I did not hear them (they did not sound judgemental, but more surprised!) I was a little troubled because this has never happened to me.
A little later a man down the beach in a g-string went for a dip. One of the girls started to say, "That man is naked, that man is naked" to which the other little girl looked and both were, for the entired time he walked to and from the water, transfixed. They giggled a little and actually got a little closer to better see.
When it was all over they came back to their towels and the first one said again, "look at that person again, I think he's wearing his underwear and doing karate" They were still looking in my direction but not at me but to a man behind me that I had forgotten all about after I got there. He was standing about in what it looked like his tighty-whities doing what looked like an ackward version of karate/joga god-knows-what.
As to their reactions of me in a hawaiian print blue thong, noneexistent.
A little while longer a late teen girl, in a rio cut suit and about 17; a boy about 16 then the father and another teen boy (twin?) spanish speakers from what sounded south american did not even blink an eye as they passed right by me; not even a look back. But, then the same guy down the beach got up again for a dip the father noticed him right away and the teens did too yet their comments were more of surprise rather than indignantion. They all kept on looking. The father then said, "it's a little string and a pouch." The teens lost interest but the father kept on looking for a while longer.
Oh, I forgot to mention: When the little girls were shouting, "look at him, he's naked!" I thought the father would have in all concern raised his head to see what was going on. He never looked up. He was only interested to keep an eye on the kids as they played in the surf.
...How about that for disinterest in regular thongs at Venice!

pedalpower50 #50

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/02/2006 03:36:01Copy HTML

Another beautiful day at Venice Beach. Surprisingly, it wasn't very crowded (near the Ketch lifeguard tower between Washington Blvd. and the Marina Del Rey channel) despite being a holiday weekend. I saw a couple of guys in g-strings but none on women although a few wore suits with small rio-cut backs.

A young couple set up about 20 feet from me and my wife and the woman took off her top and laid on her back to catch some rays. This was not more than 200 feet from the Ketch lifeguard tower. No one seemed to much notice, although a group of three twenty-something couples walked by at one point and the guys noticed. They gawked a little and said something to their girlfriends in a good-natured way. I imagine they were asking why they didn't go topfree too.

Others on this board have reported recent topfree sightings at Venice Beach, so it'll be interesting to see if this is the start of a trend.
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