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Date Posted:12/04/2014 07:55:29Copy HTML

A little review on a woman answering questions about men wearing thongs
Grabeach #1

Re:Video: Do women like men in thongs?

Date Posted:12/06/2014 07:57:57Copy HTML

Interesting, but it's a pity it only covers underwear.

I also wonder whether the average woman would be as open minded / laid back as Odette.
mack_back #2

Re:Video: Do women like men in thongs?

Date Posted:12/06/2014 08:29:02Copy HTML

To many woman i know or known don't think twice about a male wearing a thong in a negative context. Words only describe the woman seeing me in a thong is what the f&$k? are you wearing! Oh hell no! That's disgusting...
Woman are all to safe just cutting a guy loose only because he wears what they indeed believe are woman fashion lingerie. Best to disassoiate any male in feminine clothing just to be safe. Last thing woman wants to find deep in a relationship that their boyfriend or husband is closet gay. Even though clothing has nothing with sexual preference woman can convince others writing is on the wall your hubby or boyfriend is a bit feminine. Most woman clearly listen to others opinions rightly or unjustified and dump the male ass. 

tiggerix #3

Re:Video: Do women like men in thongs?

Date Posted:11/28/2018 10:22:44Copy HTML

Series of videos here of a guy wearing a swim thong and interviewing women on their views about it. They are in Spanish but you may get the gist of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoUY4QKS12c
12 wheels #4

Re:Video: Do women like men in thongs?

Date Posted:04/04/2019 04:40:54Copy HTML

From what I could gather on that last video, it seemed like a mixed reaction. Some women liked it, some not so much. Seemed like most of the women preferred guys in the typical shorts.
stringueur #5

Re:Video: Do women like men in thongs?

Date Posted:04/06/2019 06:33:00Copy HTML

there is sometimes a big difference between what people sya and what people do. some women say they don't like men in thong, but if there is a beautiful man in thong in front of them at the beach, their eyes didn't say the same thing. i am wearing cheeky swimsuits at the swimming pool for my swim training. i know that some women make bad comments about my swimwear choice, but the same women are all the time watching closely at my buns (and sometimes my bulge). it is hypocrisy, or they don't assume their desires. however, it is true that some women like only men with a uniform (boardshort at the beach and tie at the office). i think this women are very boring...
mack_back #6

Re:Video: Do women like men in thongs?

Date Posted:04/06/2019 08:03:04Copy HTML

Woman don't care what underwear you attire as long it's covered and your not showing off in public as exhibtionist. Who really knows what someone's preference of underwear they wear as long you feel comfortable is only thing that matters. While narrow minded woman may find it peculiar even telling that the male she is with maybe stereotypically gay wearing thong underwear or beach swim thongs, g-strings. While some woman may find male in skimpier swimwear such as a thong amusing even titillating not minding if he is in shape enjoying the view on public beach etc.. Often those are fleeting encounters not typical as everyday occurrence.   

In my experiences woman may find my thonging intriguing even enjoyable to observe dependant on what they are looking for. 

 Younger inexperienced college age female may find me outlandish even bold to wear such things to the beach. 

Fashion savvy woman may find the thong i wear envious on how it looks, dependant of the style. So they may observe me closely wearing a Y-thong string yet give them idea to purchase one similar for themselves. Never do underestimate woman's desire to look better, when observing me on the beach. Often females show up wearing new color that they liked observed me wearing previously.

Mid-age woman  may find my thonging ridiculous and not someone she can relate towards yet entertained slightly, photographing the moment.

 Older woman may judge me with label but find it unusual for male to wear such as thong in public as too extreme for her sensibilities.

 In any case doesn't matter if others accept you or not wearing a thong. It's what you want to wear for yourself not for anyone else's hangups. In general after comments are passed and discussions of a male in a thong. One constant exists they are impressed of your boldness wearing it in public. Often woman are self conscious to wear thongs out of fear or harassment and not happy with there body or bootie. Often i overhear comments upon me on the beach is if i had butt like his i would wear one also.

Thongzo #7

Re:Video: Do women like men in thongs?

Date Posted:04/09/2019 01:10:09Copy HTML

I've never had an issue with a woman not liking my thongs. Most of the time they are big fans and a few have been kind of neutral about it, but never anything negative. The majority have been fans!
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