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swoontogo #151

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:04/30/2008 08:08:50Copy HTML

hey pedalpower,unfortunately, it was not me you saw on the beach the other day. i am in the UK for 3 weeks and am missing all of the good weather there. i will be back in may to catch up on my sun time. it is nice to see there has been a good thong population out there. hopefully it will just increae as the season goes on.
swoontogo #152

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:05/19/2008 04:00:32Copy HTML

 anyone going to make it out to venice today or been recently?
mrhb2003 #153

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:05/25/2008 05:30:31Copy HTML

 Was out there on Fri the 16.  Great hot day & I got fully darkened.  There were about 4 or 5 men and 1 or 2 women out in thongs.  Took a walk and got a couple of giggles and at least one fone foto from some young ladies.  All in all very mellow.I do have one comment,  a woman in a black thong set up near me and was enjoying the sun, then a man in a thong set up close to both of us.  He waited until she turned over then made his move.  I gathered he asked her if she was up for some smashball.  When she declined he packed up and moved on.  On my walk I noticed he moved over near the guard tower.  I don't have an issue chatting up females in thongs but if one gets a negative response I believe one should just fall back and maintain their spot.  Moving down the beach looking for a date seems kinda desperate.  Am I being too weird or judgemental?Memorial weekend has been a bust!  Hopefully consistant sun is in the near future!Aloha
TBSJ_03 #154

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/21/2008 04:07:56Copy HTML

I was at Venice beach Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week.  Each day was absolutely gorgeous.  On Wednesday I arrived a bit before noon and set myself up just a little north of the Galleon lifeguard tower and stripped to my thong (just a standard light blue thong made by a company named Gazelle).  Shortly thereafter a middle-aged mother and her young son (probably 10 or so) set up nearby.  I wasn't sure how or if they'd have any reaction but they didn't even bat an eye.  Later on, as I was sunning buns up, a woman in her mid 20s set up about 20 yards away from me.  To my surprise she took off her shorts to reveal a tie-side string thong.  It was nice not to be the lone thonger on that stretch of the beach.  I later noticed a man in a black g-string was also laying out closer to the water.  He got up several times to take a dip as well.

As the day went on it got warmer and I took quite a few dips in the ocean myself.  Each time I felt completely comfortable and didn't receive any negative comments or funny looks.  Later in the day I decided to take a walk down the beach in just my thong.  I didn't get too far when a bunch of girls around my age (early 20s) came running up to me.  Two from the water and two of their friends who were sunning on the sand all ran over and introduced themselves to me.  They wanted to know what I was doing walking in a thong, and told me how brave I was.  They were really giggly and flirty.  After the initial introductions they asked the typical get to know you stuff like where are you from, what do you do for a living and whatnot.  It was really fun standing there in the middle of 4 really attractive girls just chitchatting in my thong.  I thought about it later and realized how it was my thong that broke the ice and started the conversation, if not for that, I'd just be another guy in boardshorts and probably wouldn't even have been noticed.  So after that, I kept walking down the beach to about the 2nd to last lifeguard tower and then turned around.  No other fun conversations but it was a nice walk.

After my walk, I went back to my towel, read my book, went for a couple more swims and laid out til about 6pm.  When I packed up my things to leave, I wore just my thong all the way back to the Washington Blvd. parking lot.  I got a few looks but that was it.

Thursday and Friday were equally nice days.  I set up in the same spot, a little noth of Galleon, on those days as well.  On Thursday a couple set up near me and she stripped down to a thong.  However, she did put on a larger string bikini when she went in the water.  On Friday I was there as well, and didn't see very many thongs.  At least none around me.  Regardless though, it was a very good day. I made several trips to the water in my thong and again, did not get any comments.  Maybe a longer than normal stare from a woman with her husband, but she was smiling so it wasn't hostile or anything.

All in all, I had a great 3 days out in Venice.  I hope to get out there again soon.
yogabutt #155

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/26/2008 12:06:16Copy HTML

TBSJ_03, you mentioned you had a blue thong from Gazelle!  Is it really old?  I thought they went out of business years ago?  I liked their thongs a lot.Regards,Yogabutt
TBSJ_03 #156

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/26/2008 02:30:28Copy HTML

Yeah, it's older.  I got it about 3 years ago at a little swimwear shop in Capitola up north.
yogabutt #157

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/26/2008 03:34:07Copy HTML

swoontogo #158

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/30/2008 05:46:39Copy HTML

This is a great story  - very encouraging - glad you posted it. it is always nice to get some positive reenforcement, especially when you are standing out against the "norm". it is also nice to hear a fellow thonger have such a positive experience - especially at the beach that i frequent. my experiences at venice have always been positive ones. i have been thonging/stringing there for a few years on a regular basis (when the weather permits) and have always felt welcomed and right at home. i do have to admit that i have not had such an overtly good experience as you describe. you seem to have set up your spot just north of where i usually see fellow thongers, most people that i see in minimal swimwear are usually between the galleon and ketch towers, or just a bit south of ketch. i have been away on travel for a couple of months and look forward to my next days at venice very soon. keep the good stories coming.
TBSJ_03 #159

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/18/2008 06:29:50Copy HTML

Was out at Venice Beach a couple days this week.  Really great weather we're having here in SoCal.  The past couple days I laid out in my new Alphamoda thong between the Galleon and Ketch lifeguard towers.  Not many other thongers around, though there were a few.  While a was laying out a woman walked from one of the beach houses to go for a dip in just her thong bikini.  She didn't stay in the water long, but still it was nice seeing a fellow thonger.  Otherwise the thong population was pretty sparse.  I did see a couple very skimpy bikinis, the kind that show a lot of cheek that might as well be thongs.

As usual, my thong was pretty much a non-issue.  I walked up and down the beach several times w/o a comment, and took numerous dips in the ocean.  Even stopped to chat with another fellow about the dolphins in the water.  All in all it was a nice couple of days of thonging out in Venice. 
swoontogo #160

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/14/2008 05:36:00Copy HTML

very nice day at venice yesterday - sunny and warm with a nice cool breeze. i returned from my walk and a very fit and tan guy in a nice red gstring had set up about 15 yards directly in front of me - just south of the ketch tower. nice to have thonging company so near by. also, the water has been great - comfortably warm for california. i took several dips and did a little body surfing as well. for the first time ever at venice, i did get a couple of obnoxious and loud comments from a couple of butt-heads jogging by on the beach when i was returning to my chair from the ocean. oh well, not bad for how many years i have been going there. i am convinced that if the two guys were jogging separately and not together, that i would not have heard a peep. dudes like that seem to act differently when they are in a pack. as far as thong population goes, i only noticed the one guy and no females. what happened to all of the venice thongers that used to be out there? still - a very nice relaxing six hours on the beach.
pedalpower50 #161

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/15/2008 04:29:38Copy HTML

Swoontogo, nice to hear you had a nice day at Venice yesterday. I was out there today and was disappointed that I saw no other men in g-strings and it was more cloudy than sunny most of the afternoon. However, I did see a couple of women in thongs.
Funny you should mention the butthead joggers with the snide remarks. Until today, the closest I had ever come to negative comments was the 12- or 13-year old boys who told me to put some shorts on. There were two of them, and like you I've noticed that negative comments mostly come from young people when they're in packs.
However, today I experienced something unique. I arrived around 12:30 and set up a little south of the ketch tower. I decided to walk down to the Marina jetty and back as I often do since there were not many people out yet. I was wearing a Skinz g-string. A short distance after I had turned around at the jetty I approached a stocky, unattractive woman who I could tell was waiting for me. I figured it was not going to be pleasant, and I was right.
As I approached, she started barking at me "I just want you to know that I have impressionable young teenagers here and I don't appreciate you walking around dressed like that in front of them." I maintained eye contact throughout her little tirade and then continued to look her in the eyes as I walked by, less than 2 feet away. I did not say a word.
As I walked away someone must have given her grief for the way she talked to me because I heard her say, loudly, "Well, I don't care."
The feeling was mutual. She doesn't care what I think and I don't care what she thinks. But I give her props for telling me to my face how she felt. I've got many stories of adults complaining behind my back and getting management to do their bidding for them. In each and every case I was doing nothing illegal or anything that violated any posted policies. But it didn't matter. Things were fine until someone complained, and I suddenly became the bad guy.
In this case, I truly was not intimidated or upset. She's entitled to her opinion and I'm entitled to wear a g-string on that beach. If she doesn't like it, there are thousands of miles of other beaches where thongers have been cow-towed or banned. She can go there and leave me one of the few beautiful beaches in this country where one can usually thong without hassle.
I think part of the problem is that it's summer and the kids are out of school. Teens in packs are nothing but trouble looking for someone to hassle. And then there are the tourists, who probably never actually saw a living person in a thong and where they're from they feel it's their right to tell other people how to dress and what to believe.
Well, not in California ... not under my watch.
Anyone care to comment? Did I handle this situation properly? What would you have done?
Maxtlatl #162

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/15/2008 11:51:04Copy HTML

"I just want you to know that I have impressionable young teenagers here and I don't appreciate you walking around dressed like that in front of them."

How about:

Really? Most young teenagers are totally unaffected by this. Do you think yours are defective? Think they'll go out and rape somebody now?
swoontogo #163

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/15/2008 03:47:00Copy HTML

pedalpower,seems like you handled things just fine, no sense in opening her flood gates with a dialog. what you were doing is perfectly legal - end of story. i just think of my thong or gstring as another choice of swimwear. but you are well aware that by walking down such a public beach in such a minimal suit, that there is a good chance of comments. i practically expect it from packs of guys or girls. as long as you can live with it when it happens, then all is well. i really could not care less - i am always covered where i need to be, and i know that my body is not completely offensive to others. i have to say that the thong population does seem smaller when it is summertime - weird. maybe it was just a bad karma week at venice. i hope to make it out again next week to see. 
hairless_potter #164

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/25/2008 06:34:07Copy HTML

Well, I have been a lurker here for a short while.  I went down to Venice beach for the first time to see what the area was like.  I went between Galleon and Ketch and actually saw three fellow (male only today) thongers out there today.  I didn't partake myself as I was a little shy but I figured I would go back sometime this week when it would be less busy.
armand_galleon #165

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/25/2008 03:08:37Copy HTML

 SO many adults just don't really understand how sophisticated, even cynical, teenagers can be; even very young teenagers. They're not impressionable, not by a man in thong. They're impressionable by two people: parents and peers. This is the song of ages, the gap between kids and adults. As adults we don't give a real thought about kids and how they think and feel. We assume. And yet, how many of us felt misunderstood by our own parents while growing up? My mom was a hippie in the 60's, very much misunderstood by her parents, and her parents by their parents before that.

Furthermore, EVERYONE knows, or should know, that this is Venice Beach, California!! I mean, the place is famous for freaks, performers, body builders, roller skaters, bikers and homeless bums and just about every other type of nut on the planet!! To see a man in a thong is assumed rather than be shocked by it!!

The fact is that SHE objected to it. For whatever reason, and like all good Republicans, used the cover of "protecting our children" as justification for being nasty about it. Yet, I've had old(er) folks, middle age people, 20 and 30 something years olds and even teens and pre teens acknowledge me, give me a thumbs up, or a compliment, a  positive comment, or just a curious non-judgmental look. Have I had "negative" comments? Sure. Not many, but some. Mostly a disapproving shake of the head, or a cat-call or maybe a long whistle, but even these I take in fun. I hate to return to this other topic but what I am assuming is if the person, man or woman, wearing a thong is in decent shape, the less negative the comments will be, even by impressionable teens.
pedalpower50 #166

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/26/2008 03:09:26Copy HTML

Very true, Armand. Thanks for your comments. I think you're spot on. I know that walking the beach ... even Venice Beach ... in a g-string opens one up to weird looks and occasional laughs or negative comments. That just goes with the territory, and it's not going to stop me. I'm in decent shape and I shave my whole body, so I don't see the need to cover up or hide from everyone else.
The only way these people win is if we let them. Their purpose in harassing or making fun of the "weirdos" and thongwearers is to show off to their peers and/or to intimidate us into conforming to their sensibilities. It says a lot more about them than about us. And I'm satisfied with me, so I'm not going to be intimidated.
I'm not looking to shock people or get in their faces. I just want to live life the way I see fit, wear what I feel comfortable in and to be left alone. In the America we all claim to believe in, that shouldn't be a threat to anyone.
abczyxabczyx #167

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/28/2008 11:59:02Copy HTML

Have you been to the board walk where the shops are located in your thong?
armand_galleon #168

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/29/2008 05:16:30Copy HTML

 I've rollerbladed down the bike path drawing some looks but nothing too out of the ordinary of amuzement, long looks, some giggles, maybe a shout/whistle. Hey, it's Venice! I was most sucessful the day my freind, in the pict in my profile section, and I skated together. She's really good looking and it removes the "creepyness" that some people feel towards men in thongs.
thongman36 #169

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/01/2008 11:36:08Copy HTML

anyone at venice sept 25/26th
love to meet other thong lovers
20897 #170

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/16/2008 03:05:12Copy HTML

Beautiful day on Venice Beach today. The weather was quite warm today after a cool weekend. I set-up south of the Ketch lifeguard tower very close to the waters edge. After taking a few dips in the water, I decided to go for a long walk. I walked all the way to the Venice peir and noticed 3 women in thongs and one guy in a black Y back coming out of the water. I was wearing an orange thong today. Then I walked all the way to the Marina Del Ray harbor entrance and back to my spot. The weather is supposed to be nice again tommorow but I have to drive back to the bay area. Wish I could stay longer.
azcana #171

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/02/2008 05:26:21Copy HTML

Hello everyone! I took advantage of the hot day and made out to Marina on Tuesday around noon I wore my black JS thong. I only saw another fellow thonger  so I was glad I was not the only one but it seems that  thong population has decline home how from years back anyhow I'll will try to make out this thursday  again...
TBSJ_03 #172

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/04/2008 05:12:27Copy HTML

I was out at Venice on Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week.  Such gorgeous weather we've been having lately.  Both days I was wearing my light blue Alphamoda thong.  It was pretty much the usual, saw several thongs on both men and women, and even a few women tanning sans tops.  Being that the summer is over and school is back in session, the beach seems to be a little less crowded.  On both days I felt completely comfortable walking the length of the beach in just my thong.  Looks like there may be one more little heat spell next week before the summer weather truly ends.
swoontogo #173

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/04/2008 08:17:50Copy HTML

nice to her such a good beach report TBSJ_03 - lucky you. i plan on enjoying the best of the upcoming good weather next tues and weds. hopefully the current report is accurate - would be a nice way to wind down the season. i hope to be able to give such a positive report next week.
azcana #174

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/05/2008 03:03:51Copy HTML

 Well, I made out on Thursday again!! around 3pm north of privatieer tower to find a really nice and relaxing day with a beach not so crowded!!! and did not see any other fellow thongers. This time I wore my JS red thong. I usually take dips in water to cool down but I have never gone for a walk because Im not sure if its really safe or ok with police, Lifeguard or locals??? hopefully next week will have some more nice weather.
max77056 #175

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/08/2008 04:39:14Copy HTML

A picture perfect day out at Venice beach. I am here in CA for few more days so I decided to go to the beach. I parked and walked up Jib street to the beach and set up near the lifeguard stand. It was fairly busy. I guess the great weather is bringing people out - although this is still a quiet stretch of beach. Low key folks around me: a few ladies, some couples and a few thong dudes. I stayed until late afternoon. One cool thing happened....I had been reading the posts here the last couple of days and noticed some of the locals posting. As I was sunning. I noticed a guy in a blue thong walking along the ocean. I thought it might be one of the folks that recently posted.

As he walked back past my area, I went down to the water and said "hey, I saw your posting on the thongboard. He said "yes, that was me". We had good brief conversation. He was tan, fit and very self-confident. I give that guy an A+. I always feel that folks like that give a really good impression of thonging. From his recent posts (TBSJ_03), it appears he has had some good experiences out there. Anyway, peace to the fellow thonger! I guess the world is a big place but the internet is a small one.....          
gback #176

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/12/2008 11:01:46Copy HTML

 A bit cool this weekend, but Tuesday and Wednesday look nice, warm, and sunny and I plan on hitting Venice Beach.  This is one of my favorite times of year there (actually I like them all).  Very quiet and peaceful.  
thongman36 #177

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/13/2008 01:27:02Copy HTML

was any one out on october 8th at venice beach .... wife and i both wore thongs hers pink  mine js rio thong
saw one other thonger laying close to  us in light blue thong

thongman & skankyass
TBSJ_03 #178

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/13/2008 04:14:22Copy HTML

Yep, I was out on Venice on the 7th and 8th.  I had a nice conversation with fellow board member max77056 on the 7th.  It's always nice to meet another thonger.  On the 8th I decided to try a new section of the beach at Venice.  I'm normally out by the Galleon lifeguard tower but decided to try closer to main beach near where most of the shops are.  I wasn't sure if this area was as thong friendly as the stretch south of Galleon, but as I walked toward the water I noticed a thonging couple. They seemed totally at ease in minimal swimwear so I figured that'd be a good spot to set up.  I'm guessing that was you and your wife Thongman36.  I think you caught me in one of your photos on flickr.  I'm honored =p.  Anyways, another good day at Venice to report.  Glad to see some fellow thongers out there.
JM_Runs #179

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/13/2008 12:06:50Copy HTML

In reply to TBSJ_03, 
It is good to see you having the courage to thong with the regular beach crowd and not ostracizing your self to the far margins of the beach. The more people who visibly and comfortably thong with the regular folk the more regularly other people see thongs and come to accept thongs as a normal choice for the beach.
Often peoples fear about thonging, or thonging with more of the regular beach crowed is unfounded. The worst that can happen is an occasional comment from some ignoramus who thinks they should tell you how to run your life. On the other hand the positive feedback and acceptance from the general population can be heartwarming.
Once in a while you may have to suffer the slings and arrows from some  red-neck, church lady or know it all teen boys, but if you can put up with the few strong words from the moral minority you will advance thonging for all.  As this election season is teaching us, there are often a few bigots in the crowed, but we must not let them change our course. In the face of ignorance just smile, and go on thonging.
The more you thong with the regular beach goers the more normal people will find thongs to be and that will encourage others.
thongman36 #180

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/13/2008 04:34:22Copy HTML

glad it was okay to post that pic.. only you know it was you so i guess its cool
i think we all had a few pics of us taken ........on a walk to the garbage can one lady i overheard said hes got the ass for it and said to her friend  ill get his pic MADE MY DAY

did u get any pics of us  TBSJ 03

thongman & skankyass
gback #181

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/17/2008 04:05:54Copy HTML

It's been great weather this week at Venice Beach!  I was there on Tuesday and Wednesday with lots of sunshine and temps about 80 degrees.  It was quiet and relaxing with a thin crowd.  Tuesday there were 2 women and 3 men in thongs and Wednesday there was one other guy in a g-string besides myself and three guys in thongs.  Gs and Ts gravitate to the Galeon and Ketch lifeguard towers area but are really OK on all the LA and Santa Monica beaches. Never had a problem at any of them but the area south of the Washington Boulevard pier is quite relaxing.  September and October are the best beach months in Los Angeles because the weather is warm and sunny and the kids are back in school. 
swoontogo #182

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/17/2008 03:37:15Copy HTML

it has been great out there lately. i was able to make it out wednesday of last week and tuesday and wednesday of this week. the weather was very warm and sunny - perfect. two of the days i spent hanging out and chatting with max77056 from this board who i met out there a couple of years ago. it is nice to have someone to hang out with as a change from the regular quite relaxing days. seems like the thong population has been on the low side, but there always seems to be some "regulars" and a few "visitors". you are right though, when the weather is good, sept. and oct. are the best  - pretty much all adults. i hope to squeeze in a few more days before it starts to cool off too much. if the weather forecast hold true, looks like next tues. and weds. should be great again next week - hope so.
ggtann #183

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/20/2008 05:24:55Copy HTML

Was out along the Marina Peninsula south of the Ketch tower (right about at Outrigger) last week. Weather was great . Thought I would be the only the only person out thonging,I was not . Saw two other males and three women all rather spread out south of where I was .It was a light crowd ,even by October standards. One of the couples laying out closest to me was a bodybuilder type and his girlfriend/wife. Both wearing thongs. After a while she decided to go topless.Figure she must be a regular as she had perfect all-over tan .Beach patrol passed by and didn't even give her a second look. Perhaps that was because of the time of the year and lack of crowds. None the less things looking up/!!
mrhb2003 #184

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/20/2008 11:30:07Copy HTML

 Was out there on  Wed the 8th.  Great weather and no hassles.  This beach is great for taking strolls w/o hassles.  Trying to get out there later this week when the temps climb back up.  
azcana #185

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/22/2008 07:29:20Copy HTML

    Made out on tues 21. Great day at  Marina I set up north close of the Privateer tower and wore my JS black Rio Thong,  took a few dips in the  water to cool down and I did not see any other thongers besides one who set up close to my spot..... can't wait for my next visit to the marina area
TBSJ_03 #186

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/29/2008 07:05:34Copy HTML

I had a really nice time out on Venice yesterday.  I got there a little after 11 and parked in the Washington Blvd parking lot as usual.  I normally change into shorts and go for a run down to the marina and back up toward Venice before I set up, but today I thought "what the heck".  The beach was relatively quiet, so I figured today would be as good as any day.  With nothing more than my thong and iPod, I ran down to the last lifeguard tower, stopped to stretch for a bit, then back up to Washington.  Not as long of a run as I usually do, but it was very freeing.  I may have gotten some glances from the other beach walkers/joggers, but nothing was said.  Definitely a positive experience.

After my run, I grabbed my stuff from the car and set up in a pretty open part of the beach near the Galleon tower.  Not too long after I was there, a fairly large group of younger to middle-aged women set up near by.  Most them them stayed in their street clothes, but one took off her jeans to reveal some very cheeky underwear.  I got up several times to take a dip and nothing was said about my thong.

Upon returning from a swim, I noticed another woman (middle-aged) had sat down no more than 12 feet away from my towel.  I greeted her, dried off, laid down, and we chatted for a bit, just small talk and such.  She didn't make any mention of my suit, but I think she enjoyed the view.  She did ask if I was from around hear, possibly expecting I was from out of the country or something.  Shortly thereafter her phone rang and she had to leave, but it was nice being able to act so nonchalant in my small suit.

At the end of the day I walked back to the car in just my thong and headed out.  All in all it was a great day.  There were several other male thongers out, but that was about it for the thong population.  But then again, the beach crowd is pretty sparse this time of year anyways.

JM_Runs #187

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/29/2008 10:50:03Copy HTML

There is a lot to be said for running on the sand, in a thong. I find I get a lot more positive feedback and less negative reactions when out running, rather than just walking around. People seem to respect a runner, and I think people fined a body in motion looks more interesting and attractive.

When running the beach in a thong the feeling of freedom is enlightening. The blood rushing through your body after the run feels as good as the sunshine.

I don't sit on the beach attempting to get a tan, (we get too much sun in Florida), so most of my beach thong time is running or showering and stretching after a run. Sometimes I hang out with friends and have a coffee after the run, but normally, having already spent more than an hour and a half of my morning at the beach, it's off home again to see if I can get some work done.

If you run the beach regularly, preferably at a similar time of day, the locals will get to know you and greet you in a friendly way.

I try to say "Good Morning" or have a friendly smile for all the people I see during my runs. Remembering to smile makes me look a lot less serious, more friendly, and helps my mood too.

I have made a habit of giving the life guard towers a friendly wave and "Good Morning" when I pass them. More than 95% of the time the greeting is cheerfully returned.

Now that you have run the beach in a thong, and found the sky did not open up and a mighty bolt strike you down, I hope you make a habit of it.  One reason is that more people will see you and be encourged to thong. This brings overal thong awareness and accptance up.  This awareness and acceptance is renforced when they watch you run past, and then see that the life guards give you a friendly greeting as you go past their stand.   

You will find it a bit more nerveracking the first few times you run when the beach is crowded, but you will soon adjust.  One nice thing with running is if you do get a negitive comment, you are away and down the beach only therty secconds later.  Within a minute the incident should be off your mind, as you re-focus on your run and rememer to smile at the people you pass.

There is a sticker on the back of my car that says "Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing."  True, but running down the beach in a thong comes in a close second.  Keep up the good work.  

swoontogo #188

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:11/08/2008 06:28:17Copy HTML

totally gorgeous day out at venice yesterday! the sky was clear, the sun was hot and the water was calm and refreshing. really great day for the end of the season. hopefully we will have some of these hot sunny days throughout the winter. saw a few other guys out thonging and one very attractive chick with wedgie style bottoms and no top. she was very tan, attractive and confident. gotta love this area!
pedalpower50 #189

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:11/09/2008 09:52:52Copy HTML

I concur with swoontogo. Friday was a great day at Venice Beach. I saw several men and women in thongs and, while walking down near the Marina channel, I encountered a young woman in a very tiny hot pink g-string. She was alone and playing in the shallow water and picking up shells. I spoke to her briefly, complimenting her on her suit. She said she bought it at one of the shops along the beach, I assume on the Venice Beach promenade.
The weather forecast looks good for later in the week, so I'm hoping to make it out again on Friday.
swoontogo #190

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:11/15/2008 08:11:34Copy HTML

 yet another perfect day out at venice friday. glad i was able to make it out. a few of the regulars out and another topless woman about 20 yards away from me. hope the nice weather makes it through the first part of next week - would love to squeeze in another day of sunning before the real november comes to town.
swoontogo #191

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:01/13/2009 05:59:41Copy HTML

amazing day out at venice monday - especially for mid-january. it would have been a good day for summer. the sun was hot and the beach was clean and fairly well populated - a few of them thongers. i am going to try to make it out again today if my schedule permits.
azcana #192

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:01/14/2009 10:48:47Copy HTML

Nice and hot day monday at Marina del rey, I only stayed for about an hour  and wore my JS black rio and did not see any other thongs....I'll will try to make it  again before the end of the week!
T-Back #193

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/13/2009 04:35:11Copy HTML

I am hoping that those of you familiar with Venice Beach Thonging can help me out.  I would like to know the closest hotel to the "Thonging" area of the beach.   I am relocating to LA from DC and the idea of being able to thong on the beach every day would be great!  
I also hear that there are some great shops that sell Thongs in the area.  This sounds like a great trip! 
Socaspeedo #194

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/16/2009 06:33:10Copy HTML

Yes the weather has been cold these days. I was walking down the board walk in a coat.
Hope the weather will get warmer for some sunning. Maybe in time to try the new skinz suit.
armand_galleon #195

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/16/2009 09:05:08Copy HTML

 Hotels near by: Check out Marina del Rey Marriott, 4100 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA‎ - (310) 301-3000‎ or a step down, the Best Western Jamaica Bay Inn, 4175 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA‎ - (310) 823-5333‎. These two are next to each other, on the back side of Washington blvd., five blocks from the beach straight down Washington. Once on the beach, go left or right of the municipal pier, find a spot and enjoy. Most thongers seem to hang a little south of the pier just pass the parking lot.
armand_galleon #196

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/19/2009 08:21:42Copy HTML

 Venice is very eclectic. You may not see a thong at the outdoor gym for years and then one day you'll see a bunch. A whole summer may go by and you may not see anyone walking around in a thong and then one day there will be a half dozen random people in a thong, walking, shopping, biking by. One summer they're all over the place and the next hardly any.
That's the attraction to the Venice Beach boardwalk, on any given day there's not telling what you will see. Which is why it's easy to get away with just about anything for people and even the cops will say, "of course, it's Venice!". 
Most of the action is on the beach but it has been dying off as the trend for thongs has lost some it's steam. Bodies have grown larger over the last decade.
The highest concentration of thongs in Venice, male and female, is normally just south of the parking lot that is south of the municipal pier at the end of Washington Blvd, on weekdays.  Even there it's only a few to a handful on any given day, spread out over a mile or so.  But don't let that stop you! Get out there and have fun.
People on this board rarely meet up so don't count on hanging with anyone from here. Bring your own friends, it's more fun to thong with friends anyway.
T-Back #197

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/08/2009 06:20:56Copy HTML

This is a little off the topic, but it also seemed like a logical place to post my question.  I will be in LA for a couple of weeks and was wondering if there are any great shops for Thong swimwear?  I just went to LASC and bought some new underwear, but now I want to get some "non-main-stream" thongs for the beach.  

thongman36 #198

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/22/2009 02:18:47Copy HTML

wondering what hotels in la are best for thonging by the pool and also close to beach

will be there soon
T-Back #199

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/27/2009 12:21:07Copy HTML

I just stayed at the Le Merigot (JW Marriott) in Santa Monica.  It was about a 15 minute walk to Venice Beach.  I thonged at the pool, but was the only one.  I never even saw anything smaller than a One Piece for the ladies and board shorts for the men.  I would not stay at this hotel if thonging is a priority.  
When you find the hotel that works, I would appreciate you sharing.
Socaspeedo #200

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/27/2009 11:34:14Copy HTML

   The weather has been great this week at venice. However, I think most individuals are just walking down the beach for their exercise. It could be said that many are just starting to tan with a few taking their shirts off. Hopefully, next week we will see more of this great weather.
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