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greg barkus #51

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/10/2006 04:23:11Copy HTML

Hi -

I have read many messages on this thread referring to the Ketch tower, and possibly also the ?
galleon? tower?

I am wondering exactly is the Ketch tower? I am very familiar with Washington Ave, the pier there, and the area south of the pier which directly fronts the parking lot. In my experience south of the parking lot appeared whenever I looked to be nearly empty and is a very wide beach - but that is only as far as my eye can see - I have never walked far south of the parking lot area south of the pier at washington ave.

I usually stay between washington pier and santa monica pier when going to the venice / santa monica area beaches.

Anyhow - any specific input on exactly where is the ketch tower much appreciated. I'm curious if it is the tower closest south of the washington pier - or is further down than the eye can see from the washington pier.

On a side note - I have been to venice / santa monica a few times the last couple weeks and I agree with the rest of you the weather has been very awesome !

On a second side note .. relating to topless women at Venice. I've seen only two I believe in over 10 years - I probably average 10 visits a year to this beach over those years. The most recent occasion was a few years ago. I recall it because I was very surprised when a topless women who was not very far from where I was sitting was asked by a lifeguard to put her top on! I believe this is very uncommon - but I heard the lifeguard say that "children were around" and that she would have to put her top on. What surprised me just as much is that I was wearing a thong or g-string (don't recall) - and was not asked to put on shorts.

I believe the way it works at Venice is that there is rarely any problem unless somebody complains and then .. possibly .. a lifeguard may say something.

Anyway great postings.

swoontogo #52

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/11/2006 12:15:51Copy HTML

i was able to make it out again on monday. very quite day on the beach - few people, and did not spot any other thongers. but the weather was great - light breeze, the sun was hot, and the water was refreshing. i was surprised there were so few people out. regarding the galleon and ketch towers, they are south of the washington parking lot, and the beach does appear less populated in that direction. i usually set up myself some near the ketch tower, and i usually see at least a few other thongers.
armand_galleon #53

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/11/2006 01:10:50Copy HTML

The order of streets south of the Washington pier are in alphabetical order and in a nautical theme. They are:
Anchorage(with lifeguard tower), Buccaneer, Catamaran, Driftwood(tower), Eastwind, Fleet, Galleon(tower), Hurricane, Ironsides, Jib, Ketch(tower), Lighthouse, Mast, Northstar, Outrigger, Privateer(tower), Quarterdeck, Reef, Spinnaker, Topsail(tower), Union Jack, Voyage, Westwind, Yawl, and Via Marina Circle(tower) (why no "Z"? I don't know!)
From the pier and along the water all the way down to the Marina del Rey's rock jetties/marina entrance it is about 2,000 yards/1,800 metres, or about 1.15 miles.
From the pier to ketch is about 1/2 mile. There is always some parking along Pacific ave.
I have noticed that there is a lot less toplessness since 9-11 but Venice still gets plenty of European visitors and all they need to know is that "it is OK" and their tops are off. This means that we need some volunteers to get the ball rolling. Anyone interested?!

greg barkus #54

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/12/2006 05:02:51Copy HTML

Thanks Armand !

You gave me all the info and more. That is good to know I am totally unfamiliar with that area but will have to check out that section of beach soon. Who knows I may find a new favorite beach area...


socalthongman #55

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/20/2006 12:02:03Copy HTML

Last Friday between Galleon and Ketch towers, I saw what I thought I would never see at a local beach.  I know there are posts for this, but since I don't get to this beach as often as I would like, it was fantastic.  From my perspective, I couldn't be sure she was topless, so off I went in only my gstring down the beach to find out.  Sure enough, a beautiful tanned 25-ish girl with a few other friends (and a boyfriend).  Nice petite boobs, with real definition.  Fully tanned of course.  I hestitated right near her, and asked if topless was okay at this beach.  She said she did not know, but will wait to see if anyone complains about it.   She had a distinct European accent and was very pleasant.   

After my short walk, I returned to my towel passing her.  I said something like "still going strong" and she said "no one is complaining".  Right then a police officer on a quad came by, but didn't say anything to me or her. 

I guess topless is okay.  I hope so; it empowers me to wear tiny swimwear when others are wearing next to nothing. 

JM_Runs #56

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/23/2006 07:31:56Copy HTML

I visited Venice Beach for the first time last week while on a business trip. I was out with some coworkers, and not intending to hit the beach - so I didn't have my thong with me. I was curious though, has anyone ever walked along the boardwalk there in a thong, or seen many girls/guys doing that? It seemed really laid back, and although its pretty busy, I can't imagine there would be any problems.

I'm going back to LA again really soon - what is probably the most thong friendly beach? Venice? Long Beach? Marina Del Ray? Info would be great! Thanks!
socalthongman #57

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/23/2006 11:48:28Copy HTML

The most thong-friendly?  Probably Long Beach at 55th street.  You will receive no hassles largely because very few visit this stretch of beach (that is very accessible to free parking, too).  If you want to actually be around others, and possibly see some thongs (and the rare toplessness), my vote is MDR south of Washington.  Venice I know little about, because MDR is always so good - I can't imagine it would be problem.  Not sure about walking the pier, but there are times I (and others) have walked long distances at MDR.  Have fun!   

JM_Runs #58

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/06/2006 04:33:43Copy HTML

I went to Venice Beach today, and I have to say the experience was almost on par with South Beach! The only thing missing was more women in thongs. I spent the whole day in a thong, and didn't hear ANY negative comments. I saw about 6 or 7 girls scattered across the beach, and 1 other guy. I also saw a couple girls topless as well - one of which was in a thong. I parked at the end of Venice Blvd in the $12 lot (which I happily paid). I wasn't sure how accepted thongs would be on Venice Beach, so I wore my red shorts (1" inseam of course) over my thong for the initial, oh, 100 yards from the parking lot to the first lifeguard shack. At that point I noticed several guys in Speedos. My general rule is that if there are guys in Speedos, I can thong (rule: You can wear one level smaller swimwear than is commonly seen). So I took off the shorts, and didn't put them on again for about 4 hours.

I decided to scope out the beach before setting up, so I walked for about 30 minutes down the beach - at least a mile or more. Aside from the occasional laughing (which I don't consider negative - at least they're enjoying themselves) I had no difficulties. I was on the beach way past the end of the boardwalk when I decided to turn around. On my way back, I received several positive comments. One woman said I had a "nice ass" and I received a couple smiles from some of the younger girls (believe it or not). I think once they got over the initial shock on my walk out, most people realize it's no big deal and were willing to even compliment me on the way back.

So the story isn't nearly over yet - as I said, I had a long day of thonging! I walked about 1/2 way back, past a row of three girls of which two wear topless. I had seen them laying chest up on the way over, and of course they had seen me. This time they were lying on their stomachs, but when the end girl saw me coming, the other two quite obviously turned their heads. When I walked by, the middle girl flipped onto her back - I'd like to think it was for me - but like a stupid idiot I just smiled and walked on instead of stopping to make some casual conversation. About 20 yards further on passed another girl in a thong and decided to finally setup camp (at least an hour into my day).

I had been laying out for awhile when I saw a couple girls show up about 20 yards further down the beach. One was in a very nice sparkly purple g-string, and she started to lay out topless as well. Of course I decided to go for another walk - so I got up and started walking her way. When I got close she saw me and said she loved my suit! We talked for a couple minutes, mainly about my suit but I complimented hers as well. She also jokingly said that the entire beach loves my suit - she was being sarcastic of course - but I wasn't sure if she was just joking about her liking my suit...either way, I enjoyed the conversation.

After my conversation, I decided I needed some water, but my wallet was all the back in my car. I walked along the beach all the way back to the parking lot and grabbed some money out of my car (still in just a thong). I then walked back pretty much the same way - along the beach through the crowds. I passed the girl in the purple thong again; she waved and called me banana man! I asked her if she knew where I could get some water, and she said the closest place was over on the boardwalk. At this point my courage was pretty much sky high, so I thanked her, turned 90 degrees and walked straight out to the boardwalk. I walked into the Venice beach market, grabbed some water from the cooler, stood in line, paid and walked out back to the beach. That...was a rush.

I laid out again for another hour or so (I think - I fell asleep for a little of it). Sadly, I watched the blond in the purple thong leave. The day was starting to wane (it was after 4 now) so I packed up and started walking back. For some reason, I decided the beach was too boring. Instead, I walked out to the bike path (which is right next to the board walk) and walked the bike path the entire way back to the parking lot. I received many many glances, the occasional "what was that??" from some of the bikers as they passed - and several positive comments, mainly from some of the older women. One woman saw me and she said "oh thank you! Keep sporting that!" The only time I jumped back onto the beach was near the handball courts - that's where some of the gangs tend to hang out. Otherwise, I walked right by the skate park, beside the spray paint walls, behind muscle beach and (literally) right behind the local police department. I arrived at my car, and put my gear away.

Now, I wasn't ready to leave - it had been too nice a day and I didn't want it to end. So I walked back to the beach and started going the other way. I walked behind the main lifeguard building, at which point, a women snapped a front side and backside camera phone picture of me. I think she was trying to hide it by pretending to talk on the phone, but I saw her do it, and I smiled back anyway. I walked between three cops and two lifeguards behind the station, and onto the other half of the beach. This half was mainly families though, so I turned around and walked back to my car.

Alas, this was the end of my thonging experience - but not the end of my day! I put on my red shorts (1" inseam again) and went hunting for food (it was after 5pm by this time). I'm a health kind of guy, so the hamburger/hotdog stand just wouldn't do. I finally found the food I wanted a long way down the boardwalk - I'm not sure exactly how far, but the cafe I stopped at was just beyond the lingerie shop on the boardwalk. I was kind of surprised that the hostess didn't have a problem with my shorts. They are fairly short after all - and since the cafe was a little upscale, I was expecting a shirt policy - but I had no problems. Did I mention yet that my thong shows quite well over my shorts when I sit down? I found that out in the cafe.

Well - it was closing on 6pm now, and I decided to head home. I walked back to my car and drove home. I was still on a thong rush - and I decided to go swimming at the gym in Hermosa Beach. Unfortunately, the pool was closed - but because of this there was no one in the Jacuzzi. I put on my black Speedo thong and sat in the hot tub and sauna for about a half hour. I don't know if that gym has a policy - they only have a sign that says "appropriate swimwear required." The pool area has a camera, but the CCTV at the front desk rotates through several images, so they might not have seen me. I'll find out if it's okay once the pool opens again. I hope so, because swimming in a thong is a great experience, and workout.

Okay - that's the end of my day - crazy Sunday. I don't live in California, but I could definitely get used to it. In Florida, you can't spend a whole day on any beach without getting one guy shouting "put some clothes on!" or something like that - I didn't get any of that. The closest thing was one little kid that turned his head and held his hand on the side to block the view. I'm amazed how well received I was, and I'm extremely jealous of you Cali folks. If only that attitude existed in Florida as well. I hope to do it again in a couple weeks!
swoontogo #59

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/07/2006 03:26:52Copy HTML

it sounds like you had a full day of thonging - nice.

i had a great day out on saturday. two firsts for me in venice:
1. i saw a couple thonging together. i was situated just south of the ketch tower, about mid-beach, in my chair facing the ocean. when i got up to lay down on my stomach, i noticed a very fit couple about 50 feet up from me towards the sidewalk. the woman was in a chair facing me, and she appeared to have on a blue smallish bikini. the man got up to flip over at the same time i did, and i was pleased to see that he was sporting a black thong. after a short time, she got up to flip over onto her stomach. her suit was an attractive tanga style. she proceeded to lay down and adjust her suit into a very small thong strip. it was great to see a couple out there enjoying their minimal swimwear together and also nice to have thonging company so close by. when it was time to flip back over to sit in my chair, i got my second pleasant surprise of the day:
2. i saw my first top-free woman at venice. there were three attractive women setup about 50 feet away from me towards the beach. one of the women was topless and laying on her back. she appeared very comfortable and relaxed as she talked with her friends. at one point, one of the women (dressed in clam diggers and a halter top) sat up and removed her top for a short while to show her friends something - i am guessing that it was her bood job.

all-in-all, this was an excellent day at venice. it was just nice to get out in the warm sun, lay out in a minimal thong, and watch the big surf. the added bonus of thonging and top-free company only made it better. it is so nice to have a place where so many different types of people can feel so comfortable. hopefully others will come to realize what a care-free, open, and accepting place that this part of the beach can be. i truly appreciate it - there are very few places in the LA area that you can enjoy wearing minimal swimwear, and not feel out of place. i hope that this lasts for a long time and that others come to realize it as well.
Socaspeedo #60

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/10/2006 02:22:41Copy HTML

I have in the past gone to places up the coast near Santa Barbra. I am interested in what seems to be the norm at Venice.  Are there any thong groups here locally?

swoontogo #61

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/11/2006 12:39:41Copy HTML

it seems at venice, you can choose your swimwear preference - all are welcome.

had another great day in venice on thursday. it was very warm and sunny, but there were signs that said the water was contaminated, so there were not many people on the beach at all. i decided to take advantage of the opportunity and go for a nice beach walk. i walked from the ketch tower down to to marina and back in my vlc dore gstring. i probably only passed 8-10 people in about 30 minutes. it felt great and relaxing to take a long stroll with such minimal coverage. i did not get any comments - positive or negative. later in the day, two other women in gstrings, and two guys in thongs made it out. both of the women were fit and attractive. one of the guys seemed very comfortable, i saw him talk to other people and also take a walk down the beach. the other guy was kind of creepy. he was walking around with a thong and a short cropped t-shirt, carrying a big duffle bag, and holding his clothes over his "package". he kept getting up and changing locations on the beach, and walking around. he was very tan, but just kinda creepy. i think that these kind of "trollers" can give us sunning, thong-lovers a tarnished reputation.

anyway, they re-opened the water around 3 pm. myself and others took the opportunity to cool off from the hot sun. once again, a great day out at venice, and nice to have company. i have noticed that the minimal swimwear crowd tends to show up in the afternoon, around 2-3 pm. i try to get out between 11-12 to get good parking, a good spot on the beach, and good sun. i hope to make it out a couple of days next week.

ps. i wonder why this thread is never commented on by any of the women thonging in venice?!
socalthongman #62

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/11/2006 11:12:33Copy HTML

I have to compliment the several recent posts for such great thong experiences on these SoCal beaches.  I have had many similar experiences, but none quite so dense with excitement, adventure, and good vibes as cyberluc's post above.  Simply fantastic.  Keep up the good experiences - I long for another visit to these fine beaches where there are friendly thong-clad women who appreciate a great thonging experience.  Fantastic posts! 
Socaspeedo #63

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/12/2006 03:28:35Copy HTML

The beach was great friday with many people out there in the
afternoon. There was also a race going on out in the ocean.
It seem like there where a few families from France or
Germany out by the tower. However, friday does not seem to
be much of a thong day. I wounder if midweek seems to be the
norm for thong types. The parking was not to bad east of Washington.
Maybe next week will be better.
thong25 #64

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/15/2006 04:38:44Copy HTML

I was out by the Galleon lifeguard station in my blue with white star thong. I did see one other guy and one woman in a thong. I was hoping to see a lot more. Anyone heading down there tomorrow or Thursday?
Socaspeedo #65

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/16/2006 02:08:23Copy HTML

I was planning on going out there today but the weather seems so overcast these days. I wanted to know if people are wearing regular thongs or strings.

greg barkus #66

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/17/2006 04:43:56Copy HTML

Venice Beach and nearby (my preference) Santa Monica Beach are both great and liberal beaches for LA and the entire West Coast of USA.

Still - I spent a year in South Florida area in 2005 - and SoBe is far more sexy than any CA beach - women are always numerous and sexy in SoBe, the crowds are huge, topless and thongs are extremely common for women.

In Venice you will occasionally see a woman in a thong, it is far from typical though. In SoBe it is everywhere.

I think Venice and Santa Monica are great - but much different also - than SoBe.

On the "troller" in Venice, he sounds like the guy Armand described. Like Armand, you say this guy was walking around a lot to show off? You mean, kind of like you on your 30 minute walk?

Perhaps you should have been covering *your* package? Are you walking to get "comments"? I say this not seriously - but you sound a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.

If the guy is moving around and sitting near various people - that's not cool - not good - is bad. However, a duffle bag is ok isn't it? Most people use backpack or duffle no (men I mean). The short shirt sounds, uh, feminine - but so does your "Dore" suit!

Again - why the judgement. You aren't exactly looking "cool" out there so why the judging?


armand_galleon #67

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/17/2006 11:13:30Copy HTML

You're absolutely right, SoBe is the place! The only places anything like it are overseas in Brasil or Europe. Even the South Pacific does not compare with SoBe! But it is crowded, hot and humid and the Aggro-Macho Cuban/Puerto-Rican men can be a little disconcerning.

Yet, I don't get you... the kettle-pot reference... many men go to the beach in thongs and most are ignored by the rest of the beach goers. many will look as they get up for a dip or a stroll. MANY other people including young mothers with children will set up their beach gear right around these men. When we've described these trollers we've attempted to described them as best as possible and not that their bag or the size thereof, or the color of his clothing etc. is what is creepy. I've seen/met very creepy people in business suits, jogging suits, casual wear, ad infinitium. The going for a walk is not the creepy part, not even the moving! HE IS creepy! Yes, too much moving around is weird (but not creepy as such) but when it's done in order to get close to a lone woman, THAT'S creepy.

I'm judged and I know others are also being judged--and it doesn't bother me. Let them judge. I judge too. It's our nature. When the cross traffic once the light has turned red and you're next to make a left hand turn hasn't stopped EVERYONE makes a judgement: "Is he going to stop?" Judgement isn't a bad thing in and of itself. What is bad about judgement is that a TOO judgemental person will begin to internalize it and begin to think that everyone else is being as hard on him/her as he/she is on everyone else when the reality is that most people don't care (that much). Even the troller, I don't care (but he is creepy). He doesn't bother me nor my "cause". He would be creepy even is long trunks but the judgement that I pass is that he is creepy and an eye should be kept on him. I AM sure that is EXACTLY what others are thinking about me and other thong wearers, yet and after a while we (I anyway) prove harmless (and yet a few people will continue to pass judment and continue to keep an eye on me. So what? Let them!).

swoontogo #68

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/18/2006 01:28:08Copy HTML

armand, thanks for the support and defence. yes, i am sure that some beach goers may think i am the creepy one, but when i decide to take a stroll on the beach it is to enjoy myself and the surroundings, get some exercise and then to return to my spot on the beach. but i keep to myself and stay in my chosen spot the entire day. the guy that i was referring to would change his spot every half hour and set himself up for a crotch view of some other beach goer. after going to venice regularly for some time, i see this all the time with different guys - some in board shorts, some in briefs, and some in thongs. whatever they are wearing - what they are doing is just creepy and can make others uncomfortable. and it is a shame because these guys have a tendancy to drive away the attractive females. i think that this is one of the reasons that the beach is usually so populated by men during the week, and that is unfortunate because everyone should feel equally comfortable. i see it happen all of the time, an attractive woman will setup within my view, and within minutes, you see some guy get up from his spot and setup within (usually crotch) view of the woman - and sometimes the woman will get up and leave - bummer, there went my thonging company. if this guy would have just come to the beach and setup camp anywhere and stayed there for the day or a long while, that would have seemed fine. part of the point i was trying to make in my previous posting is that because this guy was sporting a thong (and not board shorts), i think that it can tarnish the image of the many other thongers who are not "trolling" from spot to spot and who are attempting to make the thong a perfectly "normal" choice for beachwear.

in defence of myself and all of my postings on this board, i have never recieved ANY negetive comments from any other beach goers either while in my spot, in the water, or on the seldom-taken walk. quite the opposite, i have noticed that often men and women will setup in my near vacinity even though the beach is sparcely populated. i feel that i give a positive image for the beach thonger, at least i hope that i do; i am relatively young (38), in decent shape, well tanned, married, confident, and repectful of others and their space and time at the beach. if i ever gave off a creepy vibe, i would be bummed out because that is exactly the opposite of what i am trying to do and promote.

regardless, venice is an awsome place to enjoy the sun, sand, water, and people. it is a place where everyone can enjoy the swimwear of their choice. i just want more people to catch on to this, and not less. hopefully i will see a lot of fellow thongers out there next week.
JM_Runs #69

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/18/2006 08:01:13Copy HTML

I'm going to be there Sunday - probably about noon. I'm going to park nearby and leave my shorts in the car - so there's no safety net! From when I arrive to when I leave, all thong. Anyone else going to be around Sunday?
armand_galleon #70

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/18/2006 08:27:28Copy HTML

Weekends are so tough for me, especially Sundays (church, traffic, etc.) But a later afternoon bike ride sounds nice. IF I go I'll stop for a while near Topsail street as the crowds are not as dense towards the Marina end.
greg barkus #71

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/18/2006 04:53:04Copy HTML

Armand -

I agree for the most part, I think. What I said also was I did think that any guy who moves around (I meant too close to a specific person tho I didn't say it) - is arguably sort of being intimidating to an innocent person. And those are usually sexy women.

I do also agree with the poster that these guys are wearing everything, not just thongs. I thought initially the comment was in reference to guys in thongs walking around and getting way too close to women who are alone. That is bad. Taken to extreme it is likely criminal if it is repeated.

Anyway - I *DO* see that - by old guys, by guys who 'aren't all there', by guys who are pretty slick (in SoBe actually slick confident guys commonly go up to pick up lone women or women in small groups if they are with friends - and in that case these things are often succesful and as such not viewed as being unusual).

Anyhow - I think I agree with most all of your comments (both of you) - I just was mistaken that there was a specific objection to a man in a thong invading a woman's space (beyond what is the norm for the beach). Usually I see guys who are not in thongs doing this (well always probably) - and often they are even wearing pants. Of course most of the time these guys are probably not playing with a full deck. They roam the streets too, what to do?

I'll tell you, in SoBe, although clearly many topless and thonged women love to have their picture taken discretly (or not so discretly) - others clearly are turned off by it. The internet and the digital camera may also be responsible partially for an increased wariness that some women have of being seen in public in a way which they would prefer not to be published to the entire world!

So maybe this is something too. However for several decades styles have changed back and forth ... notably the 70's almost seem to re-emerging here in the 2000's.... ; )

JM_Runs #72

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/20/2006 12:24:28Copy HTML

I had a good day at Venice Beach today. I did not get anywhere near as many positive comments, but still no truly negative comments (I don't count giggling, laughing, etc). I walked all over the beach, and it seemed everyone turned to look and had varying expresions, usually on the side of "shock." I'm starting to think that people in Venice have never seen a man's ass before! There were several girls out, two topless as well. Two male thongers also. I had to have a little "talk" with one of them. As I was walking, I saw him change from one thong to another in open public. Now, I personnaly have no problem with nudity - but this is a public beach, and that's the kind of behavior that's going to get us in trouble. Even if he's only changing, someone might complain and, of course, inflate the truth to say he was playing with himself, or something to that effect. He'd get arrested, and I would probably end up being forced to cover up, even though I did nothing wrong.
greg barkus #73

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/20/2006 07:35:39Copy HTML

I was in Santa Monica this weekend. Sunny and mild. Great time.

Cyberluc: If people saw that - I am a amazed nobody reported it to cops - must have been very seclcuded area because anybody sees that in mass they will tell somebody and he will be nailed by cops. Topless too? You must be away from main Venice - more in the Marina Del Ray area. I never have went there - I guess I assume it is pretty sparce because the view from Venice pier South shows a huge wide empty beach to South, and the bike trail stops! Thus I assume their is no major parking area for any of the area south of Washington pier area.

Santa Monica was a blast. No topless women but enough babes to keep me interested.

swoontogo #74

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/24/2006 11:32:03Copy HTML

had another great day at venice beach on wednesday, relaxing near the ketch tower. the sun was strong and warm, there was a nice breeze, and the water felt great. i wasn't there 10 minutes before i saw a big pack of dolphins swimming pretty close to the shore - amazing. i saw one other guy in a nicely cut g-string, and 2 top-free women - one of which fashioned her bikini into a nice thong for tanning. hope to make it it again some next week.
nadathing #75

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/11/2006 10:02:14Copy HTML

First Time at Venice Beach

Well, I finally had the opportunity to visit Venice Beach in early July (and this is my first chance to report back.) It was good, and I want to put in my perspective as a first timer and some information for others not familiar with Venice that either had not been mentioned before or that I had missed. Armand and other "locals" can augment what I say or correct it as appropriate.

I came in via I-405 heading north and took the exit for Marina Del Rey, Cal-90. I followed that road until it became a purely local road and eventually hit a tee. I believe this was at Cal-1, Lincoln Blvd. where I went right, and then almost immediately, there was Washington Blvd, so I made the left turn onto Washington Blvd. and followed it to the beach.

The parking lot there is of moderate size. Holds maybe 50-75 cars, I'd guess, and it's right at the beach, at the end of the road. There's a couple blocks of shops and restaurants right there on Washington and some pull-in meter parking in front of the stores.

I didn't park immediately, but I wanted to get down closer to Galleon and Ketch, as recommended for thonging, and thought I might find free street parking, even though it was already 1:00 PM (but a Monday.) I did find a space just about at Ketch, parked and walked over the two short blocks to the beach. (Ketch doesn't exactly have a street. More of a landscaped walkway between Pacific and Ocean Front and a stub of a dead end street between Ocean Front and the beach.) I walked out onto the beach to reconnoiter. I was not prepared to use the beach yet - I wanted to get some lunch, buy a towel and some sun screen first and I had planned to visit stores I thought would or might be on Ocean Front Walk.

Well, (1) the beach was deserted! Nobody was out there! Maybe one or two people walking, but I did not see anybody in the water or set up on the beach in either direction. Maybe a couple up near the Washington Blvd. pier. Okay the fog/clouds had just burned off not too long before and it was a Monday. And (2) there were no shops along Ocean Front Walk. All residential. I wasn't in the mood to stay parked where I was and walk back up to Washington Blvd, and then who knew where, so I drove back up. I wound up parking in the lot to make that my base of operations for the day ($7).

I did my shopping in the few stores there and got some lunch at a little joint right at the end of the street where I inquired about more stores. It was then I learned that they were north about an 8 or 9 minute walk. I decided to walk down the beach to Ketch and do some thonging for a while and would later walk up to the north, after the sun had started to fall lower in the sky. The shops would still be open.

I gathered up my stuff and walked down to the beach to the high water mark, where the sand is packed more, and turned south under the pier. I still had my tee shirt and shorts on over my Dore torpedo. Right away just north of the pier, there was one woman, apparently alone at that time, in a black thong laying face down. I didn't notice then if she was topless, but when I came back by there later she was sitting up and putting on her top very nonchalantly and getting ready to leave. I didn't get much chance to admire the view before she had the goods covered. She hadn't been in a hurry to cover them - I just wasn't soon enough. I was just walking by anyway. Those were the only incidents of thongs - man or woman - and top-free woman I saw all day. I did see a few men in speedo-type suits, but only one of them was wearing one that was low-cut at all.

By this time, there were a fair number of people on the beach between the pier and say the Driftwood life guard station, but it wasn't too dense, and I considered setting up there. But I seemed to recall there being a family oriented section in there, and since I was wearing a Dore Torpedo, I decided to go down to Galleon and Ketch. Down between Galleon and Ketch the beach population was pretty sparse and I put down my stuff maybe 50 yards north of the Ketch tower and perhaps 10 yards from the high water mark but about 25 yards from the surf. I stripped down to my thong and hit the water. The surf was fairly shallow out a ways and a bit rough, with a wicked rip current on its way back out. I didn't stay in the water long, not so much because of the temperature, but because it was an effort to stay in control.

I spent the next two hours laying out and reading, with an occasional trip to the water to get wet. I never got any comments or overheard anybody talking about me in their group. People might notice as they went by, but they didn't pay much attention. Just like has been described here. The life guards paid me no mind. The only notice of any kind occurred as I was standing and drying off from my last trip to the surf, when a Venice cop drove by on the beach and waved to me!

I gathered up my stuff and walked back up the beach near the high water line without covering up, all the way back to Washington, under the pier, and to my car in the lot just north of the pier. More of the same. People would notice, but no comments and they would go back to what they were doing.

I put on my shorts, shirt, socks and shoes and went north along Ocean Front Walk, where I purchased a little red thong. (That story is posted in the category on Swimwear companies, under the topic called "Ziganne Sold at Venice Beach.") I put the new thong on in a nearby public rest room and when I got back to my car at Washington Street, I took off my shoes and shorts, grabbed a towel and went for a little walk back down below Driftwood, where I dropped my stuff and took one more dip on the ocean, before drying off and walking back to the car without putting my shirt back on until I got there. By this time it was 6:30 PM and the beach was getting sparse even there. Once again though, no comments.

So it was a good day in my book. Looking forward to another chance to visit there.

swoontogo #76

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/25/2006 02:20:07Copy HTML

over the last couple of weeks, i have had the opportunity to make it out to venice a few times. i usually set up camp just south of the ketch tower. following are my beach reports:

tuesday, 9/12 - made it out around 11:30am. it was a bit overcast and cool at times, but still nice to be out sunning. after being there a while, a guy came up to me and asked if i thought that the weather would clear or if it would stay hazy. i told him - of course - that it was hard to say. he complimented my suit (dore vlc string), we started chatting a bit, turns out he is max77056 who posts on this message board, visiting from out of town. he set up not to far from me and was still there when i left around 3pm - as it was just starting to clear up. there were a couple of other thongers out, one guy took the opportunity to take a long walk on the beach. nice day overall.

monday, 9/18 - got to the beach a little after 11am. it was already sunny and very nice weather. i ran into max77056 again, he set up not to far away from me. we chatted a bit about venice, and other places to wear minimal swimwear. soon, another fellow thonger set up his stuff close by (it may have been pedalpower50), and a very attractive and tan woman (who i have seen out there before) also set up camp about 70 feet away. she was wearing a pink g-string. there also appeared to be another thonging woman just north of the ketch tower, and from my spot, she appeared to be topless. this was a very nice day at the beach, especially for late september - very sunny and warm, no clouds, and the water felt great. left the beach around 3pm.

thursday, 9/21 - made it out around 11:30am again. it was a bit hazy and a the occasional breeze was cool, but with nice batches of warmth. as always, nice to be out at the beach. it was a very quite day, with very few people out. there was one other guy set up south of me, sporting a thong. took advantage of the slow day and took a nice walk south on the beach. also took a dip in the water, still felt pretty good - not too cold yet. headed home around 3pm again.

as i have said in the past, venice it a great place to quitely relax and enjoy the sun and water, no matter what your choice of swimwear. i feel blessed to have such easy access to this place, and hope that it continues to be such a great place for years to come. i plan on squeezing as many sun days in before it starts to get too cool. i hope these reports help out in some way, especially those looking for a quite, relaxed place to enjoy their minimal swimwear.
swoontogo #77

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/27/2006 12:46:34Copy HTML

absolutely beautiful day at venice thursday (10/26). it was warm and sunny, even took a dip - the water is still ok. very few people out considering the weather and not another thonger in sight from my vantage point. should be exactly the same today - i wish i could make it out again.

also made it out again on saturday 10/28. another perfect day - 80+ degrees and not a cloud in the sky. saw a pack of dolphins out in the water. few people out, but noticed one fellow thonger down south towards the marina.
swoontogo #78

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:11/06/2006 08:34:07Copy HTML

amazing day out a venice today! it was very clear - no clouds or fog - and the sun was warm, around mid, to upper eighties! the water was cool and felt nice with the hot weather. i took the chance to take a couple of walks - very quite day with very few people out - especially considering the weather. where was everyone? i did not spot any other thongers out, but i may have seen a nude couple down towards the marina - could not quite tell. also, there was a fit woman taking a walk, sporting an attractive wide strapped tonga. looks like it should be sunny and warm again tomorrow, i am going to try to make it out again if the schedule permits.
swoontogo #79

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:11/07/2006 09:10:55Copy HTML

i feel like i am hogging up this thread, but i have got to tell you that it was an absolutely perfect day at venice today - so glad i made it out. again, there were very few people out, especially considering the upper 80s temps, and the cloudless skies. the water was nice and refreshing. noticed one fellow thonger near by in a little gstring, and an attractive woman a bit north of me in a thong. also, several guys in speedo-type briefs. this weather has just been too good to pass up - especially for novermber - got to enjoy it while we can.
swoontogo #80

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:01/09/2007 09:08:33Copy HTML

this is why we live in southern california - monday and tuesday of this week were both 80+ degrees and sunny in venice - not a cloud in the sky! so glad that i was able to make it out both days, it helps take away the cool weather blues. as far as company goes, monday i noticed that there were a couple of other guys out, and tuesday i noticed at least four other guys out - all in what appeared to be black gstrings. at one point today, a very fit and tan guy in a visor and a transparent black mesh gstring took a jog up and back the beach. it is refreshing to see someone with the confidence to pull that off. unfortunately, not a single thonging woman in sight either day, but many others out in their bikinis.

were any of you thongboard readers part of the group out there today?

looks like we are back to the cool weather again tomorrow - it was great while it lasted. in my opinion, it is always worth getting out in the winter when the weather is predicted to be sunny and in the 70s. can't wait for the next batch of warm weather.
tantush #81

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:01/10/2007 03:25:29Copy HTML

well swoontogo, looks like you caught me, i was out in my visor and a sheer thong. it really was a beautiful day, always glad to see a fellow thonger.
swoontogo #82

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:01/10/2007 09:00:17Copy HTML

hey tantush, it was nice to see you (and the others) out there ejoying the beach - great day - especially for january. do you make it out to venice often? i try to make it out at least one day a week during the warmer months and whenever weather permits the rest of the time. by the appearance of your tan, it would seem like you get alot of sun. maybe we'll see you out there again soon.
swoontogo #83

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:01/25/2007 08:36:52Copy HTML

was out at venice today. the sun was shinning and warm, but the breeze was cool. very few people on the beach, but did notice a couple other sun worhipers; one guy in a black gstring, and another in even less. while on my walk, i was passing by a guy that i thought might have been tantush from this thread. i approached him to say hi and introduce myself as a thongboard participant - turned out that it was not him. it also turned out that he was sunning au natural which i did not notice until i was right up to to him. he was very fit, tan, smooth, and friendly - hope i didn't disturb him. it was great to get a few hours of sun at the beach this week - looks like the cool is coming back for a while.
tantush #84

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:01/25/2007 03:58:06Copy HTML

hey swoontogo, sorry i missed you. sadly it was not me in the nude, although i wish it had been. i try to make it out every few weeks, i travel an buisness so i can't make it out as much as i'd like, i have to settle for poolside time to sun my buns and more. hope all is well, stay smooth.

sailor250 #85

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:01/25/2007 07:35:38Copy HTML

That's cool.  Anyone else go there nude?  I assume laying on your stomach only?
swoontogo #86

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:01/26/2007 03:03:55Copy HTML

actually, this guy was sunning face up. he was laying in a bit of a whole that worked like a beach lounge - which is why i did not notice his lack of clothing. obviously he is very confident and self-assured. he was quite tan, and fit, and did dot have a stitch of hair on his body. it would be nice if there was a clothing optional beach closer to la than san onofre, but i am satisfied with the comfort levels for thongers and stringers at venice. i don't feel the need to take it any farther there.

tantush, you'll have to drop a line in the contacts section next time you are going to make it out.

looking forward to the next sunny and warm day.
swoontogo #87

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/19/2007 01:24:30Copy HTML

i was able to make it out to venice both friday and saturday. it was sunny and warm both days. very few people out on friday, but noticed one other thong guy. saturday was pretty populated - especially for february. i noticed about 4 other guys out there, and 3 very attractive thonging women - great weekend for sun lovers.
sailor250 #88

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/21/2007 08:35:56Copy HTML

azcana #89

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/22/2007 05:18:52Copy HTML

I believe so, great weather this past sat. Big crowd warm day. Saw about 3 guys in thongs including myself and to my surprise a couple I believe wearing thongs, I'm a local and this is great not to be the only one out there enjoying the sun. I'll be nice if all of us locals thong wearers guys and girls agree on the same day.
yeh #90

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/27/2007 03:05:41Copy HTML

im from orange county but i'd be willing to drive to find a good thong shop FOR WOMAN.  seems like down here in OC there arent many bikini shops that sell thongs.  can anyone recomend some good shops to check out thongs for my GF?
azcana #91

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/01/2007 01:56:02Copy HTML

Well in venice beach in the shopping area theres quite a few shops that sells thongs for woman and man too in all sizes and color. Hope this helps.
swoontogo #92

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/12/2007 11:05:29Copy HTML

what an amazing day an venice yesterday. the weather was hot and sunny - perfect. i made it out around 11 am and was one of only a few people, but by 1 pm the beach had filled up pretty well. i noticed about 5 other thonging men in the area, one of which took the opportunity to take a dip in the water. i don't think i am ready for the cold water yet. i did not notice any women thonging, but there were plenty out sunning. wish i could make it out all week, looks like the weather is going to be decent.
TBSJ_03 #93

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/13/2007 06:17:58Copy HTML

I was one who took a dip in the water yesterday.  What an amazing day.  I arrived at about 1:30 and parked in the lot on Washingtone (5 bucks for all day).  I walked south toward Ketch as I had read from this board that that is where the thongers hang out.  Sure enough, when I got there I saw at least 2 others thonging.   I laid out til around 3:45 or so, and then went back up to the shops to grab a drink, then came back for a little more tanning.  I ended up staying till about 6:30.  It's days like yesterday that I realize how lucky I am to live in Southern California. I can't wait to get back out.

tback32 #94

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:04/26/2007 04:40:55Copy HTML

I did venice beach for the first time yesterday.... Wow, what a cool thong beach!!!... I felt totally comfortable there wearing a small blue thong. Parking was easy right around Ketch and on Pacific. Two other male thongers and a couple of female thongers were sunning when I arrived. The guys left after about thirty minutes, but the girls stayed all day. One went topless for awhile. I wonder if it would be ok to walk from the car to the beach in just my thong next time? Also are there any beach showers or bathrooms along that area? I didn't see any in the short walk I took. This beach would be right up there Ft. Lauderdale if the water was warmer.... It was a really nice tanning day!


swoontogo #95

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:04/30/2007 01:16:58Copy HTML

see tback32, we were not just making things up - venice is a great place for thonging. you can pretty much always count on having some minimal swimwear company when you get there. always nice to hear other visitors points of view.
i was lucky enough to make it out on friday - so nice to get some sun and warmth. i noticed a few other guys out thonging (one very fit guy in a blue thong set up camp near where i was), and a very tan woman a bit south down the beach. the sun felt warm and strong, and there was a nice cool breeze. can't quite get myself to get in the water yet, hopefully things will start to warm up more soon.
glad to hear you had such a nice experience last week. hope to see you out more this summer.
swoontogo #96

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:05/08/2007 11:56:23Copy HTML

amazing day at venice tuesday - felt like summer. the sun was hot and the ocean was calm. it was actually warm enough to take a few dips in the ocean to cool off and a couple of times i saw a pack of dolphins swimming by. a good number of people on the beach today. i noticed two in shape guys thonging not too far south of where i was and another further north up the beach. i also saw three separate very attractive women thonging, one set up (with her boyfriend) very close to where i was. perfect day - looks like the warm weather is here to stay. now i just wish my work schedule would lighten up so i could enjoy it more.
JM_Runs #97

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/22/2007 09:55:37Copy HTML

How is the thonging going this summer at Venice Beach?  No one seems to be posting.
abczyxabczyx #98

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/22/2007 09:15:08Copy HTML

It is great.  I was out there on Saturday and Sunday.
swoontogo #99

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/23/2007 12:26:22Copy HTML

very nice day on saturday. the sun was warm and the water was nice. lots of people on the beach, probably the most women i have seen thonging there ever. saw a couple of other guys out in thongs, i was wearing a dark brown skinz roman thong. seems to be more guys out during the week and more women on the weekends. i have also been out several other times in the last month or so - always enjoyable, and always at least a couple of other thongers out. would be nice to hear who has been out this year and their beach reports.
beachfolks #100

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/24/2007 01:05:35Copy HTML

I'm glad to find that the Skinz Roman is enough coverage to wear in Venice beach also. The Roman is the thong I wear now for walking around on the beach in western Florida. It's about minimal to be unquestionably legal there. My Roman thong is the Skinz "small" size but it has lots of stretch.
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