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Date Posted:10/20/2018 09:22:41Copy HTML

Who has experience with thonging on Koh Lipe, Langkawi and Koh Lanta in Thailand. What beaches are the best for visiting in a thong/g-string. Can you recommand a nice place for staying in a thong (accomodation, resort, etc)?

I am visiting these island from Novembre 8th till 27.

turkishboy #1

Re:Visiting islands Thailand

Date Posted:10/20/2018 02:03:41Copy HTML

I was on Ko Lipe again this year. No problem thonging. Lots of women in thongs or cheekies, not many men. It was a bit busy on the east side, where the newer big hotels are, but once past there it thins out a bit. Nobody stared at me and I felt comfortable walking along the beach and swimming in a thong. I stayed on Langkawi again this year as well, in Pantai Cenang. No rpoblem thonging there either. Was at Ko Lanta 2 years ago, in the middle coastal section, so quieter than the south. Thonging was ok there too. Lots of choices for places to stay, depends what you want to spend.
QNH #2

Re:Visiting islands Thailand

Date Posted:10/21/2018 07:03:33Copy HTML

I was in Koh Lanta last year, thonged everywhere. Still was the only guy I think, not a whole lot of women, still beginning of season, the thai girl I had with me was still somewhat shy to thong but she did.
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