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snc704 #401

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:01/18/2015 12:33:07Copy HTML

Well said, J M! I agree completely. We thongers have enough people against us as it is. Lets not do the radical things to turn those on the fence against us. Who knows? With proper behaviour, we might convert a few men and women to our side.
JM_Runs #402

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:01/23/2015 06:44:27Copy HTML

 Forecast calls for lots of sun this weekend.  Any members going out to Venice this weekend?  
JM_Runs #403

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:01/25/2015 12:30:03Copy HTML

Venice beach seems like the perfect beach to thong with no worries.Can't wait to one day visit this beach.
boyjoy12345 #404

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/14/2015 05:27:49Copy HTML

 Valentines day, anybody heading out there today?  Thinking about going.  Thanks
DontSwimAlone #405

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/17/2015 04:38:15Copy HTML

 I had the most wonderful day on the beach in Venice today. I rented a bike and rode from Santa Monica out to Venice beach-- a long ride, but worth it.

Per suggestions on this thread, I decided to go south of the Washington Blvd Pier to the Ketch St. tower.  I had to take the alley off the beach to make my way past the Washington Blvd Pier, because bicycles are prohibited, and there's not boardwalk past Washington.

At first I was disappointed about what I found. Walking back toward the pier, I only saw one young lady in a thong, and not a single male thonger to be found. Not a good sign--girls wear thongs all the time, but guys... less common (I'm sure you know).  However when I trekked through the soft sand back south of the tower I saw one guy in pretty small black thong. Hurray, company! For some reason it's so much easier sport a thong when you are not the only one :)

I wrapped myself in a towel and changed from the shorts I'd been wearing to a pretty small flat-front unlined white thong that I got from ebaybee646. (An e-bay store that stitches thongs here in the US - North Carolina, I think.) I chose this suit when I got it because there is no seam in the front at all. It's perfectly smooth fabric, so the "cut of my jib" if you catch my meaning isn't obscured by the swimsuit.

The weather was perfect! Sunny, but not too hot. Not crowded on the beach since it was a Monday, and none of the overwhelming mass of humanity you find further up toward Venice proper. I covered myself well with sunscreen, and laid back to soak up the beautiful sun.

A number of folks settled around me while I lay out, including a very beautiful lady wearing a thong back suit. She was frequently topless, but very modest, only sunning her back that way. We chatted briefly late in the day - a charming woman!

I wasn't sure about getting up or going to the water, but after a while a guy in a completely see-through mesh suit ran by down the beach. That was the re-assurance I needed. I got up a bit later and walked about a 1/4 mile down the beach toward the rocks. I passed numerous folks, and no-body even seemed to notice how little I was wearing. Just not a big deal in Venice I guess :)

Later I went down to the water too. The water was cold but the waves were thrilling! The suit, as you may guess, being white and unlined becomes almost completely see-though when wet. I carefully timed my exit so that families had passed.  (As noted earlier in the thread... I didn't have any interest in forcing a reaction... I just wanted a swim, and I don't want to put on board shorts when I go to the water.)
I walked back to my towel and laid down on my back. One or two people walked by, and the English lady was only about 30 or so feet away, and appeared very unpertrbed when she looked at me. I'm sure she saw "everything," but again it was no big deal. We waved, talked briefly and said our goodbye's when I left about an hour later.

Just another fabulous day on Venice beach!
thong_jock #406

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/18/2015 01:54:19Copy HTML

 Going to be in LA 24th and 25th and might have some time to lay out at Venice, weather permitting. If anyone is interested in joining send me a message.
thong_jock #407

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/25/2015 02:23:55Copy HTML

 I'm going to hit Venice Beach and thong today. Should be there around noon. Will be near ketch tower. Supposed to get into the 80 today.
thong_jock #408

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/26/2015 02:17:13Copy HTML

 It was a PERFECT day yesterday.  Just over 80 degrees,  slight breeze and not a cloud in the sky. Set up near ketch and stripped down to my yellow muscleskins poser thong.  After about an hour this guy set up like 50-100 yards away and was in a yellow tie side bikini. There were a fee other people.scattered around the beach here and there.
After being there for a couple hours an online buddy showed up. We had been texting and fortunately his schedule allowed him to take the afternoon off. We had never met in.person and I was blown away how hot he was in person. He stripped to a black tendenze thong and looked incredible. We had an awesome time hanging out and what was extra cool was it was his first time thonging in public! Other than the strung bikini guy coming over and asking about our suits and if he could join us (which we graciously declined) no comments, people trying to take pics or gawkers. Love this beach and now I have another super hot LA thong bud!
If you are on the fence about thonging in public, shy, or just dying to do it but afraid, Venice at this time of year is perfect for thonging. Hardly any people,  huge beach with lots of space and perfect sunning weather to work on those sexy thong tanlines! 
onefitbod #409

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/31/2015 03:51:32Copy HTML

 Was heading to San Diego this past weekend and because the weather was so nice, I decided to stop at San Onofre State Beach.  I usually go to Marina del Rey Beach (Ketch tower).  I arrived at San Onofre and parked at Tower 6.  I walked down towards the former nude beach section and lo and behold, there were a lot of people tanning in the nude!  I was really surprised!  So, I walked a little further down the beach (heading south), found a really nice spot, got completely nude and laid out for a few hours.  It was awesome!  I have to go back again... 
onefitbod #410

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:04/02/2015 03:28:42Copy HTML

 Going to go checkout El Matador State Beach tomorrow... :)
JM_Runs #411

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:04/20/2015 05:33:34Copy HTML

 Went to Venice Beach last month to checkout the thonging options and found it all very comfortable and welcoming.  The areas described in other posts as near Ketch or Privateer Towers are still accurate.  Basically, the closer you get to the Marina, the less people, the less teenage thugs, and the more freedom you will have. 

On two separate days I went south of the pier on Washington Blvd.  I saw other male thongers working on already great tans.  I saw girls in everything from rio cut to g-string versions of thongs and a few topless but laying face down.  None topless. 

I wore a black Envy thong which is more underwear than swimwear but I consider it for tanning anyway.  I parked in the lot at the pier for $6 all day and walked along the sidewalk in my shorts till it ended.  I went to the shore, found a nice spot towards the marina, stripped down to the thong, lotioned up and got comfortable.  Not a single person cared or commented about my thong. 

I got up to take a brief dip in the water, walked back to my towel, and chatted with another male in a blue thong for a few.  Later, I walked down to the jetty along the shore in my thong.  From there I spotted a guy in what appeared to be a tiny g-string up by the fence.  From a distance he appeared nude when face down so he was getting some casual gawkers.  I walked up as well, struck up a conversation about his suit, but he couldn't remember where he got it.  Bummer, it would be perfect for my trips to San Onofre as in my other post in "California Beaches".  All in all, a great visit to Venice and I'm sure I'll be back.
swoontogo #412

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:04/22/2015 11:08:15Copy HTML

armand_galleon #413

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/03/2015 02:27:18Copy HTML

 Beautiful day, perfect!
m2mfun #414

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/03/2015 06:02:17Copy HTML

 i'm so jealous. would love to be hitting the beach in some hot little thong. i hope this weekend is just as nice. 
armand_galleon #415

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/07/2015 05:12:14Copy HTML

 warm, sunny weather over coastal southern cal, it's beginning to look like summertime!check conditions before you go:venice beach boardwalk and muscle beach:
JM_Runs #416

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/18/2015 01:07:31Copy HTML

Haven't seen much in this thread about Venice Beach on summer weekends.  Many posts here deal with weekdays and often at odd times of the year, like February (!).  What's the vibe at the thong area south of Washington Street on a summer weekend?  Do no thongers go on summer weekends or is it just so common that nobody even thinks to comment about it?  Or, is it really crowded there?  Last time I was at Venice Beach, it was a weekday in September and it was great and a big confidence booster.  My next trip to LA, however, is going to give me exactly one day at the beach and it will necessarily be a Sunday, probably sometime in in July.  I'd plan on going to the same thong area as before, but I'm wondering whether I'd have thonger company and whether the crowd would be as laid back as my last trip.  Also, I'm wondering whether it's better to park at the Washington Street pier and walk south, or just cast around for a space somewhere closer to MDR?  Is there a paid lot near MDR?
armand_galleon #417

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/23/2015 05:58:41Copy HTML

 There are meters at the end of Pacific Ave. facing the main channel of the marina. Summer weekends are find but you'll find more people which makes some thongers reluctant to give it a go. No one will care. You might get one or two cat-calls but that is about it. Go early, claim your turf, if people still wanna set up near you they'll know what they're in for. I was there today, beautiful day, got more sun than I shoulda but it's all good. There were these two young Asian women in thongs taking picts of each other's asses, just having fun; they were some ten yards away and then one says, "hey, that guy is wearing at thong!" and she kept on looking, and looking... her friend didn't look once (I think she might have already seemed me as she had gone by me to get rid of some trash...) I went for a dip and a minute later they too went in. An exchange of polite smiles; and away they went. Nice day. Have fun on your Sunday outing!
joshuaspain #418

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/23/2015 03:25:43Copy HTML

 First time to Venice Beach yesterday! Great weather in California!!! I am staying in Shutters on the beach in Santa Monica... Great hotel and very easy access to the beach. I walked along the stretch of Venice Beach yesterday and really enjoyed the sights and sound both on the beach and along the boulevard... Saw a beautiful lady in her thong enjoying the water with her friends and two guys in speedo. It was past 5pm when I was there... Will be hitting the beach again and look forward to seeing more thongers along Venice beach today. 
joshuaspain #419

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/24/2015 09:19:01Copy HTML

 Another perfect day at the beach. Was by Ketch lifeguard tower and it was a great spot:-)
armand_galleon #420

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/01/2015 05:53:43Copy HTML

 Lighting and drizzle made Venice Beach yesterday something out of the tropics, it was outer-worldy (for SoCal). Because of the lighting the beach was closed around 5pm. Up to that time it has been a great afternoon. Lots of families but few of us, but just enough to keep things interesting :)
brocker36 #421

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/21/2015 07:10:53Copy HTML

 I was recently out at Venice on two weekday afternoons.  I went south of the pier, and as others have mentioned the further south the less crowded.  The first day I was pretty late in arriving, and only had about an hour but I wore an older Dore push-up style front.  One family came by soon after I was laying out and setup pretty close by.  I didn't see any other thongers, but some girls were out in rio-back suits.  Since it was getting late in the day they covered up as it started to get cool.
The second day I was able to arrive a bit earlier, still in the afternoon.  I parked between Topsail and Quarterdeck on one of the roads between Pacific and Speedway and wore my metallic silver c-string covered up by a metallic silver bodyaware thong and a t-shirt from the car out to the beach, that way I could judge if there was any strong negative reactions I could find a different place to setup.  The beach was fairly empty, and I notice the lifeguard was out walking the beach.  I know this part of the beach is very accepting, but since the lifeguard was walking by me anyway I asked if a suit without side straps was okay and he replied sure, as long as the "important parts" are covered.  So I went back to my towel and removed the "cover-up" and spent the next 2 hours tanning in only the c-string.  I went down to the water once, and others had definitely spotted me as "that guy", but mostly I think they were just wanting to make sure their friends noticed me too.  On my way back to my towel the group of younger 20 somethings who had setup nearby shouted out to me asking if I was from Europe, and that they liked my swimsuit and wanted to know what it was called.  So I went over and talked with them for about 10 minutes.  They wanted to know where to get one, how it stayed on, etc.  I explained the tension and how I also used a ring to help hold the front in place.  They said I was very bold and brave, to which I replied that it might seem that way, but in reality most folks just keep to themselves anyway.  The most outgoing of the group jokingly asked if she could try it on (she was wearing a metallic rio-back, the smallest item of the group), to which I said there was too much extra material up front, but that they do make c-strings for the ladies and I encouraged her to get one, or at least a smaller thong.  One of the guys said he couldn't wear it, so I encouraged that there's all sorts of things in between, boxer-brief style, speedos, down to thongs.  They snapped a few photos, and later before they left I asked them to take a few with my phone as well.
Back on my towel the police drove by numerous times, although I think they were making sure people weren't smoking things they weren't supposed to be!  They didn't seem to pay me any extra attention, although I also made sure that it was obvious I was covered so as to not give them a reason to question it.  Also on the beach were two girls in a thong and almost thong, the one with the larger suit was acting like she was high, so perhaps that's why the police came by.
When it was time to go I pulled my silver thong back on and walked back to my car.  After wearing nothing on my hips the thong felt like I was wearing a lot.  I went past a few people on the beach who didn't seem to pay much attention, and two or three pedestrians on road who I couldn't tell if they were loitering to get a longer look at me or some other reason.  Either way, certainly no hassles.
I only wish I could have made it to the beach earlier to have more time to work on my tan and relax in the sun!  This beach is sadly of the more inconvenient locations for me, but certainly one of the best places in the LA/OC area to thong, and do so boldly!
JM_Runs #422

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/22/2015 11:24:50Copy HTML

I was out on Saturday (July 18) from 10-2.  It rained before I got there, but while I was there on the clouds were broken and there was some sun, but the weather generally was crappy and there were few people on the beach other than walkers.  I set up south of Topsail.  I wore my MS Poser and went in the ocean a few times and had no comments, and only one person I think may have been a photographer.  Didn't go for a walk because it felt too much like just strutting and preening.  Would love to come back but it's a long drive from Vegas, especially when you get your car caught in a wildfire (we had some damage).
JM_Runs #423

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/26/2015 01:23:16Copy HTML

sockwaguy #424

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/21/2015 02:57:06Copy HTML

 I was at Venice Beach today, and wore a thong the entire time I was on the beach--about 6 hours.
As usual, I set up around the Ketch lifeguard tower. I walked the stretch of beach between the Washington Street parking lot and Ketch, in my thong three times.
As a matter of full disclosure, I wear headphones and listen to music when I do that, so if people are sniggering or jeering me, I probably won't notice. 
Having said that, I've found this stretch of beach exceptionally tolerant lately. 
I'm beginning to think that the more immature/insecure boys/men on that beach tend to mellow out during later summer, or just go somewhere else. 
JM_Runs #425

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/26/2015 06:04:03Copy HTML

It's been a while since my last chance to go to Venice / Marina Del Rey. Finally went again this past week.  Had the good fortune of grabbing good street parking as I rolled in just after the street sweepers in this area.  Closest I have ever parked to the Ketch - Privateer tower section so I walked straight out of my car in just the tiny g-string.  No shirt, no cover up, no cares and no comments.  As it was a weekday after summer I didn't see a lifeguard all day and the only PD I saw was flying past in a helicopter.  I set up at the top of the ridge from the water line, so close to the water that anyone walking along the waterline could plainly see me.  I love the fact that not a single person seemed to care.  No extra attention.  No avoiding eye contact.  Nothing.  I saw over a half dozen ladies in thongs and three dudes in thongs but none as small as my g-string.  Seems now, that I got a little too much sun...but I'll get over it.  Such a great day.  Can't wait to go back.
onefitbod #426

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/13/2016 03:07:50Copy HTML

Because it was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, but a little cool at the beach, a friend suggested I tan in a thong or nude at this place in Hollywood called "Flex". I went over there to check it out and it was pretty nice. There's an outdoor pool with plenty of lounge chairs. I tanned in a g-string for a while then took it off and tanned the rest of the day completely nude. It was very relaxing, made some new friends and had some fun!
onefitbod #427

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/20/2016 11:46:46Copy HTML

I spent the night in Dana Point yesterday after visiting some friends.  Because it's such a nice day, I decided not to go back to LA and instead go to the beach.  I arrived at my favorite spot here at San Onofre about an hour ago for some sun and fun.  There's already quite a few people tanning near me at the foot of my towel.  Since I'm tanning minus my g-string today, I have a feeling it's going to be a lot of fun!  
Sissypanty_boy #428

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/07/2016 03:35:10Copy HTML

Thanks to everyone who has provided great information as to streets and location. Has anyone been to Will Roger's gay side of the beach? I'm mainly looking for easy parking and access. 
swoontogo #429

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:06/21/2016 06:39:47Copy HTML

 I just read this. Great news. Wish all of California was like this. :)
onefitbod #430

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/03/2016 06:05:58Copy HTML

 MDR Beach was awesome yesterday.  There were a few people in thongs and of course, I enjoyed wearing one of my G-strings.   I also saw a few topless women, too.  So, come on peoples come on down to Venice or MDR for some sun and fun! 
Sissypanty_boy #431

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/03/2016 08:49:08Copy HTML

 Where and what is MDR?
onefitbod #432

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/04/2016 07:09:45Copy HTML

 MDR is Marina Del Rey Beach...  It's in Los Angeles.
JM_Runs #433

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:07/11/2016 02:13:37Copy HTML

Continuing the weekend thonging with a trip out to Venice.  The usual high volume of traffic for Venice with the usual mix of tourists, hippies, locals, surfers, skaters & thugs. 

Parked on the far end of the Washington Street Pier Parking, walked towards the lifeguard station just south of the pier which turns out to be one of the more crowded sections on weekends. 

I guess people expect the unexpected in Venice because it's the most crowded beach I have ever thonged and most people just don't care.  Regardless of my laying face up or face down, spraying sunscreen while standing up, or walking from the pier south to the MDR Jetty, nobody seemed to care much. 

I had two young ladies from Wisconsin ask to take a photo with me, which I obliged.  They giggled all the way back to their towels above the shoreline.  I didn't find that offensive, it seemed they were more giddy with themselves for having the courage to approach me, nothing negative to me about that. They said they have never seen a man in a thong in Wisconsin.

The later it was into the day, the warmer it was, the more fellow thongers I saw.  With the ladies, it was more 50/50 ratio of showing cheeks to full bottoms including a few micro-suits like Wicked Weasels or Malibu Strings.  I did observe two ladies sunning topless on the far southern edge of the beach towards Marina Del Rey.  With the men, I saw over a dozen other thongers either chilling out solo, coupled with a lady who was also thonging or with another dude thonging. 

As other Venice visitors have commented on previous posts, when you come across a group of thuggish looking males in their teens or early twenties, this seems to be the only group who acknowledge with pointing or negative comments. It didn't happen today.  Happy about that. 
JM_Runs #434

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:08/15/2016 10:33:04Copy HTML

I was there from 9-1 on Sunday.  Walked the entire MDR beach area in my Skinz Stuffit from the Washington Street parking lot to the channel and back, then laid out for several hours.  Nobody else thonging on the whole beach, either male or female, but no comments or hassles from anybody anywhere on the beach, either.  An old couple parked themselves 20' away from me and then sat there most of the time, but never said a word.  Really, that's the way it ought to be.  After all, it's just a swimsuit, BFD.  It was comfortable enough out there to almost forget that I was wearing a g-string, even though it seems like half the people are fully dressed and the rest are in the usual bored shorts and big women's bathing suit costumes.  However, it IS California and everyone ignores each other.  Made for a boring day but not unpleasant, either.
jmatthews #435

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/08/2016 02:37:22Copy HTML

I was there this past Monday for a couple hours in the early afternoon. I setup around Ketch and Privateer lifeguard towers. I was wearing a thong underneath my shorts just to catch the vibes since this was my first time. I only saw 2 females in plain sight wearing thongs and then 2 older men in speedos. I was looking to see if there were any other guys in thongs just so I knew I wasn't the only one... and there wasn't. I ended up changing into a speedo out of insecurity. I'm the kind where I need to see something to believe it, and as soon as I see another male in a thong then I will know for sure that this beach is thong friendly for men and women. I will be back out there today and this time will be the deciding factor whether I frequent this beach or not.
armand_galleon #436

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/09/2016 02:45:16Copy HTML

 Often others are waiting for someone else to be the first one. I was, some 20 years ago. For days and weeks and nothing. Little by little others began to join in. I moved away from the area back in 2007 and I guess no one has regularly picked up the slack. The number of male AND female thongers has decrease. I'm back in the area but too busy to go as often as I used to, maybe twice per month or so instead of the two times or more per week.
jmatthews #437

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/09/2016 03:20:46Copy HTML

Went out near the Ketch lifeguard stand around noon today. Only wearing a speedo because I was a little skeptical still. After a few hours, no man or woman on the south end of MDR were wearing thongs. So I left to go run an errand and then I came back to the beach 30 minutes later. I did not believe what I saw.. A total of 2 men and 3 women wearing thongs out near the shore. This was all in the same place I was at for the past 2 hours. With no shame, I stripped down to my thong and enjoyed the sun. Police, lifeguards, or other people did not seem to care. It is good to know that there is a beach like this where anybody can just lay out with minimal clothing.
JM_Runs #438

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/15/2016 01:04:32Copy HTML

abczyxabczyx #439

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/26/2016 08:51:16Copy HTML

 I wore a tiny g-string along the beach from MDR to Santa Monica.  On the way there, there were a few people in thongs.  On the way back, I got one giggle and some pictures taken.  Otherwise, it was a non-event.
I will say that on my way back, I did see a lot more thongs and g-strings with some topless as well.  
njbob1949 #440

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/28/2016 01:52:41Copy HTML

 I will be going to the Los Angeles area in mid-October for business (October 15-19). The last time I went (July 2015), I spent a few afternoons at Venice Beach. What will the weather be like in mid-October? Would it still be warm enough to go to the beach?  I am looking for temperatures in the mid-70's.
BorisVI #441

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:09/30/2016 04:12:52Copy HTML

To me the water there is always frigid regardless of the time of the year, but the weather is very unpredictable. I just got back from Santa Monica yesterday and the temps were hovering around 100. You could easily catch some very beachy temperatures in October.
JM_Runs #442

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/08/2016 03:08:35Copy HTML

 For a second there i thought I was going to stop thonging.  but who am i kidding.  i like this too much.  heading out today and maybe tomorrow.  cali people....get ready for me
azcana #443

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/14/2016 06:14:06Copy HTML

After a long break made it to the MDR area for some sun. I wore a red sm thong from muscleskins. I was there for two hours and did not see anyone else in a small suit. Beach was nice and relaxing with more of an adult vibe hopefully next time I wont be the only one out there.
JM_Runs #444

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/14/2016 04:17:22Copy HTML

 thanks for sharing azcana. i can't go during weekdays but i will try to make it this weekend.  though there is a chance i will go to long beach. it will be a first time for me to thong  at long beach i did get a chance to visit. and there is ample parking without the need to pay it seems. 
njbob1949 #445

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/17/2016 09:44:28Copy HTML

 I went to Venice Beach yesterday. Though it was a bit cool and a bit windy. I wore a thong for about two hours while on the beach. Overall, my thong tan line improved in appearance. It was a nice afternoon and had a Bratwurst Dog on the way back to my car. 
jmatthews #446

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:10/20/2016 10:41:19Copy HTML

What a great afternoon out at MDR. Weather was great and water felt refreshing. Besides myself there were no male thongers, but there were about a dozen female thongers around :-D.. lucky me... Awesome views all the way around.
azcana #447

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/02/2017 10:45:51Copy HTML

 We finally had some great sunny beach 70 degrees days after all the rain in So Cal but I could not make it to the beach. Hopefully some did get to enjoy and share their experience.  
Venicethong #448

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:02/11/2017 11:13:05Copy HTML

 Hosting a thong group this week Thursday's if anyone is interested let me know west LA 
armand_galleon #449

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/10/2017 08:35:27Copy HTML

 Spring is just around the corner and I've begun my beach training fitness program! Come May I'll be beach fit! Who-yah!
jmatthews #450

Re:Venice beach California - - Los Angeles - LA CA

Date Posted:03/11/2017 03:45:58Copy HTML

 I may be out at MDR today.. should be a nice day!
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