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Date Posted:01/05/2019 05:08:49Copy HTML

ok, this will show where my mind is!

Was watching TV tonight and saw an ad about being slim and there was a logo for WW,  I perked up and thought "wait, a Wicked Weasel ad?"

Sadly, it was for Weight Watchers🙁

ArsenalR #1

Re:WW Ad

Date Posted:01/05/2019 09:13:34Copy HTML

Something similar Felsen,

There was a commerical about Hyrdoxycut literally last night and the narrator pans over to a man walking on the beach in a swim brief and says "I wish i had the confidence to wear a thong on the beach like this stud over here" then it moves on to the other scenes.

Once again, mislabeling! A tiny step back, will probably be pulled off air this weekend....

JM_Runs #2

Re:WW Ad

Date Posted:01/06/2019 02:30:51Copy HTML

Maybe the script was for a man in a thong, but when they came to edit they used a more conservative shot, to prevent backlash or their add being pulled in more conservative markets. However the message got across. Also, sometimes there are deliberate errors or annoyances inserted into adds, that get your attention: To get your attention. - Remember Crazy Frog from marketing by the ringtone provider Jamba? If a marketer can get you to turn to the others watching the TV and say "That's not a ____ it is a _____" They have sucked you, and everyone else in the room into thinking about the add instead of tuning it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_hd25_XjIs
ithongit #3

Re:WW Ad

Date Posted:01/06/2019 03:07:59Copy HTML

I think some people equate thongs with swim briefs. I see it all the time, people will say "See that guy in a thong" and the guy is in a traditional Speedo. English (and all languages) is an evolving thing. Word meanings change, and sometimes similar things get labeled the same. Way back in the 1950's thongs were rubber beach sandels. Then for a while, the word came to be used for both swimwear and beach shoes. Now, thongs pretty much mean beach wear (and underware) and the rubber beach shoes are more and more called flip flops. There is sometimes the need or desire, especially in advertising, to use the most extreme word to get attention. As JM implies, "Thong" will wake up an audience. "Speedo" probably could not be used because of the trademark infringement. The term "swim brief" probably is not common enough to work either. Another issue is that some commercials are cut in different ways for different markets or different networks. I have seen commercials on some of the more liberal "cable" networks that feature women in skimpier clothing or swimwear. The same commercial, with the same sound track can be used on Network TV simply by replacing one or two shots that might be offensive to some people. A couple of years ago, there was a commercial for an Erectile Dysfunction product that included some graphics of the results using a rounded bar chart. This was shown on a cable station that regularly featured "R" rated movies. The same ad ran on other stations but the graphic was replaced by a shot of an attractive woman, smiling and apparently pleased with the results of the ED product. Traci
Mary0826 #4

Re:WW Ad

Date Posted:01/07/2019 04:33:46Copy HTML

Traci -- Another popular word that is gaining use is cheeky. Young women, and even their male friends sometimes get almost hostile if you use the term thong, and insist on the use of the word cheeky. Cheeky can mean something that shows just the tiniest bit of the bottom a person's buns, or something that is really a true thong. It almost seems the more thong-like a swimsuit is, the more the wearer insists it is not a thong but a cheeky swimsuit. Maybe this is because the word thong has a wide range of negative overtones, while the word cheeky has not had a chance to develop such negative feelings among many. Lets face it, many people think thongs are "bad" so other swimwear styles must be okay. I can just see a daughter (or even son who's parents know he often wears less than board shorts) heading out to a friend's house for the weekend. Parent -- Do you have your swimsuit packed? Teen -- Yes. Parent -- It isn't too skimpy is it? Teen -- It's just a cheeky swimsuit like all the kids are wearing. Parent -- Have a good time. Another time the word cheeky may come in handy. Go someplace with a "no thong" rule. If someone calls a butt-strap based, full bun exposing swimsuit cheeky, then they might assume that their swimwear somehow is acceptable. I will not say that I will never endorse the use of the word cheeky as a substitute for the word thong, but no matter what someone wants to call a thong style and coverage swimsuit, it will always be a thong to me. Mary
JM_Runs #5

Re:WW Ad

Date Posted:01/07/2019 02:05:15Copy HTML

That's true. For some young women "Thong" is a bad word for a thong swimsuit. They have no problem with "cheeky" but protest when someone calls their swimsuit a thong. At parties I sometimes complement women on their "thong" and have been corrected on more than one occasion. I think this is because for young women a "thong" is a term for underwear. In the same way that boxer-briefs is a term for men's underwear, but not for the same cut in a swimsuit. If I use the term thong for their bikini bottom it is like I were calling their bikini top a "bra". In their eyes I am a rube who uses underwear terms for bikinis.
tbck1000 #6

Re:WW Ad

Date Posted:01/07/2019 03:17:42Copy HTML

I think it’s time to change the name if this forum to the “cheeky bottom board”
tobias5711 #7

Re:WW Ad

Date Posted:01/07/2019 10:42:52Copy HTML

There was an ad on TV last night showing a man in a red regular speedo brief walking on beach. The ad referred to his suit as a THONG. I know many people use the word thong to mean any type of smaller swimsuit, especially when referring a small suit for guys. One lifeguard told me another guy wore thongs to swim in, when I saw the fellow he was wearing a speedo with 3" sides. He latter asked the lifeguard if I had on a thong. I am sure the advertiser wanted people to look and that is why they used the word THONG
JSJax #8

Re:WW Ad

Date Posted:01/08/2019 12:25:04Copy HTML

I first noticed this phenomenon in a beer ad a few years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tS3ymfTvMrc I read it as derogatory back then. After reading this thread I looked up "man thong" in urban dictionary and sure enough, the top definition is "a speedo", as posted around the same time frame as when the ad was airing. Probably a backhanded comment regarding the brevity of a speedo vs. what an American guy "should" be wearing. Whatever.
ArsenalR #9

Re:WW Ad

Date Posted:01/12/2019 02:02:22Copy HTML

After reading the comments, there was some really good points there! JM Runs talking about they probably put that in there not by mistake, but by grabbing attention with a word that makes you stop and think (or look).

Mary0826 was spot on with talking about the word cheeky is a okay acceptance for females or males misinterpting the normal thong swimwear. I saw it on the houseboat this summer where my buddy brought out a new girl and she was wearing, I would say a small cut yellow rio bottom and bandeau top. When it was time to take off the cutoff shorts, we all glady notice! Night went on, they left. We sat down for the evening, chatting, drinks flowing, and talked to our good friends who always dock next to us on the boat and the 16 year old daughter and her mother both mentioned how nice of a body she had and how her bottoms were "very cute". Mind you Sophie's mother is always harping on Sophie to watch her top fix your bottoms, etc... My fathers friend said to his wife specifically but we all hear it so someone can hopefully agree and be on his side, he says "honey, those are the bikini's I need to be seeing on the back of this boat!"

The help of something that was labeled "cheeky" from the females, it was accepted and showed some motivation to recosider there bottoms. I understand it was not a thong but close enough for 50-50 of conservatives to less modest minds. 


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