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thongexpert #101

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/04/2007 09:30:53Copy HTML

First time there, the beach was nice on Friday July 20. There were 2 girls near by with thongs, and I didn't see anybody else except me in a thong, a Dore low-cut. The sun wasn't out long enough, became overcast. The beach has these cool mini-tennis courts, gymnast bars, and weights at muscle beach. I went sightseeing after the sun went away. I spent more time at Black's Beach the next couple days. Read my post there.
pedalpower50 #102

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/09/2007 02:24:13Copy HTML

I set up near the Ketch lifeguard tower on Monday and Wednesday afternoon. The weather was perfect both days (70s-80s, sunny), but surprisingly there weren't a lot of people on the beach. The first day I only saw one woman in a thong, but on Wednesday I saw two other men in g-strings and a couple of women in thongs.

I'm hoping to be out again on Friday afternoon.
pedalpower50 #103

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/10/2007 01:22:36Copy HTML

I made it out to Venice Beach again this afternoon, near the Ketch lifeguard tower. Another beautiful day. I saw one other guy in a black thong ... was that anyone on this board? He looked great in his suit, and even got up and took a dip in the water at one point.

I also saw a couple of women in thongs, including one who pulled her top off while lying on her back. She sat up periodically while covering up, then would lie back down and pull her bra off. She seemed kinda nervous and left after only about 45 minutes.

The beach was not crowded, especially around noon when I got there, but it got a little busier by mid-afternoon. Still, there was plenty of room for everyone.
mrhb2003 #104

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/10/2007 07:55:05Copy HTML

Any of you fine people ever make it down to Hermosa/Manhattan? I am usually near 2nd st with my girlfriend or 8th st. I seem to be alone (besides the occ. Brazillian chick). I'd like to head over to Venice one of these days after work & compare it w/ South Bay. See ya'll on the sand
armand_galleon #105

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/11/2007 02:21:00Copy HTML

The problem with the south bay (Manhattan, Hermosa beach) is the average age coefficient: they're your average family beach destinations. As such, the few daring souls never amount to a critical mass so as to encourage one-another. This usually is best spearheaded by young, attractive women. If enough of them begin to frequent Hermosa Beach, which doesn't site thong wearers, then their appearance on others (including men) will no longer seem out of place. A few men I don't think will ever encourage the practice. Like Venice, however, most residents are tolerant of thong wearers in Manhattan/Hermosa beach. I have a very conservative girlfriend from Texas who lives near 6th st and the strand and I believe she must have seen mrhb2003 a few months back when SoCal was having a heatwave 'cause she told me she had seen this man in a thong, completely shaven, near 10th st. "So what did you do"? I asked, "Did you report him to the police, the lifeguard?"
"No!" she said, "He wasn't bothering anyone!"
But unlike Venice beach, people will linger/stare a lot longer in the south bay than up in Venice. In the south bay people just can't believe what they're seeing. They don't mean anything by it but it does make the thong wearer feel little bit targeted and therefore discourage the practice of sunning in a thong/g-string.
mrhb2003 #106

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/13/2007 08:47:16Copy HTML

Thanx for the response AG. The fun part, for me anyway, is the fact that it is a "family" destination. Maybe some of the inlanders will start to realise the human body is not disgusting. If they believe that it is, it's that much more fun to get under their skin! I guess it's the punk rock in me. I'm too old for a mohawk and besides they're passe. Next time have yr. amiga come say hello. See you in Venice! PS I'm not shaved, just unnaturally unhairy.
tantush #107

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/15/2007 03:40:33Copy HTML

Hey Pedel-

As a matter of fact that was me in the black thong the other day. It was a beautiful day out wasn't it? The water was delightful.

pedalpower50 #108

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/16/2007 01:46:49Copy HTML

Thanks for the note, tantush. Yes, the weather has been perfect the past couple of weeks. I've made it out to Venice Beach 5 times in that span. I was there on Monday, down farther from the Ketch lifeguard station than usual. I saw one other man in a g-string between me and the Ketch tower but no others ... men or women. It's nice to be able to take a dip in the water, now that it's relatively warm. Very refreshing.

I hope to make it out again on Friday afternoon. Hope to see y'all there!

20897 #109

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/18/2007 08:18:46Copy HTML

Was at Venice Beach the second week of July. The weather was great. Saw three women in thongs, but no males beside myself near the Ketch lifeguard tower. The water temp was also nice. Will be back in Sept.
cmdwxoutku #110

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/23/2007 08:12:58Copy HTML

I am from England and have just been on holiday in America. I went with a freind that doesn't know I thong and we did a road trip - Vegas, the national parks and then down to San Diego and LA. We didn't get alot of time in either of the last two and I had to judge my time well to get some time alone and thong on the beaches.

San Diego i really liked. I got a day alone at Misiion Beach. I read Ocean Beach was more Bohemain, but being smaller I figured it would be busier. I went to down to Mission Beach on a wednesday and it was still pretty busy. I found a quiter spot and stripped off down to my G-string. Being a bit concious a first I soon realised that no one could care less. I had 3 South American grils near me wearing varying degrees of smallness Brazillian backs, families and surfers. No one paid me the slightest attention. i thought this was great. Although i don't get hassle or negative comments on Britih beaches, there was really a feeling of anything goes here. I didn't have enough confidence to go to the water in athong just because of the amount of beach walkers, but still consider it a good day.

However, I walked pretty much the entire length of the beach and I only saw one female thonger. She was a blond in a white tie-side with a lovely tanned bum. I was a bit disappointed with this.

Onto LA with my friend and do the tourist things. We both went down to Venice beach together on Sunady the 19th Aug. I managed to get the whole afternoon alone and do what i like best, beach walk, checking out the crowds and then find a place to thong. In all that legnth of beach I only saw two male thongers and one female. One male was towrads the North West end of the beach in a red pouch and black sides. 40+ and heavily tanned, he was lying out uninturrupted amongst familes. The other guy was towrds the South East of the beach, near the far car park, again 40+. If you guys recognise yourselfs and go on this board, full credit to you. you were both giving thonging for men a good name. The only woman I saw was walking from the sea up the beach with her boyfriend on the South East side very near the last car park. She had a latino ass and a blue bandana, and went to join frids watching Volley ball. She was lovely and full credit to her that she was the only girl I saw wearing a thong on the beach that dayand i walked a hell of alot of it. I myself found a quieter spot in the South East end and wore my G. Again, no one phased it felt very comfortable and I really enjoyed it. Too busy to go down to the sea in it, but i had achieved an ambition. I had worn a G on Venice beach, one of the beaches i consider to be the thonging capitals of the World. Full credit to the others I saw, I am only disappointed that they were so few in number. From the posts I read here this is not uncommon. Take care Venice beach thongers and i really enjoyed your beach

clubthongs #111

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/24/2007 12:01:16Copy HTML

cmdwxoutku - Glad you enjoyed your visit to Mission Beach! I personally have not been there in years. If you get to San Diego again, you may want to visit Coronado as you will see more thongs on both men and women at that beach, especially near the Hotel Del Coronado.
cmdwxoutku #112

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/27/2007 08:15:20Copy HTML

Thanks for the advice Clubthongs


pedalpower50 #113

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/14/2007 10:15:16Copy HTML

I made it out to Venice Beach today, a little south of the Ketch lifeguard tower. Another beautiful day with very few people on the beach. However, there was another guy in a g-string and a woman in a g-string within a short distance from me. The water is starting to cool off, but the sun still is keeping things nice on the beach.

I was also at Venice Beach on Monday and saw two women in thongs. A young man seemed to be hanging around one of the women as she was lying on the beach and he even took some pictures of her. Kinda creepy.
20897 #114

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/17/2007 10:28:00Copy HTML

Been to Venice Beach the last three days. The weather has been pretty nice all three days. Sat. I saw one other guy in a thong besides myself. He came down to the water to cool off while I was doing the same. The is getting quite cold. Sunday I did not see anyone else in a thong. Today there were very few people on the beach. I saw one guy in a g-string and one lady in a thong and topless. I walked most of the beach today in my thong. I will be out one more day tomorrow.

pedalpower50 #115

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/17/2007 11:43:23Copy HTML

That was probably me you saw at Venice Beach today -- south of the Ketch lifeguard tower. I saw you walk by along the edge of the water. I've been taking a dip at least once while laying out over the past couple of months, but didn't today because the water, as you say, is starting to get colder. I considered going for a walk, but decided to stay put and read my book.

You're right, there aren't very many people at the beach these days, but the weather is still nice. It seems that the percentage of men and women in thongs/g-strings goes up on weekdays when there are fewer people there.

I'm also planning to be at Venice Beach tomorrow afternoon, probably in about the same spot, so perhaps I'll see you then.
swoontogo #116

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/17/2007 03:25:54Copy HTML

i was going to head out today but the weather did not seem like it would have been warm enough - was it? do you think it will be warm and sunny enough tuesday? i would love to get some beach time in.
20897 #117

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/18/2007 11:10:45Copy HTML

The weather was nice again this afternoon. I think it was warmer today than yesterday because the wind was lighter. There very few people out today. I did see two other guys in a g-string and I think I saw pedalpower50 out today too. I took a walk all the way from ketch tower to the end and back. I was wearing an orange thong today. I've had four great beach days, but must head back home tomorrow.
swoontogo #118

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/18/2007 03:16:54Copy HTML

it WAS a great day out today. i was concerned that it was not going to be warm enough, but it was both sunny and warm. the whole beach felt almost deserted - there were only about 10 people total between the galleon tower and the marina, and 4 of those were men in minimal swimwear! i also took advantage of the sparse population and took a long walk down to the marina and back - i was the guys just south of you 20897 in the brown skinz roman gstring - really liked the orange suit you were wearing, the color was great. i too saw who i thought to be pedalpower, as well as another fit and tan guy in a nice gstring. i love these kinds of days where the beach is very peaceful and there a decent thong population out - unfortunately there were no female thongers out to join us. would love to make it out again this week, but it looks like the weather is final going to turn. hopefully we can get a few more good day out before the fall and winter set in.
pedalpower50 #119

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/18/2007 11:08:44Copy HTML

Yep, that was me. I arrived just as 20897 was walking back toward his towel. Very nice suit. I also saw swoontogo walking along the beach in his g-string (thanks for the description, as I wondered what kind of suit you were wearing. I had worn a Skinz roman thong just the day before). I usually wear a Skinz g-string, occasionally something from Dore or Koala, but yesterday I was wearing a bootie g-string in an abstract print.

Anyway, you inspired me to take a long walk, too, which was very pleasant in the warm sun.
JM_Runs #120

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/19/2007 12:49:54Copy HTML

Don't you guys ever talk to each other at Venice Beach?  That's one thing I like about East Beach in RI -- fellow thongers tend to be friendly and pleasant to chat with, both where we're set up as folks stroll by or at water's edge as we go to take dips.  Makes the day more enjoyable.

swoontogo #121

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/20/2007 12:42:41Copy HTML

i tend to leave people alone. i know that i am there to just relax and enjoy the weather, so that is what i assume other people are there for. i would not want anyone to think that i am picking up on them and add tension to the relaxing day at the beach. but it is nice to have thonging company, and a quick note on this board can be encouraging.
20897 #122

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/20/2007 11:21:37Copy HTML

Thank you to both swoontogo and pedalpower50 for your compliments on my orange thong. I agree with swoontogo about just being able to enjoy the beach and relax from the real world of work. I feel that giving people their personal space is important. I had 4 great days on Venice Beach before I had drive back home to Nor Cal.
armand_galleon #123

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/20/2007 10:31:33Copy HTML

I too have to agree: My reason for sunning in a public beach is to enjoy the day and enjoy the company of others without necessarily interacting with them. The approach may be misunderstood by the other person (I know I have been leery when someone seems too eager to talk to me--especially a man in a thong or 'cause I'm wearing one).
I mean, what do you say? "Hey, nice thong!" OK, then what? I for one am not interested in talking about thongs, I know many have an interest in talking long about the topic but not me. So, what should we talk about? The weather? Politics? Religion? How do we introduce ourselves? "Hi, I'm beachfolks, ...pedalpower50, ...mrhb2003"? (not to single anyone out, I use your handles only as examples!)

I for one am not opposed to meeting up with others interested in wearing thongs at the beach... just for fun and occasional company; but ground rules need to be established and respected (no hidden agendas, no "drama"). As such (and for all those interested) why don't we begin the discussion?

What are the non-negotiable rules/boundaries for people planning in meet for the first time?

pedalpower50 #124

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/26/2007 10:18:38Copy HTML

Sorry for the delay in responding, but I've been away. I tend to agree with the other Californians on this board that it's generally good enough to know you have company on the beach and have an avenue through this board to encourage one another. Must be a California thing, as people here seem to be more aloof than other parts of the country.

That being said, I think it might be cool sometime to plan a get-together on the beach just to interact a little on a group basis. Might be less intimidating than approaching someone one-on-one and trying to strike up a conversation. I'd be open to it if we could agree on the concept and a date. However, to pursue that possibility, we should take the discussion to the Contacts section.

So, has anyone been out to Venice Beach this week?
mrhb2003 #125

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/26/2007 09:22:59Copy HTML

I've been out the last 2 afternoons over here in Hermosa. It's been very quiet on the sand and I guess that's why some are getting bolder. On Tues there was a girl wearing a semi-thong. She went for a swim and when she returned to her towell, she doffed her top and laid back for some rays. No hassles. Yesterday I went for a stroll ( been wearing my Skinz Roman ) and saw 2 gents not too far away. One in a thong and the other in a full back. With the empty beaches I hope more folks will take advantage of the hot days and get out there and wave the flag. I encourage all of us to maintain our choice of minimal swimwear!
A gathering would be great. Let me know.
JM_Runs #126

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/26/2007 09:41:29Copy HTML

Just a quick followup to my comment above about greeting and chatting with other thongers on the beach.  Last Friday at East Beach in RI, I felt very comfortable walking from the parking lot and down the beach to where I would set up for the day wearing my printed mesh thong from HE Swimwear.  So I was an obvious thonger.  As vehicles are allowed on the beach after September 15, there were a fair number of fisherfolk along the way.  About 6 to 8 minutes along, I encountered the first person set up for sunning and swimming, a thonger on his beach chaise right at the edge of the water where people walk.  May be a member of this board, not sure.  I greeted, we chatted a bit, and I moved on.  Seems to me the most natural thing in the world, friendly, non-threatening, non-invasive.  I set up about a hundred yards beyond, back nearer the dunes, as the vehicles were running along near water's edge and I didn't care to have them passing all day 5 feet away.

Later, a guy set up maybe 50 feet away from me and stripped naked.  Probably thought I'd be okay with that, as I'd switched to a blue mesh sock jock which I later converted into a baggie.  Again, friendly brief chats thru the day, as we were neighbors.  Later, I think he tried to come on to me, but that's not my scene and I ignored what I took to be his signals.  Still, a friendly farewell at the end of the day when he departed.

Finally, just before packing it up myself, I took my final long swim, in my regular tan-thru sliding g-string.  As I emerged from the water a good distance down the beach, another older chap was coming out close by, in a speedo wedged into a thong.  Very natural time to greet and chat, and we spent the next 20 minutes standing there talking on various subjects as the vehicles passed close by.  Turns out he comes to East Beach often, but only on that day had he ever encountered thongers, who assured him it was okay there.  He loved the idea, thus the wedged speedo, and I shared the names of several websites he could check out to get a real swim thong -- HE Swimwear, Skinz, and Nu-Parr.  We even shook hands and exchanged real first names.

I don't think any of these interactions were forced or intrusive.  Sometimes my whole day goes by without them, since it is usually clear when people want to keep to themselves, and I certainly want to respect their space.  There were other thongers/stringers/nudes around with whom I had no cantact.  I'll enjoy my day with or without.  What I really like, though, but which rarely happens, is interaction with the regular folks around me when I've chosen to thong/string further back toward the parking lot and lifeguard towers and they set up nearby.  The time I chased a guy's umbrella caught by the wind and returned it to him was one, though very brief.  Just normal back and forth is what I like, the fact I'm in a thong or string being of no consequence.      

A California thing?  I thought we New Englanders had that kind of reputation!      

armand_galleon #127

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/27/2007 02:49:53Copy HTML

It's true, most CA transplants will confess that Californians can be "plastic" (of course most "Californians" they meet they happen to be transplants as well!) But, in cities like Los Angeles where in the greater LA area there may be as many as ten million people, you learn to limit your interactions to those whom you may feel a certain level of familiarity. Furthermore, even as safe as LA really is, most people "feel" that any minute they're likely to get robed, accosted, molested, or simply bothered. People don't want to be put out and as such they're quickly to brush you off (especially if you are already a little "odd")... that's why I've made San Diego my new hometown!

JM_Runs #128

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/27/2007 09:08:56Copy HTML

Armand, thanks for your insights.  I can certainly appreciate the points you make.  Although we New Englanders have a reputation for being aloof and standoffish, and I'm a yankee thru and thru, I think we do have a more settled culture than LA, and have surer expectations about each other.  It's with that confidence I'm comfortable interacting with others at the beach, whether fellow thongers or regular folks.  For instance, when the above-mentioned wedged-speedo thonger and I walked back to the parking lot, he now in shorts and I in my mesh thong, a guy was pumping air back into his tires after a day driving on the beach.  I've been curious what pressure is appropriate for such activity, since I drive a Grand Cherokee and might try it sometime, so I asked him and we had an informative chat.  Whether he was put off by my thong I have no idea, but he certainly was pleasant.

San Diego?  Good choice, from what I hear.  That's where I'm looking forward to a visit when my wife and I take our grand driving tour after I retire in the next couple of years.  We're history buffs, and I'm pushing for a stay at the historic Hotel Del Coronado.  The fact that the beach there is great for thonging is an added bonus.  It'll have to wait 'til then, though, as it's too far to stray next May when we go out to the San Francisco bay area for a 10 day vacation as part of running Bay to Breakers.  In the wacky spirit of that race, my current plan is to run the 12K course in a thong and then plunge into the Pacific, which is right next to the finish line.  Lettered on my back will be, "from the Bay and into the Breakers".  When yankees go to California, it's a chance to loosen up a bit!      

clubthongs #129

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/27/2007 11:11:19Copy HTML

Welcome to San Diego Armand. I hope to see you enjoying our beaches one day!

lovethongs #130

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/01/2007 08:59:09Copy HTML


I am not from the Los Angeles area, so first of all, I give the people in LA credit for maintaining amazing beaches!  I was at Hermosa briefly Friday and Saturday afternoons and Sunday morning.  Other than volleyball players, there were not many people on the beach at all, even on the weekend.  On Saturday, there were a couple of women in thongs/semi-thongs, but I did not see anyone even close to going topless.  There were a couple of guys at the beach in minimal swimwear also.

Have you been to Hermosa Beach since Tuesday?  Was that the only time ever that a girl has gone topless?  I think that people were so spare and spread out that if a girl went topless, not only would noboby care, most likely nobody would even notice.

Keep up the great beaches, LA!

pedalpower50 #131

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/01/2007 09:36:54Copy HTML

I made it out to Venice Beach this afternoon, but thonged on the beach in front of the boardwalk for the first time. I was the only one I saw in minimal swimwear, but the beach vibe was very laid back and accepting. It wasn't crowded by any means, but there were a fair number of people there ... some were even swimming.

Yes, Lovethongs, the L.A. beaches are amazing, aren't they?
pedalpower50 #132

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/08/2007 10:53:10Copy HTML

It was another beautiful day at Venice Beach. I didn't get out as early as I'd hoped, arriving around 1:30 p.m. I saw Swoontogo coming back from a walk and, later, while walking the beach another gentleman set up near the edge of the water and stripped down to a g-string. We exchanged brief greetings. I also encountered a fully clothed gentleman who stopped to talk to me about the great amount of debris that had washed up on shore. As usual, a very laid-back crowd.

I didn't see any women in g-strings or thongs, although one near me was wearing a fairly brief string bikini.

Looks like the weather is gonna cool off later this week, so it might be awhile before the next beach excursion.
Dipster733 #133

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/08/2007 05:29:31Copy HTML

I finally made it out to venice beach this monday afternoon. WOW it's a great beach. The sand feels great and it stays pretty cool so no having to worry about wearing sandals walking down the beach or to the water. The beach itself was pretty clean and nicely maintained. It was also not very crowded and there was plenty of space between people.

Two friends and I arrived kinda late, around 3PM and set up around Galleon lifeguard tower. We didnt notice any other thongers off the bat, but we read this is where people usually thong. Anyways we all changed into our thongs and had a great day just hanging out at the beach.

Later during the day I decided to get up and walk around so i put some speedos on and walked south. I passed one guy in a thong lying face down on a beach chair with a girl. He had a great looking tan. I walked further down the beach and passed a guy in a gstring, probably the same one pedalpower saw. I chatted with him for a bit about venice and he was a really friendly guy. Later in the day he walked down to the water and took a dip.

Near the end of the day, one of my friends and decided to take a walk down the beach, again I put on some speedos over my thong. We walked down to the second to last lifeguard tower before the jetty and took some pictures. On the way back, I decided to wear my thong and it felt GREAT. NO hassles and i felt completely comfortable walking down the beach; its not quite something i feel when i thong at certain places.

All in all, my friends and i had a great day relaxing at venice beach. I can't wait to go back!
swoontogo #134

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/09/2007 02:35:45Copy HTML

it was another amazing day out at venice monday. warm, and very sunny - not a clound in the sky. the water temp is still okay, still warm enough to take a dip to cool off. sorry i missed you and your friends dipster, i left just before you got there. pretty quite on the beach considering the nice weather. did notice a couple of the regular thonger guys out south of the ketch tower, and a couple of women thongers up closer to the pier. all-in-all, just another great day at venice. hope there a few more nice days like this before it cools off.
pedalpower50 #135

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/10/2007 12:30:37Copy HTML

I made it out to Venice Beach again today. Although cooler than previous days, it was still very pleasant with warm sun and a cool breeze. The beach was nearly deserted, with a few others laying out and some joggers along the water's edge.

I set up south of the Ketch lifeguard station and ended up going on a couple of long walks along the beach in my g-string. I went as far as the Venice Beach Pier to the north and the Marina del Rey channel to the south. I saw a couple of other guys in thongs/g-strings laying out but no women.

With cooler weather in the forecast, that might be the last of the decent beach days for a while.

max77056 #136

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/21/2007 10:23:32Copy HTML

today - sunday was a gorgeous day out at Venice Beach (Marina del Rey side near Galleon street). Sunny not a cloud in the sky and low himidity. Quite a few folks out.......I saw a couple of speedos and thongs on both genders. Water and waves were rough so only surfers in the water today. Only thing that was kind of eerie was that you can clearly see the Malibu fires from the beach and anywhere near the ocean. When I left about 3:30 there were hugh smoke clouds over the ocean coming from the Malibu Canyons. I hope to make it out to the beach again on Monday. 
pedalpower50 #137

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/22/2007 10:16:01Copy HTML

It was a beautiful, warm day at Venice Beach today. I arrived around 12:30 and set up just south of the Ketch/Lighthouse Street area. There weren't very many people out today, although on my walk between the pier and the Marina channel I saw three other men in g-strings and a fourth in a bright yellow thong. I spoke briefly to one of them on my walk, but I don't know if he or anyone else I saw are members of this board. I also saw a couple of women in thongs, so all in all a good day.
max77056 #138

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/24/2007 10:13:45Copy HTML

Nobody missed much by not going to this beach today....very quiet....the southern california fires have sent alot of smoke and haze into the air so it was hazy and overcast today. There were only a handful of people trying to get a little sun. May continue to be this way for the next few days unfortunately. It is a shame since it is still warm and pleasant  here but the fires are making the air quality bad.   . . 
pedalpower50 #139

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/29/2007 09:44:12Copy HTML

I made it out to Venice Beach on Sunday and again today. Despite it being sunny and warm on Sunday, there weren't very many people there. Today, it was sunny but cooler and kinda windy, so the beach was nearly deserted. I set up just south of the pier on Sunday and today I was a little south of Ketch.

On Sunday, I saw a young woman in a thong. Today, I didn't see anyone else in a thong or g-string, which is not surprising considering how few people were there. And most of them remained dressed in their street clothes.

It looks like some warmer weather is in the forecast for late in the week, so maybe there are still a few decent beach days left.

swoontogo #140

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

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i actually made it out to venice today. we got a little batch of warm weather and i did not want to pass it up. i was on the beach around 11:30 am and it was sunny and warm (about 70+ degrees) without a cloud in the sky. very few people on the beach, but glad i did not miss the opportunity to catch some rays. no other thongers spotted out on the beach, but there was an attractive woman sunning up on here balcony facing the beach in a nice black gstring. i look forward to more days like this in the next couple of months before it warms up.
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Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

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What's the most extreme thong or g-string that anyone has seen on Venice beach, either male or female?  Could a female get by with one of the single string types?
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I wear the Koala Dark Side and Shaved Fury with no problems.  I doubt if a single string will pass the "pass" test (by the beach patrol). 
swoontogo #143

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

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gorgeous warm and sunny day at venice on monday. saw a couple of other guys out in thongs. did not see any woman in thongs, but very skimpy suits (small triangle backs that ride up) have become quite popular with the women on the beach - quite attractive. 
as far as extreme suits at venice, i have seen wicked weasel style suites and topless for women, and for men, i have seen thongs, strings, baggies, and even nude. personally, i have worn many minimal suits there, but nothing pushing any extreme limits. i will wear a dore very low-cut string or low-cut thong, or a skinz roman thong, but nothing that is mesh or see-thru. a single-string suit might be pushing it a bit, but if one was laying face down when the beach patrol went by, it probably would not be an issue.
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This weekend were "Chamber of Commerce" days at the beaches. I was at the El Segundo beach yesterday and went to Venice Beach today. Today was probably 80 degrees on the sand and about 58 degrees in the water. Visibility was great as you could clearly see from Palo Verdes (and Catalina Island beyond) to seeing Malibu out on the extreme north. A slight breeze from the north was present.
Yesrterday I was the only person wearing a thong at El Segundo beach(directly behind the Chevron pumping complex). I like this beach because it's somewhat secluded and doesn't get crowded, unlike Venice.
Today, I was near the Ketch (south of Washington for those not knowing which part of Venice Beach) tower between 12 to 1 and saw several other people, all women, "thonging it." It was a classic Venice crowd mix with tourists/families/locals mingling together on the sand.
I am glad I did not work this weekend!
Sorry for the short report.
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I was at Venice Beach on Friday and El Segundo beach on Saturday. It was beautiful both days.
On Friday, I set up south of Ketch Tower on Venice Beach and saw swoontogo nearby in a g-string. The beach was not very crowded, so I went on a long walk up and down the waterfront. It was very relaxing, and the sun felt nice and warm.
Saturday was a different story. El Segundo was very busy with lots of families. I was with my wife, so I just laid back and read a book.
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 So is El Segundo another beach for thongers?
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It was a beautiful day at Venice Beach today ... sunny with temps in the high 70s and a light breeze. There weren't too many people out despite the nice weather, but still I saw three women in thongs, three guys in g-strings (including swoontogo, I believe). I saw several women with cameras, so I suspect I got my picture taken. Two of the women in thongs got up and came to the water's edge when they saw me approaching and kind of pranced. Then, on my way back, they walked back down toward the water and were taking pictures of each other. I suspect they got a picture of me after I walked by, which I don't mind.
I was wearing the usual ... a g-string from Skinz ... very comfy and I was able to work on getting more of a summer tan. I set up south of the ketch lifeguard station and walked between the pier and the marina channel. I saw one guy in the water who looked like he might have been naked. It was hard to tell because he was about hip deep in the water. If he wasn't naked, then he was wearing a very tiny g-string or baggie.
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hey pedal-
i think i saw you, i was walking in a dark green thong. it certainly was a lovely day.

pedalpower50 #149

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

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Yep, that was me. What kind of thong were you wearing? It looked very nice on you. It was nice to see so many men and women in g-strings or thongs even though there weren't that many people on the beach that day. Unfortunately, I couldn't get out over the weekend. I hope anyone on the board who did will post a report.
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it was a dore very low unlined thong.

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