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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:06/10/2018 07:00:13

i know we won’t get away with things-but anyone wanna meet up and try out a bikini or speedo style suit sometime? I just got a new joe Snyder Bulge bikini that should keep me out of trouble! I’m also open to going elsewhere-grandview, outer banks, etc. 
Thong_wearer #1

Re:Virginia Beach - Contacts

Date Posted:06/15/2018 09:47:10

 I will be in Virginia Beach for a few hours today if anyone wants to join. No thongs there, but I plan on wearing my new Joe Snyder bulge bikini in the new blue stripe fabric. It doesn’t separate the cheeks and keeps them covered (but not very modestly) so I hope I’ll be ok! Let me know if you’re in the area if you wanna swing by to say hi!
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